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File: 1636116012570.jpg (3.71 MB, 2481x1754, 9f3e3ab1a68e0477ce65034a84….jpg)

3058d85c No.3631759

Never saw a thread for this on here ever before. Ferals showing off the latest fashions for their species.
Clothed and unclothed versions of the same picture especially welcome.
Has this caused anyone to develop a new fetish?

68c080e3 No.3631761

File: 1636116737165.png (5.89 MB, 1880x2686, 3a39f848dfe66c9bdd7a6a7728….png)

The only good ferals are crossdressing dragons in lingerie

a5efb830 No.3631790

File: 1636144705952-0.jpg (1.19 MB, 3155x1823, c2afc5bdbf2b2e113731b791c1….jpg)

File: 1636144705952-1.jpg (1.84 MB, 3155x1823, 33f4d73aa949de9fe7f89427f4….jpg)

I want to smell those pants

a5efb830 No.3631791

File: 1636144778859-0.jpg (2.87 MB, 1909x3104, 33fa5c2d16e4c130105c8c47d9….jpg)


Dragons are nice, but it'd be a shame to limit yourself to just one species.

5330e289 No.3643737

File: 1643189062204.png (1.58 MB, 1600x1903, 394aa58380415102c833ad4d67….png)

cb837f89 No.3654577

File: 1650683042694.png (430.49 KB, 1754x2115, 1642470680.kaze_inu_perdim….png)

Where can I buy a sexy maid uniform that's made to fit a German shepherd?

4586a6e2 No.3658611

File: 1654112019164.png (4.04 MB, 4611x3659, 3f68902b447b078c80eacf939c….png)


2403544a No.3658662

File: 1654169455744.jpg (94.91 KB, 612x800, 637bb202987ed77f97219ac980….jpg)

ecmajor can put lingire on just about anything and make it sexy.

4f6903ce No.3658701

File: 1654193575481.gif (167.36 KB, 850x998, Maid_mare.gif)

4f6903ce No.3658702

File: 1654193620670.gif (172.15 KB, 850x998, maid_mare2.gif)

2403544a No.3658749

File: 1654245700732.png (4.46 MB, 4611x3659, fixed.png)

yeah had to grammar correct that thing. Some west European almost English was going on there.

2403544a No.3658751

File: 1654245949559.jpg (70.89 KB, 800x682, 9616d290955089c79d389aacd5….jpg)

I have a soft spot for ferals, but I can't stand poor grammar.

2403544a No.3658753

File: 1654246131866.jpg (65.67 KB, 800x581, 89e17d45e3223a7506d43277ce….jpg)

I'm air frying some rally's french fries and they need my attention, have some more dog pussy.


4586a6e2 No.3658759

Aren't they called Checker's on the east coast?

2403544a No.3658762

File: 1654264181070.jpg (112.17 KB, 850x572, 7d62ba58c7cbe6b9ecbf5a5da4….jpg)

they have several names, the important thing is that their greasy as fuck burgers are amazing, and their fries are god tier.

Also getting real sick of this bs with my isp dropping be down from a gigabyte to essentially dial up speeds. I can't upload for shit.


4586a6e2 No.3658763

File: 1654265252275.png (521.89 KB, 768x1047, e064a9a7aeabc1cf5e07074f6d….png)

>the important thing is that their greasy as fuck burgers are amazing, and their fries are god tier.

Agreed. Totally underrated amongst burger chains.

But that dragon lacks lingerie

2403544a No.3658764

>But that dragon lacks lingerie
and that is an unforgivable crime

44892a28 No.3658804

File: 1654276208454.gif (3.37 MB, 500x380, 1391386223.cerberus_newohf….gif)

19f65578 No.3660133

File: 1655676878452.png (721.12 KB, 917x1200, 1613174958.luvythicus_krys….png)

d8d49627 No.3665330

File: 1661826404445.jpg (411.79 KB, 4096x2560, db42678f3b77d005faaecb232f….jpg)


3cb50871 No.3665354

File: 1661861824599.png (251.4 KB, 2478x1982, getjhzetgteth.png)

7bc7ee4f No.3665368

File: 1661890384498.jpg (361.85 KB, 2000x978, PSX_20220824_113221.jpg)

c1f392a3 No.3669796

File: 1665666435864-0.jpg (335.34 KB, 3632x1755, shakura softness.jpg)

File: 1665666435864-1.jpg (348.5 KB, 2900x1469, helga comfy butt.jpg)

09aa254c No.3669798

File: 1665668064745.png (5.14 KB, 1258x45, hypocrisy.png)

Why do you ever bother to post artwork of that traitor here?
He only searches for money, he don't care about zoo pride albeit he makes content for zoosexuals, obviously. It's like gay artist who hates gays.

Darkmare is better because he doesn't afraid of furaffinity contradicting policy and he got banned on e621, on furaffinity and he still makes content and gets thousands of friends for private content.

Don't fall for nice modelling, if artist is shit and doesn't want to at least to not show hypocrisy, don't watch him and don't support him.

8b0a54c5 No.3669857

>zoo pride

Kill yourself

bae2fe23 No.3679609

File: 1669809087248.png (348.25 KB, 1201x960, 338b8f057b4c9d997397738e80….png)

I want to fuck Cynder!

44892a28 No.3679615

File: 1669811298949-0.jpg (131.04 KB, 1280x853, 1588992593.horimont_img_51….jpg)

File: 1669811298949-1.jpg (477.78 KB, 866x1282, 1492355298.horimont_tatsuy….jpg)

File: 1669811298949-2.jpg (604.06 KB, 557x2508, 1588947594.horimont_horimo….jpg)

44892a28 No.3679616

File: 1669811423744-0.jpg (130.71 KB, 1000x1500, E5DGNIuUYAAz0HI_u18chan.jpg)

File: 1669811423744-1.jpg (82.15 KB, 1200x564, 1626185272.horimont_360_la….jpg)

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