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86603f64 No.3620616

de738e32 No.3620624

>the hurt she continues to actively cause throughout the community
>behind closed doors

35bb189a No.3620626

File: 1626968147576.jpg (281.07 KB, 1000x726, 1472198846310.jpg)

>racist, sexist, transphobic
>possibly a zoo as well
Where can I propose to her?

fb05e160 No.3620630

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File: 1626974934778-1.jpg (46.47 KB, 500x500, fake-friends-just-look-for….jpg)

Just another story about jerks backstabbing each other. A common thing.

5f11b41d No.3620631

File: 1626976410068.gif (36.1 KB, 142x105, lupin.gif)

99210779 No.3620632

I saw LeVIthAN post about it.
The fuck is this weak ass basic bitch drama?
Wake me up when people catch on to the fact Deo is friends with white supremacists.

f1352f63 No.3620640

This is rather tame wake me up when their hurling diapers at each other irl

94bff86c No.3620649

File: 1626990618271.webm (3.88 MB, 500x280, 1626820317089.webm)

c43f08c5 No.3620668


Why should I or anyone else care about this?

1c41aeda No.3620671

wow finally someone I recognize

6c5519c1 No.3620685

Am I supposed to care when someone is labeled these things? I just take it to mean they're probably not a Marxist at this point. I'd hang out with a 'bigoted, hateful person' over the piece of shit outing him or her any day. She seems like a much much more pleasant person to be around.

de738e32 No.3620693

File: 1627028758238.png (420.59 KB, 659x786, despise.png)

Am I supposed to disagree with these screenshots. She's not wrong about any of it.

bbc9603b No.3620695


These sound very reasonable. Though, someone really went out of their way to document all the isolated instances of whatever's not acceptable in the current political climate.

Whoever this target is, I hope she's doing well.

Good rule of thumb is - when someone is being labeled just check up on them yourself and make up your own mind. More often than not the person is actually very reasonable. It's rare to check someone up to find that they really are unabashed dumbasses.

fa5fe5c7 No.3620696


Ah yes the R word. What is the U.N. doing to stop this hatemongering vilain?

Drop everything, a furry is using internet slang on the internet !

dd420daa No.3620698

Lulz.net once again demonstrating that the only regulars left are weird reactionary losers

66a3f1c3 No.3620704

>The furry "community"

Two terrible and worthless things. Anyone that trannies try to label as "transphobic" is probably saying something true

6c5519c1 No.3620719

So is the ableism the use of the word retard? lol what fucking retard screencaped this?

You know, maybe the screencaper has a point, because he's clearly disabled if he thinks this is problematic or that anyone of any worth will care. Ironic.

She's totally right, though. Surrounding yourself with people who will huff your farts is the best way to never grow. You can tell that this is a humble person of integrity, and I don't know who she is, but she has my respect thanks to these 'leaks'.

03b9c539 No.3620804

File: 1627119284296.png (78.08 KB, 698x622, 1433489__safe_artist-colon….png)

Hating the i am racist and not very bright and the troon ought to be a norm. Twitter is an abyss of retardation.

86603f64 No.3620806

Not him, I'm on Fiddle's side

2b8a02e6 No.3620807

twitter the biggest cesspool on earth after youtube comments

8c7281ea No.3620810

it's communism. Twitter is an unique thought machine; the tribunal of the internet that screams and dictate a one world view.

b376d2e4 No.3620827

File: 1627156933856.jpg (214.99 KB, 1040x1500, 939575b43c13660e2a6be13ffe….jpg)

Labb Ratt is a fookin' piece of shite!

5f11b41d No.3620852

File: 1627179053238.jpg (55.84 KB, 750x600, homicide.jpg)

Also on a fun note, fiddleafox's account on furaffinity got suspended.

Which is kinda funny if they did that because of twitter. When I had a problem with someone off-site and received death threats, they said there was nothing they could do about it since it didn't happen on their site.

So this just proves they're about to purge anyone they accuse of wrongthink from FA.

334d8861 No.3620855

get over it lol

1ae528cd No.3620856


Perhaps they were afraid of getting dragged into the shit storm, leading to a mass exodus.

…oh who am I kidding. If having Chase as an admin didn't cause furries to leave FA in a mass exodus, what will?

cf374147 No.3620861

File: 1627185417371.png (6.9 KB, 405x400, as if the comic will ever ….png)

Yeah, I'm thinking she's based.

ce3acaa7 No.3620863

File: 1627188701544.png (224.03 KB, 939x218, Bad Move.png)

You have fans who go out of their way too show respect for your artwork, while thanking you for releasing new content & instead you just shit on them. fiddle might doxxed soon, you DON'T treat people like that, there are consequences for your actions.

