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File: 1631988050031.png (346.33 KB, 1486x1103, 4395761 - Bart_Simpson Dr.….png)

d4deb129 No.3626290[Last 50 Posts]


In February 2020, Jean-Baptiste Abel, 31, a former computer scientist who was in the service of the Canadian Armed Forces was found guilty of possession, distribution and access to child pornography between 1is August 2015 and October 19, 2016.

While he was under engagement in this case, Abel was intercepted in his car, while he was parked in the parking lot of a Tim Hortons.

In his hands, he had a computer, which was forbidden to him and, to justify himself, he had explained to the police that he was there to play a video game of war since he was “a gamer. compulsive”.

The computer he owned was seized, then scanned, and 257 child pornography files were found. They were cartoons of the characters of Bart and Maggie Simpson who were having sex with each other or with their parents Omer and Marge.

c7b3ad15 No.3626292

File: 1631990929745.jpg (35.37 KB, 352x500, B09CTMRL1G.01._SCLZZZZZZZ_….jpg)

Canada has been a hellhole for this for a while now. Several years ago I had some corgi manga with me on a flight with a connection in Canada between Japan and the US, and customs thought I was a child rapist for making the mistake of declaring that I had "japanese comic books" with me. They pulled me aside for 2 hours to comb through all of my belongings and accuse me of having undeclared food because they didn't know what tenga eggs were.

I didn't have enough room in my luggage to bring my kemoshota doujinshi home with me, so I mailed it to myself instead. Lucked out.

c9f7a36c No.3626295

>get arrested and convicted for trading actual cp
>banned from using computers, internet
>at a later date, use computers, internet to download shitty simpsons porn
>get arrested for violating your probation
what exactly is the controversy here?

>Omer Sampson

thanks, shitty machine translation

d392e3a4 No.3626297

Sounds to me like he got arrested because he was downloading stuff not because of what he was downloading.

e9c12db8 No.3626298

Unbeknownst to the population Canada is still a British subjugate, hence the puritanism.

b0a3a20f No.3626299

I vaguely recall that the reason fchan banned cub porn was a Canadian law which seems to outlaw it.

e9c12db8 No.3626300

That is an unnecessarily confusing news article though. Maybe find another one

3c88f0db No.3626316

If this were true more people would be arrested so nope none of that had anything to do with the content just the opposite.

60cba7b9 No.3626320

>banned from using computers in 2020

Just kill the pedo. It's not like he could ever contribute to society

cb654922 No.3626321

You are far too stupid to attempt to contribute to threads. What matters is fchan owner's perception of the law, not its eventual implementation or enforcement.

6431a2db No.3626326


It's one of those things where the laws are written in a way to allow that kind of prosecution but nobody bothers to do it often.

There was a weird case recently about a guy who ordered a child sized sex doll online and the courts determined the physical doll was child porn.

3c88f0db No.3626328

I wasn't talking about fchan doofus I was talking Canadian law.

3c88f0db No.3626330

And that is flat out retarded far as excuses go I mean that sounds more like fun police problems rather than actual legal issues. I mean the law protrcts real children not imaginary ones so if a court deems a sex doll as childporn they have no idea how that works in the literal sense and should always be challenged under the interpretation bias claim I mean for all anyone knows its a flat chested midget doll for display fetishists I mean like come on artificial isnt a real child its like if you built a robot and abused it can they charge you with any kind of abuse if the answer is no in your mind you are correct and same applies here its not a person it cant say yes or no its not sentient nor is it alive its an object built for the express use of the one who bought it.

I mean fuck the fun police. Just burn them all with kerosene

aeaf3ef8 No.3626366

File: 1632034611499.png (301.49 KB, 450x557, Officer Big Mac.png)

7d7a6a3a No.3626379

File: 1632051648434.jpg (58.58 KB, 780x451, inside-the-new-csec-buildi….jpg)

Need I remind everyone

Google: Canadian Spy Palace

Canada is brother UK

0a6a9a86 No.3626385

Cobalt blaze: If black people don't want to get murdered by cops they should just do what the cops say no matter how insane and racist the cops are.

Also Cobalt blaze: Cops are arresting people for cub porn and child-like sex dolls? Fuck the fun police! Just burn them all with kerosene!

2b5dd364 No.3626391

The Simpsons don't even look like humans to me, I don't know WHAT you'd call them, but, look at them.


That's crazy.

Now, if the guy was on PROBATION, that's different, because the judge can set ANY bizarre stipulation that you could go back to jail for if you violate it, that would not be illegal otherwise, and that is what you AGREE to if you want to be out and free. For instance, he could tell you not to watch the Flintstones, or not wear a Betty Boop T-shirt, or not get caught chewing Juicy Fruit gum, or you will go back to jail. And you would.
Probation is a whole other set of rules, and they can be anything.

80e664a8 No.3626401

Sorry but deciding what something is for another person makes no sense. Like are you this person? No! Then you cannot male claims that a smaller sex doll means child as I said (typos aside) size of doll does not determine kink or fetish or even a specific sexual preference nor does it determine age of representation because its a rubber doll it does not contain any other aspects. Of being human outside the shape if you cannot see that then a judge you should not be. Can size offer different aspects for sexualizing? Yes! What are they? Size play. And yes age play but also others I cannot think of at this very moment. But based on assumption of criminality based on an assumption and interpretation that actually cannot be upheld if the case gets taken to the supreme court's a judge needs to be unbiased and if a judge acts biased to even 1 little detail the whole case can be tossed doing as you please in a seat of power is actually wrong immoral and illegal.

77d1819b No.3626406

File: 1632078642376.jpg (731.29 KB, 1847x1152, The Revenge Of Hamilton's ….jpg)

09476625 No.3626469

We understand, you have a small dick and you don't want them making all the sex toys illegal that are small enough for you to feel it.

b14b7b82 No.3626476

File: 1632166385383.jpg (90.42 KB, 659x489, Artist-Rf.5_Simpsons_famil….jpg)

>The Simpsons don't even look like humans to me, I don't know WHAT you'd call them, but, look at them.


He was forbidden from using computers of any kind so downloading anything of any kind would have gotten him in trouble. The fact some of it was Simpson's porn was just focused on as click-bait.

80e664a8 No.3626482

File: 1632168415136.jpg (4.36 MB, 4160x3120, 20210920_160143.jpg)

Birch please! 8 inches isn't small

e25f7c3b No.3626493

File: 1632173307835.jpg (318.92 KB, 806x1280, 4f75db0d89a0ce017ed5df4809….jpg)

There's no way that's 8 inches and mutilated cocks are always inferior to intact cocks

896be1e4 No.3626497

I've got 9.5 inches worth of mutilated cock, imo its not worth it. I won't lie that uncut is better than cut, but sometimes, you're just too big.

