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378ef8ea No.3634606

Does someone have the old members list/screenshots of the zoophile telegram furry group? It has circulated on the kiwifarms and lulz few years ago, the group was called Zoofurries Society and had over 900 members, including many popufurs if I remember well

f73510d4 No.3634692

File: 1637927253152.jpg (661.11 KB, 2080x3120, furry-party-time.jpg)

Why a furry would join something called "Zoofurries" when there exists such a thing as the print screen button, is something that I still don't understand, and I've been a semi-lurker for over 20 years.

←- Here ya go OP, have some of the dog dick you requested.

db21596a No.3634697

File: 1637929717884.jpg (159.54 KB, 1096x1280, photo_2021-11-18_01-06-41.jpg)

you don't need to join a telegram group full of weirdos to jerk off to dog pussy op, just create a zooville account

0d475f23 No.3634736

File: 1637948582941.png (392.42 KB, 737x602, fkin_breeders.png)

Did that dog have a period or something?

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