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Math Thread
Talk about Math and shit like that

14bb8a3b No.3620371

File: 1626651024989.png (213.11 KB, 1319x778, 2021-07-18-192621_1319x778….png)

my obsession with curvature continues
imagine we have some big lumpy shape and we don't like big lumpy shapes, we like circles
how would we go about forcing this shape to assume the shape of a circle with the same arc length, centered about the centroid of the original shape?

haven't really thought much about how this can be done but I'm thinking maybe there could be some error function that shows the difference between any given point on the curve and the corresponding point on the circle that point would assume. Then we can ??? to minimize that error allowing the shape to asymptotically approach the circle.

Or we can do some hocus pocus with trying to minimize the instantaneous curvature of the shape to a constant, since the circle is the shape with constant curvature (IIRC)

I'm kinda wishing I'd paid just a little bit more attention in vector calculus right now

14bb8a3b No.3620374

I feel like this would have something to do with solving the heat equation in polar coordinates

0d86161f No.3620376

There are no such thing as curves you are looking at spikes hastily scrawled as a direct correalated ratio to many other spikes. The idea of curves is nonsense

2f584c22 No.3620384

If a system x of knowns equitable to a system y of unsolved constraints may contrive a system of z then in z1 can be equalized throughout it's own systems of x and y. Then z2 acomparitive model interact in a contrived measure that both compensate for z3 a system of comparisons of knowns x y and z states. That system example 1 is definable in trial and error for the remodeled versions by system 2. It would arguably become more likened to the letter that by system 3 it would be marginally acceptable by implication of process the qualifications would Express by a continued adjustment. This model would then be determinable as the z1 state an z2 state if an adjusted state of z3 is applied. So z3 becomes baseline representative in or translated for any series. My dood has batter that dood has bisquick and some amount of either is the shake and bake. I'm so bored as fuck rite now but it's like 500 pages of how to cook it rite. U got density and shit like wave mechanics and vacuums and resonance and harmonies disputing all of or supporting for either depending on shit. Just saying its a lot of dynamics for shit like anti poles or some shit I still say u r just redefining source and field properties of direct linear values to fabricate a fake believe thing. Like only one example of a curve existing and that's by spontaneity in all probable outcomes it just does by a everdisrupted value in scalar chance like a pussytickler in math

0e6cd5e5 No.3620404

I recently stumbled upon this video about Geometric Algebra.
I learned a bit about it before but this - while he admits the video isn't a teaching guide - it is a pretty good 'showcase' as to what Geometric Algebra is about and what can do.

It's a shame this approach isn't taken in most college physics courses.

0e6cd5e5 No.3620406

File: 1626696245771.jpg (48.68 KB, 340x500, animorphs 20.jpg)

This sounds like you're talking about a subject in complex analysis (i.e. calculus with complex numbers) called 'conformal mapping'. Not only does it offer an approach to turn any shape into any other shape it takes the interior of the shape and 'bends' it so that, at least on a microscopic level, it doesn't look like you've altered any angles (i.e. squares still look like squares)

Remember those cheesy 'morphing' effects you'd see all the time in the 1990s. That's done with conformal mapping.

2022d4d9 No.3620459

File: 1626765804722.png (205.88 KB, 910x748, mathtestzzz.png)

a4e84157 No.3620460

I just seen that.

878c034d No.3620462

File: 1626767411558.png (2.11 MB, 1920x1080, 4xkhfupmbnw51.png)

1:There is no other disruption as noticeable as the coursing of time. A value that is in theory always changing. Its directly corresponding to the flow of observed information. Prioritized data, assessed through a 'center point' aka reality. The observation is simply a mitigated data of the most availiable flux -curve of its origin or signature (in time). Approximated.
This means an averaging of fall off (exposure) to the center of the universe in its beginning locale(s), is our frame of reference, a singularity. The source which we do not see is measured-in more extreme cases only by distance or 'rate of observed data', suggests we are polarized by flux. We move slower than what we see, and data is only approximate to what we are informed, 'the future-past' curves an occulus (particle).
2:Reality is ever expanding, a polar flux filtered by frequency of observation (critical mass in casualty of half life). The more 'energetic' or 'exposed' something is the more information is mitigated. (Data is assessed at a faster rate and more is overlooked) We move faster with higher fallout rates and closer to critical mass, aka 'annihilation' or polarization. This process of this is Curve Theory.
3:In it the logistics of handling data transfer is by the amount of particle annihilation taking place. Prioritized routing is by the degree or radian in flux or about its angle being up or down. Using a prediction of how much until it occurs in casualty or is adjusted or otherwise, depends on the amount of exposure the data has (it is theorized it increases with speed or by chance). A selected flux is assigned a prefferred observation to the rest (by favorable signatures), the data logistics is made more controllable. (So long as that system takes place) a pathological gyroscopic position in which observations are predicted based on its orientation in time can be programmed for data mining.
4:So you have a gyroscopic positioning system that collects favorable weather reports of the best route through time possible, that you can supercede time by overstacking data and energy (by changing the position correctly). To flatten the curve basically, less bridging in referenced frames takes place *(or something) and faster than light travel or a super fluid may be possible. Esp with a Gun on it.

2022d4d9 No.3620463

File: 1626767651450.jpg (161.44 KB, 740x363, futurama-time-machine.jpg)

So basically all of these tiny particles of matter are just 1s and 0s.

2022d4d9 No.3620464

File: 1626767842425.jpg (37.32 KB, 640x480, sddefault.jpg)

You gather all these specs to make a bigger cluster of itself and it will divide into smaller and smaller specs till it becomes nothing again? A negative becomes a positive and it repeats.

878c034d No.3620465

It really depends on where you want to start.

You can say that a polarized issuance of data centeralizes its alignment as having all or nothing from a source in a timeline.

Or a more complex system was in place involving atomic weights that would decide the same. Hydrogen and Helium just happen because they pretty much want to not because they are supposed to. So obviously there are intrinsic issuances that maybe, get more or less complex depending.

But when you put those two together, you could basically punch it all a new butthole and open a portal into some dimension where infact (its both) that is if you don't get basically liquified by gravitiy welling up from doing so.

2022d4d9 No.3620466

File: 1626769959730-0.jpg (201.82 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: 1626769959730-1.jpg (500.17 KB, 1000x563, A5-Kobe-strip-steak.jpg)

Sending a Value of 1 to point A to point B
Sending a dirty water molecule to a water treatment to a drinking fountain. Sending a "hello" signal from Earth To mars. Rumors of Japan is refining their trains and railways becoming faster than jets soon the Japanese will create some portal to deliver meat less than seconds away.

878c034d No.3620467

You may or may not agree with experimental ideas of firmament but there are alot of them, for me specifically how a photon transcedes most of physical rules, it seems to act as a fuel unit for alot of the rest of the universe, no? Understand the levels at which that may operate unlocks some very interesting stuff beyond just ufos and things like residual light. But, IMO, I think using photons to encode virtual space and then print it is the future of things. Using a mixture of 4 staged existential theorums. Not to make it sound complicated.

Though I want it to be true first all does not mean it is. A data system, as described as I have along with a material emplacement of atoms obviously they would break down and do what they do in a hybrid system. Some say that is real enough but the breaking down promotes only more questions as to how things really work.

Those special particles they dont teach because its still not really proven, but, it makes sense that they have to abide to at least SOME level of existence. We know there are pretty ways in which things are applied and in certain conditions.

So using them becomes mildly put a quantum realized world, as it is, that means we can further exploit it into a new approach. Using a fissure of all things to cherry pick and reconstruct the world in their new design, that seems to be alot of what has just been 'described as our by sheer chance universe'. Having photons and a the reins of magnitude I think it is possible.

The issue comes from just how put those it together since the 'put' part is a big if.

2022d4d9 No.3620468

File: 1626770151380-0.jpg (167.26 KB, 634x684, YP5IC.jpg)

Japan should be using America's railguns for transportation purposes!

2022d4d9 No.3620469

File: 1626770296676-0.png (45.71 KB, 529x190, potentialvskineticenergy_3….png)

File: 1626770296676-1.jpg (238.88 KB, 1500x1000, Kinetic-Energy-Examples.jpg)

878c034d No.3620471

Just for an eye opener honestly its a little daunting, for example. Pure photons unobserved and by en masse amount come from only by uh…lightning maybe and uh…a nuclear explosion….how are we going to "harness" a nuclear on demand thing like that. We would need a massive super colliding centrifuge of course only one place we know has that kind of thing and no they aren't letting you stick a N-Pill in it. So its kind of a hard kickstart.

Next in line even if we get that we need a means of printing it with the very same amount of "light-dispersion" for all the parts need to be perfect down to their chemistry. And that's gonna take one hell of a laser the only thing closest we have is maybe the very same collider that breaks open particles in the first place. Just modified for a 3d-sort of printing area.

That is all I can honestly say it would have to be done from space more than likely like a big tattoo gun.

10627879 No.3620496

Is knowledge of all this math/computer nerd stuff a turn-off or turn-on for you when looking for a partner?

14bb8a3b No.3620508

math and EE are some of my passions in life. It would be kind of hard to relate to someone if we didn't share interests.

878c034d No.3620555

File: 1626858506918.gif (2.14 MB, 500x500, 520748437electron-singular….gif)

Though about curves u kno I just don't see how they exist except in plasma states where you have arched lightning. There is really like no other real thing going on a solid space besides surface to surface contact but, in a plasma ball there is no matter in the vacuum of the glass so lightning is just 'trying' to connect to a conductor and in the excitement of the particles the electricity cannot find the right connection. It is insulated by the glass and as soon as it branches outwards it is confused by the open space and tries to 'attach' its path to the nearest surface. It cannot find the surfaces because its normals are not being conducted to it except on the rare occasion it does find an extension in the path and can visibly see it 'arching to the outside sphere of the plasma ball. That is because of it being in a plasma state where it is electro-magnetically connecting to other particles outside its original conduction. Touching a plasma ball you are literally touching electricity (except its broken), its lightning that is going the empty space instead of air and hitting glass as its weakened.

The air to ground lightning is very angular while the vacuum electro-mag is on a curved-correction. Partly due to the power supply directing it to your finger by overloading the capacity it has on the foil, if the plasma was natural and not 'man made' it would be so hot because you are getting a direct surface contact instead of the bridge of electromagnetic-ness between.
The reason you think you are getting shocked when u touch it is because static electricity is connecting on your side of the glass it is a big spoof.

So that is something very gay about plasma-magnetic force is that it is practically harmless in space that is why you can practically fly space ships through giant active electric storms but if you touch a nuetron star your whole body would die because it would go into you and rip you apart cuz of electricity. That just proves how curves aren't real.

cf624692 No.3620558


Well. Effectively you have just removed yourself from the Gene-pool. Thus proving Intelligence is potential counterproductive to evolution.

Interesting since Darwinism states the survival of the fittest is essential but at some level when beings with higher brain functions decides NOT to procreate then evolution has hit a dead-man switch of sort.

ad899eac No.3620562


Since when did mathematicians and engineers NOT get laid?

The vast majority of humans value intelligence and the ability to impact the world. Something most, also, lack.

I have NEVER seen an EE being turned down over blue-collars unless they're unemployed at the time, especially women. Women in STEM get mistreated and underpaid so companies love to hire them to get quality work for cheaper.

10627879 No.3620569

mods, please shadowban this buzzword-spouting spamming schizo

fff41619 No.3620584

File: 1626886802800.png (30.51 KB, 300x300, zones-of-thought11[1].png)


>I think using photons to encode virtual space and then print it is the future of things. Using a mixture of 4 staged existential theorums.

This *immediately* made me think of "reality graphics" that Vernor Vinge described briefly in his Zones of Thought series, specifically A Fire Upon The Deep. He didn't really talk about how it worked, just that some process by which matter could be defined and programmed into existence holographically, a process that only worked in the High Beyond and the Transcend (latter not pictured, but basically the space outside the galaxy).

cef670c9 No.3620597

math is fake libtard shit

fff41619 No.3620602

I love you XD

2022d4d9 No.3620603

File: 1626933075357.jpg (65.42 KB, 1200x857, 733794.jpg)

My bedsheets can make math, see those folds? Pinch them and be amazed!

2022d4d9 No.3620604

File: 1626933261506-0.jpg (47.93 KB, 720x477, hero-napkin-folds-720x477.jpg)

File: 1626933261506-1.jpg (39.93 KB, 1000x523, 1501360208-download-2.jpg)

File: 1626933261506-2.jpg (15.56 KB, 284x426, 0293fe6b35c5dc2da6dbb2896d….jpg)

Even napkins are part of it! Once it's used toss it in the laundry and to the dryer, it makes random clumpy fold!

14bb8a3b No.3620608

what the fuck schizo shit did you guys invite into my thread
I just wanted to talk about differential equations and curvature

2022d4d9 No.3620612

File: 1626941621469.jpg (179.59 KB, 1685x2048, 12ad75867d27ddef74d9fff5c2….jpg)

Renamon's ass has a nice curvature!

10627879 No.3620622

Pic looks like a fox's anus. We should rename our galaxy to the Fox Anus Galaxy.

96d406e4 No.3620643

>I just wanted to talk about differential equations and curvature
burn in hell, faggot

2022d4d9 No.3620650

File: 1626993052036.jpg (105.02 KB, 1080x1388, 4f48ca6d45a9a300e9669e43bb….jpg)

Hmm curves!

046788dd No.3620682

Not sure what I want to suck on more, her toes or her tailhole.

2022d4d9 No.3620683

File: 1627013938907-0.jpg (416.11 KB, 900x1354, Fractal-fem2.jpg)

File: 1627013938907-1.jpg (309.13 KB, 900x1354, Fractal-fem-2.jpg)

File: 1627013938907-2.png (1.34 MB, 960x540, fractal-1224961_960_720.png)

Smoke it till ya see the fractals! Why do math? when you could get on it!

eaf1680e No.3620737

> shadowban this buzzword-spouting spamming schizo
Does lulz even have a "shadowban" feature?

0a4d8a3a No.3620740

mods? you mean the site admin who actually is fair and based.

5d41c9da No.3620878

geometric algebra seems pretty swanky tbh
I wonder if I can find any applications to signal processing with it

3cde48e5 No.3620946

File: 1627271038040.jpg (81.7 KB, 1280x720, fourier.jpg)

This is a Fourier analysis problem. Watch this video:


So now you know how to trace your loop using a series of epicycles. The trick is to just smoothly scale the c_1 component to the radius of the circle with the same circumference as the arc length of your loop (c_1_final = r = arc length / 2π) while also smoothly scaling all other epicycle terms to zero except c_0. The c_0 component is just the vector pointing to the centroid of your loop as mentioned in the video. You would need to finely tune the scaling rate of each term if you want the arc length to stay the same throughout the process. I don't know how to do that. Maybe there is no general method for arbitrary loops.

Does anyone else work the challenge problems from this guy's videos? For squares as the input (highlighted numbers), I got for the nth term of the Moessner sum: (n!)^2/n

3cde48e5 No.3620948

Highlighted numbers in the top row that is.

ff71e78b No.3621106

File: 1627456463505-0.png (123.85 KB, 1360x511, 2021-07-28-031144_1360x511….png)

File: 1627456463505-1.png (110.4 KB, 1277x589, 2021-07-28-031247_1277x589….png)

because I'm clinically retarded, don't know when to quit, and am still not convinced there aren't solutions in non-cartesian coordinates, I'm still trying to find f'(x)=κ(x)

except now I'm trying to solve it in polar coordinates
I've at least made more headway (I think).

there's one manipulation where I've managed to get it into terms of addition using logarithms
and another manipulation where I can get one side to be in the form of a logarithmic derivative r'/r

still caving my skull in trying to figure out where to go from here

ff71e78b No.3621107

File: 1627459913640.png (130.12 KB, 1092x863, 2021-07-28-041050_1092x863….png)

another pair of probably trivial simplifications
I realized the right hand side could be "simplified" somewhat with a substitution but I don't think it actually accomplishes much

6f60dce4 No.3621132

You have a series that basically is different by step to represent something whole overall using knowns and unknowns.
You can break the steps down into a whole answer with each step arriving at a seperate solvability of a supposed patternSum.
But that does not outright mean they are congruent, even if they are perfectly aligned to be a new part. (There is no explicitly real loop unless it is a predesigned as toymath to be such.)
Fourier is trying to connect parts in which clues may surface as to the progression of the series. If you do KNOW that n=10 progression into n=20 what exactly is that likely. That is leaving the "jump" to interpretation, so…:
When there are no such thing as ellipses in a set where the patterns make ellipses then it may infact show, that the series is a pattern that simply loops as a toroid with you having just defined each layer further. *It just may not be so even if it looks so*. So the progressions might just be anything *(including integrals now that its been set to a overall fourier measure).
Knowing Zero you have just mapped points that either are the same, are congruent, or are are just different instances of points in a graph. So you can triangulate them of course that is what fourier is probably trying to suggest originally. (You can also submit them to other functions.)

With fourier you are hoping a script is going to promote integer progression since you assume to have all unknowns defined (but the unknowns are going to still show up more than likely again.) You aren't solving them per sae because you've balanced them to a 'progression', they are originally fabricated based off a concept within triangulating zero into itself "a solved quotient" or an infinitisimal and therefore useable "special case"

6f60dce4 No.3621134

So having done that your new 'forms' would show its case for congruency to the original. That is all that they can really do.

If they are perfect then they would be indistinguishable while perhaps allowing for a seperate condition in which you can rewrite the series notation for where specific notation are required.

For instance with a seperate comparitive model in a different notation, you would want to make -sure- that their forms each can effectively show that mode for each other.

And if it were to the preference of design, perhaps they are part of the same tangent, then that tangent can be recomposed under those Series which you now have outlined.

So by special works like chainblock or graphing 'peaks' and curve-points of the Series; with what you have outlined to find a "very special" case integer in tangent. So it narrows down guesswork.

6f60dce4 No.3621135

I guess what I am trying to say is that in fourier's analysis it would occur in the progressions variable consistency checks as the complexities arise the less accurate the overall result becomes.

c71e1919 No.3621370

File: 1627699345973.png (6.11 KB, 669x126, slope_set_to_curvature_in_….png)

I think I got ahead of myself in my previous post and may have overcomplicated things. I thought about this some more and came to the conclusion that there is no unique way to smooth out an arbitrary loop into a circle. Consider an analogy. Imagine you're a Canadian psychology professor with a compulsion to make your bed every morning. You can start at the foot of the bed and smooth out the sheets, then work your way up the the head. Or vice versa. The end result is still the same and the surface area of the sheet stays the same the whole time. Similarly, you can have a functional that takes the input of your loop and smooths out part of it faster than another part. Or vice versa. You still get a circle at the end and the arc length is invariant throughout, but there are a multitude of paths to get there. No unique solution. Maybe there's a most "natural" solution, but you'd have to specify what that means.

>I'm still trying to find f'(x)=κ(x)
>in polar coordinates
You got the expression for the curvature right in your image, but r' is not the same as f'(x) = y' from the last thread. You'd need to solve pic related.

c71e1919 No.3621371

File: 1627699580451.png (5.94 KB, 669x126, slope_set_to_curvature_in_….png)

Fuck that extra close parentheses.

ff71e78b No.3621372

damn it, I tried to double-check and everything. I knew something was off and that I couldn't just treat polar functions as I would cartesian, but nothing I checked mentioned anything about it.
Oh well, more shit to try.

