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File: 1630800802390.png (1.33 MB, 1766x993, 1_2OKX1nhsZ3-CB2CidEdhJw.png)

18100524 No.3625084

Alright listen up /furi/
I'm building something big.
Something pink
Something sexy
I won't say what it is but when it's completed, my God it will be beautiful.
I'm selling all my male Transformers.
Parting with my coin collection
Looking for a second job, which has become a more of a problem since I lost my I.D. Working out like crazy because I will have to be strong to operate it. I will likely be moving into a place of my own here soon to minimize distractions.
I am requesting
All your money making ideas,
All your ideas to rapidly absorb knowledge,
All your ideas to increase testosterone, stamina, focus, and sex drive.

I look forward to your input.
Good day.

595d0cff No.3625086

File: 1630801322556.jpeg (390.83 KB, 1579x1116, 268ED907-9B39-4515-93AA-2….jpeg)

Will it be a sexual Godzilla suit?!

18100524 No.3625088

File: 1630803705728.png (117.2 KB, 680x382, 756179778-Victor-Moritz-Yo….png)

>>3625086 something like that.

20ab4254 No.3625112

probly a yoshi jello suit like he priobably always wanted to drown in crystal lite pink lemonade the end. see ya op.

69030fd3 No.3625123

Sexual godzilla robot?

18100524 No.3625146

File: 1630863645383.jpeg (9.08 KB, 183x275, images (1).jpeg)

Yeah whatever let's just I'm building a mecha Godzilla jello Yoshi pink lemonade monster. Never mind what it is. I need a second income because I need parts, tools, space, and I need'em yesterday.
I'd have had a second a job already but my ID is missing and all the prospects I've spoken to require an ID.
Selling the coin collection and transformers is only going to get me so far it's not a long term solution but it's a start.

This mecha Godzilla Jello Yoshi pink lemonade monster is gonna be built because I gotta build it. I'm trying to brain storm for ideas here.

The one job is only enough to pay the bills and keep me fed. Everyone wants to raise the minimum wage, but no one even considers trying to figure out how to lower prices on the cost of living. Y

18100524 No.3625149

15 an hour? Why not a 100 or a 1000. Hyper inflation? That's not a thing. Let's just keep printing more and more money.

Lower prices on the cost of living? Set price limits? Demand lower prices instead of printing more money? Blasphemy!

9a628e7d No.3625165

File: 1630892000166.jpg (67.64 KB, 784x1019, very_evil_rick_by_dragujin….jpg)

I've been kinda getting irritated about this, I have multiple degrees, and did engineering work for around 35 an hour, and some consultation gigs when I can get it, when I started minimum wage was 5.60, now starting at burger king is 11, and basic shit like knowing how not to kill yourself in a fork truck is 20+ an hour… and engineering pay has not gone up at all.

Its really degrading when you know that within 10 years teenagers will be making as much as you do just walking out of high school after toweling off their stomachs from the locker room.

You guys can keep your shit, I bailed, as much as a retarded alcoholic as people think I am, I managed to retire at 28. I'm 31 and at this point I don't really care. I own my own house, I have infinite VA disability from getting blown up and putting myself back together physically and mentally, I've got more vehicles than I could ever use, and right now im focusing most of my efforts on pure hedonism and luxury.

The world can suck my dick, I checked out. And no I don't get welfare or anything like that, I just made enough good investments to just totally fuck the system with an XL Cole bad dragon dick slap to the face with a pneumatic quick action actuator, and a hydrolic secondary high pressure press to the clavicle like society deserves.

9a628e7d No.3625166

File: 1630892443077.jpg (1.03 MB, 1427x1030, 49548efe384c745f7c5da6e646….jpg)

Honestly, you guys have no comprehension of how much money I made buying a shit ton of victoria's secret and "adam an eve" stock during the recession, almost all my money, and then selling when we hit a high just before the quarantine, and then buying back up in the slump and repeating.

Never underestimate the power of human sexuality, and its effect on the economy.

e860f75c No.3625169

File: 1630897594124.jpeg (8.99 KB, 184x274, images (3).jpeg)

Oh Steam! That's a terrific idea! After I sell all my transformers I could use that money to invest in something else and sell it for even more money.

I wanna be a pink bimbo, Steam! The biggest. The pinkest!
The biggest sexiest curviest horniest pinkest bustiest big booty have'n'est bimbo in the whole world. I'm gonna make that happen.
I wanna use my bimbo slut powers to for good! To bring people together to help people to see were not all that different, and we're all in this together. I wanna help people loves themselves and love each other.

