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File: 1626309395116.png (1.09 MB, 1278x1061, unknown.png)

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e71110d6 No.3619978

It's global warming guys!

c7bbe66c No.3619981

File: 1626312165662.jpg (53.82 KB, 940x626, lightning-bolt-shape-206-9….jpg)

Fuck this place in particular.

e71110d6 No.3619983

File: 1626312576312.jpg (180.18 KB, 1024x724, Mansudae-Monument-Bow-2014.jpg)

the climate is bad in North America.

c7bbe66c No.3619985

At least North American air is breathable. China is full of pollution.

2bb9d431 No.3619998

There is no climate change! This is God's will!

fd19be07 No.3620000

File: 1626329244402.jpg (53.92 KB, 490x490, 1603854023405.jpg)

Since when does lightning ignore taller posts and strikes walls?

e71110d6 No.3620001

5898d36a No.3620007

At least nothing of value was lost.

cb11d630 No.3620009

……those monuments are in North Korea, but go off I guess :V

Still, you're correct! Urban China's air quality ain't great, though it IS getting better https://www.ccacoalition.org/en/news/beijing%E2%80%99s-air-quality-improvements-are-model-other-cities
Lots of this has to do with an overreliance on coal power - 2/3 of their electricity is still produced by it!
Air quality, soil quality, and profitability will all increase as China transitions from coal, but this is a plan that will still require decades to reach comletion.

80cd3187 No.3620014

gods not real morty
unless your talking about jewish god
hes real definitely real

2f8afc9e No.3620018

File: 1626370787119.jpg (1.51 MB, 3000x2000, fd081b592886d3c09605e6d4b6….JPG)

Hmm, thunder doesn't do that.

But the magic brick does that.

49212016 No.3620031

File: 1626373385225.png (41.51 KB, 817x343, Ohio mural honoring George….png)

Lightning didn't knock down the wall.
It's just another crazy right-wing conspiracy theory.

The city has cordoned off the building because the roof partially collapsed which caused the edges to push the weight of the roof against the walls.

The extra layer of brick where the painting was done wasn't part the main structure so the weight of the sliding roof pushed it off and made it crumble.

There was no lightning involved, it was just a crumbling old building suffering from water damage finally giving way to entropy.

Of course being crazy ass bigots, Christians claimed their racist God did it.

49212016 No.3620032

File: 1626373727342.png (1.43 MB, 1280x720, 282f5f25040426b8b8a7c25e26….png)


The building itself is a historic bar that is considered a local treasure for some reason so they are reinforcing the roof and rebuilding the mural.

5898d36a No.3620034

>Racist God
Go back to Twitter little kid.

2f8afc9e No.3620036

File: 1626375465359.jpg (24.94 KB, 264x208, tainted.jpg)

>>Christians […] their racist God
Christians worship a god invented by middle-eastern desert-dwelling goatfuckers.

You can fault them for many things (ex. believing in made up bullshit), but racism in their religion isn't one of them, because they purposefully ignore the tribal Hebrew roots of their religion and made it universalist, the only way it could be as a continent-spanning religion of the Roman Empire.

Maybe get an education, if you say dumb things that's a point for them.

2f8afc9e No.3620037

File: 1626375796958.jpg (120.02 KB, 880x587, 08890726.jpg)

And just like the ethnic Europeans, these guys also don't get it that it ain't their god.

Note I didn't say white, because depending on which group of Jews you talk about and how far you stretch the borders of white, they may or may not count.

ff16f142 No.3620064

File: 1626386562946.jpg (180.34 KB, 1280x905, 1591438353.tanidareal_blac….jpg)

Advice for racists:
When you see a Black person doing something you dislike, rather than thinking "f∗cking n∗gger", instead try thinking "how can I help Black people so they won't have to do that in the future?". Try to reject your own hate and instead focus on the positive constructive way out of a problem rather than dwelling on negative destructive feelings.

I admit there are still times where for a brief moment I slide back into thinking "f∗cking n∗ggers why do I even bother defending them?" but those thoughts don't last too long because I know I'm better than that. I know how to push them out of my mind and focus on the dignified way forward.

