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Any further /pol/ threads created will be deleted.

9ba130c7 No.3626062

Thank you.

This is long overdue

fee62426 No.3626065

File: 1631737849408.png (1.6 MB, 1280x960, dee079c3627caf44e661bbd1c6….png)

But you can't have non-political threads because everything is political! REEEE!

f5ac3c37 No.3626066

File: 1631737941991.jpg (87.13 KB, 800x800, Hab9539b29cb64f918b7cb4de2….jpg)

Does that include vaccine bullshit?

(not leaning one way or another on the issue, I'm just sick of the topic and of the state trying to force me to do shit)

f5ac3c37 No.3626070

File: 1631739482880-0.jpg (1.23 MB, 2048x2048, x1yu8xqys5e41(1).jpg)

File: 1631739482880-1.jpg (146.37 KB, 1080x733, 3967f18899d829245231dd6f4d….jpg)

Also I just want to repost this image so I can rage at it.

Half of my gay flag is taken up by essentially a memorial to a black thug overdosing and tumblr gays who think they're girls.

I can even overlook the diapers, but this is seriously pissing me off.

>guy who said only mods know IPs

I know at least two mods that are permanently exasperated with 3B's crap and I know exactly which one of them would never leak any info about anyone, no matter what.

>whether the OP was bait or not

Can it be both bait and a serious political conviction? In 3B's mind he's probably fighting some good fight and showing them bigots with his superior memeing skills.

73091b2a No.3626076

Yeah no vax threads. Its become a political divide.

44aefc22 No.3626078

I presume furry drama is still allowed. Isn't that half the premise of this entire board anyway?

Also.. is posting Bernal still banned? The warning disappeared when they switched to the new board

f5ac3c37 No.3626079

File: 1631752105674.jpg (130.83 KB, 628x476, happy_easter.jpg)

Wow, I almost forgot that guy existed.

Well, I'm no lawyer, but Ch00b is still the owner, and without a new court case one can assume the ruling is still in effect. Unless Bernal dies of old age or the rona or something.

And even then, assuming someone could legally inherit the rights to his fucking bullshit site (imagine your legacy being bad furry art that people got sued over) Ch00b could maybe technically get sued over it.

9ee1596b No.3626080

File: 1631753240329-0.jpeg (161.52 KB, 1024x640, 11798E70-661B-4990-B3BD-9….jpeg)

File: 1631753240329-1.jpeg (64.49 KB, 648x648, D7044C79-5692-4C42-8942-1….jpeg)

File: 1631753240329-2.jpeg (160.47 KB, 833x743, 470897DA-CB0B-48A0-ABAD-8….jpeg)

I for one welcome our New World Order!!

906afa9c No.3626082


Vax threads are fine. Always trust the science. Go for it.(Nice try.)

73091b2a No.3626083

Furry drama will always be welcome here… Even the weak shit.
I have no idea about Bernal though.

8f3bd8da No.3626085

So is this the official pol thread? As in the stickied one so it stays and no further threads become needed?

73091b2a No.3626086

File: 1631753862063.jpeg (97.22 KB, 800x600, commieblock.jpeg)

8f3bd8da No.3626087

Good we needed a proper thread for this being the times are what they are.

f5ac3c37 No.3626090

File: 1631755820239.png (1.59 MB, 1100x850, 1283487199.seth-iova_scifi….png)

>third image
That's probably a worst case scenario allergic reaction or something, like that lady that lost all limbs due to blood clots. But that's like one in a million.

My parents had the vaccine, my uncle and aunt had it, one of my grandparents had it, the other just straight up got the bat flu (and survived, but it was nasty as hell I must admit).

So while I absolutely hate the government's attitude, it's probably incompetence rather than malice. They think we'll be more protected and less money will be wasted if we all have it or some shit (now if you are in a risk category and refuse to get it, there's some truth to that) but there just seems to be so much blatant incompetence. Half of my politicians here don't know what a bread costs, let alone what age Covid starts being a risk factor.

Besides, if they wanted mass killings or mass sterilizations or whatever nefarious shit you guys think they want, they've been scammed big time, cause the vaccine does neither. Hell I could probably come up with better ways to kill and sterilize people.

f5ac3c37 No.3626091

File: 1631756122616.jpg (132.87 KB, 894x748, 9b102539ad5666ca58a94e544b….jpg)

I mean seriously. A 3yo could come up with a more efficient population culling plan.

(protip: start on the low end of the bell curve)

9ee1596b No.3626098

File: 1631761443256-0.jpeg (82.47 KB, 500x527, 3FEEDF22-C233-4A63-B877-7….jpeg)

File: 1631761443256-1.jpeg (107.44 KB, 1024x806, F18A97B4-6B91-4678-BECA-7….jpeg)

Look at Afghanistan and ask yourself just how competent these people are?

Seriously they can do whatever they want…

8f3bd8da No.3626100

You do realize that theres places to put people who are a real danger to others its called a mental institution and yes by simply believing promoting and threatening violating peoples rights if they dont get their way that's basically the definition for insanity.

I mean if people pulled their heads out of their ass long enough to see things for what they are we wouldnt be in this situation. It would go away like the swine and avian flus. I mean they made as big stink out of those and frowned upon those that didnt get the vaccine so I mean its not like this isnt the same scenario but on a much more retarded scale.

d498e0cc No.3626102

Steam needs to put you in his basement.

8f3bd8da No.3626103

Is that all you can do you damn dirty ape.

bb8fb7a0 No.3626104

File: 1631762602481.jpg (12.03 KB, 300x300, f-is-for-family-frank.jpg)

They got audacity to call us Conspiracy theorist. After all talk of "Russian conclusion horse shit and Nazi white supremacists around damn corner.

You wanna know what the Conspiracy is? Incompetence and pride! Which is way more frightening than some liberal nut job conspiracy. The mother fuckers in charge don't know what the hell they're doing and would rather run the country right into the ground than admit it.

I don't want the God Damn vaccine Because the people who made it rushed that shit through and the shit don't work and I don't want a some rushed ineffective chemical garbage injected into my body by a bunch of mother fuckers who don't know what the hell they're doing simple as that.

What's worse is when some one with half a brain and some small but measurable amount of leader ship ability does step up it drives them crazy because it makes the rest of them look bad.

Kamala Harris? AOC? Biden? These people don't know how to run a country. They're not thinking about the big picture, they're not thinking about the long term side effects of what happens when teach a an entire generation to hate their country, that questioning their biological gender is more important than science and math.

That's the conspiracy! We got a bunch of incompetent childish short sited idealistic nut balls in charge who want force everyone to accept this leftist communist hippie garbage as fact.

This whole covid BS is nothing but a huge fear campaign to make mountains out of mole hills. No one is saying the mole hills ain't there were saying they're God damn mole hills get off out backs and leave us the hell alone already!

Fuck Biden! Fuck Fauci! Fuck the masks! Fuck the vaccines! Fuck the booster shots Fuck living in fear because of a God damn cold/flu variant.

This is bullshit!

5ddd9d30 No.3626105

File: 1631763042973-0.jpeg (90.67 KB, 1024x576, 7D3D507C-050D-484B-A68C-A….jpeg)

File: 1631763042973-1.jpeg (135.31 KB, 880x584, 915ABFFE-9B02-4AAE-BD57-6….jpeg)

File: 1631763042973-2.png (1.01 MB, 1024x993, 73E1C18F-C091-47A0-BEDC-3E….png)

These so-called leaders are simply representing their voters!

Biden is a fucking mirror of his voters!

e83f76d6 No.3626107

File: 1631764022285.jpg (275.6 KB, 958x959, 1631763537122[1].jpg)

name my band

cf517655 No.3626108

File: 1631764966828.png (612 KB, 1024x693, 1631748709151.png)

Not only is it rushed, it's also a huge money grab for Big Pharma. Here's what Moderna's board sent to their investors about the need for a 3rd booster shot because the original "vaccine" wears off.


Big Pharma finally got what Pfizer got dinged for $23,000,000 by the government in 2009 - get a mandated "drug" that would be guaranteed to make them even richer.

Existing medicine for the Coronavirus (part of the common cold family) means there will always been "mutating" strains, which means there's always going to be a need for more and more boosters. All paid for by taxpayer money.

e83f76d6 No.3626112

File: 1631766440020.jpg (1 MB, 3024x4032, fermenting dog semen.jpg)

who needs the vax when you've got home remedies?

a81aa2b9 No.3626113

File: 1631770426963.png (147.31 KB, 1185x597, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.png)

Funny how the only thing you deleted after creating this thread was where I exposed the bullshit of fake election claims but you left the thread of conservatives screaming racist insanity >>3615742 and the thread calling Biden a dictator and a traitor to America.

It's like your real objective isn't to contain /pol but to erase any opinion you don't agree with.

a81aa2b9 No.3626114

File: 1631771518230.jpg (92.12 KB, 640x669, E_Le6tqVcAAPQyL.jpg)

Let's look at the threads you chose *not* to erase.

>>3625723 - Anti-vax propaganda.
>>3615742 - Thread about calling people n*s
>>3625640 - Biden is Satan thread
>>3581606 - A thread about re-instituting slavery.
>>3624290 - Another thread of people just screaming the Nword and being racist.
>>3622921 - Another Anti-Vaxx thread.

Funny how you only seem to have taken down the threads that aren't conservative shit shows.

Is it because you think racist, anti-vaxx, slavery loving conservatism is normal?

Sure looks that way.

a81aa2b9 No.3626115

Isn't, Bernal dead?
62% sure he'd dead.

3496b66c No.3626117

File: 1631772656828.png (21.46 KB, 598x284, Drink_Betadine_To_Own_the_….png)

>The vaccine for covid was rushed and can't be trusted!
>The vaccine for covid was part of existing medicine which just proves we're always going to need more boosters!

So it's a decades old technology that was too rushed?

Well, if you are a conservative and don't want the vaccine at least you can fall back on animal de-wormer and drinking floor cleaner.

Non-medicine and medicine for animals are clearly a better solution than things tested for human safety.

You did your research!
You show those doctors who's boss!

cf517655 No.3626118

Existing, cheap medicine doesn't make the boards on Pfizer or Moderna the big bucks. These vaccines do, and they're going to keep rolling them out.

That's how a business works, moron.

565a0680 No.3626119

I thought MODERATOR said not to post any Vax threads here.

f5ac3c37 No.3626120

File: 1631778521736.png (16.25 KB, 550x557, Hinotan21.png)

>>and yes by simply believing promoting and threatening violating peoples rights if they dont get their way that's basically the definition for insanity
You can literally say the same thing about the government having gone insane, wanting to bulldoze over people's right to corporal integrity and to decide what medical procedures are and aren't being done to their bodies even in places where it makes literally zero fucking difference (kids etc.).

On paper I'd agree, it could be fixable.

But in practice… you have seen how badly they cocked up a simple troop extraction, do you really trust these people with giving laws about what medical procedures you need to undergo?

>>It would go away like the swine and avian flus.

Bird flu went away because of low infection rate, not competent government handling.

f5ac3c37 No.3626121

File: 1631778747822.jpg (60.8 KB, 322x300, whats this then (2).jpg)

>>Look at Afghanistan and ask yourself just how competent these people are
>"hey, let's do Trump's plan, but backwards"
Sometimes you can only stare in disbelief…

f5ac3c37 No.3626122

File: 1631779511435.png (698.05 KB, 1063x1190, 1438229798436.png)

1.) This thread exists because of people like you maybe even you specifically, have a bit of awareness

2.) imagine being this much of a loser that you made a list of threads you don't like

3.) nobody owes you or your politics shit

Also don't you dare mention the slave thread. That one's got content, unlike anything you ever posted.

3496b66c No.3626123


You support racist neo-Nazis because they post porn? Well I guess that make it all white, then huh?

c8e492d8 No.3626124

File: 1631780694310.jpg (26.45 KB, 480x360, tjGlS7bLD47A6RzQwG4hsbmFdA….jpg)


My thoughts of fake animal rescue videos in Vietnam cats and dogs are mostly viewed, The scammers are getting views creating fake animal rescue videos so that they could make money in their so called developing country, yes they are eaten there, but what can we learn from them?

3496b66c No.3626126


You keep saying that the government is taking away your right to regulate your own life but you aren't fighting for your right to regulate your own body, you are fighting for the right to spread a deadly pandemic.

You never had the right to murder people and you never will. We are nation of law and order and you don't get to murder other people.

The fact the vaccine isn't mandatory is Joe Biden failing as a leader.

565a0680 No.3626128

>>Screams about no one has the right to murder people.
>>In very next sentence says Biden should make Vax mandatory.

Only 3B could be that insane.

f5ac3c37 No.3626129

File: 1631782994008.png (157.43 KB, 693x664, shun2.png)

>>but what can we learn from them?
That your dog is both a loving pet and (probably a very tasty) emergency food supply?

>>You support racist neo-Nazis because they post porn?
Oh yeah, I'm sure all these guys post furry porn on lulz right in between arguing Aryan architecture aesthetics on Stormfront or whatever the fuck nazis do all day long.

Plus I have a bit of a hunch any actual neo-Nazi would want to deport any non-ethnic person from their Ethnostate. Just a hunch.

Not enslave the blacks.

(cause like why would you, even if you could, they have proven themselves to be beyond useless both historically and in modern times, plus we have factory robots and combine harvesters and all of that now).

44aefc22 No.3626130

He's still around. I even got one of his daki's less than a year ago.

92009866 No.3626132

File: 1631794784285.webm (3.87 MB, 924x520, 1619576816297.webm)

44aefc22 No.3626135

Didn't the courts conclude that almost nothing the narrator said accurately reflected what actually happened?

bf92ae61 No.3626147

This vax thing is looking more and more like a nazi psyop to get your information so honestly fuck that Joe Biden is obviously a nazi and that's all you need to know otherwise you will also find out nazis work with aliens specifically in covid the Flood. I am saying this because I care.

cf517655 No.3626148

That's because they were started by leftists. Just like January 6th, and the huge number of people who were charged by the DOJ, but released without charges.

You don't target your allies.

75c1fb04 No.3626154


Biden isn't. He's just an old man with dementia that doesn't have a clue where he's at. He simply has enough mind left to (barely) parrot what his handlers tell him. He's a patsy, the fall guy, put out front to take the heat from all the crazy stuff that's going to be pushed.

You'll need to figure out where the curtain is and pull it back to see who the NAZI is in this situation.

45f7c38c No.3626155

Isnt it fun that gavin stayed put. Gigidy

83642aa8 No.3626156

File: 1631822553559.jpeg (16.06 KB, 604x339, E_PJQ6jWQAE6OYJ.jpeg)

Number of 3B threads deleted so far: two

3496b66c No.3626162

>Didn't the courts conclude that almost nothing the narrator said accurately reflected what actually happened?

Of course it was all bullshit. The observers and the press went home at the same time every day and the ballot boxes were kept under the tables because they are tripping hazards. All of the boxes were kept that way.

3496b66c No.3626163

>This vax thing is looking more and more like a nazi psyop to get your information so honestly fuck that Joe Biden…

He types on his cellphone.

cf517655 No.3626164

File: 1631826708454.jpg (35.54 KB, 561x591, IUmTRZBp_jpeg-2093055.JPG)

>2016 election: Leftists scream for four years pushing bullshit conspiracy theories about "foreigners hacking manual voting machines" under ever changing guise. Trump's working for Putin. Nope, he's actually a KGB agent! For four years. Hearings. Money spent. "Trump's not MY president!"

>2020 election: The same leftists screech to not ask any questions. Do not audit anything. Do not even think something happened other than more people voted for an old segregationist than they did for Obama

This is what the average American leftist actually believes.

3496b66c No.3626175

File: 1631830347410.jpg (500.89 KB, 2048x1536, Idiot_Alerts.jpg)


That's a troll account, moron.


He isn't running for congress, the book he is promoting doesn't exist, the web page he claims to manage isn't even a registered domain and the place he claims to work doesn't exist.

How dumb are you that you fell for this shit?

3496b66c No.3626176


Funny how the moderator deleted the one thread with all the usual morons talking about how Larry Elders was going to win.

Almost like he was so embarrassed by the crushing defeat Trumpism suffered that he nuked the whole thread to cover his ass. I'm sure he'll be saying, "I was really a liberal the whole time!" by next year.

507497c4 No.3626178

eat shit

cf517655 No.3626181

File: 1631832354390.jpg (192.58 KB, 827x965, 1631832001763.jpg)

The American Neo-Nazi leader stands side by side with allies like you.

f5ac3c37 No.3626182

File: 1631833665981.png (61.57 KB, 500x319, tumblr_inline_nsbtimJ6VD1q….png)

I'm still baffled by the fact that Richard Spencer and the fucking Taliban have a Twitter but Trump doesn't. Richard is probably controlled opposition, put there to play the villain and to wrangle anyone stupid enough to follow him, he's a rich kid anyway. I sometimes tweet gay furry porn at him and I'm still not blocked somehow.

Would have gotten along well with Biden ten years ago I bet

e83f76d6 No.3626186

all of those threads were created well before this one, you literal retard

e83f76d6 No.3626187

but we'll need periodic boosters forever

cf517655 No.3626188

File: 1631836706318.jpg (40.17 KB, 720x886, 9870840.jpg)

Because the modern American left is exactly like Nazis and the Taliban. Lets review:

-Taliban blows up statues, so does the left.
-Taliban and Nazis both demand you do what they tell you to do.
-Taliban and leftists both place things like race, where you're from, what you look like, and if you pray to the "acceptable" gods as gospel tenants.
-The Taliban, Nazis and leftists all believe in failed, unworkable and just retarded beliefs.
-Taliban, the Nazis and leftists all believe censorship, big overreaching government are good things. If you don't believe that, you're an un-person, deserving of scorn.

I mean just look how much furry leftists scream about "Nazees" on one breath, then turn around and act 100% like Nazis, demanding people conform to their desires, or else.

3496b66c No.3626189


So was the only thread he deleted. A thread that just happen to humiliate him.

3496b66c No.3626190

File: 1631837263200.webm (7.45 MB, 320x180, Cut_Him_Off.webm)


The right is almost exclusively evangelical nutjobs and you want to talk about religious extremism? The left is the party of atheism. Conservatism is the modern American Taliban.

4c1fcc70 No.3626192

File: 1631838428011.jpg (720.57 KB, 812x1364, capture.jpg)


AOC attended an event to make awareness about wealth inequality. She wore an expensive custom dress, at an event that is a minimum of $30,000 to attend and flew a private plane to get there - to advocate for the poor.

The left is also completely unaware of themselves. Proper NPCs

e83f76d6 No.3626193


cf517655 No.3626194

At a $30,000 a plate rich people party.

Then she'll go on to whine about socialism.

Even Bernie Sanders, America's richest socialist, isn't even this tacky, but AOC and all the super wealthy 1% that attended (all voting left wing) don't really care.

e83f76d6 No.3626195

>Then she'll go on to whine about socialism.
does she really need to?

she's already living rent-free in your head

cf517655 No.3626196

File: 1631844755620.png (266.93 KB, 615x761, 1631823744666.png)

If you needed any other evidence about how vaccine passports are just for creating white supremacist safe spaces, here it is:


cf517655 No.3626197

File: 1631845635614.jpg (34.76 KB, 679x371, E_annZkXIAAfpUC.jpg)

>she's already living rent-free in your head

Ahhh the guy who has daily screaming sessions with an imaginary Donald Trump only he can see is trying to insult others.

5366a90f No.3626198

File: 1631847196300.jpg (28.53 KB, 576x600, pathetic.jpg)


1. Statues of generals for fought for the Confederacy, lol. Who gives a shit, except racists? Slave-mongering losers don't get accolades.
2. Taliban: "Women cannot go to school or show their faces in public." Nazi: "Jews need to live in this ghetto." The Left: "Please stop being a moron and wear this mask and take this vaccine so we can curtail the spread of this virus." You: "WAAAAHHH I'M BEING OPPRESSED!"
3. Leftists care about racism, which requires acknowledging race and not pretending to be colorblind, yes.
4. Say the people who believe the Earth is 6,000 years old and that a secret cabal of Black Wizard Jews are drinking baby blood for immortality.
5. Leftists believe if you're a dumbass racist POS who openly spouts your bile it is perfectly fine for you to be lambasted in the public square and lose your job, yes. Doesn't matter if it just so happens that corporations or the government agrees with that position.

eed2119d No.3626199

File: 1631847534709.jpg (39.67 KB, 640x480, replyifyoucanruinlivesyoua….jpg)

>Leftists believe if you're a dumbass racist POS who openly spouts your bile it is perfectly fine for you to be lambasted in the public square and lose your job, yes.

5366a90f No.3626200

File: 1631847751367.jpg (35.4 KB, 500x625, E6Y1H1QWEAAeAhx.jpg)


If your "opinion" is that some human beings are lesser than others because of immutable characteristics like race, then yes, you deserve to be ostracized from society and mocked for the loser you are. Deal with it, you little crybaby bitch.

559af41e No.3626202

Personality disorders are immutable and ostracizing the poster above you are no better than them within our society.

e83f76d6 No.3626205

>conservatism is a personality disorder


8f3bd8da No.3626207

Shit like that makes me just wanna start violating their rights one at a time. I mean you violate someones rights and technically by law of nature you have every right to retaliate and nothing they say or do has any way of changing this. The law is not there for you its there for those in power and I doubt most people knowingly would go out of their way to be shot or killed just because they had an oppinion and they want to try enforcing it. In this world and reality you cant without potential consequences. Once vaccine is written into law I'm going Dark and taking this battle to the streets. Right now I'm just advising people but once things become lethal I'm stepping in.

565a0680 No.3626214

All humans are not the same species. Not according to every scientific and zoological method ever used to classify species, it's just not PC to talk about it. So yes there will be differences. If you have to blame someone, blame Mother Nature.

565a0680 No.3626216

Smells be like a 3B meme and shitpost.

3496b66c No.3626217

File: 1631859416881.png (856.45 KB, 1044x587, Mike Huckabee Children’s B….png)

Anyone remember Mike Huckabee, Republican? Well he's back and doing exactly what you would expect: Grifting!

This time he's in trouble for tricking parents into signing up for "Free books on American history" to help them educate their kids. Just pay 1 dollar shipping and handling! Your 7 year old will learn important lessons like how tax cuts for the wealthy are key to success, how all Muslims are evil, how anyone crossing the border is dangerous and how the real heroes of the civil war was the Confederacy.

But wait! There's more! For the low, low, monthly charge of $20 that you were never warned about, you'll get a new book every months for the rest your life even though there aren't that many books and the only way to stop it is to go to a web page that they took down. So enjoy paying for multiple copies of the same 5 books forever!

Not feeling ripped off enough? Act now and you too can order a 19.95 booklet on building success with Christian values then be charged an additional 120 dollars for the "Life coaching" video that comes the following month unless you cancel. Not that they tell you about it or provide you with any way to cancel it.

How can they get away with such a blatant grift? The company Mike Huckabee partnered with is in Florida.



3496b66c No.3626218

>She wore an expensive custom dress, at an event that is a minimum of $30,000 to attend and flew a private plane to get there - to advocate for the poor.

The dress was given to her for free. She got in to the event for free. She ate for free.

Unlike you, she's important. People give her free stuff just to show up.

3496b66c No.3626219

File: 1631859875935.png (298.34 KB, 681x430, Dr_Copium.png)

Being black isn't a choice.
Being unvacinated is.
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

I thought the right was the party of personal responsibility?
What happened? Did your balls drop off?

3496b66c No.3626220

Conservatives being furious at capitalism is my favorite part of 2021.

565a0680 No.3626221

This best thing about this stickied POL thread, is that it only takes a post or two by someone else to send 3B's hateful, nonsense shitposting rampages off the main viewing area and into never-never land. Because most people never bother to expand the thread.

f5ac3c37 No.3626223

File: 1631862809552.jpg (25.09 KB, 387x321, 1481868933238.jpg)

Yeah this one hit a nerve didn't it.

>>The right is almost exclusively evangelical nutjobs
>>The left is the party of atheism
Your new religion is wokism. Same authoritarian believe-it-or-else shit, different century..

That's obviously not the complaint, stop being retarded on purpose. She could have shopped at Walmart and flown on a normal flight. It's not like there isn't room for having private security (which she probably only needs in her head anyway).

f5ac3c37 No.3626224

File: 1631862983962.jpg (142.01 KB, 900x720, Cillit.jpg)

>>Even Bernie Sanders, America's richest socialist, isn't even this tacky
Yeah, say what you want about him hiding his commie power level, but that man can get on a regular plane and mingle with regular folk. Four years ago I may have even shaken his hand. Nowadays I'd probably pretend to not recognize him.

1.) Statues are parts of history. If a man's deeds bother you, add another plaque to the statue that mentions it. You can't tear history down you braindead commie.
2.) Also the left: do as we say or we get you fired and harass every single relative of yours we find online
3.) You'll never get it. You're too stupid to realize why you're creating more racism, not ending it.
4.) Don't act like you con't have your crazies, the Antifa AnCom revolutionaries are a place to start.
5.) And you're too stupid to realize that a jobless person that thinks she or he was treated unfairly by a mob of ideological lunatics will now have a lot of motivation and time on their hands to start getting political in a way that you don't like.

I don't understand how these "arguments" make sense in your head, cause you are clearly not just wrong, but also evil. And just cause you pretend to care about the darkies and all the gender-comfused tumblristas doesn't suddenly make you not an authoritarian vile piece of shit.

f5ac3c37 No.3626225

File: 1631863346453.jpg (361.01 KB, 1152x1024, _OWNED_.jpg)

>>If your "opinion" is that some human beings are lesser than others because of immutable characteristics like race, then yes, you deserve to be ostracized from society
Also the same people: "all white people are evil racist colonizers that need to be re-educated and need to go back to their continent, also flood their continent with people of other races and if you dare complain you're a nazi"

3496b66c No.3626226

File: 1631863704064.webm (6.29 MB, 320x180, ButtHurt_Ben_Shapiro.webm)

Ben Shapiro admits Republicans have lost California forever and begs them to move to Texas so they will have a strong hold to operate from when they leave America.

Yes, flee to Texas, with all the religious zealots, gun nuts, and racists! Please!

The state where you'll have America above you and Mexico below you is exactly the optimal place to make your last stand. I'm sure that will work out brilliantly for you.

3496b66c No.3626227

File: 1631864415761.jpg (105.93 KB, 1124x1114, E91bNEJXIAkneYw.jpg)

>I don't understand how these "arguments" make sense in your head

To normal people, the idea of not honoring terrorist with statues is a good idea. Lee was a terrorist.

He was an American general who was asked to fight against the south, but instead chose to fight for the south.

He was, in every way, a traitor who frequently burned down towns and killed all the civilians in them to cut off supplies to American soldiers.

That is who you are honoring with that statue. It's like having a statue of Charles Manson.

The fact you can't understand that, shows you are either amazingly ignorant of American history or that you hate America and everything we stand for.

If you don't like it, move to Texas and secede. Please, take all your smooth-brained friends with you.

8f3bd8da No.3626228

We already knew about these facts that these statues stood for etc. Its only just right now that people are making a big stink about them I mean yes they are part of history and in the sense of location it is slightly appropriate to honor a person who fought for the south in the south but not in the north I mean no point trying
To erase these things they are well known and to just out of the blue declare and destroy is equivilent to the great religious book burnings of old I mean keep the statues but replace the plaque and what it. Says if appropriate but to extinguish history just because it doesnt appeal to a minority is the very definition of Nazi behaviour. The problem isnt that people arent Taught this behaviour its that people will use anything they can to find problems where there are none to explain away a lot of things going on that very moment its none other than scapegoating since they can't picture a villain they plucked one from the past instead to target instead. So people know what they are doing they just dont want to take the responsibility.

cf517655 No.3626229

File: 1631870913613.jpg (23.44 KB, 735x425, 65406540.jpg)

>He was, in every way, a traitor who frequently burned down towns and killed all the civilians in them to cut off supplies to American soldiers.

He was also a democrat. His statues were put up by racist democrats in the 1960s. Diane Feinstein, still a sitting DEMOCRAT congress person, hanged the confederate flags in San Francisco because some uppity negro complained.

She's still in office. Joe Biden literally made a career supporting segregation, apartheid in South Africa, now he's president. Crammed into office by people like you.

And that's where the problem lies. All these ancient, 1%r democrats, with horrible racist pasts, we all know about that. It's the modern day people, like you, who helped put them into office. Fuck them, retards like you are the problem and thankfully, with your insufferable virtue signalling, everybody in the world knows who you are. And yes, people know.

d498e0cc No.3626233

most Republicans only want one thing, to be left alone to their own devices when it doesn't affect anyone but themselves, most democrats also want one thing… to make sure they are directly involved with exactly what that republican is trying to do while minding his own business.

3496b66c No.3626237

>Its only just right now that people are making a big stink about them

Do you know why people are "only just right now making a big stink about them"?

Because the right is trying to legislate the white-washing of history and spin the narrative that the south were still Americans, they were just Americans who disagreed about taxes and property rights.

The confederacy was a terrorist nation and an enemy of America with it's own president, congress, and army who waged one of the bloodiest wars in history against America and lost.

People are fighting back against this false history by making it very, very clear, that these people were not heroes of America, they were violent, dangerous, racist, monsters and no one like them should ever be shown respect.

3496b66c No.3626239

File: 1631897558839.jpg (46.78 KB, 640x497, E_GFP7rVcAcQ8ts.jpg)

>Joe Biden literally made a career supporting segregation, apartheid in South Africa, now he's president. Crammed into office by people like you.

You're absolutely right. Joe Biden is a racist, senile, piece of shit but he was slightly better than Trump so he won.

That's how two-party governments work. You always have to choose the lesser evil but you can always only choose evil. That's why the left keeps pushing for ranked-choice voting but you fucking morons on the right keep getting in the way.

We have the solution to this problem but we can't implement it because conservatives would rather cry and whine than actually change anything for the better.

cf517655 No.3626243

File: 1631905140647.jpg (25.53 KB, 571x286, 870874.jpg)

>The confederacy was a terrorist nation and an enemy of America with it's own president, congress, and army who waged one of the bloodiest wars in history against America and lost.

It was also the first nationwide democrat insurrection in this country. Every major Confederate was a staunch democrat. They were then celebrated when people we have in office now, fought against civil rights and put up statues to their racist, slave loving past.