Humans aren't horses, sometimes people like us just need to accept that were just too big to be pleasurable to anyone…we huge cocked freaks are just the result of humanity's hubris in trying to breed giant dongs where they don't belong.

896be1e4 No.3626499

whats worse is that even if we rebel from our giant penis ways, we just end up size queens, because unlike our 4.5 inch brethren, we have a disproportional view of what we think normal dick sizes should be… and just end up having to pay extra for bad dragon dildos… it is a cruel fate.

896be1e4 No.3626500

;_; even all but the most expensive chastity cages are just too small for us overly endowed men…

a0db9442 No.3626501

Oh look. SteamThePathologicalLiar is at it again.

80e664a8 No.3626503

Well for starters not even fully hard in that pic I'm just starting to go down as I have a blood flow issue mental concentration kills the boner as all that blood flows right back to my brain. Basically I have to go mindless before I can keep myself perma hard.
Also yes uncut is better but not like i was given a choice I have Ptsd my choice was taken even though I basically screamed no so blame my grandmother that child abusing shit basically ruins every persons lives she comes into contact with.

8de7af40 No.3626504

why is there hair halfway up the shaft?

75342279 No.3626506

I've been told it's caused by some methods of circumcision, when they take all or almost all of the foreskin they have to pull the skin on the shaft up to stich it to where the cut was made, resulting in what should have been skin normally growing pubic hair and even scrotum hair now being part of the shaft.

80e664a8 No.3626507

Its my Nord genes just grows halfway up also cause I havent shaved

ca2d5e86 No.3626510

Saint pogustine says no to cp

87f3aeba No.3626524

File: 1632184944815.jpg (929.62 KB, 3301x2596, 3677256_JeffyCottonbun_sum….jpg)

you telling me cub porn isn't poggers?

aeaf3ef8 No.3626525

File: 1632186005301.jpeg (18.57 KB, 620x384, Magician-holding-a-top-ha….jpeg)

Making it look longer by holding your hand back toward the scrotum and tugging the shaft forward. Hold a measuring tape up alongside of it and prove that the tip reaches the 8" mark.

At least you washed your penis this time!

aeaf3ef8 No.3626526

File: 1632186114887.png (382.08 KB, 735x735, dollar shave club.png)

Dollar Shave Club is too expensive for Cobalt.

aeaf3ef8 No.3626528

File: 1632186370626.png (804.35 KB, 735x408, sexy ronald mcdonald.png)

Hey Cobalt, here's something to get your concentration for your erection going again. ;D

80e664a8 No.3626531

>>3626525 I actually wasnt but hey keep pushing your luck maybe eventually you will get things right rather than assuming.
Thinking in your mind you got it all figured out doesnt mean you have it all figured out fyi.

80e664a8 No.3626532

No I just can't shave too often due to sensitive skin. Plus if every person I hook up with demands I do something tedious that doesnt need to be done is kinda a big deal it shows me the other person only wants me to look a certain way and more. I don't do things for others sake but for my own so hence the hassle.

aeaf3ef8 No.3626553

File: 1632195761251.jpg (7.39 KB, 300x168, wash your dog.jpg)

>Plus if every person I hook up with demands I do something tedious that doesnt need to be done is kinda a big deal it shows me the other person only wants me to look a certain way and more. I don't do things for others sake but for my own so hence the hassle.

Does that include not taking a bath?

b28d40c0 No.3626554


The guy in the picture has his hips rolled forward and his stomach sucked in as hard as he can to make his dick seem bigger.

04fb5381 No.3626558

I see Cobalt blaze is using that 2017 LG-TP450 phone. Impressive that he found a phone that old and janky that still works with modern networks.

06d82678 No.3626564

That's nothing. I'm still using my Motorola C681i cellphone from 2006.

deb59ce2 No.3626567

>I don't do things for others sake but for my own

Do you think that maybe, just maybe, being a self-centered sociopath is why you can't stay in a relationship for more than 2 weeks and that maybe, just maybe, changing that could make your life better?

80e664a8 No.3626570

Only if the person proves worth it. I mean personality and such comes first but just because you expect a certain look makes me think that the person is only after me for certain things and nothing that will survive in a long term relationship and I'm not looking for a short term one. I mean random hookups aside when it comes to serious relationships you don't seek them through random hookups you build it over time. Though some lucky few do end up finding love through random hookups its not something you should hold to the odds are low that you'll come out with a ltr. But I'm talking random hookups I don't expect a person to shave for me just to top them so I expect the same treatment.

aeaf3ef8 No.3626572

File: 1632209973292.png (357 KB, 1280x2000, Cobalt'sGonnaGetBanned.png)

Cobalt got called out by his local furry group for not bathing.

aeaf3ef8 No.3626573

File: 1632210045667.jpg (319.87 KB, 663x1507, cobalt-wash-ur-stinkin-dic….jpg)

He used to post photos of his unwashed dick to Furi.

80e664a8 No.3626574

Actually that's what you assume. Fyi shadowing in pics taken with a bad lighting angle. Fyi I had showered just before I had dressed up and took that old pic so again were you present no can you always tell in pics if someone has showered like come on dude grow up just because you dont like me doesnt make anything you say true so come on out with it or gtfo.

80e664a8 No.3626575

Fyi I can't even bottom if I feel like I'm still dirty let alone take pics like that I mean come on I'm seeking hookups. But if you have a dirt fetish That's on you and apparently your imagining dirt just so you can secretly wank come on now eithrr admit you wanna hookup or give it a rest all this BS accusations crap just makes me think your hating on me cause id prolly just turn you down for having a terrible personality.

aeaf3ef8 No.3626576

I'm just going by what other furries here and on Kiwifarms have said about you. I'm not going to check if you really had a bath or not. I'm just suggesting that you should even for a random hook-up as it's the decent thing to do.

80e664a8 No.3626577

Obviously I mean just because I am a horny slut doesnt mean that I'm not turned off by smells and dirtiness cause I absolutely am for example whe. I top if the person I'm topping ends up getting shit on my dick its a massive perma turn off as in I will never see the person the same again I mean I pride myself in my sexual hygiene. But I am for one against slander and am so greatly offended by it been abused my whole life basically even abducted by my own family members so its safe to assume that that shits gonna do more than piss me off.

aeaf3ef8 No.3626578

File: 1632212643040.jpg (13.72 KB, 225x225, furrycondom.jpg)

Why not just wear a condom to keep the shit off your dick?