9d0fbdb9 No.3620065


I have the one and only thing that makes a n*gger no longer a problem. Its loaded with 357 semi-jacketed hollow-points. I think 'f*cking n*gger' and go about my business. If they try to pull me into their shit, they'll be staring down the barrel before a bright flash makes them a better person.

78e86fbc No.3620066

Okay Timmy, and then you'll go to prison to get raped by some black people. Good thinking.

c6ba0be9 No.3620077

More like gang raped with shanks if they refuse to be their little bitch.

9d0fbdb9 No.3620079


I live in a stand-your-ground, castle-fortis, right to self-defense state. They come at me I can give them lead poisoning, all I have to prove is I was in reasonable fear of my life and well being and I can't be prosecuted or sued. So no, I don't think that's going to happen. :)

88dbc6f6 No.3620080


Being a conservative, you are in fear for your life all the time. You're all cowards.

ad0eee72 No.3620082

It's ok to be white but not if you are a lazy loser who is a burden on society you can at least pass the salt at the table instead of being a free loader I can literally see why people who work for anything just get pissed when their work is basically destroyed by thieves and crooks. Imagine then working harder for some faggot to trash everything you do Cuz he declares it is oppressing him and he fears genuine progress that is exactly why we are still looking at black and white 1930s era community one sidedness because a treachery against the end game was planted early on the cornshucking colonial opportunists that shoveled off the old nation for the new frontiers as it were the waters did part when moses led his people from the clenched fist f the Pharoah and only now does the lotus of human resent centuries later bear against those who breathe in their passover their new world is much the cause for jealousy and vile to once again deprecate and seize the need for pilgrimage has always been but now they all must force co existence or become extinct. Those who kill do so on broad daylight regardless of the hour it is well known yet tolerated for how long. People can see the elite and distinguish the impoverished that is where human ethos sets itself forward. The more we hurt ourselves the less progress we as people will see and the main issue is why we do this even in the big picture. It is likely we all starve and revert to cavemen because we have nothing left to achieve except of course a sabotage of utopian marxists society which we are more or less in except for the free energy engine that would assure our survival forever

24c62914 No.3620086

File: 1626398553219.jpg (69.72 KB, 500x417, whitediversityvsnegro.jpg)


>Colors make the world more beautiful.

Fucking Nigger

24c62914 No.3620088

File: 1626398782315.jpg (212.78 KB, 970x1024, negroelinkrantzmurderswede….jpg)

>I admit there are still times where for a brief moment I slide back into thinking "f∗cking n∗ggers why do I even bother defending them?" but those thoughts don't last too long

No. It doesnt last long at all….just long enough to bleed out.

6c4130ae No.3620090

Is that your go to argument calling people a political party they have nothing to do with. For fucks sake man pull your head out of your ass because eventually that will come to bite you in the ass

6fb7b0a7 No.3620092

Did you ever notice how nuggers not only have the ugliest eyes of any race, but how they are always empty and souless, like there is nothing really behind them…. like a shark's eyes, or like a doll's eyes.

d21b1bc9 No.3620098

>>Colors make the world more beautiful.
who the fuck are you quoting?
cool regurgitated /pol/ pic tho, it really highlights your "intelligence"

cb003e9f No.3620111

>>3620092 Blacks not having colored eyes is a shitty reason to call them "soulless".

d21b1bc9 No.3620112

>black people not having white people appearances is a shitty reason…
what makes you think that racists deal in reason?

7298c3c2 No.3620115

wow marxists are dirt and u are a pleb

ff16f142 No.3620117

File: 1626417152753-0.jpeg (141.76 KB, 724x960, black hairstyles.jpeg)

File: 1626417152753-1.jpg (281.37 KB, 1000x750, warren-jeffs-wives.jpg)

That's bullshit. Black hair alone is an artistic medium. It can be scultured into unlimited styles. Whereas white people have dead ugly hair hanging off their heads you cant do much with, trust me I've tried.

f4dd885c No.3620118

File: 1626417885889.jpg (151.56 KB, 634x748, Nigger-Punk-Arrested.jpg)

> the ugliest eyes of any race, but how they are always empty and souless, like there is nothing really behind them…
This nigger punk is trying to look tough for his mugshot but his empty eyes make him look like your typical dead nigger.


e71110d6 No.3620120

File: 1626419039713.jpg (60.02 KB, 800x600, habsburg-kingds.jpg)

Is there a lot of inbreeding in Africa?
Compared with this study, we found the same general trend with high rates of inbreeding in North Africa, the Middle East and Central South Asia. They estimated a worldwide rate of marriages between 2Cs or closer of 10.4%.