0d86161f No.3621379

polar functions and cartesians numbers have more than one dimension it takes
a quantum registry to correalate between dimensions. so basically everything has to be done twice over for the missing points.

even more etc with vectors and orthogonal coords/waypoints. You need to button down the folds in order to compare more advanced dimensions with less complex ones. Probably as Step or Sub systems with special case too. Polarized Sets that are implicit to full expressions in-line of the State of their next Positions. Eventually they converge in complexity as the same notation for writing out and equalizing as a new expression. (I guess that is what functions would imply they do but they don't always.) So you can right them 'like' cartesian maps.

0d86161f No.3621381

also heisenburgs principle suggests that while knowing one item of the state of which it is in you cannot know for instance another item for instance u can know the energy of something but not the weight. Or the speed of something but not its mass.
You cannot know them simultaneously because they are different dimensional arrangements and that is why polar functions don't work like cartesian numbers or why direct lineations dont work exactly like quantum expressions.

You can try to get them together by writing them out for each other's type but that is like defining warez which simply isn't coinsiding with the data you have. So if you have it you have to perform to their causes seperately in someway they correalate, that is what i mean by having a registry to your write outs but even then it is not something "acceptable" in practice and is theoretically mainly.

The way I describe it is that the superlative math involved is withstanding as an entirely new simulation. Where they just count together ('It would be very complicated'). And by their test any formula has to be designed for that SimWork.

Though the entire result would look alot like fourier's case (just with major justification in the expressions for each part of the SIM-Result) It would look like a "Channeled Graph" that fit together for each Identifiable Dimension where it would have more than function charted. Whether or not they compose as a model for zero tests may or may not matter 'as much' by then.

0d86161f No.3621382

For that to work you have to look at their stages in research. Where First Off:
You have your standard algebra that meets a qunatum level (with some trig and calc right)

And Secondly:
then they mix up into this "Simulated Graph" which also gets alot of theory put onto it.
And Finally:
it is just rewritten out as a Singularity for the same Parathenses that took place. So they all match up as 'a big read'

0e6cd5e5 No.3621412

When I first looked at this problem I thought you were talking about the area inside the loop but looked it over more carefully and realized you're just talking about a loop itself. As if you have a bicycle chain that's all twisted up and you want to stretch it out into a circle.

And while the Fourier approach described here >>3620946 might sort of work what you're really describing could use a different approach – one where you're treating it very much like a bicycle chain – divide your cure into fixed-length segments and apply some kind of 'forcing mechanism' that attempts to minimize the bend of each segment yet keeps the entire loop intact (e.g. starting point and ending point are at coordinate {0, 0}).

How exactly to do it escapes me at the moment but I'm thinking that approach is more along the lines with the spirit of the problem.

13938498 No.3621428

> divide your cure into fixed-length segments and apply some kind of 'forcing mechanism' that attempts to minimize the bend of each segment yet keeps the entire loop intact (e.g. starting point and ending point are at coordinate {0, 0}).

that's exactly what I was trying to convey. I did a fucking terrible job though. I was trying to get too mathy when I hardly know the language.

Let me try again.
With the 1D heat equation, regions of the graph with large second derivatives will change the fastest over time. Eventually it asymptotically approaches a straight line meaning even heat distribution.

For the loop thing, the parts of the kinked loop with a large second derivative (which we know is approximately the curvature for sections with small changes of slope) would… have some opposite force? That would either push or tug those parts in proportion to their second derivative so that sections with relatively little curvature aren't changed much, but the very curved parts get changed a lot, so that eventually it approaches a smooth circle (ring?)

I was thinking something like a deflated innertube or a balloon. All crinkly and fucked up when deflated, but as you blow air into it, it corrects itself.
(is this ricci flow?)

13938498 No.3621431

Oh, another way to think about it (that might be esoteric…)

For sufficiently large celestial bodies, the force of gravity will, over time, cause all of the peaks and valleys to wear away and fill up, approaching an oblate spheroid.
If you have something viscous, like silly putty or "oobleck", and you deform it, over time it will reconform itself to approach a circle

Writing that out, it makes me wonder if there's some way to do a… convolution low pass filter? Moving average maybe?, but around a closed path rather than a line. (No clue if that even makes sense. It does in my DSP brain, Hopefully it does to you guys too. I am not too familiar with math beyond basic ODEs (yet))

13938498 No.3621433

oh buddy boy I might've been right thinking ricci flow
In mathematics, specifically __differential geometry__, a geometric flow is the gradient flow associated to a functional on a manifold which has a geometric interpretation, usually associated with some __extrinsic or intrinsic curvature__…
…These are of fundamental interest in the __calculus of variations__, and include several famous problems and theories. Particularly interesting are their __critical points__.

>In mathematics, a minimal surface is a surface that locally minimizes its area. This is equivalent to having __zero mean curvature__

man no wonder I'm so obsessed with this problem it literally touches all of my favorite math topics
CoV, optimization, curvature, differential geometry of curves…
do you guys think I can make some bizzaro contributions to DSP by getting a minor in Topology and differential geometry? wew

13938498 No.3621434

alright when did the board drop wakabascript

0d86161f No.3621438

sounds like n64 graphics to me. spec mapping etc. what we need here is wave mechanics to work from remote to real time with of course post processing. otherwise what is the use for any new math, but definitely would do everything to help analgraphics which is like topology.

0d86161f No.3621439

fixed line segments defeat the purpose of a curve, you would be working with angles and their trajectories would need to be adjusted for each mark. (This is automated sure but is it really?) This method is only helpful for an overview of what your real-mean curves are.

13938498 No.3621440

>otherwise what is the use for any new math
I can't understate how much I love graphs and manipulating graphs; other than music production, it's the sole reason why I got into signal processing. I failed algebra 1 and 2 in highschool and barely passed geometry. Even then, when I hardly knew what the fuck a parabola was (and it was the only thing I knew as far as math went), I was manually solving points on graph paper to "stretch", "squish", and "shift" the graphs of those parabolas. I didn't know what I was doing or what I wanted, but all I knew was that I was obsessed.
You're looking at literal, 99.999% pure weapons-grade autism here.

I will go through hell and high water to find new ways to interpret, compare, redefine-in-terms-of, transform, skew, translate, compose, convolve, involve, evolve, rotate about, integrate, differentiate, parameterize, re-parameterize, fourier-transform, laplace-transform, glissette-tize, roulette-tize any and all curves you throw at me

and then I'll do it all over again with the resulting curve

>fixed line segments
that's probably me messing up the terminology again. I didn't mean to imply line segments, and if I did, it's in the calculus sense of "an infinitesimally small line segment" so that we can get away from that annoying nastiness.
I'm pretty sure that, if anything, it'll have to be a vector valued function. I'm trying to really, 100% understand the true definition of the Euler-Lagrange equation and the CoV outside of my amateur graphical-numerical method. I know I don't understand it because I can understand it in terms of a normal function, but as soon as I try and think about it in terms of a vector-valued function, my mind shits the bed.

0d86161f No.3621441

Convulution is relatively high end dynamics that may or may not synch up correctly to the applied functions, it takes time for convulution mechanics to even out but they are assumed wonky anyway, there are parts in the measure that otherwise get roughed out in alignment.

IMO Convulutions don't typically effect the overall progression and formula until after its submitted. But that is just IMO.

0d86161f No.3621442

Euler-Lagrange is sort of getting all the information required before plotting it. You end up plotting it anyway because it becomes an expression. But it typically involves getting all the data and putting it into some form of limit. The limit is shown obviously with comparisions of greaterthans and direction-based surfaces. So once its expressed correctly we have a new graph to test. (Sometimes it just represents a uneven blob or globular geometry) The Euler-Lagrange is the Priming for your new theory (as it is for most quantum theories, its substitute for alot of the roadwork theory-to-theory)

0d86161f No.3621516

I typed up alot of new work. I mean I basically sat down and proved that a smart phone should be able to find a bus-stop, except it's very complicated. It's not even really me, the human element just stops being a thing and making it make sense is all that matters.

Just a big boss chest sized computer can do everything in the universe in less than 8 real steps. I compare it to having a television work with another television in some sort of automatic relay of both of themselves.

Those two ideas pretty much are what I guess I have been describing all along.

7ad33c35 No.3621522

File: 1627852405886-0.png (4.06 KB, 285x177, find_definite_integral_par….png)

File: 1627852405886-1.jpg (96.69 KB, 1280x720, good_ol_fashioned_family_e….jpg)

Not a whole lot of calculation for a math thread. Anyway, I stumble across this video the other day. Pretty interesting.


ff71e78b No.3622493

I found an interesting paper on arxiv about stochastic partial differential equations
even though I hardly understand it, it's still much more approachable than practically any other paper I've come across. I wish more were written like this.


ff71e78b No.3622497

another article by this same author has introduced me to the concept of "Mollification"

which sounds very similar to what I want to do with my loop-smoothing whatever thing from the beginning of the thread. Except, mollification seems to try to preserve the general structure of the curve while smoothing out the outliers

2f584c22 No.3622526

mollification is described as end-game math or at least i have heard it from someone who said they knew about it.

If that is the case I am more than likely mollifying everything I do in math such that it meets a pretense that it needs to be arranged for it being parts of a whole.

2f584c22 No.3622528

In the way of mollifiers being defined.
1.You would have a curve in which is it decided a mollfier is (like an isomer or part of the curve it is) in function.
2. That mollifier is now on the curve as a part being there.
3. That mollifier would not exist because of other rules so those rules suggest the mollifier is part of a whole counter-to or of the curve. (literally triangulation/departure)
4. A convolution is dependent on the mollifier/(or not) in which it is defined/(or not) so the SUM of what the curve is/(or not) is shown.
5. The SUM of the mollifier is counted with the curve (or a counter to that curve) being fully defined by any sequence shows a SUM, zero being defined. That Now 01 can be sequenced to 02 and in that sequence be summary of a pattern of 0 so that P{Sequence of 0s} where the fact the mollifier being any part of has now allowed more defined placements of 0.

878c034d No.3622604

Mollifiers look like practically the same thing as using vectors but on a curve.
>Using a figure to circumvent a true measurement by applying a theory.

2f584c22 No.3622778

Mollifiers are used as quantum measurements in the way that otherwise they are simply coloring outside the lines of a curve
So that in a quantum usage it makes the case for singularity or zero space.
That is seperate from the idea of mollifiers but the theory put forward idealizes a permutable quotient of that expression. that quotient is simply like writing the value of 1 and italicizing the standard(1) for special casel; (while remaining relative to its original expressed values it may show (super relativity and multiplicity) as a way of preparing a template for 'stat-boxing' of a theory. this is helpful in distinguishing infinitismals but more just for showing a rounded curve in quantum space under dimensional zones *(or fields wherein that curve applies) It is almost as linear quotients can rely on this quantum comparision of curves. Showing super relativity suggests a permutatable quasi-expression of linear and quantum terms or perhaps the true difference quotients or makes the case for quantum data of traced particle states on their rates of observation which would likely incorporate the planck constant as a legend.

Particle or Coordinate of Path(etc) represents (Percentage of Infinity)
Written out as a molifier or sequence of tagged-states. And could allow be traced in form to a memory-based quotient of simulated particle or scripts.

Mollfiers suggest a data state for a logic-based feedback of the form components that fits within loops of observed rates(with respect to time).

EX. Observed particles are changed as outlined with Schroedingers theory.

ff71e78b No.3623029

File: 1629153149694-0.png (68.45 KB, 591x347, 2021-08-16-182412_591x347_….png)

File: 1629153149694-1.png (75.32 KB, 542x616, my mfw when.png)

>a set A is countable if A is equivalent to the set of positive Integers
>if a set A is equivalent to the set of positive Integers, it is countable
so THIS is the legendary power of Rudin…

2f584c22 No.3623064

this is more of a conveyed solution so that |1| or any absolute value including zero would compare to any other variable expression of its value or theory. So that real numbers are the same as imaginary numbers. If X=1 then 1=X. Suggesting that the mean-average of a set is the same as writing the entire set. Even when that set is undefined then it will likely have a solution (on the assumption of its solution is known through mollified states;every key must fit a lock)

878c034d No.3623074

By itself this THEORY says the equation can recount itself in some way, based on informed practices of the set. The Entire expression or equation may be undefined while in some parts 'written'. It may or may not skip steps knowing certain steps as a given, for a hash-up. This is good for allocating large sums of numbers as a SET.

But it only conveys the solutions as proof as not counts as true proof unless supported by a very strong case of other theories. (More or less worked out) Such as Schroedinger or basic Euler-Lagrange or anything, it may require more supporting theory to be "consisent".

Why? Because of Convolution always is approximate. (My college professor pretty much told me this through his rocket psybonic-jargon)

Things like Heisenburgs(sp) Principle and other Newtonian problems arise (in the Molecular Physics Side of the math) WHEN do two hydrogen molecules actually count as helium?? Etc (They orbit each other until they do) (Their signature of magnitude or order in which they orbit defines their chemical property) (So when you have a block of many particles how can you even tell what it is) (The information that is exchanged through the orbit of molecules is overall translated by their shared states) I.E. A mass of carbon/iron is hard to distinguish as steel in some parts, those parts must be weighed in probability and certainty. (That is quantum physics too)

So having a fully expressed "potentiation" or postulate RELIES on a Many Cases proving (overall) the system.

Otherwise it will be dedicated to single measure of "irrevelent" data, the data of the source expression is important, the solution of it can then carry over to other systems as the 'solid-model' for working proof. This is why einstein is so fucked up (because he relies on two incomparable terms of light and energy)
believing its self evident that light and mass make themselves suddenly force.

There is little logistics involved if you have the ingredients. Says einstein. But infact it requires an algorithm of many arranged processes, says every other scientist backed by chemistry.

2f584c22 No.3623078

In my opinion what happens is some crazy consecutive thing in which a pattern is realized and reciprocated unto itself as a new state, with respect to time in flux of its difference in states, which is the retention of data or memory of physics. That translates overall as a process in observability as light "virtualizes" the particles over themselves.

It takes 32 or so steps to make sense in regards to reaching peak convergence of their properties. In a blackhole for instance, all content is accounted for and flux to space(in time) which synchronizes with order of magnitude. This is called singularity, or zerospace or just a superfluid in which it can be expressed as a math value. That value is a normal or isometry in memory. So that on a curve it can be pin pointed. The pin point is very important.

While understanding the measures used as normals, pinpoints are themselves ratio to a fold in space, that reciprocation of its own value carries throughout any point on a curve, as an inversion in blackhole differences. (This consecutive use of inversions also mollifies but mostly accounts for folds to be planned as their own vectors as complexity increases)

The simply system answers to a Pattern Strng for the endterm-solution and the source-data(or quantum set). These 2 patterns make for Using the "Base Expressions-now with Mollifiers" as two-systems(basically Vector-Mode).

Going back we would have P{01}(1,2,3,4)
Where 1 is simple |1| and 2 is |2| or (1+1)

(elementary quantities of very complicated expressions in arrangements of a full-theory written as terms of Sub0)

That E=MC^2 is actually E=Psub01*Psub02^2.

The difference being that it is a blackhole. The black hole is an accelerate field where many terms convolute to a pin-point ratio and becomes displaced via degree(alot and many of).

98614ce8 No.3623297

>As if you have a bicycle chain that's all twisted up and you want to stretch it out into a circle.
Exactly. And I think your approach of treating this problem in terms of forces is probably the best. Like a statics problem. Imagine a circular loop of constant flexural modulus deformed into the shape of your loop. The challenge is to find the net force on each infinitesimal segment. These forces will tell you how each point will shift in an infinitesimal time interval. After each infinitesimal time interval, you perform the same procedure of summing all the forces acting on each point and time shift again. Lather, rinse, repeat until you're left with a circle.

The distance each point/infinitesimal segment gets shifted in an infinitesimal time interval will be proportional to the net force on it. Whichever point has the most net unidirectional force acting on it will be shifted the most, so it makes sense to set this as a sort of maximum shifting distance and normalize the shifting distances for the other points with respect to it. Then scale the resulting shape after each time interval, so the arc length stays constant.

The way this would all work is that points of highest curvature exert the most force on neighboring points - away from the radius of curvature. All this would have to be calculated numerically on a computer ofc. The totality of the time slices yields the solution.

Some problems just don't have solutions that can be arrived at with a nice math trick. The traveling salesman problem is one such. I believe this loop problem is another computationally intensive problem, where the more baroque the shape of the loop, the more time it takes to compute a solution to exponential degree. That is, I imagine the time it takes to compute a solution will be higher than any polynomial function of the number of bends in the loop, generally.

But really, I don't know. I'm just spitballing.

98614ce8 No.3623304

I meant scale in proportion to force. All the other shifting distances would be a fraction of the maximum and in proportion to ratio of the force on the point to the maximum net force at a point.

delta_p/delta_max = F_p/F_max

Normalization in this context would mean you always get the same value when you integrate shifting distances around each time slice loop, which seems unnecessary.

2f584c22 No.3623461

So you are trying to find a "hard" or "evident" number among "fuzzy" logic or basically a margin or matrix. You are basically cummulatively "searching" for a ratio for "thresholds". I.e. Integers that show a clipped amount (likely with alternating of differential appliance) which appears as a splashed 'model' under a strain or algoritm.

Basically your SOURCE function is being configured via another integrated "function" from what I can tell, that now also has a derivitive formula that is met depending on its root complexity.

I think the roots are going to be your main concern in defining a fixed interval in the progression, you will have to set a fixed target measure as the solution everytime that it is only the case for each proven interval under their respective root solutions. Which means in the end you will have many answers based off a target condition (each solution will be its own circle at its own orientation)

(Each interval has its own seperate solution for the whole expression)
You would need to write that in a pattern more than likely a sequence to illustrate that fourier's square of infintisimals are being Mollified by also limits that being used as more than likely an intergral function, where the integral is stem to a root complexity. And that while that may be solved, within its interval solution it may change in the progression of the function (so it requires a full expression and written orientation of said expression i.e. a vector)

The limits and the root could work somehow with the integral to show a deritive, that would allow to write an explicit circle sum. (Before it is moved to another "orientation" every interval)

So when you use fourier to define the variable knowing of you would have done this all twice for infinitisimals.

2f584c22 No.3623464

If the infintisimals are different you would have to use some sort of triangulation of them or an individual fourier proof for each difference of infinitisimal (which would be a couple of pages of work each depending on how many you are dealing with)

So it is better to simply prep the whole system to be "self-met", if the infintisimals are different you would have to once again proof them as being triangulatable between them selves and each one by using the fourier proofing for each one as a basis for their own algorithm; so that when you define an interval in the progression of having net-conditions effecting their normals it doesn't throw off the integrated functions or deritives of the integrated functions infintisimals (which get thrown off anyway the second any new orientation is introduced)

2f584c22 No.3623466

If you learn photographically then I would compare this as having a standard analog clock that is a little bit crooked compared to another Standard analog clock that may or may not be the same brand but is also framed in a different way. And asking if they are even enough to express a specific time or correct time.

