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041c481a No.3619042

When did you personally give up on the Sonic franchise?

For me it was definitely somewhere between 2003 (Sonic Heroes, return of the Chaotix and the redemption of Big, last really classic game and also the end of Sonic X) and 2009 (Black Knight, the one point everyone started to feel they were just getting desperate for new gimmicks).

It's pretty easy to blame it on Sonic 06, just because it was a unfinished game that shouldn't have been released as it was, but there was still Sonic Unleashed in 2008, one of the better installments at the time, and the ones before 2006 wasn't exactly legendary either.

At the time they also started sexualizing Cream, she was no longer as innocent as she was in Heroes and Sonic X, though I still think a character that young should never have been in the franchise at all, and they also started making Amy and Tails younger to cater even more to the pedophiles in the fandom like supersonic250 and Kayla-Na.

Add Sonic Boom, which had practically no relation to the games or any coherent character development whatsoever, it felt like the creators were handed a very rough description of the cast with no idea what the games were even like, and of course that live action "adaption" which was more like a Chipmunks movie that had a revolting verson of Sonic and a few random references (rings etc.) thrown in it as a gimmick.

Sonic is dead for me, I want nothing to do with the games, the cartoons or the fandom. I still love Rouge, even though she wasn't even in my favorite games, but unlike many of you I've grown out of childish obsessions, and I don't need to flaunt it every time I post.


See, I even did it myself, so you don't have to.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

78125506 No.3619051

Around 1996 or '98 when I stopped being a little child.

4721273d No.3619077

wwow youre such a big boy

b1441430 No.3619080

File: 1625448995013.png (305.86 KB, 696x398, a-kitten-tears-through-toi….png)

I liked the first level of the sega game, and game gear was pretty cool, SatAM was good enough to remember but they didn't warn us transhumanism would partner with the supervegan climate activists so I'm confused what narrative we're supposed to follow

78f6530a No.3619090

File: 1625463376402-0.jpeg (89.6 KB, 1600x1067, dims.jpeg)

File: 1625463376402-1.jpg (159.85 KB, 1608x1206, sonique.jpg)

File: 1625463376402-2.jpg (214.78 KB, 829x1200, EUbJlTGU0AEbRAO.jpg)

File: 1625463376402-3.jpg (119.29 KB, 1280x720, sonicunl038.jpg)

File: 1625463376402-4.jpg (71.57 KB, 674x800, Lol-dead-meme.jpg)

SEGA lost it when their dreamcast lose to the first playstation. Ever since they don't develop their own new game anymore. Most of their new game are developed by a third party studio. Their main profit after the dreamcast failure is the sonic franchise license (comic, cartoon, game, movie, etc) & game arcade (an old game with same gameplay only different skin slapped to it).

When the first movie design go release, I knew SEGA just didn't care much about their mascot anymore, except for having Sonic ownership on the leash. The first movie design was develop using motion capture which is more cheaper than cgi motion from scratch because of Sonic cartoony figure, which the same studio that design cats the movie. (The cats movie developer/creator likely just trying to rake in profits just because the theatrical play manage to get a lot of profits from their decade of performance while didn't understand that a movie only lasted for a few months. Also with how the studio is closed and all the staff get laid without warnings, makes you wonder how much they offer the price for their studio cgi service).

SEGA, being the ownership of Sonic, keep continue using third party to develop their franchise. In the end, one of the employee Archie comic studio decided take legal action to obtain Sonic copyright, which didn't turn so good because not just they didn't get Sonic ownership, they no longer allowed to make Sonic comic franchise anymore (currently being published by IDW) and end up with a weird quirky comic series which didn't sell.

As for their games, Sonic games were originally a 2D side scroller. But the development of 3D graphics that were the trends at that time causing SEGA to rush developing their Sonic 3D games, which is out of their comfort zone because they are expert in 2D but not 3D games.

After likely cutting down their game developer department because of Dreamcast, they no longer have an enough expert employee that can manage the game development, in this case time and testing. By hiring third party studio to develop their games, SEGA is now considered as client by those studio. What the client wants is what the client gets. In this case, to develop game in short period of time with the lack of game testing.

78f6530a No.3619091

File: 1625463696597-0.jpg (39.14 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (72).jpg)

File: 1625463696597-1.png (426.89 KB, 600x600, JPyc6N6ilE9RU-se0goqknQJ4u….png)

File: 1625463696597-2.jpg (105.75 KB, 1024x576, sonic-1024x576.jpg)

File: 1625463696597-3.jpg (210.17 KB, 1170x500, SonicDLC_.Net(blog-editori….jpg)

File: 1625463696597-4.jpeg (95.73 KB, 1200x800, Screen_Shot_2021_06_24_at….jpeg)

Now, because of the lockdown due to the pandemic, game arcades are affected heavily thus affecting SEGA arcade manufacturing sales. They had to find an alternative for this, but somehow luckily the pandemic happens just around Sonic 30 anniversary and the success of the movie. Before the pandemic, there were some small rumor/news about SEGA plans for the Sonic anniversary, but it didn't get much the attention from the media (except for die hard fans) likely due to lack of promoting by SEGA. But after the pandemic, SEGA seems to heavily trying to promote Sonic quite a lot. From the minecraft sonic to the currently trending virtual streamers.