Inbred Africans = high population growth = life span is 40 to 60 = married cousins = poverty = smaller brain size = corrupt government = cheap labor = dumping grounds for trash.

cb003e9f No.3620123

File: 1626420318715.jpeg (3.34 KB, 130x148, images (8).jpeg)

Alright Y'all need to stop this. Both of you. This isn't getting us anywhere people.
White people have smoother straighter hair and blacks much curlier bushier hair. There are a lot of fun and interesting ways to style either one. Mugshots are very rarely flattering for anyone.

I understand some of the frustration some of you are going through but come on guys, some of you are being down right rascist. That's on both sides. No eating pancakes with Aunt Jemima syrup, cooking with stubbs bbq sauce, uncle bins rice, two dots, shopkins, having an American flag or even a Rebel flag, criticizing critical theory and Marxism, none of these are overtly rascist or bad.

But crapping on people because they do or don't have colored eyes or because thier hair is or isn't bushy is just stupid and doesn't make for constructive discussion.

I feel like some of you hate that you're white so you crap on your own race and some you have gotten so used to be being called rascist that you're just sort of going with it. In either case it's not a healthy attitude.

172f6bbb No.3620125

I used to watch Bevis & Butthead and by my count busted a total of at least 7 televisions when that Hippie Teacher would come on. And yes, I am white. I just hate ignorance and Commies.

ff16f142 No.3620126

I apologize, Polybius. I guess you're right. We should celebrate our differences rather than fight over them.

8df2758b No.3620133

File: 1626438622578.jpg (65.03 KB, 1200x800, 2021-07-16 06.28.36.jpg)


I don't know what you speak of.. seems normal to me.

9d0fbdb9 No.3620135





e9e113ea No.3620136

File: 1626443402824.png (240.22 KB, 625x300, Desperatly_Trying_To_Look_….png)


Awww, look at Polybius trying to look like a reasonable person. It's adorable that he thinks he can push this bullshit that racism against minorities and calling white people racist for doing racism are equally bad.

He's basically making an argument like, "Sure we should feel bad for the kids who the pedophile raped but we should also feel bad for the poor pedophile!"

Bullshit. You get no mercy, racist scum.

172f6bbb No.3620137

>> ID: e9e113ea


3B is the real racist here.
And everybody knows it.

cb003e9f No.3620147

File: 1626460742750.jpg (10.46 KB, 250x188, Crisis_Line_(13).jpg)

I'm not sure what you mean that you busted 7 TVs. I hope you don't mean that you broke your TV because you saw a hippie on it. That's kind of a stupid reason to break a TV.
Thank you. I appreciate that.
You see people? Showing a little understanding can go along way.

>>3620136 I think your confused. That's not what I was saying. What I'm saying is that racism is not an exclusively white people problem. I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment "It's okay to be white." I'm saying that simply being white can't realistically be viewed as rascist and maybe throwing around the term has done more harm than good.

Ya know we're all people here. If you want to be treated fairly you have treat others fairly too. Some people are starting to feel like this modern wave of progressivism seems to have a distinctly anti-white slant to it. But racism is racism regardless of skin color. Yes obviously the people on the board using the n word and making fun of blacks are being racist. And yeah they need to work on that. But ya know a lot of the so called progressives on this board are also being just as racist and that needs to addressed also.
We're not going to fix the issue of racism with more racism, M'kay?
No one here "hates black people" (with the possible exception of Sophistry) but some of the data is a little troubling and people have a right to address it.
/furi/ is open forum. Instead of using that as an opportunity to lash out at each other, let's take this opportunity to really listen to each other and grow as people.

cb003e9f No.3620153

File: 1626463346857.jpg (17.26 KB, 480x270, hqdefault (2).jpg)

>>3620136 I wanted to take a moment address to your troubling analogy. So let's say we're talking pedophiles instead of racist.

