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806db7fb No.3619842

Did anyone else think the alternate, more agressive and hi-tech bridge design seen in the TNG episode "Parallels" was frigging dope? I bet it was one of the designs considered to be used when the show began production, but they went with the warmer, earthier look instead.

Aside from obviously being cheaper made, I think it would have just as iconic had they went with it, and more suitable for the subject of the show.

Also, Beastars is overrated, cliche grimdark and ponderous anime just catering to the "based" and anti-woke crowd with nothing original. Brand New Animal is objectively better in every way, but you all probably think its JUST 4 GURLZ.

9bbd0248 No.3619848

If you look at the set design drawings for the show that was gonna originally follow the original series you can see that basically every proposed set ends up getting used at some point in tng or its follow on shows. Like almost every element thought of carries over into the shows at some point man.

They had to design a set that was realistically useable for a show that was filming fast so considering that the simple set that tng has for the bridge is allowable and excusable. But yeh it was a dope set

also i dont understand the anime stuff in your post
i dont watch anime
i watch star trek


2869a45f No.3619863

806db7fb No.3619867

Yeah, I'm aware, i think they are just deluded enough to think the Star Trek universe would tolerate their crimes, while in fact they would be given the Klingon pain stick treatment.

a13d53d7 No.3620196

…anyone see the narrative that these posts only revolve around Star Trek and not Red Dwarf, etc?

4bca1483 No.3620218


yes : Red Dwarf is for Sci-Fi epicures. Not American "intellectuals" filling their minds with the equivalent of Space-McDonalds.

No offense. I like StarTrek when I need to wind down or fall asleep on the couch.

337fdd8e No.3620225


Red Dwarf isn't sci-fi, it's not even a parody of sci-fi, but a parody of a TV show that was supposed to be sci-fi.

That's British meta-humor.

260dfb74 No.3620226


Babylon 5 or i'm yeeting you out an airlock.

337fdd8e No.3620227

>Babylon 5

The Bold and The Beautiful in Space. Also, every race eats swedish meatballs because that's what we got from catering that day.

337fdd8e No.3620228

Or how about Earth 2?

Plot: "Magic dirt people cured my son's asthma."

806db7fb No.3620237

File: 1626548778430.jpg (1.06 MB, 1650x2550, orville-comic-con-2018[1].jpg)

Babylon 5 fans were literally mallgoths, back when the show started. They spent all of their lives arguing on message boards, and just HAD to like things nobody else liked, just like all these crappy 90s Sci-Fi Channel shows nobody remembers now.

It WAS more progressive and daring on LGBTQ and other social issues than Trek though, but the same can be said for a lot of other 90s crap with no other merits to it.

I'm kinda starting to like Orville though. Most episodes are almost shamefully entertaining, for their low ambitions, it's surprising how good many of the plots and concepts really are. And unlike Trek, they really have the guts to say outright that all religion and "traditional culture" is sheer insanity that should be eradicated. They really pull no punches on that!

And Red Dwarf was brilliant when at its best, but I think it was more a Buck Rogers / Alien / Space:1999 spoof, much more pessimistic, low-tech and cynical than Star Trek's future. No Federation, transporters or miraculous medical technology in it. I'd kinda like to see a new take on that kind of near-future space setting, though.

337fdd8e No.3620296

>Red Dwarf was brilliant when at its best

The only point of Red Dwarf was that the team could not pull off a proper sci-fi show with the budget they were given, so they made a parody of the fact that the the props were basically worksite lamps and traffic cones covered in tin foil, and the actors didn't fit the roles they were cast.

806db7fb No.3620351

File: 1626631116868.jpg (131.1 KB, 272x367, ArnoldRimmer1[1].jpg)

WHAT did you just say about Arnold Rimmer?!?

2bbf7747 No.3620359


Red Dwarf had some very good episodes amongst the rest : Tikka to ride and Stoke me a Clipper was brilliant.

