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Any further /pol/ threads will be deleted.
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This is at least the 3rd thread derailed, and we have become exceedingly efficient at it.

4f46cf9d No.3633345

I don't see facial scars on your pic. But you can clearly see mine just on my upper lip and such. So yeah I am saying I have more facial scars. And how many scars do you have in total I bet you I have way more also a giant scar still counts as one even surgical ones. I'd say I have over 500 over my entire body including my hands and knuckles face and legs. Not including my dick. Though my leg scars are more unattractive than your body scar mine makes people avoid me when walking by me and keep asking if I had been looked at because of the disturb level. Specially in these times.

8dcab980 No.3633347

File: 1637223016802.jpg (1.62 MB, 3296x2472, 20210706_035439.jpg)

never claimed I had many noticeable facial scars, but my abdomen is a hellscape, I said just compare scars not just facial scars. You don't even want to see my back.

8dcab980 No.3633348

as horrific as that looks, its why i love fall and winter. I can't really pull my whole gut in because its fucking bisected, I still look pretty skinny in a jacket, and you can obviously tell that its not fat. Having your stomach cut in half with a knife just doesn't make it very easy to keep abs.

4f46cf9d No.3633349

Bitch please that looks nothing like mine does. My legs look like I've been hit with the plague.

8dcab980 No.3633350

don't mean to get into too much of a shitting contest, but go ahead and put on clothes for a full body pic.

At this point if you're worse than I am you're pretty much laughably fucked regardless.

8dcab980 No.3633351

oh and I just neeeeed to know, how you got your wounds, mine were from a terrorist cutting me randomly on the streets in the air force.

4f46cf9d No.3633352

Not really my scars can happen to pretty much anyone with near kidney failure. I just kinda dislike the attention it brings though some idiot approached me in a supermarket and pointed the scars out and asked me if I had that skin pigmentation issue. Which is impossible cause my family never had any blacks in it everyone in my family is as white as white can be. Not even a small bit of native blood. I'm as white as white can be.

4f46cf9d No.3633353

Ive told you my facial scars were from a mountain biking accident I had way back in 2014 or so when I was biking on a trail I went on an advanced cycling path and when I went to turn at a extremely dangerous point my handlebars failed me they turned as I went to turn yes but my tire stayed straight and over a small cliff I went to a path at the bottom right onto my face lets just say I ended up face down into the gravel.

8dcab980 No.3633354

File: 1637223933976.png (870.2 KB, 2047x974, tumblr_5ba8e284be789e7209a….png)

yeah like a bitch, you even bailed on the claim of having better scars than some guy who out performs you in just about everything.

Fuck, at least just find ONE thing you're ok at. Probably too much to ask.

8dcab980 No.3633355

yeah like a bitch, you even bailed on the claim of having better scars than some guy who out performs you in just about everything.

Fuck, at least just find ONE thing you're ok at. Probably too much to ask. Just one thing right, a pure given, be more attractive than the 100% disabled guy. At least have a better goatee for fucks sack, and grow some damn eyebrows.

4f46cf9d No.3633357

My facial scars are pretty badass. Like my nose bride one I mean not as badass as having said scar trace across my face like it got sliced up by a knife but still pretty close also almost lost my left eye which I could live without tbh. Could have been worse had I not braced my fall.with my hands taking some of the damage. Also I broke my clavicle and now have a noticeable bump on my shoulder

8dcab980 No.3633359

uh you don't seem like you have any to speak of, but im getting way to drunk for my own good so i'll be leaving you alone… just to really wish you had my devilish charms.

4f46cf9d No.3633360

Ok so do you have a hetrochromia. My family or most of it has a genetic form of it though you cant tell from my pic but I have 2 forms of hetrochromia making my eyes the rarest in the world not even others with hetrochromia have more than one form. Mine happens to be central hetrochromia with the other being pattern based forgot the term for it. Can you say you have a unique attribute that rare.

