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a648c9e8 No.3620030

>tfw you discovered this was actually good

ceab6461 No.3620078

for real?
art direction is kinda meh

3d2d5246 No.3621943

I feel like I only watched one episode of this and then it disappeared out of my mind

f7812cf7 No.3621968

Reminder that OP is a pedofork that shows his cock to children on Omegle.

6a38e9dc No.3621971

At one point I watched the whole thing .. it was okay at times. Like the Tiny Tunes - I found it 'refreshing' that they were doing something new and different with the 'Looney Tunes' gang but too often they fell back to the same old tropes.

Road-runner that said something other than 'Beep beep!' felt weird.

d7505996 No.3621983

The designs really do look too generically samey & edgy at once. Can't say I ever gave this a try, either.

And why is Leukemia making all these threads all of a sudden? At least someone's trying to make new topics, but why does it have to be them?

a648c9e8 No.3622723

They aren't the Looney Tunes, that's the point. They're entirely new characters. There was real character depth and development, and even some pretty good world building, something that's completely lacking in animation otherwise at the time, and since. Not to mention it was a real 2D animated, quality series made when that was almost entirely absent otherwise.

People just jumped on the bandwagon hating this without even seeing it, like they're gonna do now with High Guardian Spice.

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