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Alright listen up /furi/
I'm building something big.
Something pink
Something sexy
I won't say what it is but when it's completed, my God it will be beautiful.
I'm selling all my male Transformers.
Parting with my coin collection
Looking for a second job, which has become a more of a problem since I lost my I.D. Working out like crazy because I will have to be strong to operate it. I will likely be moving into a place of my own here soon to minimize distractions.
I am requesting
All your money making ideas,
All your ideas to rapidly absorb knowledge,
All your ideas to increase testosterone, stamina, focus, and sex drive.

I look forward to your input.
Good day.

595d0cff No.3625086

File: 1630801322556.jpeg (390.83 KB, 1579x1116, 268ED907-9B39-4515-93AA-2….jpeg)

Will it be a sexual Godzilla suit?!

18100524 No.3625088

File: 1630803705728.png (117.2 KB, 680x382, 756179778-Victor-Moritz-Yo….png)

>>3625086 something like that.

20ab4254 No.3625112

probly a yoshi jello suit like he priobably always wanted to drown in crystal lite pink lemonade the end. see ya op.

69030fd3 No.3625123

Sexual godzilla robot?

18100524 No.3625146

File: 1630863645383.jpeg (9.08 KB, 183x275, images (1).jpeg)

Yeah whatever let's just I'm building a mecha Godzilla jello Yoshi pink lemonade monster. Never mind what it is. I need a second income because I need parts, tools, space, and I need'em yesterday.
I'd have had a second a job already but my ID is missing and all the prospects I've spoken to require an ID.
Selling the coin collection and transformers is only going to get me so far it's not a long term solution but it's a start.

This mecha Godzilla Jello Yoshi pink lemonade monster is gonna be built because I gotta build it. I'm trying to brain storm for ideas here.

The one job is only enough to pay the bills and keep me fed. Everyone wants to raise the minimum wage, but no one even considers trying to figure out how to lower prices on the cost of living. Y

18100524 No.3625149

15 an hour? Why not a 100 or a 1000. Hyper inflation? That's not a thing. Let's just keep printing more and more money.

Lower prices on the cost of living? Set price limits? Demand lower prices instead of printing more money? Blasphemy!

9a628e7d No.3625165

File: 1630892000166.jpg (67.64 KB, 784x1019, very_evil_rick_by_dragujin….jpg)

I've been kinda getting irritated about this, I have multiple degrees, and did engineering work for around 35 an hour, and some consultation gigs when I can get it, when I started minimum wage was 5.60, now starting at burger king is 11, and basic shit like knowing how not to kill yourself in a fork truck is 20+ an hour… and engineering pay has not gone up at all.

Its really degrading when you know that within 10 years teenagers will be making as much as you do just walking out of high school after toweling off their stomachs from the locker room.

You guys can keep your shit, I bailed, as much as a retarded alcoholic as people think I am, I managed to retire at 28. I'm 31 and at this point I don't really care. I own my own house, I have infinite VA disability from getting blown up and putting myself back together physically and mentally, I've got more vehicles than I could ever use, and right now im focusing most of my efforts on pure hedonism and luxury.

The world can suck my dick, I checked out. And no I don't get welfare or anything like that, I just made enough good investments to just totally fuck the system with an XL Cole bad dragon dick slap to the face with a pneumatic quick action actuator, and a hydrolic secondary high pressure press to the clavicle like society deserves.

9a628e7d No.3625166

File: 1630892443077.jpg (1.03 MB, 1427x1030, 49548efe384c745f7c5da6e646….jpg)

Honestly, you guys have no comprehension of how much money I made buying a shit ton of victoria's secret and "adam an eve" stock during the recession, almost all my money, and then selling when we hit a high just before the quarantine, and then buying back up in the slump and repeating.

Never underestimate the power of human sexuality, and its effect on the economy.

e860f75c No.3625169

File: 1630897594124.jpeg (8.99 KB, 184x274, images (3).jpeg)

Oh Steam! That's a terrific idea! After I sell all my transformers I could use that money to invest in something else and sell it for even more money.

I wanna be a pink bimbo, Steam! The biggest. The pinkest!
The biggest sexiest curviest horniest pinkest bustiest big booty have'n'est bimbo in the whole world. I'm gonna make that happen.
I wanna use my bimbo slut powers to for good! To bring people together to help people to see were not all that different, and we're all in this together. I wanna help people loves themselves and love each other.

I love it! I love being pink. I hate being stuck at my stupid job making just enough to get buy and having to clean up after and watch over some one else's pets and do a bunch of God damn chores.
I hate being so God Damn stupid I can't even keep up with my I.D or manage my time or money.
I made a pretty decent bimbo costume on a shoe string budget. But I wanna go bigger! Much bigger! I have many great bimbo building ideas. But I gotta do all this other stuff that has nothing to do with being a bimbo and it's so frustrating!
I'm tired of a being small din6ky dink string bean. There are more than enough sissy femboys. I wanna a big busty bimbo and underneath all those womanly curves is a big buff manly man who can mow a lawn and move furniture, eat a rare steak and pave a drive way, lift a refrigerator, all the stuff buff guys are supposed to do.
Some one out there very special to me taught me I dont have to love one and reject the other but love and encourage both my masculine and feminine side to become something more not less.

Being a bimbo is the most important thing to me.
More important than all the other important things.
I gotta do this Steam I just gotta!

b394fc53 No.3625181

File: 1630908845055-0.jpg (123.99 KB, 700x393, wheatgrass-youtube.jpg)

File: 1630908845055-1.jpg (99.44 KB, 533x800, Pink-Lemonade-Glass-of-Ima….jpg)

File: 1630908845056-2.jpg (497.09 KB, 2500x2500, 553a7bf0-9985-4b8f-92f5-99….jpg)

Grow grass and sell pink lemonade?

e860f75c No.3625182

File: 1630910095711.jpg (203.09 KB, 1195x958, IMG_20210906_020421_8~2.jpg)

Well that's lame Steam. We're all very happy you achieved material success but the fact that you have it and don't even know what to do with it is disappointing beyond words.

Thier is no reason for you, me or anyone to be "bored".
I'm not out to be a bimbo for the sake of being a bimbo. I like being a bimbo because it makes me happy and makes people and I like making people happy.
I'm not after money and influence for the sake of having money and influence. I'm after these things because I have very specific things in mind I intend on doing with the money and influence. Things that will help not just myself but help heal this broken ass divided world.

If you're not doing anything useful, helpful, or innovative with the wealth you have achieved what the hell was the God Damn point?

I have waisted years of my life my going back and forth giving my happiness and energy to miserable people with no goals or aspirations what so ever and I'm of sick of it.