8dcab980 No.3633361

ew no… is that thing you have around your nose a scarred up piercing…?

Seriously what the fuck is wrong with you

8dcab980 No.3633362

actually i don't have any kind of heterochomia, i've just got tiny replacements for most major organs. Also I can say i have things that rare since my ancestors were sir fredrick drake, and fucking RASPUTIN. I kinda have a resistance to death, put it off as you will.

4f46cf9d No.3633363

No never had my nose pierced the scar is from my face being half. Torn up on the mountain biking accident. You could say I walked out of the hospital looking like I just came from comic con. As two face.

8dcab980 No.3633364

my mom just happened to give me the awesome gift of being a human chimera, and i keep snagging my less fortunate siblings' organs to keep me alive, its apparently worked thus far…

8dcab980 No.3633365

hobo fight?

4f46cf9d No.3633366

Thats not rare enough cause you would be 1 out of 20 or more people on this planet my rarity is as rare as that black dude whos immune to Aids. 1 of a kind. Only person on this planet that has a case of 2 forms of hetrochromia. I have greens blues yellows and greys in my eyes and some black. My eyes are almost a literal rainbow. If you were to look closely my doctors always seem to get my eye color wrong because they only see 1 part of it the golden ring around the iris most of my eye has a blue green color at first glance but looking closer you begin to see greys and blacks.

8dcab980 No.3633367

im just going to say hobo fight, way more believable that you got a knife through the septum than randomly falling just so on the bridge of a bicycle.

8dcab980 No.3633369

at one bit of proof, a police report that would have said you got injured that way. Pretty easy to get.

8dcab980 No.3633370

I bet you couldn't even get those adoption records, liar boy.

4f46cf9d No.3633371

I fell over a small cliffside when cycling is really not hard to believe I have even a witness for it not that you would even believr that you would probably just assume its just me behind the post of this witness anyways so why bother. Honestly you wouldnt know the truth even if it bitch slapped you upside the head and tickled your testicles.

4f46cf9d No.3633372

Thing is I have no police record. My records actually pretty clean.

4f46cf9d No.3633373

This coming from a person who probably has a drunk and disorderly charge under their belt

8dcab980 No.3633374

sounds retarded and stolen out of a movie

great cover up, the police never investigating a kid being tossed over a cliffside.

Imo you're just making random shit up, you don't have abandoning parents, you don't have abuse, you just have a wobbly excuse for you to get your way, like you always do.

Just a sucking parasite, with nothing to gain and nothing to prove.

4f46cf9d No.3633375

Says the fool that believes the internet is the truth only and everything else is a lie. Nuff said you are just a disillusioned drone.

8dcab980 No.3633376

actually completely innocent of… well anything in 25 years, no speeding, no minor traffic violations, nothing to do with anything alcohol or drug related, the only thing i managed to do was have a tattoo shop misplace my debit card and not accept check… but they registered the debit transaction later so kinda got me out of anything.

8dcab980 No.3633377

I actually have a completely clean record, other than one seat belt thing that got dismissed, and yeah other than that… I'm actually a 100% upstanding citizen with a military record.

Go figure.

4f46cf9d No.3633378

Fyi even if I could provide proof I dont have it anymore lost all my shit in moves got. I even went so far as to destroy my childhood photos because of how much of a lie my grandmother told me and refused to tell me about I had to find this out from my own mother whom I once snapped at for talking ill of her own mom my grandmother once I realized the truth all love for her as family went out the window lying to me for my whole life to not look like the bad guy is a good way to be seen as a bad guy and proof of being a bad person. She may not have beat me but she sure as he'll took a lot from me in regards to emotional stability mothel
Ely connections even my uncles abused me be chasing .y biological father away and guess what dissapeared from the face of the earth and then being told to never look for them by other family members I lost a lot because of that women. And I am the way I am because of her.

4f46cf9d No.3633379

Still counts as a record you still went to court for it. Not once have I been summoned to court outside of a the landlord and remnant boards for evictions. Which btw don't count as a record.