565a0680 No.3626244

Where are you coming from? I can't even think of ONE evil thing Trump intentionally did.
But yet in just the few months the Fool on the Throne Biden has occupied his stolen office, it seems he's done nothing BUT evil.
Conclusion: you're crazy.

3496b66c No.3626247

File: 1631909211674.png (1.05 MB, 1016x538, Heritage_Of_Slavery.png)

>Every confederate was a Democrat

Great, then you don't care if Democrats remove statues of Democrats, right?

3496b66c No.3626248

You cant see anything Trump did as evil for the same reason that Christians don't see anything wrong when they read the stories in the bible about God telling Moses to genocide a tribe and steal their underage daughters to make into rape-slaves.

You're in a cult.

565a0680 No.3626251

Than name what evil he has done?
You leftists CAN'T,
because you're in a CULT.

565a0680 No.3626252

Yes, we do care, because heritage belongs to everyone, not just your selfish asses.
What you're REALLY trying to do, and everyone knows it, is change history.

24f99c1c No.3626254

File: 1631913990032.jpg (47.81 KB, 960x892, u2h9fFi.jpg)

Uhhhhhhhhhh he kept kids in cages……. I mean sure Obama was doing it before and Biden is still doing it but when Trump did it, it was evil because reasons.

cf517655 No.3626255

File: 1631914313325.jpg (37.85 KB, 640x484, 06540840.jpg)

Vaxxers are on suicide watch.


>but it's FDA approved!

>but the board of Pfizer said it was safe!

ad45cb45 No.3626260

File: 1631927985500-0.jpeg (112.05 KB, 640x772, 1C83510C-978C-4966-BF1F-5….jpeg)

Excuse me but you have to actually “work” for pollen to make honey but shit is absolutely free!

Which party pushes for free shit?

ad45cb45 No.3626261

File: 1631931786352.jpeg (188.04 KB, 700x748, 57038175-522D-4256-93B1-6….jpeg)

Holy shit!
This jab is going to destroy us…

e83f76d6 No.3626262

>da vax did dis
>according to gofundyourself page
nah, I'm pretty sure she just had a hand-paw replacement fetish

cf517655 No.3626267

No I don't. I want them all removed and the Civil War to be correctly labeled "Largest Democrat Insurrection in US history"

bdbc94ef No.3626268

File: 1631934918463.jpg (24.29 KB, 636x773, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)


>Her constituents are billionaires

It is amazing how unaware the leftists are about their comments and thoughts being totally contradictory. Perfect NPCs

e83f76d6 No.3626270

File: 1631936100475.jpg (197.76 KB, 1211x1291, 1624852916860.jpg)

>obvious sarcasm gets misclassified by local retard

cf517655 No.3626272

File: 1631940271433.jpg (102.85 KB, 1242x867, E_At3aBXoAEWyYl.jpg)

It's mainly because they don't care about what they herp and derp about. They get off on that. They didn't care Trump was president, they just wanted to project their miserable lives onto others as some sort of elementary school "gotcah neener!" game.

So when an actual retard gets into office, on really shaky grounds, up to his demented old eyeballs in Chinese and foreign interests, colossally fucking up everything touched, they just don't care

e83f76d6 No.3626274

File: 1631941074181.jpg (128.18 KB, 1400x1400, d2b252c246fb7e83fb03f1c82a….jpg)


3496b66c No.3626275

File: 1631942403533.png (105.44 KB, 428x316, EO1xsXwVUAEJYGv.png)


Talking to most of these conservatives is a waste of time and cho0b should ban them all.

Fortunately, the plague of the stupid is killing them off in amazing numbers. Covid really is saving the future of America.

e83f76d6 No.3626276

File: 1631943109661.jpg (1.3 MB, 2304x1728, 1627873587862.jpg)

>three bee is posting again

a5a4568e No.3626277

File: 1631949648048.jpeg (105.07 KB, 843x1024, 0308A5BF-4F8F-4F37-8AD2-2….jpeg)

I get that.
They never really care about anything except the latest fashionable outrage. They don’t talk about Floyd anymore. They seem pleased with every Biden fuck up. Many people seem pleased with the ruinous establishment. I never seen anything like this except in history stories.

When the spike proteins start fucking people up I imagine many will go on the rampage again.

e83f76d6 No.3626283

File: 1631986417019.jpg (19.99 KB, 640x469, 1624850552678.jpg)

look at what the vax did to my babby

3496b66c No.3626288


Let's stop for a second and examine how stupid that picture you just posted actually is.

You are angry about a picture of a woman holding up a news paper from 2011 claiming that the government is doing population control through vaccines as well as featuring a 4 page special about how 9/11 was an inside job. It's a news paper titled the "Sovereign IndependenT"

You are getting upset and letting yourself be manipulated by idiots on facebook because other idiots in 2011 tried to get people upset so they could sell conspiracy nonsense cosplaying as "news".

How little you must value your own life that you let this non-sense control you. How empty and meaningless your existence must be that this is what consumes you.

This is a stupidity turducken and you are choking yourself on it to "own the libs"

673a32ff No.3626301

Shapiro is upset because Larry Elder was lost because of untrust worthy easy to tamper with mail in ballots.

Almost all the mail in ballots went for the democrat. The recall proves that the only way to make sure your vote counts as a Republican is to do it in person. You can't trust mail in ballots.

a7e382bb No.3626314

>Larry Elder was lost
this is true

a7e382bb No.3626315

>You can't trust mail in ballots.
yeah, sure. I'm all for fewer conservatives voting

29ce87f2 No.3626325


cf517655 No.3626327

They know, that's why they have all their guns, cases of ammo, radios, and food stocked away.

c8e492d8 No.3626329

File: 1632013338617.png (976.05 KB, 1198x788, ughhhh.png)

c8e492d8 No.3626331

File: 1632013616632.jpg (1.81 MB, 1800x2700, Jean-Bart_seaman_Bastille_….jpg)

She thought it was seamen.

c8e492d8 No.3626334

File: 1632015064664-0.png (706.7 KB, 1198x798, ohhboymore1.png)

File: 1632015064664-1.png (833.98 KB, 1198x798, ohhboymore2.png)

State employees?

68d9b0d0 No.3626342

File: 1632020626362.jpg (96.23 KB, 500x292, whytho.jpg)


I am actually Ka, Faktor, Pi, Forya, DK, GoogleFuFailure, FancyTux and every other namefag who has ever posted on this board but I am NOT 3B. 3B is 3B.

a7e382bb No.3626343

>I am NOT 3B
you have an unmistakable tell

68d9b0d0 No.3626344

>all white people are evil racist colonizers that need to be re-educated and need to go back to their continent

Stop watching YouTube grifters whose entire job is to invent people to make you mad so you keep giving them views.

>also flood their continent with people of other races and if you dare complain you're a nazi

Literally why do you give a fuck what race people are if you aren't a racist?

68d9b0d0 No.3626345


Don't know what to tell you. Maybe we just have similar posting styles. I am actually one of the people I named though.

a7e382bb No.3626346

> I am actually one of the people I named though.
>3B is 3B.
but that post you replied to was directed at someone with a different ID, unless you're actually 3B who boasted about ban evading in the other thread…

e37e4171 No.3626348

File: 1632022773402.webm (3.73 MB, 360x318, Insurection_Difficulties.webm)

Conservatives, upset that people are teaching critical race theory in middle school (which they aren't) and that masks are mandatory for children inside school rooms decided to interrupt a school board meeting and demand the school board leave.

The police were called, the school board did leave, and then the revolution larpers put the second stage of their brilliant plan into action.

They help a vote to elect themselves as the new school board then after they were escorted off the property by police, they held a meeting at the local waffle house using their newly self-appointed authority to remove the mask mandate and outlaw the teaching of critical race theory in their district. (Which, again, wasn't happening in the first place.)

68d9b0d0 No.3626349

ID is tied to IP and a lot of people have revolving IPs now.

68d9b0d0 No.3626350

Anyway, people here are really fucking stupid and paranoid. They will call any non-conservative anon 3B. Usually when they have nothing of substance to respond with. 3B is the Goldstein of /furi/

e2404311 No.3626368

>, you are fighting for the right to spread a deadly pandemic.

I'm sorry but I have bad news : you are far right, maybe even a Nazi.
You know who got out the idea to detain HIV positives in sanatoriums back when that sickness was new ? not the progressives.

What you say is on the very same level, if we embrace your logic we should jail people who are HIV+ or have AIDS because it is a deadly disease and has no cure yet, only treatments that slow it down.

a7e382bb No.3626369

hello new to this thread ID. where are you from ? your peculiar punctuation sets you apart.

a07032f4 No.3626370

> They will call any non-conservative anon 3B.

Nope, just the one who keeps playing a left-wing knight in shining armor and posting stupid self-made memes for "support". It's pretty easy to spot, although sometimes other people join in and pretend to be him.

e2404311 No.3626371

File: 1632042365574.jpg (170.33 KB, 1024x683, 18dc-immig-image-jumbo-v5.jpg)

So, how 's Biden working for you ?
I fail to see the "healing of the nation" people where joyously anticipating when he got elected.


All of those haitian stuffed under a bridge in Democrat city Del Rio certainly must be feeling the healing as they are told they'll be flown back to the utopia of earthquake-ravaged Haiti.

Where are the sanctuary cities when you need them ? They can't absorb 10000 people ? Restaurant, industry, they have a hard time hiring back their workforce after covid, certainly they'd appreciate those foreign workers.

e2404311 No.3626372


I live in Frankistan.

0a0a7af2 No.3626373

File: 1632043292981.gif (739.89 KB, 360x720, 128123789283.gif)

And why is there adds on Utube pimping young Latin women who don't care about age differences?

a7e382bb No.3626374

sure seems like a shithole red state

is that where that retard patachu is from?

a7e382bb No.3626375

they only advertise what you search for

9b7cafbe No.3626377

HIV is spread by fucking.
Covid is spread by breathing.
One of these things, you can stop doing.
That's the difference.

No one is talking about locking the plague carriers up. That's all in your head, but we should make masks-n-vax mandatory to be part of civilization just like we would make a cure for HIV/Aids mandatory if we had one.

If you want to be a cave man, then go live in your cave, you can't be one of us.

0243b61b No.3626380

This isn't the first time the president of the school-board insurrectionists has made a public appearance.

He is in a anti-mask group called "Let Them Breath" who also tried to take over a school board meeting in another district on the same day but police escorted them out of the building.

He is seen in this video claiming that the real cure for Covid is lowering people's body mass index and how science has not cured any illnesses in his life time.

Did you know Saturn is in the same position as it was during the American revolution of 1776?
He does, and he wants to tell you all about how science is fake but astrology is real and covid only infects fat people.


a07032f4 No.3626386

>HIV is spread by fucking.

And prolonged contact with any bodily fluids etc.

a07032f4 No.3626387

> revolving IPs now.

If you're on mobile, you're most likely behind a network level NAT and you're sharing an IP with hundreds of people at the same time.

6b6aae57 No.3626399

And thats why your an idiot.

You have every right to deny an injection you don't need and no just because you think they could be carrying doesnt mean they are I mean do you attack people out of the blue or something thinking they got a gun and is planning to use it to shoot up people like come on think of what you are saying its the exact same deal your making bold claims with no evidence let alone a what if scenario that has a 99.999 percent chance at being wrong. And this is wby your an idiot .

c755ed88 No.3626400

File: 1632074495705.jpg (137.43 KB, 686x1000, 1354622311.wolfy-nail_05_-….jpg)

>I mean do you attack people out of the blue or something thinking they got a gun and is planning to use it to shoot up people

Yes, we do. What you described is the job of every police officer in America.

The vaccine should be the same. If you can't be trusted not to spread the plague then the vaccine should be forced on you. And the longer MAGA drags this out, the more likely it will happen.

Other nations are already well into their economic recovery but we are behind, because of people like you.

6b6aae57 No.3626402

Actually it is illegal to make up false suspicion claims to search someone let alone randomly tackle people or accost them which is akin to harassment and violation of basic rights just because your an officer doesn't mean you have the right to arrest and detain for absolutely no reason and thats what you are saying so come to Canada where you legally can't transit your guns and see who lives either that or get the fuck out of here stay home dont go online you cant handle it and hope to god we dont find you cause shitstains like you have the biggest target on their heads right now by being in support you show your true colors and by doing that when people stand up and take shit back well you become totally screwed businesses will face repurcussions people will face repercussions etc you are not safe no matter where you go best you can do is crawl in some hole and never come back out and hope for the best cause bitch we be coming for you to lock you up and or take everything you own so best thing you could do is own nothing and go hide in a cave cause when we take our countries back heads will literally fly in fact look up Australia they are fighting back and they will win you can't disarm a nation you can only prevent arming with minimal results for anything and everything is a weapon and yes that includes genetalia so get it through your thick skull you are not welcome you will lose everything in the end we know who you are now and its only a matter of time before you do lose all your shit and become a POW.

f02d565e No.3626407

File: 1632079715899.webm (3.21 MB, 296x540, side effects.webm)

>I smoked a lot of meth this morning.

6b6aae57 No.3626410

And your an idiot I have been clean since october 2019. Your years behind. Get some better insults and then you can open your pitiful mouth which is prolly only good for sucking my dick anyways

1f35e6a8 No.3626411


Whatever. Call me 3B. Don't, it doesn't matter. It's just a meme you retards repeat as a thought-terminating cliche at this point.

69019567 No.3626415

Well, it finally happened. Conservatives are being left to die while doctors save liberals. Idaho claims it's all about choosing the people who are more likely to survive but we all know that they mean vaccinated people. The unvaccinated will be sacrificed to save the vaccinated young voters who are almost all democrats just because the vaccine makes it more cost effective to treat them.


a7e382bb No.3626418


we warned you!

3e963288 No.3626422

>>3626415 "Conservatives are being left to die"

And the world becomes so much better and smarter for it.

1226c0a0 No.3626423

File: 1632085662606-0.jpg (55.17 KB, 550x711, 1628403840620.jpg)

File: 1632085662606-1.jpg (119.6 KB, 750x933, 1632077565084.jpg)


1226c0a0 No.3626424

File: 1632086092217.jpg (491.66 KB, 2380x1518, 1632067770491.jpg)

I am just so sure you would report it when you see it yourself.

6b6aae57 No.3626429

So are these real exchanges of children or just some cash grab scam. Cause that total pricetag is pretty suspicious.

ac25c471 No.3626432

File: 1632092899891.jpg (113.72 KB, 717x740, 1630350465353.jpg)

>If you can't be trusted not to spread the plague then the vaccine should be forced on you.

This faggot also advocates for cutting off hands because you may cause a car accident. You must get your mouth sewn shut in case you drink alcohol and drunkenly kill someone.

Also, cut off fingers so you cant hold a knife.

Lefties are absolutely stupid you cant help but laugh - pic related.

a7e382bb No.3626433

do you ever get splinters?

d498e0cc No.3626436

its funny that Biden wants more security in the capitol, when he still has active national guard camping out in underground parking garages waiting for orders on when they can walk outside in the sunlight again.

d498e0cc No.3626437

its been almost two years and they're still down their waiting on their first porta-potty to arrive

a7e382bb No.3626438

get help

7e99c658 No.3626441

File: 1632097474147-0.jpg (30.89 KB, 640x360, How-It-Started.jpg)

File: 1632097474147-1.jpg (67.06 KB, 1122x708, How-Its-Going.jpg)

Ok Loomer.

7e99c658 No.3626442

Yes, dumbass.
If you kill people with your car, it's a crime.
If you drink and drive, it's a crime.

If you run around unvaccinated spreading a disease it should be a crime.

6b6aae57 No.3626443

Do you have proof that I'm spreading or others are spreading. You dont but keep thinking your imaginary what ifs are real facts meanwhile the reality is you have nothing evidential to prove what you are saying is true so go jump off a cliff or someone will come for you either way you should stay indoors keep quiet and just like the holocaust girl who hid in an attic maybe you will survive but you need to back the fuck off and stop thinking that your words mean shit.

84bf10bc No.3626445

>If you run around unvaccinated spreading a disease it should be a crime.

Then jail most of the population ! The flu vaccine coverage is between 30 and 60% for adults depending on age. And yes, the flu also kills.
Are you willing to step into the "but those are more pleasant deathes" or "well the flu only killed 21000 people so it's not worth saving their lives" argument ?

47e2fc2a No.3626446

File: 1632102038285.png (216.37 KB, 393x391, laughinglioncheetahatcompu….png)


> Conflates a single act of intentional homicide with a random act of nature in effect at all times

>Calls other dumbass

578814a2 No.3626448

File: 1632108594376.jpeg (46.4 KB, 780x438, C30168A1-D559-4A37-8109-9….jpeg)

Do you think sheep are dangerous?

20bc3d06 No.3626449

File: 1632108808753.jpg (88.76 KB, 640x640, 129073521_383780899588172_….jpg)

It literally says right there in the article that vaccination status is not in consideration. It even lists what the criteria are…

Typical conservative just ignoring reality and making up whatever lets you feel like you're most oppressed.

611c6722 No.3626450

File: 1632109115598.jpeg (14.2 KB, 229x220, images (4).jpeg)

578814a2 No.3626451

File: 1632110444797-0.png (2.07 MB, 856x1024, 333C2251-D951-48E5-8BEF-F6….png)

File: 1632110444797-1.jpeg (113.8 KB, 800x805, 9162E202-1F7E-4FC4-B7A5-C….jpeg)

File: 1632110444797-2.jpeg (222.54 KB, 900x865, 26839FC1-50B7-466B-817A-4….jpeg)

File: 1632110444797-3.jpeg (134.91 KB, 1024x683, DF41B545-5120-4877-86E1-0….jpeg)

Feel the GLOW!!!

a089afc1 No.3626468


You know he's desperate for a W if you're a conservative and you are trying to make the argument that the Trump supporters are secret gay super-soldiers based on the fact all white bro look alike to you.

cf517655 No.3626470

File: 1632162389714.jpg (146.15 KB, 1024x682, 16905046540.jpg)

Hey, check it out. The left's greatest president ever commanded the Border Patrol to hunt down blacks on horseback with lassos, so he can pack them on a plane and return them back to Haiti.

Yee haw! This is a good ol fashioned negro roundup!

1ee815ae No.3626472

Lulu is so non/pol/ that you cant even say N…..

e495ea85 No.3626475

File: 1632166007534.png (439.27 KB, 652x453, Fun-eral_Services.png)


It was Republican, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott who ordered the points of entry shut down and the people forced back across the border. Biden didn't have anything to do with it.

6319de61 No.3626480


Obviously gay Nazis are ok with leftists…

d498e0cc No.3626490

well that goes without saying, lefties Love Nazis

0f9e7604 No.3626492

An unlawful election cannot produce a lawful result. No matter if the pope certifies it.
A lie is a lie, no matter how many other lies are told to back it up.

e1edf926 No.3626505

Govt officially estimates that the vaxx has killed 150,000+ americans so far

a7e382bb No.3626509

you realize that wasn't written by anyone in the government, right?
the authors are both antivaxxers

0f9e7604 No.3626513

Wiki has a complete list of all school shootings in the USA. It's a fascinating read. Just read about a school shooting in 1856 Alabama. Students kill teachers pet sparrow. Teacher strangles student to death. Father of student shoots teacher.
Look it up if you don't believe me, and you think things are wild now.

7efbe5f1 No.3626563

Looks like Canada has spoken and it said "We're okay. We're just gonna keep everything the same."

The conservatives lost ground because their party voters are too spread out and there was some shuffling a little more to the left in the major cities. Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau will be leading a minority government again which is exactly what he didn't want.

He had held the election to try to establish a centrist controlled government with his party dominating all others but instead his own party shuffled left because he isn't being radical enough dealing with Covid and he's far too friendly with the people who want to privatize healthcare.

a7e382bb No.3626566

>grown-up discussion of contemporary politics
GTFO with that gayass shit!!

6b6aae57 No.3626569

Fuck off its totally relevant

Maybe get your gayass outta here cause that shits gayer than a twink bouncing on a bad dragon dildo.

cf517655 No.3626580

File: 1632214398165.jpg (31.25 KB, 640x360, _methode_times_prod_web_bi….jpg)

He's too busy painting himself black and dancing around like a minstrel show.

Sadly a lot of Canadians just quietly accept, and support a man like this as their leader.

I mean fuck, America has a president has a president that brags about going to beat a bunch of black kids with a chain while he was a lifeguard.

6b6aae57 No.3626581

Fyi I have offered to off said man when they visit but sadly those around me are trying too hard to take the moral high ground rather than take out a monster where it lies as had to be done in all of human history I mean most of the time its done by corrupt people but throughout history some very evil people met their end by anothers hands. But sadly I don't feel like trying to garner support just hire me and cover my ass with the items to make certain the job gets done then i dissapear. Sadly not one offer so far!

d999bffb No.3626583

File: 1632215886653.jpg (46.55 KB, 500x500, mrpopo.jpg)

abee74af No.3626594

>the authors are both antivaxxers

c2f1020a No.3626595

File: 1632240357397.png (23.77 KB, 932x194, Defending_A_child_Killer.png)


That web page is an archive of papers that anyone in a government funded industry can submit reports to.

The two people who wrote that paper aren't even real Dr. It's just two rando religious nuts. Jessica rose for example is a "Research Fellow at the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge."


Pure and Applied Knowledge sounds a little culty, right? It is. It's a group of anti-vax nuts running a non-profit scam.

And they aren't just anti-Covid vax, they are anti-everything vax. This is the top article on their web page praising how the Oregon medical board didn't take away the medical license of a pediatrician who spent decades convincing parents that vaccines were not needed then got sued.

Fortunately, for the lives of the children in that area they eventually found legal grounds to shut him down in Dec 2020 so he can no longer spread his death cult nonsense.


fee62426 No.3626596

File: 1632244783411.jpg (597.13 KB, 1000x750, b4b512d0b98a517a96b53b2f3c….jpg)

Though a seat or two would have been nice, PPC got official party status, and that's all that matters. The share between the globalist sellouts destroying Canada is irrelevant.

fad4a172 No.3626598

File: 1632249913620.jpg (4.11 KB, 85x85, unnamedouhuihi.jpg)

Can somebody tell ch00b the board needs a html page rebuild from the database?

Some threads are broken. Not 404, but broken. For example >>3626134 returns empty page (actually 0x0D0A CRLF as head tag and empty body tag) even though the thread is on page 4 (middle-ish) and listed in the catalog with the right amount of replies present.

86a2aa83 No.3626601

I let him know in IRC.

578814a2 No.3626602

File: 1632250874960.jpeg (91.97 KB, 544x500, C766E0F1-1F30-43CF-8471-8….jpeg)

Who here is Pure Blood?

d3d3d549 No.3626603

No one is apparently anymore not even the so called elites that make the claim of being pureblooded. Honestly that's a real laugh because every human being on this planet is a mutt crossed between multiple human aspects such as blacks Asians and Latino etc all bloodlines are mixed. In fact to get technical only blacks in africa have pure blood and likewise for cultures that have shunned and kept out breeding from outsiders which includes many native cultures as well I mean if you really wanna get technical pureblood whites don't truly exist when you consider nations

578814a2 No.3626605

File: 1632251728821-0.jpeg (118.27 KB, 750x884, F975EA10-215A-4274-BE6A-3….jpeg)

File: 1632251728821-1.png (314.96 KB, 660x398, 004AF468-ED22-4A9D-BCF3-CD….png)

No pure blood means you didn’t get the jab!

d3d3d549 No.3626606

Then I'm beyond pureblood yo no vaccine bs here living god mode at 100% immunity since covid hit I havent gotten sick once besides the early 2019 instance where I had just got out of a really abusive relationship and had lost the willpower to do much and caused me to deteriorate and almost die from near failure in my kidneys due to lack of nutrients so that doesnt count I did that to myself. So living god mode.

cf517655 No.3626607

I guess space lasers are real now. Greene was proven right once again.


fad4a172 No.3626608

File: 1632256263429.png (21.79 KB, 500x275, tumblr_lmqgoq4dqc1qij6b6o1….png)

A relative definitely had the bat flu, and I definitely was around every other day or so (and lied about it cause I didn't want to be quarantined).

But in my case, it's just the immune system running at full steam and then some cause I live like a hobo inside my own house with no heating and work out for hours daily. And don't even get me started on the things that go through my fridge.

d3d3d549 No.3626614

What doesnt kill you will only make you stronger!

a7e382bb No.3626625

File: 1632269533985.webm (2.01 MB, 216x360, 9-21.webm)

>fix it
but that's a shitty thread anyway

oh noes, how could such obvious sarcasm go unnoticed by the greatest mind of /furi/?

fad4a172 No.3626626

File: 1632270914388.png (309.14 KB, 682x379, bashyourface.png)

Were you dropped on your head?

Do you think I checked more than 10 random ones that interested me out of a total of 300 today? Obviously all need to be rebuilt since we don't know what else is missing.

afd8753a No.3626628

File: 1632271490664.jpg (352.15 KB, 855x643, Stupid_is_as_stupid_does.jpg)

>space lasers…

1. Lasers are light based weapons. Not microwaves.

2. If you shoot a microwave from space it disperses in the earth's atmosphere so it could never be used to make only one specific person sick from space.

3. The primary symptoms of Havana Syndrome are hearing loss, memory loss, and nausea which are all indicative of the naturally occuring of infra-sound, not microwaves.

4. The second most likely and widely accepted explanation of the syndrome is from a 2019 Candian research team which examined people suffering from the symptoms and discovered evidence that it is most likely caused by overexposure to cholinesterase inhibitors (a class of neurotoxic pesticide)

The embassies and other places in Cuba had been sprayed frequently as an anti-Zika virus mosquito control measure.

Not only is is not a laser, not weapon, not a conspiracy, it's probably not even intentional.
Never believe there is a conspiracy when human stupidity is a perfectly sufficient.

a7e382bb No.3626630

>Obviously all need to be rebuilt since we don't know what else is missing.
you're retarded thread is the only broken one
go cry to daddys dick, fag

6c653c15 No.3626631

File: 1632272747050.png (1.16 MB, 1108x722, attackofstripes.png)

1b03ee62 No.3626632

File: 1632272874055.jpeg (5.77 KB, 259x194, maser.jpeg)

Microwave Lasers exist, they are called MASERS.

765011e6 No.3626634

File: 1632275656205.jpg (184.59 KB, 1250x832, 1358552324.wolfy-nail_2012….jpg)

Conservatives trying to talk about science is adorable.

578814a2 No.3626636

File: 1632277220858-0.jpeg (178.63 KB, 1200x800, B5E461E8-C8AC-4142-9515-0….jpeg)

File: 1632277220858-1.png (204.97 KB, 500x743, B1716696-A7FA-4C4F-A526-B1….png)

Leftists says science says this is woman and there is nothing wrong with cracking the skull of a “birthing person.”

You people are sick freaks.

afd8753a No.3626637

File: 1632277889371.jpg (224.23 KB, 750x1000, 1342899392.wolfy-nail_shee….jpg)


Science says that is a male. Society says that male can choose to live as a woman if she wants to.

It's like playing pretend. You know, like when you pretend that Jesus is real or that your parents love you.

Well, except the homos and the trans aren't killing people. They are better than the church in that way.

cf517655 No.3626638

File: 1632278116331.jpg (88.89 KB, 657x441, Emmys2021nomasks.jpg)

Lets have a little talk about the Science!(TM) that leftists believe:
1. A man who puts a wig on, gets his penis chopped off is a biological woman
2. Whatever Fauci says this week, even if it is a complete 180 from last week is "true science"
3. Whatever a politician says is "science"
4. A person who didn't get a vaccine, can spread a virus to a vaccinated person because vaccines work
5. Wearing a mask keeps you from catching a disease, unless you're rich enough, then you are immune

This is what your average leftist actually believes. Science!(TM) is a pseudo cult.

329b22f7 No.3626639

File: 1632278427428.jpg (46.09 KB, 540x360, 360_F_262080653_9fdWlmROyt….jpg)

>>Well, except the homos and the trans aren't killing people. They are better than the church in that way.

It's because they are PREY.

a7e382bb No.3626645

>that leftists believe
I've seen a myriad of snowflakes piss and moan about "leftists" but I've never been able to decipher what one was.

be19fef1 No.3626654


Most prominent "leftist" are Glowi am racist and not very bright right-wing COINTEL soldiers.

To make sure everybody is on the "list"

7926e938 No.3626661

File: 1632301612942.png (240.41 KB, 1500x500, download (3).png)


When a "trans person" discovers that they have made the worst mistake of their lives who do you think they should blame?

Particularly when they were targeted as children?

0f9e7604 No.3626664

The Strange Death Of The United States Via Immigration

“Diversity within a nation destroys unity and leads to civil wars,” said social scientist Garret Hardin. “Immigration, a benefit during the youth of a nation, can act as a disease in its mature state. Too much internal diversity in large nations has led to violence and disintegration. We are now in the process of destabilizing our own country. The magic words of destabilizers are ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’.”

2194bc88 No.3626668

File: 1632315114143.jpg (147.71 KB, 930x1200, EhYFzKdWkAAoinF.jpg)

1. No, science distinguishes between trans women and biological women because they have different medical needs. You are living in a delusion where you think right-wing talking points are taken seriously by anyone outside of your cult.

2. Generally speaking, science does discover new facts and adapt as new data is discovered. I know that living in a universe which we don't fully understand can be scary to a diaper wearing man-baby like you but not all of us need the emotional safe-space of thinking that people who fucked sheep figured out everything there is to know about the universe 2000 years ago.

3. You've obviously never met a Republican.

4. Yes, an vaccinated person can spread covid to a vaccinated person. No one ever said the vaccine was 100% effective. That's your child like brain trying to make everything absolutely true or absolutely false. It stops Covid around 95% of the time and when covid does infect a vaccinated person the vaccine makes it far, far, less dangerous.

That's why we suggest that you get it but please feel free to die for your stupidity. That is your choice. We'll just be over here laughing at you.

5. Wearing a mask prevents you from SPREADING covid.

It slightly reduces your chance of catching it just because it prevents you from breathing in droplets of infected water in the air but it's mostly about stopping infected people from putting those droplets out into the air in the first place.

Conservatives believe that their immune systems are so hard core they can survive covid and they don't need the vaccine, well good for them! But they still need to wear a mask because when they inevitably get it, they don't need to be spewing it in the face of people who don't have Jesus-Juice in their blood or whatever.