80e664a8 No.3626579

I said on my dick I never said anything about condoms but same applies disgust me and I'm turned off for good with said person won't be able to get the image out of head so condoms or not its not going to matter so stop trying to pull b.s. out of your ass. Getting kinda sick of that. And like I said its a real turn off. Unless your goal is to have people spit on and degrade you sorry but not my thing and is highly offensive to me as someone who's triggers are abusive behaviour.

aeaf3ef8 No.3626582

Hmmm, it sounds like you should look for a long term love interest outside of the furry fandom. Perhaps someone who likes anthro cartoons but doesn't feel the need to go to furmeets to be social.

80e664a8 No.3626584

Your assuming that I havent considered this. Also you think too simply.

aeaf3ef8 No.3626585

File: 1632216868651.png (364.44 KB, 500x332, edumication.png)

I'm just trying to phrase things in a simple context for your understanding.

aeaf3ef8 No.3626586

File: 1632217341640.png (117.88 KB, 413x380, your-e1575780880902.png)

>Your assuming that I havent considered this. Also you think too simply.

e25f7c3b No.3626592

Why the fuck would anyone be in a relationship with a walking dumpster fire like cobalt? He's a literal crackwhore

6a50574b No.3626599

Says who you. Nice try but liking sex doesnt make me a whore selling myself does and I'm not selling myself also have you not heard your behind by 5 years into the past. Better put your blinders on because its going to be a bumpy ride. Seriously where do you come up with this shit?

Also just makes me think you are not worth it as a human being I mean think. About it why should I be nice to someone who is just a little shitstain antagonist who only thinks about pulling one over on someone.

6a50574b No.3626600

That's called being condescending assuming you have inteligence. That still makes you arrogant and an ignoramus to boot.

6ab3d540 No.3626609

File: 1632257021490.jpg (176.28 KB, 1200x809, Canadian_traditional_garb.jpg)

Lesson learned: don't go to Canada I guess

>>get arrested and convicted for trading actual cp
To be fair, they also labeled the dumbass simpsons porn as "child pornography" so there's no telling if it's child pornography or "child pornography".

6ab3d540 No.3626610

File: 1632257514308.png (1.24 MB, 1200x900, KARD377.png)

I guess by Cuckada's definition all Digimon x human porn is off limits now too

god I fucking hate that country

75342279 No.3626611

Well, it's strange, but the way I heard the U.S. law works is that if someone has a collection of thousands of perfectly legal pictures of children, or even cartoon children, but gets caught with ONE 'Actual' piece of child pornography, then it ALL, BECOMES child pornography, as far as the legal case is concerned. I think it has to do with "state of mind" of the perp and whether or not by having all the rest how big a "danger to children" they think he is. Until I found out about this it didn't make any sense to me why someone would have "tens, or hundreds of thousands" of pieces of child pornography. And having that ONE piece that makes all the rest become child porn also, is UP TO THEIR DISCRETION. It some cases it has simply been a picture of the defendant's own children taking a bath in the bathtub.
Yeah, that's fucked up.

c46910a4 No.3626613

File: 1632259270220.jpg (108.41 KB, 600x880, a2301077915cdf710c354ae544….jpg)

I miss Karabiner's art. Whatever happened to him?

Male renamon is too rare as well.

6a50574b No.3626616

Also to be fair there is legal childporn out there fyi its just under the guise of nudism naked families and kids are still present. So Tbh no matter what gets done nothing will stop the flow. Its an inevitability

6ab3d540 No.3626617

File: 1632261929006.jpg (40.76 KB, 593x500, tumblr_719ef2253d10bdc2981….jpg)

While that's stupid as well, at least that policy requires an actual CP image to kick in (and tbh no one has any business touching any of that stuff cause human trafficking and shit)

Officially left Apr 2019. Blames health reasons and motivation. I should probably translate this properly some day. Haven't practiced japanese since forever.

Personal guess is he just got bored of making stuff and/or found other hobbies. Same reason I stopped drawing and doing 3d. Why bother, in the end we do things for personal satisfaction, not just the sake of them being done.

75342279 No.3626629

There are some STATES tho, like Ohio that have laws against even THAT, and will charge you under a law called "use of a minor in nudity-oriented material" and despite the wording, you didn't have to take the picture yourself to be charged, and it's like a second-degree Felony!!! I see people charged with exactly that in the newspaper all the time.

6a50574b No.3626633

Except that nitpicking only violates peoples rights to freedom and more so the state is overstepping its boundries

2b5dd364 No.3626640

But how does saying that, help the people who are serving years in prison in Ohio and other states right now, under that very law?
Do you think that none of them have filed appeals, or had good lawyers?

6a50574b No.3626641

That's what happens when a state goes Nazi over something it feels should be illegal just because all imagery of such would violate their sensibilities. Its the same as arguing over a guys interest to experiment sexually with the same sex claiming they are gay for it even though that just makes them bicurious but not necessarily bi either. So logically speaking you have to be a Nazi to continually find excuses to ban everything even going as far as to violate peoples freedoms and liberties. So if a 10 year old runs around naked and someone sees it in Ohio its apparently legal to charge people for witnessing naked children. That's Ohio logic.

aeaf3ef8 No.3626656

File: 1632298199512.jpg (1.68 MB, 1424x9809, Screenshot 2021-09-22 at 0….jpg)

I wonder which school in Hamilton you graduated at. Did you get your grade six? It would be interesting to see what kind of grades you got and what your English teachers had to say about your atrocious grammar.


aeaf3ef8 No.3626657

File: 1632298452105.jpg (1.39 MB, 1071x6984, Screenshot 2021-09-22 at 0….jpg)

aeaf3ef8 No.3626658

File: 1632298752692.jpg (36.52 KB, 550x413, mcdonald-s-at-upper-james.jpg)

75737739 No.3626666

File: 1632312926063.jpg (81.04 KB, 680x320, dsdt10.jpg)

Ball pit sex is the best

99df571d No.3626667


Cobalt Blaze having a dick that small explains so much about his political leanings.

3b052271 No.3626678

Your just jelly I had free unlimited access to internet without ever leaving my apartment. Fyi I lived next door to a McDonald's and would use their internet instead of paying out my was for it.

3b052271 No.3626679

Fyi I havent been doing that since October 2019 same time I quit meth and got away from my abusive partner. All your managing to do is Spit on my accomplishment of being able to pull myself out of such an abyss. In fact I. Will suffer from Ptsd for quite a long time because of the trauma ive faced. Get with the times or don't even bother opening your mouth subhuman trash.

aeaf3ef8 No.3626686

File: 1632341936420.png (917.48 KB, 896x504, Man eats out of dumpsters ….png)

What, you finally do something successful and you just up and quit the trash recycling business? I guess you just want to fail in life. Some people are born winners and some born losers. I guess you were born the latter.

