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File: 1625856498474.jpg (197.25 KB, 800x1009, 182017-star-paws-commodore….jpg)

70fd3717 No.3619484

ITT: Games / toons you wish had grown into a larger franchise.

I really saw a lot of potential for this to be expanded into a larger universe, and it bugs me that they didn't even try to make a sequel.

It had a very original premise with just enough material to base totally different games upon. I don't think even the original creators care all that much about it, since they never did anything more in the same vein…

9a3e28e3 No.3619488

File: 1625858652655.jpg (212.48 KB, 1024x1352, lifts_her_tail_by_infinite….jpg)

Elder Scrolls Morrowind played as an imperial spawned a female argonian in a house and made her wear a modded maid outfit to dance on my bed good days! :)

bf87cf85 No.3619492

That was one of the cheap games that were based on a copy of something.

Most games of that era were products of trying the limits of the hardware and the skills of the programmer. The main challenge was simply to get the game mechanics and code to work at all, and whatever the content of the game was basically made up after the fact and completely irrelevant. If you had a space dog eating space chicken, that was because at some point the programmer had to come up with some sort of dummy character sprites to draw the graphics, and he went "hey, this thing looks kinda like a dog, and that one looks almost like a chicken", and that became the theme of the game.

bf87cf85 No.3619495

File: 1625864024119.png (512.83 KB, 942x626, starpaws.png)

Also, the graphics on the box didn't need to have anything to do with the contents of the game.

Just as long as you had COOL SCROLLING PARALLAX and chiptunes in the background, all the nerds were happy.

bf87cf85 No.3619496

Up until the 90's, all computer games (except some very basic games like Chess or tic-tac-toe) were basically tech demos with no other point than showing off some gimmick that the programmer could pull off with whatever limited computing power they had.

70fd3717 No.3619664

File: 1626024322628.jpg (32.39 KB, 265x375, Awesome_Possum_cover[1].jpg)

This was really unnecessarily hated….. I can agree that it was a bad game, but the character and concept had a lot more potential!

7878eb80 No.3619670

Didn't that game also have voice synthesis built in? At the time it came out, that was a very rare thing, to be built into the game cartridge program without any additional hardware.

fbb8e5eb No.3619694

File: 1626048613115.jpg (289.8 KB, 640x908, rocket knight.jpg)

It had some recorded voices but I don't know about voice synthesis'. I tried it briefly but didn't give it much of a chance since it was such a blatant ripoff of Sonic. The graphics seemed a bit clunky compared to other similar games.

Rocket Knight Adventures was a much better possum-based game.

70fd3717 No.3620028

File: 1626372655081.jpeg (354.89 KB, 718x622, image-asset[1].jpeg)

I still want a real sequel to the two original Turrican games. It was meant to be a trilogy and had a very well worked out story, but they just abandoned it for some shitty remakes of the second game.

bde2b080 No.3620042


Turrican on AMIGA 500 !

good memories.

Also Xain´d Sleena, even though it did not live up to the Arcade game

fe9657f2 No.3620149

File: 1626460902074-0.png (1.46 MB, 1920x1080, jazz jackrabbit with beaut….png)

File: 1626460902074-1.jpg (37.15 KB, 540x720, kramer is enjoying a cigar….jpg)

good thread
fur real

Jazz jackrabbit dude. It did have its run but when they went to make the 3d 3rd game it got canned during production. The first one is a huge fav such good level designs and music.
I know theres 3 games but dont care this dude had potential to have so much more.

Im also sad earthworn jim died out so soon. Those games were my fucking jam.

fbb8e5eb No.3620197

There was a Rocket Knight game in 2010 on XBox 360 and I think PS3 – sadly I never played it.

I really liked the Earthworm Jim games – the cartoon was pretty good too.
I might like to have this played at my funeral

7a43c75e No.3620203

File: 1626499592172.gif (54.89 KB, 100x100, egger.gif)

count me in, baby!

70fd3717 No.3620729

File: 1627066163773.png (83.67 KB, 496x680, 599--castelian[1].png)

A new, 3D version of Nebulus/Castelian would be awesome too, shame nobody seems to care about the franchise.

70fd3717 No.3621726

File: 1628016483923.png (1.86 MB, 900x1271, 6kvyIEv[1].png)

Dissapointed that there hasn't been any more sequels to this, sneaking around a giant AESTHETIC steel and glass mansion/factory beating the screws out of bots, there's so much potential for this in a modern 3D version!