Better than life , Meltdown & Rimmerworld was hilarious.


I have watched more reruns of Red Dwarf than other series despite the trashy look. The dynamic between the 4 main characters carry the show.

4e157554 No.3620521

>they really have the guts to say outright that all religion and "traditional culture" is sheer insanity that should be eradicated.

Okay edgelord faggot.

9bbd0248 No.3620529

File: 1626832238206.jpg (35.48 KB, 801x577, bsyfv.jpg)

Truthfully I enjoy shows like babylon 5 red dwarf and the orville on the same sort of levels as star trek. Everything in tv, and most in movies is a sort of pop sci fi. Theres nothing wrong with that it easily translates into the medium.

I've even been to sci fi cons and comic cons. This weird tribalism towards favorite sci fi stuff that we see on chans and message boards even plays out in real life. Its so meh to me, I like a good portion of sci fi in film and tv. If you want the hard lined more detailed philosophical or even science backed stuff read a fucking book.

Sci fi bros love what you love a good portion of the content out there is good. I can't actually get too worried about arguing with if you dig one thing or not.

Honestly hoping the section 31 trek show turns out to be cool.

regards, not an internet identity

f6ec6d5a No.3620568


You'd think shows predominant based on race relations and fighting against tribalism would have fans that got this message.

Nope. Humans are too stupid to be woken up with mere words and media, but not too stupid to be moved to violence for entertainment.

e6e537b2 No.3620582

Sci-fi fans are predominantly autistic manchildren. You can explain the concept to an assburger, but that doesn't mean they'll understand it, because the particular dysfunction they have causes disinterest and difficulty to reflect on what other people think.

It kinda makes the person feel like they're the only real person in the world and others are just puppets, so social rules are more of a theoretical concern unless there's a direct need to follow them (eg. not getting beat up for being an insufferable dork).

e79aa2d9 No.3620628


You're trying to describe Autism, but actually described Narcisism better.

I've met a number of fine auties who are frankly better people than me, and most others. I've also met an assburger that thinks that justifies not working and insulting people who won't have fucking unbirthing conversations in public.

Mental handicaps don't make you a douchebag. Being a douchebag does. Alas, we live in a society that is too obsessed with 'gotcha!' realizations, where we can just sweep all the 'others' under a rug when they disagree with us. You could genocide and sterilize down to the last two humans and they'd still fight.

d10d7cd4 No.3620655

No. Narcissism is different - it's a fragile ego problem, not a neurological issue.

One way to detect autism in children is observing their lack of understanding over other minds. You make a puppet play where one puppet hides a thing, and another puppet comes looking for it. Normal children correctly predict that the other puppet will not find the object, while the autistic children only consider what they themselves know, and they know where the object is, so they incorrectly predict that the other puppet will find it.

The autistic person does not automatically consider that other people have minds of their own - they don't automatically consider other people as people. They only become interested in the fact to avoid conflicts, and gradually learn to emulate the sort of social reflection that normal people do by sheer effort of mind. It's actually aggravating for an autistic person that other people don't behave exactly as they would want, because it breaks the predictability of the world and makes it nonsensical to the autistic mind.

d10d7cd4 No.3620658

One theory about autism is the "noisy brain" theory that posits the autistic mind is too sensitive to signals, so it cannot process any ambiguity. It just gets lost in the noise. Only clear repetitive patterns can be perceived, learned and repeated.

So in trying to understand other people, the autistic person reduces them into crude stereotypes and rigid "rules of thumb". They're also liable to interpret speech very literally, argue over meaning of words, and get misunderstood by using words in ways which other people don't understand because they assume other people are using the same definitions and contexts.

806db7fb No.3620730

File: 1627066756855.jpg (304.47 KB, 1438x1080, conundrum[1].jpg)

Did anyone else feel that Kieran MacDuff was genuinely a good addition to the bridge crew, for the short time he was in it? There was actually a believable chemistry with him added to the crew, his personality and quick-to-action attitude complemented the others and fit right in to the point where a first time viewer could believe he had been there all along.