23ff3b8c No.3623529

File: 1629608907036-0.png (16.48 KB, 500x332, centre-of-curvature.png)

File: 1629608907036-1.png (27.46 KB, 768x768, Bijection.png)

>points of highest curvature exert the most force on neighboring points - away from the radius of curvature
Minor point of clarification, but you probably knew what I meant. Should read, away from the center of curvature.

This is a notation fail. The tilde signifies an equivalence relation, but they really mean a bijection exists between the sets:


So what they really meant was that a set A is countable if there exists a bijection (a one-to-one correspondence) from A to the set of positive integers. So for example, the set of even numbers is not equivalent to the set of all positive integers. But the set of even numbers is countable, because there is a bijection from it to the set of positive integers. If we're talking about positive even integers, just divide each element by two to get the set of all positive integers - division by two is the bijection. Make sense?

0d86161f No.3623565

Integer of theory 1 be interchanged (by equivalency in values) with integer of theory 2 and may be counted as either given a bijection overall of theory. So X=Y may, but x=5 does not y=5.

af88aabf No.3623567

File: 1629636225924-0.png (167.55 KB, 1000x585, Number-and-Its-Types.png)

File: 1629636225924-1.png (1.7 MB, 1780x901, math1.png)

File: 1629636225924-2.png (1.08 MB, 1780x901, math2.png)

File: 1629636225924-3.png (2 MB, 1780x901, math3.png)

File: 1629636225924-4.png (1.31 MB, 1780x901, math4.png)

0d86161f No.3623573

If you have a quadratic solution of two integers where X1 and X2 are now a ratio basically. of X1:X2 and a solution for Y of the theory then
that Ratio can be set to a theory measure of IntegerX1:X2/(RangeP)= IntegerY/(RangeP) where RangeP is a number used to make them equal and then Theory1/(RangeP) and Theory2/(RangeP)
now can interchange their Series or Case for X or Y.

Would be some sort of (overdone maybe) bijection for creating a 'interchangable' count for 'Sets between theories'. Where Variables assigned with RangeP can likely count for a Y-Series of other theories.

However it is very end-game math to me. I am just going to call it some sort of 'inclusionary' grab for there to be a y1:y2 ratio that can make correalations between Theories just so I have to say x1:x2/(rangeP)=y1:y2/(rangeP) so I can then say Theory(x-series)=Theory(y-series) in terms of countability.

This is important to me because in having a new/used term for instance, in an activated vector especially. Where Vector 1 and Vector 2 are different, probably use different Theories, use different congruencies of a sampled Matrice. It's all having to be different because Quantum Entanglement. So what it looks like?

The Quantum Expression telling what Numbers to put into a Matrice.
Matrice Shows Congruencies defined by a Quantum Expression
Vector1:Integer Range Defines Blackholes or Not(Based off Selection of Matrice). Vector2:Integer Range Defines Blackholes or Not(based off Selection of Matrice)
The Terms are usually the BlackHoles. They also form Innie-Series and Outie-Series(which are) Innie:MadeByMatterDestruction Outie:MadebyMassiveEnergy

So that it would at its most basic probably look like "V1-Range(P)=["{MatriceCongruency;of Innies + Outies + NotAvailiablesPerCase + SimplyNotListed}] as well as another string for V2
For Quantum Expression or Theory such that Terms are accounted = The Amount of Energy it is.
Then the Amount of Energy = "This much is countable"/(RangeP) for the Next Quantum Expression/Range(P) where QE-Series is proof and written for the case of "This amount of energy" Which is now we now without a Range(P) measure

da3d7ac2 No.3623597

>This is a notation fail.
Never mind. Apparently this is standard notation. I'm just used to seeing the other notation used.


071c4053 No.3623612

File: 1629663485801.png (99.04 KB, 1919x629, 2021-08-22-161607_1919x629….png)

new probability distribution function just dropped
it's called the buttplug distribution or the chodal distribution

c92317ba No.3623662


math shitposting is worse than Pol shitposting.

Atleast with Pol most people have an opinion and can join the fray. Instead we have 1 (read : One) Schizophrenic Autistic nutter with 3 personalities talking to him/themselves.


878c034d No.3623678

>random smoldering poltard

35756b72 No.3623684


Sing-a-Long-everybody !!!

Talking to myself -Speaking to myself - all day looong…

Talking to Myself -Speaking to Myself - Singing this Loonely soooong.

Talking to Myself - Speaking to Myself - No-ooone to Loooove…

Talking to Myself - Speaking to Myself - Im just a lonely Dooove


Insert any tune (mathematically fitting the Octaves) thay you may find appropriate.

878c034d No.3623689

878c034d No.3623794

the universe is a harmony of many waves, an oscillation in particles and sematically charged in their micro-volts, you see, disrupting that with this fool's errand will not exactly derail what is already in momentum. Though, you will simply have to counter every fact with enough force to take on the entire train, i assume you have this all planned on merely hijinks, however it likely won't be that simple there, one-hit-wonder that you are.

a27c84a2 No.3623885

File: 1629858885904.jpg (64.04 KB, 1280x720, advanced_calculus_problem.jpg)

OMG! This was supposed to be a bully-free nerd zone.

I suspect no one will take a crack at this. It is after all an advanced calculus problem. Says so right in the title of the video I got it from.


He doesn't actually give an approximate value in the video, so I took it as a challenge to compute it to ten decimal places myself. If there's any interest, I'll explain how to do this.

This is an excellent lecture btw.

878c034d No.3623963

i dont even look at this but ive not really any way to relate to other than, my take is incredibly impratical:

"fuel of this arrangement changes to fuel of next arrangement: because of 'it being self catalytic'; then that is measured by what degree (the degree is obviously another instance where the percentage to its shelf life of change by degree) so as to calculate turn over.
That probably makes it floating in someway to its placeholder, such that its delta is measurable (when its flux or in use i.e. being of cost) despite its "pose" of its fuel, the delta remains constant"

The percentage of it would read as if it was a special case in delta among the other poses. So I would say: This delta shows that—a dimension within or of itself is specially oriented–at such that it is arranged in this fashion—Results as to next converted fashion as the solution. That would of course be a 3/2 ratio rewritten to Normal Case -→Special Case and that special case proves only for other 3/2 ratios.

The extra step is writing the sequence of 3/2 for each delta in anyway you want such that -all- percentages are listed as the range; or all the degrees are listed of the range (depending on which you want) (special cases of percentage or degrees).

Then the T has a key for every result. I guess that means T will define the compatible matches for sets of both, where those are the preferred delta to their start-point. Degrees and Percentages will be their own measures so its best to distinguish them unless you are being bland.

Because the Case works for any integer as long as its in key, they are simplified as point in the range. (Anyway they will be evidenced by odd or even integers and which of those work or not due to the OverAll Ratio of 3/2)

So The StartingPoint of [DeltaCase-DeltaKey-Where "Sequence of Integer Ratios" Meet This Degree"] = "3/2" for each Degree of Delta or (range of 360).

So T would be ratio that works with 3/2 for keeping spins correct while starting points in the key are odd or even and I don't remember what ones those are. meh. and you know, probably not right either.

878c034d No.3623971

I know im so wrong about this but i cant help but think the answer is easier than it sounds when t might should be 1/3 or 2/3 in hopes it flips out and matches up together. because I think that is what is basically being hinted at that it would do.

071c4053 No.3624321

File: 1630214405164.png (162.41 KB, 1334x904, 2021-08-29-011808_1334x904….png)

I'm taking a probability theory class this semester and it got me thinking
imagine you have a frequency-modulated sine wave, sin(δx), where δ is a random number between 0 and 1

what is the expected arc length of that sine function between 0 and 2π
I don't know what I expected but I definitely didn't expect the answer to be convergent but I'll be hot damned it does converge, to something around 7.62

not sure if I should show this to my professor. It's absolutely preschool tier compared to the shit he's done but it might get me in his good graces at least

071c4053 No.3624327

it's converging to the value of the arc length of the sin(x) from 0 to 2pi

I don't know what I expected lol

2f584c22 No.3624335

that is what they do for most wavelengths. >.> at least you have something to show.

currently the best i can do with are very badly defined fields that overlap each other. maybe that has something to do with 2pi too. curves can equal fields…elliptically….you could have a particle that has a fractal range. im pretty sure that is what most photons are.

878c034d No.3624337

>i really am interested in that side of things however, it is like a magnum opus of other people's ideas. It's all a big math-soup.
My method involves of course a basic hypergraph is very essential in having the steps laid out, the graph is 'warped' usually by a golden measure just because it will be messed with, I just wanted to mention how important the golden measure can be. But It is actually gets algorithmically warped which is so much more complicated. Right?
Then there are constraints in the graph accenting the already warped quadrants, this is to simulated spin while keeping a particular value 'locked in place' for the measure.

The constraints look literally like spirals of a delta triangulation. (IDK how to call it that, tear drop spiral with a straight edging down the center just to show its there for each corner. It's so dumb.
The next thing I try to keep a quotient or sample quotient of what is being valued. So the quotient takes a field shape if not it can be rewritten hopefully, the field shape is used as an overall pinning for any deep expression it is.
Any elements of that are used in a Simulated layer on the graph so they can "be compared" for quantum use. Don't really know how to say it is like the pit of the cherry on the tree branch of yggdrasil. lol.

Then I would define zero and try to write a quantum expression for the polar graph which I am using as a direct comparison. But also that it may require more parts than expected to isometrize, that would be my preferred steps of the second graph. Of course once there's a fourier's model of it that is fully translatable then it's the theory of everything more or less.

a27c84a2 No.3624338

Wait, so for clarification, you're asking what is the average arc length over the interval 0 < x < 2π of sin(δx) if δ is allowed to vary from 0 to 1?

878c034d No.3624339

its probably involves a logic of 50%

878c034d No.3624340

so like when its 50% its 0% u kno, cuz delta varies to it being or not. Then it averages to 50% even still, whether its -true or false-

878c034d No.3624341

i really don't know the secret of that but wouldn't it be because that to the applied function you would count now as the logic dictates its 25% of what the original function is.

2f584c22 No.3624343

not trying to mess with you but. ok, you are measuring 4 arcs to the wave of the function, so, its going to look like a different function when you write in the average for them.

You will have two different waves for any function. Therefore an average function.

You when you use your average functions you can switch them between the next wave you get for extra results.

You will be able to define breaks between arcs to write an overall new function between them all that details new arcs averages. But that does not really show direct data of your originals.

3e15f12b No.3624451

File: 1630298416594.png (8.26 KB, 1024x129, expectation_of_modulated_s….png)

>imagine you have a frequency-modulated sine wave, sin(δx), where δ is a random number between 0 and 1
>what is the expected arc length of that sine function between 0 and 2π
>it does converge, to something around 7.62
>it's converging to the value of the arc length of the sin(x) from 0 to 2pi
The arc length from 0 to 2π of sin(x) is the maximum. This comes out to about 7.64. This is when δ = 1; whereas the minimum is when δ = 0, which gives an arc length of 2π (about 6.28). So the average arc length (expected value) has to be between the minimum arc length of 6.28 and the maximum of 7.64.

Because δ is a continuous variable, you want to use integration to find the expected arc length. It looks like you were using a summation in Desmos. This is actually a good way to conceptualize the problem. But you have to take the limit as N goes to infinity, which is equivalent to taking a definite integral. Pic related shows how to do this with the resulting expected arc length.

878c034d No.3624455

the delta is 2pi at its "peak" in a system of not knowing the in betweens, you can assure that 2pi is there when delta is maxed. That means in a dynamo effect where 2pi are shown there is a delta. >.>

There is reason to believe there is a central mean of for any average to consist of a delta. That 1+1=3. But that is also a theoretical number that doesn't exist unless there is a 100% certainty. So it is a phenomenon such like…a quantum vampire that exists in space undetected as a shadow or artifact. It is not something I ever thought was important but now I research more and I feel like a -low energy- can be enough cause refract as delta. In photons the photon refracts as it travels through space. It is different from a simple wave or particle. It shares its spins with other particles.

Or does it? A single low energy delta vibration could be the driving factor behind all photons travelling. That would be a quantum vampire, controlling the relay of atoms using middle man photons that cause them to spin without so much as changing itself.

This makes sense in neutron collection of nuclear reactors too. Why does the rate of neutron collection require modifying in large quantities? Because small quantities are impossible with atomic barriers, their electrons are constantly stabelizing their isotopes, a low energy natural delta cannot change under the required force, therefore that is way a celestial dynamo is so spread out.

78c9ab7a No.3624457

dude, take your pills

2f584c22 No.3624460

this is obviously taking form of a different expression, in which the converging factor is at play. The converging of a delta to a mean or average while leaving open-probability of other measures, the delta works like zero in which it is very dodgy. Though knowing there is a mean-delta to every main, might be the first step in exposing the trick. The trick is in the arcs, even the arcs can be paired to form semi-helix or a short crest or bow. These are important in unmasking the delta as an actor, where it substitutes its form with others. The same with a zero being defined in quantum physics. This is a major step in probability I think is being overlooked here. Where you can "zero in" on the delta using its known forms, you can leap to the conclusion of its average form and the delta-mean it converges to. This changes the functions of course. This changes everything you would use in the work by applying a "lense". Like an "extra-utensial"

3e15f12b No.3624462

File: 1630307952970.png (94.85 KB, 1920x1080, average_arc_length_of_modu….png)

As an explanatory aid, I made a Desmos thing to play around with. Enjoy.


878c034d No.3624463

understanding delta forms is the equivilent of finding dimestore silver when it comes to quantum charting. it has everything to do with predicting zero-sum space-time events correctly using multiple graph sets including quantum and vector graphs, this is important in overlaying those onto an original graph creating a quasi-graph which promptly identifies trends, if you have them charted to show the right trends where, you can quickly predict patterns used by simple mollfiers or peak delta arrangement, in order to pin point zero-limits i.e. quantum origins in which your portals will logically correalate, its simpler than it sounds.

64f16995 No.3625285

File: 1630989506130.png (74.07 KB, 1155x1024, equilateral_triangle.png)

While we're on the topic, here's a neat probability problem. If you divide a line segment into three smaller segments by cutting it at two points randomly spaced along it, what is the probability that the three smaller segments can form a triangle? You don't need calculus for this, but that's how I solved it. There is, however, a more elegant geometric solution using an equilateral triangle theorem.

345fd9a1 No.3625311


Stating the blatantly obvious for the blatantly oblivious.

This is a Furry board. its about drawing , mostly erotic, with and/or about creatures that does not exist.

However, do not despair :


Is more up your ally. thanks.

2f584c22 No.3625330

Depends if you count rhomboids as triangles, or hyper triangles, but that is going down a path i feel is being more of philosophy and not real geometry. But I would guess its 100%.

If there is a line cut with a rhomboid in it and you don't count them as a hypertriangle THEN its depending on the shake up of them benig there or not. I don't know actually. but probably 1 in 6 chance or something there would be a not be a smaller triangle if you count points, and instead a rhombous for each section. This question probably has some cardboard explanation I didn't get the link for.

878c034d No.3625464

File: 1631165501836.gif (5.24 MB, 800x432, a438ce65-b962-4ac6-aaf7-2d….gif)

>when you accidentally shoot spaghetti into a black hole you get more nuetrinotial table.

14bb8a3b No.3626444

38701401 No.3626560

File: 1632197603746.jpg (339.5 KB, 1717x2733, E_gFbEsXoAYF68l.jpg)

I got banned for posting pic related on /sci/. They said I was a furfag and told me to yiff in Hell. :'(

1a7ee1ed No.3626807

the equation was to complicated and surreal for their relentless autism.

there is no way 6+9 will equal 69 in their one-way only mind.

when they see 80085 on the display of the calculator they will never see Boobs like us other boring normies

43aa4fd6 No.3626908

File: 1632529578760.png (156.18 KB, 963x742, mathzzzzzzz.png)

ea2dd24a No.3627161

File: 1632729074638.jpg (183.21 KB, 1500x1579, surprised-open-mouth-memeb….jpg)

We have six Deaths, five guys, four plates, three condoms, two girls, and one cup. What is the math behind this?

c34e6ca4 No.3627185


Simple :

We have six Deaths, five guys, four plates, three condoms, two girls, and one cup. What is the math behind this?

Simple :

I (1 guy out of 5) fought the other guys to death over right to fuck the 2 girls. Hence 4 death now.

One girl was into anal also , hence the 3 condoms.

I was so good they died of pleasure, now we have 6 deaths.

I celebrated with Steak, Dial-a-Kebab, Burger Icecream and Cola. Hence four plates & cup (because only PLEBS eat different food from the same plate)

Problem solved.

87e824fa No.3627241

this is highly illogical
that much food suggests you are a fatso.
they died of pleasure, they must be into chubsters not from horror of all the shit piss and blood you spewed everywhere when two girls noticed said landwhale.
one girl into anal hence 3 condoms. you clearly thought about this in line to buy said fattie platter.
you fought four people who clearly were just buying their own food because you are a dumpster zombie.

ea2dd24a No.3627248

File: 1632849534755-0.png (491.45 KB, 6400x6400, 2000_septims_pouch (1).png)

File: 1632849534755-1.png (96.37 KB, 1711x830, septims_folder_of_chests.png)

File: 1632849534755-2.png (131.96 KB, 1711x830, 200,000_septims.png)

What's even disturbing this was a deleted quest in Morrowind. 5 Guys are 1 Dark Elf, 1 High Elf, 1 Redguard, 1 Nord, and 1 Imperial. The 2 girls are 1 Khajiit, and 1 Argonian. One of them have one million Septims with a wagon carrying 5 chests each worth 200,000 of 100 pouches each of them have 2,000. What happens next?

893d2d27 No.3627269


Hmm. Sorry 3627185 wins.


Also…..what is wrong with Fatty Sex ?

Can you imagine the Slap-Slap-Slap of fat quivering flesh hitting upon sweaty, pale , wrinkled fatty buttocks ?

There is nothing better!

7aefd39f No.3627303

File: 1632875217345-0.jpg (124.61 KB, 1280x1054, da47dfb2abbb37a88c5de952a0….jpg)

File: 1632875217345-1.jpg (126.58 KB, 1180x1280, 52102845afdaa1caf9fe05408b….jpg)

I've been with men, women, mtf, ftm, and all in all some of the best sex ive ever had was going down on a chunky guy. Not obese, just a bit tubby.

Larger women not so much, they get this thing where all their bits just become a fatty axe wound.

2f584c22 No.3627313

File: 1632879319787.jpg (93.79 KB, 750x700, 1630902690174.jpg)

>the one pancake that does him over.