400660fa No.3625186

File: 1630911774732.png (86.52 KB, 227x258, 1454362277887.png)


>being a cross dressing manwhore to "heal this broken ass divided world"

e860f75c No.3625190

Yeah! Because people will listen to sexy. If some one is aroused by you they are more inclined to listen to you.

48be45d4 No.3625198

Is it … a walking clock?

9a628e7d No.3625218

File: 1630934331383.png (4.24 MB, 1788x1232, my_bathroom_is_a_holy_plac….png)

>If you're not doing anything useful, helpful, or innovative with the wealth you have achieved what the hell was the God Damn point?

thats kind of the point, I made enough that I'm no longer part of the system. My biggest concern right now is "should I buy a soaking tub for my 3rd floor bathroom with or without self heating jets… do I really need an aquatherepy soaking tub? Does my bathroom really need 6.1 surround sound? Is 30 minutes of putting in new electrical feeds worth it?

My bank account says yes. Yes I do need an aquatherepy soaking tub and the ambient surround sound will help the natural relaxation of the bubbles. I spend a whole 20 minutes a day doing chores and stuff just o prevent blood clots, I deserve some solid relaxation after that.

8fffc008 No.3625239

File: 1630969407616.jpeg (4.86 KB, 210x240, download (3).jpeg)

That is a lame use of wealth.
That is the kind of thing normies with money spend thier wealth on. You're waisting your money with short sited frivolities rather than building a legacyy and what's worse you're waisting your intelligence and potential.
I don't care what you do with your money.
But if your so damn brilliant…
If you're not going build some awesome mech suit could you atleast help me with some of my designs since your such a brilliant engineer and all?
I want this thing to fucking sparkle.
I want this thing to be bullet proof.
I want this thing to be so God damn sexy it will give men literal nose bleeds.
I want this thing to be able bring boners back from the dead.
I want this thing exude pheromones so pungent men will be aroused before I even enter a room.
I want this thing to be so padded and comfortable inside that I could end hours maybe days inside of it.
I want it identity locked so that I and I alone cany operate it.
Now the first few prototypes may be a bit rushed…
Because I need something relatively soon. That I can do on my own. I can probably get the parts I need with this next coming pay check….

But I'm gonna keep building.
YAnd every incarnation will be bigger and pinker than the last.

I guess waisting our potential is a vice we are both guilty of Steam. You with your hedonism, me with me fucking around and accepting mediocrity.
But this … This … Vision …. this pink beast that haunts me, it's not going away.
I accepted my lot because I had not yet accepted it's vision.
I have now and that has changed everything.
All it's ever wanted for me to rise to my fullest potential.
You can keep your money, but I could use bit of assistance with designs.
If you do decide to assist me can you and will you keep your God Damn mouth shut about it?
So if you're that bored…
Maybe be a sport and help me with my designs?

2f37c012 No.3625265

is it a feminism anal suppository. i bet it is.

2f37c012 No.3625266

bro just build a robot and have it do everything.

7da6ae1a No.3625267

we all have big aspirations and dreams of success well i got the bug except for me i'm more of an africanized version, yeah, buddy, you can see me out there standing under an air drop. Have you tried chasing air drops and standing directly under them? I find it the best solution for quick results. What's in the boxes? Will I be crushed? They have answers for everything.

d3720811 No.3625268

IIRC the last time I gave you advice, it backfired. Oh well, here goes. Instead of working multiple McJobs, develop some marketable skills, learn a trade, and apply yourself. Mechanic, welder, plumber, crane operator. These are all respectable trades that don't require a college degree. You may have to pay for trade school to get a certificate, but just fucking do it. If you're saving up money for anything, it should be something like that. Priorities, my friend, priorities! Once you have a decent paying job, health insurance, and some money saved up, then work on your bimbo suit in your free time.

5846cecc No.3625281

File: 1630986820839.png (169.84 KB, 1108x1828, 1402841_tansau_thick-thigh….png)

No no this actually really good advice bro.
I might actually look into it this time around.
For the past few years I've been moving back forth between here and Savannah. I don't know what's been wrong with me. I just really don't like living with other people but I haven't been able to afford not to. I ywasn't sure what I wanted to do with my life.
But every time I put on that pink costume I feel like this it.
This is the thing that matters more than all the other things.
The Fnaf mysteries are super important but ever since I started performing for people in the Circus Fox costume all these burried emotions came welling up in me. Emotions I had good reasons to burry.
Ya know I don't wanna bother popufurs with my goofy emotions.
But God Damn ya know. Some one is inspired by you and wants to walk in your foot steps and carry on the work you began … That's something special. Y
I shouldn't have to feel ashamed of that.
My fascination with being a pink bimbo predates Fnaf by several years. I thought I could burry these emotions with fnaf lore and adventures but … it didn't help how sexy some of the characters and situations are just so God Damn kinky.

Working Mc Jobs, paying a head house hold X amount and then fuck around until I have to go back to work is all I know.
But something about Circus Fox though.
That pleading hungry look on its face.
Are you going feed me today Bonnie Haller?
It feels like another person I'm responcible for.
That I have to fed and take care of and answer to.
Ya know before it was like it didnt matter if I succeeded or not because it was just me in my life and the object of my affection didn't like me anyways. So it was who the hell cares.
But Circus Fox … I have to give him a good home and other bimbo friends and room to grow.
All of sudden good enough is not enough at all anymore.
Living with other people used to be a tolerable thing.
Now every little thing they do gets on nerves when most of the time they're not even doing anything all that aggravating.
All these bimbo building ideas I've been just sitting on for years it's like I have … I just fucking have to do it.
One of the reasons I want second job is because that would mean more at work making money and less time spent at home being irritated by people who aren't even doing anything wrong.

d3d58ec0 No.3625286

File: 1630989901438.jpg (52.04 KB, 850x400, quote-i-ve-been-on-food-st….jpg)

>And no I don't get welfare or anything like that
aren't you constantly whining that your guts were blown out while in the military?

5936702d No.3625289

File: 1630992101956.jpg (83.16 KB, 1046x1692, eevee cooking.jpg)

I think it's more likely he was in a gay bar playing a drunken game of anal fisting and ruptured his large colon, then out of embarrassment, waited till serious peritonitis set in before going to the clinic.

ff4e5e91 No.3625291

He said his rectum was wrecked when he got fisted when he was 5 years old. Nothing he says is true

debf7e82 No.3625313

What like that asian dude who built a gundam in his garage?

2f37c012 No.3625325

me thinks u should try reading a book, smooth brain.

eeb4847b No.3625434

Reading more is splendid advice. I'm reading a book now on thought forms.

458336d8 No.3625439

File: 1631139278873.jpg (99.53 KB, 693x639, me_right_about_now.jpg)

Are you the guy with the cooking and eating fetish?