I'm quite sure that you enjoyed free meals out of the McDonald's dumpsters too!

aeaf3ef8 No.3626687

File: 1632342330962.jpeg (28.64 KB, 628x314, 5bad85282500003600378b61.jpeg)

You completely avoided answering the question. I'm going to guess that you want to try and erase those horrific memories of having to suck off dirty hobos behind dumpsters for a few dollars a pop. Just be thankful you didn't become ridden with STD's!

3b052271 No.3626688

Excuse me but get some proof before opening your mouth you realize that that's libel right there. Get real proof or keep quiet otherwise give your full name and address so I know where to send a court summons if you dont have the balls to throw your opinions out there like that then I suggest you keep your mouth shut cause even if I personally don't have the ability to find out who you are its not too difficult to hire someone. If you think its a joke go ahead cause you are the biggest joke. Also your going to have to give your proof with photo ID and a picture of you holding up a sign saying hello furi as further proof that that person in the ID is you. If you have the balls to talk behind a screen and try to avoid your civil violation that makes you a criminal by definition for if you fail to appear in court the case swings in my favor by not defending yourself you become the joke so be a man or stay a pussy.

aeaf3ef8 No.3626689

File: 1632343293761.png (988.44 KB, 1218x876, Screenshot 2021-09-22 at 1….png)

>In fact I. Will suffer from Ptsd for quite a long time because of the trauma ive faced.

I searched for Mental Health Centers in Hamilton on-line and suggest that you go to a Walk-In clinic and get a referral to go here for your mental suffering!

Barrett Centre for Mental Health Crisis Support
4.018 Google reviews
Mental health service in Hamilton, Ontario
Address: 126-128 Emerald St S, Hamilton, ON L8N 2V5
Hours: Open 24 hours
Province: Ontario
Phone: +1 844-777-3571

3b052271 No.3626690

Or I could you know kill a bunch of people if you refuse I can survive a mass killing by surrendering and explaining why it happend your violation will cost you and you will never avoid it so make a choice admit you have no proof or I go kill people because apparently those things dont matter.

aeaf3ef8 No.3626691

File: 1632343627751.jpg (5.25 KB, 300x168, CWC.jpg)

Now this is proof that you are absolutely retarded! You have no idea how the legal system works, let alone have any money to hire a lawyer to sue anybody even if you had any just cause to do so. Everything you continue to say just makes me and everyone else here laugh, because you quite literally aren't smarter than a 5th Grader!

I know that drugs fuck up the mind, but you must have abused so many drugs to have gotten your mind as majorly fucked up as it is!

Please go get mental help and salvage yourself before you become the next Chris Chan!

aeaf3ef8 No.3626693

File: 1632343873963.jpg (83.95 KB, 1280x720, picture-791372.jpg)

You are very delusional. How many different voices speak to you from inside your head?

3b052271 No.3626695

Last chance I will kill in order for you to admit that you have no proof are you prepared to face the consequences or be forced to.

a96b7933 No.3626696

File: 1632344600271.jpg (141.84 KB, 900x524, go-to-jail-monopoly-jas-st….jpg)


Screenshots of your rantings and threats will be forwarded to the Hamilton Police Department along with your personal info. We here at /furi/ do not condone any threats of violence and will be alerting the appropriate authorities.

bcef2d61 No.3626697

> Just be thankful you didn't become ridden with STD's!
Syphilis can destroy an infected person's mind. Explains a lot, doesn't it.

a7ea018a No.3626700


Everybody STOP !
OK , Im back with beer and popcorn. Carry on

e881954c No.3626702

Everything in that post is an obvious lie. Zoning laws don't allow homes that close to fast food places.

aeaf3ef8 No.3626704

File: 1632347370948.png (574.21 KB, 638x366, bobs burgers.png)


Here is my address. Please have your lawyer forward the Complaint and Court Summons to me and I will forward it to my Legal Defense Team. I look forward to seeing you in Court. ;)

Bob Belcher
Bobs Burgers
Address: 8163 Cummington Square E, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 6W1

aeaf3ef8 No.3626706

File: 1632349240785.jpg (317.63 KB, 432x576, Polybius.jpg)

Doesn't Poly usually come to Cobalt's defense about now?

e21a7b71 No.3626709

File: 1632355175047.jpg (36.47 KB, 500x331, 14b0f02e370ed7ad575d17fe6d….jpg)

What? Don't look at me. Come on man. Look I'm glad he's off meth and I'm glad he's wised up enough to see the blatant hypocrisy of leftist thinking. He wasn't always like that. Hell there was a time when I was very anti Trump anti Christian anti American myself

I seem to remember him going off on rants supporting leftist causes only a few years ago.

But like seriously Cobalt

Why are you such a hot head.
Like I get being rustled sometimes … But …you're like… As mad as I got at Kyber that one time….like ALL THE TIME.

Look bro none of this matters.
You need to work on your chill game. Let it go.
I'm not here as much because I'm working on bimbo stuff.
Maybe just like cool your jets and listen some enlightened guru stuff or relaxing mediative binaurlbeats music on YouTube or something.
Maybe you could work on some cool art project.
I dont know how they legal system works entirely but I highly doubt any lawyer in his right mind is going to take a case based off what some rando said about you or failed prove on an image board.

8de7af40 No.3626722

aeaf3ef8 No.3626725

File: 1632366084577.jpg (339.89 KB, 1800x1197, chihuahua-820087_1920.jpg)

Cobalt's a fucking pipsqueak. He's a shrimp of a dude who talks tough but cannot follow through with his meaningless threats. He's all bark and no bite. If he ever got into a physical confrontation he'd get his ass whooped in less than thirty seconds. He's no Shinobi, he's more like Hamilton's Chihuahua!

aeaf3ef8 No.3626726

File: 1632366381716.jpg (27.29 KB, 355x500, hefty-smurf-14965-normal.jpg)

I say that from now on we should refer to Cobalt as Hefty Smurf.

aeaf3ef8 No.3626727

File: 1632366950027.jpg (23.49 KB, 644x408, wimp-lg-1448403302.jpg)

>Fyi I havent been doing that since October 2019 same time I quit meth and got away from my abusive partner.

The proof is in his own words. If he was even half as tough as he claimed, he wouldn't have taken abuse from his so called boyfriend and kicked the shit out of him! He didn't even have the balls to go to the Police and just ran away from his abusive partner like the little pussy that he is.

e21a7b71 No.3626728

File: 1632366957288.jpg (51.19 KB, 782x1030, Mills_Lane.jpg)

Really? Is that so?
Bro. Don't feed into that.
Unless you have some mad hacker wizard trickery up your sleeve, none of us here is any tougher than any one else here. This is an other wise level playing field.