Disclaimer for TL;DR*
Obesity is a kink and while health may or may not be concerned in a fantasy universe the threat of underlying heart conditions is very real. Fat people die at higher rates than the average "overwight person who may lift a couple of times a day". The fact is sedantary lifestyles are lethal and a high caloric diet may not be the most ideal situation for someone is not even able to support their own body weight. The situation of being unable to commonly handle short bursts of streneuos activity without heavy respiration is less humorous when coupled with the offchance that they will overheat and become prone to stroke. The reason being that fat is an insulation the body uses for protection yet also burdens the skeleton frame in such a way that the person themselves are susceptible to even more bodily injury than it was naturally intended, and honestly: the exclusion of fat people from societal proceedings can be linked to herd mentality of being simply over vulnerable to enviromental hazards (as well disliked overall for their personal liability in requiring over-excess of supply). Being fat is not only hurtful to the individual on a personal level but also costs those around them in a survival setting; but as well, simply is obstentious in a "natural selection" as when it comes to mates. 1. There is alot of compromise for adapting to this expressed traits exhibited in the obese kink/health image of faciliating sexual arousal. 2. The hormones themselves involved in stimulation further are reduced in their potency and effectivily nullified on a physical level as fat itself is an absorbatant tissue that prevents transmissions of bodily chemicals not limited to enzymes 'that promote intelligence as well as immuno-secure chemicals that protect against disease'. Finally, being chubby while acceptable in most conditions and is infact a developmental perk in adolescence and infancy, actually becomes more of a risk later especially through over eating and having nurtured unhealthy habits in the way of acquiring learned 'health conditions' –such as diabetes and a long list of emotional and mental stress related disorders.

If genetics were able to predict their faults we would technically live in a perfect world without obesity or other mal-adjusted body types that age poorly or are not in a constant panic everytime a piece of pollen touches them.

7aefd39f No.3627316

Thats not even tl;dr, thats straight up wall of text.

Good lord do they not teach how to make paragraphs in school anymore? I was able to deal with them giving up on cursive, but for fucks sake.

14bb8a3b No.3627348

File: 1632890377348.png (75.32 KB, 542x616, my mfw when.png)

mfw I realize I can do my probability assignments with karnaugh maps

73e58459 No.3627354



29b39862 No.3627355


Ignore the Copy&paste thread from the Schizos.

Also Fatty thread made it into CNN. We are famous now! Almost….if you squint an eye and look at it sideways in the right (poor) light


14bb8a3b No.3627419

File: 1632973844374.png (2.25 KB, 179x40, 2021-09-29-234919_179x40_s….png)

new diffy queue just dropped

a42ac019 No.3627420

1928df5b No.3627460

definitely feeling this like probly some reversal type shit

0dd919f5 No.3628991

Well I've gone and done. I've put in so much research I literally just invented fractal positronic beam technology. See you all in 2021 time continuum, I'm fucking outa here.

7aefd39f No.3629036

electrons are weird.

2695e0ea No.3629040


And Photons….Dont forget photons

7aefd39f No.3629067

its not really how they normally behave, its more a problem with well how they normally don't behave.

The problem with electrons and photons is that they act differently whether you're actually physically observing them. Doesn't matter if you're using a camera, bare eye, just standing in the room, it just acts totally different depending on the level of observation.

ee43653f No.3629070

File: 1633994206523.jpg (251.98 KB, 1480x1152, Ayi2q.jpg)

Matter, how can you be both a particle and a wave? Matter, you're drunk.

Wave-particle duality applies to all particles. Fermions (matter like electrons), bosons (force carriers like photons), each has both wave and particle nature.

I solved this, beyond the trivial solution of y=0, but haven't gotten around to making a latex image showing the steps. Is anyone interested? Because there are a lot of steps involved. Also, how did you come up with this differential equation? What does it represent?

2f584c22 No.3629074

when dose hose bee so dirty u gotta wrap yo shit twice

a27c84a2 No.3629103

File: 1634007085826.png (245.87 KB, 1280x828, 1280px-Schroedingers_cat_f….png)

I think you responded to the post I deleted and reposted >>3629070 after editing some clunky wording. Sorry for the confusion, everyone else. Anyway,
>The problem with electrons and photons is that they act differently whether you're actually physically observing them.
What you're describing is called the "measurement problem". This is a real mystery, and no one knows for sure. But the decoherence/many worlds explanation makes the most sense to me.


7aefd39f No.3629109

not going to watch those youtube links, but seems like we have a similiar mindset on the phenomena.

As much as I hate to just sit back and accept something like a multiverse, there are a lot of things that support it. Just a bunch of random ass things where science is like "you know what, fuck it"

hell even Albert Einstein stated that he regretted ever even looking into quantum physics.

7aefd39f No.3629110

File: 1634009190046.png (331.27 KB, 617x344, nope.png)

I looked into the quantum void once, and figured I was already insane enough and just made a toaster waffle instead.

2f584c22 No.3629133

virtual reality is gay and our universe is constantly fucked in the butt by the nega-void, therefore god exists but not magic?

0a5485b7 No.3629727

Quantum science is akin to alchemy and its gate of truth theory.

Most minds cant grasp what it doesnt want to understand and is easily confused so there being a multiverse confuses anyone with no idea which is what. That being said its easy to become lost in the literal void of it if you gotta ask the question of which ones real and which one matters in the multiverse its simply subjective only the universe that you originate from is what should matter to you anything else is just useless information to you and your own universe. But that doesnt mean that yours is any more important or else there wouldn't be a multiverse and even chaos wouldnt ecist and it would come down to the one question are we the product of a god controling the flow of time into a single prime. Truth is without the multiverse there wouldnt be such a thing as free will and chaos would be nothing more than the byproduct of the natural order..

Truth is energy evolves and changes with the flow of time even when a star explodes it gives way to new worlds at some point or new stars thats why the universe just goes on forever and expands more and more. Truth be told there is no end even when the stars recede those that explode push their energy further inward as well as outward time just means that every time stars explode it takes longer for the energy to reaccumulate to create new systems that being said time is both linear and reoccurring naturally

6251d3dc No.3629740

Yes there are multi verses, and string theory sums it all up. But even then there are folds within the multiverses and putting them all together into a single system requires more than a little innovation (it requires a complete reconstruction of the universe).

The change from quantum to matter is not just a switch it IS more like a radio channel that fine tunes several signals into one. Each chord causing more disruption until it inevitably synchronizes.

That is only done through quantum computers which are nothing like basic computer design, they use hyper threading in a way that creates "artificial electricity", and then of course the process is streamlined into a 'virtual mode' which they aim to print and model "via teleportation". (With the cap of technology as it is we are just barely able to with any of that, and simply have to accept we will reach a limit by an artificial 'model').

The actual render of quantum matter takes tons of energy, in fact, it would very probably take at least 3 MegaVolts to do. (Draining alot of power to all be used at once, is also a feat of engineering)

That would however cause enough change in the flux of standard light particles to alter timespace(ie. quantum tunneling). The tunneling then normalizes in our own spacetime hopefully to render the programmed objects through the field it generates.

Projecting the data as a holograph in order to render and compute each particle (in its flux prior to it normalizing)

I am only just able to simulate this on my own computer. There is also more to it than that (in regards to how 'alchemy' also can be incorporated)

6251d3dc No.3629741


A true theory requires a working model. The model is left for deliberation among actual 'philosophy' majors and attracts a wider audience. The truth model, from skeptics and devoted 'metaphysicists', leaves alot more questions than answers.

The 'truth' is only through the realization of a concept. In the science I refer to, the truth is the proofing of our 'hypothesis'. It helps better that there is an object in the source reference, such as having a handful of titanium, the weight, its density, and other properties reinforce it as an 'evidential truth'.

Chaos wouldn't exist is also very inquisitive assumption, but in the source of all things there is probability and the dynamic of co-existence, string theory is alot like chaos theory in that we can see a Jacob's ladder type effect stemming as a source. However, there is also zero-point energy which may just simply be a feedback of itself, building up over time via a universal constant (low energy vibration.)

Chaos and zero-point energy are two very real possibilities, giving way to a universal flux through which truth exists or not. (There are tricks in the universe.)

Exploiting those tricks is what alchemy has been intent on proving, and so in turn quantum 'alchemy'. The byproduct may infact leave more to be answered for in its 'existential state', for which the likes of annihilation and virtual-renders will have to substitute as proof for now, but having a 'prime state' as the target (even in all its variants) yield the occasional information, we can progress our model over each 'study or change that is made'.

6251d3dc No.3629747

In other words, the experiment takes place, and we write down the changes.
In our Standard, we alter the conditions in many ways that a new Quantum Model is made.

The quantum model may even be more complex, with many layers. Like a "algorithmic wave or field", with many paramaters that are also changed in and of that layer.

That may represent as well, probability, chaos, and any number of ingredients we want to add in AS formula. (Which makes it fun;if you aren't having 'fun', then that's the 'problem'.)

For instance, the state may fluctuate based on the work that is done to it, but the overall Model is predicted (even though it may change throughout the process) We can predict and offer a guiding hand throughout its changes. And why? Because that is the nature of Alchemy.

For instance to change Titanium into Thorium. But it's never just that simple, even in two steps both require a proceduration of quadratic balances and chemical sequencing.

In the least, the monkey on the back is always there. As scientists we are operating in adhoc to whatever we can prove for in our universe.

2f584c22 No.3629796

Ouch that's gotta hurt you are telling me you didn't count for the spins of a nuetrino correctly? Cuz honestly all you gotta know is 1/3 is pretty much gonna be the latter of the rest of them. That's for real what I believe I am looking at there.

Everytime I see someone break out into sin-1 and tanh anything I just go blank anyway. There is no reason to continue from there except maybe to specialize your Nuetrino's (as pre up's or post down's etc) before you skip over their spins all together.

Lookin at this example whatever you fill it up with simply is physics nipple twister.

9c1f9fb0 No.3629895

File: 1634586116747-0.png (34.1 KB, 800x988, diffy_q_solu_1.png)

File: 1634586116747-1.png (32 KB, 810x857, diffy_q_solu_2.png)

File: 1634586116747-2.png (25.26 KB, 567x756, diffy_q_solu_3.png)

File: 1634586116747-3.png (16.45 KB, 688x426, diffy_q_solu_4.png)

File: 1634586116747-4.png (15.14 KB, 502x482, diffy_q_solu_5.png)

Finally got around to typing out the solution to this. Clearly a lengthy calculation - a mess of mostly algebra and u-substitutions along with integration by parts and partial fractions. Solving a quadratic even popped up as the first step. Had to break up the calculation into several images, but they're numbered in order.

9c1f9fb0 No.3629896

File: 1634586172293-0.png (33.6 KB, 1416x403, diffy_q_solu_6.png)

File: 1634586172293-1.png (36.91 KB, 1335x548, diffy_q_solu_7.png)

File: 1634586172293-2.png (27.49 KB, 1274x375, diffy_q_solu_8.png)

File: 1634586172293-3.png (12 KB, 1195x302, diffy_q_solu_9.png)

File: 1634586172293-4.png (71.83 KB, 1920x1080, graph_of_y.png)



Here's a link to the graphs with the solutions selected (same as last attached image). The deselected graphs are the solutions plugged into both sides of the initial differential equation - a visual demonstration that the solutions are correct, as the graphs align.

b1035fca No.3630020

ok cuz, u telling me this is a differential quotient? or is it a quantum register you are making in fundamental quadratics. Anyhow the implication of goal posting begins when 1+1 has to equal 2. That is what is going on there.

b1035fca No.3630022

bro all i need to know is will this start my grill when i press the igniter.

2e0843e4 No.3630023


Use lots of petrol and it will.

2f584c22 No.3630045

File: 1634675197621.jpg (159.86 KB, 1200x1200, fallout-76-a.jpg)

Lots of fuel you say?

a27c84a2 No.3631350

That problem I solved is known as a differential equation - a first-order nonlinear ordinary differential equation to be more precise. Differential equations describe how things smoothly vary over time or with respect to some other variable(s) other than time, such as distance. For instance, you could have a variable that depends on both distance and time in a partial differential equation.

Bro, I don't know the first thing about your grill. Well, except that it probably uses a piezo igniter. That said, mathematics often finds applications in unexpected places.

448e3593 No.3631351

File: 1635630682082.png (5.08 KB, 693x146, functional_inverse_not_rec….png)

I came up with a good follow-up question. This is much easier than solving the actual differential equation. As the file name suggests, I'm referring to the functional inverse, not the multiplicative inverse (reciprocal).

2f584c22 No.3631363

ive just been poking it to get it running

090ec6a6 No.3632067

File: 1636427319064-0.jpg (611.9 KB, 1536x2048, 5m073ezmrm241.jpg)

File: 1636427319064-1.jpg (892.87 KB, 2386x2245, o97d50rxjeg11.jpg)

File: 1636427319064-2.png (38.35 KB, 577x649, katia_managan_by_ta_na_dbz….png)

Ever wonder about the shape you sometimes see in coffee mugs? Well, here's the math behind it.


970a3408 No.3632096


Oh yes. just glop it on by the gallons.
It´ll be fine!

970a3408 No.3632097


And as a true Theoretical Math-magician / academic you did not advice OP to just remove the battery from his piezo igniter after each season, since they will leak otherwise and destroy his igniter.

Have I earned a bunny-face in my report-card for this elegant solution ? Or maybe a Mickey….that would be nice.

2f584c22 No.3632107

the battery is not an issue the quantum flux rate to igniting a tesseract due for particle annihilation is and always will be. The casualty of particles is not so easily contained in a vector space when super fluid is "in active states" there is a potential for "leaked" or run off DATA during the emission of particles in a field. The fallout is increased drastically and breaks from its containment space creating a large EMP or heat signature (plasma) which spreads rapidly through its timespace, causing an apocalyptic event obviously, but an apocalyptic event in motion from its source target. (Imagining a moving nuclear tornado that gives no fucks about anything including weather patterns) So kinda poking around with that kind of power-load ball in the air type and less of a brick that shocks you a little bit, is definitely the grill I'm referring to.

2f584c22 No.3632108

because how else would i be able to cook up dat sweet nuclear pasta.

2f584c22 No.3632111

File: 1636488738061.png (20.49 KB, 894x293, ScientificStudyPlan(quantu….png)

It's quantum spaghetti Time.

2f584c22 No.3632115

File: 1636490204198.png (195.4 KB, 1024x284, Phase2.png)

The Real End Game.

69a8bca2 No.3632121


So you are saying the universe will collapse into a singularity …AGAIN…and reboot through BigBang rev X.XX (since we can never understand nor know how many times this has already happened) and worse : No bunny stamp…… :(

2f584c22 No.3632149

If the universe is like a hard drive it will overwrite itself eventually after moving from physical energy to dark matter and polarize like a magnet during entropy it will break up the dark matter too. Causing a schism of it bricking like sticking a magnet to itself once it hits its first casualty. So singularity yes. And then the pieces will go everywhere in a massive light explosion. A big bang makes sense that it will get very dark and quiet then get very bright and deafening.

I am postulating trying to manipulate that into a form of pasta power so I can power a synthetic animatronic ai infused mobile database that can basically count as a clone-able waifu that maybe also teleports between layers of light in order to remodel herself with her own shadow imprint due to some form of nanotechnological prowess {recognizing casualty as it occurs (i.e. lightspeed travel within high energy particle fields or singularity):likely by preprogrammed vector remodeling}

2f584c22 No.3632152

The best case I have for this is due to a delta wave default of a universal low-energy constant, and recreating that via pasta (as singularity approaches) such that quantum teleportation may be able to port itself;using a tesseract(field container) in which the constant i.e. (residual energy field) is "zapped" to another location.

Once the port is "secured in practice" we can shove the "reactive" pasta-waifu that knows what it is and what its doing where (and where its from etc) through the process.

Therefore avoiding data loss because of the lowenergy buffer rate in casualty and also being capable of encoding its own signatures once its processed in the 'warp'.

2f584c22 No.3632155

It is basically like splitting water molecules in which also this is done in a vacuum the breaking of the chemical bonds create a flux that eventually will lose out a particle.

Now the water has no where to make itself so then the other particle just dies.

That creates a change in the signature we can trace and apply an encoding to. Porting more molecules into the framework of its locale.

Once the introuduction to more particles takes place the singularity is stabilized (however it requires a casualty or instance of energy and light especially in a vacuum space) So we have to coordinate shooting a photon.

So we have to do everything to make the port either way. ><. We end up zapping it with several ions for it to work so we just plant our own 'vector field' on top of the space we are using. So while "particle fluid" or otherwise energy fields are being "remodeled" we inject an encoding. Usually by a ion buffer(frequency) following a holographic data-print(particles). This primes the field to conduct our programmed-energy and materialize our particles.

We just also use particles and frequency formulas to script together an exact render of the last frameworks (our own organic or inorganic objects:'synethticwaifu'). It works out that the tesseract then deterioates into its surroundings as the process is finalized.

This usually occurs as a pulse or flash so when the introduction is made it normalizes over its own timespace ."Hyper-sonic activity stabilzes as the buffer deterioates" Of course the warp has to be done again per instance it is required.

b3145701 No.3632166


Also I should probably mention if you are using quantum telemetry to transfer objects through a virtual tunnel or "straight up teleport things" you can basically pre render your objects to perform the function entirely for the next location.

Which is like "sending a robotic automatic laser printer" to manage its own warp space and recreate the same path for round trip. Then you would have essentially made a star gate. Being that also you can just do about anything from that point.

The basis for manipulating particle flux fields into giant star gates that also can "generate or out-source their own power" so then you can make a space-waifu and have her perform house calls.

2f584c22 No.3632209

Another issue I would like to mention is the case for time travel and quantum computing. That having some sort of encoded system that can more or less…save a world grid to an image state. Then can be reloaded upon command. "System and Source backup."

So having a image processor capable of world generation makes it very real and having a 'jump drive system' that is counterlocked and or also especially crypto-authenticated with a hashsum or key-code would ease the "amount of glitching" between loads. Some fusion of logic and most definitely we can "create a simulation" of the real world. So we can use 'save states.'

That and some fusion of proxy data banking and we could "create artificial time zones" between the image mounts (locally) over a world render. That would effectively then be used as a hypersonic warp (isolated object in space) which would basically be artificial time travel. In that the generated world existed from the save of an original world, it is applied with the 1. Counter-usage and 2. fusion of logic and proxies; that selectable epochs can be navigated via jump drives. "A stage with Image mounting"

Similar to a warp drive except it just happens for you. Of course the standard rules of time travel apply that if you don't have a jump drive you are stuck there and likely if the world image loses it's previous settings there's no going back for you as the source files are expired or something. That is my opinion because i think there would be "accuracy issues" as well with allocating "a spatial pocket for yourself" in which your destination would normalize from a (temporary time-bubble in which your hypersonic etc).
"Arrival via Jumping"

The problem is I believe crypto interferences can occur between normalizations hence why I mention accuracy falloff but if you have a fully mobilized ship it should be fine (because spacetime turbulence might actually be a thing here). I still think its possible under these details.

2f584c22 No.3632220

I had two details in addition.

With warp-to positioning in which you can return from time travelling ports (under a standard warp) for awaiting pick up in time-traveling. A time bridge basically. (incase you get basically stranded you can fly to a sustained time-hub if your service has installed them)

And 2.
The case for multiple time jumps at once in which you arrive a t two destinations or simultaneous multi-zones. Which Is basically the preface for a time bridge existing in a hyper-lock of other time zones. It can monitor its position for isolated ship pick up so having a time-station in range would be useful as long as its outside the control zone of your destination (i.e. space).