Cause I know at least one other guy that you should know that also posts on this board. Hint: foxes.

2a3a28e8 No.3625740

File: 1631455387724.gif (292.95 KB, 1197x1055, bound eevee.gif)

No I'm not him. I'm just on a Skunket kick since he deleted his Inkbunny account.

b2b7baa9 No.3625991

That's the idea yes. But instead of a gundum. It's gonna pink curvy and I can havye sex with guys in it.

4fc82ff1 No.3630831

File: 1635192899126.gif (280.15 KB, 450x338, tumblr_mv73r0fJDD1rdfgw4o1….gif)

t's happening… My greatest creation… soon it will be brought to life! This first model will be but a stepping stone. Why didn't I think of this sooner? Because such things are forbidden! But she did not care! She will stop at nothing! And neither shall I
I'm so close now.

I'm doing it, she's growing!

2f37c012 No.3630913

its forbidden to fart on the public but im gonna.

3bb433a1 No.3631072

File: 1635391328489.jpg (52.54 KB, 401x500, Frankie.jpg)

973bf9f3 No.3631094

when u hiding estrogen in your asshole.

c063db84 No.3631112

File: 1635446426417.png (3.53 MB, 3000x3500, 9037ded43be1a8089587797529….png)

87612cba No.3631153

When you're being assimilated.

2f37c012 No.3631161

not sure if want but sounds kinda hot

5f081948 No.3631280

File: 1635558429064.jpg (824.33 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20211029_214452_3.jpg)

41010142 No.3640387

File: 1641262754563.jpg (619.95 KB, 2000x5148, North_Koreans_welcome_lt_v….jpg)

Why don't you build yourself a scanner.

dfba1612 No.3640539

I'll get a scanner.
I'm gonna keep drawing rather I have one or not.

5d58bd33 No.3640547

File: 1641367815955.jpg (203.46 KB, 1000x1500, bafybeiesteslm5zyts6rc66dd….jpg)

BTW, if all you have to work with is a telephone that may not be a problem. The scanner I have is wifi capable and also has USB capability. It also uses removable MicroSD memory. It's my impression that is fairly common among scanners.

a0dea69c No.3640619

File: 1641411300735.jpg (147.02 KB, 504x440, 1448166754863-1.jpg)

Aufy get a scanner. Aufy fix your computer. Aufy get a scanner. Aufy fix your computer. Aufy get a scanner. Aufy fix your computer. Are you tired of hearing it yet? Aufy get a scanner. Aufy fix your computer.

It costs literally nothing. I DO NOT believe you that no family member or friend or neighbor has some 10-20 year old junk computer that's functional enough to take a clean XP/7 reinstall and an old scanner/printer combo with cartridges that dried out long ago for you to use. Or just go dumpster diving at your local electronics recycling, bring back a couple and start swapping parts until you get something functional. It might even work from the get go.

I could literally go and scan on a 23 year old Pentium III and a dumpster printer. Maybe even some quick cropping and contrast work in an ancient Photoshop version and it would still look 10 times better than anything you can make. In fact I might even be able to do this on a Pentium II and Win98, if the printer drivers play along.

Post more I guess. You're welcome to use my thread.

9a628e7d No.3640621

File: 1641411603658.jpg (47.61 KB, 700x910, 634dc74f7d1f76381d9d78a52d….jpg)

Aufy thrives of of the perception that "hes so poor that he has no choice" and is all woe is me, I have to live with 6 transsexuals, and their 40 dogs.

Then again he also has an expensive fursuit… sooo, is it me or Aufy who is the deceiver? I'm at least pretty straight forward with my issues… Aufy seems to like to milk things.

9a628e7d No.3640624

Also, I go down to the local flea market about once every other month or so. It would be super easy to pick up a 20 dollar computer and run something like "XP Lite" one it, linux if you really want to push the parable, probably negotiate a shitty old scanner and crap monitor, in the process for 10 dollars more, and just run that shit.

Idk, I'm pretty wealthy now, but I used to be poor and know my way around stuff. Even couch surfing, and broke, it took me about a month and a half to put together a working system out of complete garbage, and that was in the 09' recession. There really is no excuse for him.

a0dea69c No.3640647

File: 1641416373409.png (636.44 KB, 1280x989, 1280734367.redacteur_fa_67.png)

Flea markets are also a very good idea. Slightly more expensive than dumpster diving, but hey, you might find stuff in good condition and/or rare hardware.

For me it's not even about the money (I used to buy lots of retro stuff even back then when I had lots of money).

It's about proving a point.

You can do basic office work on a 20 year old computer with software from that time just fine. I mean we used to do that stuff back in the day too.

Writing/printing a document or an excel sheet or make a powerpoint presentation or scanning a drawing and touching it up a little should not be a problem, no matter how poor you are as long as you have access to a power plug and know what to get from where. I even had a graphics tablet back in the day, cost me a fortune as a teen, one or two years worth of saving money or so. Same model costs $20 on ebay now.

Dunno if we want to complicate Aufy with Linux, but XP install disks and serials should be literally everywhere. Even Windows 7 is officially abandonware at this point, nobody is gonna come for you if you pirate it.

a291b7e4 No.3640665

File: 1641422847638.jpg (3.87 MB, 3542x2691, Dennis Nedry.jpg)

Yeah that may be a bit much. Linux can be frustrating to the average end user. Enterprise use aside, I don't recommend anyone but hobbyists use Linux. Speaking as someone that put Linux Mint on a couple friend's computers before… They all grew to hate it and ponied up for a Win7 install.


f7ddaa92 No.3640699

File: 1641458995453.png (1.47 MB, 1156x1280, 1637414622.someshittysketc….png)


>Aufy thrives of of the perception that "hes so poor that he has no choice"
How many times have I reiterated that our lives are a result of the decisions we make.
and is all woe is me, I have to live with 6 transsexuals, and their 40 dogs.
It's 1 trans and 4 dogs. Woe is me? Woe is you. You're the one who acts like these are such terrible living conditions.

You gloat about your wealth.
You lie on people
then after repeatedly bashing thier standard of living
Lie again by telling people they're the ones complaining about Thier standard of living.

Expensive fursuit…
It was $600. That isn't particularly expensive.

>>Sooo, is it me or Aufy who is the deceiver?

It IS you. Yes.

>I'm at least pretty straight forward with my issues.

Yes Steam. That is something else you do way more than I is go on endlessly about how we should be just so interested in your "issues". This is how we all know this is all projection.
Woe is steam
He's missing organs.
His parents got him a parfae for his birthday knowing he's allegeric to yogurt.
Can't sleep because of paralysis.
He's bored
He got hurt at work a bunch of times
He's related to Rasputin and just such smarty free spirit that no one understands him.
His "head space" has been invaded.
How bad we should feel.