Now let's say an elementary grade kid that ends up sexually abused by a baby sitter. Now if the parents have no prior knowledge of anything a miss, no one can fault them.

How ever

If the parents knew this person was a sex offender, if they allowed some one around them they knew was deliberately exposing their kid to sexually explicit images and ideas but allowed them to baby sit anyways… The parents are partially to blame. You can't deny that. That's not on the kid. It's on the baby sitter but also the parents because they're knowingly putting their kids into situations that foster inappropriate child/adult interactions.

Like wise if you're creating a hostile environment and refuse to hear anything the other person has to say your only creating more resentment. It's not productive for any one call people racist when you're being racist yourself. Especially when some of you can't even draw a clear distinction between racist and not rascist.

While we can all agree having sexual interactions with kids is wrong, it is extremely confusing for some of us how progressives tend to pay lip service to keeping our kids safe but then knowingly expose them sexual concepts long before their biologically and mentally ready for them and allow them around people who may not have the children's best interest at heart people who push their life style choices on to very young children. Sexual transition therapy can have irreparable damage on a kids biology and mental state.

Quite frankly I find the push by certain people in the LGBTQQIP2SAA+ community sexualizpe children very disturbing. In fact I think a lot of the people in this community do too but are afraid to speak out.

017eedf3 No.3620154

File: 1626463692716.webm (6.87 MB, 720x1080, father-of-the-year.webm)

Every single one of you is a child.

6c4130ae No.3620161

Hippie bs is just that BS it doesn't save you from a would be killer or rapist. Thats some Darwin level shit right there if your having a problem with something sometimes you have to take a stand and sometimes that means violence is necessary. But this so called peace and love shit doesnt work because were in a state of total anarchy no matter what stance the world over takes peace and love only works when everyone is a willing participant and that will mean dropping a lot of personal values and beliefs which is something were just not currently capable of so it becomes a useless mechanism and therefore makes acting it out a waste of time

cb003e9f No.3620170

File: 1626469844542.jpg (6.35 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

>>3620161 Come on now cobalt.
I understand it feels like that sometimes. Perhaps that time may well be coming but for the time being society still has a modicum of a chance of keeping itself together. I've lived around enough Hippies and some of their ideas are pretty terrible but they do have some good ideas and we should acknowledge that.

If we use opportunities like these now to get to know each other rather just barking at each other like dogs at a fence it'll really be better for everyone.

One of our colleagues seemed to connect with Van Driessen. So I'm gonna try to use that as avenue to try reach people while I still can.

2f8afc9e No.3620183

File: 1626483479809.jpg (30.05 KB, 397x300, alternativemigraine.jpg)

Okay, since you are approaching this at least partially seriously, I will give you a serious reply.

>>When you see a Black person doing something you dislike, rather than thinking "f∗cking n∗gger", instead try thinking "how can I help Black people so they won't have to do that in the future?".

I can only say "you guys gotta marry and have an involved father in the household and make sure your kids stay in school, don't idolize criminal behavior and don't loiter on the street and understand the value of education and financial responsibility" so many times until I lose all patience and the n-words come out because I may as well be talking to a brick wall.

Yes, yes, not all, not all, but enough for it to be this community's problem.

>>for a brief moment I slide back into thinking "f∗cking n∗ggers why do I even bother defending them?"

Listen, nobody is talking about upstanding black citizens here. We all know who we mean when we say these things. Inner-city delinquent male teenagers and young adults. Now the question is, why DO you bother defending them? You've seen what they can do, and I think you have a pretty good idea what they could do to you.

Maybe calling them names is just venting, maybe it's a form of social shaming, a last attempt to try to tell these people, look, we don't like it when you do that. Not that they fucking care anyway.