But really it's more of an experimental suggestion not a real thing. As problems in multiplicity I know can basically occur. Your services would probably require some sort of travel license.

I don't want to engineer it right now but I feel there was a need for this information.

0acf4e04 No.3632649

File: 1636785602491.jpeg (26.15 KB, 450x265, Ryn5wfe.jpeg)

Piezo igniters don't use batteries. They work by converting mechanical energy into electrical energy through the piezoelectric effect. Each contains a tiny spring-loaded hammer that hits a piezoelectric crystal (lead zirconate titanate). When the crystal is compressed, it generates enough voltage to create a spark.

Unfortunately, because your suggestion is based on a misunderstanding of how piezo igniters work, I cannot award you an animal sticker. But because you made an effort, you get a banana sticker. That's the best I can do.

0acf4e04 No.3632650

File: 1636785679063-0.jpg (117.16 KB, 850x1150, EqWaDnsUwAA3M8u.jpg)

File: 1636785679063-1.png (17.01 KB, 600x450, dottie.png)

If I asked you for the solution to sin(x) = x, you'd likely have no difficulty providing the correct answer of x = 0. But what if I asked you the same of cos(x) = x? Not so obvious. The answer is approximately 0.7390851332. The solution to cos(x) = x is known as the Dottie number. It's named after a professor of French who noticed that when she punched any number into her calculator and repeatedly pressed the cos button, thereby taking the cosines of the outputs, the value displayed always converged to this constant. Give it a try! If you have a calculator handy, see how many times you have to press cos before all the displayed digits stay the same. Make sure your calculator is in radians. ALWAYS!

2f584c22 No.3632725

I believe that is what is referred to as scratch and sniff.

2f584c22 No.3632727

Imagine being a zero yet still generating your own base wave.

2f584c22 No.3632740


The constant is in a deviation of a measurable weight (why is it .7390851332.) Because the dottie number is a calculatory phenom by which the cos is (a mechanical redux of its ALU board?).

Or is it a dimensional inconsistency between signature and non-point values. I don't think so but the ratio of .739 is interesting because it is near to 1/3 or 1/4 that this might have something to do with particle theory and teetering between quantum states.

That is what always confused me about this number then I realize also probability might filter in now, that any result is a direct feedback of a 'mathematical inertia' (there are cases where math just defaults to unknown proofs; 1. curve instance must always be centered, 2. or a wave is already balanced by frequency in the "section it is not in interference", 3. distortion of space is over "time" constant….4. the cosine is .73.)

Is this because of even more eccentricities, making for a Quantum order of operations. (Something with limits and constraints of zero and its phase helps to define the vector, but only under conditions of its quad)

No real explanation. My pattern seeking brain says this is not a coincidence. It is -quantum probability- more than likely trying to round the corners in undetected ways. Skewing the rules of math to advance subjective truths as 'new theory', the question is not why but WHY Not? >INB4 Prob-tronics and GeoQuantology.

For REAL though, my opinion is this Phenom of (math eccentricities) is all pointing to A-Utopian Big-Bang Scenario where PERFECT was already made possible and what we see in front of US and EXPERIENCE is all rose-tinted glasses i.e. the Particle-Burn Out and Byproduct. We are experiencing the second hand reality. And the real world being the drip.

f282d7ce No.3632820

File: 1636937480580.jpg (157.33 KB, 1200x900, 8ca6edf35700d45fe5bdaa95a7….jpg)

be896f7c No.3632834

if only my kaleidiscopes had this capability.

2f584c22 No.3632883

File: 1636971217589.jpg (245.89 KB, 1199x628, photos-of-shadows-burned-i….jpg)

Among the phenom that occur in math so to does in particle science, for instance my main concern is the particle entropy being harnessed by geigar readouts. That each particle decay forms a microwave and a photon that in non-occupied space would travel infinitely {can be traced, can be detected upon with simulateneity.) In a confinement such as the LHC device can be used to generate a readout virtual to the absorbed signatures and thereby computational in-housed circuitry that manages the event signal (conforms it to technology). Rendering a calculation of a circuit (preferrably an image), and used as a virtual world render. (The image is encoded and decoded almost directly.) Like if wifi were to scan a house, and allow it virtual access to the smallest granulation of its particle render (per quality).

In the sake of quality. using accuracy checks via a "Computional geigar" and "lasergraph to re-habilate particles" in the enviroment from "random heatdeath". We can simulate the detection of reality itself, the LHC was probably designed to do this in the first place. By harnessing 'sporadic entropy' we can correalate a real world world projection even through basic wifi, almost even with raw sound convection (digital echolocation)(except in space) therefore we use NATURAL Microwaves). And set it to a monitor for real-time propogation. "Tracking events in our tendancy to explore and immerse ourselves". The holograph of the world in a conveyed network. OVERALL: We can begin to change how reality operates for ourselves as a connected society. Step 1."We already do this so just make it more intact."

Step 2. Now our virtual render that has a holograph encoded down to real time, we can operate in simultaneity (this is the whole point) to formulate a nonexistant projection into working real-world order. We can design our real world through virtual direction of particles. Making something that otherwise could not exist in physics. And my best bet is an entropy machine that doses particles to return energy. (Very expensive but free energy) Or you know…beautiful accidents.

d0dd0029 No.3637340

File: 1639371144918.png (60.29 KB, 320x528, Computational Demonology.png)

Computational Demonology

Computational Demonology is the science of using maths and algorithms to interact with the fundamental fabric of reality, particularly the borders between universes.

fccb9d2e No.3638704

File: 1640146254006-0.png (86.76 KB, 986x560, 2021-12-21-222337_986x560_….png)

File: 1640146254006-1.png (77.79 KB, 1551x311, 2021-12-21-223825_1551x311….png)

File: 1640146254006-2.png (79.06 KB, 1289x899, 2021-12-21-230913_1289x899….png)

I'm playing with taylor series as part of an on-going problem I'm trying to solve.
Right now, I'm specifically playing with the "periodicity" of the signs of the taylor polynomial terms and seeing how they affect the resulting function.
For example, I'm starting with one of the most well known taylor series, the one for e^x
= sum((x^n)/(n!)).
expanding the sum, we see every term is positive.
What if we have every even term be negative?
that's simply sum((-1)^n(x^n)/(n!)), which turns out to be e^-x.
every odd term negative turns out to be -e^-x.
All odd terms, predictably, is -e^x.

For simplicity's sake, and because it gets a bit annoying to explicitly describe the sums I want to consider, I will just write out the expansion of the taylor series. For example, y1+y2+y3+y4…yn, where yn is the nth taylor term. What happens when you modify the taylor polynomial of e^x (y1+y2+y3+y4+y5+y6+y7+y8+y9…) to be y1+y2-y3-y4+y5+y6-y7-y8… (every other two terms alternating in sign)?
Not surprisingly, if you know your taylor polynomials, it forms a periodic sinusoidal function. What is surprising (or maybe not so much), is that it's the taylor series for sqrt(2)sin(x-pi/4).

having sign alternate in groups of 3 (y1+y2+y3-y4-y5-y6+y7+y8+y9…) leads to a function that appears similar in form to something like e^x*sin(x)+1

fccb9d2e No.3638709

I'll definitely need to script this because there's no chance in hell I'm doing it by hand, but here's a fun one: taylor series of some function, but the sign of a term is decided based on randomly sampling a probability distribution.

ca72f563 No.3638710

File: 1640146844282.jpg (36.36 KB, 400x400, 1596775045728.jpg)

2+2= your moms a whore!

fccb9d2e No.3638714

File: 1640148852439.png (274.94 KB, 1085x895, 2021-12-21-234732_1085x895….png)

I have opened yet another few cans of worms for myself. I was counting in binary (0000 -> —-) to get the signs right on the combinations of the taylor polynomials and now it has me wondering what kind of shenanigans I can get up to, mapping the taylor polynomial terms to binary values and then applying them to a karnaugh map

b8845991 No.3638722

File: 1640156231547.png (7.29 MB, 5000x5000, 768e4ea1e4a5ad46ca1424f3d4….png)

I wonder how much calories in watts would I burn to walk, swim, fly to point A to B depending how high, low, and far or close it is.

fccb9d2e No.3638730

File: 1640159203390-0.png (41.4 KB, 524x550, 2021-12-22-024128_524x550_….png)

File: 1640159203390-1.png (41.4 KB, 524x550, 2021-12-22-024128_524x550_….png)

File: 1640159203390-2.png (31.55 KB, 606x503, 2021-12-22-024143_606x503_….png)

File: 1640159203390-3.png (33.34 KB, 504x509, 2021-12-22-024155_504x509_….png)

File: 1640159203390-4.png (56.69 KB, 545x506, 2021-12-22-024210_545x506_….png)

observations so far.
I'm going to introduce more notation, apologies.
We were originally working on the 4th expansion of the taylor polynomial for e^x, so

now we're working on the *family* of polynomials, distinguished by the combinations of signs between them. We can represent the different members by letting 0 = negative, and 1 = positive.
p0 = 0000 = -1 -x -x^2/2! -x^3/3!
p1 = 0001 = -1 -x -x^2/2! +x^3/3!
p2 = 0010 = -1 -x +x^2/2! -x^3/3!

p15 = 1111 = 1+x+x^2/2!+x^3/3!

>1. fundamentally, even though there are 16 distinct functions, they "reduce" to transformations (translations and rotations) of just 2 functions

>2. polynomials whose binary representations are inverses (i.e. 0101 & 1010), are reflected about the x axis w.r.t. to each other (pretty obvious since it's equivalent to factoring out the negative sign). so p0 and p15 are mirrored about the x axis, p1 and p14 are mirrored about the x axis…

>3. these polynomials are pairs that are reflected about the y axis

p0 and p5 (0000 and 0101)
p1 and p4 (0001 and 0100)
p2 and p7 (0010 and 0111)
p3 and p6 (0011 and 0110)
by virtue of 2., the negations of these are y axis reflections of one another
p15 and p10 (1111 and 1010)

it's been a year since my boolean algebra/digital systems class so I forget some of the rules. This doesn't strike me as any particular boolean operation. The pattern seems to be (see pic)
>even n: add 5
>odd n: add 3
I'm sure there's a better way to represent this but my brain has shit the bed hard for some reason.

I expanded to 5 terms and plotted the y-axis reflection pairs. There's a definite pattern, enough that I think a recurrence relation/map for any amount of terms could be very easily derived.

b8845991 No.3638761

File: 1640169764917-0.png (432.32 KB, 1400x986, infographic-map-mathematic….png)

File: 1640169764917-1.png (82.92 KB, 917x1024, Branches-of-Mathematics-1-….png)

File: 1640169764917-2.png (325.25 KB, 1476x2199, 35a0685e9ff10512459dd241cd….png)

File: 1640169764917-3.jpg (23.63 KB, 451x338, 14-20-52-images.jpg)

File: 1640169764917-4.jpg (631.1 KB, 2048x2048, afc7e-41677252_m.jpg)


Does this branch involve in natural or artificial?

b8845991 No.3638762

File: 1640170390576-0.jpg (15.94 KB, 316x159, download.jpg)

File: 1640170390576-1.jpg (57.31 KB, 688x399, I01-16-quantumfoam.jpg)

File: 1640170390576-2.png (43.92 KB, 1200x913, Impossible_staircase.svg.png)

File: 1640170390576-3.jpg (75.12 KB, 700x700, aea2952fe78009fd9837b801a8….jpg)

File: 1640170390576-4.jpeg (694.63 KB, 3556x2000, j8iWe5b.jpeg)

what if quantum foam and Cosmic microwave background is a loop universe every thing is small but big is small our whole universe is a cell but in a human body as we go farther out it repeats a loop, what is this theory?

b8845991 No.3638763

File: 1640170624235-0.jpg (26.23 KB, 602x401, main-qimg-8f7ec6c34f137038….jpg)

File: 1640170624235-1.jpg (14.12 KB, 243x207, images.jpg)

Is it called the Nutshell Theory?

930fb224 No.3638764

what if photons and electrons were the same, since two photons colliding create an electron and an antielectron? that could be a thing.

0a4d8a3a No.3638765

This seems repititive as though you would just get the same plot for other functions in a way you're just "clocking" the functions. It seems that way because I don't really know what you are trying to get out other than zero'ing these values into a squared off area. Which is something you can just do having more than one graph at a different heading (cardinal).

fccb9d2e No.3638769

>This seems repititive as though you would just get the same plot for other functions in a way you're just "clocking" the functions
that's what I thought too. However, it seems there's even more underlying this than I thought. Only certain classes of function seem to actually have polynomials that are y-axis mirrors of each other.

For example, ln(x+1), e(x), and 1/(1-x) all have a regularly repeating pattern of mirrored polynomials.

But, for some reason, cos(x) does not.
Now it's a question of
>describing the recurrence relation for expansions that do have mirror y polynomials
>finding what makes functions without mirror y polynomials not have mirror y polynomials.

0a4d8a3a No.3638770

This is just an opinion but let's say it can apply here:

1.At a glance you are just flipping the graph. The only reason you would need to complicate the graph with the same mapping is that there is an overlay to the function. This is just criss-crossing patterns together.

2.With the functions you are using, their overlay would be the new map on top of the base map. Even if you are making a new heading its basically the same path. (The Direction will always square off into a "small enclosure" because of their cardinal position around the origin even if the origin is designated through their implied function AS not zero.) It's the same thing except on its own page to a graph.

3. See THAT you have made two Squared areas in that design. Those are what I mean by clocking. Because you are using one overlay to another. No matter what it operates on the same frequency. Making a PRIORITY to any path or group of paths is the case for that such as "Degaussing a Monitor" or in math:"Impurities" in Measure.

The margins may represent a warp from one spot to the other where for instance you are "trafficing" rates. Such that SetA may be preferred to SetB in terms of Priority, the BOARD itself will lend favorability to the conditions that the overall Clocking would remain nominal.

This would cause a delay for one set over the other, but not effect the general frequency taking place on the board entirely. Which is good for managing heavier swathes of information in balance WITH "less work-costly" patterns. And has -only really to do with- Trafficing.

0a4d8a3a No.3638773

Stacking these together because of inversions and etc. You are making a pattern. Then using the new scene to search for an expanded model. You have information that may lead to new information, but only through their functions/pattern. Finding anything outside those "terms" will likely involve some form of chainbreaking.

Where You will Use Chain breaking on the patterns you have to substitute an answer for the "expanded model" chart.
This would detail alot of things including:

Using that you would have
1.The Best-Guess Answer. The ones we know can work based off what we have. (It can be more than one depending on the length you want to go to with pattern strings)
2. The Unknown Answer (answers we don't have due to lack of information) but we can assume are possible.
3.The Rare Fit Answer (An answer that just exists elsewhere in math as some random polynomial/function)
4.Literally No answer.
5.Additionally an answer that may be considered "a nullset of situations in which things work out"
6.The Incredible Chaos Theory of there being some broken scenario in which it something broken makes it work.
7.A quantum cloud answer.
8:Your data might just be wrong and there is no such expansion. And the pattern is just a sequence.

0a4d8a3a No.3638775

9.also i think being half right or
10/having a actual probability drive

are enough to chance for being a good mod

0a4d8a3a No.3638779

File: 1640187548287.png (24.92 KB, 632x405, SomeDataBridge-CyclerModul….png)

Basically this would capture and render data to mod it. I guess it could be used as a very backwoods packet scrambler. I dunno what I really was going for other than holding a render for modifying under the above pretenses.

0a4d8a3a No.3638781

Thinking to myself:
>Why would you even do this?
Because it could flip a bit and change everything.

0acf4e04 No.3641839

File: 1641931511932.jpg (272.43 KB, 1215x1392, FB8CzUNXMAIUWn0.jpg)

Imagine there is an infinite line of light bulbs, each numbered (starting with #1) with its own switch controlling it. Initially all the lights are switched off. You perform a procedure that goes like this: first you go through and flip every switch, turning on all the lights. Then you go back to the beginning and flip every other switch starting with light #2. Then you go through flipping every third switch starting with light #3, and so on for all subsequent numbers. After you've completed this infinite procedure, which of the numbered lights are turned on? Why is this?

2f584c22 No.3641889

The point is to be lazy. and the complicated stuff will be reasonable to deal with eventually. Management skills and a 1000 lightbulbs with a little OCD and you might find a shortcut. At least, that is the optimisic POV. The human side tends to bonk things up and make it worse however. Basically if you realize the dependencies on getting one thing done in that mess that matters, you can zero in on it all.

064c0170 No.3647628

File: 1645225570725.gif (121.55 KB, 256x256, Nonsymmetric_velocity_time….gif)


1 sec equals 10 seconds
1 sec equals 10 minutes
1 sec equals 10 hours
1 sec equals 10 days
1 sec equals 10 weeks
1 sec equals 10 months
1 sec equals 10 years
1 sec equals 10 centuries
1 sec equals 10 millenniums

064c0170 No.3647629

File: 1645226513438.png (858.95 KB, 960x532, m7htaxtv7w771.png)

fccb9d2e No.3647633

I'm taking a course in linear control systems this semester and right now we're learning about state space representations of differential equations
I can feel this is Big Shit. If I can really get my head around the concept and get fluent in how it works, I think I'll be able to make major progress in personal math projects of mine

most specifically, one involving matrices of differential equations

0dd919f5 No.3647640

>echo chamber trainee

fccb9d2e No.3647652

File: 1645245137177.png (77.14 KB, 1865x700, 2022-02-18-233047_1865x700….png)

when you manage to derive the closed form solution of a random power series you shat out, from intuition alone

yeah what about it

0acf4e04 No.3649436

File: 1646286687078-0.png (783.28 KB, 1800x410, teaser.png)

File: 1646286687078-1.jpg (156.83 KB, 1200x546, figure2.jpg)

Well well well, looks like I stumbled across the answer to the question posed in the second post itt. "Repulsive curves" provide the solution. Check out the following resources for details.



>echo chamber
Nah, that's the humanities department. This is hard sciences.

be896f7c No.3649447

1+1 = more water than you really have space for.

be896f7c No.3649448

integer of substance + (integer of substance) = integer of substance.
But I barely fit all that water into the tank with all that empty space. But its all the same. Let's just call it an echoe chamber despite it being black and white more than what it is.

be896f7c No.3649450


Its complicated ok but lets say you work it out to a base10 you can then set it to a mod10 as the new deritive of the base. There you have the echo chamber scenarios you can make quadratic. They will average as a quotient to the whole dimensional set of XYZ in coordinate fashion. You will have achieved a vector plot doing this likely.

be896f7c No.3649451

You might not follow me but for me it works out Snug as a bug in an electrical plug.

be896f7c No.3649454

and its the same reason why we have trouble touching nucleus without breaking the electron cloud. (surface contact of a nucleus will result in a nuclear heat death) it recognizes any impulse as a reason to cause retroactive half life.

be896f7c No.3649455

and also can help trace quantum activity residually in order to predict where heatdeath occurs if you chart it right you will be able to automate causation and probability in quantum mechanics but im just some random dood lol.

