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File: 1634255037297.png (1.61 MB, 905x1280, 844f5dcca2294f4f06fa39a1db….png)

I don't understand how you could think that. I disagree with lots of things on both sides. Didn't you?

cf517655 No.3629396

File: 1634255086800.jpg (382.1 KB, 1452x1304, 1634254192858.jpg)

In other news, the hypocrisy of the American left yet again, broke new records.

Suddenly work stoppages and strikes are "bad" to the revolutionaries.

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0c6a3098 No.3629399

1b03ee62 No.3629405

Nobody clicks on your leftist biased links.

0c6a3098 No.3629406

yes, reality has a liberal bias

ad1234a7 No.3629408

>>3629406 Reality doesn't have a bias.
People have bias. They view reality relative to bias.

04501c95 No.3629420

File: 1634279004019.jpg (129.55 KB, 1052x689, FBtkwEhXMAgUKof.jpg)

Racism, bigotry, and child fucking are not something we are willing to debate because it's evil.

You support evil when you support the right. The right offers nothing that can use to justify being okay with all the scum in your party. If you had even an OUNCE of moral character you would leave the right and denounce them but you support WhiteISIS because you agree with them you're just too much of a pussy to say it yourself.

04501c95 No.3629422

File: 1634279720396.jpg (128.18 KB, 900x757, E7kIrrRWUAQ2WcB.jpg)

>I'm aware you don't care, as I've stated many times.

THEN FUCKING LEAVE!! No one wants you here spewing your right wing conspiracy nonsense!

Go to Parlor or Gab or whatever platform hasn't figured out that having you around is bad for business, yet.

The free has market spoken, you're not wanted!
You lost the culture war! The right is toxic garbage and no one wants them around!

Either grow up, and stop being an asshole or get the fuck out of America.

04501c95 No.3629423

File: 1634280103164.jpg (53.53 KB, 576x900, FBq2MDmWEAAWKQg.jpg)


He's a republican. The one thing that holds true of every republican no matter what is that they will put in 120% effort to make sure they do only 5% of their job.

Cruz wants to put the onus of keeping Texas' power on in the hands of private citizens because then he doesn't have to do anything. He can just sit back and enjoy his bribes.

ee1227ca No.3629427

3B is irretreviably broken.
Want the Right to go away?
Otherwise, we're here to stay

ee1227ca No.3629428

367fc12e No.3629436

File: 1634306959949.jpg (18.11 KB, 225x400, s-l400.jpg)

>>3629420 okay so first the right are "unwilling to debate"
Now you're saying your views are simply correct based on the merit of them being not being conservative.

>Racism, he says.

constantly creating racial divides and victim hierarchy based on race. Making everything center around race. Telling certain races that it's "not okay" to be that race… And he wants to talk about racism.
>Bigotry, he says. Meaning intolerance of other points of view. His whole statement is bigotry. People just want to live thier lives and be left the hell a lone, but ohhhhno they have to have this propaganda shoved into every facet of thier lives, and he says right are the bigots. Wow…just wow. The levels of hypocrisy it just boggles the mind.

>child fucking he says…

While actively supporting drag queen story hour which has been popped multiple times for having sex offenders in there ranks, child sex advocate Desmond child drug addict dragqueens admits to do doing ketamine with his dragqueens friends, other child cross dresser lactacia has posednwith a naked guy… The leftist gay men's choir sings publicly about how they are coming for our children.. the left actively and knowingly normalizes and promotes the sexualizing of children. And thinks pointing to a hand full of pedo priests makes up for all this…

So basically… You are above debate … Because you actively support racism bigotry and child fucking and are a massive hypocrite and would get smoked in a debate so you just pretend like your view is correct simply on the merit that you say it is.

367fc12e No.3629437

THEN FUCKING LEAVE!! No one wants you here spewing your left wing conspiracy nonsense!

Go to Twitter or Reddit or whatever platform hasn't figured out that having you around is bad for business, yet.