I see it all the time in the "Furry Fandom", an Artist will say something dumb on Twitter/Discord/Fur Affinity & get alot of backlash & then that same artist flips their shit -rage quits the "Furry Fandom" & then deletes all their content/account trying to scrub any evidence of themself from being on the internet (you see this alot with furry cub artists).

ce3acaa7 No.3620865



Is this the same furaffinity account? Atm it does NOT say they are currently suspended.

b350cd4c No.3620866

I like the shouts on that page, such as "Make sure to delete your twitter account you pathetic useless gob of cowardly life."

e348793c No.3620873


The ! before the username denotes they're suspended.

ce3acaa7 No.3620874


Oh I didn't know that, in the past it would say (suspended) next to their furaffinity account name. Thankyou for the clarification!

cf374147 No.3620884

They're not fans, they're simps.

ce3acaa7 No.3620887

File: 1627207177232.png (322.39 KB, 1000x1430, 1619976582255.png)


Fans or Simps it does not matter (they are the same), (fiddleafox) the Artist should have known better then to trashtalk & disrespect her followers.

In the past I liked the (fiddleafox) Artist work & TBH the racist stuff I can let slide because people sometimes say dumb things on the internet. But disrespecting your fans? that is a no-go, shes is NOT a famous PopFur star, she is just a random person on the internet who draws cute little furry fox characters. It looks like her EGO went too far over her head & she forgot her status…

cf374147 No.3620891

If she is not famous then she has nothing to lose, and as already stated, does not give a fuck. You're a retard if you think this has any bearing on anything. Oh no, not disrespected simps!

Simps are not the same as fans. Fans enjoy something. They might go out of their way to say, "nice job", and buy a commission or whatever to support you. A simp doesn't go out of their way. They do it deliberately for their own self-satisfaction of indulging someone else, be it sexual gratification, or mere friendly attention because they don't get any at home. A fan takes part alongside the rest of whatever else they have filled their personal time with. A simp surrounds themselves with others, or even just a single person, to try and be a part of a community they have nothing valuable to contribute to. A fan will go, "eh, I don't want to support this person any more." A simp you need to be more direct before they will get the hint to fuck off, lest they will ignore and white knight every terrible thing you do, again to win your attention. Though she also mentions clout, where gatherings of reactionary simps whirlwind through as soon as you've stopped being useful to them and move onto their next fixation. Basically, a fan sees you as a person. A simp sees you as their personal god and they're there to submit and be rewarded.

6f72a7a0 No.3620893

Wait, we can't say retard now? When did that start? That's some retarded shit.

fa5fe5c7 No.3620898

Why do people insist in destroying everything that is good?
I've just checked their FA and it's full of way cute art ; like I care if they think I'm disgusting, that's their business.

3dcec6ea No.3620900

She doesn't want a bunch of yes-men who will huff her farts no matter what she shits out. She wants friends who will treat her like a normal person. She was rude regarding them in a private conversation. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

Are you familiar with the euphemism treadmill? Idiot and imbecile were each used to describe the retarded and they became extremely taboo because of it for a while. Now it's retard. Whatever polite medical term replaces/replaced (I haven't been paying attention) it will become just as taboo in time.

90f71482 No.3620911

I suggest "mentally diverse." That way you include homicidal maniacs and child rapists in a politically correct term along with nuts and retards.

110fd3b8 No.3620916

cf545b7b No.3620943


Looks like a bunch of average Lulz.net posters

558e148a No.3620950

File: 1627277510807.jpg (367.44 KB, 821x711, 54532638.jpg)

and im hiding on the celling above them to pounce them down :3

de196560 No.3620977


Siamese fat cells seperated at birth?

201630e0 No.3620982


The olympic RAPE team has landed !

Now bend over, and ROLL CAMERAS!

2e185eaa No.3621356


2f273fb2 No.3621548

> (you see this alot with furry cub artists)
That's why I download and repost cub.

45139e88 No.3626419

>>we have compiled documents for rage fuel! TeHe don't dox them though
This is why I could never be famous. Fuck that noise.

45139e88 No.3626420

>ill never understand clout
>all it does it attract an audience that will turn on you the minute they need a lamb to sacrifice

It's as if she saw this day coming. Should've really taken her own advice and tried to stay small

11b231fc No.3626440

This thread seems very political to me. Should be removed. Let's get back to posting porn and not talking about politics.

fa5fe5c7 No.3626455


Posting porn is political. Have you never thought about its sociopolitical ramifications ?

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