497e1c25 No.3621736


nebulus on C64 a cold winter day with a mug of Te….Good memories.

497e1c25 No.3621737


Seen that poster before in my games magazines but only realize now : The gun only holds 4 cartridges!

70fd3717 No.3622120

File: 1628354141834.jpg (218.25 KB, 1280x865, microsoftovergerblinx_1360….jpg)

Gotta put Blinx here too. Poor Blinky didn't have a chance, 2002 was the worst possible time for him… all grimy "realism", gory shooters and beat-em-ups… it's time to bring this kitty back!

42fe40f9 No.3622139

He's just a poor man's Sonic.

Yes. Blinx deserved better. He was supposed to be Microsoft's answer to Nintendo's Mario but he never got the proper support.

42fe40f9 No.3622140

File: 1628371484886.jpg (99.23 KB, 928x483, Bucky-O-Hare.jpg)

I always loved Bucky O'Hare. The comics, the tv show, the toys, the video games. It was an awesome idea that Larry Hama (The Marvel GI Joe comic) came up with. It was this whole space opera with funny animals. I wish it had been more popular or gotten a reboot or something.

52344581 No.3622206

File: 1628442436927.jpg (115.01 KB, 512x512, blinx2.jpg)

Blinx did will enough to get a sequel.

311c0397 No.3622258

File: 1628474393070.png (133.59 KB, 284x351, Sam_&_Max.png)

Sam & Max are begging for an action game, but unfortunately, I wouldn't want one that was made now. The lucasarts adventure game was great, and it's a tragedy they canned the 3D sequel. However, the telltale series barely deserves to be called a game. It's not as bad as their Walking Dead series, but it didn't challenge me in the slightest. The devs on the remaster have shown they will shy away from any irreverent humor that even tangentially offends them if they get a chance. They cut a joke about teargassing "militant college students" because they didn't want to "punch down". I'm pretty sure the original intent wasn't to support violent action against student protestors. Will they stop before gutting it of unwarranted violence against criminals (the entire premise) because they're just innocent victims of socioeconomic conditions who need rehabilitation?

b34deccf No.3622297


Any game made will be shite. We can't laugh at anything now because it offends someone.

70fd3717 No.3622392

File: 1628626389886.jpg (454.27 KB, 2000x1000, H2x1_NSwitchDS_AnotherWorl….jpg)

It was not promoted in any way and the franchise was declared dead immediately following the release. No merchandise, no more featuring Blinx as the Xbox mascot or even a guest appearance in the background of a puzzle game etc. They've basically denied his existence ever since.

Apparently there were plans for an anime, but nothing more than a pitch and possible some pictures (still not released to the public) were made.

Come to think of it, Klonoa hasn't had an actual new game since 2002, they still have a dedicated fandom, so what's keeping them from making one?

I'd also love to see a REAL sequel to Another World as they originally planned, not the shitty lets-not-mention-its-name-here which wasn't made by the same team. Lester Chaykin still lives!

52344581 No.3622408

File: 1628639123125.jpg (10.34 KB, 185x272, heartofthealien.jpg)

You're just mad the main character died in the sequel.

62df317d No.3622409

Klonoa got a remake for the Wii in 2008.

52344581 No.3622414

File: 1628644360586-0.png (806.29 KB, 620x618, Screenshot 2021-08-10 at 2….png)

File: 1628644360586-1.png (471.5 KB, 491x492, Screenshot 2021-08-10 at 2….png)

70fd3717 No.3622471

You bet i was mad, but it wasn't a sequel, any more than Doom:Eternal or that godawful new Top Cat cartoon.

As the poster before you said, they're remakes, not new games. And Klonoa's new voice sucks. It sounds like a middle-aged clown from a preschool kids TV show.

5005ba86 No.3622481


thanks for reminding me,also the skeletoncrusher at the end. Seriously! WTF !!

70fd3717 No.3623393

File: 1629487849400.jpg (68.73 KB, 250x355, The_Mysteries_of_Alfred_He….jpg)

Which they had done more with Alfred Hedgehog after that one season cartoon and the weird Flash games.

I think they just didn't get how wide appeal it had, and were just disappointed that it didn't catch on as some kind of preschool educational cartoon.