I'm just sick and tired. It never changes. In fact worse. They keep getting worse. Because now, morons like you filled their head with an easy excuse. It's whitey's fault. Now combine their absolute lack of just any respect for anything that's good with a new reason to have a bone to pick with whites.

You actively make things worse by leaping to their defense with victimology.

Maybe it's not nice to call people names (not that they ever cared about not calling us names) but I just stopped caring about not doing it.

2f8afc9e No.3620185

File: 1626484623789.jpeg (81.25 KB, 608x437, notimpres.jpeg)

And one more thing.

That image is so max level deceptive because when it comes to red foxes, the differences are skin-deep. When it comes to humans, they aren't.

Bone structure, amount of musculature, hormone levels, facial structure, brain volume etc. We're separated by roughly 50,000 years of evolution in a different environment. Humans are part animals. We're not a blank slate that you can just reprogram and reeducate however you want.

I know you people don't like it when the IQ stats get brought out, but they are reality. You can't ignore it. Now that doesn't mean to be prejudiced, but you need to tailor your expectations of their demographic according to the numbers. Don't expect of them as a group something that they can't deliver on. If you expect half of them to be all doctors and lawyers and whatever, ain't gonna happen. Maybe you can expect that from East-Asians or Ashkenazi Jews, but not Blacks, and no amount of education, childhood nutrition and family environment will boost the IQ by that much. All conditions being ideal, African-Americans, that have ~25% white genes max out at ~90IQ when raised in loving and caring white families. Best case scenario. Now that's good. And there will be the odd 110 and 120 and 130 among them. But you can't make an average of 110 out of that (without gene editing or human selective breeding).

So no, it's not "just skin color". We are different in ability and the longer you deny this and tell them that they could if only we'd let them, the more bitter and resentful they become when they inevitably smack head-first into that bell curve.

ce3698e6 No.3620189

File: 1626488448072.png (8.04 KB, 859x103, somethingtoconsider.png)

I had a good time not reading anything "you typed" and staring at the picture "you" "uploaded".

ff16f142 No.3620279

File: 1626559366429.jpeg (486.13 KB, 2880x1919, fQYSUbVfts-T7pS2VP2w.jpeg)

Think about it like this. You have a packet of genetically identical seeds, and you sprinkle them in many different soil types. Some fall into rocky sand, some fall into clay soil, some into standard topsoil, and some into fertilized high nutrient soil. Of the plants that grow from those seeds, the ones that fell into the best soil will grow the tallest healthiest plants, but the ones in the crappy soil will barely grow at all. Despite all the seeds being genetically identical, you get very different outcomes and harvests.

That's how it is with humans. People in better societal conditions and with better infrastructure will have higher IQs than those who grew up in poor ghetto neighborhoods, or poverty stricken nations. If you take a baby from a White couple of Nobel-prize physicists and let a family of 56-IQ Equatorial Guinean banana pickers raise it from baby til adulthood, then it'll also probably grow up to have an IQ of 56.

We white people thrive because of our white privilege. This isn't an insult. It's a neutral statement of fact. We white people should strive to share this privilege with others. It's the least we can do after our centuries of atrocious behavior towards all other races. We're the reason other races don't have it as good as us: because we exploited them and put them into the conditions that cause poverty and low IQ in the first place. It is our duty to right our ancestors' wrongs. Even if none of your ancestors personally owned slaves, if you consider yourself part of "the white race" the least you can do is lend a hand and help improve the white race's currently abyssmal PR image in the eye of every other race.

9b868382 No.3620291

>That's how it is with humans. People in better societal conditions and with better infrastructure will have higher IQs than those who grew up in poor ghetto neighborhoods

You forget that the "seeds" that you sow is what creates this "soil" where the people grow. It is not a randomly given by nature, and it hasn't been for the past 50,000 years after people evolved past simple animals.

We white people thrive because our biology has evolved to create social conditions which favor social progress and technological advancement. This is compromised by other populations which have co-evolved to make use of this success and ride along without contributing to it.

2f8afc9e No.3620292

File: 1626561767779.jpg (83.35 KB, 700x513, 5720008_700b.jpg)

Yes, that's the face I make when people talk about race.

