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Chris Hansen is well known scum. Here is earlier Chris Hansen arrest for larceny:

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I knew I saved this for one day!

03abe8ff No.3625736

What did Chris Hansen ever do to you? Oh wait he arrested you lul

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Open wide

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Pretty pretty mouse pup. I want to kiss and rub and sniff those soft pawsies over my facey wacey. :3

0bd924b0 No.3627908

>>3618870 (OP pic)
I can't find this furry artist 'Nanona' anywhere on the web, where is his stuff located? Does he go by another name?
His style is reminescent of Jim Hardiman.

2eec1e56 No.3627910

Jim would never approve that crude linework.

5d8df456 No.3627974

Is she blind? Really cute character

a4624cb6 No.3628142

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