2f584c22 No.3649599

After some deliberation of a real world application you might find it better just to settle for a 3d-Screen system that employs Sonar, maybe interactively, as a vector state imaging might be too advanced for even this type of mathematic, but would be more or less the same use. (VectorState Mapping Involves the unobservable universe)

c63a723a No.3649895

File: 1646585856433-0.png (381.38 KB, 750x996, PBF094-Freaking-Vortex.png)

File: 1646585856433-1.png (272.24 KB, 800x1000, PBF-Big_Numbers.png)

Planet Inception?

c63a723a No.3649898

File: 1646586099966-0.jpeg (52.85 KB, 750x538, voodoo-doll-335d2810-6da9….jpeg)

What happens if you pick up yourself up like a voodoo doll?

c63a723a No.3649906

File: 1646588525938.png (423.19 KB, 630x500, Xdhfjt.png)

c63a723a No.3649907

File: 1646588953878.jpg (11.97 KB, 480x360, youcantgoback.jpg)

0acf4e04 No.3650678

File: 1647315250402.png (1.32 MB, 1085x1467, 1614300448.ecmajor_koboldp….png)

>still pi day in murica
Happy Pi Day!

0acf4e04 No.3650682

File: 1647317111357.png (834.03 KB, 740x919, 1457971634.brianblackberry….png)

Pi day Challenge:

Imagine you have a floor made from floorboards, each of which runs the full length of the room and each with the same width. If you drop a toothpick with the same length as the width of a floorboard randomly, what is the probability the toothpick will lie across a crack in the floorboards?

924333b8 No.3650848

This is interesting because at first you might think this is a constant, but it's grossly changed by the dimensions of the room and how many floor boards you use.

Using three extremes for examples:
1 floor board = 0% chance for the toothpick to land on a crack.

Floor is 1 mile long, and you have two boards (1 line), about 50% chance it crosses the singular crack (only configuration it does not is damn near perfectly parallel anywhere or exactly as far as possibly from the line perpendicular to the line. The odds change at a 1/1 ratio as you rotate the stick. Upwards the room (Y axis) is basically irrelevant with a floor this long.

Now we have another room that's an inch long and two miles wide. Each toothpick is one mile long, and has to fit in an inch. There is one crack. We are now at basically 100% chance it falls on a crack. There are two points (really small vectors in reality) where you can drop the toothpick and not have it cross the line, each at the furthest point possible from the line. The minimal rotation available to the toothpick is basically meaningless.

The trick is to model these extremes in your answer, which I do not have the brain to do, but these three examples illustrate how the answer changes based on your input (board number, X and Y dimensions), which means the answer is an equation and not a definite number. Somebody smarter than me can take it from there.

2f584c22 No.3650851

the probable chance is 1:100 if you think of a floor board as 99% board and 1% crack.

a1b25f7f No.3650919


you will magically levitate much to the surprise of the scientific community. Thus end up on the Fire as a Heretic.

Stuff you bum with Marshmallows, think of the children

0acf4e04 No.3651206

File: 1647719271169.jpg (133.75 KB, 1280x720, michael_penn_pi_day.jpg)

Ignore boundary influence - assume the room is infinite if you want. But all that's required to assume is that there are multiple floorboards of equal width to the toothpick length (which was specified), and that the floorboards are at least as long as the toothpick (which wasn't specified). These two conditions imply a single probability that's independent of the dimensions of the room. Do you know how to calculate this probability?

Pi Day video:

e841d491 No.3651218

Pietus infinatum.

c63a723a No.3651219

File: 1647734382532.gif (141.35 KB, 720x228, Pi-unrolled-720.gif)

2f584c22 No.3651276

actually its not 1:100 its .01% because of probable inclusions it simply does not define the answer, in the case for all answers there is always this .01% "oversight".

2f584c22 No.3651282

This is such a dumb thing to mention because you arleady know the quotients are represented that..pi=pi. There are many formats of it included extensions of pi in a pattern.

But no one is saying the oversight. It is an unknown (even if its pi). Or written in some other value. Or variable. 1-2-3…and then just listed as an extension of what it already is. 4. And then 5 which isn't even necessary unless you are going for'Throughput Quantum Symphonium'm a full theory of that PI(1)=PI(2).

To explain we know it is probably that the answer is there. For the case that it occurs under the expression or paradigm. Numbers=Solved or Proof.
But to say we how figure it out iis completely dependent on the end result as well.

Now we have that the oversight occurs. So we say, the standard, or the variable, or the unknown, or the offset-way of saying its known, and then eventually a full quantum theory explaining the parameters and location of a black hole in quantum hyperspace, is basically a token of Pi.

2f584c22 No.3651285

There is the preface of the full pi plot, by my own reasoning, we can include substitions and eliminations of its conversions (in any quadratic) (sometimes quartic which is borderline insanity imo and quintic which boils down to what type of caliber do you prefer to take before bed)

That once you have plotted these (and a vector of that being the next iteration) You can then finally begin to convert the correct "undisturbed by the enviroment" measure of what that proof is really by 'term or zero-energy' Because being exact is not enough if you are also "defining it in a space-time" you need to balance that with every step in the pattern…then its still .01% chance it lands at all.

2f584c22 No.3651291

File: 1647779780755.png (285.97 KB, 852x1908, How to change light waves.png)

I don't feel like explaining this again but this is pretty much how i would try to teach a complete noob about 'certainty'

2f584c22 No.3651294

if pi is consider 100% a whole of 1 its 1:100 chance if pi is then considered as a formfactor of quantum casaulty (itself in casuality so therefore 2=2/sqrt2) it is considered more in terms of .01% because there is more inclusion of probability.

2f584c22 No.3651296

literally its because you choose to call salt instead salt peter, but there is no real difference until you are trying to redefine something because of a .01% change in observation of when it was ever to begin with.

0acf4e04 No.3651454

File: 1647922556186.png (243.26 KB, 1920x1080, weasel_problems.png)

>These two conditions imply a single probability that's independent of the dimensions of the room.
Whoops, th­­­­­­is part is wrong. I concluded that the boundary influences would always cancel out, based on absolutely nothing! Well, based on the fact that none of the explanations of this problem I've read mention boundary influences.

That said, the boundary effects can cancel out. The probability that a toothpick crosses a crack drops to 0 when the center of the toothpick lands within 1/2 the toothpicks length to a boundary (wall) parallel to the floorboards. But if my calculations are correct, the probability that a toothpick, the center of which lands within 1/2 its length to a wall running perpendicular to the floorboards, crosses a crack is approx 0.9259685260. So a rectangular room with parallel walls (wrt the floorboards) which are 0.4540795935 times the length of the perpendicular walls should have boundary effects that cancel out, leaving you with a total probability of a toothpick crossing a crack equal to the probability if there were no walls (infinite room). I'm not accounting for the corners, because I've already complicated the problem enough.

Anyway, the point is you want to ignore boundary influences. Unless you really want to overcomplicate things. And you don't need an infinite room, just one with sufficiently large dimensions. The probability of a toothpick crossing a crack in the large room will be the same as for an infinite room if you discount the instances when a toothpick lands such that its center is within 1/2 the toothpick's length to a wall. This is the probability I was inquiring about in >>3650682 - the probability for a toothpick landing in the bulk of the room, free from the angle-constraining effect of the walls.

0acf4e04 No.3651455

File: 1647922610880.jpg (423.42 KB, 1275x825, viete's_formula.jpg)

Fuck it. The answer is 2/pi, which is approx 0.6366197724. This is a problem in geometric probability from the 1700's, known as Buffon's needle. This result means you can approximate pi by simply dumping a box of toothpicks on a wooden floor, counting, and then dividing the total number of toothpicks by the number that lie across cracks. If the floorboards are twice as wide as the toothpicks are long, then your calculation will approximate pi. If the floorboard width and toothpick length are the same as I posed the problem, then you'd need to multiply your result by 2 to get a value approximating pi.

Here's a video showing how to solve Buffon's needle problem two ways - one explanation using calculus and another using just basic probability theory and geometric arguments:


2f584c22 No.3651464

I can overcomplicate things by boundary influences being used marginally to the values involved also being used marginal saying that even with 100% chance there is a 0% chance that the toothpick is even there and that the floor lands on itself.

2f584c22 No.3651465

for instance the toothpick lands perfectly on a zero point…now we have a perfect and undetected polarized non-angle artifact in an immaculate cube…Schroedinger would have a seizure.

2f584c22 No.3651466

File: 1647944720107.jpeg (27.79 KB, 559x370, 1 UtctSDSNC_wcehC7-NpPNg.jpeg)

Anyways the "anamolous toothpick" reminds me of something happening like this. Where the idea of it disentegrates or "is moved out of sight" and just keeps phasing away everytime it is "defined". Like if you wired a ruperts drop to a trigger and shot it off, it would just be unpredictable. It's pure confetti.

5083ee7d No.3651497

File: 1647959254445.jpg (223.86 KB, 800x800, lee-websLO.jpg)

e489ea0c No.3651508

now i can hear when the spider poops

0acf4e04 No.3651604

File: 1648059755834.jpg (308.28 KB, 1560x472, Screen-Shot-2021-11-12-at-….jpg)

I found this amusing. Recently Youtube recommended me these two videos:


The first shows a Who Wants to Be a Millionaire contestant (and the audience too) failing to get a question about which square number is the sum of two smaller square numbers. He consequently loses $15,000. The second video is about how ancient Babylonians understood Pythagorean triples 3,800 years ago.

Should be 0.4545079594. No use calculating all those digits if I miscopy them. The exact value I got is pi*Si(pi)/4 - 1, where Si() is the sine integral function. The exact value I got for the probability that, a toothpick which lands with its center within half its length to a wall running perpendicular to the length of the floorboards, also lies across a crack is Si(pi)/2. I'll explain how I got these results if anyone's interested.

That's pretty cool. Sounds trippy. I wonder what the webs in pic related would sound like.

2f584c22 No.3651605

til spider thoughts
weed looks like spider weed version
benzedrine shows vertigo
caffeine webs showing absolute beamer math
salt showing the 9 layers of hell

meth websalso a good study of a brain being hacked.

5906ef25 No.3655464

File: 1651324763336.jpg (137.08 KB, 786x1342, HJ4fz6l.jpg)

5491d8e5 No.3655467

File: 1651326093907.gif (5.37 MB, 620x420, kill it with fire.gif)

I'm pretty sure that inmate posts in this thread regularly.

0dd919f5 No.3655475


2f651a29 No.3655476


BAM! drumroll

96602444 No.3657709

File: 1652981300365-0.png (1.22 MB, 1312x1500, 030.png)

File: 1652981300365-1.jpg (28.42 KB, 460x345, v4-460px-Measure-the-Lengt….jpg)

W = Width
H = height
B = What?

What does B mean? Google got nothing.

2cd8303d No.3657715

96602444 No.3657752



Bust/waist/hip measurements (informally called 'body measurements' or ′vital statistics′) are a common method of specifying clothing sizes. They match the three inflection points of the female body shape.

96602444 No.3657753

File: 1652991335431.png (33.14 KB, 320x687, 320px-PostureFoundationGar….png)

96602444 No.3661846

File: 1657532114223.jpg (117.87 KB, 1024x756, UuRRu2h.jpg)

Note that all the spheres in this image are exactly the same color (beige). Just zoom in to see it. Our brain perceives the color of an object differently depending on the colors around it.

0ca0ea9f No.3661856

File: 1657543934553.jpg (38.95 KB, 435x269, spurdok.jpg)

16e3b7ab No.3663429

File: 1658551821024.jpg (151.78 KB, 905x1280, π.jpg)

e5631a43 No.3663476

that's the devils work

1d5d0cfe No.3663490

Without those severe jpeg artifacts I would actually believe it.

96602444 No.3664079

File: 1659484702689-0.jpg (44.7 KB, 800x600, Yakhchal_of_Yazd_province.jpg)

File: 1659484702689-1.jpg (161.72 KB, 800x677, Power_station_Westfalen._C….jpg)

96602444 No.3664085

File: 1659487601471-0.jpg (29.04 KB, 534x332, Egr5m41WAAEUj9D.jpg)

File: 1659487601471-1.jpg (47.15 KB, 557x388, fan-assisted-natural-draft….jpg)

File: 1659487601471-2.png (432.19 KB, 1024x973, how-does-natural-draft-coo….png)

File: 1659487601471-3.jpg (144.29 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

96602444 No.3666284

File: 1663030209674.jpg (74.61 KB, 735x1044, mvBsnUr.jpg)

399ba5a4 No.3666315

File: 1663048489794.jpg (214.99 KB, 1200x857, 1299041386.wookiee_tauntau….jpg)

Now show how you do arithmetic on scratch paper with that system.

4e2742ca No.3666319


That is a terrible system and not at all conducive to doing calculations.

96602444 No.3666326

File: 1663051336442.png (770 B, 204x84, updatenumberingsystemsucks….png)

12985b8b No.3666341


anyone NOT purchasing a electric AC unit and supporting big business is a COMMUNIST !

I joking but good luck getting mainstream media to ban AC unit commercials and peddling something almost anyone can build which also does not consume electricity and hardly needs any sort of maintenance.

96602444 No.3666344

File: 1663084297370-0.png (31.91 KB, 600x323, models-color-flows.png)

File: 1663084297370-1.jpg (21.48 KB, 359x238, What-Termites-Can-Teach-En….jpg)


See How Termites Inspired a Building That Can Cool Itself | Decoder

Does Hot Water Freeze Faster Than Cold Water?

Taking a step further adding this into thermal dynamics engineering data.

0acf4e04 No.3666369

File: 1663107504957.jpg (2.91 MB, 4032x3024, oh_no_nazi_math.jpg)

0acf4e04 No.3666418

File: 1663173742351.jpg (4.85 MB, 4032x3024, oh_no_nazi_math.jpg)

Guess if I'm gonna make a silly meme image, I should put forth bare minimum effort toward making it look halfway decent.

96602444 No.3666619

File: 1663358856227-0.png (1.05 MB, 1920x941, _system.png)

File: 1663358856227-1.png (27.8 KB, 791x628, JAPAN-2.png)

File: 1663358856227-2.jpg (51.83 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

96602444 No.3667524

File: 1664161414974.png (273.7 KB, 900x900, Mf9om0s.png)

0e6cd5e5 No.3667530

I've seen this 'intersecting line' method for multiplying a few times – the problem with it is every demo only shows multiplying very low digits… you never see 89×789 because there are so many lines and so many intersections you're probably better off multiplying 'the normal way'

b23eda45 No.3667533

My mother could have written that. She will use intuition instead of running the numbers for anything, choosing a credit card, etc. I kind of suspect she believes "women's intuition" is real.

b23eda45 No.3667534

File: 1664170310953.jpg (261.13 KB, 2560x1707, soroban.jpg)

So what's it for anyway? If it is only an aid for doing multiplication with a Soroban then it might not matter.

2f584c22 No.3667537

actually real world use is completely mathematics i think the argument is that you cannot see something you apparently discount it. Like the billions lines of computer code in the internet just sitting on powercables waiting to ship out.

A deritive function is basically as invisible as things can get, when you start talking about vaporwave music but having no idea what vaporware is or the semblance of nature taking place, that is the same as saying math is not real at all.

When it is inherently expressed in many theories that predictably your world is finite only as your understanding of it. To enhance that perspective with any amount of knowledge should then be goal-line in directing what is the real world.

Virtually speaking, alot of math is used to simulate the entirity of existence in a theory of everything. And it's not even as complex as many people are making it, the real magic of math is that there is more than what it appears and several differently projections can be simulated of reality not just the one you percieve as all-measure.

The sad thing is not many people will understand what it actually takes to make virtual reality an exact translation to a tangible and physical form. That takes alot of math…and science to come close.

I think you should look into the world a little more because the next era might just end up blowing that all out of the water as soon as they discover exactly how to transcode everything on a computer into one giant mega-mart or all concepts.

0e6cd5e5 No.3667641

File: 1664336845097.png (14.44 KB, 797x412, multiplication grid.png)

While it's an interesting construction I don't think it's a very useful one. For instance what happens if you multiply 304×21 .. now you have an intersection of 'lines and no lines' and somehow you have to keep track of that.

I think a more useful one is a slight variation… a grid like this. What's nice about this grid approach is that the exact same approach works for both numbers and algebra.

e489ea0c No.3667643

2/(pi) suggests that in a physical probability the state of the room reaches a singularity following a gap in space and time.

The square root of pi following to a breakdown over the gap in the same right out as sqrt(2/pi) denotes a zero point in which new results follow suit.

and form within fourier's a resulting pattern inward ofreaching special case relativity in quotient of 2/(pi), breaking these gaps into place.

the inverse (outward spiral) of 2/pi having been quotiented to, a ratio of 2/phi begins to simulate the pattern of spiraling gaps, and in the squareroot of 2/phi : sqrt(2/phi) begins to spiral outward in retracing its relativity under a fouriers sequencing.

4 cases of 2/pi in ratio of phi and square roots of each consist of a path group over spiraling gaps having formed a singularity and breaking in fouriers sequencing.

And form algorithms within the curvature of a timespace (in light) to adjust that algorithm to being indication of quantum-relativity, that along the number slide (of the algorithm repeating in decimal) differential splices of quantum/linear time frames of a singularity. The congruency adding to 1(being to a matrice of squareroots of 2/pi and/or 2/phi or standlone to the probability of 2/pi and/or 2/phi) 4 instances in algorithms that surface to the congruency of 1. And also Incongruency of a relative zero special case, in which the numbers are exampled to gaps of spirals in another repetitive matrice of algorithms. 6 instances of Singularity being traced to a pattern and their sequences breaking with fourier. Making a case for the probability that the ratio of 2/(pi) being wholly to 1 and a checking balance to 2/pi:2/pi:2/pi being a rato balance to any other ratio under fourier composing the Singularity quotient.

That T=d/r and is the algorithm of squareroot(1:2/pi:/2/phi:0) in which zero is a special relativity of 1 and being cancelled out for calculation purposes, set to a slide of the matrice repeating.

or something…i had it explained this isnt the answer because i dont want to relive the actual math i used.

e489ea0c No.3667647

Having formed a matrice using Fourier's principle based off 2/PI and its ratios to 1 and or 0 congruencies, there are defined terms in which the range of the matrice are defined.

0 essentially being the incongruent version of 1. therefore the Negative and Positive matrices each to themselves, can be adjusted in changing the fields of the algorithm to an energy supply comparitive to lightwaves. In which the adjusted parameters can be speedometer to lightwaves if the energy is supplied or "stimmied" in some way to conduct lightravel, and speeding up the fields of the matrice or slowing them down by increasing or decreasing their algirthmic's values with an attentuator.

Basically slowing the field down…speeds up the world around it relative to the field inside. And speeding the field up would slow down the world to the point it would basically reverse itself. Aka time travel. In which a mixture of adjusting parameters may also relocate the field itself in a magnetic or superpolar motion to its original positions of the matrice values.

Also there is a backpedaling system in which it can piloted using matrice permutation and downflow of data with a rework of the field in a positive or negative acceleration of adjusted parameters. (I explained navigation before too and it sounded bad then too). Now its even worse because its all its using a lightwave engine instead of quantum generation assuming you can do either or both at all.