>Aufy seems to like to milk things.

This is some bitter ass shitty milk then.
What am I milking exactly? Says Milky Melvin over here?
Steam it's like you're just pissy because even though I don't make as much money as you I'm still pretty happy.

I don't seem to remember you and me having any beef before.
But right around the time I really start to like my life, get excited about it, go all in on something and all of sudden now he has a stick up your ass about me.
Steam… Just get over it already.
If I'm "invadading your head space that's your own problem.

ab8a8392 No.3640706

File: 1641461993493.png (192.97 KB, 616x500, LinuxCar.png)

Ok, but now seriously, you really should look into that. A camera phone is not a substitute for a scanner.

I only use a bootable Knoppix for debugging and generally avoid Linux like the plague, but if Windows 11 keeps being horrible, I see myself forced to eventually switch over if Windows 7 support keeps being dropped from things.

I already can't get past Blender 2.92 and I absolutely refuse to use Win8, 8.1, 10, and I'm not sure if I can even run 11. Those filthy operating systems will not touch my personal hardware.

But I've been enjoying Linus (not that one) and Luke from LTT's attempts to daily drive Linux. It's a bit of a dumpster fire, and each distro comes with its own brand of fuckery, but in conclusion it can be done as long as you're willing to re-learn how to do basic tasks. I don't really have the patience for that right now.


9a628e7d No.3640712

you vastly over exaggerate how much attention I'm trying to get from talking about myself. I just live alone, have no friends, and a toxic at best family, so the only thing I have to really talk about is me related. You just wont let that "head space" thing go either, I wasn't talking about me, I was talking about your rampant fetishy public displays upsetting people. You can't go around cosplaying as some hyper bimbo, and humping things in front of kids. A lot of parents really don't want some weirdo getting off in front of their family when their just out trying to have some family time.

Also that parfait was a slap in the face, I specifically said no birthday anything, and they know I hate sugary things, they know I'm lactose intolerant, and they know that I'm allergic to strawberries.

Ubuntu Linux is actually really user friendly, and its free. Sure you could pirate XP, but even though microsoft probably doesn't give a shit, its still technically stealing. So its a morality thing, not like I care, I pirate the shit out of just about everything. My only saving grace is that if I really like something, I will buy it officially. So much stuff is just garbage these days.

9a628e7d No.3640713

Really the only thing I use Linux for anymore is just this bootable flash drive I have loaded with Dynabolic, that I use to bypass password protection on windows computers.

df62890d No.3642762

File: 1642712241518.jpg (268.11 KB, 515x700, tumblr_c86a814b79c3961720a….jpg)

This old handheld game ad reminded me of Aufy for some reason. ;D

a6127a10 No.3642770

steroids and reseaech chemicals

2f37c012 No.3642772

Bro simpsons games were fucking fun the whole shit would be awesome to make again if they made futurama or whatever the fuck…actually like these were, like playing video sex as kid, i bonered so much when i beat these 25 dollar mother fuckers.

78909c10 No.3642865

File: 1642781954394-0.jpeg (34.99 KB, 152x216, STK310052.jpeg)

File: 1642781954394-1.jpg (60.3 KB, 944x753, IMG_20211207_054554_9~2.jpg)

File: 1642781954394-2.jpg (755.9 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20220121_103819_3.jpg)

Steam… Did you just nuke a thread where you were glotting about how I havent been around as much?

Did you honestly believe my descion to move out had one iota to do with you?
I work late nights.
Double features.
Dr X will build a creature?
Ring a bell?

I'm moving to a new place because I'm building stuff and working on a comic book, developing characters.
For you see, unlike you, rich or not, I am not bored.

You decided you're not interested in assisting me,
so why would I waist my time with you?

Lulz net isn't interested in my art until I get a scanner set up.
I'll continue posting mybhere when I get a scanner/computer set up.
Until then why waist my time posting my art here?

You're bored, which that carries over into your posts.
They were boring me.
It got boring going back and forth with you.
It's not furthering my work , it's not benefitting me.
Building my creature isn't boring.
Working on my comic book isn't boring.

You didn't "break me" you bored me.
So I took the advice from that one anon from kiwi farms thread and focused on things that were interesting and productive for me.

df62890d No.3642871

File: 1642787368932.jpg (28.29 KB, 600x464, 2014-0803-Day-Watermelon.jpg)

Someone claimed the reason you're moving was because you jokingly juggled the melons of one of your roomies' moms. Care to comment on that Aufy?

56809d2f No.3642903

File: 1642817659021.png (1.04 MB, 850x1100, Art_By_FishyBoner.png)

Behavior like this is why I heard the furry artist and Fursuiter FishyBoner quit the fandom several years ago, although she still draws occasionally. She said back then, the last furry convention she was at did it for her, her fursuit was some kind of cat and several "fans" walked up and groped her breasts while she was there (although as far as I know there was no one that got in trouble for it). Next she said her art table was next to some big fat overweight guy who smelled so bad she had to sit an air freshener on her table, and he sat there the whole evening drawing pedo cub art. And she said that when she went to the bathroom for a few minutes and came back, someone had stolen all her art! Really, can you blame her? With fans like these who needs enemies?

0c985c89 No.3642905

You must be FishyBoner. Stop lying.

You owe everyone art.

You even made up a fake ass boyfriend that drew the same shit and ran the same scammy art contests where everyone drew you and you drew no one. Some fucking shitty redlines a month later isn't a fucking 'trade'. Doesn't matter how bad you hate the person or art you got; fucking finish it. When you got mad that I got mad, you bawl33ted the group and posted me on ArtistsBeware. Cry some more. If your simp was actually real and not a butt lug, he should've kicked your stalker's asses. Must suck to call your left hand your ex-boyfriend because you cheated with your right paw.


0007f091 No.3642906

So is Aufy charged with sexual harassment or assault for groping his housemate's mom's boobs?

56809d2f No.3642907

File: 1642820358922.jpg (5.82 KB, 299x168, GermParrot.jpg)

I'm not FishyBoner.
I'm GermParrot.

89f22817 No.3642909

Nice try. Wrong tripcode.

c28de2b2 No.3642924

Why would you even go so far as to let yourself even do that. I mean I've done shit like that but with permission being I am heavy into exhibitionism but even so dude you need to get permission before doing that shit.

346d70fb No.3642931

File: 1642838789650.jpeg (8.73 KB, 225x224, images (3).jpeg)

>>3642762 I'm looking at this ad like…
Why isnt this add drawn in the matt Greoning style?
It would have worked so much better.

Baseless. I would challenges their sources.

>>3642893 So sorry to hear that different Polybius.