It had so much potential, there was real character development and they could have made a new series that was more "mature", dealing with the main cast growing up and social problems etc.

Lily shouldn't have been in it though, she was too young and it made the whole series too childish.

197e03f5 No.3628807

File: 1633876108383-0.png (227.37 KB, 1366x768, Gumroad-5-Plugin-WordPress….png)

File: 1633876108383-1.jpg (222.16 KB, 1032x774, 302583.jpg)

Gumroad mascot had some adventure time vibe Calarts ruined it!

197e03f5 No.3628821

File: 1633893444382.jpg (325.54 KB, 600x1826, forbiddenknowledge_u18chan.jpg)

Tbh Jeff Goode (the creator of American Dragon) said when he first started, they sat him down, showed him some Kim Possible porn drawings, and warned him "this will happen to your show" So yeah, Disney is aware about porn made of their characters, so I don't think this'll be a reason for a Season 2 to never be made. Yep. Disney is well aware.

98583f21 No.3628845

File: 1633899764823-0.jpg (275.21 KB, 780x1198, Horrifying_Look_at_the_Fur….jpg)

File: 1633899764823-1.jpg (136.47 KB, 678x950, Shawn Keller.jpg)

>Yep. Disney is well aware.

That is why Shawn Keller was never axed from working for Disney.

c71e7205 No.3628850

File: 1633901045107.png (1.79 MB, 1280x886, a48cac551ff2453ec877d97c48….png)

Probably because he shit on furries instead of being a Doug Winger tier degenerate.

Byron Howard is definitely a gay furry with a fondness for foxes.

98583f21 No.3628853

File: 1633901871640.png (849.68 KB, 1078x718, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

Shawn became quite a dick in the Furry Fandom when he tried joining the "Murrsuiting Club" and got upset that he wasn't received with "Open Arms".


98583f21 No.3628856

File: 1633902436253-0.png (955.9 KB, 1078x718, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

File: 1633902436253-1.png (40.98 KB, 1058x410, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)


"I’ll name names; it was Shawn Keller. He was a Disney animator who had animated Ursula’s two hench-eels in The Little Mermaid, among other things. But Pepe Le Pew wasn’t his first costume. He had made an excellent Kimba the White Lion costume in the 1980s. At the 1990 San Diego Comic-Con, he appeared as Charlie B. Barkin, the German Shepherd from Don Bluth’s All Dogs Go To Heaven in a costume so much like the animated cartoon character that it looked at first like a professional promotional costume – until you looked at the groin and saw that it was anatomically explicit." - Fred Patten

98583f21 No.3628863

File: 1633903914436-0.png (1.19 MB, 1920x955, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

File: 1633903914436-1.png (1.74 MB, 1920x955, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

File: 1633903914436-2.png (748.83 KB, 1920x955, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

File: 1633903914436-3.png (1.69 MB, 1920x955, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

File: 1633903914436-4.png (74.82 KB, 332x1090, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

98583f21 No.3628864

File: 1633904047902-0.png (1.74 MB, 1920x955, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

File: 1633904047902-1.png (1.81 MB, 1920x955, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

File: 1633904047902-2.png (3.52 MB, 1920x955, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

98583f21 No.3628865

File: 1633904105039-0.png (1.78 MB, 1920x955, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

File: 1633904105039-1.png (1014.54 KB, 1920x955, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

File: 1633904105039-2.png (2.38 MB, 1920x955, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

More of Shawn Keller's old fursuits.

98583f21 No.3628866

File: 1633904161899-0.png (1.98 MB, 1920x955, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

File: 1633904161899-1.png (1.65 MB, 1920x955, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

Shawn Keller's fursuits continued.

769ee334 No.3628867

>Shawn became quite a dick in the Furry Fandom when he tried joining the "Murrsuiting Club" and got upset that he wasn't received with "Open Arms".

Any source for the murrsuit motivation? All your link has is some guy butthurt about Keller making fun of furries.

98583f21 No.3628868

File: 1633904623884.jpg (111.37 KB, 800x872, 3553b.jpg)

Just ask Mark Merlino. Shawn got butthurt against him and mocked him in his Furry Trivial Purr Suit game. As for the Trivial Purr Suit game, it seems to have vanished from the net.

769ee334 No.3628870

I wouldn't put it past someone butthurt about being mocked to lie about the person that mocked them. It's not like revisionist history isn't already a thing amongst furries. As autistic as people are about archiving old shit there should hopefully be something out there.