Human intelligence = genes + environment.

It's not just genes.
It's not just environment.

>>We white people thrive because of our white privilege

And East-Asians? Guess their 105 IQ is Asian privilege then. Fuck off. This is bullshit and you know it.

>> It is our duty to right our ancestors' wrongs.

Nah. I don't owe anyone shit. I don't care what your grand-grandparents were. I don't care what their grand-grandparents were. I don't care what my own grand-grandparents were (farmers that worked the land and had no formal wage). There's gotta be a cutoff point and two generations is more than enough.

>>currently abyssmal PR image in the eye of every other race

Excuse you, communist, you idiots created anti-white hate by teaching everybody else that whites are secretly somehow oppressing them.

9b868382 No.3620299

>Human intelligence = genes + environment.
>It's not just genes.
>It's not just environment.

Human intelligence creates the environment we evolve in. White people created an environment that fosters the continued progress of humanity. Black people create an environment that tends right back to the stone age.

2f8afc9e No.3620300

File: 1626564611001.jpeg (61.85 KB, 500x334, 526dcffd3b478.jpeg)

Maybe Blacks need Whites or Asians to curate for them an environment where they can focus on education and achieve financial success and a true first-world level of well-being without requiring handouts, but the problem with that is that it would be an unfree system, essentially forcing them to do things for their own good.

I don't know which is worse. Letting them do whatever and be failures or forcing them to be successful.

If only we had not brought them over. If only if we had fenced off Africa and let them fester in their own stupidity.

2f8afc9e No.3620302

File: 1626565195863.webm (2.22 MB, 1280x720, Nearly half of Baltimore ….webm)

Speaking of education

2f8afc9e No.3620303

File: 1626565331554.webm (1.86 MB, 1280x720, Nearly half of Baltimore ….webm)

things are going about as well as one would expect

3b3bac16 No.3620304

File: 1626565374449.png (5.21 KB, 250x250, 1558902846059.png)

6fb7b0a7 No.3620306

You just can't civilize these people. Combine the low IQ with emotional immaturity, poor impulse control, difficulty with logic an rationality and you have a creature that is incapable of living in a civilized society.

6cf226b2 No.3620308

File: 1626575355060.png (205.96 KB, 598x758, RE-JEK-TED.png)

>You can't civilize these people.

I agree but we also can't just go around executing conservatives. They should be given the chance to live their best lives… somewhere far away from everyone else.

Honestly, I don't know why they don't all just move to a private island and make white-topia. They have enough rich white people to do it. I guess even white people don't want to be around that many racists.

172f6bbb No.3620309


Ha ha, nice try, but I think everyone here knows he was talking about blacks, the demon race, the Devil's children.
You'd have to be pretty stupid not to know that.

3b3bac16 No.3620311

File: 1626576941623-0.jpg (107.31 KB, 620x894, rhodies.jpg)

File: 1626576941623-1.jpg (154.52 KB, 760x568, zimbabwe inflation.jpg)

File: 1626576941623-2.jpg (437.89 KB, 500x2812, ZIMBABWE.jpg)


White people tried that.


Then (((Europe))) and (((America))) decided white people prospering was a bad idea and began sanctioning them as well as funding their military opposition. Rhodesia gave a hell of a fight but there's only so much you can do with zero allies against the rest of the world. Go figure, as soon as they lost and white people left, the country was renamed to Zimbabwe and it was struck with famine and poverty practically overnight. Rhodesia was the breadbasket of Africa under white leadership. Now it's a desolate shithole. But hey, at least the blacks are in charge?

bb705603 No.3620322

File: 1626586004144.jpg (31.83 KB, 720x540, 1899993_486094098162195_18….jpg)

172f6bbb No.3620338

File: 1626604551767.jpg (43.89 KB, 328x500, 51-rdvmQXyL._SL500_.jpg)

5de62f6d No.3620341

File: 1626609698415.jpg (629.38 KB, 2100x1340, south-africa-political-soc….jpg)


And now South Africa is going the same way. Once a prosperous country that gave the world it's first heart transplant, now a negroid utopia of failing infrastructure and riots.