You can't fight him and he can't fight you.
All any of us can do is bark at each other with words and pictures.

But yeah honestly if the 2 of you were put in ring together to fight it out. Given his expierence in slums, drug abuse, sex work, shady dealings, riff raff, metal scrapping, being a generally angry guy and abusive relationships…

My money would be yyon Cobalt.

aeaf3ef8 No.3626729

File: 1632367208493.jpg (44.18 KB, 960x540, south park special ed.jpg)


Ah, there's nothing like retard love, even if it's long distance through an imageboard. ;D

aeaf3ef8 No.3626730

File: 1632367347261.jpg (81.16 KB, 600x400, Gambling-Addiction-2.jpg)


Not that you have very much money but if you enjoy placing losing bets I would encourage you to go right ahead.

aeaf3ef8 No.3626731

File: 1632367809638.jpg (676.47 KB, 1133x1764, American Fruit Nnja.jpg)

Maybe you could be his tag team partner Poly to give him a fighting chance, being the American Fruit Ninja that you are? ;)

3b052271 No.3626732

When you care enough about someone even with all the abuse you don't raise a single finger you instead try to fix things. I even called the police when my options ran out police did nothing. I even reported them for selling meth but again they did nothing despite things I even baricaded myself in my room when poli've arrived and would only talk through a door. I even went as far as to carry god damn butcher knives every time I left my room do you think that's someone who is unwilling to defend themselves.

aeaf3ef8 No.3626733

File: 1632368288299.jpg (517.5 KB, 2310x2560, 91wllR6P-sL.jpg)


So I take it all your previous claims of having the Hamilton Police at your beck and call were just made up lies?

Maybe when you stop telling fantastical stories like The Boy Who Cried Wolf, people may just start to believe you and show you a tiny little bit of respect.

3b052271 No.3626734

Also my point still stands saying whatever you want and trying to hide over it when things get dicey that shows y
That you can't even take reality seriously come on you wanna talk shit try that with a judge and we will see how consequence free your words are. Either grow a pair and we can settle things in a courtroom or man the fuck up and admit that you can end this with just a few words of self admittance.

aeaf3ef8 No.3626735

File: 1632368640511.png (184.24 KB, 815x427, mental health hamilton.png)

Are you serious? Have you been trying to make some kind of point all this time? Maybe if you could write in decent English we could understand whatever point it is that you are trying to convey?

As for reality, please do yourself a favor and get to a Shrink, get a mental health diagnosis and have them put you on the right meds to get your delusional brain back in check with reality!

3b052271 No.3626736

Now that's just retarded selective hearing you! I never said i had police at my neck and call at all times. I stated once before that hamilton police can't even charge me when they accost me and when they try it ends with them leaving in frustration because I have the balls to open my mouth and speak up and tell them off if they are fucking up and what they cant do even the damn jarhead officer I encountered simply walked off in a rage refusing to give up their badge number and I always make a point to shout things out loud enough that passers by can witness.

3b052271 No.3626737

You want something from me you gotta show you deserve it otherwise fuck you and your bullshit. The lesson here is if its not me its someone else dont open your mouth unless your prepared to face the music your actions could prevent a catastrophe amd being that its very preventable by not preventing it you have proven that you don't understand root mechanics

aeaf3ef8 No.3626738

File: 1632369060705.jpg (89.05 KB, 828x817, 1sw4xl5s9ar31.jpg)

Oh yes you did claim to have the Hamilton Police at your command on numerous occasions in the past on this board! If Beary were still around I'm quite sure he would also be able to confirm that you said that, among many other ludicrous things that you've previously stated here.

I'm starting to think that you actually believe that you can outwit the Cops as the character Ricky did on The Trailer Park Boys, but you have to realize that show isn't based upon reality. ;)

e21a7b71 No.3626739

I'm not "in love" with the guy. I just didnt hop on the fuck with cobalt band wagon.

>>3626730 you would be correct in so much as no… No I don't have very much money at all. If it did place bet and lost it would likely be of little consequence to me financially.

>>3626731 I'll be honest though. Both of those look like they'd make for very funny movies.

3b052271 No.3626740

You are not suggesting this for my sake you are doing or for your own so you dont have to take responsibility. And by hiding you prove that you are willing to allow death to happen all to not receive consequences if you were a decent human being and not acum that's prolly gonna be now killed off in a few years you would understand this even if I go to jail for murder its still not going to change how you could have prevented it and that you are the root cause so again I say be a man not a coward.

aeaf3ef8 No.3626741

File: 1632369636418.jpg (11.57 KB, 275x183, legal weed in Canada.jpg)


Probably very hilarious movies indeed. ;D


Did you know that you don't have to smoke crap street ganja anymore in Canada? You can legally buy the stuff that isn't cut with all sorts of nasty shit the drug dealers mix in so you don't get super fucked up in the head when you smoke it?

3b052271 No.3626742

No I'm pretty sure you are just pulling excuses out of your ass y
To try and change the subject.

Again get proof or keep it to yourself unless you wanna challenge me in a place of law if you don't even have the balls to put your money where your mouth is then keep it to yourself. Because again your actions can prevent death for many and even if its not me its someone else and honestly you are not mature for thinking things this way you are childish pulling the Neener card like a child on the schoolyard. Out here in the real world if you cause unnecessary death you are held responsible I cant be held responsible if you refuse to yourself so yeah I can kill and prolly get away with it thanks to the way laws designed being I can't be charged with murder if they refuse to charge the person responsible for allowing it to take place its cause and effect only once you take responsibility will I be legally responsible but as of right now nothing you say is true and I can say as I please and doesnt change the fact I'm a decent person going by your logic.

aeaf3ef8 No.3626743

File: 1632370008709.jpg (31.82 KB, 1024x576, bell lets talk.jpg)

Have you ever had a Psychiatric assessment? It's starting to seem like you need to be institutionalized!

e21a7b71 No.3626744

File: 1632370041410.jpg (187.61 KB, 500x380, 7898078-1-4.jpg)

Now Cobalt that's enough outta you! Aint no one "going to court" and "standing trial" because they rustled your jimmies on an image board thread. That is fantasy God Damn land delusional coocoo bird shit right there.
Even if you had the where with all to do it, why would you even waist your time?

Why!? Why is it every damn time you enter a thread it turns into a complete cluster fuck?

e21a7b71 No.3626745

"Unnecessary death" "standing trial" what the hell are you even talking about? Bro you used like 3 periods and pretty sure there are way more than 3 sentences in that statement.

