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I enabled posting checks against multiple DNSBL. This means that users trying to post from behind Tor, or many other publicly available proxies, will likely not get through. They can view & download content, but not post to this board. I may add another board that does not have these restrictions.
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>>3571957 "Deprive a child with junk food, unnecessary education standards, and isolate from him/her from beneficial people, they become more of an unstable individual."

ie- the neo-liberal policies both the republicans and corporate establishment democrats have been doing since Regan. The end result being the loads of pathetic, incels that roam this board and others.

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What an interesting counter-argument.
Oh, wait, no, that's just you hysterically screeching at your own personal demons.

TAKE YOUR MEDS. Your schizophrenia is showing.

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>Giving the rich money doesn't add anything of value to the market

That was the entire fucking point. The rich make money for the rich, not you. You give them a dollar and they make two for themselves, so they get to keep a dollar even if you tax one away.

Christ you're fucking dense.

db47e4de No.3571971

> Christ you're fucking dense.
That is a universally known truth about 3B.

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File: 1584774806591.jpg (71.58 KB, 597x668, 1582351404282.jpg)

The fact is socialism works while many can't take credit for it at all working due to intristic details that socialism implies. It implies that "you are all okay so long as the rich live" and that "any amount of money" is always "the same amount money". The problem is that it sets up a premise of false security which inevitably fails economically when socialism is overthrown by the people itself in what someone should aptly call Social Withdrawel but you won't find it in the history books. The only lesson you can possibly learn from socialism is that people are imperfect creatures and costly creatures. They will cost money and strive for perfection wherein they ultimately fail due to a natural disposition to succumb to their own maintenences and indulgences. Socialism is a purist philosophy in the way that it reprimands its own populace by refusing insurance of that populace when mistakes are made. The only thing that matters is money in this case and if people do not have it it simply does not return favors. The fact is socialism is still a machine and requires any amount of money for it to work at any given time, making it incredibly costly and overall bankrupt. There is usually a case where people begin to overthrow their own governments as well making it difficult to continue holding authority against the locale, causing a trend with those to favor revolutionism over a true national identity. The few that have achieved this in the world are so uniform in their demographic as to be the least of all encompassing of diversity, while not outwardly racist they might promote the idea due vetting multiculturalism in order to survive with basic traditions. The real argument yields to racism versus multiculturalism where neo-socialists today strive for an all inclusive adaptation. This condenses into a groud out mentality for most socialists to be aversive to racist behavoir despite many of them upholding an air of caution to actually integrating among other racist. The extreme or radical socialist therefore is simply a stereotype where this idea of race mixing is enforced and can be directly linked to opposed forces in capitalism and other expansive idealogies, because of the stereotyping that is prevalant. Pic semi related.

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Seems to me the difference between socialism and communism is like the difference between having two forks in your eyes and having four forks in your eyes. Two would be better, but you'd still be in a lousy place!

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File: 1584797912788.png (437.07 KB, 537x773, ThisIsNotAMeme.png)


Yes that would make for the dilemma of most political stances. Government approaches a standard regulation of what is avaliable, so at any level of life there is some order to made.

In a way it is the scope of everyday ongoing, most are just not attuned until a more mature psychology is obtained. It is not the first product of the mob but it has its place among them.

For example the media coincides with the government, no matter what it is there is that other side of the coin. It is through the media and the funds it is backed by, which are directly sourced from the state of the world whatever condition it is in, that human society flourishes. Even describing itself ultimately in a class of its own through Sociology and other paraphrased Academic Studies. Things move fast once they get their proper platform.

Society needs government, anarchy and revolutionary hype are its downfall, there is nothing more counter culture than the objection of culture and being a non conformist. Sometimes people just don't have a point and do shit for no reason.

That is why things are so seemingly out of control nationally, when are the places are filled there is very little room not to be tilted between each other.

Now we have total infighting from almost every party and its the same show everyday, why is that?

Because people want an alternative they don't have an answer to, they resort to scape goating, wagging the dog, and generally blame and ostracize each other, for that big pop off of the week. That is the way all of this cannibilizes itself, by weathering through the fatland to the next brand victim.

More power to the VIP Board.