The mask is about protecting people from you, not protecting you from them.

26eaad5d No.3626669

File: 1632315715910.png (418.96 KB, 679x429, 493ru0234ur.png)


Just FYI, you can't begin transition until at least the age of 18 in most states and in many states it's 21.

If a kid grows up feeling like they are a girl then hit puberty and decide tapping that hot cunt with their man-dick is where it's at they can just decide not to express themselves as a woman any more.

It's all pretend. It doesn't matter. It's just young people being stupid as young people have been since the beginning of time.

There was never a point in history where there were not trans people and most people just grow out of it.

That's why everyone thinks you're all lunatics for caring so much about it. It's the biggest load of nothing important in America today.

Just let them do their thing! No one cares! We have more important shit to deal with. Stop being a freak obsessed with what kids have in their pants.

329b22f7 No.3626671

File: 1632318954684.jpg (80.23 KB, 700x705, b07e0194506fb5b37bf50e7e57….jpg)

399600b0 No.3626673

>5. Wearing a mask prevents you from SPREADING covid.

It doesn't.

6c653c15 No.3626674

File: 1632319741624.jpg (38.6 KB, 620x400, panoramic-view-of-lower-ma….jpg)

there is something so disturbing and unsettling about the museum sure thousands of people died in the towers, 20 years later have things got better or worse? Could you make a list what changed?

6c653c15 No.3626675

File: 1632320474241.png (12.15 KB, 300x300, sectho.png)

Use to watch Alex Jones until he deleted his channel, turns out to be a conspiracy nutcase that ruins lives. Until Thunderfoot phil mason pulled my out of the ashes from the fire. I waddled around youtube finding what is going on in the United States to see the full bigger picture on it's true color turns out the United States is a bureaucratic nightmare


89e85002 No.3626676

"United States is a bureaucratic nightmare"

Try the EU zone….A gigantic class of Complete unnecessary Academics has wiggled and positioned themselves into all kinds of public and private works doing NOTHING but typing numbers into Excel documents and having an opinion about everything despite having ZERO practical experience at all.

bf92ae61 No.3626680

The conspiracy ticket woke a lot of people up since their lives were already ruined. There is too much to say to anyone who isn't even wanting to know about deep state or gene experimenting. the truth is out there and it's not that people don't believe aliens exist or that we are already slaves to them etc it is that even our government deals with the retcon as it's the only truth allowed. Freedom of the religion you are forced to believe regardless of what is real. A lot like how capitalism shuts down socialism is what skepticism does to the pramagtist. This is what is happening at the very root of all being. A dirty suit telling you can't do science.

9e337a1f No.3626682


It always amuses me when the party who tried to overthrow democracy because a orange man-child threw a tantrum and refuses to wear masks or get vaccinated because Tucker Calrson told them it's a fake virus accuses the left of celebrity worship.

0f9e7604 No.3626683

None of the things you just stated ever happenef though.
At least not in the way you described.
That's why we keep calling you Liars.

9e337a1f No.3626684

File: 1632340424226.png (192.66 KB, 791x235, Okay_Loomer.png)

a44aafe0 No.3626685

If the whole world says drinking bleach will make them be saved from all viruses would you follow them and preach the things they say. I mean if the whole world believes something doesnt make it true or fact just makes the whole world look like a bunch of brain dead retards. But go ahead choke on your own body and die a horrible painful death by taking an experimental vaccine. And yes its experimental and not one person so far has given proper consent.

Now here's a fact! the flu virus doesnt just disappear when another virus comes into play. Both viruses would then. Be in play so that being the case the air is filled with virus particles in the tens of millions reason we dont get sick often is due to a little thing called antibodies. How did we get these antibodies? Well we got them by coming into contact with said viruses over the course of time since the dawn of man. Those that become immune go on to pass Their immunity. Now what we have here is just another mutation of the flu virus nothing more and its been around basically forever so were not totally screwed we have natural immunities to said virus some of us even have 100% immunity its through our blood not chemicals and bad drugs. But truth is I don't feel like saving your sorry ass if your going to be dumb enough to believe forcing injections on people is within your rights because its not of you wanna stay safe stop breathing cause your breathing viruses every time you inhale. Your home is not safe just as outside is not safe. By that logic you have the option to not leave your home, but the minute you leave you have no right to claim you are at risk! who is the one choosing to leave home? Yourself and that means you choose to put yourself at risk and then complain about others (under your assumption) that they are putting you at risk.
Fyi you have no right to complain!

765011e6 No.3626698

File: 1632345624019.png (35.54 KB, 533x265, 53y53ybfgbnm990.png)

>If the whole world says drinking bleach saved them..

But you see that wouldn't happen because most people, normal people, not freaks like you, live in reality.

We don't fill our brains full of nonsense like you people do.


c5c66a4c No.3626701

Thats a lot of words just to tell us you have no idea about any of this stuff.

b23896f0 No.3626705

Looks like Trump has declared war on Mitch McConnell and is trying to get him removed from power. Who do you think will win?


2de70730 No.3626711

Its a lot of words of to say.

Fuck your Covid fear campaign.
It is authoritarian bullshit.
We encounter viruses every day.
Flu mutations are nothing new.
We take risk just by leaving the house.
We cannot trust science that blatantly politicized knowing they will not hesitate to fudge the numbers to suite thier agenda.
Fuck living in fear. Some of us don't want to live like that.

So ….ya know he's right about that much.

c3f514ca No.3626712

File: 1632356404756.png (486.94 KB, 601x1024, 6C6780DE-52BF-4E46-A335-60….png)

Wear three pairs of underwear under your pants and tell me if that stops a fart!

46273609 No.3626716

File: 1632359309118.gif (72.29 KB, 500x500, conservatism_the_game.gif)

>So stupid he thinks smoke and water vapor work the same way.

There are some interesting studies in a book called "Irony and Outrage" by Dr. Dannagal Goldwaite Young where they show that the conservative brain is basically wired to identify threats and charge at it like an attacking rhino.

We have known for some time that the conservative brain has larger, more active fear centers but there was a common assumption that when they were afraid, they would avoid the danger they believe exists. However as we have all seen, this isn't the case.

Conservatives don't deal with fear like a rational person they don't avoid pain, they rush towards it because, like all things in their limited ability to comprehend reality, it is either absolute victory or death and there is no middle ground.

The absolutism of the conservative mind requires that they destroy the thing they fear or die trying. Most people believed that this could not be true, but as we have seen from the conservative reaction to covid, it does seem to be.

They would rather pretend the thing they fear is unreal and let it kill them than live with reasonable precaution.

They are incapable of feeling fear which is not total and overwhelming so they either deny reality or attack the source of their fear.

There is no middle ground between having no fear and blinding terror which is why they always act like animals when faced with any problem.

They would rather be dead than afraid so we should help them make that dream come true.

c3f514ca No.3626717

File: 1632360210518.png (41.25 KB, 1000x500, EAAED5BD-301A-4423-996A-1B….png)

Rational thinking….
After twenty minutes the mask no longer works due to breath moisture asswipe.

1b03ee62 No.3626718

Just bumping nutty 3B off the main part of the board again and into the nether regions.
Only takes a maximum of 1 or 2 bumps here.

Bye 3B

88f2c840 No.3626719

File: 1632362050903.gif (1.73 MB, 326x179, 7856c4b1d15c56c6cb0e777a0c….gif)

>I'm going to prove his point by trying to hide the thing I'm afraid of so I don't have to see it.

2de70730 No.3626723

I've actually found the opposite to be true. Most conservatives I know and have met are fairly laid back people who just want to be left the hell alone.

It's when they're not being left alone and the communist bullshit reaches thier door step do they tend to react.

The modern day communist like do this thing where they constantly attack a thing and when the things goes. Hey you yare clearly attacking me please stop. They act all surpior and indignate and just blantantly lie about what thier doing.
They act like anything they can conceive of to complain about is the biggest threat to humanity and must be undone.
They act like thier fear of it is justification obliterating it.
They act Thier fear makes them victimized and special, that by completely over reacting to it they are some how this noble stunning and brave creature … It's sickening

Conservatives… Are the fearful ones.. really?
You're going with that card?
Let's see
A hyped up flu bug, people who refuse to get multiple vaccinations against said flu bug, maga hats, Gadsen flags, thin blue line flags, Rebel flags, American flags, statues, manger scenes, crosses, the Bible, masculinity, white people, republicans, working for a living, opposing view points, Thier shadow…
I could just go all day listing off things the leftist are of.
It's like now that all the big battles over civil rights have been fought and won, all they can do now to keep power is lie and project all day everyday.
Hey ya remember when they tried to ruin a kids life because he … Get this… Stood Thier and did nothing while a guy beats a drum I. His face. Like this kid is some how the aggressor by literally standing there doing nothing.

If that isn't a wake up call to the sane I don't what it is

Literally no one's "afraid" of them. We just find 3Bs to be very very annoying people. I remember a hippie douche in occupy who talked like 3b.
And it's one of the reasons I decided I was done with this leftist communist bullshit.

2de70730 No.3626724

Yeah leave it a communist to act like being pointless and annoying is an accomplishment.y

bf92ae61 No.3626750


You obviously never been shadow banned

84bf10bc No.3626760


The population that rushes to the vaccines, the masks, the third jab, eventually the nth jab are the brave fearless people.

The population that just wants to continue living and being able to fucking work as normal are the terrified sheeps.

… okay. I guess it's prime Minitrue logic.

fad4a172 No.3626775

File: 1632394125178.webm (1.44 MB, 1280x720, Father ARRESTED for Misge….webm)

>>>all white people are evil racist colonizers that need to be re-educated and need to go back to their continent
>>Stop watching YouTube grifters whose entire job is to invent people to make you mad so you keep giving them views.

Shut the fuck up, kid. I've had to deal with wokists of your ilk since FreeThoughtBlogs.

And you are the way the "evil rightwing Youtube grifters" portray you, at least to enough of a degree that it's a problem. You don't have to agree with every damn thing they are saying to maybe get a hint that some of their criticisms are accurate and on point.

But you are incapable of that, to smooth brains like you it's always black or white, good or bad, left or right, all or nothing.

>>>also flood their continent with people of other races and if you dare complain you're a nazi

>>Literally why do you give a fuck what race people are if you aren't a racist?
Because ethnic Europeans deserve a homeland and to be preserved as peoples and cultures, just like every other race on this planet and certainly the right to limit who and how many foreigners come in so that it doesn't become a problem.

That isn't National Socialism, in a sane world that would be common sense.

c2f1020a No.3626782

File: 1632403682035.png (235.44 KB, 598x316, Walmart_Halloween.png)

>Most conservatives I know and have met are fairly laid back people who just want to be left the hell alone.

Yes, but think about it. How many of those laid back conservatives have beaten the shit out of someone in a fight or hit their family members over a disagreement?

"I just want to be left alone." is the same basic emotional drive as screaming about everything being fake news. They don't want to know the truth of the world if that truth makes them even 1% uncomfortable.

Conservatives have only two modes:Attack and pretend the problem doesn't exist. That's why most conservatives aren't really all that racist until they are triggered by seeing a minority.

Unlike some of the people on this board, most conservatives don't obsess over racism. Racism a reaction to being emotionally triggered, not a identity.

This means most conservatives can function in society as long as they feel safe.

It's only a tiny percent of them who make up the MAGA/Nazi/KKK crowd.

cc5280b5 No.3626783

File: 1632404537806.jpg (96.09 KB, 959x959, E0ev7WxVUAMcKFj.jpg)

>I've had to deal with wokists of your ilk..
>Smooth brains like you it's always black or white, good or bad, left or right, all or nothing.
lol The irony..

>Because ethnic Europeans deserve a homeland and to be preserved as peoples and cultures, just like every other race on this planet and certainly the right to limit who and how many foreigners come in so that it doesn't become a problem.

Ethnic Europeans have a homeland dipshit. It's called Europe. Guess what? Ethnic European populations are doing fine. All populations in the developed world in general are decreasing–that includes Japanese, Chinese, Jews, Whites etc– but the people we call white are nowhere close to going extinct. You have /pol/ brainworms. More importantly, why does it matter if people of different ethnicities mix together? That's been going on for thousands of years. Italians and Spanish are mixed with black-skinned Moors. Giving a shit about this shows a complete lack of basic education in either history or genetics.
It really blows my mind how every imageboard became overrun with you dumbass racists. Or at least you all gobbled up /pol/ shit due to having no lives outside of imageboards.

c2b01395 No.3626784

File: 1632404586980.jpg (41.58 KB, 528x297, 9devvhnd1la31.jpg)

>Because ethnic Europeans deserve a homeland and to be preserved as peoples and cultures…

So go back to Europe then? America was always intended to be a melting pot.

Coming to America and looking for a white ethno-state is like going to McDonalds for a good Sushi.

America was founded on the idea of being the opposite of a white-ethno-state ruled by royalty and religious doctrine.

If that is what you are looking for, go back to Europe.

329b22f7 No.3626785

File: 1632408306201.jpg (67.04 KB, 480x360, like-all-my-nigger-brother….jpg)

>>black-skinned Moors.

Black-skinned Moors are not KNEE-GROWS.

You apparently don't know genetics.
If you did, you would know NAGGER DNA is PURE SHIT.

329b22f7 No.3626786

File: 1632408599206-0.jpg (19.14 KB, 300x300, m-isjTJI_400x400.jpg)

File: 1632408599206-1.jpeg (15.09 KB, 600x200, 600x200.jpeg)



Only the lowest scum of the earth worthless white man like you would want to be a nugger.


6c653c15 No.3626787

File: 1632410797530.jpg (230.17 KB, 1242x810, B3-DM310_feldst_GR_2019032….jpg)

6c653c15 No.3626788

File: 1632411004833.jpg (354.08 KB, 2560x1738, BW-Winter-debt-crisis-scal….jpg)

bf92ae61 No.3626796

Black people are so angry at white people they infiltrate pol and I think that is funny and pathetic.

fede28d8 No.3626798

>"Refusing to raise the debt ceiling would be catastrophic."

Which is why Repbulicans keep doing it. They are trying to destroy America.

1b03ee62 No.3626842

What the hell are you blabbering about.
The House controls the purse strings,
and the House is currently Democrat..

f882f089 No.3626845

File: 1632446912227.png (31.24 KB, 809x437, h54yh3455gg.png)

f882f089 No.3626846

File: 1632447258362.png (968.53 KB, 920x752, Because_fuck_the_economy.png)

6c653c15 No.3626848

File: 1632451746820.png (671.98 KB, 1004x678, boomerlogic.png)

6c653c15 No.3626851

File: 1632455025151.png (797.93 KB, 1004x683, 50 60 70 white man era.png)

white man's era

c3f514ca No.3626852

File: 1632460306924.jpeg (169.53 KB, 557x1024, 67C68B6D-0CED-4150-B8AF-0….jpeg)

Vote Democrat for fifty years and expect things to change…which they won’t. Of course we are all supposed to worship our poor when in fact they are gullible morons.

Do you think kids with communist diplomas are going to do well? How about fatherless house holds? I work to pay for the extremely rich and retards.

Stupid fucks.

6c653c15 No.3626853

File: 1632463137105.png (1.04 MB, 1004x749, evenmen.png)

No wonder Sweden hates males.

c3f514ca No.3626854

File: 1632464498247-0.jpeg (186.09 KB, 738x749, A88DB636-3D33-4FFA-864B-C….jpeg)

File: 1632464498247-1.jpeg (120.8 KB, 1024x821, 4851EAAC-DFDA-48BC-AF27-B….jpeg)

File: 1632464498247-2.jpeg (53.98 KB, 800x500, 1676165E-AD6A-4EE4-B125-4….jpeg)

That’s what’s constantly killed off.
Black, White little boys. In the end the un-men will be overwhelmed by the males of another country and they will be killed. I guarantee the freaks will be shot and killed as well as everyone who supported their diseased lifestyles!

Oh well, when you’re burning every bridge and pissing on the father you get what you fucking deserve.

They have no heroes.

6c653c15 No.3626855

File: 1632466172188-0.jpg (91.61 KB, 400x558, a_adameve_web_cushman.jpg)

File: 1632466172188-1.jpg (84.09 KB, 1100x619, 38822ba6-75bc-46bf-a668-fc….jpg)

File: 1632466172188-2.jpg (133.65 KB, 609x480, 15133019.jpg)

Moar, this is too beautiful and a fine specimen between the US and Sweden!
regulations on bad habits and access to cheap food implemented!

f2d98e99 No.3626857

File: 1632466393799.png (417.34 KB, 598x524, Exactly_As_Predicted.png)


It's good to be back just in time to see Cyber-Ninjas declare that after Trump spent billions of dollars on the Arizona "audit" they only found he lost be even more votes than before.

Well at least now we can put out all those fires in California with conservative tears!

c3f514ca No.3626859

File: 1632467427210.jpeg (47.95 KB, 850x478, 52D22F85-6100-449E-96EE-5….jpeg)

The Lincoln Project….wow you must wish you could just get a little taste of that Deep State ass.

1b03ee62 No.3626860

File: 1632475228272.png (336.87 KB, 1155x1155, DynamicImageHandler_5f4eb1….png)

Stop posting misinformation and lies and fake meme's, 3B.
Trump spent nothing on the Arizona audit, it was done by independent parties.
The official results won't even BE ANNOUNCED until 1 pm today Mountain time.
The fraud was massive, Trump will have won Arizona by hundreds of thousands of votes.
Does it make you feel better to post such transparent lies or something? It must.
I honestly don't know if you keep wasting your life making it up, or just parrot what you find on fake news sites.
Well at least now we can put out all those fires in California with Liberal tears!

dfd346f8 No.3626865

“Of course he won! HE WON HaHaHaHaHAHAHa!”
- Very sane person not in denial at all

c3f514ca No.3626866

File: 1632486065850.jpeg (114.27 KB, 1242x867, 5C4F259C-8FED-416C-818C-B….jpeg)

I suppose sane people vote for a man with dementia…

1b03ee62 No.3626869

File: 1632491016411.jpeg (69.5 KB, 1200x630, biden-.jpeg)

Sure, why not?

1b03ee62 No.3626871

File: 1632491106348.jpg (168.44 KB, 960x905, 46815.jpg)


6c653c15 No.3626872

File: 1632492073578-0.jpg (129.18 KB, 1080x1080, 123205752_694194444860190_….jpg)

File: 1632492073578-1.png (45.84 KB, 680x538, d78.png)

woke memes…

6c653c15 No.3626873

File: 1632492940252.jpg (81.42 KB, 700x338, h_14741761-700x338.jpg)

f2d98e99 No.3626875

File: 1632497948093-0.png (829.85 KB, 1383x689, zk1P2lD.png)

File: 1632497948093-1.png (426.02 KB, 620x382, 8higir67.png)


When you give people a choice between Trump and a man with dementia of course they are going to choose the man with dementia.

Trump is a moron. He's been the butt of jokes for a generation. He's so stupid, so bad at what he does, so terrible at business and just being a normal human, that when they needed a villain for the Super-Mario Brothers movie, they just made it Trump with different hair.

Trump is such a loser that when they needed someone to model older Biff Tannon after in Back-to-the-future they picked Trump.

He's always been a fool and anyone who followed him was an even bigger joke.

f2d98e99 No.3626876


Trump is so stupid he just called for Texas to audit the 2020 election.

He won Texas. There is nothing he can find that would make any difference. It's all just a grift to raise money.

1036d857 No.3626879

Shut the fuck up, Criminal Democrat 3B.
You always say the s same shit, and someone always debunks it. You HAD other choices, 25 of them. You chose a 78 year old dementia patient PUPPET. The fact is Trump won in a landslide, and you CHEATED. MASSIVELY. That is the ONLY reason Biden is faux president.


This is all we've heard from you since the audit began, so shut the fuck up, we're doing it. Happy now? No, because you know we will still will find huge Democrat fraud, you just couldn't do it ENOUGH to steal a win in those places.

Look at a political map. THERE ARE NO BLUE STATES. Only blue CITIES, surrounded by a sea of Red in every single case. You can't win, without cheating but you went overboard in 2020 and the whole world knows it now.

52c0963a No.3626880

File: 1632501953755.jpg (217.53 KB, 1170x1980, 13c3ffdc0008eb2a6537a15ca9….jpg)

Eat a dick, commie.

fdada1eb No.3626881

lol trump lost again

f2d98e99 No.3626883

File: 1632508090376.webm (4.44 MB, 640x360, Fke_Nws.webm)

>Eat a dick, commie!

Nothing beats sucking cock while getting your cock sucked and then cumming together. You should try it some time. Might calm your ass down.

I'm sure there is a big daddy-bear out there looking for a guy with a tiny dick like yours. You can pretend he's your real father since clearly your real father never loved you.

f2d98e99 No.3626884


Republican need to fight for the voting rights of cows and chickens if they want to have any chance to stand against the overwhelming liberalism of those terrible humans living in civilization.

1036d857 No.3626885

File: 1632508693586.jpg (36.79 KB, 913x479, Donald_Trump_51336313120-e….jpg)

President Trump Drops Second Statement on Arizona – Fake News Is Lying – “There Were Enough Fraudulent Votes… to Change the Outcome of the Election 4 or 5 Times Over” Published September 24, 2021 at 11:00am

President Trump has released his second statement about the Arizona audit this morning. In this statement, the President shares:

The Fake News is lying about the Arizona audit report! The leaked report conclusively shows there were enough fraudulent votes, mystery votes, and fake votes to change the outcome of the election 4 or 5 times over.

fdada1eb No.3626887

File: 1632509729224.jpg (131.36 KB, 1024x684, trumpvoterowningthelibs.jpg)

8b8c5aba No.3626894

File: 1632517507491.gif (2 MB, 315x309, 000r554e.gif)

Because you align yourself with giant corporations?

Are you going to argue that you have sanity and equality now?

You are fucking evil.

You do help me define myself because I know I can't be with you evil people.

d498e0cc No.3626899

I hope that man got hard time after sexually assaulting that woman by kicking her in the cunt. Totally unacceptable behavior for any man of any age.

a44aafe0 No.3626900

Not really you show yourself like that anywhere in public you are lucky if thats all anyone does in fact equal rights laws mandates that that is now ok.

cf517655 No.3626902

File: 1632520266403-0.jpg (124.95 KB, 1269x644, Fraud1.jpg)

File: 1632520266403-1.jpg (131.7 KB, 1568x596, Fraud2.jpg)

You'd think democrats would be all for an audit, to rub in Trumpers' faces, but no. They stamp their feet, say an old racist who can barely walk on his own and has been Wilmington's village idiot his entire career won, and to NOT QUESTION IT AT ALL.

cf517655 No.3626903

File: 1632524925629-0.png (1.85 MB, 2160x1080, 1632521798745.png)

File: 1632524925629-1.jpg (235.4 KB, 1268x714, Fraud4.jpg)

File: 1632524925629-2.png (1.19 MB, 1287x660, Fraud3.png)


f6b8f374 No.3626904

File: 1632527738609.png (1.21 MB, 1200x630, external-content.duckduckg….png)


The current state of the country which you CONSTANTLY complain about is the result of progressive agendas. The left has been gaining ground consistently for decades. The left has gotten just about everything it wanted and the country turned to crap. Who would have thought?

f2d98e99 No.3626909

File: 1632530467468.jpg (98.41 KB, 1008x576, Obviously.jpg)


There have been audits in every state Trump asked for them! It's been done multiple times! There is no new truth to find!

This is the 6th time Trump has lost Arizona. You act like recounts weren't done or that this election was ever in question but it's been certified, recertified, counted and recounted over and over and over and nothing changes because TRUMP LOST.

cf517655 No.3626910

File: 1632531138061.jpg (73.89 KB, 965x1024, 1632524637111.jpg)

False. This is the first forensic audit. No, Murdoch or CNN saying "Joe Biden won", is not an audit. No, democrats saying "We looked, no fraud", is not an audit.

Thankfully, things like computer forensics are a thing.

f2d98e99 No.3626911

File: 1632531195336.png (27.17 KB, 598x223, Maricopa County on Twitter.png)

Republicans: We demand signature verification!
Arizona: Sure, we already do that.

Also Republicans: Look at all these scanned images of duplicate ballots that were created when the state verified the signatures! Overturn the election!! Decertify everything!
They did exactly what we asked for and now they must pay!!!

f2d98e99 No.3626912

File: 1632531526671.png (121.48 KB, 246x279, FACBOSdUYAcNZNS.png)

>False. This is the first forensic audit

There is no such thing as a forensic audit you autistic fuck stain. That's just something Trump's people made up.

You morons are so desperate to find anything to cry about that you spent millions of tax payer dollars on checking ballots for bamboo dust to prove they came from China.


d498e0cc No.3626913

just wait until the next election cycle, people were certain that Trump would win, but with the mess that Biden made, those people who were upset are now pissed.

Who knows who the candidate will be, but it will be a landslide for better or worse.

1b03ee62 No.3626914

File: 1632533096352.jpeg (8.59 KB, 254x199, download.jpeg)


Forensic Audit Definition

What Is a Forensic Audit?
A forensic audit examines and evaluates a firm's or individual's financial records to derive evidence used in a court of law or legal proceeding. Forensic auditing is a specialization within accounting, and most large accounting firms have a forensic auditing department. Forensic audits require accounting and auditing procedures and expert knowledge about the legal framework of such an audit.

Forensic audits cover a wide range of investigative activities. A forensic audit is often conducted to prosecute a party for fraud, embezzlement, or other financial crimes. In the process of a forensic audit, the auditor may be called to serve as an expert witness during trial proceedings. Forensic audits could also involve situations that do not include financial fraud, such as disputes related to bankruptcy filings, business closures, and divorces.

A forensic audit is an examination and evaluation of a firm's or individual's financial records.
During a forensic audit, an auditor seeks to derive evidence that could potentially be used in court.
A forensic audit is used to uncover criminal behavior such as fraud or embezzlement.
When you are a forensic auditor, you specialize in a particular brand of accounting. Smaller firms may not have a forensic auditor on the payroll, but most large, commercial accounting firms have forensic auditing departments.
Forensic audit investigations can uncover or confirm various types of illegal activities. Usually, a forensic audit is chosen instead of a regular audit if there's a chance that the evidence collected would be used in court.

How Forensic Audits Work
The process of a forensic audit is similar to a regular financial audit—planning, collecting evidence, writing a report—with the additional step of a potential court appearance. The attorneys for both sides offer evidence that either uncovers or disproves the fraud and determines the damages suffered. They present their findings to the client, and the court should the case go to trial.

If you've ever padded an expense report—or even thought about it—know that that is an example of fraud and could be uncovered easily via a forensic audit.
Planning the Investigation
During the planning stage, the forensic auditor and team will plan their investigation to achieve objectives.

1902b9e8 No.3626917

File: 1632535932119.jpeg (52.41 KB, 612x556, D4D98FEF-C1C6-48CF-A28E-4….jpeg)

No, they will keep cheating.
Stop thinking they have limits.

6c653c15 No.3626918

File: 1632535972464.jpg (79.06 KB, 1280x720, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)


nuu not my bike guys, if you live in New York.

6c653c15 No.3626920

It's insane how this guy thinks filming crushing a whole bunch of dirt bikes will generate positive optics or something, it's idiotic. He's trolling us all at this point because at the end of the day, regardless of how stupid or funny he is, that's our tax dollars he is lighting on fire. Well done, cartoon villain. Well done…

6c653c15 No.3626922

File: 1632538409607.png (212.05 KB, 512x365, syphyllis.png)

misread Phylis as syphilis

26d3edf2 No.3626923

>They will just keep cheating…

If you are 100% sure Democrats are going to win, why stay on the losing team? What is it you care about so much?

What actual policy do you value because unless it's making the rich even richer, I don't think Republicans are voting for it.

329b22f7 No.3626929

It doesn't matter if Mother Teresa is in it, My Little Pony, except for the original version, is and always will be utter leftist garbage and you have to be mentally retarded to like it.

1b03ee62 No.3626931

File: 1632544974240.jpeg (54.16 KB, 913x479, Screenshot_20210924-20503….jpeg)

“This is Our New Declaration of Independence” – Wendy Rogers Unveils Letter Signed by 41 State Legislators From 15 States Calling For a Nationwide Audit and Decertification

Today, we finally saw the long-awaited results from the Arizona Senate’s historic full forensic audit of the 2020 Maricopa County election.

Hundreds of Arizonans showed up to attend the audit report’s grand reveal. The gallery on the inside of the chamber was full and a large crowd watched the livestream video from outside the building on a big screen that was set up earlier in the day.

Once the senate hearing was finished, AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers took the stage outside to address the anxious crowd about the findings that confirm thousands of fraudulent votes were counted in November.

During her address, Rogers unveiled a letter that had been signed by 41 different legislators from multiple states, calling for a nationwide audit and decertification of every state where fraudulent votes changed the outcome of the election.

Starting with Arizona.

Watch Rogers read the letter to the crowd in its entirety:

BREAKING: Sen. Wendy Rogers unveils letter signed by 41 state legislators from across the country calling for forensic audits in each state, and urging their states to decertify the 2020 election if their audit results mirror those in Arizona. pic.twitter.com/Fd7mytHLX5

— National File (@NationalFile) September 25, 2021

The letter was signed by legislators from 15 different states. Washington, Texas, Utah, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Colorado, Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, and Minnesota were all represented on the document.

Rogers has been busy lately, traveling from state to state in order to convince other lawmakers to conduct forensic audits that mirror the ongoing one in Arizona. (Auditors in AZ are still looking at election data and equipment that has been withheld by the county)

It looks like her efforts have been paying off, but we still have a lot of work to do.

The full text of the letter, as well as the full list of 41 lawmakers who signed, was tweeted out by Senator Rogers shortly after she spoke to the crowd.

5efac07b No.3626933

russian state bureau news?

52c0963a No.3626934

What leftist messages were in the last version? I'm pretty on the lookout for that shit and I didn't notice any.

Hell, even their depiction of the rich capitalist seemed fair and didn't make him out to be some evil exploitative bastard like you'd expect from a leftist.

84bf10bc No.3626938


Please shut up. The dual boot? Some dude just wanted to play counter strike, that's all. Nothing sinister. Same with the security log on that other machine, probably to cover up installation of League of Legends.

You trumpsters are gullible !

