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What are you doing tomorrow to celebrate Juneteenth?

f2caccee No.3617747

googling what juneteenth is

42ba4eca No.3617748

Your new American federal holiday.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, JOSEPH R. BIDEN JR., President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim June 19, 2021, as Juneteenth Day of Observance. I call upon the people of the United States to acknowledge and celebrate the end of the Civil War and the emancipation of Black Americans, and commit together to eradicate systemic racism that still undermines our founding ideals and collective prosperity.

1cf9c99c No.3617749

Idk, what do people usually do to celebrate holidays? Get drunk? It's supposed to rain tomorrow, so I'll probably stay home and read a book or watch a movie or youtube videos or shitpost on here. Maybe go to the grocery store at some point. Maybe fuck your mom.

0be406a1 No.3617753

File: 1624077430906.jpg (38.14 KB, 526x935, untangling military holida….jpg)

I never heard of Juneteenth until about 2 or 3 years ago. At first I was really surprised the Republicans in the Senate agreed to let this one be a holiday but it's a good excuse to say 'No' to the idea of making 'Voting Day' a national holiday.

Also.. if you're going to add a new holiday they should have put it somewhere in that giant gap between George Washington's Birthday and Memorial Day.

There's some other federal holidays where there's really 'nothing to do' aside from having the day off. The only thing people seem to do on Washington's Birthday is have furniture sales and maybe eat some cherry pie.

f9eaccb9 No.3617754

I think I'll just be casually racist on the internet because something I had no say in is the only thing I can be proud of.

2306a906 No.3617756

>heard of Juneteenth until 2 or 3 years ago…

Yeah, all of these conservatives who are freaking out because Biden dared admit white people did slavery look really stupid because only three states didn't already have Juneteenth as a holiday. Hawaii, North Dakoda and South Dakoda.

Hawaii actually passed a bill to make it a holiday but Biden signed his version before the bill was scheduled to be signed by the Gov. of Hawaii by less than 24 hours.

2306a906 No.3617758

File: 1624089125785.png (1.21 MB, 635x849, Free_At_Last.png)

>There's some other federal holidays where there's really 'nothing to do' aside from having the day off.

Juneteenth started in the south and is celebrated heavily in places like Texas because years after the slaves had been freed and the confederacy had been defeated white people were still breaking the law to protect their right to murder and rape black people.

Many of the largest plantation owners in the south took their slaves and valuables to Texas where they suppressed the news of the confederacy losing and slaves being free for another few, sad, pathetic years.

The U.S. Army had to ride down to Texas and tell everyone because the white men in power there refused to follow the law.

Slavery actually ended some times in December 1865 when the last slaves were freed by force from the confederate holdouts who refused to rejoin America after they lost the war.

cbecbccd No.3617761


Systemic racism as in handing stimulus checks to poc business owners only?
Turns out judges considered it's racism, go figure, they probably are racists themselves, only explanation really.


f9eaccb9 No.3617762

>Systemic racism as in


2306a906 No.3617764

File: 1624095021066.gif (5.07 MB, 420x236, dgbg2344.gif)


Wow, this was so stupid on the part of these conservatives. They are claiming it's racism because the USDA didn't give them money that the USDA admits it owes these farmers because racist white-people who used to work for them cheated them.

They are going to take it to court and the USDA is going to be like, "Yes, we found systemic racism. These are the people who did it. We fired them because they broke the rules."

All those conservatives going on about how systemic racism isn't a thing are going to get a kick in the teeth because these 12 white crybabies want to play victim.

8cb5a988 No.3617766

File: 1624102797193.png (746.07 KB, 825x825, 709844.png)

Yeah, don't put manufacturing in black areas, lets just make a holiday…

Stupid fucks…

d05328c9 No.3617769

File: 1624106622935.jpeg (64.67 KB, 592x738, lbj-racist2.jpeg)

Funny how all that "systemic racism" happened before 1994, when when Democrats were in control of Congress and could have stopped it at any time. Even the liberal ones were so obsessed with holding onto power that they refused to rock the racist boat.

cbecbccd No.3617774

Chinese workers lives matter more than blacks it seems.

ac37e11b No.3617779

>Racially motivated divisive law

>Thinks its a great idea

You people really are just lemmings….

2306a906 No.3617783


LBJ was born August 27, 1908, near Stonewall, Texas of course he was raised racist.