However I do not think that would hold legally.

df62890d No.3642956

When is the Court date Aufy?

709d6c16 No.3642966



or am I Fishyboner ??

Nooo! I am BOTH




9a628e7d No.3642984

So a few quick questions…

1. Why is this Germparrot who is apparently an obscure zoophile from the 90's that no one has talked about here until a week ago suddenly being mentioned in every thread?

2. Why is Fishyboner who has arguably only drawn maybe 3 decent pictures in the last 10 years suddenly mentioned in every thread.

3. Who laid down the autism bait?

412ef24d No.3642985

Its just a random loser with no other reason than an excuse to dislike someone. People will always look for random excuses to seek validation.

2eb4b6cc No.3642997

File: 1642903002098.jpg (63.86 KB, 900x675, smiling-black-bear-ri-phot….jpg)

Well in my opinion, someone that has sex with a BEAR would have to be some kind of BADASS. Or crazy. Or maybe both. I think?

9a628e7d No.3642998

File: 1642903545398.gif (1.36 MB, 400x251, Break_my_own_choker.gif)

Maybe, if you were some psychotic frontiersman isolationist in the Alaskan wilderness who won some grizzly pussy by wrestling down her suitor and made her your grizzly wife. You don't get badass points when you just drug a bear half to death and fuck it, you just get crazy zoophile points.

412ef24d No.3643010

Ha I've actually done that to one of my chokers before some of these chokers are terrible made China crap so I guess a lot of people could do that to some. Its not that impressive

27285a44 No.3643176


Sometimes shit just goes viral :

Cydnia Lauper , Grumpy Cat, NFT´s and now Germparrot.

Deal with it. It will burn out again soon enough.

On a sidenote : SWAMPRAT !!

remember him ?

2eb4b6cc No.3643179

As far as I know, nobody ever accused GermParrot of drugging the bear, until you did just now. If the bear was raised from a cub and familiar with the owner, you wouldn't NEED to.

62fc1c79 No.3643220

File: 1642967698171.jpg (185.57 KB, 482x899, Spas_vsederzhitel_sinay.jpg)

Hedonism and horny are prime motivations until you have to face the Abyss. Such things blow away like sand in the face of eternity and ones finite existence. As much as I'd like to say a pink bimbo fursuit could save the world, I have been disabused of such optimism long ago.

4e957acd No.3643221

Is the bear fucking that people are talking about from the video where the guy has to cut a hole in a fenced in order to fondle the bear?

9b8f37ba No.3643248

No, you're thinking about the few that were released to the web. You obviously haven't seen the Private videos.

1ff2b852 No.3643312

File: 1643004245223.png (367.43 KB, 598x702, Aufy Twitter Updates.png)

Just because I havent posted much recently doesn't mean I'm not continuing my work.

Rest assured I've been working every day on this comic book. Sometimes a little sometimes a lot. But every day.

8490518c No.3643318

File: 1643008134970.png (162.47 KB, 279x279, 2fa.png)

The Abyss is dumbass religious people who walk around and spread their dumbass religious stupidity around, thinking their ancient fables have even a millionth of an ounce of relevancy today. Or that there's any factual truth* to them.

Spoiler: When you die, you're gonna be fucking dead. Dead as in dead meat. Your mind ain't going nowhere.

So, one might as well fucking have a bit of fun while one is alive, as long as you don't hurt anyone or anything, cause one won't be fucking able to do that after, if your mind can wrap itself around this concept.

*-Not going into metaphorical truth, because many people can tell a good story, besides, you can probably get better moral guidance from The Lord Of The Rings than from the fucking Bible, which kinda says that genocide is perfectly a-ok as long as you do it for your magical sky daddy.

9b7cbe90 No.3643319

File: 1643009873293.jpg (528.28 KB, 1600x1200, s-l1600_.jpg)

Did he get a scanner yet or is he still using that crappy cellphone camera to get pictures?

4815b481 No.3643322

Why don't you sing it for us, 3B?
I'm sure you can set it to music.
Oh wait, you already have here for the last 15 years.
With ZERO influence or effect on anyone.
Your taking the dirt nap will be the grandest thing.
Bye-Bye Dirt Doggie.

62fc1c79 No.3643372

File: 1643025950080.jpg (6.76 KB, 259x194, Bhodisattiva Trump.jpg)


We can speak this way comfortably in ignorance. The idea of oblivion, the slow inevitable path towards it, makes for delightful nihilistic speculations UNTIL you're living that reality on a bodily level. It's cozy as a distant threat, until it manifests.

What are you going to do, anon, when the lights begin to flicker out?

4815b481 No.3643405

I'll tell you what he's going to do, he's going to SCREAM for GOD to save him, and if he says otherwise he's a liar. I worked in a hospital trauma ward and I can tell you, there are no dying ATHEISTS.

b4d64c05 No.3643414

ancient fables have even a millionth of an ounce of relevancy today

Come on. Covid pass, some countries thinking of making unvaccinated jobless without unemployment money ?

This smells like the mark of the beast. Not already completely it ; but we are one bad covid variant away from most countries implementing it.

Sure… ok, there are no multicolored horsemen roaming the country, killing people, but saying "no relevance" is quite bold.

f8fd31f7 No.3643416

File: 1643036093818.jpg (136.63 KB, 666x1600, IMG_20220124_094208_1~2.jpg)

Why Icono
I was hoping to you'd stop in.
Perhaps being faced with the abyss was one of things that inspired me to go all in the bimbo cosplay.

It was quite a toss up between that and fnaf.
Even though I am still quite interested in it,
the prospect of building this creature griped my heart just a bit harder.

df62890d No.3643417

So do tell us more about the boob juggling incident that got you kicked out by your roomies' mom?

fa5a6347 No.3643421

File: 1643040488092.jpg (101.62 KB, 526x1332, IMG_20220124_110257_5~2.jpg)

What is there to tell? It's made up bullshit that doesn't even make since. My Romi doesn't live with her parents. I have my own breasts to play with. There is literally zero reason for me to do any of that.

df62890d No.3643422

I figured it might have been others just trying to troll you, but I wanted to hear your words on the accusation.

cf75ea03 No.3643792

Yeah I don't why people are making up shit about me. I'm just getting antsy waiting for these people to move so I move into that basement apartment. The place is perfect, but the people living there are taking there sweet ass time moving out. Their friends of mine and tell me it should be soon though.

cf75ea03 No.3643797

I guess it isn't fair to say that. I'm sure they have good reasons. Its just my room is so small and that basement apartment is so much space and the rent is $200 less than what I'm paying now and there's even comes with a mini kitchen. I could throw parties down there, build all kinds of things down there.

df62890d No.3643802

I'd say it's about time you had a bigger living space with peace and quiet to be able to get on with your endeavors. Your comics and artwork will go far given the dedication you give toward them. Even if people here say your artwork sucks, don't let that discourage you because everyone has to start off being bad at art with the exception of some gifted individuals, and you did have that one pic that even Steam had to admit looked awesome of the bunny character with the fire aura.