98583f21 No.3628872

File: 1633905154747.png (1.09 MB, 1278x810, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

The Bronies seem to have had some luck getting info about his past out of him. Perhaps he'll spill the beans himself in a future interview?


98583f21 No.3628876

File: 1633905549388-0.png (666.66 KB, 1920x955, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

File: 1633905549388-1.png (721.37 KB, 1920x955, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

File: 1633905549388-2.png (571.58 KB, 1920x955, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

File: 1633905549388-3.png (2.97 MB, 1920x955, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

File: 1633905549388-4.png (1.12 MB, 1920x955, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

197e03f5 No.3628877


how old are these photos? Their arms and legs are loose and baggy carpet looking, trim it down add some padding to make it more muscular looking.

98583f21 No.3628878

File: 1633905870518.png (1011.56 KB, 975x1023, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

These photos were taken as far back as the late 80's and throughout the 90's at Comic Cons and Furry Conventions around the SoCal area.

bcf7c5ae No.3628880

Unlike these guys just going to conventions I at least got to be in an actual Christmas parade dressed as tiger from Winnie the pooh

98583f21 No.3628881

File: 1633906364525-0.png (123.12 KB, 300x664, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

File: 1633906364525-1.png (1.03 MB, 1059x764, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

File: 1633906364525-2.png (1.26 MB, 893x764, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

Shawn's old art.

98583f21 No.3628882

File: 1633906436152-0.png (223.32 KB, 300x579, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

File: 1633906436152-1.png (20.13 KB, 300x533, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

File: 1633906436152-2.png (915.06 KB, 1018x764, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

File: 1633906436152-3.png (843.06 KB, 1018x764, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

File: 1633906436152-4.png (1.09 MB, 1018x764, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

Shawn's old art pt 2.

98583f21 No.3628883

File: 1633906831459-0.png (945.02 KB, 1018x764, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

File: 1633906831459-1.png (1.05 MB, 1018x764, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

File: 1633906831459-2.png (1.06 MB, 1018x764, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

File: 1633906831459-3.png (1012.15 KB, 1018x764, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

File: 1633906831459-4.png (902.91 KB, 1018x764, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

98583f21 No.3628884

File: 1633906993851-0.png (976.29 KB, 1018x764, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

File: 1633906993851-1.png (993.87 KB, 1018x764, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

File: 1633906993851-2.png (982.52 KB, 1018x764, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

File: 1633906993851-3.png (951.25 KB, 1018x764, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

File: 1633906993851-4.png (927.9 KB, 1018x764, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

98583f21 No.3628885

File: 1633907036417-0.png (1.08 MB, 1018x764, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

File: 1633907036417-1.png (885.05 KB, 1018x764, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

File: 1633907036417-2.png (929.26 KB, 1018x764, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

File: 1633907036417-3.png (1016.89 KB, 1018x764, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

98583f21 No.3628886

File: 1633907308767.jpg (134.36 KB, 1280x720, ConFurenceArchive.jpg)


"What’s the rarest/coolest material in the collection… like do you have any unpublished fan works from people who went on to be famous names? (I think there were at least a few in the early 80’s APA days.)

Interesting rare stuff? Well, we have some art by Peter Chung in various C/FO publications. He was a long-time member of the club and went on to create Aeon Flux the post-apocalyptic bad-ass female assassin. Quite a few animation students, including those attending Cal Arts (Disney) got their first taste of anime at the club. Dave Kune, an artist and animator was involved in the local furry community, and an early fursuit maker/performer. He is a professor/administrator for an art school in Laguna. Many of his students display their work at the Orange County Fair, and some of it shows furry influence. Shawn Keller, a Disney animator and character designer for WB (Space Jam) used to have private art shows at furry conventions and also made fursuits and presented them at cons. We have art from them and others who have gone on to become professionals, as well as art from “lost” artists like Jerry Collins (though he does have an FA account now, under a different name). One of the interesting finds of recent excavations were newsletters and correspondence for C/FO New York by and about Jerry Beck, an animation fan that came to California and got involved with the studios, and is now the head of the Hollywood chapter of the International Animation Society (ASIFA), the group that has the Annie Awards, the Oscars of the animation industry.