329b22f7 No.3626940

You should know, Biden is Putin's Puppet.

Hm, that sounds familiar.

329b22f7 No.3626941

Just shows what a dumbass you are then I guess.

84bf10bc No.3626943


That mayor is literally lighting dollars on fire to fuel global warming. Does he have any brain cell??

Crushed dirt bike =
- needed recycling of their parts, at CO2 cost (yeah, recycling polutes a bit too, who would have thought ?).
- loss of opportunity to use it legaly outside NY, so that mean new ones manufactured at CO2 cost.

Heck, give them to POC living in the countryside, be *progressive* in acts instead of just empty words.

26d3edf2 No.3626944

Notice how >>3626931 doesn't show you where this story is coming from?

It's a leading story on the Gatewaypundit right next to the story about how liberals are going to force you to eat less meat and more fish as well as how the fake news media is trying to convince people Biden is a real Catholic.


1902b9e8 No.3626945

File: 1632554919625.jpeg (29.64 KB, 461x1024, 7EA2DC89-96C1-45DC-ADD5-6….jpeg)

Because I am not evil.
Because I am not a sheep on the side of neocons…
Because these people are assholes.

664aab4b No.3626946

>Because I am not evil.

People who define themselves "not evil" go on to make the most horrible atrocities.

Every communist dictator, fascist leader, tyrant and autocrat, and their followers were "not evil". They were simply doing what's good and right according to them.

cf517655 No.3626955

File: 1632564967115.jpg (30.59 KB, 1199x619, 65406840.jpg)



cf517655 No.3626956

File: 1632565175864.jpg (99.51 KB, 640x900, 1632364541908.jpg)

What? You think socialists give a crap about the nonsense they preach? Look at the former Soviet Union, look at China, complete hellholes, full of pollution, and no one there gives a fuck.

You'd think AOC or America's Richest Socialist, Bernie Sanders would be falling all over themselves to help the "workers" but no, they just go to $30k a plate dinners and own multiple houses.

Imagine Bernie's image if he used one of his many homes to house refugees or criminal aliens, but no, why? You think a wealthy person wants to live around dirty brown people?

b7b83d1d No.3626958

File: 1632570146116.png (74.69 KB, 540x160, Ychan - ot - funny picture….png)

The internal social issues of the US have manifested themselves into a gridlock which prevents us from leading anything. As an American I have never been so disgusted.

26d3edf2 No.3626960


None of those things are policies. Those are buzz words. What actual governance do you want? Do you think people should have healthcare? Do you think speed limits are too low? Do you think we should tax the wealthy?

Can you name one actual good thing the Republicans have done for you in your life time?

26d3edf2 No.3626961

File: 1632572320900.png (29.17 KB, 608x199, Tax-payers-must-fund-our-c….png)

The Washingtonexaminer is no more serious a news source than facebook or fox news.

Right now they are running stories about how the government won't fund their cult-schools where they teach children to hate the government.


Stop reading these non-sense conspiracy rags, you are damaging yourself.

ec49385b No.3626962

File: 1632572423228.jpg (23.26 KB, 379x315, Capture.JPG)

>why stay on the losing team

THIS….THIS is why democracy does not work.

There is a reason the founding documents did not have universal voting rights.

b7b83d1d No.3626963

File: 1632573295715.png (2.49 MB, 1491x1800, american_joke.png)

*Chants USA 50 times*

>What actual governance do you want?

Progressive science that could improve living standards. Old outdated needs reformed and optimized.

>Do you think people should have healthcare?

Yes, as long no ill corrupt groups conspiracy freaks corrupts it.

>Do you think speed limits are too low?

The problem is crowd and car population usage, What some of the states need is maglev trains with delivery drones to reduce travel usage.
The more cars they build the more roads are needed the more roads are built the more cement and pavement is needed to built.

>Do you think we should tax the wealthy?

It's complicated, we should take a look at what resources is being used up the most, build more machines and invest in delivery infrastructure to reduce the cost.
taxing the wealthy is not enough what is being tax the most? Healthcare and Road infrastructure!

>Can you name one actual good thing the Republicans have done for you in your life time?

I have no experience with them, I have not even met them in person. But this is what I learn from a cartoon.
Family Guy - Republican Town

ec1616cd No.3626967

File: 1632575446413.png (5.31 MB, 3840x3840, 2606440.png)

Well then what do you say about those who accuse others of being evil?

26d3edf2 No.3626968

File: 1632576975017.jpg (39.43 KB, 636x335, FAGsKHrUYAAGAzx.jpg)

Being an evil person is dependent on actually doing evil.

Republicans believe that disagreeing with them is doing evil because white people must always be obeyed and if you disagree with them you are not obeying them.

To a conservative, even the slightest disagreement is the same level of egregious evil as raping a child. That's why they call everyone pedophiles.

They don't think millions of people in Democratic leadership are actually fucking kids, but they know that Democrats and leftists don't obey them.

Raping kids is, to a conservative, the moral equivalent of telling white people no. That is why they scream pedophile at everyone they disagree with.

It's the most unthinkable evil they can picture and they feel like that is the level of evil people are inflicting on them when they stop conservatives from being racists, sexists, or rapists.

26d3edf2 No.3626969

File: 1632577569531.png (198.02 KB, 528x297, Everything_You_Just_Said_I….png)

Bernie has three houses because he and his wife live in one where he works in Washington, they have her family home in Vermont that she inherited, one of their kids lives there full time with their kids, and they have one they helped a different set of their kids buy so their grand kids would have a place to grow up.

You act like he's some rich, elitist, snob but he's just a guy providing for his family like any good American should.

Not that a Republican sociopath like you could understand what being an American is.

AOC's dress was given to her for free to wear that night then returned to the woman who made it. She had been invited to the dinner and ate for free because she's in congress. So again, your meme is bullshit.

1b03ee62 No.3626971

>>Republicans believe that disagreeing with them is doing evil because white people must always be obeyed and if you disagree with them you are not obeying them.

That's not true, though.
Everything you have ever accused Republicans or Conservatives of doing on here is something the LEFT is doing and the right is NOT. Almost without exception.

Don't know if you're ignorant, or just evil. I suspect some of both.

fad4a172 No.3626977

File: 1632587946507.png (393.91 KB, 640x500, wrongcoyote.png)

>>>>I've had to deal with wokists of your ilk..
>>>>Smooth brains like you it's always black or white, good or bad, left or right, all or nothing.
>>lol The irony..
No, not any irony.

Pointing out that you fucking leftist dipshits can't see nuance to save your live:
1.) is logically consistent
2.) doesn't make me a right-winger (nah not feelin that social conservative shit)

But you idiots redefined right-wing to hell and back, by 2021's definition Bernie Sanders is probably right wing at this point.

>>So go back to Europe then?
I am in Europe, you stupid Americlap.

fad4a172 No.3626978

File: 1632588207382-0.png (29.73 KB, 478x364, Screenshot_2021-09-25 The ….png)

File: 1632588207382-1.png (92.15 KB, 980x552, Screenshot_2021-09-25 Emma….png)

>> America was always intended to be a melting pot.
Second biggest lie ever told in the history of mankind. Maybe :3

Cause if that was indeed the case, then why had the law to be changed in the 50s and 60s? Clearly America was a European colony with European character.

But some people didn't like that, because they self-excluded themselves from being culturally European and preferred their own made up fake ethnicity over blending in.

b7b83d1d No.3626981

File: 1632589484604.png (388.56 KB, 1380x686, urban_doctor.png)


Buying more cars, building more roads, creating more taxes, and the cycle goes on.

26d3edf2 No.3626986


This is a PERFECT example of what I was just saying. You think disagreeing with the right-wing is equal to hanging black people or beating trans people to death. You think that being a minority is cause enough for your side's brutality.

When you disagree with the left, we TELL YOU that what you are doing is wrong and we ASK you to stop doing it.

When we disagree with the right you threaten people, murder people, and try to change the laws to throw people who disage with you in prison.

We are persuing democracy which requires people to disagree and for the majority to decide what the best course of action is, together.

You are pursuing fascism where a tiny minority forces its will on the majority through violence and abuse of power.

That's the difference. We allow you to disagree with us. You try to silence anyone who disagrees with you.

You feel like the left is this all powerful, conspiracy with a monolithic will to crush you because the majority of people don't agree with anything conservative and corporations know that so they don't want anything to do with you.

You are, basically, experiencing what it's like to be a minority for the first time in your white-privilidge lives and that is why you are freaking out. You are choosing be the things that society disagrees with and you are reaping the consequences of your choices.

You can stop being a bad person at any time and when you do, you'll be able to join the rest of us in civilization.

Until you do, we don't want you around so consider moving to Florida. It's the last bastion of conservatism in America and it's working out really well for them.

26d3edf2 No.3626987

If you're not in America then your opinion doesn't matter. Why are you even talking?

No one cares about whatever shit hole country you come from. If you don't live in America you don't get to talk about America.

Only we get to trash people who live in America. Don't think your opinion matters at all if you aren't an American citizen. Mouthing off about America will get you on the list. We will fucking invade your shit country and "Police" you into oblivion for shits and giggles. Don't think we won't.

fad4a172 No.3626988

File: 1632596418917.jpg (324.72 KB, 1024x768, 034.jpg)

>"gtfo back to Europe, whitey"
>"gtfo back to Europe, whitey"
>"gtfo back to Europe, whitey"

>is talking to an European

>"if you're in Europe your opinion doesn't matter"

Well, it kinda does. Because the dumbass race bullshit that you dipshits are inventing is being imported back here, ruining our countries with your already failed "melting pot" bullshit, and being imported badly on top of it (zero adjustments) resulting in stupidity like non-colonial countries that never had (that kind of) slavery self-flagellating over black people having been slaves.

So I'm gonna nip it in the bud and support anyone in your country who is against it, from the average non-woke democrat who doesn't want commie garbage to straight-up alt-right fashies.

You fucking asked for this.

Also I am talking to a white person. Fucking deport yourself first. But not here. You go to China.

1036d857 No.3626989

Good for you, we need more people like you and far less like 3B, his post to you above was very insulting to you.
Keep up the good work, I'm with you and so would be millions of non-brain-damaged Americans if they knew about you, guaranteed.

fad4a172 No.3626991

File: 1632598475767.jpg (115.94 KB, 800x600, 1236041604245.jpg)

Yep, don't worry. I just wanna fight commies.

Also everything else about claps and burgers is just banter, I'm not really serious about that, I love you guys, wish we had a constitution like yours (oddly ours may be the closest to that, looking at you United Kingdom). Absolutely guaranteed freedom of speech and freedom to own guns without the sneaky fucker EU way of doing it ("you are free unless the law says you're not free") is the right way of doing things.

Get your fucking Deep State pretending to be world cop just to test military tech under control though.

007d1267 No.3627004

>Progressive science that could improve living standards.

There is no "progressive science", there's just science or bunk. Truth or babble.

>As the republican thinker and second president of the United States John Adams stated in the introduction to his famous A Defense of the Constitutions of Government of the United States of America,[1] the "science of politics is the science of social happiness" and a republic is the form of government arrived at when the science of politics is appropriately applied to the creation of a rationally designed government. Rather than being ideological, this approach focuses on applying a scientific methodology to the problems of governance through the rigorous study and application of past experience and experimentation in governance.

The difference with progressive "science" is that it ignores actual experience and experimentation in favor of wishful thinking and dogmatic idealism.

b7b83d1d No.3627015

File: 1632610577714.png (389.3 KB, 817x823, 1535589053.alientourist_we….png)

1902b9e8 No.3627035

File: 1632618973964-0.gif (3.01 MB, 497x302, A9E6F566-8245-4E27-84BC-50….gif)

File: 1632618973964-1.jpeg (193.57 KB, 960x960, 9AEC8BE3-AA06-4D41-B15F-F….jpeg)

File: 1632618973964-2.jpeg (69.61 KB, 1024x576, C45F1806-D24F-44E2-9480-4….jpeg)

Am I the only one who looks at Lefties as being freaky betas who scream moral superiority?

b7b83d1d No.3627037

File: 1632620463618.png (1.54 MB, 1179x1374, chinamadeit.png)

See the connection here?

b7b83d1d No.3627038

File: 1632620683125.png (1.51 MB, 1476x840, weneedtotalkaboutthis.png)

Something is not right here and it has to do with an ideology that is killing itself.

1902b9e8 No.3627039

File: 1632620846455-0.gif (558 KB, 500x375, 78AC3D84-013E-4FB2-9452-C5….gif)

File: 1632620846455-1.jpeg (80.08 KB, 540x960, 53A38290-740B-4CEC-BF46-2….jpeg)

File: 1632620846455-2.jpeg (98.21 KB, 400x599, 6D2704D0-746A-4B69-B441-9….jpeg)

World leaders shaking hands!!!

d1107876 No.3627045

File: 1632626587093.jpg (61.06 KB, 736x523, Capture.JPG)

>You act like he's some rich, elitist, snob but he's just a guy providing for his family like any good American should.
>he's just a guy providing for his family like any good American should.
>he's just a guy

You are right. All of us have 2.5 million dollar net worths. Thats just couch cushion money.


26d3edf2 No.3627047


Awww, are you butt hurt that the socialist has made more money than you just because he and his wife worked for 40+ years?

Guess you should have gotten off your ass and worked harder. Have some bootstraps, cuck-boy!

26d3edf2 No.3627048

You don't get to claim that the founding fathers were talking about Republicans being sober, rational, science based thinkers who cared about social happiness while also claiming your "Southern Heritage" of being a confederate.

The left is who founded this nation.
The left is who wrote the constitution.
The left is who kicked your ass in the civil war.
It is the left who practices fact based governance.

It is the right who keeps pushing failed policies that have NEVER worked like trickle-down economics and unregulated capitalism.

26d3edf2 No.3627049


I found a new theme song for all you Trump-tards. Enjoy!


1902b9e8 No.3627051

File: 1632632838167-0.jpeg (135.81 KB, 840x1024, 4D95C8DA-E613-401C-9B05-B….jpeg)

File: 1632632838167-1.jpeg (120.8 KB, 1024x821, D5938BA7-9C99-4FFA-B6ED-4….jpeg)

File: 1632632838167-2.jpeg (245.23 KB, 853x1000, FC85945C-4B80-4D73-9E33-9….jpeg)

File: 1632632838167-3.gif (44.23 KB, 220x169, BF95E23B-CD7D-4DF7-99D3-C0….gif)

Democrats….those racist slave owners in the north!

88d46263 No.3627053


HA HA it's always good to see that TRUMP is STILL living in your head RENT-FREE. Brace yourself, in the near future he's gonna be there a LOT MORE.

88d46263 No.3627056

I tried to get a POS Biden lover to defend his policies today. All the POS could do was attack Trump and his voters.

I basically told him he couldn’t defend Biden. He never said he could. And he didn’t offer to try. Afghanistan, the border crises, inflation, etc.

It's the same exact thing when I try to debate Atheists who believe in the poisonous lie of Evolutionism.. Instead of providing scientific evidence to support their Darwinian Myth, they IMMEDIATELY start to attack the Bible…

C'mon 3B, do it and prove me right YET AGAIN.

1902b9e8 No.3627058

File: 1632641517373-0.jpeg (76.31 KB, 576x768, D839872F-D295-46DB-9733-3….jpeg)

Even if Trump drops over dead he will live on until a new Trump is declared by the elites and the Leftists will happily respond with a mighty BAAAA!

26d3edf2 No.3627068

File: 1632658294466.jpg (33.21 KB, 500x280, Doubt_It.jpg)

>I tried to get a POS Biden lover to defend his policies today.

There are very few "Biden lovers" on the left. His policies are pretty much the same as Trump just slightly less stupid.

The only thing he's doing even remotely correctly is the vaccine roll out.

Everything else he's fucking up on an almost daily basis.

If Republicans had run ANYONE other than Trump they would have easily defeated Biden just like if Democrats had run ANYONE other than Hillary they would have defeated Trump.

Politics in America has become a race to see who can lose the most and still get paid by corporate lobbyists. It stopped being about governing America a long, long time ago.

26d3edf2 No.3627069


We will never tire of laughing at you and the king of fools that you worship.

Trump was right about one thing though, I am growing tired of winning. Biden just keeps winning over and over and over and over every time Trump demands a recount.

1b03ee62 No.3627078

File: 1632666417145-0.jpg (156.4 KB, 1024x565, vvesDsx7b.jpg)

File: 1632666417145-1.jpg (133.51 KB, 1143x622, Trump-in-GA-9-25-21.jpg)

File: 1632666417145-2.jpg (377.63 KB, 1024x566, AKwuEYUcAYclIFb.jpg)

President Donald J. Trump, 45th and 46th President of the United States of America, held a rally in Perry, Georgia, on Saturday, September 25, 2021, at 7:00PM EDT.

“We’re Going to Take Back Our Country from These Lunatics” Massive Crowd in Georgia Greets President Trump.

President Trump greeted Georgia and shared:

Inflation is skyrocketing.

Corruption is rampant.

Our leaders are issuing unconstitutional orders.

“It’s really not even believable what’s going on.”

When speaking of the southern border crisis, President Trump said, “This is an invasion.”

He also said, “You know there never was a concession.”

Look at that crowd! WOW GEORGIA!!

8cdaf9fa No.3627083


"Santa´s Lil´trump Soldiers" ?

da64e176 No.3627098

File: 1632689166118.jpg (205.41 KB, 1200x675, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

>The left is who founded this nation.
>The left is who wrote the constitution.

1789: The Constitution grants the states the power to set voting requirements. Generally, states limited this right to property-owning or tax-paying white males (about 6% of the population).

2d5323af No.3627102

>It is the right who keeps pushing failed policies that have NEVER worked like trickle-down economics

The left likes to criticize trickle down economics, but they're the ones actually implementing it. The left "regulates" the economy like a fireman who sets houses on fire to make work for himself and to appear as the hero. After all, if there were no injustice, you couldn't run on a platform of social justice. If there weren't poor and rich, you couldn't run on a platform of socialism. The progressive left can never solve the problems it sets out to solve, so it does the next best thing: it makes sure nobody else does either. The state defines corporations and their rights and responsibilities. It's the left that has been expanding the power of "unregulated capitalism" through expanding big state and making legislation more and more vague to permit more and more arbitrary control in favor of the rich.

Also, do you know who the neocons are? They're Democrats who changed party affiliations in the 60's and 70's because they thought the liberals were being too pacifist. They're leftists working within the Republican party.

2d5323af No.3627103

In fact, the whole trickle down economics is simply a talking point invented by the left. It has never actually been proposed by anyone:


>Economist Thomas Sowell consistently argues that trickle-down economics has never been advocated by any economist, writing in a 2014 column:

>Let's do something completely unexpected: Let's stop and think. Why would anyone advocate that we "give" something to A in hopes that it would trickle down to B? Why in the world would any sane person not give it to B and cut out the middleman? But all this is moot, because there was no trickle-down theory about giving something to anybody in the first place. The "trickle-down" theory cannot be found in even the most voluminous scholarly studies of economic theories — including J.A. Schumpeter's monumental History of Economic Analysis, more than a thousand pages long and printed in very small type.

>Sowell has also written extensively on trickle-down economics and opposes its characterization firmly, citing that supply-side economics has never claimed to work in a "trickle-down" fashion. Rather, the economic theory of reducing marginal tax rates works in precisely the opposite direction: "Workers are always paid first and then profits flow upward later – if at all."

Whenever a liberal hears of supply side economic theories being discussed, it's like a ringing bell to well trained Pavlov's dogs, so they start to bark, "Trickle down economics! Trickle down economics!".

29ce87f2 No.3627104

Whites are racist and dumb change my mind

2d5323af No.3627106

And, when the left uses trickle down economics, they simply dress the idiom in the opposite way, such as JFK's slogan, "A rising tide lifts all boats." when he was accused of pork-barrel spending.

The problem is that when we talk about "trickle down", we're not actually talking about giving - just about not taking as much. This is the often misunderstood point; not taxing someone isn't actually giving them anything. The left makes this mistake deliberately for propaganda.

>A 2017 IMF paper found that " (i) Personal income tax (PIT) cuts stimulate growth but the supply side effects are never large enough to offset the revenue loss from lower marginal tax rates; (ii) PIT cuts do “trickle-down” the income distribution: tax cuts stimulate demand for non-tradable services which raise the wages and employment prospects of low-skilled workers even if the tax cut is not directly incident on them;

Translation: reducing marginal tax rates on personal income WOULD improve employment and help the poor, but it would reduce the government's tax income more.

There are countries that have flat personal income taxes, such as Estonia, and they're doing pretty damn fine. The problem is not the marginal tax rate, but the fact that the government has made the 1% so rich and so powerful that no taxation can touch them anyhow. High marginal tax rates are just for the show of it.

1902b9e8 No.3627112

File: 1632699875729.jpeg (96.49 KB, 1024x691, 74C7FEB5-81E8-4720-8867-B….jpeg)

Move on already!

8c07e628 No.3627116

And that's why we need a tax system reform taxing only those that make above 35k a year or better yet tax those that actually do provide systems and services globally and leave everyone else alone I mean taxing someone's earnings is basically saying that you don't deserve all your earnings so were gonna take a bunch and make life more difficult its a system of control nothing more create more systems creates more tax requirements

26d3edf2 No.3627117

America was far from perfect when it was founded but it was set up with the idea that it could evolve and became a more perfect union over time.

Unlike conservatives who only want to go backwards to a time when royalty controlled everything, America was founded on the idea of progress towards a more just society for everyone.

26d3edf2 No.3627120


Racist and dumb is a mostly conservative thing. That's why conservatives feel like they are always under attack. The rest of society isn't like them and wants nothing to do with their bigotry.

88d46263 No.3627121

Hi, 3B

88d46263 No.3627122


4dc1419f No.3627129

File: 1632708812642.png (44.79 KB, 165x115, b3e.png)

I find the opposite is true. Most conservatives don't really give a God damn about race. They just want to live thier lives and be left the hell alone.
Why is it that so hard to do? Just leave people the hell alone.
Liberals are the ones who obsess over race all day every day.
It's lame and stupid. Conservatives get jobs and work for a living. Liberals if they do work cry about it and everything else for that matter.
When conservatives cry about being attacked… It's because they are literally being attacked.
There is no "rest of society" we are all part of the same whole.
I used to be a liberal until I realized….
Wait a minute… Something isn't right here.

946666d0 No.3627131

File: 1632708964758.jpg (42.97 KB, 960x640, staypuft dino.jpg)

Petroleum Dependency is the bad guy.

4dc1419f No.3627132

File: 1632709890776.jpeg (14.62 KB, 259x194, images (7).jpeg)

Ohhhh what are you gonna do?
Reeeeeee and call me rascist again? For what… Saying it's okay to be what ever race you are?
You gonna reeee and call me a bigot? For what … Saying we should be tolerant and let people live thier lives and leave people the hell a lone?
Oh boy gosh Golly wow! I can't wait to see what original take you'll come up next.

Ohhhhh you hate Nazis?
Oh wow what a brave stunning take you have. You hate a thing society has already hated and otherwise defeated decades ago.
How noble an endeavor to fight battles that have already been won and civil rights we already have.
Oh boy oh wow that Biden… I bet you're glad orange man Bad is out of the white house. O'l Joe sure is doing a great job isn't he?

60a2af91 No.3627136

File: 1632711044012.jpg (24.37 KB, 320x212, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

>a more just society for everyone.

Funny - things are falling apart. Cities have been under siege for almost two years now, invasion of the borders, economy on the verge of collapse, racial strife at a high point.

When does this progressive shit start paying off?

26d3edf2 No.3627139

File: 1632712965774.jpg (86.57 KB, 808x960, 300_self_own.jpg)

>Cities have been under siege for 2 years!

Anfia must use really slow burning fires to burn down those cities they have been destroying for years.

You would think they would have burned down at least one city by now.

8c07e628 No.3627140

Damages can be repaired dumbass. Ghost towns are only ghost towns when the entire population agrees its time to move and are rare now because no one builds tiny towns way out of the way anymore because there's no need now that we have advanced in mining and the ability to travel almost anywhere on the planet now and is a thing of the past. Other than people fleeing disasters or other influences ghost towns are almost an impossible feat in this day and time until some sort of apocalypse happens

2d5323af No.3627156

Do you happen to know what's the opposite to "trickle down" economics?

It's demand side economics. It's the idea that seeding the poor with free money makes the economy grow faster because it creates demand for products. Only problem is, that economy is then built around perpetual wealth redistribution with a new class of people who become dependents, because if you cut off welfare then the economy throws a belt and stops.

That makes it the perfect economic policy for liberals - because at once it treats the symptoms of high income disparity, while creating a society that is utterly dependent on the political class to shovel money around: "To me, to you, to me, to you…"

26d3edf2 No.3627174

File: 1632754436188-0.png (20.58 KB, 590x191, Matt Gaetz on Twitter.png)

File: 1632754436188-1.jpg (42.5 KB, 1080x477, Red_Flag_Self_Own.jpg)

Republicans are taking the KKK hoods out of the closet and showing the world who they really are today.

39e1f84a No.3627177

"I'm laughing at the superior intellect." -Kirk to Khan, "Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan

Trump at his Georgia rally threw reality out the window, claims his accusations were vindicated by the Arizona "audit."
In actual reality, not Trumpfairyland, they announced there was no fraud, and Trump lost by even more votes.

Trump isn't crazy, or senile.
He's pandering to his groupies, to get more donations.
And the stupids are still giving that greedy son of a bitch millions every day.

88d46263 No.3627178

Oh, YOU get to do shit like that but WE don't, just WHY is that? You admit that Republicans are supposed to be of a higher moral calibre than you, is that it? Just keep on poking the bear, you will get that caliber in your ass.one day, everything has a breaking point, and at this point you get what you deserve.
You can dish it out, now let's see if you can take it.

88d46263 No.3627179

No, that is NOT what happened, they announced the forensic audit showed the fraud was massive, so much so that it has now triggered forensic audits in dozens of other states. What YOU are referring to is the HAND COUNT that the MSM has been pushing, well guess what superior intellect, if you do the same suspicious HAND COUNT of fraudulent ballots that triggered the forensic audit in the first place, the original fraudulent HAND COUNT is going to be the same or similar. The HAND COUNT was done again to show that the suspicious results were actually there, a HAND COUNT does not examine anything, it just counts fraud, duplicate ballots, and everything else. The official Forensic audit shows that Trump had a winning margin in Arizona by at least 5x and the Senate is calling for decertification NOW of Biden's steal.

39e1f84a No.3627183


Got any evidence?
Of course not.
Only wild accusations of absolute shit.

b3265be7 No.3627187

"You can dish it out, now let's see if you can take it." -Biggest Crybaby Sore Loser Snowflake Assholes on the Planet

88d46263 No.3627188

Do your OWN research and stop believing what the MSM is saying, they not only outright lie and spin the news to cover
for Lyin' Biden, the Commander-In-Cheat, the most damaging thing of all is the NEWS THEY INTENTIONALLY DON'T REPORT.

26d3edf2 No.3627195

File: 1632773463373.png (607.73 KB, 432x559, Anti-Vax_self-Own2.png)

You need to post at least one which is based in reality. All the "Evidence" you post is just propaganda and half truths.

You have no real evidence, you have things you think is evidence because you never bother to learn anything. You just repeat what you see on your gossip rags without bothering to do even a tiny bit of research.

26d3edf2 No.3627196

File: 1632775482625.jpg (75.38 KB, 512x716, E_LWJnmWUAoWb7d.jpg)

>If you keep refusing to give me what I want I'll start shooting people.

Says the terrorist.

88d46263 No.3627202

The only Terrorist on here is you, 3B.
Don't think we don't know you for what you ARE.
Liar and Thief.

And AGAIN, you keep dodging the QUESTION and spewing your usual horseshit.

Why is YOUR side allowed to do Terrorist activities against the government and people of the USA and the Right is not?


26d3edf2 No.3627205

File: 1632777560867.jpg (47.77 KB, 640x500, E_shLBZWEAEsFG8.jpg)


Protesting isn't terrorism and you are allowed to do it.
Your side does it all the time. You can create a protest group yourself and request a permit then go hold your event like every American has the right to do.

The right just chooses not to because every time they try, they embarrass them selves.

Hardly anyone ever shows up for your side, and they are always outnumbered by counter protestors by at least 5 to 1.

The best you could do, spending hundred of thousands of dollars on organizing and busing people to your big event was Jan 6th and even with your God-King's future on the line, you couldn't get the job done. You couldn't even get half the crowd to go into the capitol building.

Even other hard-core Trump supporters think you're nuts for trying to overthrow democracy.

That's why the right doesn't hold protests. No one is stopping you, but you. We would all like you to do more protests. We love watching you prove how stupid and weak your movement is.

88d46263 No.3627207

Bye 3B

88d46263 No.3627208

You spew nothing but lies.
You think we don't know what you have done?
The burning cities.
The murdered and blinded policemen.
Storming the US Capitol building and trying to break down the doors of the Supreme Court during the Kavanaugh hearings.
Trying to storm the White House so violently it caused Trump to have to take shelter in an underground bunker.
Trying to burn down Federal Courthouses with people in them.
Shall I go on?
You filthy, motherfucking Lying piece of shit.
The ride is turning now that more people are bypassing the Lying MSM to get their news.
You deserve every bit of misery that is coming your way.

26d3edf2 No.3627211

File: 1632782203882.jpg (52.09 KB, 827x465, Republican_Self_Own3.jpg)


By all means, if you think there is that much evil in the world, go out and do something about it.

Don't just sit on your ass and bitch about it, do something you pussy! But you won't, will you? You cry all day and yet you never do anything.

You don't really care about America or saving children from pedophiles or stopping the left, you don't believe any of it. You just want to cry and pretend like you're the victim.

If you're so oppressed, then go out do something about it asshat. Stop being such a worthless, dickless, cuck.

99f9f4de No.3627221

>No, that is NOT what happened, they announced the forensic audit showed the fraud was massive

Who is 'they'? The Arizona senate who received the actual report and released it's findings streaming live or the orange loser who screamed it at his cultists at a rally?

39e1f84a No.3627223


"Do your own research."
Translation: "I ain't got shit."