5169f3ba No.3643803

Idk some people when they start are fairly ok like myself its not as bad as the stuff aufy draws he might learn a thing or 2 by practicing with pencil first so he can practice cleaner line work and not rush it. Art takes time and effort.

cf75ea03 No.3643804

When have you ever drawn anything?
When have you ever participated in the art threads?

Where is your art located? Y

cf75ea03 No.3643805

Thank you I appreciate that.

cf75ea03 No.3643807

File: 1643216732098.jpg (18.89 KB, 500x537, IMG_20220126_073539_3~2.jpg)

Check out this pin Romi gave me.

Is this what I think it is?

5169f3ba No.3643808

The past atm cause I havent picked it back up for a while but if you want to see some of it go to https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/the-pale-tailed-fox/

cf75ea03 No.3643809

The Fuck is this? This just a bunch a convention photos and some doodles of swords. There are plenty of people who can claim to be a better artist than me… Based upon what I've seen here, you are not one of them

5169f3ba No.3643814

Take a look beyond those swords dude if I can practice line work then yes I'm a better artist by far cause I understand the concept but dude now your being a jackass and I'm now thinking you are just shite tier. At least I've practiced and know how to make improvements.

df62890d No.3643815

File: 1643219499583.jpg (68.81 KB, 815x981, grinning_scottish_leprecha….jpg)

How about a drawing challenge then? Both of you draw something and post it to this thread and let the board judge? To make the contest fair, the artwork should be similar. I suggest both of you try drawing something silly such as a Scottish Leprechaun.

5169f3ba No.3643816

Thats the thing I don't have the interest right now and I also have been down in the inspiration dumps. As an artist I reserve the right to refuse.

df62890d No.3643817

This could help get you back being interested in drawing. Honestly it doesn't matter who is better. Just consider it something fun to draw as practice.

df62890d No.3643818

I doesn't even need to be a Scottish Leprechaun. I just thought it was interesting that somebody else actually thought of that and drew it.

cf75ea03 No.3643820

File: 1643221447056.jpg (38.75 KB, 1280x930, 1264196165.the-pale-tailed….jpg)

Ya drew some swords and whatever the hell this thing is which 12 years ago. I do full on paintings and a comic book in the works and draw every day. Sometimes a little sometimes a lot. But it's every day. I'm not saying I'm some master artist but you can't claim to have better art than me with almost nothing to show.

So because you feel like I was being a "jack ass" because you outright claimed to a better artist than me, this some how effects the quality of my work? That's ridiculous.

I'm not saying you're a bad artist. I'm just saying that if this and handful doodles of swords is all you have to show for the past 12 years you have zero room to say your a better artist.
A Scottish leprechaun?
Okay. I gotta go to work here in a few but I have the next day off so I'll see what I come up with.

>>3643816 You either draw me a God Damn leprechaun or you shut your mouth about being a better artist. Because even if you do draw the leprechaun I am certain my leprechaun will blow yours out of the water so you'll still lose and have to shut up about it.

Helos can claim that, Dan can claim that, Hinotab can claim to that. You? Not so much.

Yes you have the right to refuse the challenge.
But if you so you lose by default.

cf75ea03 No.3643821

File: 1643221662528.jpg (147.34 KB, 1280x960, 1297328325.the-pale-tailed….jpg)

At least he's handsome.

5169f3ba No.3643822

No because you were being pretty damn rude. Just cause I said your art sucks doesnt mean I was being rude I was being blunt art always has room to be improved I even mentioned practicing linework but yeah no you didnt want to take advice and just wanted to see the negatives out of a comment. So no I'm not.

Go practice that line work and stop being such a douchenozzle.

5169f3ba No.3643823

But I dont get enjoyment from it right now so no point in trying to force myself just to end up feeling shirty trying. Best to wait till I'm ready.

df62890d No.3643825

Okay I have an idea to make it a bit more enjoyable for you to draw. Draw Dan as a Scottish Leprechaun.

cf75ea03 No.3643830

It wasn't "constructive criticism" it was you saying you're a better artist. Which clearly you are not

I was being "rude"? This is /furi/ rudeness is like … Practically the only language we speak here.

You don't want to "force yourself"?
Sometimes that's just what you gotta do.
This comic is deeply personal and touches subject matter I would preferred to just bury and forget about. But its just bee…. wieghing on my heart.
Forcing myself get these characters and this story out is the only way to get it done.
When I come home form work … I'm drawing a leprechaun.

cf75ea03 No.3643832

That's fine… You don't have to accept the challenge.
Because you know you'll lose any ways. 😃

5169f3ba No.3643833

No its because I donf have the interest and I only do things I have interest in but you keep telling yourself that the smug attitude won't change the fact that you are wrong. And yes it was constructive otherwise I coulda not told you to go practice linework for a bit and could have just said you were utter shite and couod never improve. Honestly I'm just done here with the b.s..

cf75ea03 No.3643837

I'm "wrong"? About what exactly?

bc098702 No.3643839

You can't draw and you suck fucking dick. Nothing can save your autism from crippling you and your skills, I would just give up art if I were you

bc098702 No.3643840

hey what do you think of what i did >>3643839

i liked it

cf75ea03 No.3643843

>>3643839 This coming from a person who's greatest accomplishment is not being a murderer? Riiiight.

bc098702 No.3643844

im not showing my art but it absolutely shits on yours

5169f3ba No.3643846

Fyi aufy I have art awards do you?

cf75ea03 No.3643847

Cool … Let's see it.

5169f3ba No.3643848

File: 1643225843459.jpg (3.95 MB, 4160x3120, 20220126_143430.jpg)

And the second one I lost in a move but it was my first place color poster.

cf75ea03 No.3643850

And just Where this award winning piece of art then?

5169f3ba No.3643853

Sitting at the Orangeville ontario legion storage or whatnot I didnt get to keep it sadly. It was just a remembrance day submission to a contest that was more for the prestige and honor than for real awards. The trophy was just a gimmick the real pride comes from my support of vetrans who fought in the war!

5169f3ba No.3643854

My art piece though was of flanders fields and a war cemetery. First place was the cemetery depicting actual war heros and their names and tombstones it was a real honor to share their stories and keep them alive in history second place was flanders field. So if you want to possibly see it you may have to look for the legions number and see if they still have it in their archives.

cf75ea03 No.3643855

All I am saying is that if you're gonna say you're a better artist than me… Then either put up or shut up.

df62890d No.3643856

Okay you draw a Leprechaun and enter the art challenge. In fact make this an open invite for anyone here that draws.