The algorithms within the 0 matrice and 1 matrice can also be mixed up in some way to probably create a quantum supernova or something equally disasterous as controlling time and space with lightwaves and energy using sheer math and compelx spyrographs.

96602444 No.3668393

File: 1664792340529.jpg (31.88 KB, 500x283, 51YE2xni6dL._AC_SY580_.jpg)

We are creating a fictional currency in circulation and need a language for it.

Name: twelve quintillion
Number: 12,000,000,000,000,000,000
Representation: TIC means Total In Circulation, v = value, z = zeros
New Language: TIC: v12 z19

Are there other languages to translate a larger number where it could neatly fit?

d4be9097 No.3668399


96602444 No.3668406

Made a mistake it's 12 value of 18 zeros of 6 commas
value of 12 with 9x9 zeros

c = represents comma

v12 v18 c6 = 12,000,000,000,000,000,000
Translation: 12,000,000,000,000,000,000

96602444 No.3668407

Made a mistake it's z18

96602444 No.3668408

File: 1664800526907.png (6.37 KB, 323x156, download.png)

Yes, we are using the chemistry formula to name a large number for it to fit in a small box.

96602444 No.3668409

v12c6z18 = 12,000,000,000,000,000,000

0acf4e04 No.3668504

File: 1664836110521.png (184.59 KB, 656x368, line_intersection_multipli….png)

>For instance what happens if you multiply 304×21 .. now you have an intersection of 'lines and no lines' and somehow you have to keep track of that.
You can just use a different colored line or dashed line and disregard all intersections with that line. See:


I agree it's not practical, but the same can be said of any method other than using an electronic calculator. Or simply doing it in your head.

0acf4e04 No.3668522

File: 1664850244591.jpg (2.32 MB, 2560x1440, Infinity_academy_2880x1620….jpg)

Here's an article I read recently that does a good job explaining the different sizes (cardinalities) of infinity.


I like that it has exercises at the end to test your understanding.

34a0d11d No.3668560

File: 1664868989487.gif (350.47 KB, 500x333, 1577118417762-0.gif)

> the different sizes (cardinalities) of infinity
How can infinities have different sizes? In an American Scientific article on the subject, they resorted to calling it "different intensities."

0acf4e04 No.3669392

File: 1665262916886.png (238.35 KB, 1280x991, 100_prisoners_problem.png)

Am I the only one here who knows calculus? OP mentioned taking calculus, but it seems that he's long abandoned this thread. Probably due to the schizo-posting. What a shame. Anyway, I ask so I know whether to limit the scope of my posts. What's the highest level math course you've taken?

Have a mind-blowing Veritasium video explaining a difficult probability/combinatorics puzzle:


96602444 No.3669395

File: 1665264258601-0.jpg (1.4 MB, 1626x2000, 1348068215447.jpg)

File: 1665264258601-1.jpg (49.75 KB, 640x360, 082813lunchmidseat_640x360.jpg)

File: 1665264258601-2.jpg (265.05 KB, 1600x992, aerial-parking-lots-cars-a….jpg)


In physics, for example, calculus is used to help define, explain, and calculate motion, electricity, heat, light, harmonics, acoustics, astronomy, and dynamics. Einstein's theory of relativity relies on calculus, a field of mathematics that also helps economists predict how much profit a company or industry can make.

Is it possible for calculus to be used in car traffic data logistics? Numbers of car population is double when there where new cars need replacement of old ones. I think there will be another newer jobs on traffic management data logistics.

Is the number of cars on the road increasing?
Compared to the year ending September 2020, in the year ending September 2021: car traffic decreased by 1.7 per cent to 222.3 billion vehicle miles. van and lorry traffic increased by 7.3 per cent and 8.9 per cent, respectively. motorway traffic decreased by 1.4 per cent.

96602444 No.3669396

File: 1665264442456.png (57.53 KB, 1200x982, 01_Traffic_Stress_US_Heatm….png)

0acf4e04 No.3669733

File: 1665614833723.jpg (1.75 MB, 4032x3024, 20221011_095135.jpg)

No calculus or higher math required to show this. An average high schooler should be able to do it.

0acf4e04 No.3670550

File: 1666222478875.jpg (1.69 MB, 4032x3024, 20221011_100733.jpg)

It's been a week. No one got it. Here's the solution. Did anyone even try?

2f584c22 No.3670567

You're multiplying a fraction by a series of fractions that basically makes it smaller to the side of the left half of 1-100 as the denominator.

So that will contually be smaller and smaller.

As it is multiplied by the right hand half of 50-100 we know that the denominators will increase the size.

Using curvature or odds and evens can cancel out most of the effect as a spectrum. so that the real condition is 49/50 * 50/51
or A:B
if it is less than 1/10 then 49/500*50/510 < 10/100
and so just averaging those as 49.5/505 shows it is.

Also I don't have the patience to test my own answer…see ya.

2f584c22 No.3670585

File: 1666238226301-0.jpg (46.88 KB, 450x203, GravityOscillator.jpg)

File: 1666238226301-1.png (70.69 KB, 520x320, injectionforfrequency.png)

File: 1666238226301-2.jpg (84.66 KB, 550x355, preferablestability.jpg)

File: 1666238226301-3.png (66.01 KB, 520x314, quantumwellinducer.png)

File: 1666238226301-4.png (25.49 KB, 368x227, portalmaker.png)

The process is simple really, start by picking it all apart from anywhere and solving it normally.

Then use fancy words for basically just taking the middle integers and averaging it:
1 using the matrice set of its increments
2 noting their vector averages and congruent/incongruent "margins" or matches
3 tracing a curve in the expositions (spectrum mapping)
4 sizing differencing of their collective instance (instance locking if more than one average type) - this requires trig to even out with events of extra instances
5 using the shifted/golden measure of part 1-4 to proofread as an event
6: actually finding the middle point of the full-curve (now that all pieces are mapped for an event)
7 discerning a zero-space or fait-spin (ionization)
8 emulating the values across a true vector/nullset to simulate the event (this one is kinda my fav atm)
"pretty good"
9 applied-memory of the simulation (literally number in a hat and correalating quantum probability) i.e. (butterfly effect and probability)
10 retroactivity and zero-point (inactive/active solid state) (decomplexification of a quantum encode) i.e. (sudoku and entanglement)
"god mode"
11 "overdoing it" adhoc to other bits of string theory pinch-offs while in perfect step to "Virtual Insanity"
12 Folding the entire book and throwing it at the problem as proof.

96602444 No.3670641

File: 1666299771793.png (676.75 KB, 1886x941, economic logistics of elec….png)

Math says electric cars are expensive.

Repair cost: higher than regular gas cars.
replacing damage battery cost: higher than regular gas cars.
Brand design of a tesla cost more than other brand of cars.

96602444 No.3670674

File: 1666314272049-0.jpg (198.58 KB, 1899x741, images_large_la035031xn000….jpg)

File: 1666314272049-1.jpg (198.58 KB, 1899x741, images_large_la035031xn000….jpg)

these oil dropping at a microscopic level creates interesting shapes where's the math in it?

96602444 No.3670675

File: 1666314289608-0.jpg (98.74 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

0acf4e04 No.3670679

Whoever made this confused octagon with heptagon. The labels should be switched.

2f584c22 No.3670680


There are base factors that can descriptively alter the oil into that arrangement. Also some tweaks in the setting of the oil etc. And chemical-interactions.

math starts at describing the subject matter related or something.

Tailored to semi-crystalline or chemically aligned components that intermesh basic on surface tension and pressure is more of a molecular property but also organic/inorganic mixtures have some play in the same fornation of its own mass. Data retention that also perculates through structural integrity or just an observable circumstance of the oil-pallete under certain enviromental effects like temperature or a cohesive resting angle in the stage or slidework.

16e3b7ab No.3671738

File: 1666904712714.png (732.21 KB, 774x638, Screenshot_2007.png)

What the hell happened to her channel

0acf4e04 No.3671893

File: 1666992002338.png (416.13 KB, 658x369, vihart_bs.png)

>Like, maybe you've seen the kind of thing where feminists say, "Believe women," and anti-feminists are like, "That sounds like what a liar would say." Par for the course in a culture that teaches people to value their own logic more than they value women as equal human beings. When we hear, "Isn't it true that all lives matter?" we reveal someone raised to value their own logic more than they value black lives. It's not just that logic has this random feature that allows it to reinforce false beliefs and how unfortunate it is that the wonderful, beautiful, pure ideals of logic and reason happen to have these pitfalls, the entire culture of reason has its roots in a culture that made a value judgement that decided to put reason of a pedestal while trampling on human rights. These cultural values are not inevitable or necessary. It isn't something we have to shrug and accept for the rest of human existence… In conclusion, next time you have a chance to either be right or be kind, just notice that it is a choice, and that choice is your responsibility.
I thoroughly enjoyed and still appreciate her old videos, but this is a load of shit. Being right versus being kind is a false dichotomy. Except for very rare instances like lying to Nazis about your ignorance of the location of hidden Jews, you don't run into situations where you have to choose between being truthful or being kind. Logic and reason don't dictate value judgements either. Logic and reason help inform you of what is, but you can't get ought from is.

Probably should have just ignored this video. Sorta feel like I'm rewarding her for injecting feminism and blm into a math video by drawing attention to it.

e08d2404 No.3672016

>Except for very rare instances like lying to Nazis about your ignorance of the location of hidden Jews, you don't run into situations where you have to choose between being truthful or being kind.

Being right and telling a lie are also a false dichotomy. The underlying question these are begging is whether you should choose to BELIEVE that which is false but kind, versus that which is true. It is about rejecting reality where it threatens to undermine your values, rather than being flexible with your values where they become incompatible with other concerns. In other words, logic and reason should fold back where they conflict with some absolutist and arbitrary notion identified as "human rights".

How you behave outwardly has nothing to do with it. It's about maintaining a rigid autistic world view where certain things must be absolutely right and wrong.

0acf4e04 No.3672055

How is kindness supposed to work without words or action? How can simply believing or disbelieving something be a form of kindness?

0acf4e04 No.3672069

File: 1667104254843.png (662.93 KB, 778x1000, 1657661059.woozel_confused….png)

I mean, she seems to be arguing that it's illogical to trust women or value black lives, but we ought to anyway out of kindness. Am I missing something?

ae313be9 No.3672192

File: 1667139997905.jpg (95.57 KB, 680x382, origin-9.jpg)

Does it have a deeper significance — or is it just a number?


c7e6aad2 No.3674274

It doesn't. It's just magical thinking (i.e. anti-reason) that says thoughts and ideas affect the world around you in and of themselves.

No, that's pretty much it. They're demanding belief and trust by default, no matter how illogical that would be. "Listen and believe" is a direct demand to take their side anyways, or you're not "kind".

2f584c22 No.3674386

In terms of significance you might just be hinting at number theory and repetitive or redundancy in common occurences. In the long scheme of things, individual numbers turn into groups into series into advanced quantities or selections thereof.

You might just be finding yourself over complicating things that filter into a simple inter-meshing of the same. if you are looking as to "why this number resurfaces" or any number for that matter. Not a number line but a grid.

So to that ode, we are looking at a different orthagonal layout of the origin, all stemming from zero, an absolute zero, and to break down further an imaginary zero which simulates zero in zero-space (the charter of being limited by zero) Set's a draft just as much for any number next to an undefined number (being likely zero) or <1. Which at its most fringe indicates a .01% probable chance that it is indeed congruent to zero. Infinitisimal to zero.

Then you can also set to string theory that it is infact on many different levels originated from the origin coordinate of all values approaching zero. The grid coalesened to an alternative or substitute parameter in zero (ultimately of a dimensional placement of 11 parts or something like that in quantum physics, that is iterated as an expression).

2f584c22 No.3674387


So the expression of 137 evidentially means an operative of 137 (for the expression of that operative indicated a real or unreal number in quantum physics) Many waffles later you have perhaps a symmetry to another number or a simplex to which the number is referenced. Just like saying there is an omni particle that is determinant of any other particle. 137 simply means that its overstating redundancy to the original number line, that being 137 values into whatever the measure of its allocation is (placement within the line). That then
0>137<0 if the expression f(0)=11Dimensions is considered, the |137| (absolute value) approaches some vague element in math as it would in physics, (convergence). A similar convergence may be denoted as well imo 67 could just as well translate to 137 in terms of "mathematical prevalance" or sparcity (lack thereof), there being instance of 137 involved or not.

Then there we have it, a grand divider or just as well the grand measure of what 137 is by rule of other precendantal/non-precendental "numbered instances". So yes if that is not a deeper significance then perhps also waiting to be found are those in deritive-access (translated or encoded to become 137 via function or group methods)-whether in a trace-formula or relative-fraction, in the most feint outline there being numbers/integers at all (theorectical algebra)- that 137 might be presentable as a unique quotient/algorithm (of dividers or measures) to a great design (or omnipresent orientation thereof, see:atomic nature).

2f584c22 No.3674389

So through physical or mathematical formula. We can assume also, in the least that there are processes in that formula, that a remainder/remnant occurence may be given for temporary stay in place of any value. That an algorthim might yield to another in the value or indicate a presence in value. Or a procession of formula may denote an instance of there being a value.

Harkened to someway being a specific number such as 137 either by semi-direct or in a "comparison" to that in some way, that even a "casuality" could imply it. So a wild-guess that 137 has some attribute or special condition to anything is possible. The leftovers of a thing basically as a latent work, also can be included as potential synchronicity. (quantum synchonicity)

32c5c873 No.3674451

Blacks are a net-drain on society both economically and by their predilection for criminality.

And the entire narrative behind "black lives matter" (that blacks are allegedly disproportionately victims of interracial murder) is an outright lie. In reality black-on-white murders outnumber white-on-black murders by a ratio of 12:1

Speaking purely in averages; black lives are of negative value.

96602444 No.3674607

File: 1668050759489.jpg (130.91 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

AI Just Solved a 53-Year-Old Problem! | AlphaTensor, Explained

2f584c22 No.3674630

maybe that will be able to be used in better am encrption since tensor mechanics roughly involve wavelength issues such as atomic conversions (basically alchemy) to mostly just destroy stuff (but maybe turn lead into gold) with some minor backlash of course and alot of power being over-exherted to do so. (Pin pointing frequency shifts is key to saving power) A frequnecy drop works in a tensor algorithm to alterate imediate contact points. Changing their orientation, polarity, and electron distribution to attempt a molecular change like watching steel corrode. Tensor mechanics is basically a weapon that can in theory cause nukes to occur out of thin air.

4190d07e No.3674657


MOOOOOM !!! Math-schizo is at it again!

0acf4e04 No.3676767

File: 1668829419784.png (34.78 KB, 888x1024, Mayan_numerals.png)

Zero to Infinity | Full Documentary | NOVA | PBS


0acf4e04 No.3683310

File: 1671476359808.png (3.76 MB, 2462x1497, 1671183700.loimu_____a_lat….png)

Mathematical Monday!

0acf4e04 No.3683311

File: 1671476391559.jpg (119.75 KB, 1650x1650, 61vHfsuuhDL.jpg)

Suppose a hypothetical new COVID variant emerges, and everyone is initially susceptible to infection (but not necessarily severe disease).

During the early stages of this new wave, each infected person exposes the variant to two other people (i.e. R=2). Every person exposed to the virus will get infected unless they have already had it, in which case they are immune.

As more people get infected, immunity builds, which gradually reduces R until the epidemic peaks and declines. By the end of the variant wave, 75% of the population have been infected with this variant.

On average, how many times was each person in the population exposed to infection during this wave? What is surprising about this result?

You might want to take a guess before you try to work it out. A quarter of the population dodge the variant, which is quite a large proportion, even though it seems like quite a fast spreading virus.

To do the calculation, here’s a handy equation that might be helpful.

R = R_0 * S

R_0 (R naught) is the basic reproduction number, meaning the reproduction number when everyone is susceptible. S is a number between 0 and 1 representing the proportion of the population susceptible.

2f584c22 No.3683409

it could infect people from their computer screens.

933fe41d No.3683504

File: 1671506629073.jpg (59.43 KB, 800x667, vsauce_the_speed_of_dark_t….jpg)

We all know what the speed of light is, but what is the speed of DARK?

When you cast a long long shadow by floodlights at night, say against a row of trees off in the distance, your shadow moves very slowly right next to you as you walk, but very rapidly against the trees in the distance, many times faster than you are actually moving. Presumably this would continue with distance until the speed became infinite.

Also, light is actually made of something; dark IS LITERALLY NOTHING, it has no substance, it is not made of any particles. It is not made of ANYTHING. It is not affected by gravity. So is it bound by the laws of physics? Yet it exists, and it can MOVE.

What is the SPEED of DARK?

d9c95874 No.3685039

File: 1672817517789.jpg (29.58 KB, 1024x415, LightPortal.jpg)

Nothing can go faster than light?? It's a rule of physics woven into the very fabric of Einstein's special theory of relativity. The faster something goes, the closer it gets to its perspective of time freezing to a standstill.

Go faster still, and you run into issues of time reversing, messing with notions of causality.

But researchers from the University of Warsaw in Poland and the National University of Singapore have now pushed the limits of relativity to come up with a system that doesn't run afoul of existing physics, and might even point the way to new theories.

What they've come up with is an "extension of special relativity" that combines three time dimensions with a single space dimension ("1+3 space-time"), as opposed to the three spatial dimensions and one time dimension that we're all used to.

Rather than creating any major logical inconsistencies, this new study adds more evidence to back up the idea that objects might well be able to go faster than light without completely breaking our current laws of physics.


96602444 No.3685052

File: 1672832284779.webm (2.62 MB, 1080x1080, heavybreathingemojiflashc….webm)

698a0ed0 No.3685055


Light or dark doesn't matter. It's all about the speed of causality.

86069dc9 No.3685057

Basically the causality is smacking into a giant cloud full of space dust while following the lightwaves' curvature and then having turbulence due to detritus which builds up into an instance of causality and the warp is interrupted, reverting into some other "relative" choke of light travel. The detritus of throttles a warp-drive into several breaking points in which particles are colliding and release big energy, and physical data loses integrity. Filtering into plasma that chokes retainable parse the light-matter ratio begins to untether and the object "slips through time like hopping wavelengths".

The same way a probability engine would work, hopefully by the end of the journey the data reverts back to normal or there is some sort of remedial fluctuation of data to "anchor oneself" in dimensionally (otherwise you end up in a situation where you are stuck in hyperspace an endless loops of warping to and fro until you pinch out of position) If that happens you would just be a "ghost" image that phases through matter until cooldown.

Hyperspace can be circumvented probably but not doing any of the intense paradigm/dimensional folding of time and space "wormholing" and instead forcing antimatter absorbtion of energy to the wavelength back into normal space. This requires cold fusion which requires some sort of shield matrix to "bubble" oneself in. (An inversion of direct force that nullifies any "continuum of space travel") The problem is that without a emp/wave shield the heuristics of probability are an over-ride to cold-fusion and will force time dilation (which build up to a blackhole). "Anchoring to a specific polarization of hypercritical tethering that can create corrupt data" of the warp-paradigm".