Common bro just try to calm down alright?

aeaf3ef8 No.3626748

Yes Cobalt, please listen to Poly as if he were your legal counsel? He's trying to tell you to stop talking because the more that you talk, the more that you damn yourself, which could get you into a heap of trouble should anyone take your ramblings seriously and alert the Hamilton Police to the fact that you ranted about going on a killing spree in Hamilton.

Just do us all a favor and get mental help immediately before you do something you'll regret for possibly the rest of your life!

40e97453 No.3626751


Who says ill regret it. Thats right only someone who wants to not take responsibility so here I can make that easier for you by forcing a situation that puts you in the public spotlight. Do you really wanna dance and not take things seriously which is exactly ypur issue here and why others have been charged fined and or jailed for simply refusing to take the responsibility. In fact in some states its actually considered second degree to instigate someone who then murders all because you fail to see reality for what it is.

3b052271 No.3626752

You cause me problems I cause you problems and if you want the cycle to break don't cause others problems and you have nothing to worry about I'm prepared to put my rights and freedom on the line for the sake of my rights and your responsibilities its right there in the charter of rights so your telling me that only rights exist and npt responsibilities well of then if they didnt exist why then do businesses ger to use liability clauses? Its right in the description.

aeaf3ef8 No.3626753

File: 1632372231983.jpg (10.54 KB, 268x188, english.jpg)


What is this unintelligible nonsense?

aeaf3ef8 No.3626754

File: 1632372641103.jpg (70.98 KB, 600x600, cuckoo for cocoa puffs.jpg)

>Now Cobalt that's enough outta you! Aint no one "going to court" and "standing trial" because they rustled your jimmies on an image board thread. That is fantasy God Damn land delusional coocoo bird shit right there.

Not even Poly can comprehend the rubbish that your trash mouth is spouting out. Cobalt you must be Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!

3b052271 No.3626755

And that somehow doesnt make me correct hypocrite and further proof of that is the mere fact you have the audacity to care enough about how its typed but not about being correct. I mean you are the biggest lying sack of shit I have ever seen its plain as day even a blind man can see. You can't have one without the other bro so which is it.

bbf58e10 No.3626756

That's enough outta you Cobalt! This thread has been archived and forwarded to Crime Stoppers in Hamilton to investigate your threats of going out to kill innocent people in your city just because your jimmies were rustled here in this thread.

e21a7b71 No.3626757

>Do you really wanna dance and
>not take things seriously

I think that's most anyone. Most people would rather go dancing than take things that are not serious seriously. Dancing is fun. Making things serious that are not serious isnt fun for anyone involved.
This is why I don't agree with the whole covid fear campaign.
We all to stop going out dancing because the media was making something that out to be way more serious than it really was.
Had Hillary won, this would have been repeat of h1n1. There'd may have been a few news reports about it and a relative few people with weak immune systems would have died with little or no coverage. But because orange man bad, instead the whole civilized world (with the possible exception of Japan) shuts down thier economies and goes hysterical lock down.

It's not that serious Cobalt. It's just a thread.

Like I don't even know what the hell you're talking about.
Who are trying to take to court? What did they do that is worth taking to them to court over?
What rights of yours have been infringed upon?
This is a free speech zone. Taking some one to court because they hurt your feelings is what communist leftist snowflakes do.
Don't be like that.
No one is above reprove here.
Not me, not you, not steam,not tms, not sophistry, not cat, Dan, or Even cho0b and he made the God damn site.
If you're a name fag of any kind you're gonna get targeted and picked on to some extent. Can you really afford to devote that much emotional energy every time some one says something less than complimentary to you? You used to do sex work and smoke meth. While were all very glad you're not doing that any more, you're still probably going to catch some heat for it

It's best not to get to bent out of shape about it and just roll with the punches. We all could use a good laugh at ourselves from time to time.
Just calm the hell down. I know what's like to have your Jimmies so rustled over some snide snarky remark that you just want to reach through the computer and strangle them but you can't do that. So just take a few deep breaths put on some relaxing music or some nice soothing porn and remember….
It's not that serious.

aeaf3ef8 No.3626758

File: 1632376763523-0.png (2.44 MB, 1278x788, Relax 8 Hours-Relaxing Nat….png)

File: 1632376763523-1.jpg (246.36 KB, 1280x720, music soothes the savage b….jpg)

>So just take a few deep breaths put on some relaxing music or some nice soothing porn and remember….
It's not that serious.

Relax 8 Hours-Relaxing Nature Sounds-Sleep-Natural Calming Water Sound-Forest Bird Song-Waterfall

3b052271 No.3626759

Dude you think that's going to accomplish anything. Ive made exclamations just cause I never used an ! Often enough or at all is because of lazy typing also remember making a false report is also a crime. Knowingly reporting something like that just ends up wasting resources and besides ive dealt with them once before with a video game company for failure to uphold their rulesets set in place. In still here and not a single record.

aeaf3ef8 No.3626762

>also remember making a false report is also a crime
>Or I could you know kill a bunch of people if you refuse I can survive a mass killing by surrendering and explaining why it happend your violation will cost you and you will never avoid it so make a choice admit you have no proof or I go kill people because apparently those things dont matter.
>Last chance I will kill in order for you to admit that you have no proof are you prepared to face the consequences or be forced to.

So you've been lying the whole time. It still won't matter because the Cops will want to question you about the threats you posted and even if you weren't being serious, they will take you in for a psychiatric evaluation of which you so desperately need!

6ab3d540 No.3626763

File: 1632388653994.png (234.21 KB, 972x794, 954b52520467856e406edc63f6….png)

I hate to interrupt the "let's dogpile Cobalt" party, and yes, he is a fucking leaf that can't speak proper english


the point was that states are possibly abusing decency laws to put people in prison over drawings, pedos today, political cartoons tomorrow, this is how your freedoms are taken. it's the main point, don't lose focus.

we need to find out 1.) who wrote these laws in, 2.) what their motives are 3.) the name of the judges that convicted people based on these laws and spread these names, shame these people, the left do it all the time, it works.

ps: draw as little attention to the crappy art itself, probably weaboo shit (I don't support pedo shit, but lines on paper are lines on paper)

>>I havent been doing that since October 2019 same time I quit meth and got away from my abusive partner
At least you did realize that it's bad.

aeaf3ef8 No.3626764

The Cobalt drama thread has been moved and archived at Kiwifarms now, so all further discussion about the retarded, delusional, psychopath can be discussed there instead.


3b052271 No.3626766

Lemme just clear the air once more

I have Ptsd because of many contributing factors. One recent such being my ex another having to go through circumcision when I clearly did not want it and now it affects my sex life in both physical and psychological ways and another being big pharma for basically using me as a guinea pig to rush medications for children like Ritalin and other such medications so you can imagine how certain things might trigger a response.