Try again, stupid.

b7b83d1d No.3627224

File: 1632798696574.png (356.17 KB, 640x542, republicandating.png)

But they hold power over us though.

b7b83d1d No.3627225

File: 1632798829102.png (318.28 KB, 640x542, republicandating2.png)

and taught to hate and distrust them more.

c13098cb No.3627227

File: 1632800630205.jpg (34.23 KB, 540x360, TMW_Biden_Won_Again.jpg)

The people who got the official report where mostly Republicans so they were trapped between lying to make Trump happy by claiming their voting machines were broken and they should be fired or admitting Joe Biden won.

They chose to admit Biden won because they are betting that Trump's influence over the party won't last until 2024, or maybe they are betting he won't last until 2024. Either way, they wanted to keep their jobs now so they refused to lie for him.

You can go to the Maricopa County Twitter account where they debunk every claim made by the conspiracy nuts one after another and boy are the other republicans pissed at them for it. I expect someone to be shot at soon.

8c07e628 No.3627228

>>We won't continue wasting our time because you refuse to look at said proof etc.

There fixed it for you

39e1f84a No.3627230


You don't have any proof.
End of line…

8c07e628 No.3627231

Just. Because your ignorance makes you believe that only proves your refusal to look shows your little world is beaing threatened so ignoring is your only way to keep it before it comes crashing down. Either wake the fuck up or die ignorant and a failure understanding facts. Either way its no skin off our shoulders only yours.

bc2ac805 No.3627232

File: 1632805950052.jpg (167.01 KB, 800x1200, 00000206_p.jpg)


84bf10bc No.3627234

Not much time left for Biden, it'll be over soon. (1)

1: wanted to be like the leftists on board who claimed Trump was done dozen of times during his mandate because of Russiagate.

236fe952 No.3627242

lol faggot

39e1f84a No.3627243


Look at what?

So far all I've seen trying (and miserably failing) to back up the wild claims come from "sources" like Faux "news," OAN, Breitbart, or Newsmax.
And they constantly are getting caught simply making shit up.

Now, you have anything? Post it.
If you don't and once again whine that "I'm not looking," it'll prove what I said. You ain't got shit.

1b03ee62 No.3627245


We don't have to waste our time, because you think "proving" something we post is wrong is just backing it up with with concocted claims and lies from pretend fake news sources like CNNLOL and MSNBC that are easily debunked and disproven every time.

In other words, you ain't got shit.

4aaad7e4 No.3627246

File: 1632845004152.png (861.86 KB, 1257x707, Reverse_Conspiracy.png)

The facts are out and once more reality has a left-bias!
People are dying over 4 times as much in states that voted for Trump. Red=Dead!

This has lead the conspiracy nuts to go so far right they have circled back around to being on the left.

Now they are saying that the real conspiracy was that the left was trying to shame conservatives and prevent them from getting the vaccine so that conservatives will die out.

It was a trick all along! The people begging them to take life-saving vaccine were secretly trying to kill them! How could they not have seen it before now?!
It's so obvious!

88d46263 No.3627247

It will be MONTHS before anything 'might' be done about the results of the Arizona audit; and even then, The Bigot and The Whore will NOT step down. There really is no one who can make them either. They DO NOT CARE how they got there. They intend to STAY THERE. By the time the military or other 'fail-safes' our Constitution provides take action, the country will be in the hands of our demon's master, China.
The Bigot might just kick-off before his first two-years is up, but The Whore is poised to take over as puppetress (a mistress puppet; nicety for WHORE). Neither one is actually "in charge" of the country. Their 'tenure' is just a lark, a page in history, a culmination of their illustrious career in politics. They are not used to actual 'governing'. They only went into politics for wealth-building, and social reengineering. The cabal behind them, who make ALL the decisions, controls ALL of government; even the military.

All that one needs to know now, is exactly what they're seeing… The devil is good at what he does.

4aaad7e4 No.3627260

We all agree, your cause is hopeless and nothing you do will ever matter so you might as well take your guns and move to Florida to join the new confederacy.

We all know that's where this ends up. You'll betray America and become a terrorist just like your ancestors did.

88d46263 No.3627261

…says the fucking lying PROJECTING TERRORIST.

6e2f525b No.3627262

There is little difference between terrorist and rebel only really noticable dofference is in the eyes of the beholder. While one side might call you a terrorist the other a rebel because they are both the same side of the same coin.

c3d4ee8e No.3627265


If the Third Reich had won WWII , resistance-fighters would have been prosecuted after the war as terrorists and Churchill would have been hung as a war criminal.

Its all bended to the will of the people who afterwards write the history books.

6e2f525b No.3627271

Also that means that there is no such thing as terrorists in the common understanding just a side claiming the other was wrong. Truth be told humanity is under attack by terrorists as per real definition.

60a2af91 No.3627274


Funny how no Allied person was ever prosecuted as a war criminal following WW 2.

b23896f0 No.3627275


Not even Colonel Tin-eye.

Britains Premiere Torturer.

9a39f0ba No.3627287

Why would the winners punish themselves for winning?

Every government commits all sorts of crimes. It takes being conquered by somebody else to make them accountable for it and even then it's not about justice, just punishment for losing.

39e1f84a No.3627289


Thank you for proving just how fucking stupid and a liar you are.

71a85863 No.3627290

I'm gonna make communist propaganda posters!!!
But whose side am I on…?

6e2f525b No.3627291

And thats why you are an idiot. Just because you dont believe it doesnt make it any less true. And refusing to do look for yourself shows you are content with being told what to do and what's what by people who absolutely refuse to use the truth and instead uses lies to get the results they want. I mean if your overlords told. You to jump off a bridge would you do it? Common sense has gone beyond out the window here its gone fucking nuclear.

4aaad7e4 No.3627293

File: 1632870115633.png (352.35 KB, 865x299, Valley_of_Death_.png)

>There is little difference between terrorist and rebel only really noticable dofference is in the eyes of the beholder.

Rebels are people who are part of a nation and are fighting within the nation. Terrorists are technically people who are from outside a nation. An invader who uses terror to attempt to influence policy or public opinion.

The Confederacy was a terrorist nation because they left America and formed a new nation then went to war with America.

The transition from rebel to terrorist comes when you form your own nation.

That is the clear trajectory of the right-wing. They can't win in America so they will try to make their own smaller white-America and pretend like the rest of us should treat them like they are still part of America but we won't.

You'll be the enemy and we'll do to you what we did to Sadam.

I can't wait to see you get slaughtered like the rabid dogs you are by the might of the U.S. Military.

4aaad7e4 No.3627295

File: 1632870970514.jpg (16.44 KB, 300x227, Predicting-the-Future121.jpg)

Take a screen shot.

It's 9/28/2021, and I'm calling it now some time in the next 5 years the U.S. military will be deployed into the south after the south leaves America and conservatives in the New Confederacy will complain because the military isn't supposed to be deployed on U.S. soil.

They will truly believe that they are so entitled they should get to form their own government, elect their own president, establish their own congress, but still be entitled to being part of America and get tax money from America to fund their shit-hole confederate terrorist nation.

They will be FURIOUS that we we don't treat Confederate-America as if it's in the U.S.A. and give them our tax-money.

d498e0cc No.3627296

great fantasy and all… other that the south and conservative areas are the places that have all the major military bases… not to mention that the military in general as people are vastly conservative.

4aaad7e4 No.3627298

File: 1632871956243.jpg (68.02 KB, 735x1024, FAET3CiUcAMvWpQ.jpg)

>not to mention that the military in general as people are vastly conservative.

Please keep believing that. It'll make the surprise ending so much more fun for us.

d498e0cc No.3627299

I mainly believe it because I'm a veteran, and when I was in most everyone I served with were conservatives, doesn't help that every time a liberal comes into office they totally fuck the military. Plus the statistical numbers kinda confirm it.

88d46263 No.3627306

I'm predicting that in 2024 when Trump runs again for President that the Democrats will cry and piss and moan and say that he is INELIGIBLE BECAUSE HE HAS ALREADY WON TWICE.


cc5280b5 No.3627314

File: 1632879349789.gif (9.05 KB, 515x284, e4cizu5dik2f7tehmug5gw.gif)

It is true that there are more conservatives than liberals, but the gap is not as great as everyone thinks. More importantly, officers are typically the liberals, because they are college educated and just generally higher IQ than enlisted men.

d498e0cc No.3627319

I was in the air force, which pays way more attention to officers than other branches… and thats not true. They just tend to follow the pattern more than enlisted people.

You'd be pretty wrong thinking enlisted people are not educated. A lot of us didn't have Master's degrees, but a lot of us also had associates and bachelor degrees. Me, I have a bachelor, an associate's and two technical certificates. Not counting all the bullshit the air force gave me.

d498e0cc No.3627321

you forget that the ASVAB is pretty unforgiving when telling who can and can't enlist, you don't only have to graduate college, but you also have to hit a much higher standard than regular graduation just to be able to enlist. Like, only 10% of the population even meet the minimum cut. Thats just the education part, then you also have you do basic training/boot camp, then tech school, then ect. Its not that easy.

8d815ac2 No.3627323

> By the time the military or other 'fail-safes' our Constitution provides take action,

Every person in all 5 branches of the military (hello Space Force!) raised their right hand and swore an oath to protect the US from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

For all five branches to collectively consider either of those people to fit into that description and take some kind of action is a wet-dream fantasy MAGATs believe in to pretend that there'll be a Storm and Great Awakening.

Ive been here since 2017 waiting for both. When are they happening? Tomorrow? Soon? I'm trying to Trust the Plan here but it's been a long time.

d498e0cc No.3627326

Nothing is going to happen, I went in in 2012, had to go through the stupid Obama thing where we all just had to dry our hands on our pants cause there were no paper towels, bring our own hand soap and toilet paper, and use "airman power" to move around pallets because there was no funds for diesel. Not even getting into the lack of air conditioning, heating, basic food service, indefinitely delayed pay, and all the other things he did to us.

Nothing is ever going to happen, and even if someone calls to arms, back then it was a general consensus that no one would do jack, and its probably going to be like that if any democrat president is ever stupid enough to call the military on their own country.

39e1f84a No.3627328

File: 1632882228901.jpg (67.56 KB, 640x465, mt6.jpg)

I get the biggest laugh from these "Meal Team Six Warriors," who just about always have big mouths, make grandiose pronouncements, but when the rubber meets the road they surrender faster than the Confederacy did in 1865.

b7b83d1d No.3627330

File: 1632882383050.png (616.61 KB, 736x939, 719b5a9f4384d644cc037f41af….png)


4aaad7e4 No.3627343

>I was in the air force…
>I was one of the cowards dropping bombs on civilians from 18 thousand feet in the air.

Fixed that for you.

We know the military won't side with Trump because he's already been president and they already turned against him, ignored his insane orders and went behind his back to make sure he didn't start a war with China.

We know how this works out because it's already happened.

1b03ee62 No.3627347

File: 1632890334013-0.webm (4.8 MB, 854x480, 7C2tc.caa.webm)

File: 1632890334013-1.jpg (115.7 KB, 1260x716, jack-georgia-dropbox-harve….jpg)

They Got Caught! 24 Criminal Operatives Caught on Video Stuffing Dropbox with 1,900 Ballots in 3 Days (VIDEO)

This is a huge development!
In Georgia, 1,900 ballots were counted from a single Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) dropbox over one weekend, but surveillance shows only 24 people dropping off all of these ballots. That’s nearly 75 ballots per operative!

Stuffing ballot boxes is a crime in Georgia as it should be everywhere.

Former Rep. Jack Kingston went on Newsmax on Tuesday and broke this news.

Former Rep. Jack Kingston: I know of one dropbox in Georgia that is being looked at. The dropbox averaged 6,000(?) ballots a day. Yet over Columbus Weekend, a three-day weekend, 1,900 votes were counted. But surveillance shows that only 24 people went to the dropbox. You can’t have that kind of ballot harvesting in the state of Georgia. So we have to look into this.

This criminal activity took place in Georgia in 2020.
It’s time for criminal charges against these lawbreakers.

1053f0d0 No.3627352


bf92ae61 No.3627353

Black people just want to see white people riot like them.

e9d9236c No.3627359

Doesn't mean he doesn't still have influence, and connections, and the ability to pull some strings. Look at what the illegitimate former president Kenyan, Obama has been doing.

1b03ee62 No.3627363

File: 1632912039570.jpeg (146.74 KB, 1284x1265, 230D88F7-695C-4449-B4C2-7….jpeg)

September 29, 2021

President Trump Endorses Kari Lake For Governor of Arizona – Radical Leftist Katie Hobbs: “ARIZONA ALERT”

Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake has been endorsed by President Donald J. Trump.
Kari Lake is a walkaway career news anchor who left the media industry because she could not tolerate the lies that were being sold.

She is now running for governor of Arizona on a pro-life, pro-border wall, pro-election integrity platform to make Arizona great again.

Lake has taken a strong stance on the 2020 fraudulent election and the Biden Regime, calling for indictments, decertification, and an audit of all 50 states.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has already filed a Litigation Hold Notice against Maricopa County, and the investigation is starting.

President Trump released a statement today to announce his endorsement.

Kari Lake is going to uphold the MAGA agenda and fight off the radical left.

Radical, far-leftist Secretary of State and Democritic Gubernatorial Candidate Katie Hobbs is losing her mind over this because she knows who her state really voted for.

59bdd9b0 No.3627367

>It is true that there are more conservatives than liberals, but the gap is not as great as everyone thinks

You don't know where the independents fall on the conservative/progressive axis. You're simply confusing party affiliation with conservatism.

39e1f84a No.3627375




Try again, only this time use a LEGIT news source, not this far-right bunch of kooks and liars.

39e1f84a No.3627376


Of course The Former Guy endorses Kari Lake, she's a kook, a liar, has no credibility and no class.

She's a "My Pillow Guy" and Trump groupie.


Perfectly fits into Trump's fairyland that he's still pushing for one reason only.
Cashing in.

e9d9236c No.3627379

>> ID: 39e1f84a

C'mon 3B, you can lie and troll better than that.
Those are the exact responses everyone expected from you, seems like you're in a rut.

e9d9236c No.3627380

Trolls like 3B like to say that there couldn't have been such a wide-spread and encompassing fraud across the USA because it would have involved the efforts of such a large number of people, literally tens of thousands, that it would have been impossible for it to have happened.


6e2f525b No.3627387

Fyi just because you don't like us does not ever mean our claims are invalid for this should be a well known fact in a true democracy an election for any country is a very delicate process and takes time to implement and also hinges on its own national security and how internal affairs controls it. Therefore if there's any doubt whatsoever in order to protect the country its interests and so on it must always implement an investigation regardless of the outcome or what certain people claim for claims don't make fact till investigation has been done and if done improperly well that's when they must make changes all parties including second in commands get removed for none of those people were legitimately put there.

So who gets to be acting president till things can be dealt with internally? We cant be sure may be trump might be pence might be someone else. But definitely not those sitting there or having affiliation.

39e1f84a No.3627391

File: 1632958083211.jpg (134.97 KB, 1024x922, FAfQjBDXEAI6UYf.jpg)


The cult of Trump, the cult of Faux "news," the cult of stupidity.

44aefc22 No.3627392

File: 1632958366439.jpg (69.79 KB, 561x869, mask vs no masks.jpg)

52c0963a No.3627397

File: 1632960737302.jpg (3.25 MB, 2000x1846, b0da2d23584102f2057dfc9065….jpg)

Cult? You know Trump tells his followers to take the vaccine, right? The crowd actually booed him when he told them they should take it. What kind of cult does that?

I've got my horse dewormer, I'll be fine. It's more effective on Delta than the vaccine anyway, even if you wait until you have wuflu symptoms before taking it.

I'd rather live dangerous freedom than peaceful slavery.

4aaad7e4 No.3627399

>"I know of a thing that happened in a place and it's all very serious which is why I'm not giving any specific details at all or evidence."

Do you really believe this non-sense? Seriously? What a sheep you are.

15fb21a8 No.3627400

There are names of real people and accounts of what they did, where it happened, when it happened, why it happened, and all are verifiable.
What is it, exactly, that you want other than CNNLOL carrying it, which they won't because it goes against their agenda, before you believe it to be a true account?

e144394e No.3627401

>There are names of real people and accounts of what they did, where it happened, when it happened, why it happened, and all are verifiable.
weird I didn't see any of that in your post

6e2f525b No.3627402

Again I reiterate the argument if you were told to jump off a bridge would you do it? Of course not so why should you believe what your being told to do with all the evidence to the contrary. Ohh woe is me I keep having to see things I don't like so I have to whine all about it and claim all other things as false to keep the idea that you think your correct.

e144394e No.3627413

>all the evidence to the contrary.

6e2f525b No.3627423

All that shit you ignore bro where have you been. Apparently you just don't care enough to pull your own head out of your ass your responses are just further proof of this. You know nothing jon snow

e144394e No.3627425


6e2f525b No.3627426

What im not your mom and your not a kid anymore so suck it up and go do your research or shut the fuck up.

You again are a brainwashed pleb that has no idea what they are saying. Your dismissal of facts because you wish to not believe that you coupd be wrong is a sign of a narcissist who has lost the fight now you resort to childish mental gymnastics and again that makes you ignorant and stupid.

e144394e No.3627427

>do the research
this implies you have done the research

6e2f525b No.3627429

And thats why you are the most retarded. You act like we have to do the work for you. Are you going to pay me if not then fuck off and do it yourself and stop being such a retard maybe then the reality might change and you'll then stop being a retard. Good luck and dont come crying to me anymore kid.

e144394e No.3627430

>Are you going to pay me
this isn't a mcdolan's dumpster

83642aa8 No.3627431

File: 1632977416228.jpeg (64.52 KB, 960x705, FAZfSg_VcAAlhGx.jpeg)

It literally takes 10 seconds to post a source.

6e2f525b No.3627433

Ill take that as a no and forever more label you as too stupid to have a opinion for. Yourself and for your safety and others I prescribe a dose of go the fuck home and don't communicate with the outside world for it will trigger an episode of stupidity.

4aaad7e4 No.3627435

File: 1632977919220.png (898.37 KB, 612x820, Owning_the_Libs.png)

Considering how much everyone on this board hates you and everything you post, you should probably just leave.

027e7770 No.3627436

File: 1632978017086.jpeg (60.58 KB, 1398x1212, EyK3aaQVcAEdMqr.jpeg)

Post a source. I dare you. You can't because there is nothing.

e144394e No.3627437

>for it will trigger an episode of stupidity.
it's too late, you're already here

4aaad7e4 No.3627438

>There are names of real people and accounts of what they did, where it happened, when it happened, why it happened, and all are verifiable.

No, the only name given was the guy who went on Newsmax (A even more retarded station than Fox News) who said he saw something. He gave no names, no locations, no details at all.

"One dropbox in Georgia" is not a verifiable location.

e144394e No.3627439

but zuckleborg and hillary and such as


they're coming for your childrens!

4aaad7e4 No.3627441

Rep. Jack Kingston says that 24 people dropped off thousands of ballots and they were caught on surveillance so you have the surveillance, right? You can show each of those 24 people stuffing 800 envelops into the Dropbox each?

Where is the video? Surely, if you have proof like that you will show it to the world! That would totally vindicate Trump's claims, so where is it?

e144394e No.3627442

the deepfake render servers were hosted by Epik, so it may take a while

4aaad7e4 No.3627445

File: 1632979785191.png (273.69 KB, 598x567, Screenshot 2021-09-30 at 0….png)


The Republican in charge of the election did recounts and a hand recount but I guess he missed this super-obvious cheating all three times, right?

Is he in on the conspiracy? All the people who work for him? The state legislature? The electoral college? Everyone involved in the election on every level?

How deep up your ass do you think this conspiracy goes?

6e2f525b No.3627447

The same reason that makes you an idiot. Recount only deals with counting the existing votes not investigation into the legitimacy of those votes which is what were talking about. But your not intelegent enough to think about the facts.

e144394e No.3627448

>your not intelegent


4aaad7e4 No.3627454

File: 1632983275699.jpg (43.94 KB, 714x604, Conservative_Self_Own4.jpg)


If you think he's smart enough to understand why what he wrote is incorrect, you are overestimating him.

6e2f525b No.3627455

Again you are afraid of getting sick when you had no chance to get sick also those that have troubles fighting sicknesses cause of autoimmune response are a minority so you dont get to inflict your fears onto others what you are doing is called terrorism threatening jobs if they don't take a injection is the same as if your boss fires you for not having sex with them and if you cannot see that then you are a terrorist. Using threatening tactics and denial of basic rights on a country wide scale is no longer a domestic level threat its a global terrorist threat. Being that you believe rights are a joke wait till your ass is on the line you will be singing the same tune with time.

c5806f19 No.3627456

File: 1632985754348.png (146.81 KB, 297x223, E-x1ofIVQAUU6BL.png)

It's to promote the public welfare, dummy. Don't worry though, your job sucking dick behind the McDonald's dumpster is secure! You'll never be fired for being unvaccinated! Just become a Typhoid Mary for all the hog closet cases who patronize you.

39e1f84a No.3627466

File: 1633005768876.png (198.11 KB, 915x850, TMW2021-09-22color.png)

How does the right-wing misinformation (actually flat-out lie) cycle operate?

This cartoon by "Tom Tomorrow" sums it up quite well.

84bf10bc No.3627467

>did recounts and a hand recount

Totally fine and bulletproof verification, would have worked even for Vladimir.


1b03ee62 No.3627470

File: 1633010445505.jpg (185.74 KB, 600x600, liberal-tears-decal-decal-….jpg)

You're so butthurt over Biden being in office illegally and so scared shitless we're going to find a way to take it back, that you have to make up shit.

b7b83d1d No.3627474

File: 1633014624692.png (484.91 KB, 1434x1049, political_simulator.png)

1ee815ae No.3627475

File: 1633018600782-0.png (585.19 KB, 1418x1000, Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at ….png)

I cant be wrong when im so reicht

cc5280b5 No.3627478

Most corncobbed post in this entire thread.

39e1f84a No.3627480


"In office illegally"

All the real evidence shows Biden won.

Trump though is still throwing tantrums, he even lied about the Arizona "audit" fiasco.

This proves you're either a Russian troll, a 13-year old troll, a troll 45 years old still living in your Mom's basement, or simply just a total asshole.

b7b83d1d No.3627481

File: 1633025450829.png (225.88 KB, 680x486, Strait-of-Hormuz-680x0-c-d….png)


often could happen in 20-30 years later. Keep on eye on it.

15fb21a8 No.3627482


Show PROOF that Biden won LEGALLY.
ALL evidence so far points to the contrary.
He lost by a HUGE margin.

6e2f525b No.3627484

Get off that Yorkshire pony bro you are not on a high horse were still looking down on you as you imagine your midget horse as towering above others.

4aaad7e4 No.3627485

File: 1633027362654.png (510.63 KB, 960x400, WTF_Is_Wrong_With_You.png)

Conservatives: "Why do you ignore all the evidence I don't provide you?!"

Also conservatives: "Show me PROOF Biden won!" (Other than everyone on earth saying it's true and all the recounts and all the court cases and the fact that the people Trump hired to prove he won, staffed by his own supporters, proved he lost. I'm ignoring all that!)

4aaad7e4 No.3627486

According to the results you just posted, if we used your politics we would be running with a 69% budget deficit every year and our nation would collapse with a decade.


cf517655 No.3627489

File: 1633028658706.jpg (57.91 KB, 700x544, 20210927-180515-Varela - B….jpg)

Here's a great example of the so called Antifa "super soldiers". Kremlin Koolaid drinker, Benjamin Varela, was arrested for shooting (and minorly wounding) a Proud Boy member. His girlfriend however, decided to turn in Skinny Stalin for a nice big reward.


Not only do we have his name, his family's information, and no doubt the cops have his little fascist brigade's names now, but we also have a interrogation tape of this so called "revolutionary"


"Look out Nazis! Us anti-fascist folks are tough, strong, loyal soldiers!"

44aefc22 No.3627497

How come whenever I hear about 'Antifa violence' it's always from near Seattle WA or Portland OR. It's strangely as if there's only one group with a dozen guys that faggots like Andy Ngo claim are trying to destroy democracy.

cf517655 No.3627500

Those are the antifa that live in bias bubbles, so they believe when say, a Portland city official says they're antifa, they think they're going to be treated well.

There are antifa in other parts of the country, but they know if they're really outspoken, the community will retaliate.

That antifa hit squad guy that shot the Patriot Prayer dude in Portland in an obvious hit, didn't realize that just because Portland won't go after him, the federal government won't. Much like Mr. Varela found out.

What's amusing about Benny boy is that now that he's shown in video cooperating with the police, his fellow revolutionaries will label him a snitch and a police informant. He will be shunned in the left wing community.

39e1f84a No.3627504

File: 1633036770616.jpg (155.19 KB, 1200x600, holy-grail-horse.jpg)


This is Trump phanboi's horse.

I saw an editorial cartoon that sums up the Trumpbot's actual attitude.
Guy gets in front of the Faux "news," OAN, Newsmax cameras and microphones, and screams "Voter Fraud! Soros! vote counters hacked!" etc…
Same guy in court under oath, says "I think I read it on the Internet…"

39e1f84a No.3627506

File: 1633037141918.jpg (3.43 MB, 4608x3456, GEDC0175.JPG)

This is Donald Trump.
It's a gold chain I found at the Atlanta airport, looks like gold, right?
A guy I know took out a magnet and it stuck to the "gold" chain.
Trump has always been a phony. A fake. A liar who screwed people over, while crowing about being "The Greatest Ever."

44aefc22 No.3627507

Nonpolitical reply – will this get banned?

A DVD release of Monty Python's Holy Grail had an option where symbols would pop up throughout the movie and if you click on them the DVD would show receipts for various items purchased in the production of the movie so you can see just how cheaply it was made.

🥥🥥 And yes, there's a receipt for the coconut halves they bought.

39e1f84a No.3627508


There's a story about how the Python crew couldn't afford actual horses and all the expense that goes with them, so one of them suggested the coconut gag, and it's one of the funniest gags in the movie.

4aaad7e4 No.3627509

>There are antifa in other parts of the country, but they know if they're really outspoken, the community will retaliate.

He means the south. That's where all the Nazi sympathizers live.

4aaad7e4 No.3627511

File: 1633039301796.png (231.45 KB, 1920x923, Screenshot 2021-09-30 at 1….png)

Now this is the socialist ideal.

Universal income for everyone. Freedom for everyone to come and go as they please. One world government so no borders. Clean energy. Progressive taxes that fuck the rich hard. A world free of religious non-sense where science and reason rule.

A true, global democracy where only people who are actually educated can become nominees.
Best of all, no prisons. If you commit a crime we fine the ever living shit out of you and leave you to start your life completely over. Keep committing crimes and you get the death penalty.

No prisons. No upkeep costs. No mercy.

189cf5ef No.3627512

>totally not fascists: these people are evil commies!
>also totally not fascists: we know where your family lives!

4aaad7e4 No.3627513

>His girlfriend however, decided to turn in Skinny Stalin for a nice big reward.

The cops tracked them both down. She didn't turn him in and there was no reward.

You should try reading your own source article before you post. He'll probably just get fined for the graffiti since the proud boys are on video being violent. It was a clear case of self-defense.

It's the 2nd Amendment in action!
Aren't you so happy?!

15fb21a8 No.3627523

Provide this video.

39dbbecd No.3627527

More diversity in Portland….


b7b83d1d No.3627533

File: 1633052900623.jpg (332.74 KB, 1280x720, cityneeds.jpg)

If You want to live in a crime free world dont fuck up your citizen's neighborhood "Jerry meandering" Make sure their streets are desirable living. Of someone makes their life miserable we have background data of all citizens. Nobody wants to live in a shithole stagnated environment hindering progress. Play Caesar III and you will understand how city's citizen work.

b7b83d1d No.3627537

File: 1633056113624-0.jpg (209.51 KB, 1201x1183, i45txgvcqfh61.jpg)

File: 1633056113624-1.png (1.29 MB, 1200x817, APPIZSQFFRCRBIPI7V34FZD4FY.png)

b7b83d1d No.3627547

File: 1633070655070-0.png (465.72 KB, 886x679, thisissage.png)

File: 1633070655070-1.jpg (69.55 KB, 1024x576, 7eecc45561e3bd5bc86933c944….jpg)

File: 1633070655070-2.jpg (118.12 KB, 800x752, 9b7f1goalqqz.jpg)

If Existential crisis is stronger than politics…

15fb21a8 No.3627550

More proof that the left can't MEME.

15fb21a8 No.3627551

Still waiting for you to provide this video, lying 3B.
You claim it exists, so where is it?

4aaad7e4 No.3627553

File: 1633073976602.jpg (10.01 KB, 225x225, E9zaI6VXoAMCyqd.jpg)

There is a problem with your gamer-gate meme. The first frame isn't true but the second one was true.

Sexual harassment was par for the course if you played online for decades until women spoke up about it and kept speaking up about it. Now it's far less common for blatant racism, sexism, and homophobia to be allowed on gaming platforms.

It was never the video games themselves that were *ist, it was the players.

The right-wing targeted gamers for recruitment because they tended to be young incels who couldn't maintain a relationship and were angry about it.

The right-wing can't survive without mindless anger.

4aaad7e4 No.3627557

File: 1633077911183-0.png (32.23 KB, 607x507, Screenshot 2021-10-01 at 0….png)

File: 1633077911183-1.webm (3.85 MB, 640x360, Play_Stupid_Games_.webm)

>Where is your proof 3B?!

Here is a statement from the police saying that the Antifa was leaving and the Proud-Boys chased them down to "clash" with them.


Here is the video of the specific guy who got shot attacking the shooter with a baton pushing him through a hedge. They continues to chase Antifa until he drove them back with his firearm.

The proud boys where chasing and attacking antifa-protestors and the one who was attacked opened fire on them. They broke off pursuit and he fled the scene to safety.

The right-wing is very brave when attacking people with shields and batons if the targets are unarmed people.
Notice they let all the antifa with weapons pass by then attacked the one guy who didn't have anything in his hands. They choose him because they thought he was unarmed and his lawyer will use that against them in court.

It's a PERFECT legal case of 2nd Amendment in action.
They attacked him, they chased him, he defended himself and he escaped.

He'll probably get the vandalism charges and a fine and then have more chances to shoot some cowards in the future when you idiots keep attacking people thinking they can't fight back in a nation where there are 4 guns for every person.

1b03ee62 No.3627560

Nobody does racist shit except the left, 3B.
Anything else is in your mind.