5169f3ba No.3643857

I just did I got awards and proved it even if its not your thing my weapons concept art is loads more refined. So either take my advice or not its not like I didn't offer it just to be slapped for it. Lines dude do you understand lines!

df62890d No.3643858

Cobalt you can draw a Highlander Leprechaun wielding a sword. "There can only be one!"

5169f3ba No.3643859

I don't have any interest in it so I'm not gonna even try by not having interest there's no life to it no refined piece just a twisted piece that is considered garbage and a shame to the one drawing it. But say I did have the interest I would take my time to get it how I would feel right doing it in that style. This is what artists go through artist block is no laughing matter.

df62890d No.3643860

Well if you were interested in drawing something what would it be?

5169f3ba No.3643861

D&D level shit. Dragons wizards creatures maybe a battle scene. As I said I specialize more in bladed weapon concept art.

df62890d No.3643862

Alright that sounds cool. I look forward to seeing you draw something like that whenever you decide to do so.

df62890d No.3643863

I wouldn't worry about any of that. Your determination to draw will turn you into a great artist in the future.

cf75ea03 No.3643864

That was in highschool for piece you have no copy of. We wouldn't even be having this discussion if you hadn't hopped on the "let's dog pile on Aufy for his shitty art" band wagon.

5169f3ba No.3643867

Wow pissy much. I said your art was something a kid could draw so shity quality maybe 1 decent improved piece but I also said try practicing with lineart thus critique and you jumped the gun and attacked me for just being blunt and I never said I was a pro either just that I am better right now. But being I dont draw it also implied that you could surpass me so man up.

I have many years of experience from when I was 8 to when those were posted that's basically as many years as since I last drew anything. So chances are I'd have to take longer than 4 mins per sword tops to keep up the quality being I'm still practicing lineart myself also I said art is a lot of work and effort and requires a big emotional attachment otherwise there very little improvement. Maybe instead of biting my head off you just be gracious I'm giving you a push here. I'm not even trying to disuade you but if your rude I'm rude. Back this is how I roll.

cf75ea03 No.3643870

>but if your rude I'm rude back.

Now you know why I'm being rude to you.

9a628e7d No.3643887

File: 1643248509889.jpg (186.56 KB, 1200x843, E7tBMqAXMAQ1242.jpg)

Cobalt is right though. Your art is more something I'd expect from an autistic 6 year old than a 32 year old "artist." None of your stuff over the years has improved at all either, so you're basically on the Christ Chan art path.

You also like to sexually assault mothers, so that's something else you have in common with him, unsurprising.

df62890d No.3643888

Stop making up lies Steam!

9a628e7d No.3643894

not my fault Aufy got kicked out of his house for jumping out of the shadows in a creepy bimbo costume and randomly start juggling his roommate's tits.

df62890d No.3643895

not my fault Aufy got kicked out of his house for jumping out of the shadows in a creepy bimbo costume and randomly start juggling his roommate's tits.

You said it was the roommate's mom's tits, so caught you in a lie.

9a628e7d No.3643900

File: 1643256495468.jpg (121.43 KB, 1280x720, let_me_tossle_your_tits.jpg)

No you didn't. I didn't specify that it was him mom's tits, just that it was a mom's tits.

plus it was at least traumatic enough for his transexual roommates to force him to leave, and trannies are pretty tolerant of anything deviantly sexual. So they probaly just took pitty on him for being a basement dwelling super autist, and forced him out rather than press charges.

I mean its not like they could have gotten anything fiscally out of him, you can't squeeze blood out of a rock.

You could say that after a certain age most women are moms, but doing something like that in front of their offspring elevates them to "mom" status. Not just random woman who happens to have kids. There is a certain level of respect that's supposed to happen that clearly wasn't understood by Aufy.

9a628e7d No.3643901

actually, a clear inability to understand social norms might have even been why his actual mom and step-dads made him live in a shed in the back yard.

He clearly doesn't understand how to behave. He's stated before thats its society's problem that they don't accept him as a bimbo, not his.

a012985a No.3643915

Wait what. Seriously steam. Please just stop before you go off the deep end here. I've not once ever done that and being you are a third party its not as if you can even properly make this claim. But with aufy you could somewhere non third party has accused him of this so you can easily get away with it.

bc098702 No.3643919

I'm doing this because it's frustrating watching Slowbalt waste his time trying to explain what constructive criticism is. Telling you that you're trash is the only thing that might spur some self reflection.

a012985a No.3643922

Still loads better also kinda like it since its acrually decent even if you yourself are not happy with it which is your choice not liking it is just a stepping stone to improvement anyways.

bc098702 No.3643924

I've always been able to write circles around my art and predict most things in things I read. I'm pretty sure One Piece is like a spaceship and just one piece of a greater adventure involving them going to space and Roger was laughing at the fact he thought he conquered the world only to find out he didn't really, with him wishing he was in Joyboy's era. This is also why the world nobles wear spacesuits; they are invaders. I am not the first one to come up with this theory and tell people but I added a lot to it in the day

I'm not an artist. I only drew for a while because if I wanted to tell stories I figured I'd probably have to draw to keep people's attention but I found paneling to just be above my head and gave up

So what is your excuse Aufy?


ty. But really all it takes is some art studying. Try different things? I always found it arrogant to stay bad at something that anyone can get good at. Yes, I am not trolling. Anyone can do this. If Aufy is going to waste time and be pretentious he can do this. This isn't the olympics or chess or something that takes special genetics and/or lots of training since childhood, art is a universal skill

a012985a No.3643925

I figure when interest returns ill quickly get good enough to do some of the ideas ive put into mothballs. Why I figure I might as well wait cause I can always practice with smaller scale art projects first and work my way up. Right now I'm still perfecting my lineart before I move onto much more difficult aspects. As you can tell from my concept art.

bc098702 No.3643926

It's just weird. It's like stealth narcissism to keep trying and wind up like Chris-chan at drawing. I'd get it if it was sports. I started martial arts really late and I know it's very unlikely I'll ever be world level but I don't make excuses. If I get there, aite. If I don't, aite. But drawing?

nigga, copy poses and learn methods of visualizing things from different angles, just try until you get it. Christ. How the fuck do you draw like >>3643416 at that age

Are you in your 30s? Were you dropped on your head as a kid?

a012985a No.3643927

Lol I can visualize things in such an epic manner and somehow what I envision from reading still makes it into the movies n shit so to see what I could think about from anothers perspective coming to life is kinda an amazing skill and feels good too.

bc098702 No.3643928

File: 1643267584879.jpg (387.23 KB, 1066x1600, gsg.jpg)

I mean you're not making dumb excuses or acting sensitive over it. I could sit here coaching people on things for hours, I love to teach, it's my biggest thing

With someone like that, though, all you can do is tell them to take a hike and they suck and come back later if they stop. I don't make any excuses for how bad I am

bc098702 No.3643929

File: 1643267833624.png (306.63 KB, 832x1184, mvhjmv.png)


and I thought I needed to rethink my life. goddamn man

a012985a No.3643932


Truth be told I myself dont have to go that far. For example I went and asked a girl for a smoke chatted her up and then offered some free weed and maybe some fooling around though the fooling around being an option not a necessity still we ended up fucking if I can do this then aufy has no excuse. Probably doesnt help with his nightnarefuel costume.