6cf226b2 No.3620344

File: 1626616681358.jpg (198.25 KB, 1600x900, E6eMTjWUYAIZsTi.jpg)


You spend so much time trying to convince everyone that black people are inferior.

Makes me think you have a tiny dick and are mad about it.

13b05be8 No.3620345


The funniest thing of all this is that Rhodesia's sin wasn't that it was run by white people. But that it wasn't run by (((white))) people.

ffc7d62d No.3620347

File: 1626623710627.png (100.82 KB, 500x415, one-of-these-men.png)

Do these "people in poverty" believe in Santa Claus?

fb8fbe36 No.3620350

File: 1626630685573.jpg (183.32 KB, 1024x820, negroafricaliberiafailure.jpg)

>You spend so much time trying to convince everyone that black people are inferior.

If only they had a country of their own with no whites around to oppress them, then they would prosper…..

76b80ca0 No.3620355


You think Africa is run by natives?
You must be new.

65707e7e No.3620357

Name me a country that is.

ffc7d62d No.3620362

File: 1626642504004.jpg (67.93 KB, 400x770, C12.jpg)

ffc7d62d No.3620369

File: 1626650815769.jpg (93.87 KB, 500x471, Ychan - ot - funny picture….jpg)

ff16f142 No.3620373

File: 1626652241450-0.jpg (20.46 KB, 442x450, 442px-Belgian_Congo.jpg)

File: 1626652241450-1.jpg (855.41 KB, 2560x1728, 2560px-Students_in_theTeac….jpg)

Let me sum up the history of the Belgian Congo. You guys might like this.

Late 1800s, Scramble for Africa. Belgium decides to get in on it and enters into the nearly impenetrable Congo. Starts setting up towns, using the natives as laborers to get minerals but gives them education, medicine, and infrastructure in return.

1940s: Belgians educate the smartest of the native Congolese that showed the greatest aptitude for learning and create a small social class of Europeanised Congolese called the Évolué ('the evolved') [pic]. As an experiment, in an couple towns the Évolué are granted the right to vote.

All the other Congolese get envious and demand their right to vote as well, which the Belgians begrudgingly have to grant. Soon after, inspired by independence movements elsewhere in Africa, independence parties lead by inexperienced and under-educated Black Congolese come into popularity. Outnumbered, the Belgians know the end of colonialism is imminent, but plead with the Congolese not to be hasty, because none of the natives have the political experience to know how to run a country. Belgium devises a 30-year transition plan in which they'll raise an educated class of Congolese fluent in the politics that'll have this knowledge of how to run a country. This plan is supported by the Évolué, but the natives demand immediate independence and vote a native Congolese party into power, who immediately start a violent rebellion against the Belgians (who had to flee to Europe), got their independence, split the country, turned it into a totalitarian military dictatorship, assassinations ensued, and the country fell into poverty. The Congo hasn't returned to its pre-independence quality of life.

8d03fe3e No.3620375

File: 1626657716139-0.jpg (220.67 KB, 1207x1715, Plumumba.jpg)

File: 1626657716139-1.jpg (5.85 KB, 236x151, kennedy-john-fitzgerald.jpg)

Biggest problem with the Congo was that its very first Premier, Patrice Lumumba (one of the educated "évolué"), when he couldn't get what he wanted from the U.N. or the Belgians, decided to turn for help to the Soviet Union under Kruschev, just like Fidel Castro was doing in Cuba. AND, he was trying to get as many other African governments to go along for the ride.

The U.S. under the just-elected anti-comminist, pro-military conservative JFK wasn't going to let that happen. Within a few days of his election, JFK appeared on a narionwide television speech explaining why Lumumba was arrested and is now dead, thanks to the United States and its allies.