The free has market spoken, you're not wanted!
You lost the culture war! The left is toxic garbage and no one wants them around!

Either grow up, and stop being an asshole or get the fuck out of America.

16cfcd75 No.3629441

File: 1634309243024.jpeg (559.68 KB, 2048x1883, E6JEC_iVoAcbvpt.jpeg)

You forgot to mention that several members of the SF gay men's choir singing about converting kids were convicted sex offenders.

Being lumped in with fags like them are the only thing I don't like about being a gay dude.

cf517655 No.3629443

File: 1634312487653.jpg (55.28 KB, 720x1223, 687406876874.jpg)

Do you remember the furry artist Frank Gembeck Jr? He was a very well known artist that did art for Ironclaw and other games in the fandom.

He gets dinged for CP and the response from the fandom was that it was John Ashcroft or GWB and "evangelicals" trying to make "twink art" into child porn. Sadly once the case information came out, ol' Frank was into some heavy, real shit.

Think that's the end of it? Nope, once out, still on sex offender status, he starts hanging around with a gay comic group in California and right back into the gay subculture where he's welcomed with open arms.

16cfcd75 No.3629444

Any group that doesn't have a hardline zero tolerance policy for pedos ends up infested with them. I don't see how letting them out of prison is even an option. Just keep them in a cage long enough to harvest their organs for people that need them and execute them afterwards.

The overlap between trannies and sex pests is inexcusable and a good reason to not tolerate those subhumans either.

52c0963a No.3629445

File: 1634314046251.jpg (406.12 KB, 905x1280, d743dde52e5ef3aba068f3cf24….jpg)

How literate are you? Just reread the second half of the post you're replying to for my response.

I swear I can't even count the number of times anymore you've been crying about something stupid and my response is word for word already the thing you're replying to and I can't make it any more succinct.


ee1227ca No.3629446

There will always be a core % of communists. Around 33% are usually the idiots who hate our nation. Biden is the cardboard cutout the deep state AND OBAMA are using as the 'shiny object' we are supposed to be sidetracked with. He's going to be 'discarded' when they think the time is right. HOWEVER….their little plan will not work. KH nor anyone else from the democrat communist party will get into the WH. A lot of REALLY BAD DIRT is coming out very, very soon. Timed JUST RIGHT to do the most damage.

Look for riots in the streets but it will be VERY SHORT-LIVED.

Just wait until the STOCK MARKET TANKS and panics the nation. The military will step in and, TEMPORARILY. take over until Trump is either reinstated by the SCOTUS or the states decertify where the main fraud is being committed. He only needs three.

Forensic audits are going to happen in all 50 states. The criminals in WDC will go down one-by-one. It's going to be a very, merry CHRISTMAS this year.

The stock market crash is not far off. "October Surprise"
We're going to be testing those market circuit breakers real soon.

feb2a6d1 No.3629459

File: 1634325719306.jpg (115.27 KB, 900x880, FAjeR8hXMAEXNlq.jpg)

>Telling certain races that it's "not okay" to be that race…

When we say it's not okay to be a conservative because conservatives support evil, that isn't a race based statement. Conservatives are not a race.

You hear in your mind that we are saying being white is evil because you delude yourself into thinking that most white people are like you, but you're wrong.

Most white people hate you. They think you're crazy, violent, lunatics and they are correct.

You are not born a conservative, racist, bigot, those are all choices and those are all choices you can stop making at any point in your life. The fact you choose to keep being a conservative is why you are scum. It has nothing to do with race.

You're a terrible person because you make shit choices. Take some personal responsibility for your life and stop blaming race.

feb2a6d1 No.3629460

File: 1634325920014.jpg (81.94 KB, 788x900, Eu9UMbfWQAEmxua.jpg)

>While actively supporting drag queen story hour which has been popped multiple times for having sex offenders in there ranks… child sex advocate Desmond child drug addict dragqueens admits to do doing ketamine with his dragqueens friends, other child cross dresser lactacia has posednwith a naked guy…

I don't think anyone here has any idea what you are even talking about but it sounds like something made up on 4chan.