86069dc9 No.3685058


The "pulse of the warp" has to be controlled by rapid "flashing out" of a time-field (until the time field matches normal space without generating warp again) in which there is a cooldown from hyperspace, or it is "snuffed into a deadstop" via antimatter injection. This can also be done by using the same warp engine to "invert the power-sink to a generating the warp into a counterwave" by switching polarizations into small blips of "paradigms which rebound off each other. Aka full particle casuality that is normalizes overtime during a cooldown without forcing a blackhole using quantum tethering to spin off particles in a matrix step-sequencer.

This is called quantum lattice in which the lattice acts as a warp sheild as long as no turbelence occurs to its "reflective vectors" the warp path is just a simple stitch in time that ignores dilation (time travel). During travel ghost image "kaeleidiscopes" into several and then condenses back to normal" rather than "splitting" apart from its physical self. It still phases back together and normalizes like it would any other way except that it handles turbulence 1000x better. The issue is not to phase into some foreign object or turn into string cheese in the proccess of time-travel.

0acf4e04 No.3685105

This is one of the subtle points of relativity. You can also shine the point of a laser across a distant object faster than the speed of light - has nothing to do with light vs dark. Special relativity says all observers in inertial reference frames measure the same speed for light. This means that massive objects cannot travel faster than the speed of light. It also means information cannot be transmitted faster than the speed of light.

47c2c47f No.3685130


So much fat bologna , you could feed the entire starving 3 world.

0acf4e04 No.3685161

I was feeding my fat bologna into your mom last night.

2f584c22 No.3685162

I agree it seems to be missing some key parts that were seemingly left out on purpose.

0acf4e04 No.3685341

File: 1672965615483.jpg (159.49 KB, 1280x720, Einstein's_Quantum_Riddle.jpg)


Top tier NOVA documentary released on youtube yesterday about quantum entanglement. Description:

Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance,” but today quantum entanglement is poised to revolutionize technology from computers to cryptography. Physicists have gradually become convinced that the phenomenon—two subatomic particles that mirror changes in each other instantaneously over any distance—is real. But a few doubts remain. NOVA follows a ground-breaking experiment in the Canary Islands to use quasars at opposite ends of the universe to once and for all settle remaining questions.

043cbb61 No.3685694

I just read that if you could accumulate something like 10 stellar masses of Toejam, or Smegma, or aborted babies or whatever, it would collapse into a black hole that would be indistinguishable in the way it formed from any other black hole.

Is this true?

0acf4e04 No.3685698

File: 1673104254048.gif (375.41 KB, 1377x1197, showOpenGraphArticleImage.gif)

General relativity implies that's the case. Called the no-hair theorem:

The no-hair theorem states that all stationary black hole solutions of the Einstein–Maxwell equations of gravitation and electromagnetism in general relativity can be completely characterized by only three independent externally observable classical parameters: mass, electric charge, and angular momentum. Other characteristics (such as geometry and magnetic moment) are uniquely determined by these three parameters, and all other information (for which "hair" is a metaphor) about the matter that formed a black hole or is falling into it "disappears" behind the black-hole event horizon and is therefore permanently inaccessible to external observers after the black hole "settles down" (by emitting gravitational and electromagnetic waves). Physicist John Archibald Wheeler expressed this idea with the phrase "black holes have no hair", which was the origin of the name.


However, quantum mechanics says information cannot be destroyed. But if black holes radiate away their mass over time, and this radiation is random black-body radiation, then the information of what fell into the black hole (or what collapsed to form it) is erased. This contradiction is known as the black hole information paradox:


c29303e3 No.3685704

File: 1673106556248.jpg (149.06 KB, 940x399, GettyImages1140063838-5117….jpg)

Elon Musk has speculated that we might be living in a simulation. If we are, then what is real and outside of this simulation?

There is no way to know what’s outside of the simulation. This isn’t just unknown, in the way that the existence of life after death, or parallel universes, is unknown; it is an unanswerable question. Let’s suppose that we are in a computer simulation, either created by a higher intelligence or humans in the future.

Now imagine that through some bug left in the code, we are accidentally able to step beyond the constraints of our programming and ‘see’ the simulation’s raw scaffolding, like Neo in The Matrix. How would you be able to decide whether this lay outside the simulation, or was still part of it – as a joke or an Easter egg, put there by programmers?

Could you even definitively say that the columns of ones and zeros scrolling past your eyes proved that reality was a simulation at all? Maybe that’s just what the Universe is made of, once you zoom all the way in past the atoms and quarks.

And even if you were able to unplug yourself and emerge blinking into the higher reality, how do you know this is what it is? Perhaps there is another reality around that, and so on. If none of these realities are reachable except in our imaginations, are they real? Reality comprises the things we can measure; everything else is fantasy or speculation.

Asking what lies beyond this reality is like asking who we were before being born. Shakespeare’s Hamlet tells Horatio that there are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in his philosophy. But it may be the other way round. Humans are good at dreaming up things that do not exist, so you can’t use your ability to imagine something as evidence for it, one way or another.

2f584c22 No.3685710

The universe is likely based on a fringe of realities that act as staples of themselves. These mirroring particles are an advanced reflection from hypergeometries (expanded memories) that have reach their extents before the information is dropped off/unobservable from any source (itself or any other range of effective interaction) This can occur right in front of you because the particles have been sleighted into "entanglement" or a incongruency which can also explain residual stuff just happening. Particles are actually able to glitch other particles too creating a chain reaction but generally is filtered naturally in atomic processes and not by direct result. A random particle can become entangled and exhibit unknown states for no real reason. "HyperGeometry" is a corrective process in which information is "adjusted" or stressed/sleighted and can cause glitchy/unsafe particle behavoir, but over a large range of other factors having to do with polar observability. (A quantum flux particle that has "experienced" a change in half-life exhibits retroactivity in simultaneity with other particles in a particle cloud/zerospace much like the diffraction experiment, but they follow the same pattern with other molecules so closely they are likely of the same "source"-of-observation/information. (This can occur from a very pronounced A to B)

Probably has alot to do with how particles turn into alloy'd molecules and how they require electron sharing/defractionation in ionisations. (They share their orientations in which to transcode electrons in a cloud/superfluid timespace)-but due to other factors have been displaced from other forces at work)–particle telemetry and is somewhat advanced but easier explained that there is interdimensional-quantum-entanglement occuring and not the beginnings of a wyrmhole (ironically that could not exist under these conditions even though they exhibit qualifiers for those conditions-due to acceleration of hyperspace also being a pre-requisite)

2f584c22 No.3685712

Imo quantum welling (power routing) and cation/anion particles are a direct example of this effect in entagled-states but also denote there is higher-level of science in quantum mechanics creating a universal glue for data over long distances between any imprinted particle having a "butterfly effect" from its own "source". The half life in an entanglement is shared as a tensor in hyper-space that gives applies the memory/data for which the information is observed.

These are directly translated through a cation/anion that "glues" the particle/data together and effects its superfluid/sharedClouds through hyperspace(accelerations in quantum space/vectors). The now imprinted partcle colloborates with other particles or effectively reaches a halflife in which the relationship of its memory/data is effected through polarized settings (causing self-telemetry of the cation/anion as well). Electrons shared or Fallouts Made in this way also effect the superfluid/cloudGroup of particles which can create shortlived worm-holing as well as the particles develop entangled states(timespace).

It is advanced because data/observability is transferred where there would be no case otherwise (telemetry) and the "superglue" gets handled in unpredictable ways in simultaneity/retroactivity as a plasma between data/particle (matter/energy) in a semi-state of matter/energy. This can exhibit itself as spontaneous plasma that is depedent on other active plasmas in a seperate location.

2f584c22 No.3685717

Seperate polarization of those locations may also have some involvement in developing timespace connectivity and tether themselves into hyperspace under a plasma-state of matter/energy. Their data is transferred in this quantum bridge that particles form a wormhole or are broadcast to form a tunnel that yields to any outlet redirect of its superfluid/field evidenced as a light-trail.

The imprinted particles or impact site of an activated plasma causes Further entanglement of folded space into a warpportal/Simultaneity becomes a Source as to share data/particles through remote telemetry. And makes the superglue(subatomic-forces) of cation/anions susceptible to hyperspace/polarized-geometries otherwise inaccessible from their timespace(simultaneity/retroactivity).

These information states can then likely swap upon observability and the tethered particle therefore follows the shared path…teleporting through the cloud/fields/space/fluids(plasma) into shared-locations. The cation/anion then normalizes or is entangled in that way.

345fd9a1 No.3686004


true. and outside this smegma-baby Black hole there would be another Universe filled with only Jews (the ones with the large hats) talking, plotting and pushing buttons on their money-making machines all day long.

0acf4e04 No.3686014

File: 1673373922596.jpg (112.33 KB, 1024x640, thinkpad_mensch.jpg)

>money-making machines
I believe those are called "computers".

1af67aad No.3686041


Sweet JEBUS ! its true…its all TRUE…

1429b359 No.3687900

File: 1674588394944-0.jpg (85.71 KB, 814x757, xyx.jpg)

File: 1674588394944-1.jpg (52.78 KB, 381x592, xyx2.jpg)

Did i just invent a new fractal?

1429b359 No.3687901

File: 1674588421390-0.jpg (79.14 KB, 799x768, xyxy.jpg)

File: 1674588421390-1.jpg (42.52 KB, 509x515, xyxy2.jpg)

File: 1674588421390-2.jpg (50.58 KB, 364x562, xyxy3.jpg)

File: 1674588421390-3.jpg (60.15 KB, 398x596, xyxy4.jpg)

File: 1674588421390-4.jpg (63.42 KB, 403x580, xyxy5.jpg)

Seems like it…

2f584c22 No.3687908

that always happens in that context what is weird how it tricks you in the core expression of what values are flipped or not

2f584c22 No.3687909

i would have at least tried to show some reciprocation

1429b359 No.3687929

So it's not supposed to look like that? What woulda correct rendering look like then?

0acf4e04 No.3688561

File: 1675122661742-0.gif (1.71 MB, 374x250, mandelbrot-zoom-fractal.gif)

>Did i just invent a new fractal?
Doesn't seem like it. You'd have to prove it's self-similar or has a fractal dimension. For instance, the boundary of the Mandelbrot set is quasi self-similar, because when you zoom in, you can find smaller, distorted versions of the whole. Also, the Mandelbrot set's boundary has a fractal dimension of 2; whereas, the boundaries of non fractal 2D shapes are 1D.

51d99f3f No.3689313

File: 1675737703238.jpg (482.75 KB, 4500x2668, 23020.jpg)

0acf4e04 No.3690206

File: 1676313898754.jpg (620.76 KB, 560x1872, A-HOLOGRAPHIC-WORMHOLEbyMe….jpg)

Math Monday

96602444 No.3690210

File: 1676316962240-0.png (1.66 MB, 1447x1255, ALBW_Triforce_Artwork.png)

File: 1676316962240-1.png (31.52 KB, 300x250, kTPZm4WAe3-1.png)

File: 1676316962240-2.png (28 KB, 300x250, pwKP7WpGat-6.png)

journey to the center of a triangle

2ae35e50 No.3690213

Mathematics is a vast and rapidly evolving field that has far-reaching implications for a wide range of disciplines, including science, engineering, economics, and even the arts. In recent decades, modern mathematical theory has made tremendous advances, leading to new insights and a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and their applications.

One area of modern mathematics that has seen significant growth is number theory. Number theory is a branch of mathematics that studies the properties of numbers and the relationships between them. One of the most important developments in number theory in recent years has been the theory of elliptic curves. Elliptic curves are a type of mathematical object that can be used to solve problems in cryptography, coding theory, and number theory. Researchers have made significant advances in our understanding of elliptic curves, including finding new algorithms for solving problems related to elliptic curves, and discovering new applications for these objects.

Another area of modern mathematics that has seen significant growth is algebraic geometry. Algebraic geometry is a branch of mathematics that studies the relationships between algebraic equations and geometric objects. In recent years, researchers have made tremendous advances in our understanding of algebraic geometry, including the discovery of new geometric objects, the development of new techniques for solving problems in algebraic geometry, and the discovery of new applications of algebraic geometry.

96602444 No.3690214

File: 1676318325763.jpg (115.1 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Why the metric system matters - Matt Anticole

96602444 No.3690215

File: 1676318422478.jpg (156.79 KB, 1561x1600, metric-imperial-system-des….jpg)

96602444 No.3690218

File: 1676318924922-0.jpg (150.51 KB, 1900x950, bubbles-1700x800_0.jpg)

File: 1676318924922-1.jpg (29.06 KB, 536x536, 46F040_AS04.jpg)

File: 1676318924922-2.jpg (143.51 KB, 1500x1500, holiday-bubble-tubes-12-pc….jpg)

You can see these lines in soap bubbles.

0a4d8a3a No.3690232

all shapes can be reduced to a point and all formulas can be reduced to an integer. goodoooooing.

0acf4e04 No.3692283

File: 1677532588227.jpg (1.23 MB, 3024x4032, 1xbjsyqf47ia1.jpg)

Guys, my math homework is sooo hard!

96079f42 No.3692297


254 pages?

fd940c9f No.3692306

File: 1677540035808.jpg (506.02 KB, 1920x1080, ASTRONAUT-1.jpg)

The USA put a dozen men on the moon and brought them safely back using the INCH-FOOT-POUND SYSTEM…. over 50 YEARS AGO.

NONE of the rest of the world has done it YET.
Not even ONCE.

So shut the fuck up.
Why should we follow the rest of you off a cliff?
We're not lemmings like you are.

0acf4e04 No.3692328

File: 1677548579509.png (43.31 KB, 1224x1584, TrigIdentities.png)

How'd you get that?

2f584c22 No.3692341

fec9bc02 No.3692342

30 + 1/8x + 1/4x = x
30 + 1/8x + 2/8x = x
30 + 3/8x = x
30*8 + 3x = 8x
240 = 8x - 3x
240/5 = x
48 = x
48 pages
It's been like 10 years since I've done this kind of math, so I'm sure there's a more efficient way of doing it.

86069dc9 No.3692348

you forgot the cover and the back so technically its 50

fec9bc02 No.3692359

Don't you fucking Professor Layton me.

86069dc9 No.3692361

you have a book its
3/8 unknown and 5/8 known

3/8 is less than half and 5/8 is more then half.

if 30 more than half one way what is les than half other way.

Pro tip halfway mark is 24 and difference is 6.
24-6 =18

how you find halfway mark now?

0acf4e04 No.3692406

File: 1677604117946.png (921.25 KB, 1168x705, PenroseFlowers.png)

Yep. I did it in my head. I added the fractions together to get 3/8. Then I deduced that the 30 pages made up 5/8 of the whole. Scaling the 30 pages by the reciprocal of that fraction gives the whole: 30 pages * 8/5 = 6 pages * 8 = 48 pages. So he read 30 pages on Monday, 6 pages on Tuesday, and 12 pages on Wednesday.

0acf4e04 No.3692410

File: 1677605629050.png (60.93 KB, 800x800, x xy y=54.png)

This one's a bit trickier.

If x and y are positive integers (counting numbers) such that x+xy+y=54, what is x+y?

Bonus: If you plot x+xy+y=54, you get pic related. What kinds of curves are these?

86069dc9 No.3692549

booby factoring.

0acf4e04 No.3693536

File: 1678111210429.png (253.1 KB, 871x678, b8a470f77c3614d6a04a908de8….png)

There's the trick to solving this.


So you know 1+x and 1+y are factors of 55. Neither factor can be 1, because in that case one of the variables would have to be 0, which is not a positive integer as specified in the problem. So the factors must be 5 and 11, which means the variables are 4 and 10.

x+y = 4+10 = 14

0acf4e04 No.3694704

File: 1678561493255-0.png (755.01 KB, 2000x2000, desmos-graph.png)

File: 1678561493255-1.png (122.95 KB, 1700x625, 0d8456e1f053f734cee5a43f83….png)

Oh, I forgot the bonus question. Those red curves form a hyperbola. Just like the curves in the first attached pic - the ones that aren't circles or straight lines. Hyperbolas are conic sections.

Here's the equations I put into Desmos to get the attached plot: https://www.desmos.com/calculator/aknbdu4iiw

0acf4e04 No.3694710

File: 1678563397342.jpg (2.18 MB, 4032x3024, 20230311_122220.jpg)

This is the most advanced question I posed itt. Again, I got this problem from the following video:


Pic related is how I solved it. There may be a better way, but this works. So I started by substituting the Taylor series for the exponential function in the integrand. Then I distributed the x^t term. Then split up the definite integral, evaluating each at the endpoints. So the definite integral becomes a series. Use this series and its derivative in Newton's method of approximation. Here's a python script I wrote to do this:

import math
t = 0
for i in range(100):
nsum = -3/2
dsum = 0
for j in range(100):
nsum = nsum + 1 / (math.factorial(j) * (t+1+j))
dsum = dsum + 1 / (math.factorial(j) * (t+1+j) ** 2)
t = t + nsum / dsum

I know some of you are learning to code, so you might find this useful in that regard. Running this script returns a value for t = 0.1931547055, rounded to ten decimal places.

0acf4e04 No.3694718

Meh, shoulda known the indentation in my code would get fucked. Here:


4e810efa No.3694772

So just factor it into pie and it works with every other ratio to form pi lol unrelated pi though is a definite issue if you are running scripts with password protections welcome to the new age

0acf4e04 No.3694856

File: 1678629719943.png (1.1 MB, 2000x2000, circles_and_hyperbolae.png)

Needed more circles and hyperbolae. And no grid lines.


0acf4e04 No.3695151

File: 1678801426179.png (739.94 KB, 1394x775, 1673299728.kalahari_fattai….png)

Happy Pi Day!

Pi Day fun fact: the probability that two randomly selected integers are coprime is 6/π^2, or about 60.8%. Coprime means the two integers share no common divisors except 1.

554e7aa6 No.3695184

File: 1678818688875.jpg (118.48 KB, 907x529, Whats_the_Most_Powerful_Ma….jpg)

554e7aa6 No.3695188

File: 1678819100340-0.png (832.07 KB, 1200x635, missile defelctors.png)

File: 1678819100340-1.jpg (12.24 KB, 230x219, download.jpg)

File: 1678819100340-2.png (1.85 MB, 1920x816, Gungan_Shield.png)

Could be used in brakes for maglevs or even projectile deflectors to reduce damage from buildings, tanks, etc.

0acf4e04 No.3695209

File: 1678842066069-0.png (335.04 KB, 1024x1024, Penrose_Tiling_(Rhombi).sv….png)

File: 1678842066069-1.jpg (2.61 MB, 4032x3024, minor_correction.jpg)


Penrose tiles and minor correction to >>3694710. Penrose tiles are an example of aperiodic tiling.

554e7aa6 No.3696282

File: 1679432346885.png (90.65 KB, 971x698, qbitz.png)

0acf4e04 No.3696338

File: 1679454752228.png (278.72 KB, 1356x768, superposition.png)

Nice, another quality Veritasium video.

Here's a math question about the video. In pic related, explain how 4100 is calculated for the number of qubits needed?

From this part of the video for reference: https://youtu.be/-UrdExQW0cs?t=837

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