1b03ee62 No.3627561

When you can get a source that isn't far-left and isn't infamous for cherry-picking, editing to suit, and spinning everything to exactly what THEY want it to be, you can try again.

91a94dc0 No.3627570

>Nobody does racist shit except the left

but you love racist shit and that's why you love the right. quit your fibbing, fibber o'fibberson. also, trump lost.

cf517655 No.3627579

File: 1633099058846.jpg (213.9 KB, 999x652, 1632303282072.jpg)

We don't love Biden, but the left does.

https://youtu.be/0_v00iGJCLY - Joe Biden praising Apartheid in South Africa - Find Trump doing this.

https://youtu.be/b4G7GIvLvgw - Biden trying to work around for the Civil Rights law and busing - Find Trump doing this.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkGQZAnmzr8 - Biden's "controversial" pro-segregated busing scheme as described by his own VP - Again, find Trump advocating for this.

https://www.newsweek.com/richard-spencer-reiterates-support-biden-disavows-useless-traitorous-gop-1527555 - American Neo-Nazi, Richard Spencer, throws his lot in 100% behind Biden

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oihV9yrZRHg - Biden on having kids pet his leg hair, jump on his lap with a culmination of a story dear to Biden's heart about the time he was going to beat some black kids with a chain. (I guess whip is more apt)

Seems to me, the only racists, are you and your allies. When you're on the same side as Richard Spencer, American Neo-Nazi, all the deflection in the world can't save you.

7441e55a No.3627592


People left loves what they are told to love by leftist.
People Right loves what they are told to love by Conservatives.

What is the difference ?

Biden is a little piece of shit. Everybody knows it.

Trump is a little piece of shit. Everybody knows it.

Biden is the man of the system.
Trump is the man of the disruption.

This is where they differ. If you think the system can work when voring Trump, please do so.

I will grant Trump 1 thing : He was way more honest abiut the systems intention than Biden or Obama.

He frankly said "There are a lot of killers. You think our country's so innocent?"

If people do not recognize this for the Eye opener it is, nothing ever will.

This is the System he is talking about. Not Trump. Not Biden and not Putin.

bddbfa93 No.3627604

>What is the difference ?

The left tries to remove that which it does not love. The right doesn't care for as long as it doesn't try to remove the right.

cf517655 No.3627639

American Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer voted for Biden, as did you, and the rest of the left in America.

Yet you claim, no, that's not an ally, even though you both voted for the same person.

39e1f84a No.3627664


Richard Spenser is like just about all neo_nazis.

He's an opportunist who will latch on to whatever he decide to, to make money and get attention.

David Duke paved the way for these losers.

05df20d5 No.3627677

Nazis: "Antifa are all skinny weaklings!"
Also Nazis: "Antifa super-soldiers are burning down American cities and murdering good, hard-working patriots in the streets!"

The Enemy is both Weak and Powerful.

cf517655 No.3627680

Even a 100lb soy boy can start a fire.

84bf10bc No.3627685

>It's a PERFECT legal case of 2nd Amendment in action.

No it's not, the proud boy is walking slowly after that brawl with the antifa. Notice he has ample time to aim.

It's not self defense, it's retaliation. The antifa was at the liberty to walk away with his comrades.

15fb21a8 No.3627690

File: 1633121930755.jpeg (6.85 KB, 194x259, images (5).jpeg)

The economy is crashing, inflation is rampant, our country is being and overrun by hundreds of thousands of illegals a month, we just lost an entire country we fought 20 years for and armed the enemy with $85 Billion in military equipment, there have been many more Covid deaths under Biden than Trump, Government intrusions of privacy are at an all-time high, and Biden has the lowest approval rating of any president in history just 9 months in.


b7b83d1d No.3627697

File: 1633124695289.png (534.76 KB, 1051x764, WTISW_.png)

b7b83d1d No.3627699

Something I’ve been thinking about for a while is whether or not the original usage of the word treason has now been transferred to terrorism. In the United States it’s very hard to commit treason, you basically have to look up the word and then actively try to commit treason. It’s one of the only laws defined in the constitution itself because king George and his ministers would often use charges of treason to just get rid of people they didn’t like. Terrorism charges today seem to be fulfilling a similar role in certain cases.

4aaad7e4 No.3627712

File: 1633128575203.jpg (421.6 KB, 1275x1800, E_Hy-mhX0AMpPR3.jpg)

So, Joe Biden put out a memo saying that border patrol and immigration enforcement should, going forward, make people who are arriving illegally in America after Nov 1st a priority for deportation.

Of course they will continue to deport criminals but he wants the agencies to focus on stopping new people from entering America.
Republicans read the memo and what was their take away from it?

"Biden is opening the borders to illegals!"

They don't even live close to reality any more.

4aaad7e4 No.3627714

File: 1633128816780.jpg (29.33 KB, 828x810, E_zxBWDVcBAeJMi.jpg)


If you want to claim Republicans care about the economy you might want to wait until it's been at least a week since Mitch McConnel tried to destroy America by filibustering Biden's attempt to raise the debt-ceiling to pay the bills for the trillions of dollars Trump gave away in tax cuts to the wealthy.

"We refuse to pay the bills for the things we bought while Trump was president." isn't exactly the motto of the party of fiscal responsibility

b7b83d1d No.3627716

File: 1633128964328.png (501.54 KB, 1051x767, iranwaronoil.png)

15fb21a8 No.3627717

McConnel is a RINO, one of yours. A Democrat infiltrator, an undercover "sleeper" agent sent to destroy the Republican party from within, as about a third or more of them are, it's just another way you cheat, because you could never win anything otherwise.

Funny you never hear about ""DINO's", ain't it?

4aaad7e4 No.3627718

File: 1633129413420.jpg (56.49 KB, 851x479, E_MxkMmXIAMo4T_.jpg)

>a source that isn't far-left and infamous for cherry-picking…

It's the official place the city posts stuff from the police department linked directly from the municipal Facebook.

If you don't believe me, look for yourself.


4aaad7e4 No.3627720

File: 1633129709989.png (611.2 KB, 1000x667, Happy_October.png)

>McConnel is a secret democrat!

You're absolutely correct and I can't wait to put him back into office when his term expires in 2024. There is nothing you can do to stop us. It's not like you can primary out! We own him and through him we own all you cucks!


189cf5ef No.3627725

> Joe Biden praising Apartheid in South Africa
"repulsive, repugnant regime of Afrikaners"

yeah, that sure sounds like a full-throated endorsement of Apartheid

how do you get to be this retarded?

15fb21a8 No.3627728

File: 1633132286882.jpg (130.17 KB, 900x1001, Pro-Trump-Miss-Me-Yet!-bla….jpg)

15fb21a8 No.3627729

File: 1633132311338.jpg (46 KB, 600x600, st,small,507x507-pad,600x6….jpg)

39dbbecd No.3627736

189cf5ef No.3627757

>tell me you're in a cult without telling me you're in a cult

84bf10bc No.3627768

>there have been many more Covid deaths under Biden than Trump

It's just the crazy conservative antivaxers dying.

a927ea10 No.3627773

Liking Trump is a cult now?
You cannot be serious.

a927ea10 No.3627775

If I die from covid I want it engraved on tombstone I do not have a single shred of regret not taking the vaccine for it is better to die standing your ground than to live on your knees.

b9bef332 No.3627783

>It's just the crazy conservative antivaxers dying.

It's not only them, but mostly them so in grand scheme of things the world is better off.

b9bef332 No.3627784

>it is better to die standing your ground than to live on your knees.

Just remember to tell them that when you go to the hospital because you can't breath so they'll know to not waste a lot of effort on you.

128a1b93 No.3627786

Not really truth is us antivaxxers are more likely to be immune. And being this is a flu virus and I'm totally immune and living god mode and refuse to provide my blood to you idiots is you cant handle the truth. You are the ones dying in droves not us being your numbers are greater so reality us antivaxxers have more smarts than you cause we understand real statistics not made up ones to suit our needs like yourselves. Put 10 people in a room and around 2 out of 10 of those are going to be antivaxers so the math is not in your favor let alone statisticly showing you are 10x more likely to catch it

f9700c87 No.3627794

Antibodies superior.
Vax bois inferior.

b7b83d1d No.3627801

Trump voter: I rather Die were I stand than live on my knees.
Other Trump voter that took the vaccine: Good, I will take your place when you die. That is how conservatives took power by reading this book.
Trump voter: Treason!
Fox News: And CUT you both did good keep practicing your plays and we will convince them enough.

b7b83d1d No.3627802

File: 1633177649074.png (517.59 KB, 818x727, taliban_crisis.png)


Did the U.S. just created another terrorist organization crisis?
This is huge! history does repeat itself.

b7b83d1d No.3627803

Taxes paid by Americans for the last 20 years… while US homelessness is at its peak…way to go!
They didn't leave Afghan they just empowered them with all the money and weapons. Don't tell me they were unaware, they did that purposefully. Makes me wonder who the real terrorists are, the one who supplies the weapons or the one who uses it. These weapons are deliberately left there on the instructions of arms lobby. Now the regional countries around Afghanistan will have to purchase weapons for their defense.

e4ef2700 No.3627807


you make it sound like its a coincidence to leave a shitton of weapons and cash.

USA has just armed all terrorist/insurgence/leftist/rightwing/nutcase/militia groups right up to the borders of the declares enemies and competitors of the USA : Russia and China.

The planners and handlers at CIA and Pentagon may think its a stroke of genius . The rest of the world think that makes USA the largest Financiers and facilitators of Terror on the entire planet.

So enforced regime change upon USA when ?

b7b83d1d No.3627808

File: 1633182280900.jpg (220.46 KB, 1952x1098, original.jpg)

Who's Afraid of the Metric System?

which political party uses Metric or Imperial measurements?
Yes, this is a grave threat to some education system, economic markets, and healthcare.

b7b83d1d No.3627809

b9bef332 No.3627824

>Did America create another terrorist organization crisis?

You'll have to be more specific.

Do you mean when we funded the creation of the Taliban in the first place?

The time the CIA "lost" 31 million dollars that the Taliban found?

The time we put economic sanctions on the region which made it next to impossible to make a living farming anything but opioids to to supply big pharma with pills to sell Americans and then put members of the Taliban in charge of those farms?

When Trump released the guy in charge of the Taliban now and his compatriots from prison so they would help us fight ISIS?

When Biden pulled out and left behind enough weapons to make them a regional super-power?

Which time that we bailed out the Taliban to use as our pawn do you mean, specifically?

b9bef332 No.3627825

File: 1633198443052.png (429.44 KB, 484x460, ewfwegw4tg4243.png)

>Nobody does racist shit except the left…

Ok boomer.

15fb21a8 No.3627828

And you just proved it by posting a totally racist meme.
More proof the left can't meme and are the true racists and terrorists.

189cf5ef No.3627829

>i'm not in a cult
>modern medicine is oppression

did you just compliment yourself? >>3627809
anyway, the US has been using the metric system for a long time
The US has never used "imperial measurements".

>republican is a race
no, it's a mental disorder

15fb21a8 No.3627842

File: 1633206308488.jpg (130.13 KB, 704x704, ezgif-4-8c6e58b5ea81 (1).jpg)

39e1f84a No.3627844


Looking forward to when he gets frog-marched.

189cf5ef No.3627846

File: 1633208649191.jpg (464.32 KB, 1000x1500, reiko-date-wingfield-16.jpg)


44aefc22 No.3627847

Miss him? He hasn't been president for almost a year and I'm sick of still hearing about him almost daily … jeez go the fuck away. — Also


3c6cd89e No.3627849

Fuck no. Wait, I mean, I miss you sooo much Orange Daddy! That's right. I would like nothing more than for the Republican Party to run you again in 2024! Everyone else misses you just as much as I do! I can tell! You'll surely beat Sleepy Joe next time! I'm totally 100% serious and in no way trying to set the Republicans up for failure again (as if they needed help with that).

>this is an emergency
>conflating idw with the alt-right
>DO WHAT IT TAKES TO NEUTRALIZE THEIR POWER AND INFLUENCE. Whatever it takes. No exceptions. No reservations. Do you fucking hear me? Whatever it takes.
lolno What a bunch of hyperbolic nonsense. It's this exact mentality that's exacerbating the situation.

189cf5ef No.3627850

>we can't hurt republicans' feefees or they won't cooperate with us
no, mr. chamberlain, they're terrorists
simple as

15fb21a8 No.3627851

If they were terrorists there would have been about 700 worthless dead Congresspeople on Jan. 6 and a new government installed the next day, you fucking liar. They didn't even TRY such a thing, but I have no reservations that Democrats would have tried that, if things had been reversed.

189cf5ef No.3627852

189cf5ef No.3627853

189cf5ef No.3627854

189cf5ef No.3627855

189cf5ef No.3627856

189cf5ef No.3627857

189cf5ef No.3627859

File: 1633221426910.jpg (103.03 KB, 1200x675, I WANT THAT SAUCE MORTY.jpg)

a crime against humanity

many such cases

15fb21a8 No.3627860

File: 1633221448427.png (220.49 KB, 600x800, lions-not-sheep-og-basketb….png)

We have ways to deal with you DEMOCRAT TERRORISTS.
You have no idea yet what you've unleashed, TERRORIST, ENEMY COMBATANT, But it won't be long until you find out.

a016fabf No.3627864

File: 1633222651047.jpg (439.38 KB, 1920x1075, 332686_TheGiantHamster_poo….jpg)


d0218831 No.3627867

Nah, conservatives deserve to be ground into the fucking dirt and completely politically disenfranchised. They're already a dying political ideology. All this shit going on is just the last gasp of a cornered animal that knows its days are numbered. The faster they're nailed into the coffin the faster we can get on with the real work.

128a1b93 No.3627870

The fact that children cant be easily infected by the so called virus what other way did they come into contact with said virus. Sounds to me like clickbait or if real then they died from being forcefed the vaccine either way you put it your ideology just got shattered.

189cf5ef No.3627884

What if I had a mustard drenched cucumber tied to my leg and I did not want my pants to get dirty?

b9bef332 No.3627894

File: 1633249405232.png (20.58 KB, 590x191, Matt Gaetz on Twitter.png)

>Why are conservatives always wrong…

Conservatism is driven primarily by fear and anger, not reason or logic.

4 generations of conservatives have lived in terror of a black uprising where white people would be "replaced" somehow by black people who make up like 15% of the population. That's how stupid conservatives are.

b9bef332 No.3627895

File: 1633249917802.png (115.45 KB, 585x240, Wonderella_Dumbass_Buffet_.png)


The problem with conservatism is that we keep letting them come back. We keep acting as if conservatism is a viable and reasonable alternative view of reality.

We need to stop allowing them to call themselves conservatives. They aren't. They never were.

Conservatives are just fascists. They are just Nazis who haven't got enough power to be as brutal as they want to be.

We need to call them what they are. We need to call Religion, all religion, what it is, pretend. We need to stop treating these morons as if their opinions have any merit. All religious books should be sold as Classic-fiction.

Churches should lose tax exemption and be reclassified as book-clubs because that's all they are.

We need to stop treating non-sense as if it's important and non-sense people as if they are even slightly legitimate.

b9bef332 No.3627896

I like how the model in that picture is like, "Shit, I know I gotta wear this for the job but I don't want anyone to see my face. Give me a hat!"

15fb21a8 No.3627903

The one thing about Conservatives is, we don't take kindly to liars, theives, and violence and the Left-Reich you worship and that will ultimately be your downfall is all three.
The main difference is, when one of our side goes off the rails and does one or more of those things, we don't glorify them like you do. We want to see them outed, arrested, and punished for it.
We've been too nice to you so far, and let you get away with too much insane and crazy shit.
Far too nice.

15fb21a8 No.3627904

>The problem with conservatism is




44aefc22 No.3627906

I like to think of the replacement theory as something like the Stepford Wives where you go on a brief vacation and when you come back your white next door neighbor looks similar but has darker skin, an afro, and has become a Rastafarian. Then your wake up one day and your other neighbor has a bigger nose, wears a yarmulke, and starts speaking Yiddish phrases.

Yeah.. that's how 'Replacement Theory' works.

b9bef332 No.3627914

File: 1633274057136.png (222.72 KB, 471x289, J_Cant_Even.png)

>The one thing about Conservatives is, we don't take kindly to liars, thieves, and violence…

You just described the Republicans. Your entire party leadership is full of pedophiles, thieves, and criminals.

cf517655 No.3627915

It's more like "Pedro will take five dollars less than an American, and his wife can be one of the tens of thousands of maids that we can pay next to nothing."

California leftists really love their slaves, er their brown guests!

b9bef332 No.3627916

File: 1633274464066.jpg (54.55 KB, 494x321, r_Incel.jpg)

>Yeah… that's how 'Replacement Theory' works.

Exactly. Incel republicans are angry other, more attractive and successful white men are fucking the kind of women who won't give the Incel the time of day.

b9bef332 No.3627917

File: 1633274833678.png (123.06 KB, 800x755, Screenshot 2021-10-03 at 1….png)

b9bef332 No.3627918

File: 1633274979158.jpg (189.5 KB, 1073x1227, FAd0PLXVQAAPh6X.jpg)


Illegals in California are probably making way more than Republicans in most red states because Republicans treat their voters like shit.

189cf5ef No.3627920

the industries that typically employ undocumented immigrants lean heavily toward republicans though

189cf5ef No.3627921

>The report also noted that for deaths of Black Americans due to police violence, an estimated 59 percent went unreported over the past 40 years.
So that's what the Three-fifths Compromise was about.


189cf5ef No.3627922

File: 1633276426867-0.png (937.3 KB, 897x1008, Screenshot 2021-10-03 at 1….png)

File: 1633276426867-1.png (100.19 KB, 1200x621, Screenshot 2021-10-03 at 1….png)

File: 1633276426867-2.png (91.87 KB, 1200x619, Screenshot 2021-10-03 at 1….png)

Just a reminder to all you True Patriots:

189cf5ef No.3627923

15fb21a8 No.3627924

Not meant to be derogatory..but Saucy has been in psychiatric care previously along with treatment for severe depression…everyone should just let him rant and walk away.
I'm pretty sure the tat on his wrist is a target for the razor blade.

189cf5ef No.3627925

File: 1633277265768-0.jpg (89.81 KB, 1024x673, bdWIPFKWlfzklw1XktE3PFeraR….jpg)

>Saucy has been in psychiatric care previously
they keep telling me I can't just go around sucking all the dicks

189cf5ef No.3627926

48747a2a No.3627927

>Sign vandals

You really do belong in an institution

189cf5ef No.3627928

>Today's anti-mask activists have much in common with anti-handwashing doctors of the 1840s


189cf5ef No.3627929

>politically motivated violence isn't terrorism
weird, that's exactly what you'd expect a terrorist to say

48747a2a No.3627930

If vandalism is violence then BLM and antifa are violent terrorists

189cf5ef No.3627932

so you accept that conservatives are terrorists?

189cf5ef No.3627933

> Column: New evidence undermines the COVID lab-leak theory — but the press keeps pushing it


48747a2a No.3627934

I accept that you're a disingenuous retard with a bad case of ideological delusions

189cf5ef No.3627935

189cf5ef No.3627937

>Conservative poutrage headline: Democrat Tammy Duckworth hasn’t paid property tax on her Illinois home since 2015, report says

>Libel-saving reality in the byline: The U.S. senator takes advantage of a county tax break for disabled veterans that applies regardless of income, a report says

Why do conservatives hate our military veterans?


189cf5ef No.3627940

File: 1633280845318-0.webm (5.44 MB, 480x270, hX99qat4ZFcU4DMz.webm)

15fb21a8 No.3627942

File: 1633283561504.jpeg (55.08 KB, 1070x1000, A13usaonutL._AC_CLa_2140,….jpeg)

Congratulations, "Saucy". You are now the New 3B.
And will be treated accordingly.

15fb21a8 No.3627943

File: 1633283657347.jpg (36.25 KB, 482x472, 51YbSUjSTtL._AC_SY580_.jpg)

2ed994f2 No.3627945


…and the obvious answer by anyone who isn't a pathetic rightwing incel loser with a tiny dick is- FUCK NO.

189cf5ef No.3627946

File: 1633290279075.jpg (218.34 KB, 1439x1780, yyavsp7sku711.jpg)

>And will be treated accordingly.
I get to live rent free?

128a1b93 No.3627951

The difference between me and you is I can stop when people stop violating my rights but people like you will not stop doing things so reality people like you are terrorists people like me are rebels learn your place pleb

128a1b93 No.3627952

We know your in a psychiatric care home bro. That doesnt begin to compare some of our lower rent payees here like myself I'm paying $190 in rent and $330 for groceries and such. Are you earning any actual money. you're just crazy dude

189cf5ef No.3627953

okay, but what's your candle budget?

128a1b93 No.3627954

Bich please. I make my own soap and candles. But nice try

189cf5ef No.3627955

if your dirty dick is any indication your soap is shit

128a1b93 No.3627956

The fact you can't even properly articulate nor determine that claim using shadows as your example shows you lack common sense as well as knowing what's what. Sounds to me like more mental gymnastics coming from an idiot that has no ammo and decided to try and manufacture said ammo to justify their hatred. Sorry but hating me for no reason isnt real hatred its just jealous rage. So keep it coming bro you only prove that you not only know nothing but you have to make shit up to satiate you're belief in false hate.

189cf5ef No.3627959

>Steve Bannon said that "shock troops" need to be prepared to take over and "deconstruct" the state when the next Republican president is elected, reports say.
looks like they're dropping the pretense and fully embracing fascism


b9bef332 No.3627960

File: 1633299775363.jpeg (233.42 KB, 1101x1882, 7cc77f08-dca1-4023-8014-9….jpeg)


Researchers say that anger is proportional to the gap between what someone expects to happen and what actually happens.

So tell us Cobalt, how did you think your life would turn out?

What has dissappointed you so much? (Other than your tiny penis, obviously.)

b9bef332 No.3627961

File: 1633300168536-0.jpg (173.52 KB, 1080x1080, niDmovq.jpg)

File: 1633300168536-1.jpg (65.85 KB, 1080x559, K5aIdPs.jpg)

File: 1633300168536-2.jpg (51.56 KB, 860x862, x6mftwp1d4f31.jpg)

File: 1633300168536-3.jpg (31.69 KB, 407x487, GbohEsi.jpg)


The U.S. Military won't turn on America for a fascists and I'm certainly not worried about MealTeam6 overthrowing the government.

b9bef332 No.3627962

File: 1633301359404.png (328.45 KB, 645x477, War_On_Christmas.png)

Sooooooo, yeah, looks like Christmas is canceled.

At least it will be if Biden doesn't declare a state of emergency and use the national guard to fill the missing jobs at the docs. We've got Halloween, Black Friday, and Thanks Giving between us and Xmas. There is a 4-week delay in shipping we only have 11 weeks until Christmas. I have a feeling it's going to be slim pickings this year.


128a1b93 No.3627964

Its called controlled chaos only instead of a firesale they delay all manufacturing till it strains the common man and there you have it controlled chaos they are trying to get us to kill ourselves off anyone smart enough would have figured this out by now. I mean I happen to also be an agent of controlled chaos myself so I understand how the effects work. For example notice how I have no criminal record! Well to explain why that is ill get into details on how you do this while breaking minor laws you can't be charged if the other party commits a criminal act to try and get you into trouble and that crime consists of danger to others which is considered above minor crimes its medium level at lowest where as crimes like trespassing and the like of harmless crimes. But hey if all you are doing is collecting empty liqueur bottles for the deposits and scrap from blue bins and walk away and the other party chases you and makes threats. You see walking away and forcing them to break the law themselves in itself is a risk to others level crime and negates my ability to be charged aka controlled chaos. Though a minor example

b9bef332 No.3627968

File: 1633307833983.png (204.03 KB, 1904x923, Totally_Cool_And_Normal.png)

>they delay all manufacturing till it strains the common man…

So you think manufacturing shut down? What's in all the ships then? Are they all empty? Smuggling lizard people into America? Do they have G5 cellphone towers in them waiting to spread out around America and deploy the mind-control wave-network? Please, tell us more about your conspiracy!

128a1b93 No.3627969

Apparently your mental state is driven by your feat of that being true. And thats exactly what they are relying on your inability to see that these things are more common than you think or wish to acknowledge your ignorance is your weakness and eventually your fall from life itself.

b9bef332 No.3627970


Yes, clearly there is a global capitalist conspiracy to shut down manufacturing and have fake, empty ships park in the ocean for a month at a time then unload empty boxes so that they can… not make money during the most profitable time of the year?

Brilliant! How did you ever figure out this twisted plan, Cobalt!? What's the next step in their agenda?

Global bankruptcy? The collapse of all currency around the globe so that the world can be united under one economy based on Jeff Bezos Cryptocurrency?

128a1b93 No.3627971

Who said that's what's going on but if you think trying to play smart is your game I'm not going into details myself but yes but your details are completely off track because your an idiot that just wants to believe in their so called false belief in being safe. The laws don't exist to protect your pathetic ass fyi they are only there to hold someone accountable but that wont stop someone from mass murder in fact I could come to your house and kill you and nothing will stop me from doing so the law wont stop the act nor will police because they only care after you die. So heres reality you are never safe and you never will be so deal with it maggot .

329b22f7 No.3628036

We could talk about the cycle of poverty. We could talk about the low intelligence and failed neighborhoods where failed black schools reside. We could talk about Black Crime. We could talk about Black Leaders like Obama and Lightfoot and Jesse Jackson and Black Lives Matters etc.
Sorry I do feel sorry for those that die from black on black crime but I don't care in the least little bit and they can call me a white supremacism 24 hours a day. The bottom line is that everyone in the Black Community from preachers to non-profit organizations to politicians require the support of the black community to exist…and since the 1960s civil rights protests these organizations and politicians have been corrupt, filled with nepotism of one generation of family members creating jobs for the next generation, and for the last 60 years they have achieved nothing for anyone except themselves…and to perpetuate these organizations into the future.
-In the last 60 years has the black family strengthened or weakened into a govt supported factory of fatherless children (weakened).
-In the last 60 years has black on black crime increased or decreased (increased)
-In the last 60 years are there more failed public schools and illiterate children or less (more)
-In the last 60 years have black communities become more safe or less safe, are there more drugs and alcohol abuse and addition and violence or less (more)
Ok then why do you continue to vote tribally…black people vote for black people even if they are incompetent, black people support black leaders even if they are corrupt, etc. The first step in saying this is unacceptable is to stop voting democrat and to stop voting based on race and start voting on merit but so long as the black mind is constrained by the indoctrination of blacks and white marxist liberals who know better what is good for blacks than blacks…then there is nothing I or anyone else can do to correct the suffering within your community.
I have a secret to tell every black person in America. The average White person, hispanic person and asian person is far too busy with their wives, their children, their families their community, their jobs to concern themselves with oppressing black people or holding them back in anyway.

329b22f7 No.3628037

If black people aren't succeeding then look at the black leaders, black politicians, the failed black schools and the white marxist liberals that you keep mindlessly following like some pied piper playing a magic flute as they lead you off the cliff.

84bf10bc No.3628041

>So you think manufacturing shut down?

This is not the point of this discusion, but actually it did.


39e1f84a No.3628046

I love watching right-wingers make such total assholes of themselves, by using such stupid labels.
Anyone or anything they don't like is…
"Communist" (Marjorie Greene is notorious for yelling this like a 2-year old who just heard a new word)
"Socialist" (Anything that benefits Joe or Jane Average and not the mega-rich)

Now, we are seeing just how corrupt some of the mega-rich are, especially those like Putin in Russia.

cf517655 No.3628049

File: 1633354131083.jpg (89.07 KB, 816x1024, 984064800.jpg)

I love watching left wingers pretend like the billionaires that control the world are going to willfully submit to grand tax schemes without complain and will start paying their "fair share"


However, that is exactly what the leftwing cult tells them to believe.

>We need to elect Biden, despite being corrupt and hording tens of millions of dollars, he's the best guy that help institute taxing the rich more! No really! Him and the other millionaires and billionaires really will give it up!

I've actually yet to see any of these "Maga insurrectionists". I see lots of lefties going ape shit over a "civil war" on baby killing, or when Biden doesn't do what they demand.

>I love watching right-wingers make such total assholes of themselves, by using such stupid labels.

We do it because it pisses you off, that's why you keep repeating the same complaint in this thread.

4f744aa0 No.3628050


you forgot N**s , specks, googs, sandn**s , goatf**s, S**tstains, bug-splat, military-age-militants, illegal Combatants etc.

Funny, when the rest of the world needs to Insult someone one degrade them we just call them Americans.

d498e0cc No.3628051

will there even be a regular flu vaccine this year, or is everything just covid now?

236fe952 No.3628053


>calling other people cultists

>"We do it because it pisses you off"


cc5280b5 No.3628055

You idiots don't even know the difference between liberal and left. You think people on the left support Joe Biden or Democrats in general.

Here is a clue dipshit: Leftists also hate liberals, because liberals are just conservatives who pay lipservice to progressivism without actually doing anything to dismantle the vehicle which causes these problems.

cf517655 No.3628056

Yeah, because people on the left were convinced that once they got Biden into office, they would "push him even further left".

Sadly, that was just a cope. You literally voted in a Jim Crow, demented, kid droning retard into office.

39e1f84a No.3628061

File: 1633362555556.jpg (111.43 KB, 1200x1200, 3474.jpg)

Well, it's official now, next week Captain Kirk actually is going into space, aboard Bezos' "Blue Origin."
Even though he's 90.

b9bef332 No.3628066

File: 1633365469122.png (331.76 KB, 745x618, Everything_Is_Gone.png)

All the people who only use Facebook media logging in and finding out everything is broken…

b9bef332 No.3628071

File: 1633368985307.jpg (692.69 KB, 2048x1536, FAtreS_WQAIg_kF.jpg)

>So heres reality you are never safe and you never will be so deal with it maggot .

Your grammar is that of a retarded chimp, but other than that, you're absolutely correct. You are never safe, there is always risk that's why we need social safety net programs to help people for when bad things happen but morons like you keep electing Republicans who won't fund those programs.

That's why the cops only care about you when you are dead.
They are paid to do the bare minimum and keep costs as low as possible to keep rich people from having to pay taxes.
Everything you are afraid of is your own fault for being an anti-social narcissist.
You keep voting to "Own the libs" and the only person you ever own is yourself.