16cfcd75 No.3629461

File: 1634327071701-0.png (435.21 KB, 660x400, Pedo-Shot-2019-01-05-at-5.….png)

File: 1634327071701-1.jpg (143.28 KB, 1600x900, Bianca-Del-Rio.jpg)

I know exactly what he's talking about.

Desmond and "Lactacia" are preteen "drag kids" being sexually exploited by their parents for money and attention in a manner that gets praised in the media because they're masquerading it with woke bullshit.

Here's Desmond filming something next to convicted murderer Michael Alig of Party Monster infamy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Alig

Here he is getting praise in "queer" media: https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2017/12/24/this-10-year-old-drag-queen-has-the-best-advice-for-lgbtq-youth/

And here's an article about "Lactacia":

And yet another where people stating the obvious get labeled as evil bigots: https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2018/01/09/exclusive-nine-year-old-drag-queen-horrifically-abused-after-modelling-for-lgbt-fashion-company/

feb2a6d1 No.3629465

Wait, wait, so you're all butt hurt that a kid is dressing up in a costume and singing for fun?

Should we outlaw Halloween then?
Drama club?
Well, if dressing up and singing is abuse then all those church quires will just have to go, right?

Why are you do butthurt about a kid being a kid?

16cfcd75 No.3629469

How about not whoring out a kid for profit and attention? Not having them pal around with convicted murders and talking about taking drugs? How about not literally having them strip for money thrown at them by adult men in a gay bar?

Keep in mind this is from a blatantly pro-gay woke news outlet trying to spin this shit in as positive a light as possible. https://www.out.com/news-opinion/2019/1/08/desmond-amazing-being-accused-stripping-conservative-media

Flip the gender of the kid and ask yourself if a parent taking their daughter to a strip club would be tolerated like this. And before you bring it up, beauty pageants are also exploitative as fuck.

310fe85a No.3629482

File: 1634335018777.jpg (306.58 KB, 2144x2200, E1ib27xWUAcIhhN.jpg)

>How about not literally having them strip for money thrown at them by adult men in a gay bar?

So a kid mowing your lawn for money is okay but a kid putting on a costume, singing and dancing for tips is "Stripping"?

Sounds to me like you're desperately trying to make something out of nothing because you need something to be angry about.

b349b416 No.3629488

File: 1634336487640-0.jpg (93.56 KB, 850x400, 1462640892647.jpg)

File: 1634336487640-1.jpg (74.42 KB, 750x563, bz-5cc2b527e1803.jpg)

File: 1634336487640-2.jpg (92.02 KB, 750x453, DW6B9hYUMAIt3td.jpg)

File: 1634336487640-3.jpg (107.99 KB, 960x692, steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.jpg)

File: 1634336487640-4.jpg (118.37 KB, 956x670, unnamed.jpg)

16cfcd75 No.3629496

Are you genuinely too retarded to see what the problem is, or just pretending to be too retarded?

0c6a3098 No.3629498

>until Trump is either reinstated…


86148c92 No.3629499

File: 1634342872656.jpg (112.38 KB, 766x900, EtKwn-oW8AIKOzz.jpg)


Kids singing and dancing in front of normal people isn't a problem because normal people don't get turned on by kids.

You are offended and worried that children dancing in front of adults is going to "Make those adults abuse them" because you are attracted to children.

Normal people never ever feel that.

If a kid was twerking, completely naked, covered in oil and glitter, normal people still wouldn't be turned on by it.

Getting aroused by children is a conservative thing. That is why the rest of us don't understand what you are on about. We never feel that way. It makes no sense to us.

1b03ee62 No.3629504

File: 1634345245186.jpeg (56.31 KB, 640x640, ab67616d0000b2737bd46b726….jpeg)

de553a57 No.3629512

>>normal people don't get turned on by kids


7553f602 No.3629534

File: 1634353985545.jpg (451.79 KB, 743x1300, FBwFCM0XMAwcuSh.jpg)


I know, right? They think everyone thinks like they do so they assume that like them, everyone must be constantly resisting the urge to fuck kids. They can't even conceive of a reality where people aren't all pedophiles.