Also lets not discuss meth in reference towards me its a reminder of my ex who is the one that got me into it in the first place and reminders of my ex are also reminders of my two cats I lost in the process of getting out of there, Ill never see them again and that's a very painful memory so lets not bother discussing it at all!

Now as far as clearing the air about the whole McDonald's thing no more making shit up I'm going to explain the whole thing clearly and you are never to bring it up unless you genuinely wish to politely discuss things no more making imaginary crap.
When I was living down by a local park which also had a mcdonalds nestled right by my apartment which overlooked a small parking access. A fence and the mcdonalds drive through so I had clear access for a while with no real need to pay for internet or go over and sit in public just chilling online waiting for messages to pop into inbox so I had a place and brought my clients there at around a minimum of $40 for just head or went back to their place so your assumptions of behind the dumpster and homeless is completely wrong because even when they turned down the range access points I had no choice but to chill there for hrs on end and buy drinks all day with exception. Of the dollar drink days and refills so a dollar a day and free drinks I basically had internet at a dollar a day while making money off it and chilling when sitting around on a dull day meaning no one interested on said day. Same rule applied I took them home to my place or went back to theirs. Also back then I was pretty strict on my clients and would not do specific things if I felt the person might have an std or sti and even though I was confident in 2017 I believe it was I got tested for a girl I liked and came up clean and I hot tested for everything so being that I don't take those risks in not very high on the risk tier I'm actually at the bottom. So no more crap

3b052271 No.3626767

Well get along so long as we don't. Start things with one another and I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt but you also have to be willing to accept theres certain things you cannot do in order for me to get rid of Ptsd I need time time that keeps dragging on the more people press me. So lets not go there and well get along fine I have no problem with just going about my business when I see an interesting topic that's worth Posting to.
In the end I only want peace but I guess the war here was necessary in order for it to even be achieved so well leave it at that.

6ab3d540 No.3626768

File: 1632390421407.png (719.35 KB, 3000x3000, de03951a9cb0ba0d41d6f6e40b….png)

>posting links to a site filled with the absolutely most despicable dregs of humanity
How about no thanks.

All people on that site are losers with family and mental issues.

If they didn't have issues, they wouldn't feel the compulsion to spend their time there.

de36da79 No.3626769

File: 1632390806580.jpg (335.07 KB, 871x1280, 2695722.jpg)

Kind of felt awkward to Colb, what does he need from us?

6ab3d540 No.3626770

File: 1632391075705.png (1.16 MB, 1500x1099, 3d77694eac170f96db05966b4e….png)

Can you please rephrase that or expand on your query?

3b052271 No.3626771

I am not in the mood right now to retype all that right now.

6ab3d540 No.3626772

File: 1632391861264.png (701.99 KB, 3000x3000, 10dc9e954b1869001404d359e1….png)

Protip: You need to change the way you type.

Always use clear punctuation, including dots (you have some missing) and commas. Always capitalize. Always break up your post into separate paragraphs.

It's a lot more readable than a block of text with poor punctuation.

6ab3d540 No.3626773

File: 1632392265934.jpg (1.18 MB, 1500x998, 9KnPxxRhwXKo6fv3-sSi6LzRq2….jpg)

Also if you type from your phone or tablet, stop. Use a computer you pleb.

If you already use a computer, get an IBM Model M off ebay and a PS2 to USB adapter or order a new Unicomp on USB.


IT WILL IMPROVE YOUR TYPING. Keys are very tactile, it will make you more aware while writing.

de36da79 No.3626774

File: 1632393434674.png (330.05 KB, 1180x749, dumpsterdiving.png)

not sure if I could dumpster dive during covid despite taking 2 legit booster. I may have to settle this one later on a wish list.

fa22d7f5 No.3626776

That's all very interesting Cobalt. But I'm afraid people are still going to make Cobalt McDonalds jokes and that's just something your going to have to live with.

fa22d7f5 No.3626777

File: 1632395174861.jpg (34.4 KB, 512x347, unnamed (1).jpg)

No No. He's right. It always disgusts me how people seem to have these hate boners/Justice fetishes that they think make them look virtuous when it's exactly what's killing liberty.

Like supposed freedom fighters celebrating mandatory vaccines.
Celebrating a man going to jail for drawings.

Rather than seeing… Oh shit! This sets a bad precedent.
They go… Goodie For'em! I got my vaccine and fap the appropriate level of lewdness. I'm a swell guy. They'll never come for me.

I seem to remember a story about a kid being tried as an adult and spending years in prison for drawing family guy/ Jetsons / Simpsons porn and distributing it to his class mates.

So like … What should we do?

6ab3d540 No.3626778

File: 1632395501023.jpg (187.77 KB, 2067x1550, Alps_SKCM_White_--_disasse….jpg)

You're not gonna get a Model M by dumpster diving.

$220 is a bit much, I paid around $50-60 for mine (I have three genuine Model M keyboards now). Now true, mine were dirty as hell and one two are missing a keycap, but once cleaned, they're the best thing in the world.

I did get a couple of Alps switches keyboards with double-shot keycaps by dumpster-diving, including a space saver. They don't make keyboards like that anymore. Alps Switches are pretty much the next best thing after IBM buckling springs and mx blues.

6ab3d540 No.3626779

File: 1632396189003.png (880.02 KB, 692x1000, modern art.PNG)

Freedom must be maintained, even at the cost of some people's displeasure.

Or hell, even at the cost of risking some amount of injury or destruction (how much is an acceptable amount is pretty much the key issue here).

Also while I have personal beef with pedos (because one moron decided to drive away a person I appreciated very much over even the slightest bit of zoophilia acceptance, in their own hypocritical moral crusade) I still have to defend their right to post creepy drawings, because it's a matter of principle, not a matter of who makes the argument or whether I agree with what is being said or depicted.

896be1e4 No.3626792

remember when that kid drew a bunch of guns being carried by his enlisted mother in multiple drawings, and got put in prison for 12 years for having a guns in school…. that shit happens

1050f6ff No.3626794

And similar happened to another kid who made his thumb and fingers into the shape of a gun and pointed it at another kid and yelled POW POW POW. That's crazy, but the other kid might have been annoying like 3B. Only braindead left-winger liberals could think that a hand in the shape of a gun is actually a gun.