There is likely a lot more, but I can’t think of any right now…" – Mark AKA Sylys Sable

98583f21 No.3628887

File: 1633907573111-0.jpg (53.27 KB, 480x640, uf1.jpg)

File: 1633907573111-1.jpg (80.23 KB, 562x750, uf2.jpg)

File: 1633907573111-2.jpg (188.83 KB, 1152x864, uf3.jpg)

File: 1633907573111-3.jpg (64.9 KB, 375x512, uf4.jpg)


""WHO IS IT?" (a scratch atop the bag and an exaggerated shrug)

"Is it…Shawn Keller?" (pantomime laughing and pointing derisively at the audience)

"Is it…Silfur?" (slinking around stage and pretending to be sexy)

"Is it…Uncle Kage?" (throwing on Tahamaki's lab coat and racing at top speed around the stage, pausing for a gasp of air, and then racing around some more)

"Is it…Lisa Jennings?" (pause…glance down at flat chest…shaking head no).


At this point Kodian appeared with a package. He took from it Uncle Kage's actual lab coat and slipped it onto the Unknown Furry's shoulders. He then made an unrehearsed seque into trying to add to the funds received at the charity auction by indicating that Uncle Kage had sent the lab coat down and that bids were being received to touch it. Henry Pickands won, and was given the honor of not only touching the coat, but also of unmasking the Unknown Furry.

He took the mask off with flair, and after a stunned half-second the crowd went wild. "

c3eb93e6 No.3629128

File: 1634019110319.jpg (54.54 KB, 362x635, Lily Hedgehog.jpg)

>Lily shouldn't have been in it though
Says you.

6fcf238e No.3629129

File: 1634019520561.png (239.73 KB, 446x352, ygCtRlIwDY.png)

wow he turned into a i am racist and not very bright

6fcf238e No.3629130

e13a4b7b No.3629132

niggy with a ciggy

7baa1252 No.3629149


You got auto-censored, bud. The word for this board to avoid it is neeeger.

c3eb93e6 No.3629199


0d83ed6f No.3629763

File: 1634485673547.png (25.57 KB, 1000x1000, threegameschooseonlythree.png)

Elderscrolls: Create characters, increase skills, explore dungeons, and do quests and fight.
Animal Crossing: Earn money, collect stuff, change character appearance only on player.
The Sims: Earn money, Don't stave increase skills, get a job, get married have kids, upgrade houses.


1e9fdf4d No.3629764

File: 1634488642378-0.jpg (252.41 KB, 2000x1500, 71PgijWKccL._RI_.jpg)

File: 1634488642378-1.jpg (646.91 KB, 600x8955, dea.jpg)

Swat Kats was a hit but Ted Turner decided to cancel it because he had "concerns" about how it may affect the kids watching it.

0d83ed6f No.3629860

File: 1634564538415.jpg (40.71 KB, 640x803, c88.jpg)


THe irony is that you should never pause during a Disney movie. Same artist by the way!

0d83ed6f No.3629861

File: 1634565100985-0.jpg (32.47 KB, 624x352, The-Lion-King-the-lion-kin….jpg)

File: 1634565100985-1.jpg (223.69 KB, 1600x900, sub-buzz-31805-1485888310-….jpg)

0d83ed6f No.3629862

File: 1634565526203-0.jpg (24.02 KB, 638x480, bb951e92-a2a7-4453-bb4c-44….jpg)

File: 1634565526203-1.png (307.27 KB, 750x568, tumblr_lsscc5kCQJ1r3g9p0o1….png)

1e9fdf4d No.3629863

File: 1634565666404.png (380.14 KB, 1000x798, 1543426819.beffalumps_simb….png)

Poor Zazu

He's so underappreciated

0d83ed6f No.3629866

replace them with Mr. Bean and see how they treat him?