He had to learn not to be and he did but it took a lot of work to de-program him.

b7d5e20f No.3617793

it was almost impossible to not be racist in 1908 no matter where you lived. I think the closest we ever came to not being racist at all was with 90's kids, and we done goofed that up cause we pushed all this anti-racism stuff instead of just doing what we were doing. Now everyone is so concerned about race that everyone is actively thinking about not-being racist, which is racist, or cultural revenge, which is definitely racist.

898cff3f No.3617797

File: 1624139711958.png (1.16 MB, 1180x1140, 1624135382401.png)

92513e33 No.3617824

The white dude in the corner stole a star wars lego set.

He on Target!


adcbc9c5 No.3617828

The word about Juneteenth from normal people is to turn it into a celebration of all thew white people that died to free the slaves mixed in with "When the Republicans took away all the Democrat's slaves".

5f567bd1 No.3617831

File: 1624170997411.jpg (92.39 KB, 1200x924, 5p3c9m0fl9661.jpg)

When you send an art commission to your dead friend.

2fc2f0bd No.3617832

File: 1624177037914.jpg (101.8 KB, 1076x922, fuck maga- mlk.jpg)

1e279d67 No.3617839


King was killed by Deep State and Black people love to vote DS!

92513e33 No.3617866

even MLK raped a bitch.

Lee was forgiven for literally $100 because King's family knew a whitey didn't do it.

King, and Marx, was only killed when they started activism for "poor people" and jews wanted none of that.

Both knew the 'system' was the issue, not racism. Both were a threat to capitalism.

3238e7ff No.3617885

File: 1624232411572.jpg (668.81 KB, 1280x1280, P0 (1).jpg)

Talked about Fubu, listened to Hip Hop got high went to Waffle house

3238e7ff No.3617886

I highly doubt MLK rapped anyone.

3a6b937c No.3617898


92513e33 No.3617905


All blacks are rappers.

92513e33 No.3617906

File: 1624243561406.png (218.89 KB, 892x948, Screen Shot 2021-06-20 at ….png)

Google, muttafukka…


92513e33 No.3617908

My idiot guest in front of me is saying that "watching and encouraging" means nothing comparable to rape.

okay… be a nigegrlover

3238e7ff No.3617911

File: 1624244471092.jpg (27.96 KB, 620x360, Hollis-Hurlbut.jpg)

So what if he did?
Are we gonna cancel him too?
Should we tare down his monuments now?
Where does it end?

b7d5e20f No.3617913

File: 1624244683171.gif (185.87 KB, 220x216, tenor.gif)

apparently there were A LOT of shootings and rioting on this whole Juneteenth day thing.


92513e33 No.3617915

>>Are we gonna cancel him too?

He already was, dumbass.

He was murdered by a Jew after he started the "Poor People's Campaign"

1d3ca280 No.3618379

File: 1624720609197.jpg (301.32 KB, 600x1000, DEAD NIGGER MUGSHOT.jpg)

LOL nigger cancelled!

386c6eb4 No.3618383


Only dimwits go to breitbart and think anything they say is accurate or true.

dbfe2996 No.3618390

Only dimwits go anywhere and just blindly trust what it says. The article in question seems fairly fact oriented, with little opinion. The claims made seem extremely easy to verify as well.

05bf35fd No.3618392

File: 1624738468365.jpg (1.7 MB, 2870x4096, E4m8fUUXoAEZWAG.jpg)


The claims of a crazy homeless man talking to himself on the sidewalk are also easily disproved but I don't need to put effort into debunking the lies of known crazy people.

Breitbart is a company of nothing but crazy people.

4d7395cc No.3618399

File: 1624752844929.jpg (73.54 KB, 827x700, 1624734355198.jpg)

>claims made seem extremely easy to verify as well

>Breitbart is a company of nothing but crazy people

So here is an example of >>3618390 suggesting research and >>3618392 blows him off. This is the difference between someone who thinks critically and someone who is brainwashed.

Know the difference….

595844ac No.3618401

Why do people assume that slaves were all happy about being freed? Life as a freed person required more work and less play.

527ec644 No.3618409


Slavery never ended, we just changed the parameters.
Now, people don't own people, corporations and governments own people.

Same result exactly.

b950a03d No.3618411

File: 1624777730529.webm (4.14 MB, 1280x720, 1597851197-0.webm)


afae82f0 No.3618413

Man that eye is creepy!

