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File: 1626888662643-0.jpg (1.54 MB, 1800x2317, 00newartist4-mobileMasterA….jpg)

File: 1626888662643-1.jpg (256.98 KB, 682x1023, hunter-biden-painting-dr-g….jpg)

File: 1626888662643-2.jpg (228.86 KB, 1024x682, hunter-biden-painting-dr-g….jpg)

963022ed No.3620585

>tfw Hunter Biden's art is actually good

91beeba2 No.3620591

File: 1626914441633.jpeg (540.56 KB, 1875x2850, I Loving Killing Old Peop….jpeg)

>implying he actually painted those

They were made by a ghost artist, just like how every politician that "writes" a book in office has a ghost writer do all the actual writing. This is just another obvious form of bribery and the entire art trade is a money laundering scheme. Also abstract art is a literal CIA psy-op. Jackson Pollock is a talentless hack.

Speaking of politicians and paintings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0mS5I-j_Gc

d469b110 No.3620601

>hunter biden
He's just a politico's brat. He doesn't need the positions his dad pulls for him, so he could paint all day if he wanted. Why do you find it difficult to believe some crack smoking playboy does his own art?

b6e1af42 No.3620606

File: 1626937810003.gif (867.63 KB, 200x180, EB034D20-D637-4A29-9498-82….gif)

Yeah, I’m so sure that crack head, piece of unrestrained corruption painted those….

934d256d No.3620912

File: 1627245143487.jpg (31.61 KB, 660x459, HitlerMaryWithJesus.jpg)

26e2b56d No.3620981


I can asure you he is not. The style and technique in the first 2 are identical. The third one is by a different artist. Also it is quite clearly a digital photomontage.

He is a PHONY ! Like his dad , a PHONY !!!!

so fuck them and carry on.

370ba225 No.3621005

Art Inspiration through crack or cocaine is cheating.

360df67b No.3621026

But not if it's through LSD?

494e32ec No.3621050

this person is the worst type of faggot but is when narcissism just consumes a person.

No one thinks he is fun. No one smiles around him. He is comparitively hitler marching against all good things on earth.

e195282f No.3621095

And how does Hunter Biden benefit from calling ghost artist created works his own? You really think his net profit from selling art with his name on it is worth it, after he pays the real artist?

If He's that hard up for cash, he will make a lot more money representing some company or foreign government that hopes he has the ear of the President.

3864debb No.3621099

Why would Andrew Cuomo have a ghost writer write a book full of lies that he was paid millions in advance for?

The paintings cost a hell of a lot less than half a million bucks each to commission and art sales are a well established money laundering tradition. Didn't Hunter Biden just go on a book tour shilling some shit that was definitely ghost written as well?

9ee07ac9 No.3621104

> Why would Andrew Cuomo have a ghost writer write a book full of lies that he was paid millions in advance for?
Because a book gets ideas across very clearly and unambiguously. Ideas and statements that Cuomo wants people to believe.

If Hunter Biden had any thoughts he wanted others to believe then he too would have had a book ghost written.

3864debb No.3621105

File: 1627453594035.jpg (38.7 KB, 329x500, crackheadmemoir.jpg)

>If Hunter Biden had any thoughts he wanted others to believe then he too would have had a book ghost written.

He did

380a1b01 No.3621108


You are not capable of understanding just how large and well organised the Fake, Phony and Propaganda industri are in the USA are you ?

NOBODY in the Political spectrum writes their own material. Where should they find the time ?

Do you think they are truthful also ? Do you think Clinton mentioned Epstein with one word in his book "my Life" ?

Even Elite´s offspring in the Expensive universities does not do their own papers. They hire a paper-writer to fix their grades. Then they wander of into the big Corporations as boardmembers or CEO´s and actually know nothing. At the same time some undiscovered Genius can waste away on the street or flipping Burgers. Can you imagine how this will affect America in the future ?

China has just tried to uproot that development by demaning Private elite Universities , are NOT allowed to turn a profit. This is to make sure everyone with the talent can make it in there. Unlike Stanford or MIT etc.

That was a sidestep from the thread but a fine example of the bullshit rubbed into people eyes.

They are all fake, liars, corrupted, deceptors, Pedophiles and above the law.

When people start getting antsy , they call Hollywood and ask them to pump out some happy-go-lucky "the hero from the bottom saving the World" crap movie and people forget their anger and discontent for a while.

Rinse and repeat.

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