For me, Sonic is just something part of my past form of entertainment, it's not something that I consider too seriously because of that. As an entertainment it's something you should having fun and enjoy with, not something that you should stressed yourself with. Even the movie itself is trying making fun of some of the real life events surrounding the Sonic franchise (Sanic drawing and the flash comic legal lawsuit).

You can pretty much find any articles or even video on youtube about any one of the things I mention above. Its plenty and quite interesting.

f9c23d24 No.3619098

File: 1625492984629.jpg (39.52 KB, 250x346, Sonic_Blast_cover_art.jpg)

After Sonic 3 (+Sonic & Knuckles) there just weren't any good Sonic games, and the comics were quite literally aimed for little children so what was the point?

SEGA started milking the franchise with Game Gear, NeoGeo, and GBA releases which were shit. They had some failed PC release as well somewhere in between there, then shitty 3D platformers on consoles that didn't do 3D very well, and then finally Sonic 4 came out in 2010 which went back to the Genesis style side scroller - but alas it was basically a remake of Sonic 3 so it had no point. The franchise had died more than a decade ago.

3df9a7c1 No.3619101

File: 1625509228529.png (75.12 KB, 269x208, no.png)

this discussion has been done into the ground, everyone likes or hates something about the games, the comics, the cartoons, the characters, the lore, the fans, the community, you fuckin name it.

I was 7 or 8 when the first game came out, and i've liked and disliked different aspects of the franchise over the years, but im not enough of a butthurt baby to bitch about any of it at this point.

I'm glad there's still more games and content being made, the same as I enjoy any other games and media… it's called "entertainment" for a reason. Like what you like and shut up about what you don't.

fuck sonic adventure 2 though

f9c23d24 No.3619109

File: 1625517890340.jpg (163.29 KB, 1191x670, mickeymouse.jpg)

>it's called "entertainment" for a reason

There's entertainment, and then there's just rehashing the old franchise every few years to a new platform and a new audience of children who weren't around the last time.

f9c23d24 No.3619154

Also, if you didn't know how trademarks work, SEGA has to keep publishing Sonic stuff every few years to keep the trademark. If they don't keep using the character, then they lose the ability to sue people over vaguely similar stuff that "could be mistaken" for the real deal. E.g. how Apple bullies other companies for using fruit logos of any kind - it may not work, but they can shit in your cereals anyways by dragging you through courts and losing you tons of money.

In other words, as long as SEGA shits out some half-assed sonic game every five years, nobody else can make anything similar.

3df9a7c1 No.3619229

File: 1625619798593.jpg (14.5 KB, 350x197, kermit.jpg)

and yet, here I sit, occasionally jamming to the Mania soundtrack at work, laughing at how self-aware Sonic Boom was, enjoying the fact that getting baked with friends and seeing the movie in the theater was the last thing we all did together before covid (two of whom each had their second kids, and another just bought a house, so there's been no big get-together even though we're all vaccinated), and me patiently waiting for my Colors Ultimate preorder even though I could have emulated it at 1080p or higher resolution for years.

I dont care what you dont like, fam.
Every zelda game is the same shit over and over.
Every gran turismo is the same shit over and over.
Every pew pew shooty McWarFight game is the same shit over and over.
Every movie/drama/narrative is the same shit over and over.
Hell, hiking is the same shit over and over, just oxygen and trees and dirt and hills every damn time

Sit there and hate things, I hope it gives you purpose.

041c481a No.3623383

File: 1629486399506.jpg (38.13 KB, 460x317, a0QxwMO_460s[1].jpg)

Danny DeVito would have been great as Robotnik and the only reason they got Jim Carrey is because they somehow think he's still popular.

Also, Sonic with blue arms looks ficking retarted and to agree with such an obvious observation doesn't make you Chris-Chan.

3907462c No.3623387

If that is where you are happy to stagnate, I suppose I should be happy for you - repeating what you did in your teens up to your nineties.