3b3bac16 No.3620377

File: 1626659001238.webm (2.26 MB, 488x272, Liberian niggers.webm)


Sheeeeit cuz, dis all be hwyte peepo's fault!

ffc7d62d No.3620378

File: 1626659336570.png (222.97 KB, 1144x3000, hjy1eHpiwwE-R3PxIRWnVMUq29….png)

e6945b21 No.3620379

File: 1626661023663.jpg (1 MB, 1920x1080, MV5BZGM4ZTJjMWUtZTRhZC00Zm….jpg)

>You neglected the things others had left you. What's more, you completely destroyed them.

172f6bbb No.3620385

Why is he wearing a WOMAN'S HAT?

Is it like blacks today where they do stupid, strange, and crazy shit because they don't know any better?

7f7c0726 No.3620481

Blacks don't deserve our technology and civilization.

Good. The only good communist is a dead communist, and people who cooperate with communists deserve the rope too.

30882887 No.3620488

File: 1626787224487.jpg (291.57 KB, 1500x1126, toma sankara.jpg)

e3b57b91 No.3620491


Communism is the only thing that will safe the World for American Imperialism. you know : The bombing, stealing , lying, droning, torturing & pro-Judetum kind.

cc33a342 No.3620503

File: 1626805383248.png (231.05 KB, 871x567, quoteibnkhaldunblacksareno….png)

It is time to face the fact that blacks are simply not capable of joining the group of civilized races.

39536ec7 No.3620513

39536ec7 No.3620515

>>3620503 "Civil and superior" white people behaving so civil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEiELcsNbIU

5de62f6d No.3620516


But the media tells me that blacks are wonderful super-intelligent gods and are all doctorlawyerscientists! They wouldn't lie to us would they?

5de62f6d No.3620517


You're going to have idiots in every group, just as you're going to have blacks that can act like people and not n1gg3rs.

Don't confuse the race with the individual.

ffc7d62d No.3620556

File: 1626861334377.gif (1.02 MB, 1515x2292, 1626838925108_u18chan.gif)

4258a5ef No.3630458

File: 1634971356715.jpg (134.54 KB, 330x250, NIGGERHAIR COUPONS.jpg)

> Black hair alone is an artistic medium.
Then it's a very good thing that you don't need a worthless nigger to go along with the ugly nigger hair.

07f79b94 No.3630525

File: 1635034482828.jpg (27.99 KB, 474x342, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

>Black hair alone is an artistic medium

>an artistic medium

>being a clown is artistic


44b32124 No.3630528

File: 1635035056152.png (421.49 KB, 735x543, Morgan Freeman Bruce Almig….png)

[God has entered chat]

7c4da52d No.3630562

File: 1635040216754.jpg (96.58 KB, 350x350, asshole.jpg)

Wow what a trainwreck of a person. He's ugly even without the ridiculous hair.

To be fair, Morgan Freeman can play anyone and anything in this universe.

44b32124 No.3630689

File: 1635093080258.jpg (49.97 KB, 554x554, q9sm7jz9nup.jpg)

44b32124 No.3630690

File: 1635093203746.png (1.38 MB, 1278x774, Screenshot 2021-10-24 at 1….png)

c3f9b119 No.3645903

File: 1644457053335.jpg (98.41 KB, 1024x1134, nigger with stupid looking….jpg)

> Black hair alone is an artistic medium

86c870a8 No.3645904

File: 1644457449252.png (33.72 KB, 185x192, 3b (2).png)


god is extremely anti racist, unfortunately

0de44251 No.3645920

Hillariously the guy actually was arrested while his gf was doing his cornrows

0de44251 No.3645923

Nah man look at the universe and then look at the reoccurring common numbers and sequences theory and apply it and then picture everything in it both from how it looks to how it acts etc and you will see gods just as fucked up as us
If god even exists the creator of this universe not a specific religion just whatever being caused the creation if it was at all created by cause who knows both theorys can be right at the same time cause while our universe might be from randomness but that energy had to come from somewhere so maybe its the result of that from a created universe. We might not even be in universe prime. This also means that the multiverse could also exist simultaniiusly. Just don't quote me I'm only saying my take on what I think may possibly be the case in which case if correct there is a god just not by their hands directly but indirectly. If wrong theres just powerful beings that exist in it as I can attest to. Like shiva I'm no follower but I did have an encounter.

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