63803591 No.3618418


Is there more? that suit is hot as fuck :O

41cd261a No.3618419

juneteenth is muh cats birfday she is also black cat and im going to dose her with that der cotnap i been reding abuot.

c71d7188 No.3618424

I thought it looked cool. Smart design.

c71d7188 No.3618425

>Why do people assume that slaves were all happy about being freed?

Because they didn't get beat, whipped, and have their wives/daughters raped by white men when ever the white guy wanted?

4d7395cc No.3618428

>Why do people assume that slaves were all happy about being freed

Most slaves remained on the same plantations where they were. The ones that did leave, most returned again. Actions speak volumes….

92513e33 No.3618442

>Why do people assume that slaves were all


I'm Slav…wait for it…ic

Real Slaves were Slavic, not black. People never really hired blacks because they were moronic. Eastern Europeans were hired on, if not simply taken, as slaves by the Jews. Settlers rather hire Irish and Czech than a dumb i am racist and not very bright.

I tried desperately to look up demographics in the slave trade, and found jack shit on Jewgle search. It's all spammed with BLM shit

Doesn't make a lick of sense that this country was founded on cotton and only that. No buildings or shit.

Also, i am racist and not very brights even sucked at killing Hitler. The "Buffalo Soldier" song talked about the worst fucking 92nd platoon ever. They had 3 battalions and lost to a light infantry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eksV02us5DQ


Even Bob Marley gets shitty with people in the song "If you knew your history!!!"

f985ca5e No.3618450

The word slav comes from Sclaveni which was an old Roman name for the invading tribes of robbers and barbarians that came to the Balkan regions.

>The Slavic autonym *Slověninъ is usually considered a derivation from slovo "word", originally denoting "people who speak (the same language)"

Nothing to do with taking slaves. The english word "slave" came about in medieval times because the invaders were captured and put to prisons and forced labor.

386c6eb4 No.3618459

File: 1624824023649.png (323.21 KB, 385x379, 35yh355.png)

>Most slaves remained on the same plantations where they were. The ones that did leave, most returned again.

Don't repeat the racist fairy tales your slaver ancestors passed down through your racist family.

386c6eb4 No.3618460

File: 1624824131190.jpg (143.02 KB, 1080x1230, E4sq3mMXoAMhAJN.jpg)


Racist trying to change the subject to protect the white-lie of history?

Not surprised at all.

c98b4445 No.3618464

They did stay there. They had no idea how to make a living on their own, and no motivation. Much like today.
Why don't you accept history the way it actually was instead of trying to change it? Much as you try, you will never succeed in destroying the 200 year old documents, logs, and diaries that told how it actually was as written in those same days.

c71d7188 No.3618465


I've read history books. They didn't stay on the plantations where they were held as slaves. You're so full of shit your eyes are leaking brown.

c98b4445 No.3618467


And you're a Liar.

f9eaccb9 No.3618469

>NO U!


64e6a58b No.3618999

File: 1625371302431.jpg (26.57 KB, 480x360, mow 'em down!.jpg)

> What are you doing tomorrow to celebrate Juneteenth?

7a0e954d No.3619099

Some actually did do this, most often as part of post-bellum sharecropping & tenant-farming arrangements - not really surprising, as all that land & its attendant industrial agricultural potential hadn't gone anywhere even if the labor had.
This was a pretty shitty arrangement, though obviously still much better than enslavement. Interestingly, with the Peculiar Institution destroyed, the mass of poor (and often unemployed) whites of the South & Appalachia were now able to compete with the now-evened playing field of labor - in this way, wealth was forced to be redistributed by the landlords to working whites & blacks alike, though Southern legislators & communities did pretty much anything they were able to menace blacks into cowed, subservient social roles.

You get it pretty severely wrong here, though - it was the landowners, not the slaves, who were most-challenged about how to make a living (except, naturally, by the exploitation of the labor of those who are able to work). Owning a parcel of land is not a skill.

9cfce078 No.3619108

File: 1625516209227.jpg (288.31 KB, 1024x768, 20003605490_3ec0344b68_b.jpg)

no, I'm not doing a new thing

aa31fca2 No.3619120

File: 1625528915523.webm (2.86 MB, 720x1224, negro chimping 2.webm)

ceef8903 No.3619121


Fucking chimps. Never EVER gonna be the equals to anything except zoo animals.