The difference with hiking is that it has a purpose in maintaining health, whether you get bored of the scenery or not. At leas you can always hike in a different location.

cc9d9e4b No.3623419

File: 1629504958441.jpg (1.3 MB, 4169x2680, goodeggman.jpg)

No way. John Goodman would have been the perfect choice.

cc9d9e4b No.3623420

File: 1629505200084.png (230.58 KB, 448x520, sonic is tired of this shi….png)

I never gave up on Sonic. I love the little blue bastard, warts and all. All this hate that's slung at the franchise is a meme. Its' had ups and downs just like every other franchise.

d846a97d No.3623465

He's thin now. Haven't you seem him on The Conners?

460a4a48 No.3623510

File: 1629588468811.png (305.48 KB, 479x441, RARE UNRELEASED CONCEPT AR….png)

While I have nothing but seething contempt for Sonic fans and couldn't care less about the franchise, the last movie was genuinely enjoyable. I've had fun.

Also Dr. Robotnik… while I don't support the way he does things, I think he has some good ideas. Having an army of undead sentient cyborg animals to my disposal would be kinda fun.

Say what you want about Jim Carey being overrated as an actor but he can still fill a role well.

Danny DeVito might have worked cause he's a good actor, but he's basically playing Danny DeVito when he's on screen. I'd call it the Tom Cruise Effect. Tom Cruise always plays Tom Cruise. So it'd be like an alternate universe where
Danny DeVito turned into a mad scientist.

d84b848a No.3631881

File: 1636225195275.jpg (26.58 KB, 480x360, hqdefault[1].jpg)

>tfw some Youtube fan animation has better plots & characterization than Sonic Boom


d84b848a No.3643431

I finally saw the movie, and god, it's even worse than i thought. It's so uninspired, unengagin and unoriginal, just the most generic Hollywood pap you could imagine with something not quite resembling Sonic thrown in. I don't get why they completely changed Sonic's powers and the use of the rings, kinda takes the point out of putting Sonic in a movie if you're not even going to use the most basic plot devices.

dbd5a4d9 No.3643440

I watched it, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be, but it wasn't good either. As far as "action" movies go, it was basically the cinema version of plain lactose-free skim milk.

241bda41 No.3643444

The second one should be much better cause if its not it will tank and people will lose interest same with hollywounded lol. Usually this is how it goes with media franchises outside music the first is always lackluster and the second or 3rd is always usually much better.

241bda41 No.3643486

Ever notice how in the sonic franchise whenever sonic is alone the whole movie episode or whatnot without tails around sonic usually isn't that great but throw tails or knuckles in the mix and it gets better and sonic has to compensate for his downsides every time. Irk how I didnt notice this before but sonic alone is shite

f460e1cb No.3643499

File: 1643080858651.jpg (55.57 KB, 353x500, 51DDS9XERXL.jpg)

The first Sonic the Hedgehog game on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive was awesome!

241bda41 No.3643500

It was yes. I had all 4 games for the Sega way back growing up sonic and knuckles was my all time fave though out of the 4 games.

3df9a7c1 No.3643503

I mean, i played the original game as a kid when it launched, I was like 8? They're just fun games, the comics and cartoons were enjoyable, the characters and disparate lore were interesting…

fans took many things too far, just like the toxic fanbases of countless other popular IPs…

Adventure 2 is still a bag of dicks, though. Sure, there are worse *games* but Adventure 2 is probably one of the worst *Sonic* games. You spend maybe 20% of the game actually playing as the main character, and the writing, dialogue, story, collision detection, and gameplay mechanics are maybe one or two steps above Bubsy 3D.

3df9a7c1 No.3643506

jesus christ, I should have actually skimmed any of the replies… I guess I'm not alone, at least? lol

dbd5a4d9 No.3643509

File: 1643084303663.png (6.44 MB, 2600x1960, Gurren_Lagan_COMBINE.png)

Never got into the first sonic. I only first played sonic 2 because it came with the sega, and it just happened to be one of the few coop games me and my brother could play together at the same time. Sonic and Knuckles 3 was a masterpiece. The rest of the games were shit.

I liked the cartoon Sonic SatAm as a kid, but it was probably because that was back when cartoons were literally only aired on saturday mornings, so its not like it had much competition.

I still have my console and those games, but the console hasn't worked in like forever, its just a showpiece of 90's ridiculousness. I call it the Sega Moonbase.

241bda41 No.3643511

I remember all those attachments not that I needed them as I had the top level Sega console but yeah its just ridiculous how those consoles were even built. Though I did like the game gear version of the Sega was a nice sturdy little portable console used to play corny games like TLK and that one game with that worm guy forgot the titles

dbd5a4d9 No.3643516

32x was garbage, and the CD was too little too late. I actually bought those two broken from a fea market for like 10 dollars back in like ~2016, just to complete the tower. I mean if I'm going to replay those old games I'd just run an emulator.

basically explains why everything but the core 3 games suck while still being funny and not weapons grade autistic.

