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File: 1637498987383-0.png (1.35 MB, 1280x720, mrbeast_tape_and_banana_nf….png)

ccf94e07 No.3633931

Imagine someone bought this picture, for only 1 credit of any crypto currency value starting from the worthless to the highest. Post shooped art thread with hilarious results. Ohh Mr. Beast if you see this pic I hope this does not offend you and result in World War III, just laugh as a form of art and post one of your funniest pics for lulz! Hmm? :)

54bf36b8 No.3633932

This is how rich people launder money….

cc0d6cd2 No.3633933

File: 1637500572839.jpg (63.95 KB, 537x537, it_stinks.jpg)

62fbcfb5 No.3633946

It's either this or scamming idiots out of their money.

If you're into NFTs for any reason other than using it to launder money then you are a fucking retard.

996bc0b1 No.3633947

File: 1637505768100-0.png (954.49 KB, 1232x680, Screen_Shot_2021-10-11_at_….png)

File: 1637505768100-1.jpg (157.66 KB, 800x450, evolved-apes.jpg)

I mean how retarded do you have to be to think that some ugly as computer generated .jpg is going to retain any fucking value or that anyone will want to buy this garbage at any time in the future?

ccf94e07 No.3633949

File: 1637509179954.jpg (2.08 KB, 48x48, squizzy.jpg)


Even Squizzy hates them, luckily we live under a rock!

4440030b No.3633950

>anyone will want to buy this garbage at any time in the future

What are tulips?

996bc0b1 No.3633951

At least the tulip craze didn't rape the environment

ccf94e07 No.3633956

File: 1637510148137.png (584.46 KB, 828x965, e84b71910243e5a23b6d35b7ca….png)


it's even worse, a solar storm could wipe out NFT.
As coins and paper money and other commodities and underground cables is not affected.

de863086 No.3633957

have you ever actually tried clicking an nft?

de863086 No.3633958

if a virgin was born without a hymen is she styl a virgin?

ccf94e07 No.3633966

File: 1637523818463-0.jpg (194.45 KB, 1080x1602, IMG_20211121_010024_u18cha….jpg)

File: 1637523818463-1.jpg (376.5 KB, 1080x1846, IMG_20211121_010608_u18cha….jpg)

Do you have the strange feeling that YCH and versions are similar to NFT?

996bc0b1 No.3633967

They're both creatively bankrupt but NFTs are even worse because they're just computer generated trash.

At least with a YCH the buyer gets to choose to have their own ugly sparkledog or protogen in the image.

14fe3933 No.3633979

File: 1637528911898.jpg (32.55 KB, 640x438, modern_art_sold_for_bank_1….jpg)

No, rich people launder money through contemporary art.

NFTs is how tech nerds launder money.

Seriously, just wait until furries get on this bandwagon. It will be cancer².

e5af2210 No.3633984


And build cities (planned)


this cryptocraze is insane.

If FIAT currency was the problem is this the solution?

996bc0b1 No.3634002

This is worse than fiat because at least printing cash doesn't rape the environment and gas regulations against criminal acts. Crypto is a house of cards built on destroying the environment and crime.

62867334 No.3634049


And yet while we sit and agree Crypto sucks , someone somewhere is probably planning to buy the Vatican State as a summerhouse for some fraction of his bitcoin stash…
or has just turned billionaire on a 5$ investment in 2010

I cannot understand the world anymore. It must be Tech-fatigue or something

14fe3933 No.3634052

File: 1637538485404.png (27.26 KB, 400x188, rapters4childrens.png)

I understand the appeal of Cryptocurrency when there is no gold standard and governments can just fucking print money, you want to have an alternative currency that you can trade with and maybe have at least some of your savings in it.

I personally advise buying gold and silver though. Yes, this is financial advice.

NFTs, while I get it, (it's basically bitcoins with a unique stamp on them) are kinda fucking pushing the line tho and they are absolute fucking cancer.

2e21e952 No.3634057

File: 1637539970580.jpg (108.05 KB, 1280x709, 0932582.jpg)

imagine being retarded. but unlike going HRRR URRRRRR RrRru~ like a genuine mongoloid you repeat what you have heard, may it be flat earth theories, or having more than 255 genders, you pretend a computer generated thing has any value, like it's unique. while it's not.

93301d25 No.3634069

>How is treating non-fungible tokens as universal basic income?
That's not even a question.

>scam of scam turns out to be another scam
"Proof that the NFT Bay's torrent is mostly zeroes"

42058eff No.3634085


Bitcoin is just tech-and-energy companies laundering to your personal ignorance and exploitation.

NFTs are the same effort against creatives and property-centrics.

Capitalism will feed on anything and everything it can to inflate the ALL-MIGHTY DOLLAR!

de863086 No.3634264


bf3edd75 No.3634269


No , its not idiocy. There´s lots of smart smart people involved in crypto and yet they cannot fathom that if we have 2 days without power, they have a problem.

Consider this : People seriously pay for storage of their Crypto-coins on off-the-grid servers installed in old bunkers inside Switzerland , so they are protected if the world goes belly up.

………..Ok ? ……………

How do they want to access them or even use them in a bankrupt society (Iraq-style) with something like 2 hours of power each day?

This massive depedence upon high-tech infrastructure which will be the first to collapse under unrest has been impossible for me to explain to Crypto bugs.

Sure : You cannot eat neither cash nor gold but atleast cash and certainly gold has like several thousand of years of providence


My opinion is the following. And maybe I am wrong.