1b03ee62 No.3629543

File: 1634362972387.jpg (165.19 KB, 1400x725, IMG_6438-2B.jpg)

Biden Gets Handsy with Kids at Child Care Center in Hartford, Connecticut as Protesters Chant in the Background (VIDEO)

Joe Biden traveled to Hartford, Connecticut on Friday to push his “Build Back Better” agenda.

Biden got handsy with kids at a child care center as far-left protesters shouted in the background.
Far-left protesters gathered outside of the child care center.

A maskless Joe Biden greeted children at the daycare center.

Maskless Joe Biden is allowed to kiss and hug children while your child is forced to mask.

The brainwashed drone parents are guilty of child abuse. Sick POS'S
It was like shootin' fish in a barrel for ol' oatmeal brain

Here is a "President" that is infatuated with abortion, the murdering of innocent children! But if they survive that gauntlet, they become little play things for him! As Biden declines mentally and overall, he looses his ability to disguise his thoughts and deviant behaviors from when he was younger! "You know!…..the thing!!!"
His "sniffing" is part of what is called trichophilia a sexual fetish for human hair.
Young women, girls, and toddlers…he'll sniff them all.

His two previous brain surgeries and current early stages of dementia has caused him to lose his inhibitions when in public.

1b03ee62 No.3629545

File: 1634363415610.jpg (265.78 KB, 1400x1013, biden-12-year-old-girl-wai….jpg)

SICK. Little 12-Year-Old Girl Says Joe Biden Had His Hand Around Her Waist When He Took a Photo with Trump Kids on 9-11 — And Photos Show He Did! (VIDEO)

Sure enough.
The perp can’t help it.

On 9-11 Joe Biden took a photo was taken at a 9/11 memorial ceremony on Saturday in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The photo went viral when people noticed the kids in the Shanksville photo were wearing Trump hats.

Last night the children went on with Greg Kelly. The little girl who was standing next to Joe Biden told Kelly that Joe Biden had his hand around her waist.


Sure enough.
You can even see Joe Biden’s hand around the little girl’s waist.
How awful!

And you can count on the fake news mainstream media to not say a word about this creepster.

When he's not killing them… he's hugging them.

3676bac3 No.3629546

>TRUMPTARD offers up his daughter to known sex offender
yeah conservatives are known to be cuckolds

7553f602 No.3629552

File: 1634366139582.jpg (371.11 KB, 686x915, Halloweeb_Republican_Self_….jpg)

>Biden put his hand on the side of a young girl!

To normal people this isn't a sexual act. You think hugging a kid or putting your arm around them is sexual because you're a pedophile. Normal people don't think that way.

You're clearly a freak who should really be mad at their parents for not showing them human affection like a child needs.

1b03ee62 No.3629555

Says 3B, who posts loli characters all the time and has been banned for posting actual child porn here.

1b03ee62 No.3629556

File: 1634366812998.jpeg (9.76 KB, 213x237, trump_2024.jpeg)

8038715d No.3629557


adbaa754 No.3629559

File: 1634369294122.jpg (58.38 KB, 1024x576, _110195841_80784587_909057….jpg)

>>3629459 I wasn't talking about "conservatives".
Funny you should jump to that conclusion.
I was talking about Asians and whites.

8038715d No.3629560

we get it, you're racist

adbaa754 No.3629562

File: 1634370902023.png (820.97 KB, 1022x1432, image6-1.png)


So a kid mowing your lawn for money is okay.
Yes. It is okay. It's an easy, helpful thing to do.
Funny you should be offended at the concept of children learning
the concept of working for a living.
>but a kid putting on a costume, singing and dancing for tips is "Stripping"?
Yes… Regardless of age, when a person sheds their clothing in a bar/night club for tips… This is called stripping. It is an inherently sexual act. And Yes… Normal people do not enjoy seeing children do this. However pedophiles will make up any conceivable
mental gymnastics to justify it as "normal" and okay, when it isn't.

