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8fd818dc No.3622386

Does anyone else here find their enjoyment is ruined when someone you hate appears in the credits? Prime example, Andrew "AndyKatt" Dickpic.

Just a few years ago he hung out on Furnet IRC all day looking for the youngest boys and girls to bribe with his slightly-above-mediocre artwork and get real nudes from, or possibly even meet up. Then ineptly try to act like a anti-pedo in public to cover it up. EVERYONE knew it and the fuckers who ran the channels dindu nuttin'. He even got baited by someone posting "im just 11 hope you dont think im too young to be here" and Andrew Dick-in-hand immediately PMed and offered to draw his fursona.

When i saw his name pop up in the Wabbit credits, it just made me rage and my stomach bubble. Same with that child abuser and groomer, Kirk Roger Tingblad, who got to direct a bunch of Animaniacs and Pinky & the Brain episodes. I bet the whole crew there is just a bunch of pedos and psychos!

The worst thing is what sort of influence these vile creatures have over the tweens and pre-schoolers watching the shows they wrote and directed. It's not just the outright message, it's the subtle messages they put in the exact sequence of events, the colors and shapes, the timing and the sound effects. Look up Neuro-liinguic programming, it's true. They're neurulungically programming a generation of kids to be susceptible to pedophiles, and they get paid big $$ by WB and Disney to do it!

And why the hell does the racist Trumptard Jim Cummings still get any work? He basically said "Black Lives won't matter to me until they get a job, stop looting and pull up their pants", now he's back voicing a million characters on Duck Tales and whatever.

Oh, and calling it now, the flop with Apple announcing they will scan users private image collections (which is going way too far, everyone rightfully agrees) is gonna be used as an excuse for them not to do anything about users trading CP on Apple products at all, trust me. I am never wrong on this.

5e93f2b6 No.3622555

Just go all #metoo on him. Furry Twitter loves having a reason to hatemob anyone they can.

8fd818dc No.3622724

Well, #metoo is for women who got harassed in real life, not young boys and girls who get groomed online. And it's gonna be hard to find any victims or witnesses, especially after so much time. The hypocrisy of the "clean and wholesome" animation industry just bugs the hell out of me. If you tell the truth you're considered libelous, a backstabber, a drama whore, but molesting kids is okay as long as you're not caught by the law!

94d530e7 No.3622732

>but molesting kids is okay as long as you're not caught by the law!
Ironic, coming from you, Leukemia.

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