241bda41 No.3643527

I also had a Commodore setup to go with it. So as I said I had no use for the original console just the 32x though I will say they dont make games like they used to with ecco lol that game was just nightmare levels hard to beat.

dbd5a4d9 No.3643529


Took me a while to find this, but its probably my favorite fan cannon back story to Robotnik's origins. Even if Sonic makes DC and Marvel's multiverse thing look linear.

241bda41 No.3643537

That was actually well done. Sucks I didnt check it till like 5 mins ago.

dbd5a4d9 No.3643541

File: 1643092329857.jpg (173.43 KB, 656x469, jazz_jackrabbit_e9qoij.jpg)

I didn't have a comodore, but late in the game my parents did buy a second hand windows 95 that had this game "Jazz Jackrabbit" installed on it.

I'm just mentioning it because it was basically the PC's answer to Sonic. Sega was like "yeah nintendo check out our specs, gotta go fast!" and PC was like "yeah Sega, what chip are you running a Dorito? Gotta overdose on crystal meth… I mean sugar!" I really liked it back then when I played it, but after replaying it I can't for the life of me figure out why.

241bda41 No.3643544

It was a popular game back then. But not as much these days due to its death in obscurity.

241bda41 No.3643545

My stepdad worked in the pc industry for a while and I managed to be given a lower end one not worth a whole lot even now compared to some of the models but still worth hundreds today if not a few grand. My grandmother basically sold all my stuff and lied about it so I never got to fully use most of my stuff in childhood besides the sega and my uncles ps1 once that came out and my first ps1 games were obviously GT 1 , crash bandicoot and spyro the dragon.

21564ae3 No.3643557

File: 1643106879709-0.jpg (1 MB, 1500x1500, 30a9b1322e18ddf74051c48bd9….jpg)

File: 1643106879709-1.jpg (2.27 MB, 1600x2000, 88428ce5bcb8315901256091d5….jpg)

File: 1643106879709-2.jpg (573.73 KB, 900x1200, a180a9a845be38ccdb80bbe1bf….jpg)

File: 1643106879709-3.jpg (1.18 MB, 2020x2020, e08d34c6f259aa592f0d847319….jpg)

File: 1643106879709-4.jpg (222.99 KB, 724x936, f94ecd9e1ad67ffd52be0185ba….jpg)

Please post more Jizz JackOff Rabbit!!

a50a76bf No.3643561

File: 1643110699160.jpg (28.65 KB, 280x354, Zool_cover.jpg)

Dunno about Jazz Jackrabbit, but Zool was presented as the answer to Sonic.

It was a mediocre game ; Jazz was fun on the other hand.

419ffb5a No.3643599

File: 1643142791340.jpg (119.69 KB, 1000x1000, MFKZ.jpg)

650e79a7 No.3643602

File: 1643144257148.png (675.17 KB, 1800x1800, 9f7dad13a1967a53589ace84ff….png)

I can't see Jazz Jackrabbit and not think of this damn webcomic

d84b848a No.3655258

File: 1651175459941.png (447.4 KB, 700x525, 625063b6ee61990018ddcd8a[1….png)

Sonic 2 is even worse and blatantly racist. Here's why.

The message is that blacks (represented by Knuckles) are dangerous and must be "kept in their place" by manipulating them into submitting to the authorities (literally the police), or else their powers may get "out of control" (they actually get to realize their goals and decide over their own lives, how scary!) or exploited for evil, by getting decieved by Eggman, who obviously represent the mythical rich white founders of the BLM movement who Republiturds whine so much about. They even literally used an African actor for Knuckles to make it more blatant.

I never understood what they tried to achieve with making these movies the way they did. No casual or dedicated Sonic fans wanted to see it mutated in this way. The games, particularly SA had a good story that was fit for adaption as it was, where did they even get the idea to turn it into a anti-BLM Space Jam?

For that matter, Space Jam 2 was almost a better Sonic movie than Sonic 2. It was actually multi-ethnic and for tolerance, the toons were the main characters and they were mostly cel style like they should be, and it had that whacky early 90s aesthetic and feel.

And the reason there's no female Mobians is also the reason they made Sonic so ugly: They want everyone to get horny for Tails, and nobody else, to promote their pedophile agenda by making an obviously underage boy
a sex object. Why else would they make Tails so childish in the movie, he didn't look and sound like that in other recent iterations!

43d3b714 No.3655260

>>3655258 Get fucked Diosoth. How come you haven't commited to your promised to lie down on train tracks as you did in that journal.

You're just a spineless, worthless coward. Even the worst of furries are better than you, loser.

d84b848a No.3666717

At least Sonic Prime is looking pretty good.

3cc2aa52 No.3666754

File: 1663560680376.png (438.21 KB, 640x401, Screenshot 2022-09-19 at 0….png)

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