8dcab980 No.3633380

again could only tolerate like 2 lines… Ugh I don't even know cobalt's mindset. I'm just going to go to sleep because I really can't deal with a barrage of weird logic while drunk as fuck.

Hes so obviously wrong about everything, has no proof for anything, screams for proof from other people, and has no intention of ever giving any proof of his stuff.

Its like trying to have an argument with an extremely nonverbal autistic child…

8dcab980 No.3633381

and you were evicted while having your car going through legal proceedings… why why are you a thing?

4f46cf9d No.3633382

You are drunk. Why are you even trying to argue here. Seriously

8dcab980 No.3633383

that even while drunk every aspect of your being is just wrong. I don't even know how you can exist.

You break automobile laws in the extreme, your get evicted from your apartment multiple times, you have no money or land to yourself… I just can't comprehend how you can not be just dead by now.

4f46cf9d No.3633384

Any logic is weird to a drunk. But logic is logic or else it would have a different meaning to include everyones point of view which is just classified as a personal truth. If you cant keep a straight up convos when drunk then it means your mind is not ready to converse let alone think logically.

8dcab980 No.3633385

even if you had a job it would at least solve some mysteries, but you don't.

8dcab980 No.3633386

also, im extremely used to being drunk so just try my logic.

4f46cf9d No.3633387

Automobile laws my ass lol you are too drunk to even know what you are saying.a bicycle is not an automobile. It doesnt even have an engine for fucks sake. Your mind is going full retard at this moment.

4f46cf9d No.3633388

You are like the drunk that denies being drunk while walking drunk.

4f46cf9d No.3633389

Fyi I'm the kinda person that when I drink gets insanely good at things like beating top gamers at their own game while doing the hardest difficulty and achieving S ranks across the whole board.

8dcab980 No.3633390

File: 1637227354308.jpg (162.95 KB, 1024x576, d7bbbba79b6a97e26dd83b7d07….jpg)

no my brain is burnt out, i can only deal with a guy who admitted and denied having sex with their dog, cat, brother, niece, nephew, and a random fish all at once.

8dcab980 No.3633391

good lord man, if i was drunkenly all the time, I'd be arrested. I'm on paper the best of citizens, the fuck are you on?

4f46cf9d No.3633392

You are drunk and have nothing to offer besides silly bad behaviour. When I drink I think clearly if I make a mistake I have the capacity to correct that mistake and immediately acknowledge that I have said something silly. If you could even ask my friends they would have some cool stories to tell but for now I have just one final thing to say to you….


4f46cf9d No.3633393

I heard you like fishdicks

81720f2b No.3633394

File: 1637228991233.jpg (221.48 KB, 828x1095, obscenity.jpg)

> This is at least the 3rd thread derailed
Turnabout is fair play. Don't forget that not long ago /pol/ invaders from outside the furry community were deliberately trashing on topic, furry threads with their /pol/ shit.

Im certain some of those assholes didn't even know that this IS a furry board.

4f46cf9d No.3633395

Any excuse to censor those that some don't like. Even these days not even lulz can escape that fact. And it used to be more lax on the attempts to usually from rogue mods choosing to act out of character so they can wield a banhammer on those they don't want to see. More and more days pass by and today lulz has become a kind of hugbox for certain users.

fd4a0bad No.3649933

File: 1646608426050.png (260.91 KB, 2048x546, snapshot_lulz.net.png)

>(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST - Necrobumping old political thread.)
LOL! Now asshole moderators are making up their own secret rules for lulz. Which asshole mod was that?

>Bears have started trying to break into people's homes to stay warm for the winter.
Global warming is a lie perpetrated by the extreme left to extend their political control over all aspects of life.

fd4a0bad No.3649934

File: 1646608711634.jpg (114.52 KB, 1172x608, ultros_dox.jpg)

>Which asshole mod was that?
I bet it was Ultros. He is the only mod I know who imagines "necrobumping" is a real thing.

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