He showed remarkable restraint in attacking the enemy, leaving decisions to others whenever he could and he even selflessly offered himself up for some dangerous medical experimentation.

Of course his actual reason for being there and doing what he did was sinister, but my point is the character, whatever his purpose was, actually seemed more decent and believable than it needed to be.

Also it could be see as a clever allusion to author self-insert fanfiction, which was already a minor thing at the time, pre-Internet.

be34a3bc No.3620734

> he even selflessly offered himself up for some dangerous medical experimentation.
MacDuff had to volunteer for the experiment. If it had been tried on anyone from Enterprise, the subject's memory would have been restored. Then the Satarran plot would have been foiled.

cd4d0fd2 No.3620759

Somebody on 8ch /fur/ told me TNG was institutionalized garbage, I refuted them, turns out they were correct. Go watch Firefly

655e9bea No.3625542

File: 1631245960771-0.jpg (437.18 KB, 1791x1944, 628215_TellyLittle_6a.jpg)

File: 1631245960771-1.jpg (257.89 KB, 1600x1739, cub_porn_bridge_of_Enterpr….jpg)

That is bullshit. Star Trek doesn't have squat to do with pedophilia.

9bbd0248 No.3625546

yup thats correct

9bbd0248 No.3625562

go back to 8gag with ur shitty opinions on trek

0ac970d0 No.3629009

File: 1633972230738.jpg (69.59 KB, 413x602, whatthebloodyfuck.jpg)

What the bloody fucking hell is wrong with this show? This isn't some shitty fan art. This actually happened in the episode.

Can you imagine one of the live action series doing this? Lower Decks has gone to such a low, it's ruined the franchise forever.

7e363bcd No.3629021

i don't know whats with scifi and just ruining everything these last few years. Dr Who is just fucked beyond repair, Star Wars is a raging dumpster fire full of old tires, and Star Trek is now apparently gay as hell.

Not going to lie I'd push hard for some Star Trek feline action, but it doesn't really belong in cannon episodes… faggy gay porn tropes of white guys getting plowed by black guys probably should have been reconsidered as well…

32197345 No.3629026

All three of those franchises were shitty to begin with. It's just your nostalgia and autism making you think they're better than they ever were.

2869a45f No.3629028


Apparently there actually is a weird correlation between being a Star Trek fan and being a pedophile.

7e363bcd No.3629029

Never actually liked Star Trek, but I had a girlfriend who was super into it in middle-high school. I named my first dog after Luke from Star Wars, so obviously like those… I really don't know how Disney fucked Star Wars up so bad, I mean they almost stepped up their game with "The Mandalorian" then just kinda wiped off their dicks and walked away leaving it a sad dripping mess.

I didn't even get into Dr Who until David Tennant. Still pissed that Obama swore we could keep our Doctor, and then bam, no more David. Its just kinda went down hill from there, a little peak with old man Dr, didn't even mind the Master turning into the Mistress/Missy. Seriously did they absolutely have to turn everyone into women though?

7e363bcd No.3629030

I really don't get it, these studios are taking popular shows and movies that are really popular with men… who are like half the population roughly. Then just replacing everyone with women and putting in a bunch of kick to the nuts jokes and hen party humor. Guys don't want to see that, and scifi is for the most party a masculine interest. We don't need women being dr who, all female ghost busters, Super Woman castrating lex luthor, or Batman sexually transitioning to be in a romantic relationship with Robin.

7e363bcd No.3629031

what we really need is a bloody reboot of firefly.

32197345 No.3629032

Did you star wars autists forget how much you guys were whining about the prequels ruining the franchise?

Or whining about Lucas' editing of the original trilogy ruining the franchise?

How about the holiday special?

It was always shit and any time someone touched the shit you faggots would cry about how the original turds were better

32197345 No.3629033

Robin is gay now, transitioning isn't necessary for Robin to be a faggot with Bruce.