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File: 1584811211736.jpg (12.62 KB, 241x200, Of course you were. You on….jpg)

>They are still given all normal treatments possible
Pretty fucking useless if you can't fucking breathe on your own properly and need a fucking respirator. It is a lung infection after all.

Being treated with indifference is worse than being treated like an asshole.
My experience with public healthcare is just that. Apathy. Indifference. Hurry. Halfheartedness.

I go to the hospital because I'm in pain or worried sick about a disease symptom, I don't need to put up with grumpy overworked and underpaid staff who are ready to botch my diagnosis cause they just want to get to the next patient already. My uncle told me my mom was misdiagnosed a few years ago after getting stung by several bees and their incompetence nearly killed her. They gave her some other drug and the symptoms got worse.

I'm willing to pay more just to know that the jackass on duty won't bungle my case cause he has a coffee break in 5 min and I'm the 200th patient he's seen that morning and he just wants to get rid of me.

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File: 1584811515113.png (161.15 KB, 249x304, shitpost (2).png)

>>This happens in every war.
>comparing a nasty strain of the flu with a world war

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File: 1584828638250.png (1.48 MB, 1315x838, Screenshot_2020-03-21 Ep 6….png)

>That was the entire fucking point. The rich make money for the rich, not you.

You are wrong and I know you won't listen to me when I tell you that you are wrong but you are and here is why.

When the rich "Make money" they are creating imaginary money. Bob trades a stock to Dave doesn't actually create anything and Dave can trade it right back to Bob. Nothing was created or destroyed, but both of them somehow made "Money".

When this kind of thing happens it's not real money being created, it's just inflation. Bob and Dave may have more dollars but those dollars are worth less. Everyone's dollars are worth less, the more dollars there are. That's why they call it inflation.

If you give money to a poor that money triggers a process of things being created, processed, labor being done, things consumed and lost forever. No imaginary money is created, only real products with real results.

I know it's a difficult concept to grasp that money can be both real and imaginary but you're not the only one who struggles with it.

There was a great movie about it designed to help people who haven't taken econ classes.

Watch this and you'll be much better armed to argue on the topics of economics.


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Above incels can't handle reality. Pathetic.

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It's a bot. It has to be a bot. No one is that pathetic.

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File: 1584861628273.jpg (155.47 KB, 707x999, PleaseHelp.jpg)

Can someone please help 4chan replace their SSL certificate? Yeah I know, it's only for 6 months and it's only got 3 months left but three months is better than nothing

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File: 1584965767002.jpg (20.18 KB, 522x697, 51CDC3GILLL._AC_SX522_.jpg)

The house democrats, who are always talking about giving away free money to everybody, just shot down Trump's $1,000 per person paychecks to you for Corona Virus Financial Relief.
Sorry about the Fox link to you haters, but CNN hasn't posted this news yet. They're still trying to figure out how to spin it.
Sick of voting Dem yet?

40dc6064 No.3572256

>pretends the money is freely available
>distorts the facts
>links to propaganda service that makes shit up
>"durr Dems hate U! Drumpf luvs U!"

There was no free money, you fucking clown. That money had to come from somewhere and it's not there, you stupid asshole. Go clean the shit off your penis from the children you rape. By the way, Putin needs a bullet to the brain.

34e104ce No.3572259

File: 1584968470161.jpg (33.54 KB, 515x405, if-you-have-to-check-the-m….jpg)

How about actually READING something first, assclown.
If CNN decides to even run the story, then I will post the link for you, cupcake.
Anyway, you just proved my point, or else reading comprehension is not your strong suite.
'Free' money is NOT free.
Yet when Bernie and the dems want to give it away to get votes, they claim it IS!

e4c8ed6d No.3572264

File: 1584970836724.jpg (382.94 KB, 820x801, Thats_Bullshit.jpg)

>Yet when Bernie… want to give it away to get votes…

The difference is, Bernie wants to raise taxes to pay for his plans. He is very open about that fact.

The Republicans on the other hand want to just print money to give away to corporations and raise the deficit.

This bill McConnel tried to get passed was so blatantly a corporate give-away of trillions of dollars that even his own party wouldn't show up for the vote.

He needed to get 60 people to approve the bill and he couldn't even get half his own party to show up because this version of the bill was that bad.