Also this wasnt just a vanilla girl either we done stuff like pegging a little bdsm she loved to get choked while being thruster into loved it really rough like myself when it comes to the same.

bc098702 No.3643933

I'm killing the post, if you want to tell Aufy it was better than his art and watch him blow a gasket because he doesn't get to actually see it then I'd like that

And Aufy has an excuse. Terminal autism is the excuse

a012985a No.3643936

Aww don't kill the post. Show some backbone and dont let it embaress you its just the one piece of art. Its not as if its all your art on display unless you arr just trying to hide from FA staff then I totally understand.

bc098702 No.3644212

who the fuck bumped this, i will stomp your shit

434f21e8 No.3644216

File: 1643460555160.png (1.26 MB, 875x895, Giant foot of stomping.png)

>i will stomp your shit

No U!

cbc9804f No.3644217

File: 1643460931576-0.gif (109.36 KB, 500x376, DangerousIgnorantDeviltasm….gif)

File: 1643460931576-1.jpg (45.56 KB, 960x551, g6mmb5s0lsx51.jpg)

File: 1643460931576-2.png (112.66 KB, 500x552, cant-weall-just-get-along-….png)

cbc9804f No.3644218

File: 1643461081918-0.png (206.86 KB, 622x549, d6qchq1-e64e63e0-e586-430f….png)

File: 1643461081918-1.jpg (3.17 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)

File: 1643461081918-2.jpg (87.95 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Hulk want feet back!

16fbabf6 No.3644234

File: 1643476779894.png (1.15 MB, 735x727, Screenshot 2022-01-29 at 1….png)

>Why can't we all just get along?

56809d2f No.3644268

File: 1643499409807.jpg (118.47 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Post Get Along Gang porn please?
I've never been able to find much of it, although the characters look like they would be great for that sort of thing.
My guess is that the series was popular before the Internet took off, and by that time there was plenty of other current anthro cartoon characters to draw and keep them busy.
All of the episodes seem to be on YouTube:


And they're completely watchable even today, they don't seem "dated" at all.
Pretty cool theme song too.

2ded15bd No.3644729

File: 1643873261088.jpg (891.35 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20220203_022131_7.jpg)

Here ya go.

One Scottish leprechaun courtesy Aufy.

This is admittedly not my best to work.
Yes cobalt. I had to force myself draw this, took about an hour and half.
You will just never know how much I didn't want to deviate from any current projects just draw up a leprechaun. Forcing my way through it was the only way to get it done.

16fbabf6 No.3644734

That's a darn cool lookin' Scottish leprechaun! Aufy you're art skills are progressing no matter what others here might say!

2ded15bd No.3644778

File: 1643924548811.jpg (973.35 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20220203_161509_3.jpg)

>>3644734 Thank you.
While I may not need reassurance, it is appreciated.
Had to correct the flag.

b4c8c2c6 No.3644809

Why should I do something I dont want to do. Also News flash that's 1.5hrs you will never get back. And about 10 seconds of my time for having witnessed such a beating of a dead horse you up and necroed.

16fbabf6 No.3644831

Aufy's art skills increase because of drawing practice. Also he has a fine picture to add to his gallery, showing that his drawing skills are diverse, which will help him get more future paid commissions.

67c7ad2c No.3645849

Lol and you think stealthbumping makes this true. I don't have to prove anything and I was politely holding back my critique but I guess you don't get that I had a response ready to go if I needed to. Looks like I'm going to have to.

Thats not a leprechaun thats a scottsman with a pot of gold he stole from the leprechaun he killed. Prove to me how this is a leprechaun. And as a person with a fraction of Irish blood your drawing infuriates me.

5b51dd50 No.3645851

For goodness sake Cobalt, it's a fictional Scottish Leprechaun drawing idea challenge that was only for fun. It is a what if Scotland had Leprechauns in their folklore too? LOL, if this makes you angry, then you need to go for anger management.

67c7ad2c No.3645853

Truth even for fiction must have some semblence into myths and legends and since leprechauns are Irish I can this a fail regardless to what you want to think. No scottsman is going to use Irish themes. Either way if its not you stealth bumping its aufy cause there isnt really anyone else that would benefit from it. So nice bait retard but I'm done discussion on what is so obviously a major fail.

5b51dd50 No.3645857

You're retarded if you think that reply was bait. If you are that critical of the possibility of a Scottish Leprechaun being drawn for the purposes of a fun art challenge, to which you refused to participate, I wonder what you have to say about fictional Pokemon characters? What is your opinion on fictional character species that borrow partial likenesses from real animals, plants or objects?

5b51dd50 No.3645861

File: 1644451073441-0.jpg (126.76 KB, 810x975, grinning_scottish_leprecha….jpg)

File: 1644451073441-1.png (48.62 KB, 600x500, SGZw0kTSd8.png)

File: 1644451073441-2.jpg (86.69 KB, 1000x1000, pp,840x830-pad,1000x1000,f….jpg)

File: 1644451073441-3.jpg (92.02 KB, 783x1019, a54e200810acf755f31804bf23….jpg)

Aufy's also not the only one that drew a fictional Scottish Leprechaun. Are you also going to get angry at any other artist that has done so?

32a7d0d7 No.3645984

>your drawing infuriates me.

You're infuriated over a drawing? One that isn't even remotely directed at you in any way?
Wow…. I'm almost amused.
It was an art challenge.
You just had to take it personal.
Also in Scottish folklore I'm pretty sure there is an equivalent to a leprechuan. Pretty sure they're called Lucharachains or something like that.

838692d1 No.3647124

File: 1644893172817.jpg (55.39 KB, 634x531, 53010675-10409541-image-a-….jpg)


An elongated, cone-shaped 2,000 year old skull with a possible metal implant could represent some of the earliest evidence from Peru of an ancient surgical implant. Or it could be a modern-day fake. What is your opinion?


This has been a SCIENCE ALERT!

b57e6a64 No.3650436

File: 1647133338874.jpg (104.5 KB, 717x956, Scottish bats.jpg)

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