Capeshit is another shitty media that you autists fail to see the inherent shitiness of. You can't ruin something that was always shit since it was created.

7e363bcd No.3629037

im ashamed that my sarcastic exaggeration was neither sarcastic or an exaggeration.

1911529a No.3629076

File: 1633995064351.jpg (41.74 KB, 690x408, master-and-doctor-scaled-1.jpg)

Missy's been turned back into The Master.

32197345 No.3629079

Also the new superman is a fag too, because capeshit is creatively bankrupt.

Fuck capeshit for ruining comics as a medium in north America

1911529a No.3629082

File: 1633995827832.jpg (62.04 KB, 960x540, the-real-superman.jpg)

Superman in the movies died after Christopher Reeve left.

a1e6a314 No.3629084

Christopher Reeve was the most loved of all the actors that have ever played Superman, and there have been many.
Probably because he looked most like and acted most like the way the character was actually supposed to be if he really existed.

32197345 No.3629085

File: 1633997023066.jpg (194.99 KB, 1299x2000, DC-jon-kent-286.jpg)

Christopher Reeves superman is overrated trash and was never good.

7e363bcd No.3629092

you sir, are a bitch, and deserve to be called such.

32197345 No.3629093

File: 1634001185967.jpg (47.27 KB, 1024x536, Cage_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqqVz….jpg)

They were shit movies and the only reason no one is willing to admit that both the films suck and Christopher Reeves sucks is because the cripple got what he deserved for being a horse lover.

Nick Cage would have been a far better superman.

a1e6a314 No.3629099

That's not Superman, and never will be.
SuperQueer, maybe.

32197345 No.3629100

Why'd you delete your post steam?
Superman was always faggot shit for faggots and only faggots think otherwise

a3117ec2 No.3629101

Nicholas Cage doesn't resemble the character at all.

32197345 No.3629102

He's a far better actor than Reeve ever was.

The worst looking superman is when Alex Ross paints him

0ac970d0 No.3629378

>implying Superman 3 and 4 didn't kill the character forever anyways

a13d53d7 No.3629464

-watches superman 4-

4368514c No.3629481


It was one of the worst superhero movies of all time. Second only to the original Fantastic Four movie that was SO bad, they not only didn't release it, they destroyed all copies of it but one survived and has been making the sci-fi convention bootleg video circuit. Its cinematic horror and abysmal production quality is truly epic.

763c638f No.3629500

File: 1634343342836.png (746.11 KB, 917x960, Dr._Hax.png)

I never saw Superman 4 … at least not more than the first 5 minutes which consisted of several plot problems.

WTF, eye beams that repair stone walls? I'm calling Hacks! Batman is what you get when you max out your character and buy all the DLC. Superman is what you get when you cheat it all in with hacks and cheat codes.

a3117ec2 No.3629506

Here is the explanation for that, from the comments section:
"In the comic adaptation he moved at super speed to rebuild the wall, but Cannon didn't have the budget for that and went the cheap route here instead for the film."

0ac970d0 No.3642432

File: 1642363663126.jpg (199.61 KB, 1024x1024, img_7890-1024x1024[1].jpg)

Just started watching these old movies, what the whole franchise begun with, and whoah….. this is really serious, not quite the "toy commercial" you might suspect it to be. To bad they pretty much screwed up the franchise later, but the original movies are really worth seeing.

The most awesome speech ever:

ea08f67b No.3642455

I think it's because the Scientologists thought it was an attack on them.


0ac970d0 No.3651714

File: 1648149099493.jpg (342.97 KB, 1920x1080, Star-Trek-Strange-New-Worl….jpg)

Strange New Worlds really has the potential to be awesome. I hope they keep to their promise, and go back to making it ACTUAL SCIENCE-FICTION instead of Loveboat with threat-of-the-week action and feminism (lately, but actually not the biggest problem). This is long overdue, I really think they can do it.

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