I love it! I love being pink. I hate being stuck at my stupid job making just enough to get buy and having to clean up after and watch over some one else's pets and do a bunch of God damn chores.
I hate being so God Damn stupid I can't even keep up with my I.D or manage my time or money.
I made a pretty decent bimbo costume on a shoe string budget. But I wanna go bigger! Much bigger! I have many great bimbo building ideas. But I gotta do all this other stuff that has nothing to do with being a bimbo and it's so frustrating!
I'm tired of a being small din6ky dink string bean. There are more than enough sissy femboys. I wanna a big busty bimbo and underneath all those womanly curves is a big buff manly man who can mow a lawn and move furniture, eat a rare steak and pave a drive way, lift a refrigerator, all the stuff buff guys are supposed to do.
Some one out there very special to me taught me I dont have to love one and reject the other but love and encourage both my masculine and feminine side to become something more not less.

Being a bimbo is the most important thing to me.
More important than all the other important things.
I gotta do this Steam I just gotta!

b394fc53 No.3625181

File: 1630908845055-0.jpg (123.99 KB, 700x393, wheatgrass-youtube.jpg)

File: 1630908845055-1.jpg (99.44 KB, 533x800, Pink-Lemonade-Glass-of-Ima….jpg)

File: 1630908845056-2.jpg (497.09 KB, 2500x2500, 553a7bf0-9985-4b8f-92f5-99….jpg)

Grow grass and sell pink lemonade?

e860f75c No.3625182

File: 1630910095711.jpg (203.09 KB, 1195x958, IMG_20210906_020421_8~2.jpg)

Well that's lame Steam. We're all very happy you achieved material success but the fact that you have it and don't even know what to do with it is disappointing beyond words.

Thier is no reason for you, me or anyone to be "bored".
I'm not out to be a bimbo for the sake of being a bimbo. I like being a bimbo because it makes me happy and makes people and I like making people happy.
I'm not after money and influence for the sake of having money and influence. I'm after these things because I have very specific things in mind I intend on doing with the money and influence. Things that will help not just myself but help heal this broken ass divided world.

If you're not doing anything useful, helpful, or innovative with the wealth you have achieved what the hell was the God Damn point?

I have waisted years of my life my going back and forth giving my happiness and energy to miserable people with no goals or aspirations what so ever and I'm of sick of it.

400660fa No.3625186

File: 1630911774732.png (86.52 KB, 227x258, 1454362277887.png)


>being a cross dressing manwhore to "heal this broken ass divided world"

e860f75c No.3625190

Yeah! Because people will listen to sexy. If some one is aroused by you they are more inclined to listen to you.

48be45d4 No.3625198

Is it … a walking clock?

9a628e7d No.3625218

File: 1630934331383.png (4.24 MB, 1788x1232, my_bathroom_is_a_holy_plac….png)

>If you're not doing anything useful, helpful, or innovative with the wealth you have achieved what the hell was the God Damn point?

thats kind of the point, I made enough that I'm no longer part of the system. My biggest concern right now is "should I buy a soaking tub for my 3rd floor bathroom with or without self heating jets… do I really need an aquatherepy soaking tub? Does my bathroom really need 6.1 surround sound? Is 30 minutes of putting in new electrical feeds worth it?

My bank account says yes. Yes I do need an aquatherepy soaking tub and the ambient surround sound will help the natural relaxation of the bubbles. I spend a whole 20 minutes a day doing chores and stuff just o prevent blood clots, I deserve some solid relaxation after that.

8fffc008 No.3625239

File: 1630969407616.jpeg (4.86 KB, 210x240, download (3).jpeg)

That is a lame use of wealth.
That is the kind of thing normies with money spend thier wealth on. You're waisting your money with short sited frivolities rather than building a legacyy and what's worse you're waisting your intelligence and potential.
I don't care what you do with your money.
But if your so damn brilliant…
If you're not going build some awesome mech suit could you atleast help me with some of my designs since your such a brilliant engineer and all?
I want this thing to fucking sparkle.
I want this thing to be bullet proof.
I want this thing to be so God damn sexy it will give men literal nose bleeds.
I want this thing to be able bring boners back from the dead.
I want this thing exude pheromones so pungent men will be aroused before I even enter a room.
I want this thing to be so padded and comfortable inside that I could end hours maybe days inside of it.
I want it identity locked so that I and I alone cany operate it.
Now the first few prototypes may be a bit rushed…
Because I need something relatively soon. That I can do on my own. I can probably get the parts I need with this next coming pay check….

But I'm gonna keep building.
YAnd every incarnation will be bigger and pinker than the last.

I guess waisting our potential is a vice we are both guilty of Steam. You with your hedonism, me with me fucking around and accepting mediocrity.
But this … This … Vision …. this pink beast that haunts me, it's not going away.
I accepted my lot because I had not yet accepted it's vision.
I have now and that has changed everything.
All it's ever wanted for me to rise to my fullest potential.
You can keep your money, but I could use bit of assistance with designs.
If you do decide to assist me can you and will you keep your God Damn mouth shut about it?
So if you're that bored…
Maybe be a sport and help me with my designs?