34e104ce No.3572265

File: 1584974026542.jpg (9.24 KB, 262x192, 249.jpg)

Because 3B.
Proven Liar.
NO credibility.

34e104ce No.3572266

File: 1584974113834.jpg (226.75 KB, 1440x1233, 554b5950ee6fbab68a3e588d47….jpg)

Known Liar.
Known Troll.

8a6a25bc No.3572267

File: 1584975431527.png (11.22 KB, 800x600, polballfetish.png)

34e104ce No.3572268

>>This bill McConnel tried to get passed was so blatantly a corporate give-away of trillions of dollars that even his own party wouldn't show up for the vote.

"After the bill failed to move forward, McConnell tore into Democrats, accusing them of backing out of a bipartisan agreement once Pelosi and Schumer intervened. He claimed Pelosi took "a week off" and "poured cold water on the whole process."

"She's the Speaker of the House, not the Speaker of the Senate," McConnell said, according to Politico. "We were doing just fine until that intervention."

Conveniently forgot that part, didn't you?

057fbc36 No.3572278

File: 1584981901735.jpg (727.27 KB, 2543x1778, horseshoetheory.jpg)

>The difference is, Bernie wants to raise taxes to pay for his plans. He is very open about that fact.
>The Republicans on the other hand want to just print money to give away to corporations and raise the deficit.

That's the same difference you idiot. Raising taxes just raises prices and profits the corporations who allow it to happen in exchange for more tax loopholes. You might as well print the money and hand it to the corporations directly.

6eeb7734 No.3572281

File: 1584987495264.png (231.96 KB, 470x385, FullMetal_Exchange.png)

>Raising taxes just raises prices…

Not if the government actually regulated corporations.

>and profits the corporations who allow it to happen…

Not if the government actually regulated corporations.

>in exchange for more tax loopholes.

Not if the government actually regulated corporations.

Now do you see why Bernie Sanders is so popular with young people? Old people like you assume the corporations should be in control and bow to them before you even consider trying to fix problems.

When cowards like you die the world will become a better place.

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File: 1584989823739-0.png (14.92 KB, 588x148, DESCISIONS.png)

File: 1584989823739-1.jpg (554.94 KB, 1414x900, c3lxorsxlq711.jpg)

People have been wondering what Trump meant in a strange tweet about the cure being worse than the disease itself.

Today Larry Kudlow, one of Trump's top financial advisors said that Trump may be pivoting away from social distancing and isolation as an attempt to control the pandemic because it's doing too much damage to the economy. He wants to roll the dice and order people back to work and hope that we find a cure in time before too many people die.


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File: 1584995926852.jpg (94.66 KB, 196x341, Shit-just-got-real_u18chan.jpg)

Holy shit… Ya'll know I'm a lefty but this is getting crazy…

Experts are predicting a 30% unemployment rate by the end of the next few months. Experts aren't just calling for socialism, they are calling for emergency communism.


I mean, holy shit. It's all burning down and it's kinda making me hard.

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34e104ce No.3572322

Nobody's calling for that.
You lie as easily as someone taking a shit.

e4c8ed6d No.3572364

File: 1585065670589.png (633.63 KB, 701x590, 43rt3t43tkjkk.png)

Republican politicians refusing aid and telling citizens not to practice social distancing so they can own the libs and stabilize the stock markets!

Are you ready to die for EXXON!?! Let's get back out there and spread some COVID-19!



e4c8ed6d No.3572365

File: 1585065866475.png (370.12 KB, 640x623, Die_for_Money_Old_People.png)


Texas gets it! Gotta save those stock portfolios! Get out there and die old people! Die for the rich! That's the Republican thing to do!!


e4c8ed6d No.3572367

File: 1585066202377.png (53.32 KB, 640x470, Lloyd Blankfein on Twitter.png)

Lloyd Blankfein, former Goldman Sachs chairman disagreed with Gov. Patric. He thinks it's too risky to have older people go back to work. His plan is to have young people go back to work so they can work longer before they die and infect more people! He's playing the long game!

e4c8ed6d No.3572368

File: 1585068161842.png (46.5 KB, 683x412, 200_Billion_Bailout_for_Ba….png)

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