7c00ac34 No.3629928

File: 1634598702533-0.png (777.45 KB, 888x587, Goddard_and_Roxy_u18chan.png)

File: 1634598702533-1.jpg (38.61 KB, 640x480, Roxy_u18chan.jpg)

File: 1634598702533-2.gif (1.55 MB, 440x286, roxydog_u18chan.gif)

File: 1634598702533-3.gif (313.59 KB, 164x184, roxydog2_u18chan.gif)

File: 1634598702533-4.gif (1.5 MB, 433x318, roxydog3_u18chan.gif)

Jimmy Nuttron

7c00ac34 No.3629932

File: 1634599806426-0.gif (641.63 KB, 190x123, roxydog4_u18chan.gif)

File: 1634599806426-1.gif (3.87 MB, 433x315, roxydog5_u18chan.gif)

File: 1634599806426-2.gif (2.48 MB, 433x315, roxydog7_u18chan.gif)

7c00ac34 No.3629933

File: 1634599925713-0.gif (479.26 KB, 235x154, roxydog8_u18chan.gif)

File: 1634599925713-1.gif (4.7 MB, 433x201, roxydog9_u18chan.gif)

File: 1634599925713-2.gif (1.99 MB, 428x317, roxydog10_u18chan.gif)

7c00ac34 No.3629934

File: 1634600092395-0.gif (548.48 KB, 428x317, roxydog11_u18chan.gif)

File: 1634600092395-1.gif (3.73 MB, 428x317, roxydog12_u18chan.gif)

File: 1634600092395-2.gif (3.31 MB, 433x315, roxydog18.gif_u18chan.gif)

7c00ac34 No.3629936

File: 1634600570256-0.gif (4.97 MB, 433x315, roxydog19.gif_u18chan.gif)

7c00ac34 No.3629937

File: 1634600772611-0.gif (3.94 MB, 433x315, roxydog20.gif_u18chan.gif)

7c00ac34 No.3629938

File: 1634600869899-0.gif (3.4 MB, 433x315, roxydog21_u18chan.gif)

File: 1634600869899-1.png (533.72 KB, 886x668, Screen_Shot_2016-09-03_at_….png)

File: 1634600869899-2.gif (620.45 KB, 250x187, tumblr_mdnzhkWbw51ro2eu3o1….gif)

7c00ac34 No.3629943

File: 1634602266729.jpg (278.86 KB, 1422x2048, 6c0b09eb1b0d58d007b0377639….jpg)


Let me get this straight it's been almost 20 years, and there is not a single fan or porn art of this dog. Give a request to THEOP even if it takes 100 people to sign it in!

23badc65 No.3629975


I bet if someone were to tell lonbluewolf about her then maybe the person would draw porn of the dog, I like to see porn of cat Amethyst from the cat fingers ep of Steven Universe, & I've yet to see porn of Jenny (XJ 9) as any kind of cat with fur but not in a cat type suit.

6fcf238e No.3630090

File: 1634715691735.png (2.14 MB, 1601x1200, 718fbecbbaca0b0eaf2de4fa35….png)

3fe69245 No.3631324

File: 1635588267268-0.jpg (602.26 KB, 1548x2259, 918OsjcXMZS.jpg)

File: 1635588267268-1.jpg (305.34 KB, 1280x1274, tumblr_mbz4pzLjW71rolgu9o1….jpg)

File: 1635588267268-2.jpg (76.01 KB, 643x720, 51e6f334e7566.jpg)

8db6e37e No.3643981

File: 1643313695934.png (329.54 KB, 1280x1039, screen-shot-2012-11-06-at-….png)

I'd love to see Monkey Quest return in some form, it was really popular for a while but it was just shut down in 2014 with nothing left of it, since it was an online-only game. Also disappointingly under-34ed!

2457e283 No.3651241

File: 1647747568999.jpg (260.76 KB, 550x800, MV5BMTUxOGY5YTAtYjliMy00ZG….jpg)

2457e283 No.3651243

File: 1647748020643.jpg (296.96 KB, 1280x720, cat city.jpg)

2457e283 No.3651244

File: 1647748450822.jpg (10.67 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

2457e283 No.3651245

File: 1647748877932.jpg (71.53 KB, 1280x720, Tlalocs Test No Evil 007.jpg)

2457e283 No.3651246

File: 1647749115997.jpg (84.08 KB, 1280x720, Spirit Chaser.jpg)

2457e283 No.3651247

File: 1647749205636.jpg (44.74 KB, 640x480, sddefault.jpg)

2457e283 No.3651248

File: 1647750422389.jpg (73.12 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


I lost the purple kitten that was living with a tall woman that she leaves him all alone and boom music video and all crazy stuff where the purple kitten starts humping the teddy bear. I forgot the title.

2457e283 No.3651288

de0a286c No.3651307

File: 1647795669479.jpg (809.27 KB, 1561x1789, 10.jpg)

Thank that is nice

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