86159660 No.3626802

I used to draw guns in 5th grade, all that happened to me was getting sent to the counselor. Times have changed.

a343a0f8 No.3626809

File: 1632433480922.png (961.45 KB, 1000x1000, thought-police-24x26-liber….png)

Good to see your in favor of tougher penalties for on thought crime.

de36da79 No.3626812

2d273810 No.3626818

It kind of doesn't matter how rich or poor the state is – all it takes is some school to enact some kind of idiotic 'Zero Tolerance' policy on guns/weapons/drugs and suddenly everyone becomes stupid and will claim to be 'forced' to suspend the kid or call the police if they do something dumb like eat their sandwich into roughly a gun-shape and pretend to shoot at people … or if some 3rd grader accidentally bring's mom's lunch that has a paring knife in it and actually tells some teacher about the mix-up (knife = weapon = suspended … kid brought a knife – suspended!). Or a preteen kid buys Tums, thinking it's a roll of mints (OH NO KID TOOK DRUGS! CALL AN AMBULANCE! – this happened in my school when I was a kid)

3b052271 No.3626828

That's when the solution becomes show up anyways and demand proof or you cant make that decision truth is schools are for the students not the teachers and suffice to say most schools are drowning their student body on purpose cause they want to keep thinking they are in control standing your ground may complicate things but is accepting their crap worth it?

896be1e4 No.3626829

I had a similar problem with the "zero tolerance" problem in my school growing up, both me and my brother were both tall, with him taller and me being broader, but both over 6 ft tall. He ended up about 2 inches taller than me, but hes a bean pole and im a tank.

We constantly got into fights with bullies, cause we were giants and generally kept to ourselves, but were also constantly in detention, or on the "foot prints" during recess, or later in in school suspension, cause some asshole would come up and attack us to make himself look cool, and it didn't matter if you just sat there and took it, or fought back, you'd get the same maximum punishment either way.

I never got sent to a juvenile detention center, but my brother did, because some kid hit him with a branch coming down from a swing set in elementary school, and the kid that hit him broke his wrist doing it. So thus my brother broke the kid's wrist, and "zero tolerance"

The worst thing that happened to me was this autistic kid who saw that the other kids were picking on me and i was i just ignoring it, so he took this airplane lapel pin, stabbed it in my back, took my trey of spagetti, and just smeared it all over my face and chest. I obviously reacted in about as violent a manner that you'd expect from me, and got tackled by the principle (still with the lapel in my back) and then handcuffed by the on site police officer (still with the lapel in my back), processed, driven back to the police station (still with the lapel in my back), and then released. The autistic kid got chocolate milk, free pizza, and a payment from the state for the abuse I caused him.

896be1e4 No.3626831

also 2 months in school suspension, most of the time i just drew clocks, cause I had absolutely nothing to do.

896be1e4 No.3626833

oh and as an extra layer on the cake, i got charged with bringing a weapon into a police station, and petty theft, because i had a lapel in my back

de36da79 No.3626834

this was in 1994 To be honest, I don't sit in public cafeteria for good reason, normal kids can be assholes too, in fact a staff, nurse forbids me to eat with there because of the lights in the cafeteria causes seizures and recommends me to eat at the nurse, it sucks trust me. Two days later there were was some chicken food poisoning because it was not cooked properly.

de36da79 No.3626838

lazy fucking staff does not know how to segregate the norms and the specs. Steam at least you have peace things had changed school system sucks back in the old days they are outdated and done. There is no need to dwell and suffer for it to haunt and bite.

896be1e4 No.3626840

truth, the 90's are gone, but im still pissed

3b052271 No.3626841

All the victims of the 90s are.

de36da79 No.3626847

File: 1632449847735.png (644.46 KB, 940x710, happensinpoorruralwareasto….png)

I wonder if the 90's have some similar crisis to this one too?

3b052271 No.3626849

They have it went under the guise of helping the children and was run by big pharma they effectively cause young boys to develop gynecomastia which means their estrogen levels were begining to overrun their testosterone causeing them to develop female aspects. Such as growing boobs.

3b052271 No.3626850

Also I believe that they didn't prescribe these meds to girls much I mean it was an almost male exclusive prescription most of these pills they made and forced on children for simply just being kids and calling it behavioural problems id prolly be a much different person today if it were not for big pharma destroying mine and others lives in another project similar to MK ultra only instead of sleeper agents they used this as a means of controling the population truth is I haven't tested my sperm count but I wouldnt be surprised if it basically caused sterilization.

91ec7d84 No.3626888

You're taking the piss again, Steam.

Steam is the resident pathological liar who tells sob stories about himself for attention.

Eat more lithium, your psychosis is acting up again.

896be1e4 No.3626891

i tend to stretch the truth, but everything i posted in this thread is factual.

Also if Cobalt was rendered sterile, it would be a blessing on he world. Hes the kind of eternally homeless shit stain that seems to have like 30 kids.

9d998bdc No.3626892

No you don't. You tell straight up porkies, made up shit that never happened. Nobody who knows you believes fuck all you're saying.

9d998bdc No.3626895

Let's see, what was it last time, Steam?

You live in a house that was built in the 1800's, that was abandoned for 100 years before you got it, yet it had wooden pillars that were green because they were treated with modern chemicals not invented when the house was supposedly built, and it also had modern sewers and it was leaking shit into the crawlspace that the sanitation dept. just kept hoovering up as if that was not a total health code violation…

Or the time you told you survived several bouts of delirium tremensis without treatment, even though it carries 30% mortality.

Or the time you've had multiple organ failures and shit, and you're just all too happy to tell us all about it.


896be1e4 No.3626897

uh no it was abandoned for 50 years, and repeating stuff that might have been lied about to me does not entail lying. I paid 10k for the house because that was what the old lady thought it was worth, I wasn't going to question it, because the land alone, let alone the house was worth way more. So yeah, I might have been wrong.

I did go through multiple alcohol rehab treatments and thats what was on the papers.

and have you SEEN my stomach, it is literally cut open with an obvious colonostomy scar. The other things you can argue against, but that is pretty much set in stone.

896be1e4 No.3626898

hell I can't even convince anyone I was in the Air Force, even after giving a scanned copy of my dd214, coins, pics of my uniforms, and performance reports.

2b5dd364 No.3626932

File: 1632546818746.jpg (145.82 KB, 800x388, 26835338_cf0d62110e.jpg)

9d998bdc No.3626953

Those could be from anyone.

Don't you see. You're trying so hard to be someone on a fucking furry porn board. The fact that you have to lie constantly to fake it make it doubly sad.

That's your real tragedy.

dac316bc No.3626994

weird thing for someone to just arbitrarily not believe in
I'll believe you were in the Air Force because who gives a shit?

ae380145 No.3627001

If it was a total rando, then who cares, but this is Steam, who has been clinging on to this board for at least as long as 3B has.

That's got to be some medal of honor right there. Only, Steam doesn't have the excuse of being autistic or insane, he's just regular sad.

86159660 No.3627096

File: 1632687546093.jpg (170.33 KB, 1424x1080, DisneyCheshireCat.jpg)

>Is not insane

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