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How about a literature thread? Which books do you consider required reading? Doesn't have to be talking animals themed. But who doesn't love talking animals?

I've read the books in the post images except Redwall, but I watched the cartoon. I liked the cartoon, but it gave me the impression the book series is more suited toward a younger audience. It's highly rated, so maybe I'll read it eventually.

Watership Down is my favorite of these. It's sorta like Lord of the Rings but with rabbits. The rabbits have their own mythology and language (lapine) and the book is highly quotable. The original film based on the book is excellent too, but they leave out important characters like Blackavar. The film is kinda hardcore.

Renard the Fox is probably the least suitable for children. It's all poetry following the misdeeds (including sexual) of the eponymous anthro red fox. He's an amoral trickster whose exploits include raping a wolf and wiping his ass with the king's flag and throwing it at him. Fun stuff.

Mrs. Frisby and the rats of NIHM is about, well, basically the Don Bluth film, but without the magic. They changed her name to "Brisby" in the film for stupid trademark reasons (blame Wham-O). Anyway, there are super intelligent rats who have harnessed the power of electricity, but they see tapping humans' electric power grid as stealing and wish to generate their own. Mrs. Frisby goes to them for help moving her home, so her son Timothy, who's sick with pneumonia, doesn't get plowed by the farmer. She was married to one of these super intelligent rats (Jonathan), who died. So interspecies, because Mrs. Frisby is a field mouse. I read this for school way back in elementary school, so I forgot all the details. But I remember generally liking it. The films based on this book and Watership Down are both classics.

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I love read books that involve in world building with aliens and humans on a planet.

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I quite like this series.

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>She was married to one of these super intelligent rats (Jonathan), who died. So interspecies
Whoops. Jonathan was actually a mouse too. He and Mr. Ages were the only mice to escape the NIMH lab. Told you I forgot most of the details.

This is a good book from what I remember. Had to read it in high school. There was a scene from Johnny Bravo where he loses his shit and starts chanting, "Four feet good! Two feet bad!" I couldn't find it on youtube. Anyway it's a reference to Animal Farm I didn't get as a kid.


I'll get around to reading 1984 eventually. I chose to read Brave New World instead recently, and I need to take a break before picking up another dystopian novel.

Those look interesting.

So it's an antro/sci-fi/detective series? Seems legit.

Cool. Thanks for those.

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I blame Redwall for becoming a furry. It was a nice series of children's novels, and I hope he died happy never knowing what he had done to so many unsuspecting children. Anyone know what the best translation of the Renard stories is?

You might enjoy The Last and First Men and Stapledon's other novels.

305397c0 No.3628997

File: 1633964874597.jpg (3.31 MB, 4032x3024, 20211011_095931.jpg)

Someone on here recommended the Patricia Terry translation I linked in the OP. I haven't read any other translations, but Terry is able to make everything rhyme in English. Which is pretty impressive imo. Pic related.

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The park where I go hiking has these children's books with their pages split apart and made into signs. Called StoryWalk. Neat idea. They even had the Kissing Hand book that was posted here.

24df24b5 No.3629002

The Wind in the Willows?

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this is going to sound like stupid brony bs, but fallout equestria is actually a really good read if you're into that. It has a sick sense of humor that I just never saw anywhere else.

IMO FOE:Horizons is better, but it really leans on the first book for a lot of basic world building.

I listen to a lot of audio books and old timey radio show like things when im playing video games, heres a link to a surprisingly good recording of an audio book of fallout equestria, if you want to give it a quick listen while you're doing other stuff.


13a0ae73 No.3629015

>Autistic pony fanfiction

Kill yourself

52c86868 No.3629016

File: 1633974208221.jpg (374.83 KB, 1256x2025, 81yfY-AKzeL.jpg)

this is also a really good series. The third one that follows the story of "the Copper" is probably my favorite, but all the books in the series are pretty good.

The Wraethu series is good too, but the whole hermaphrodite thing turns a lot of normies off. There are like maybe 3 sex scenes in the entire series, and they're just graphic enough to kinda paint the picture of how the Wraethu work, and not really long enough to be erotic… but you read the description and see "hermaphrodite" and immediately think the series is erotic or something.

Theres also wheel of time, hands down the best fantasy series I've ever read, but its kinda old hat now, so its like lord of the rings, by now if you were interested in reading it, you probably have. Its honestly worth reading just for the scene where the psychotic male wizards show up and just break the bitchy women wizards' whole world view "kneel or be knelt."

52c86868 No.3629017

File: 1633974547276.jpg (51.2 KB, 333x500, 51D3 hYjKHL.jpg)

another really good one if you're into Lit-RPG novels, Way of the Shaman. The main character is a total mary sue, but for what it is, its probably one of if not the best in the genere.