>If a kid was twerking, completely naked, covered in oil and glitter, normal people still wouldn't be turned on by it.

Normal people wouldn't have thier kids doing that in the first place. What specific imagery you've dreamed up for some one who isn't attracted to children. By your logic, by saying you don't like a thing means you secretly like it. Which … Yes… That is completely stupid. Let's say it wasn't a kid, let's say I go to a strip club and it's 90 year old granny. I wouldnt want to see that either. And if I were go to the club owners and say
Hee whiz mr.club I sure don't like seeing old women stripping this is not what I paid to get in here to see I'd kind of like money back … It means I actually DO like it?
Well…. That just doesn't make any since at all.

adbaa754 No.3629565

File: 1634371981055.png (1.19 MB, 1631x1816, 803203ed0a04b1d15177fd9b54….png)

>>3629560 Ohhhh I'm rascist, he says.
Wow. It's like that's your only defence.
To call people rascist, over and over.
I'm over here saying it's okay to be what ever race you happen to be and all he can think of is to call me rascist for it. See this is why I refuse to abide leftism.

No… I am not a rascist. Racist would be to tell a person it is not okay to be the race they are.
No… You clearly do not "get it"

8038715d No.3629566

your magic doesn't work on me merlin

I know you have a rebel flag on you at all times

adbaa754 No.3629568

File: 1634373504669.jpg (69.54 KB, 750x500, bugs_bunny_fashion.jpg)

Not liking a thing means you like a thing.
Oh boy oh boy.
Wonder how they'll try to refute this one.
Explain to us how up is actually sideways, down is actually a lamp, back is actually vermillion, white is actually greenish red, how 2+2 in fact is not equal to 4 or 5, 2+2 = Giant Gorilla, eye balls are actually feet.
What a confusing world you live in.

It seems more and more leftism is concerned primarily with trying to make sense of things that very clearly do not make sense and resorting to accusations of isms, ists, try's and phobias, when sane minded people call them out on their obvious bullshit.

Go on…Go ahead…you know you want to… Spew some more of that hateful rhetoric my way.
Call me rascist one more time.
Call me fascist one more time.
Call me bigoted one more time.
Sometimes it seems like being hateful, name calling lunatics is about the only thing you people are any good at
Maybe this time you'll change my mind.
It hasn't worked before, actually all the name calling and hypocrisy is what convinced me to stop abiding the left in the first place.
But do go on … Something not making any sense at all never stopped any of you before.

8038715d No.3629571

talking to yourself isn't a good sign

710a5229 No.3629577

File: 1634381112539.jpg (110.08 KB, 828x592, 1632159103901.jpg)


All it takes is one sentence calling you a racist to get you shrinking into a corncob for three whole posts. Incredible.

Almost like you're desperate to deny a truth you really can't.

0923d492 No.3629579

File: 1634381485510.jpg (29.24 KB, 600x343, cb3f8ea2b7eac8621a34cb3f2d….jpg)

I do carry one on me, not all the times, but a great deal of the time yes. Either as a sticker or a pin.

I say its because I'm from the south and I'm not ashamed of that.
You say it's because I'm rascist because calling things rascist is just what you people like do to sooohhhh much.

>>3629571 I wasn't "talking to myself" I linked to that post to denote that it was a follow up to it.

I think you knew that but you'll just grasp at any straws you possible can because that it was people do when they are desperate to make sense of things they know don't make sense.
So by all means … Grasp away.
Because we all know you will.

0923d492 No.3629580

File: 1634382207851.jpg (38.19 KB, 425x283, ab8.jpg)

Ohhhhh boy here we go
>You gave an indepth response to my utter nonsense.
>This means my nonsense has greater merit simply because I say it does.

Really? You're going with that card now? Wow…
Any straw you grasp any straw at all.

710a5229 No.3629582


Six posts.

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