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50adb6bb No.3629311


I usually think 4chan plans this by spamming it.

Seen 4chan lately? it's all leftist tranny indoctrination porn with a paywall and insane captcha.

Someone is planning this.

ea60a7be No.3629314

>insane captcha.

I just noticed this today after visiting /k/ for the first time in months. Seriously what the fuck is going on with that captcha?

1232cf2b No.3629316

File: 1634173308930.jpg (36.7 KB, 414x640, sleepy_nana.jpg)

I guess it really shouldn't come as a surprise that every Nazi on here is some white trash-looking skeleman from the genetic wastebin, but its still amusing to me.

4ff95459 No.3629330

File: 1634181150522.webm (5.98 MB, 854x480, taytaymartyrofpol.webm)

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