When your bad attitude inevitably gets you killed, remember to make your last words, "I should have voted for Bernie."

b9bef332 No.3628074

>I love watching left wingers pretend like the billionaires that control the world are going to willfully submit to grand tax schemes…

The cooperation of the wealthy is not necessary. America can take control of any thing inside the borders of America at any time. If they wont pay taxes, the IRS will take it just like if you refuse to pay yours the IRS takes your house and car.

Why are you upset that the left wants rich people to live under the same rules the rest of us, including you, have lived under our entire lives?

76006cdf No.3628075

Hi 3B.
Because all that shits only in your imagination.

76006cdf No.3628076

Bye 3B.
Exit stage Left.

84bf10bc No.3628078

>America can take control of…

Yes, but see, the problem is that the billionaires are the one who control America. You are delusional if you think your leftist government would have any chance to do anything.
Just ask the greek who voted a communist into "power" few years back, the guy sold Greece to the EU gangsters so fast I'm not sure all ballots where counted yet. Why ? Because they'd have strangled his little country, and the billionaires could do the same to the US.

128a1b93 No.3628080

Thats because covid is the flu. The covid vaccine is just some hardcore attempt at control. The illusion is here and many are falling for the stupidity behind it. Claims of b.s. science that has been debunked prior to 2019 and now suddenly out the window it went because of the stupid people not feeling safe enough to leave their homes without some sort of guarantee of safety. This is the greatest illusion of all here… people thinking they are safe leaving their homes when simply breathing the air on this planet is dagerous also their fear over one specific virus when they in fact breathe in millions of dangerous particles every breath they take only reason it dont kill them is their natural immunities. Again the whole thing is bs and you should question everything.

4c112fde No.3628081

>The cooperation of the wealthy is not necessary.

Any society which finds enemies within itself is based on fascism. Ironically, actual fascism was based on the cooperation of the classes against external enemies and the communist fifth column, not internal warfare and finding "kulaks" to blame for the failures of the leadership.

128a1b93 No.3628082

Ha and thats what makes you stupid fyi I'm not American also I never voted cause I believe that no matter what I dont lose my rights simply because someone refuses to acknowledge them so why vote it really won't matter in the long run cause not one is worth it

76006cdf No.3628084

File: 1633377444622.jpeg (6.17 KB, 225x225, images (6).jpeg)

Just curious, who all on here is wearing their mask and took multiple injections of mystery science juice?

b9bef332 No.3628088

File: 1633380029469.webm (2.84 MB, 480x480, Trigger_A_MAGAt.webm)

>Bye 3B.
>Exit stage Left.

The fact you come to this web page just to bump anything left of Hitler off the board so people don't see us laughing at you just makes me want to trigger you even more.

>Did you get your shot?

Got my 2.
Won't get a booster unless it gets really bad around here.

I'm not planning on going out to be around a bunch of people any time soon any way so let them use it on someone else.

128a1b93 No.3628089

Did you fall into the at risk catagory or did you just take it because your an idiot. Honestly if your staying home and not interacting with anyone you had nothing to worry about so whats you're excuse?

cf517655 No.3628095

File: 1633384145996.jpg (18.51 KB, 658x356, 132106840.jpg)

You heard it from Biden's own mouth: Stalking and harassing congress people is pefectly a-ok and "part of the process".

Time to find your local democrats and give them the ol' "Biden Bathroom" treatment!

10317df7 No.3628096


on a entirely different note :

I will bet the facebook server crash is due to NSA updating their espionage-ware deep inside and accidentally has bricked a shitton of equipment!

39e1f84a No.3628099

File: 1633385067448.png (393.54 KB, 1048x889, ponies.png)

And now some asshole at Faux "news" (are there any non-assholes there?) says the new My Little Pony is "woke."
Just how fucking stupid are the people at Faux?

fecfc332 No.3628105

The movie was amazing but you can't deny its left-leaning messaging.

39e1f84a No.3628109


WHAT "left-leaning messaging?"

I didn't see any.

Then again, I wasn't looking for any.

cf517655 No.3628114

Purposefully including agitprop or straight up propaganda that has nothing to do with the story.

You didn't see any because that's your bias bubble. If you didn't see any, you'd complain about it.

cc5280b5 No.3628118

They're mean the anti-racist message, anon. You see, to the average imageboard cretin that has been infected by /pol/ brainworms, a children's show trying to tell kids not to judge each other based on superficial physical qualities is now insidious communist propaganda.

189cf5ef No.3628121

Yes, as your many examples has proved.


39e1f84a No.3628127


Yup, and it's nothing new.
Back in the 50's anything right-wingers didn't like was "communist."

In the 60's, it was "radicalism."

In the 70's and 80's mostly thanks to AM hate radio like Rush the Fathead, to was "typical liberalism."

Today, it's "leftist" or "socialist."

Same old same old, just bullshit lebels of what THEY don't like.
Not matter how many it actually does benefit.

1b03ee62 No.3628133

File: 1633425600557.jpg (44.51 KB, 560x528, 60e99f009453c_492426b.jpg)

1b03ee62 No.3628135

File: 1633425731016.jpeg (3.66 KB, 247x204, TRUMP2022.jpeg)


e9712b63 No.3628144

File: 1633440967372.png (17.89 KB, 598x264, Thousands of pedophiles.png)

Well, Qanon finally found proof that there is a global pedophile ring and it's exactly where they don't want it to be, at the heart of the conservative movement: Christianity.

e5a56e16 No.3628145

The Wuhan virus creators are also the vaccine disseminators. Anything connected to 'the COVID' is planned.
One day we may know the whole truth.
I suspect there really is a genetic component built into the virus, and by extension, the mRNA vaccines.
Chinese hackers did hit one of the largest DNA labs well before the release of the virus; and it's widely reported that they are still trying to collect DNA on Americans.
They do have a superior notion of their own DNA. They are like Hitler in a way; no other race is compatible.
Ever see any blacks living in China? They do tolerate small numbers of some other races, while conducting business; but that's a temporary settlement toward an end-goal.
I do consider the vaccines "kill-shots". There's too much evidence to suggest otherwise.
Those who really did take them, will be forever altered, if not killed outright.

e5a56e16 No.3628146

Us nonvaxxers will look pretty smart in the months to come when people start dropping like flies. I believe over the next few years we are gonna see death on a large scale and it will be funny to see how they try to explain it. I also believe thats why they want 100% compliance because then there will be no control group B that didnt die from their jab.
I shudder to think what may happen in the next 4-5 months.

Unfotunately, whats beginning to become evident, is that, just like Dr Mercola, the Dr that invented the vax technology said, is that people that get the shots are starting to see their T CELLS being suppressed, and with more shots they are more suppresed, these cells comprise the major parts of the immune system, AND ARE THE PRIMARY ONES THAT FIGHT CANCER. SO THE BAD SIDE IS THAT MORE AND MORE PEOPLE WILL BEGIN SHOWING ALL SORTS OF UNKNOWN AND TYPES OF CANCERS. its being shown in some countries already, like Italy.

cf517655 No.3628148

File: 1633446764426.jpg (22.29 KB, 450x450, 71zusLwjv-L._AC_SS450_.jpg)

Just ask "Doctor" Fauci. He's balls deep in Wuhan's bioweapon and gain of function research.

Yet you'd think he was the pope. Oh wait, Branch Covidians think he is.

cf517655 No.3628149

Member Harvey Weinstein? Yeah, the DNC donor? Don't hear much about his pussy grabbing anymore.

Speaking of serial rapists, have you bought Andrew Cuomo's new book?

0cc7178f No.3628150

>nonvaxxers will look pretty smart

4c112fde No.3628151

American conservatives are traditionally Protestants, the pedos are Catholics.

Protestants have always hated Catholics, so there's no problem here. To Protestants, Catholics are corrupt in their faith and not real Christians anyways.

4261d4c8 No.3628155

File: 1633449425985.png (168 KB, 1525x634, Mississippi 2021 Infrastru….png)

There is a rumor about a 8 cents per-mile tax that Biden has snuck into his Build Back Better plan and it's spreading like Covid over facebook, so let's talk about that.

Is it true? No, of course not.
It's on conservative-facebook, of course it's not true.
It's a rumor first posted by someone who worked for the Trump campaign team who is probably hoping to get a job when Trump tries and loses again in 2024.

So what is the real story?
Biden commissioned a study to find alternative ways to tax people in the future once the majority of cars are electric.

The people on facebook are saying that if we are taxed cars per-mile we drive it will destroy the economy and crater trade. It will be the end of civilization as we know it! You wont even be able to get food because Walmart won't be able to afford to ship the food across the country!

Buuut, that's already happening, right now. You've paid a per-mile tax to the state and the feds your entire life and just never realized it. It's called a gas tax. There is a federal 18c per gallon tax across the U.S. and each state has it's own tax rate depending on the size and complexity of the state's roadways.

The highest is in the largest state, California, at almost 67 cents per gallon.
Surprisingly, lowest is in Mississippi at 18.79 cpg.

Mississippi has been run by anti-tax Republicans for some time so infrastructure is kept as close to bare minimum as possible. (Image related)


Even in this trashy, southern, hell-hole where everything falls apart and entire cities are lost because the infrastructure collapses the first time it rains hard, you are still paying 37 cents a gallon in taxes. With an average fuel economy for a car in America being 25 MPG, that's about 1.48 cents per mile.

So no, there isn't going to be a 8 cents per mile tax, they are just looking into ways to tax electric cars the way they tax petrol cars right now.

e5a56e16 No.3628157

Data from Singapore show that the higher the vaccination rate, the more dead and the more cases. Israel is also highly vaccinated and very sick. The vaccine has no statistical efficacy.

Keep voting democrat, they want you all dead.
Taxpayers money going to Big Pharma to pay for the vaccine that is killing and harming us. Such irony!

It's not a big deal until it's you. Leftist need to be roundef up and gassed for their crimes against humanity.

What Happens When Grieving Loved Ones.
Have Nothing Left To Lose.
And Seek Revenge For Murder.

i feel bad for anyone after the worst possible outcome but i know you will be silenced also for speaking out just as many have, vax deaths or injury is swept under the carpet, crickets from main stream media.
From what I've seen, every report of vaxx death or injury is eventually scrubbed from Big Tech platforms. They are covering up hundreds of thousands to millions of reports of vaxx injury.

My guess is that eventually it will become a crime to report adverse events from the vaxx.

4261d4c8 No.3628158

>American conservatives are traditionally Protestants…

That gives them too much credit. American conservatives are traditionally evangelical whack jobs who are too extreme for the Protestants so they had to split off and create their own sect.

Even among people who think there is an invisible man living in the sky, American conservatism is too radical to be taken seriously.

4261d4c8 No.3628159

>The vaccine is what's really killing people.

Then move to Florida and grab some of that sweet, cheap, prime land they have for sale or rent from all those people who died. You're not vaxxed, right? You have nothing to fear! Go live like a capitalist! Buy while the prices are low!

4261d4c8 No.3628160

File: 1633450888770-0.png (221.03 KB, 424x360, Trump_Ponies.png)

File: 1633450888770-1.png (163.37 KB, 314x274, Trumps.png)

>I didn't see any left-leaning messaging.

There are ponies in the movie who are clearly based on the Trump family.

Deputy Sprout gets an ounce of power and over-night becomes a dictator. He's clearly meant to mock Trump in every scene he is in. Cowardly, stupid, childishly obsessed with big trucks, jellous of other ponies looks and success, and super-racist.

Also, you have to realize that to the people at Fox News having girl characters as the heroes of the story means you are being sexist against men because only men should get to be the heroes.

4261d4c8 No.3628161

File: 1633451345252-0.gif (809.69 KB, 384x161, pny_Headbang2.gif)

If you don't think Sprout is based on Trump I dare you to watch his musical number and tell me I'm wrong.


4261d4c8 No.3628166

File: 1633454010046.png (1.11 MB, 1257x526, Ractist_types.png)

Conservatives are also butt-hurt because Earth ponies are viewed by the Unicorns and Pegasi as stupid, smelly, primitive brutes with small brains at the start of the movie and with rare exception that's mostly true. They are pretty stupid. They brainlessly follow who ever is in front of them. Conservatives assume this is supposed to represent them and the other races are supposed to represent liberals and leftists.

The problem with comparing races in MLP to racism in real life is that there are actual differences in the fictional races of My Little Pony. Unicorns are smarter, Pegisi are faster and more agile, and Dirt Ponies are naturally gifted at labor and if you try to do something not in line with your species strong points you are at a distinct disadvantage.

The same isn't true of humans. There are no races with super-strength and plant-empathy, telepathy and telekinesis, or the ability to fly and control weather.

People are just people.

e5a56e16 No.3628169

Where shall I start, with genetic differences, physical strength, completely restructured faces, hard-wired behavorial differences, brain size, or IQ?

e5a56e16 No.3628171

4261d4c8 No.3628172

File: 1633455445877.jpg (800.99 KB, 4096x3104, FA338RBVEAYFzOO.jpg)

All of those things can also be different within each "race" of human because there is only one human species.

White people and Asians can have huge dicks. It's just a matter of random genetics.

Asian people do have low IQ children but they push them towards excellence just the same. Even a slow Asian does better than a slow white kid whose parents just give up and put them in "special classes"

Strength and speed are just a matter of effort and training. People of all races have won Olympic medals.

People are just people and in a fair society where all things are equal, you will be as great as you are willing to put in the effort to be.

4c112fde No.3628175

Sure, everything comes along a statistical distribution. But even small differences mean one or the other will be over-represented at the far ends of the spectrum. One will have noticeably more dumb people and lacking smart individuals, or strong and weak vs. another population.

The average person won't be much different, but the average person won't make much difference either. If you have no smart and peaceful individuals to make inventions and progress your society and maintain justice, and instead you have an excess of violent and stupid individuals who threaten the society all the time, the average person will fall back to primitive subsistence living.

e5a56e16 No.3628176

Stop posting retarded kindergarten and 1st grader MY LITTLE PINY shit in this POL thread, what the fuck does that have to with Politics? Find some other cartoon thread or something to infest with it.

2b41fbf7 No.3628177

Nice fem-fail you got there.

e5a56e16 No.3628179

You haven't studied genetics.
By all the scientific criteria used to define what a species is, humans are at least 3 different SPECIES.
You, and others like you just won't ADMIT it. Because PC.
THE 100,000 year gap since divergence between blacks and all the other races is far greater than the 60,000 year gap between humans and the Neanderthals, yet the Neanderthals are considered a different SPECIES.
Why is that?
Maybe because they are no longer around to complain?

48747a2a No.3628180

When have bronies ever kept their pony autism to themselves? They sperg out about it everywhere they go

4261d4c8 No.3628189

>But even small differences mean one or the other will be over-represented at the far ends of the spectrum.

Let us assume for a moment that your theory is true and that black people will have a slightly larger number of people with bigger dicks, that jump better and dance better than anyone at the statistical extreme of cases… so what?

That's why racism doesn't make any God damn sense! Even if racist theory is true, it's true in so few cases as to be absolutely meaningless.

The more important thing we should be looking at is why conservatives are obsessed with these ideas.

What Conservatives are afraid of:
* Black people have bigger dicks and are stealing all the women.
*Asian people get better grades than white people and have all the "smart people" jobs.
* Mexicans are harder working than white people so they take all the labor jobs.
* Jews control all the wealth which is why white people can't get ahead financially.

They blame all the problems of white people on genetics because they think every white person is like them, a broke ass, stupid, asshole who can't hold down a job and can't get laid.

Most white people aren't conservatives because most white people don't have micro-dicks, aren't lazy and stupid.

Conservatives want to make everything about race because it absolves them of any personal responsibility for them being failures at life but for that to be true, all white people must be as bad off as they are so the people they spend their time destroying most often are other white people.

They need to drag other white people down with them because if it isn't a race thing, it means they are just fucking failures and conservatives can't accept that.

e5a56e16 No.3628192

You're so far off base you're on the moon.

e5a56e16 No.3628199

Imagine a vaccine so SAFE that you have to be forced to take it, for a virus so dangerous that you have to be tested to know if you have it or not.
There IS one bright spot, The Whackzine works really well on killing blacks. The same argument as abortion, it reduces street crime, and the Deathocrat Party calls me a racist for looking around for Black faces at an ATM. I'm a rank amateur compared to the Dem Slaver Party.

cc5280b5 No.3628201

File: 1633461026368.jpg (46.15 KB, 630x364, cope.jpg)

>Us nonvaxxers will look pretty smart in the months to come when people start dropping like flies.

You guys have been saying this since May. This is no different than the "Trump won, Biden won't be sworn in, just wait and see!" And then Biden gets sworn in and the timetable gets moved back to "Trump has plans in motion to take back the seat…" to "Biden will be removed by the end of January.." etc etc. It's all just one pathetic cope after another. You all are going to be coping well into the next president's first term.

I guess it really shouldn't come as a shock though. Same demographic who coined "The South Will Rise Again!"

4c112fde No.3628202

>Let us assume for a moment that your theory is true

It is. Heard of the IQ gap?

> so what?

Think of it like a balanced scale: even if you got 1000 pounds in both cups, adding one pound to one cup is still going to tip it one way or the other.

4261d4c8 No.3628203

File: 1633461386813.png (1.89 MB, 1428x1029, 04d8fcdc7f6143880cd8a2c180….png)

>what the fuck does that have to with Politics?

Talk to Fox News. They are the ones who started the whole debate. They could have just let people enjoy laughing at Trump then move on.

4c112fde No.3628205

Now let's take a look at the bunch of strawmen you put up:

>Black people have bigger dicks and are stealing all the women.

Nonsense babble.

>Asian people get better grades than white people and have all the "smart people" jobs.

Asians are obsessive followers, cram at school, get high scores but lack all creativity and ability for critical thinking.

>Mexicans are harder working than white people so they take all the labor jobs.

Mexicans don't strive for social improvement - they're just "surviving". They are willing to work for minimal wages and end up dragging down the society around them by being willing subjects to exploitation out of stupidity and indifference.

>Jews control all the wealth which is why white people can't get ahead financially.

Old European Jewish families and groups migrated to the US about a hundred years ago and established control of the financial world and own most of the banks and media. They are among the dynasties that form the controlling elite.

4261d4c8 No.3628207

>Heard of the IQ gap?

You mean the IQ gap that only exists when you compare the test scored of kids in poor areas to kids in rich areas with better schools?

The white kids in those poor schools also have an "IQ gap" when test scores are compared with the scores of the rich kids.

If you think the gap is caused by genetics and not just a shitty, underfunded, education system, why is the gap present for white kids as well?

4c112fde No.3628208

No, I mean the IQ gap that persists even in unbiased testing.

4261d4c8 No.3628209


You realize you just agreed with me, right?

You said Asians do get better scores and jobs because they are genetically supirior "followers" which is a valuable trait in the work place.

You said Mexicans take all the labor jobs because they are willing to work hard for less to survive.

You said Jews control the finances and established financial dynasties.

I made a list of things conservatives are angry about and you proved those are in fact, the things conservatives are butt-hurt about.


4261d4c8 No.3628210

File: 1633462864461.jpg (104.16 KB, 332x1280, Morning_Coffee.jpg)

>No, I mean the IQ gap that persists even in unbiased testing.

Except it doesn't. The IQ gap theory has been disproved over and over again. Racists like you just keep pretending it hasn't so you can be hateful little cunts.

4c112fde No.3628224

Except you didn't even understand half of it.

Asians put effort into making qualifications, not actual talent. They get good jobs based on numbers but don't perform any better. Mexicans act like parasites by failing to maintain or improve their means of production, and Jews are verifiably among the top echelons of society and part to the blame for why things are going wrong.

>I made a list of things conservatives are angry about and you proved those are in fact

It is not those things that YOU listed, but different things related to the same people. In other words, you lie. Also, hi 3B.

If the gap doesn't exist, then why do liberal educators keep talking about closing the gap?

61d424b3 No.3628227

File: 1633466645194.gif (49.89 KB, 320x240, not-today-kitty.gif)

You could make a much much better argument by saying that having a lower IQ doesn't make you a bad person, it just means you need more time to tackle a problem. This is absolutely the case. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to be nice and polite.

However it is absolutely a fact that IQ is genetic, inheritable, varies by race and is a strong predicting factor for academic (and therefore, usually, financial) success.

Assuming you could eliminate poverty and bad schooling, you'd still run into these hard genetic limits. Can't make a particle physicist out of someone that's just too slow for it. Not in a million years.

For example African-Americans in specific top out at 89 when raised in adoptive middle-class families and good education. And East-Asians easily get over 105 without even taking social factors into consideration. There's the biological limit staring you in your dumb fucking face.

What does all of this mean in the end though?

It only means that some groups in average will have a harder time getting into certain jobs that require a high IQ (doctors, lawyers, professors etc) but MANY of them will get these jobs. But nothing prevents people to get into jobs that don't require a high IQ but still pay well due to specialization (construction, trained technicians, tradesmen etc.)

The problem with certain groups is bad culture, lack of discipline and fucked up family life, not IQ. And if you wanted to fix anything in practice, not just whine about racists, you stupid partisan shill, you would do better to focus on that, because those are things that can easily be changed.

4c112fde No.3628234

>The problem with certain groups is bad culture, lack of discipline and fucked up family life, not IQ.

Low IQ combined with a propensity for violence leads to bad culture.

Most people are followers - they go with the flow. If your community has lots of unintelligent thugs, the culture goes down. If it has lots of intelligent and creative people, the culture goes up. The ends of the distribution set the environment for the rest. Most Asian societies never managed to turn beyond mindless leader worship. Most black societies never managed to turn their culture from tribal warfare. White European societies alone have managed to push the envelope - not by being the absolute most intelligent, most peaceful, or being the most physically fit, but by being moderate to good at everything and having less of the bad qualities of the other races.

4c112fde No.3628239

>a lower IQ doesn't make you a bad person, it just means you need more time to tackle a problem

There is a fixed amount of energy and time that people can and will use for thinking and figuring things out. As you scale down in IQ, everyday matters such as "should I spend my money on booze and whores instead of saving for a house", start to take up too much effort.

Effectively, the lower the IQ the more irrational the person will act in everyday matters. It affects self-discipline, the ability to consider others, the ability to restrain oneself, and the ability to plan ahead. It also affects the ability to consider the consequences and justifications of one's actions, so the lower the IQ of someone the more likely they are to turn to violence, thievery, anti-social behavior and disregard of public property. A low IQ person may simply smash a window because it's there, then get angry because they're punished for it.

61d424b3 No.3628281

File: 1633474626902.jpg (95.64 KB, 568x735, Racist bears_56d92b_334602….jpg)

>>Low IQ combined with a propensity for violence leads to bad culture.
The bad culture came after single motherhood started being a thing. No dad = guaranteed delinquency. No matter the race.

Blacks may have higher testosterone levels, but in a healthy culture, that just turns them into confident and energetic men.

But the state destroyed that with stupid/malicious policy (Dems were the party of the Klan back then, maybe this policy ending in social disaster, but making Blacks a stable voter base was intentional).

All of that may be true, but in a wholesome family environment, children usually get it drilled into their heads what bad decisions to avoid (stealing things, murdering people). That environment's just not there. These people grow up on the streets, have inadequate education, broken family life, zero male role models, can one even be surprised when the outcome is just rampant criminality?

4261d4c8 No.3628329

File: 1633487704724.jpg (35.99 KB, 484x373, DY3DXXkVAAAFP6L.jpg)

>If the gap doesn't exist, then why do liberal educators keep talking about closing the gap?

There is a gap of resources not a gap of IQ.

You are so primitive you see the world only in absolutism and racism. You read a report that says kids from poor, majority minority areas don't test as well from kids in predominately rich white areas and you assume it must be that every black person on earth must have a low IQ.

You ignore everything that isn't based on race in order to twist the facts to fit your racist narrative and you extrapolate you bullshit to cover every person on earth because thinking that maybe those kids in that school need help would mean there is a problem we could solve to help minorities and you don't want that.

Conservatives don't want to solve problems, they just want to cry about them.
The thing conservatives work hardest at more than anything else, is coming up with excuses to explain why things can never get better so no one should try.

You want everything to go back to a time where everyone just assumed white people were better, everyone was a straight, cis gendered, christian and anyone who wasn't should be punished for it.

Conservatives need a simple, easy, child-like, world to live in because they are too stupid to understand a complex one.

4261d4c8 No.3628331

>You could make a much much better argument by saying that having a lower IQ doesn't make you a bad person…

I could, but then I would be agreeing to play pretend with the racist and acting like he has a possibly valid point instead of mocking him and denouncing him as the scum he is.

e5a56e16 No.3628333

The only scum here is you, 3B.
You've proven time and again you're violent, racist, hate-filled, and mentally retarded.
Now take your Tranny doll and go home.

e5a56e16 No.3628334

Or would a Little Black Sambo doll be more appropriate?

4261d4c8 No.3628335

>It affects self-discipline, the ability to consider others, the ability to restrain oneself, and the ability to plan ahead. It also affects the ability to consider the consequences and justifications of one's actions…

So, you're saying all of Trump's supporters are low IQ?

All of those Anti-Maskers and Anti-Vaxxers are low IQ?

Everyone who isn't already wealthy and votes for a Republican is voting to screw themselves to make the rich even richer, so they are all low IQ, right?

1b4fc80d No.3628336

File: 1633489873385.png (473.24 KB, 900x701, 1318989252_anyare_bored_or….png)

>>I could, but then I would be agreeing to play pretend with the racist and acting like he has a possibly valid point
Absolutely amazing. You just managed to contradict yourself in the same sentence, implicitly admitting that I have a point in that a lower IQ does not necessarily make a bad person (even you can't deny this), and then claim that I don't have a point.

What mental gymnastics. True double-think at work.

>and denouncing him as the scum he is.

Dude, nobody cares about your fucking opinion, everybody thinks you're a braindead moron.

189cf5ef No.3628339

File: 1633492341757.jpg (138.79 KB, 1280x720, typical-trump-supporter.jpg)

>who all on here is wearing their mask
people wear a mask at home, alone?
>and took multiple injections of mystery science juice?
I wish I knew what you were talking about

pretty sure overweight and full of STDs is a risk category

>Us nonvaxxers will look pretty smart in the months to come

>American conservatives are traditionally Protestants, the pedos are Catholics.
Weird, because ALL SIX of the conservatives on the supreme court are catholic.

>Data from Singapore show that the higher the vaccination rate, the more dead and the more cases.
Weird, they have nearly twice as many people as my (US) state, but only 1/50th as many deaths.

>what the fuck does that have to with Politics?
what doesn't it?

43adda59 No.3628343

Nice try lol.

They have been dropping like flies and also being hospitalized and. The proof is in the statistics

Apparently in your mind theres humans hiding in the cracks like cockroaches that are antivaxers. Your logic is so retarded is false you vaxers outnumber us 10 to 1 so who is then filling these hospitals and dying you can only kill off so many of your so called antivaxxers before you start seeing the facts for what they are you vaxxers dying I. Droves and being hospitalized cause you suddenly drop real science because the bog pharma tells you its false.

Ok retard you keep thinking these false claims meanwhile the numbers still tell you you are an idiot and no matter how much you dislike me isnt gonna change it you blind yourself and are incredibly naive and will be amongst the dead and dying because you cant even think for yourself.

I mean your like most of my family lacks attention to details in and outside their life and comfort zones.

Heres a breakdown of the types of woke people
True woke… Means someone who sees everything for what it is and isn't surprised when they might be wrong
Partial woke those that see things as they are but lack a full understanding behind reality and rely on systems put in place to keep them complacent.

I fall into full woke catagort for I'm ready to go to war. If someone wants to violate my rights I have every right to enjoy violating every one of theirs and boy will I violate them all over. Does this make me dangerous of course but only to people who wish to break the thing called human rights you leave me alone and I leave you alone its pretty simple to understand

43adda59 No.3628344

Fyi most egos here have the fragility of muscovite put too much pressure on it and it cracks.

189cf5ef No.3628345

>The proof is in the statistics
the ones in your head or the ones we're supposed to find when you fail to back up your crackhead claims?

4c112fde No.3628346

>Blacks may have higher testosterone levels, but in a healthy culture, that just turns them into confident and energetic men.

And left to their own devices, they never develop that healthy culture because they breed more thugs and retards than college professors and doctors, so… what you're saying is that black people need to be nannied by white people just to keep a semblance of civilization.

4c112fde No.3628348

>Everyone who isn't already wealthy and votes for a Republican is voting to screw themselves to make the rich even richer, so they are all low IQ, right?

The left destroys business and economy as a policy to collect and re-distribute money to its loyal followers and dependents. It allows some people to become rich, and keeps some people from advancing out of poverty just to keep a strong base of voters.

The right contributes to business and economy in order for both classes to benefit. It attempts to reduce the amount of government intervention in order to remove state corruption which creates artificial barriers to social advancement. A rising tide lifts all boats, said John F. Kennedy - a Democrat.

Which one is smarter?

43adda59 No.3628351

The ones everyone chooses to ignore cause of their faith in the system somehow comong out on top.

Honestly why am I even bothering trying to convince an idiot like you you lack the brain capacity to even contemplate anything let alone think beyond your emotions you think hatred or dislike of a person automatically invalidates them like fuck off and grow up Sgt. Tard

84bf10bc No.3628355

>evangelical whack jobs who are too extreme for the Protestants

When you are told people dressing in long robes and using elaborate rituals they made up are less extreme than the "just the Bible" crowd.

3966c4a1 No.3628358

File: 1633512344428.png (180.9 KB, 640x614, Morons_Are_Bigger_In_Texas.png)

No, moron. I wasn't saying you were wrong about the personality traits of low IQ people.

I agree with you that people with low IQ aren't necessarily bad people but you ALSO said that IQ is based largely on genetics which is DEMONSTRABLY untrue and has been disproved for a long, long, time.

It's just a racist talking point and the fact you keep using it while claiming to be all about science means you're a racist or a moron, but either way, you're scum.

3966c4a1 No.3628359

File: 1633514206543.png (156.11 KB, 738x270, What_Da_Fuuuuck.png)


I gotta say, that is the most white-trash image I have ever seen.

Both a Trump poster and a MLP poster to let you know they are the MAXIMUM amount of autistic possible. No door handle on the door. It's clear that who ever owned the house got all their furniture from the thrift store. They obviously tried to paint the room themselves but clearly ran out of money for paint then just gave up and left the last wall unpainted. That is the room of someone who has failed at every aspect of human life.