Crypto is a triple-scam :

1 scam : Crypto started as a nifty idea but developed into a scam luring people to invest money in something nerds could turn out by the thousands easily

2 scam: Crypto became so difficult to mine that a few big Coin-Whales made a killing selling coins to gullible investors and pocketed the cash : The smart people do not hold Crypto, they TRADE other peoples crypto for cash throught their sites. It is now a Pyramid-scheme

3 Scam : Crypto has grown so large and people have invested so much (borrowed) money into it, they have risked their savings, their house and their livelihood
so that IF crypto collapses it could possible be the pin that punctures the global stockmarkets.

I believe the FED and IMF is going to step in and support crypto to avoid a collapse. Now the Scam has turned Legal and the whales walk away Wealthy and clean in the eyes of the law.
This will truly be the biggest scam of them all.

d63797e6 No.3634278


Bitcoin is just rich people tricking less-rich people into buying expensive, dedicated hardware that sucks down power like a fat kid at a buffet.
You're getting paid a percent of the extra waste you generated, in exchange for more rapidly depleting their stocks. You lose several times over and they laugh all the way to the bank with the real money you spent on those ASIC miners, which they use to buy up power plants and chip manufacturers, silicon foundries, to control more and more thanks to you, their loyal minimum-wage zombies.

Same scam, different paint. Energy and resource laundering. Nothing more.

NFTs just add more layers of abstraction by exploiting wild public misunderstanding of copyright, patent, and assets law.

cf0d57c8 No.3634302


Congratulation. Your post doesn't make any sense. The title question is not a question. Basic income is not talked about. You talk of "Mr. Beast" as if your reader should know about him.

You should have attached an NFT to your post, cause it's Art.

cf0d57c8 No.3634303

Also, I'm waiting for Patachu to sell NFT before considering buying some. No other artist is worth it.

e5af2210 No.3634410


Hilarious. I thought you were joking. But no


Its grotesque. I have no other way of saying it.

647a56b3 No.3634444

File: 1637717168692.png (102.48 KB, 500x403, external-content.duckduckg….png)


More to the point, crypto is another way of producing debt and inflating the economy……the next crash is coming from crypto.

Its literally printing money. Remember the tulips.

98a20358 No.3634500


Reminds me of the People who paid for storage of their Silver investement in vaults only to discover their silver was "technical" silver and the vault where empty. They had paid a yearly premium for decades of storage: Of nothing but Air .

c274c2b5 No.3634505

Crypto is a much needed sink for all the funny money central banks print all around the world like there's no tommorow.

de863086 No.3634506

Here is how crypto works. I have a neato design I literally picked out of my own nose, I am going to laminate it and throw glitter on it. Shiny. People ask why so shiny? Cuz its crypto.

Now people want my shiny which I make constantly and actually don't care about at all. People on the other hand are scrambling for their new shiny certified proofed and minted literally by me computer style nose candy.

"Haha I have more crypto than you"
"Omg there is only so much crypto you should be allowed to have"
"I guess that makes it more worth it, and I am a collector so I am not handing this stuff out either"
"You can't horde all the crypto, we will make our own!"

And now you have a booger economy.

96ea0a2a No.3634511

File: 1637770241358.png (837.96 KB, 1158x1626, 833a2e81dc20f933c36e9da87c….png)

take picture of fox penis, label it as NFT

c274c2b5 No.3634512

I see one quality for crypto in furry : circumventing Paypal. FA "shinies" use Paypal to manage tips between users and artists ; I wouldn't dare use it, FA = porn and Paypal doesn't like it ; it's a PP ban waiting to happen.

Use bitcoins for this and you don't have to navigate a minefield of policies. FA, or another site, could even offer an alternative for Patreon / Subscribestar. Have FA watch the crypto chain and ask artists and users their walled ID. If user A sends 5$ in bitcoin to artist B, the website sees it in the chain (it's public) and allows user A to browse artist B's secret gallery for a month.

54be8bc2 No.3634519

Dont give neer bitcoin lol stupid mistake cause he fails to run his site right. By giving him any you are just giving him ass pats for the way he runs things.

662bfce7 No.3634530


"booger economy"

Bart Simpson approves.

Also Mother Jones (hate them or love them, atleast they dont mind digging in the DIRT , read their excellent article about Epstein for that one)

has done a bit on Crypto :


662bfce7 No.3634531


Casino economy.

They all play on the same roulette . but there 100 gambler, 32 places for a bet and only room for one winner.

Crypto arises due to the middle class being wiped out
and everyone wants to be a billionaire.

45b65b76 No.3634534


NFT art prices = Washtrading.

Look it up. The owner pretends to be the buyer.
Over and over multiple times from different accounts. Pushing the prices up to lure the little Fishies into the net. Once a NIB buys the trade is closed.

899971bc No.3634577

Same sense of hoarding and "ownership" happened first with the postal service. People would steal from mailboxes to "get the scoop" on their neighbors and try to one up them on the letter count. The issue is you can't buy someone else's mail and maybe the deep core of the issue is that people want to be able to diffrientiate from each others livefeeds.

cf0d57c8 No.3634587

He would get any, would just see people exchanging it. But this is fantasy, FA is the last furry site I expect to be innovative.

fe6de020 No.3634624

rich retards want crypto to be the new company scrip

c554d443 No.3634632

Isn't that what Zuckerbot?

f2cd08d3 No.3634733


Bitcoin down 8% , Etherium down 9,4%


I will enjoy it as long as it last. Next week up 300% or some other insane +- trip to shake of the weakest investor.

96ea0a2a No.3634737

899971bc No.3634744

haha crypto is down….you want to get rich off someone else's video game playthroughs and now you cant cuz there are no more good games :-(

899971bc No.3634745

yup better break out the magic metrognome to fake your frame rated nfts. obviously it wont help because of all the bitcoin casuals

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