2f37c012 No.3625265

is it a feminism anal suppository. i bet it is.

2f37c012 No.3625266

bro just build a robot and have it do everything.

7da6ae1a No.3625267

we all have big aspirations and dreams of success well i got the bug except for me i'm more of an africanized version, yeah, buddy, you can see me out there standing under an air drop. Have you tried chasing air drops and standing directly under them? I find it the best solution for quick results. What's in the boxes? Will I be crushed? They have answers for everything.

d3720811 No.3625268

IIRC the last time I gave you advice, it backfired. Oh well, here goes. Instead of working multiple McJobs, develop some marketable skills, learn a trade, and apply yourself. Mechanic, welder, plumber, crane operator. These are all respectable trades that don't require a college degree. You may have to pay for trade school to get a certificate, but just fucking do it. If you're saving up money for anything, it should be something like that. Priorities, my friend, priorities! Once you have a decent paying job, health insurance, and some money saved up, then work on your bimbo suit in your free time.

5846cecc No.3625281

File: 1630986820839.png (169.84 KB, 1108x1828, 1402841_tansau_thick-thigh….png)

No no this actually really good advice bro.
I might actually look into it this time around.
For the past few years I've been moving back forth between here and Savannah. I don't know what's been wrong with me. I just really don't like living with other people but I haven't been able to afford not to. I ywasn't sure what I wanted to do with my life.
But every time I put on that pink costume I feel like this it.
This is the thing that matters more than all the other things.
The Fnaf mysteries are super important but ever since I started performing for people in the Circus Fox costume all these burried emotions came welling up in me. Emotions I had good reasons to burry.
Ya know I don't wanna bother popufurs with my goofy emotions.
But God Damn ya know. Some one is inspired by you and wants to walk in your foot steps and carry on the work you began … That's something special. Y
I shouldn't have to feel ashamed of that.
My fascination with being a pink bimbo predates Fnaf by several years. I thought I could burry these emotions with fnaf lore and adventures but … it didn't help how sexy some of the characters and situations are just so God Damn kinky.

Working Mc Jobs, paying a head house hold X amount and then fuck around until I have to go back to work is all I know.
But something about Circus Fox though.
That pleading hungry look on its face.
Are you going feed me today Bonnie Haller?
It feels like another person I'm responcible for.
That I have to fed and take care of and answer to.
Ya know before it was like it didnt matter if I succeeded or not because it was just me in my life and the object of my affection didn't like me anyways. So it was who the hell cares.
But Circus Fox … I have to give him a good home and other bimbo friends and room to grow.
All of sudden good enough is not enough at all anymore.
Living with other people used to be a tolerable thing.
Now every little thing they do gets on nerves when most of the time they're not even doing anything all that aggravating.
All these bimbo building ideas I've been just sitting on for years it's like I have … I just fucking have to do it.
One of the reasons I want second job is because that would mean more at work making money and less time spent at home being irritated by people who aren't even doing anything wrong.

d3d58ec0 No.3625286

File: 1630989901438.jpg (52.04 KB, 850x400, quote-i-ve-been-on-food-st….jpg)

>And no I don't get welfare or anything like that
aren't you constantly whining that your guts were blown out while in the military?

5936702d No.3625289

File: 1630992101956.jpg (83.16 KB, 1046x1692, eevee cooking.jpg)

I think it's more likely he was in a gay bar playing a drunken game of anal fisting and ruptured his large colon, then out of embarrassment, waited till serious peritonitis set in before going to the clinic.

ff4e5e91 No.3625291

He said his rectum was wrecked when he got fisted when he was 5 years old. Nothing he says is true

debf7e82 No.3625313

What like that asian dude who built a gundam in his garage?

2f37c012 No.3625325

me thinks u should try reading a book, smooth brain.

eeb4847b No.3625434

Reading more is splendid advice. I'm reading a book now on thought forms.

458336d8 No.3625439

File: 1631139278873.jpg (99.53 KB, 693x639, me_right_about_now.jpg)

Are you the guy with the cooking and eating fetish?

Cause I know at least one other guy that you should know that also posts on this board. Hint: foxes.

2a3a28e8 No.3625740

File: 1631455387724.gif (292.95 KB, 1197x1055, bound eevee.gif)

No I'm not him. I'm just on a Skunket kick since he deleted his Inkbunny account.

b2b7baa9 No.3625991

That's the idea yes. But instead of a gundum. It's gonna pink curvy and I can havye sex with guys in it.

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