The child sized manikin they probably stole is possibly the least disturbing thing in that image.

3966c4a1 No.3628361

>Data from Singapore show that the higher the vaccination rate, the more dead and the more cases.

Singapore has had 3,486 cases total as of 3 days ago and 130 deaths.

Every single county in the state of Florida has had more cases and deaths than the entire nation of Singapore combined.

1b03ee62 No.3628368

How's come the millions of blacks we have spent Trillions of dollars on putting thru college ahead of more qualified whites since the 1960's have never invented anything?

3B ANSWER: "Everything has already been invented".

3966c4a1 No.3628369

>Black people never invent anything…

What are you talking about? Black people invent things all the time.

White people invent more things, more often, because there are more white people. White people make up 70% of the population, black people make up like 15%.

If they output new inventions at the same rate there will be fewer black inventions. It's just reality but I know you don't like reality because it has a liberal bias.

1b03ee62 No.3628371

Then where are these black inventors and their inventions? Please list them? I don't think inventing something like a new Jungle Boogie Dance counts as anything worthwhile.

They are more than 15%. WAY more. They have been lying to us about the numbers. They don't want to lose their "minority" status. Just look around, fool, you see them everywhere. Some Major Cities are now almost entirely black. It wouldn't surprise me if they are actually 40%, or MORE.

9b40a377 No.3628374

>new Jungle Boogie Dance
jesus fuck are you like a hundred years old?

4c112fde No.3628376

>you ALSO said that IQ is based largely on genetics which is DEMONSTRABLY untrue and has been disproved for a long, long, time.

>Early twin studies of adult individuals have found a heritability of IQ between 57% and 73%,[6] with the most recent studies showing heritability for IQ as high as 80%.[7]

Lie more 3B.

Mainstream science takes the view that genetics doesn't explain the difference in intelligence between races, because the difference has been closing up for decades with improving environmental and social conditions. They use this to argue that the gap is not caused by genetics, which is true-false because some portion of the gap is necessarily caused by genetics since it is inheritable and strongly biologically determined. How strong the effect actually is between groups is debated and denied by "anti-racists" and leftist social determinists who categorically deny any influence of biology on psychology and behavior.

b5e4732b No.3628382


I'm glad I dont fell victim to such a two party system. The fucking media killed them.

3966c4a1 No.3628383

File: 1633539931723.jpeg (6.94 MB, 3085x4047, Dumbass.jpeg)

You are so stupid it's painful.

You are quoting a study of twins which determined that people with matching biology will have matching IQ outcomes.

It literally says on the line DIRECTLY FOLLOWING the one you copy and pasted, that you are wrong.

"The scientific consensus is that there is no evidence for a genetic component behind IQ differences between racial groups."

3966c4a1 No.3628384

File: 1633540445877.png (206.68 KB, 377x264, Jerry_lawson_ca_1980.png)

>Then where are these black inventors and their inventions? Please list them?

Google it. Black inventions list will get you a long list of black inventors and what they made.

My favorite is the guy you owe your childhood too: Jerry Lawson.

He engineered the game cartridge which allowed video game consoles to exist.

e5a56e16 No.3628385

Exactly as was said, no black inventors have ever invented anything important.
Try peanut butter next.

3966c4a1 No.3628386

File: 1633541380402.jpg (5.77 MB, 3085x4047, Colors.jpg)


Some other things you take for granted that were invented by black people include:

The traffic light system we use in America.

The home security system including video cameras and safe rooms,

Refrigerated Trucks that allow your food to be delivered to the grocery store.

Automatic Elevator Doors still used on every elevator in the world today.

The microphone you use to sing karaoke poorly or talk to someone on your phone with.

The Carbon Light Bulb Filament which increased the life span of Edison's light-bulb from a few days (using bamboo filament) to a few years and lead to wide spread adoption across the world.

The first color computer monitor invented by a man working with a team for IBM. (Until his idea they could only ever show a single color)

cf517655 No.3628387

File: 1633541423947.jpg (66.2 KB, 659x900, 78C719F7-DDDD-414C-9247-A7….JPG)

>He engineered the game cartridge which allowed video game consoles to exist.

That's patently false, and one of the main things with "black inventors". Every time it's brought up, there's always the line that implies without black skin, this wouldn't exist.

>But but George Washington Carver invented peanut butter. Without him, sandwiches wouldn't exist!

>Garrett Morgan "invented" the traffic light! If he didn't, then traffic control wouldn't exist! (Fun fact, a white man invented the traffic light over fifty years before Garrett stole it from him: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._P._Knight )

3966c4a1 No.3628389

File: 1633541823606.jpg (56.49 KB, 686x448, IMG_3740.jpg)


This is that moment when an entitled white boy find out that history and reality proves him wrong about everything he believes, AGAIN so he's going to go full Karen.

cf517655 No.3628390

File: 1633541882293.jpg (106.48 KB, 960x1214, 6540640.jpg)

Clearly included facts to bust up your race baiting narrative. Sorry about your "alternative facts" not working out for you.

3966c4a1 No.3628392

File: 1633542411338.png (74.26 KB, 700x628, Screenshot 2021-10-06 at 1….png)

>But… but… J.P. Knight!

Invented a sign that a cop had to stand below and turn wheels to use. It had two lights that were lit up by burning natural gas so that horse drawn carts would know to stop or go at night, in London.

Also, they exploded so no one wanted to use them.

Does that sound like the system we use in America? See a lot of cops standing there turning wheels to control the traffic lights?

e5a56e16 No.3628394

Oh, you mean like the left has been doing to Conservatives?
Thanks for pointing that out.

3966c4a1 No.3628395

Dumbass conservative thinks 6 white people put together and launched the Juno probe…

You're a special kinda stupid ain't ya?

3966c4a1 No.3628397

File: 1633546543510.png (27.78 KB, 591x658, List of U S cities with la….png)

It's always amused me how terrified conservatives are of black people. They think there is a black gang hiding around every corner waiting to take the girl they wish would give them the time of day but the majority of black people in America live in very densely populated cities.

The rest are spread out so thin that in most counties they make up only a tiny portion of the population.

Seriously, stop and think about how many black people actually live in your town and ask yourself why you are pissing-your-pants afraid of them all the time?

e5a56e16 No.3628399


No they don't.

No they aren't.

e5a56e16 No.3628400

3B, pulling made up facts and figures out of his ass to post on here since 2002.

e5a56e16 No.3628402

>> cows and sheep don't vote

They do if you are a Democrat.
Dead people too!

3966c4a1 No.3628403

The African American population is about 44% of the nation but it is highly focused in metropolitan areas. The black invasion you are so terrified of isn't real. No one gives a shit about your hick town.


43adda59 No.3628405

Ok retard the actual number is close to 18 or 20% because your forgetting Asians , Latinos etc. Which also fall into the same numbers category. So you argue out of blindness.

I mean even a blind man can see you are wrong.

3966c4a1 No.3628406

File: 1633551535128.png (7.28 MB, 3085x4047, 916d0fe9917212f68cb6d4f35b….png)

You can use map 1 on this page and find out what the population of black people in your county. Most of the time it's between 15% and 30% It's only in counties with large population centers that it gets high.


There is nothing for you to be afraid of.
You're being a giant pussy for no reason.

3966c4a1 No.3628407

File: 1633551785567.jpg (7.1 MB, 3085x4047, 7dc3a76c4da4f6759a314a7941….jpg)


Are you saying you think all black people, Asians, and Hispanics are out to get you?

074b968b No.3628413

They are and they are not its a matter of economic issues I mean if you flee a country with political problems and immigrate to another country you potentially bring your problems with you but immigration for work means should not entail lower wages for that takes away from the countries own population its a double edge sword in means to how their coming here is a big problem I have no issues with culture only with the damages the people themselves cause. I mean more people means less jobs and more need for financial support for those that cant work because people are taking jobs and taking lesser wages than what is legally a requirement such as legal minimum wage which is actually a thing.its not about fear or invasion claims its more about logical facts and outcomes. I mean I have no problem with tourism but immigration yes I do have a problem with that if you cant fight for your country you are a traitor by default and we don t accept traitors

189cf5ef No.3628418

File: 1633565154301.jpg (1.81 MB, 3071x1394, 28070110415_d2e749d715_3k[….jpg)

>How's come the millions of blacks we have spent Trillions of dollars on
is this how retards justify their racism, by making shit up?

>there's always the line that implies without black skin, this wouldn't exist.
which is weird since it's the same tired canard racist "white" people tote out with respect to "white" "inventions"

black people aren't even the first or second minority in my county

they aren't known for their critical thinking skills. here's the full team, btw

e5a56e16 No.3628421

Nobody here is able to decipher what you're trying to say

074b968b No.3628429

Wow that being all you can say rather than a counter argument you nitpick a'll you are doing is acting like a child. You pulling the (I can't hear you) card thinking you have anything to contribute you are exactly the problem here not my writing not me your inability alone is what makes you a fool. If you were to belittle another scientist over your inability to wrap your head around an idea is why were going right back to the dark ages.

I can say these things all day without remorse cause its true and like it or not you deny things because you dont have the ability to see nor try to understand outside thought and its your weakness. You lack intellectual understanding

189cf5ef No.3628430

File: 1633571000252.png (20.62 KB, 799x256, what did it mean by this.png)

e5a56e16 No.3628432

It means you're such a worthless loser that you have nothing else to do but sit and refresh pages here all day long.
It also means Lulz has no Edit function.

074b968b No.3628436

Refusing to rebute my argument just goes to show you can't and by being unable to that bothers you. I have you all figured out nothing you do or say can change this fact. But by all means talk all the shit you want still makes you a child by comparison at least unlike you I'm willing to understand anothers perspective. Knowledge is power and I have all the power here your just a defiant littlr puppy needing to be broke.

3966c4a1 No.3628439

File: 1633574843518.jpeg (6.09 MB, 3085x4047, cf1d150bec9accb18db644901….jpeg)

>Blahblahblah - I want to blame everyone else because I'm a total failure at life.

We hear you Cobalt, but how about you try using some of that good, old, conservative, personal responsibility, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, take the dick out of your mouth and get a real job?

074b968b No.3628440

That still makes you an idiot trying to change the subject like a little child either grow up or kill yourself you have only 2 choices cause the way I see if you wont survive long enough to even have an opinion of worth.

3966c4a1 No.3628441

File: 1633575398489.jpeg (5.92 MB, 3085x4047, acf349a078a4a31863343321c….jpeg)


I love it when Cobalt gets so angry he yells at Saucy for refusing to debate his points on the posts he makes as an Anon so that it looks like people actually agree with him.

He's so alone and pathetic he has to pretend to be his own friend.

Bravo, Cobalt.
Way to out yourself again.
Keep up the good work!

189cf5ef No.3628442

>I absolutely positively needed to change 'can' to 'is able to'

>It means you're such a worthless loser that you have nothing else to do but sit and refresh pages here all day long.

it's literally a built in feature of the new board software you abject moron

you didn't honestly think I sit here spamming f5 did you?

074b968b No.3628446

And that's inherently false I've always have been for facts and truth not perception and self belief. I'm only pushing the envelope and if you had a point it will be validated by facts not a personal perception and bias. And whether you like it or not this is fact.

3966c4a1 No.3628447

>Cobalt, do you honestly think…
>Cobalt, do you think…
>Cobalt think

I isolated the error in your post for you.

3966c4a1 No.3628448

File: 1633578839256.jpeg (6.25 MB, 2468x3238, cc1e21143341ae74b5878f059….jpeg)

>I've always have been for facts and truth not perception and self belief. I'm only pushing the envelope…

So you are "pushing the envelope for facts and truth" by pretending to be other people so you can agree with yourself?

You really don't see anything hypocritical about that at all, do you?

074b968b No.3628450

The point of running my name marks the difference in your confusion ive never posed as anyone other than myself. I may have rough edges but thats what makes me me.

The fact you have only straws in your hand just simply tells me all you have in words is bias and delusion with a side of grasping at straws because you lost the fight. Now all you have left for ammo is name calling and childish petty words.

e3330785 No.3628459

You are not you. You are fake Cobalt blaze. The real one doesn't post here anymore.

If you claim to be the real one then prove it. Post with Cobalt blaze's old tripcode.

3966c4a1 No.3628482

File: 1633592374042.jpg (4.74 MB, 2468x3238, ad37942aa89ff06f6d7ce307be….jpg)


Reading your post I have to wonder, are you frequently having strokes? You type like someone having a stroke.

a38d51f1 No.3628483

Prove your claim then. At what point did you think saying shit like that even means anything let alone validates your arguments. Either grow up or keep getting layed out honestly I'm more amused by your inability to think straight because I can smell the rage and disbelief coming off you for miles

cf517655 No.3628486

R u that cobalt that's into teddy ruxpin crap?

a38d51f1 No.3628487

He'll no. I'm the original and only cobalt blaze also known by paletails. Also not the brony either they just took my name and made a character with it. I was around with this screen name since 2009 only most remember my original screenname the-pale-tailed-fox.
I have no affiliation whatsoever

3966c4a1 No.3628498

File: 1633617349189.jpg (220.65 KB, 850x1115, sample_0d0c6ef9953052fedff….jpg)


Why not use that instead of Cobalt Blaze if everyone thinks Cobalt Blaze is a retard? Why take on that extra baggage for no reason?

>since 2009.

Holy shit man, how old are you? It's no wonder you type like you're having a stroke every day, it's the Alzheimer's kicking in.

1b03ee62 No.3628499

Not everyone was born after 2000, idiot.

a38d51f1 No.3628511

How old are you then cause you sound more like a 14 year old maybe you should leave cause your basically too young to be here.

e9712b63 No.3628513

File: 1633635186217.jpg (246.28 KB, 850x1269, sample_9d8fcd976331b70fe5c….jpg)

One would hope you were at least in your 20s before you started hanging out on furry porn boards.

30 is old for someone who refuses to get the vaccine. You sure do like dancing with death.

Then again, considering how stupid you are and how much time you spent sucking dicks behind a dumpster I guess you're probably riddled with STDs and diseases that make life not very pleasent for you.

a38d51f1 No.3628515

News flash I tested negative so I'm cleaner than you're brain.

Fyi 31 isn't really that old and again you are too young to be posting here get out of here kid before you get raped

e9712b63 No.3628520

File: 1633640789126.jpeg (7.12 MB, 3085x4047, Mommas_Little_King.jpeg)

>31 isn't that old…

World of Warcraft launched in 2004

The first Iphone was released in 2007.

Facebook didn't publicly launch till 2006.

You probably had one of those TVs with only 4 channels on it that you had to get up and turn the dial to use. You are fucking ancient.

a38d51f1 No.3628521

Further proof you are too young to be here. By coming here your breaking the law bro do your parents know your visiting here you realize you coming here can get them into trouble. Do you want your parents dragged away and you put into foster care? Honestly you kids have no idea how things work let alone when things even came out.

eb62d907 No.3628538

File: 1633649672389.jpeg (84.14 KB, 1080x607, FA8M5c_XsAICerJ.jpeg)

b5e4732b No.3628544

File: 1633662546118.jpg (327.17 KB, 1439x2200, 20211007_184831_u18chan.jpg)

within 2 years the Talis will look more like Isis.

e9712b63 No.3628545

File: 1633664153775.png (17.87 KB, 608x312, Brothers_Keeper.png)

Anti-Mask, Anti-Vax, conservative nutjob murders his family because he thinks the vaccine is a plot to murder people.

Conservative terrorism happens every day. They are the enemy of America and should be treated as such.


b5e4732b No.3628546

File: 1633665726501.jpg (811.7 KB, 1280x873, b865eb91c977785fc90ab8d40b….jpg)

Strongly Agreed, not to mention they have built thousands of churches, Bible freaks…

84bf10bc No.3628551

And you built hundreds of temples where you sacrifice childrens to Molech. I'd rather attend a church.


1b03ee62 No.3628554

Christian Churches don't do any of that shit, it's just the left lying and projecting. When I was down and out it was Churches that helped me, not the government, not the left, not the Mosques. They have fallen for the silver tongue of the Prince Of The Power Of The Air, (Satan) and will spend eternity in the Hell they don't believe in.

388e7538 No.3628558

Don't act like Christianity is guiltless. Fyi its all harmful

Also you don't even know what the devil even means let alone his names and what they refer to for instance beelzebub is just one high demon also known for his other name the lord of flies the eater of the dead. Do you happen to know of the other high demons like Baal and likewise like come on you dont even know your religions history it singlehandedly tore down the worlds unification through trade of inteligence called babylon its actually one of the worst of all the religions out there. I'd even go as far as to equate it to devil worship since they do tend to try and rule with an iron fist

388e7538 No.3628560

Also you do know that there is no Satan but yes there is a fallen angel by the name of Lucifer full name Liac Lucifer. Maybe you should have led with this and maybe you wouldnt look like a nutjob

d498e0cc No.3628567

please, for the sake of all of us, take your pills.

9f29a2c0 No.3628586

File: 1633715812966.jpeg (2.39 MB, 3514x4610, 9470fc57f62c0e91752ffea8d….jpeg)

>Churches extort the poor and pay no taxes exacerbating the very poverty they "help people" fight and I'm such a smart cock sucker I see nothing wrong with that!

Maximum stupid.
Exactly what we expected from you, Cobalt.

8a965b03 No.3628596

And that's why you're an idiot. All you can do is name call when someone points out how stupid you sound talking about b.s. your preaching stories nothing more. And you cant even do that correctly.

d999bffb No.3628615

File: 1633737040000.jpg (33.74 KB, 500x500, 79e6251d3c241f35aa319ec49c….jpg)

Your grammar seems to have improved, but only just a little bit.

d498e0cc No.3628647

How do is frank, it is like evil lemons


how does even trash in cart?

d999bffb No.3628649

File: 1633756597771.jpg (116.74 KB, 1300x919, scared-ghost_1301360.jpg)

Don't upset him, or he might threaten the innocent townsfolk of Hamilton again! Who knows what horrors Cobalt could do if his Jimmies get rustled again?

cf517655 No.3628706

File: 1633793785479.jpg (20.84 KB, 600x400, PopePelosi.jpg)

So much for separation of church and state…

9f29a2c0 No.3628714


Hopefully, she's getting ready to die.

0c6a3098 No.3628721

uh whut, are you supposed to give up your religion when you join politics?

cf517655 No.3628727

Yes, you are. Guess you don't recall the GWB years and "evangelicals" getting into politics, and how that's a bad thing. I can't imagine how quickly the country would have burnt down if a GOP leader met with the pope.

Besides, Pelosi has dual citizen ship with Israel, she's in the wrong religious leader's castle.

44aefc22 No.3628731

File: 1633804180705.jpg (23.82 KB, 320x320, mistake to cum here.jpg)

*uh whut, are you supposed to give up your religion when you join politics?*

*Yes, you are.*


88d727d7 No.3628738

Its actually going against what is in the code also america still preaches in god we trust which is religious and also a breach of government yet they still do it and we still allow it. What does this say about the world we live in. Religions are as bad as cults and don't deserve any sympathy. Since not one but all cant keep their grubby shit out of politics because they want control

64811d8e No.3628739

Hey, it worked out for the Soviet Union and Cambodia under Pol Pot. Oh wait.

9f29a2c0 No.3628757

File: 1633820694802.jpg (277.55 KB, 2048x1549, FBQPa6hVUAAdw13.jpg)

>Its actually going against what is in the code also america still preaches in god we trust which is religious and also a breach of government..

The founding fathers put it in the constitution that America is not, and never should, be a nation of any religion.

In God we Trust was added later by religious zealots and honestly should be removed from our money because America is specifically never supposed to choose a religion to back at all.

88d727d7 No.3628762

Of course. And not anyone can do anything about it till we overthrow said government and removd it ourselves and start implementing taxes on religion

ee1227ca No.3628763

And does that offend you, snowflake?

88d727d7 No.3628766

Oh fuck off and get out your religious b.s. is not allowed and by forcing it you have breached the constitution so guess what that means you violated every American by doing so and that means we can legally do stuff to you. How do you like them apples? Bitter eh!

ee1227ca No.3628769

Bring it.

0c6a3098 No.3628775

File: 1633837738564-0.jpg (130.03 KB, 720x960, 1633745284604[1].jpg)

File: 1633837738564-1.jpg (150.13 KB, 1080x1129, 1633763564932[1].jpg)

ee1227ca No.3628786

Democrats want to wage war on HALF the country. Someone needs to remind them how it worked the last time they did that to maintain power and keep their slaves during the Civil War they caused!!! Democrats will NOT survive the new Civil War they intend to create !!! My God they are now attacking parents of kids shows how out of touch they have become with the American People and the Nation is going to unite to throw their asses out of government !! Attacking parents is the DUMBEST political event in the HISTORY of the World ! Democrat, Independent, Republican Parents along with African Americans who refuse the Vaccine mandates are going to kick your asses in 2022 !! Then we will impeach Biden and his Stalinist AG !!

b5e4732b No.3628788

File: 1633853215508.jpg (601.35 KB, 3000x2031, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

9f29a2c0 No.3628794

File: 1633866179369.png (93.87 KB, 1219x596, Gubernatorial and legislat….png)

>Democrats lost the civil war…

Sorry, but no. Conservatives lost the civil war. It doesn't matter what the parties called themselves back then, the south was full of racist, bigoted, idiots, back then and it's the same today.

Racist white people fled the Democrats and went to the Republicans after slavery ended in droves because Republicans ran on "small government" and racists were pissed off that "big government" had freed the negros.

You're still the same scum you always were.

329b22f7 No.3628796

File: 1633869080235.jpg (38.56 KB, 800x693, s-l300.jpg)

329b22f7 No.3628797

Still spreading myths that have been debunked time and again we see.

>>the south was full of racist, bigoted, idiots, back then and it's the same today.

glad you agree.

b5e4732b No.3628799

File: 1633871235289-0.png (59.64 KB, 868x800, question one.png)

File: 1633871235289-1.png (44.44 KB, 868x800, question two.png)

File: 1633871235289-2.png (56.56 KB, 868x800, question three.png)

File: 1633871235289-3.png (55.91 KB, 868x800, question four.png)

File: 1633871235289-4.png (44.09 KB, 868x800, question five.png)

Presidential victories don't matter let's talk about our patriot act and regulations on our European government.

b5e4732b No.3628800

File: 1633871856598-0.png (205.34 KB, 1735x796, yeahforiegnaid.png)

a782ecc6 No.3628806

ee1227ca No.3628814

Leftist Terrorists ALWAYS say 'NO' when they are CAUGHT.

9f29a2c0 No.3628815

>our European government.

Fuck off, no one cares. Go smoke your legal weed and enjoy your free healthcare. You have nothing to complain about.

9f29a2c0 No.3628818

File: 1633890398099.webm (2.82 MB, 640x360, Extinction_Soon.webm)

>Democrats are the real racists!

Let's ask the Nazi then, shall we?

9f29a2c0 No.3628819

File: 1633892211525.webm (4.43 MB, 640x360, Incelrectionists_Tucker.webm)

The right is based in the same racist, white nationalist states that became a terrorist nation and attacked America.

When you do it again, and you will, I for one will be voting for your mass extermination. We had mercy on you last time and clearly, that was a mistake.

Once we line you all up against a wall and put a bullet in your red hats we can make your dreams come true and replace you with immigrants just like you keep asking us too.

b5e4732b No.3628820


What did they talked about what made him angry?

What was the "conversation? CNN is not explaining clear enough.

0c6a3098 No.3628822

it's clear to non-ESL

9f29a2c0 No.3628827

File: 1633895036654.webm (2.26 MB, 640x360, Literal_Nazi_Republican.webm)


I can't find the full clip any more but if I recall it was because she told him America was everyone's home not just white people and that he would have to get used to that idea.

Also, just so we're clear, this isn't a Trump thing, Nazis and white nationalists have been running as Republicans for decades. They aren't exactly making a secret of whose side they are on.


9f29a2c0 No.3628830

File: 1633895818114.png (32.11 KB, 656x302, Illinois' 3rd Congressiona….png)

To be fair to the Republicans, when the Nazi decided to run the GOP did run someone against him and after investing million and millions of dollars in robocalls and ads begging people not to vote for the literal Nazi the GOP candidate did win.

Like always, the far-right is only a tiny, loud fraction of nut-jobs so they stood no chance once people actually knew who they were.

The question Republicans should be asking is, why do all the Nazis keep running in your party and showing up your events? Why are they watching your media and supporting your candidates financially if they don't think you're secretly just as racist as they are?

If that's the public perception of you, that you're just Nazi in nice suits, then maybe that's why you keep losing, not because the elections are rigged but because you have a public perception problem?

e2404311 No.3628859

> I for one will be voting for your mass extermination

The plan is working then. The american pleb anihilating itself in a civil war will do a lot of good for the 1%'s planet well-being.

d49869c9 No.3628879

Your obsession of nazis is pretty much showing how brainwashed you really are. Maybe take the 6 hrs out of your day to check this out before you make a fool of yourself.

ee1227ca No.3628890

By far the greatest percentage of the population who took the lethal injection are Democrats.
If Republicans want to regain power, all they have to do is wait.

9f29a2c0 No.3628893

File: 1633912240149.png (1.04 MB, 1170x670, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 2….png)


>Cobolt Blaze: You should watch this video before you accuse the right wing of being Nazis…

←-This video.

You sure showed me…?

9f29a2c0 No.3628894

File: 1633912665069.jpeg (3.18 MB, 3514x4610, 40a69a2bd0e69c610f5a7047f….jpeg)


Trump is losing support every day because he refuses to announce he is going to run for president. He wants to keep grifting money for himself as long as possible.

Once he announces he has to use all those donations for his campaign. Until then he can use the money to pay down his half a billion in debt.

He's going to fuck the Republicans over so hard by waiting until way, way, too late.

Meanwhile no one else can effectively run because if Trump jumps in they will need his supporters. The party is too small to be even fractionally divided.

The Republican party dies with Trump. He was a mistake they will never recover from and I am here for it!

1ab83a6c No.3628896

File: 1633914044050.jpg (49.38 KB, 1024x576, be6.jpg)

>>Trump is losing support every day
>>The Republican party dies with Trump
Keep dreaming.

Aside from partisans, the reason why people want to vote Republican is because the left is full of fucking insane commies and SJWs. And that's a pretty good reason.

As long as these insane people are allowed to roam freely within the Democrat party and shit up everything with their socialism, there's gonna be a hefty majority of centrists who are gonna say "fuck this, I'm voting right wing, at least their insanity is predictable, with leftists you never know what's the next thing that you can't say or can't do anymore".

I have been my entire life and am fundamentally left. Voted right wing lately. Because of people like you. Congratulations, you achieved the exact opposite result of what you intended.


0c6a3098 No.3628899

>the reason why people want to vote Republican is because the left is full of fucking insane commies
So, aside from partisans, people vote republican for partisan reasons?

0146018e No.3628901

>"I have been my entire life and am fundamentally left. Voted right wing lately."
>"insane commies and SJWs"
>turns class-traitor against the left because of SJW owned compilations
That's not what being left is, idiot, lol. That's just called being a lib. And it's standard lib behavior.

1b03ee62 No.3628915

File: 1633923574099.jpg (59.82 KB, 1200x1200, you-know-i-won-mug.jpg)

0c6a3098 No.3628918

>I cannot tell a truth.

88d727d7 No.3628920

You are now officially right for once you cant tell the truth because you know you would lose if you did.

ee1227ca No.3628928

Congratulations, 3B, you have found the ONE nutcase in all of the USA who thinks he's a Nazi. What, just ONE? ONLY ONE?? Where are the thousands of them the lying Biden administration says are marching in the streets, burning buildings, and assaulting and killing police officers???
Oh. Wait, that's BLM and ANTIFA.

0c6a3098 No.3628933

File: 1633927003855.jpg (146.52 KB, 850x615, typical-trump-voter.jpg)

>and assaulting and killing police officers???
picrel executed two police officers in my hometown just before the 2016 election

trump said nothing

9f29a2c0 No.3628965

File: 1633936611332.png (112.63 KB, 554x683, 56_Percent_Dont_Want_Trump.png)


56% of self-identifying conservatives say they don't want Trump to run which really sucks for the GOP since he controls 44% of the party that they can't afford to lose.

You better hope the Big Macs get him because if he's alive in 2024, it's another win for the blue team.


9f29a2c0 No.3628970

File: 1633937118585.jpeg (3.38 MB, 1344x1763, e4a0e7b41c6e5c1c3d68750e5….jpeg)


Spencer (Featured in that video >>3628819 giving a Nazi salute and saying, "Hail Trump!") is literally the head of the largest known Nazi organization in the world. Trump is absolutely, the favorite of Nazis and White Supremacists.

The only complaint they have about him is that he wasn't brutal enough and racist enough when he was in power.

Like everyone else, they think Trump did a shit job, just for very different reasons.

cf517655 No.3628974

File: 1633939193867.jpg (170.66 KB, 1001x1164, 1633901972745.jpg)

See, this is agitprop, that is completely devoid of any facts, and instead, working primarily on mental illness and "alternative reality". Here's the reality:


"Traitorous GOP"? That sounds like something you'd say.

ee1227ca No.3628983

And which hometown is that? Try as I might, I cannot find anything online about some white guy named Picrel murdering two police officers in 2016. What DOES come up however, are tons of news articles about black guys murdering cops around the same time period. Either link to or quote some reputable news source that has this article, or I will assume it is just another fabrication of someone and never actually happened.

cf517655 No.3628989

Shhhh, understand that it's real in their heads.

fe24b8d8 No.3628994


Is this still a n igger thread?

9f29a2c0 No.3628999

File: 1633966670035.jpg (7.64 KB, 229x220, special_ed.jpg)

Me: Even white supremacists think Trump did a shit job and failed the right.

You: Even white supremacists like Biden more than Trump. Checkmate! I win by agreeing with you!

ee1227ca No.3629000

So you are saying that even when you win, you lose?
Good enough!

eb62d907 No.3629001

File: 1633967846005.webm (6.98 MB, 1280x720, dear-white-liberals.webm)

9f29a2c0 No.3629007

File: 1633971179246.jpg (3.12 MB, 1344x1763, 03723796eb2661858630125ae4….jpg)