52c86868 No.3629019

Iron Druid is pretty good too, if just for the magical talking dog. Oberon is the best irish wolfhound. Plus theres a straight up gangster bar shoot out with magical jewish rabies and buddy jesus.

52c86868 No.3629025

basically the pirate bay of audiobooks, I've never ran into a single honeypot torrent, its proved pretty safe.

Just putting it out there in case you want to listen to some books and not waste amazon credits on obscure stuff with audiable.

52c86868 No.3629027

if you're just bored and want to listen to some background noise. "The Great Lectures" series is great to just listen to while doing mindless labor. I learned so much more than I ever wanted about how horse and ox harnesses differ, and way more than anyone should know about the medevil era just listening to those things.

0e0afaea No.3629204

File: 1634102157006.jpg (97.28 KB, 463x648, 1e429b13ea60d63094a7705946….jpg)

Patricia Terry's Renard translation is excellent for two reasons - first, it is a taken from the original Old French version, written around 1175 A.D. The original stories were filled with sex, violence and profanity. They were also filled with humour, gut-wrenching drama, and so far ahead of their time, you'd think they'd just been written last week.

The second reason Terry is so good, is that she censors nothing. The only problem I have is that she didn't do more. Le Roman de Renart (The Epic of Renart) is huge -something like 23 books or "branches" and 62,000 lines. It's like The Illiad or The Odyssy. Terry gives you parts of four branches (all good ones).

Renard is truly great literature. It was not only popular for centuries, but was very influential. I'll have to get back to you on how much it was (and still is).

e7ea0239 No.3629207

File: 1634106706437.jpg (14.85 KB, 260x336, happy hollow rutherford mo….jpg)

An obscure one I liked

52c86868 No.3629208

Its not a thing i'd suggest reading, but I'd really like to get a copy of the Berenstein bears from my own time line before I just died and had to deal with the alternate Bearenstain version.

c0c4c49a No.3629209

Whatever you do, just don't read the Lord of the Ring. It's boring AF.

8dd4ab93 No.3629313

File: 1634172636720.png (836.53 KB, 450x676, Kobold-GuideToWorldbuildin….png)

46992bf0 No.3629319

File: 1634175705597.jpg (17.25 KB, 218x350, dd05eb94eba3cc953d1163a5e6….jpg)

the blood jaguar is a good book.

also "light on shattered water" really good.

0b75bdc7 No.3629332

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e7ea0239 No.3629338

File: 1634190174705.jpg (111.29 KB, 664x533, spellsinger series--alan-d….jpg)

I remember enjoying the Spellsinger Series. Not exactly 'furry' but contained various animal characters.

Well.. it was okay up until Son of Spellsinger.

01cd896a No.3629339

File: 1634191618478.jpg (1.34 MB, 3900x2193, condopromo1_wide-3fff2102c….jpg)

I read a book and its called Vocational Training for Retards It talks about how hammers are used for building things. That is about as far as I got. I build tons of money making SKYSCRAPERS. Now who's the retard?

96623fd2 No.3629361

the is a book from waaayyyy back by Steve Senn called "a circle in the sea" . thats the book that laid the foundation for my furry obsession.

7d78ce4d No.3629362


addendum : Then came the internet and BBS´s and Doug Winger ruined me. Forever.

a3288201 No.3629368

If Doug Winger's abortions aroused you in any way then you were already irreparably broken to begin with

d8e51f94 No.3629373

you can't fool me, none of you can read

6eff9de3 No.3629426

File: 1634281512392.jpg (25.41 KB, 392x300, B1lvS8M1LIS._SY300_.jpg)

If you like Dragons this is a series written from the perspective of an adult dragon living with his father on a private island and trying to balance running a business with finding and winning a mate to rut.


b4868e46 No.3629429

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How does /furi/ feel about the Five Realms series?

a3288201 No.3629430

Never heard of it.

c4183e8f No.3629472


then you know what to sunrise yourself with for Christmas , right?

c4183e8f No.3629473


Why is my auto correct so fucked up these days ? Has Gates been tinkering with something a gain just because he lost 108 billion dollars at the divorce ? Then he shouldn't travel with Epstein and rape little kids while Mossad records everything in 4k HD

I meant : Surprise ….. Jeez

52c86868 No.3629475

I kinda figured "sunrise" was some inside joke i wasn't getting. I might check out the series. I'm pretty much on a haitus from buying books atm, too many books, not enough shelves.

3d7ddb22 No.3629495

File: 1634339800857.png (1.8 KB, 249x231, FAz3IkIVgAMVo5Y.png)

>using autocorrect
You can turn that off while still having suggestions for spell checking.

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