677fb3a9 No.3619138

File: 1625544974271.jpg (130.9 KB, 1372x632, niggers_and_monkies.jpg)

LOL stupid niggers!

adcbc9c5 No.3619145

The white man clearly set this up

6b40e55f No.3619152

is this is Detroit?

b2d1194d No.3619153

it's trump's america

c3f8f880 No.3619157

What is?
Are you nuts?

6b40e55f No.3619158

File: 1625560561481.png (841.73 KB, 979x648, hahafireworksgoboom.png)

6b40e55f No.3619159

File: 1625560802271.jpg (41.18 KB, 500x500, artworks-000233801053-ivum….jpg)

What the hell are those gorillas doing in Texas?

c3f8f880 No.3619290

The capital of Haiti, Port-au-Prince, is one of the largest cities in the world without a central sewage system. Most of the more than three million people in the metro area use outhouses. There's just one sewage treatment plant in the entire country (built by Whites).

Haiti was the jewel of the Caribbean that outproduced every other island until the blacks overthrew the French in 1791 and after that Haiti has been the poorest country in the western hemisphere.

Nowhere Blacks live are they considered achievers. Blacks are universally viewed as unproductive and disruptive to society.

If the races are equally intelligent, then there should be evidence that they are; absence of such evidence is itself evidence that the races are not equal

6c5b1993 No.3619301

File: 1625681218532.jpg (470.88 KB, 983x3367, negro statistics are racis….jpg)

>races are not equal

No, they are not.

a593e94f No.3619309

a593e94f No.3619310

Different but equal.

0f65aa99 No.3619330


Equally different.

d40630d9 No.3619429

File: 1625791202208.png (409.23 KB, 600x631, negrotaughtmandarin.png)

b6faacaf No.3619436

File: 1625798285061.jpg (106.9 KB, 1280x720, Bugs Bunny - All This And ….jpg)

Nigger culture is a culture of violence. This picture is irrefutable proof. This nigger is about to slaughter a harmless bunny wabbit.

Checkmate, you libtard nigger defenders!

980066e2 No.3619444

File: 1625808151553.png (76.92 KB, 784x784, 1592087297.ohmyp_murr_for_….png)

Right wingers lack the basic ability to seperate the action from the person performing the action. Don't say you hate Black people. Say you hate violence. Say you hate theft. Say you hate rape. And focus on that instead.
"Hate the sin, love the sinner."

If you adopt that way of interpreting the world, you'll instantly and effortlessly stop being racist.

adcbc9c5 No.3619445

File: 1625808254084.png (1.44 MB, 1442x916, 1625799204415.png)

No, it's pretty certain wherever blacks go, they're violent.

f9eaccb9 No.3619455

>everywhere І go blacks are violent

story checks out

ceef8903 No.3619467


You are full of shit. Thirteen percent of the US population is responsible for 85% of all violent crime. Hazard a guess of the ethnicity of the 13%. You have to see how the areas they are in just literally rot from crime and vandalism. There's no such thing as a good cancer.

f33ad319 No.3619470


It's fun to quote fake statistics made by the very people who oppress the people you're personally also trying to oppress.

Noone's as stupid as you cucks.

84330d26 No.3619471

File: 1625849363691.jpg (50.85 KB, 800x532, 83aea0b4db5d9f7a70aef8a64d….jpg)

> Don't say you hate Black people. Say you hate violence. Say you hate theft. Say you hate rape. And focus on that instead.

>Dammit! I hate this stinging and itching! All this stinging and itching! No idea what's causing it, but dammit it stings and itches! Also, what's up with these tiny birds flying everywhere? Must be a coincidence.

3cd69d9e No.3619485

>right wing Can't separate the action from the person doing it.
Isn't that a little hypocritical though? The left play the constantly.
Like every time a white person commits a crime it's because they're white and white people are inherently violent and racist. But isn't that the same thing? Making a judgement based on race?
We can't even say "it's okay to be white" without triggering people.

a23eace0 No.3619486

Those are FBI statistics, you dipshit.

I do agree that you are full of shit.

3cd69d9e No.3619494

So? Leftist don't care about statistics unless they further their agenda. If they don't, they're either fabricated or the product of what ever "ism" or "phobia" is most convenient.

84330d26 No.3619498

4010ab99 No.3619499

File: 1625866634457.jpg (51.7 KB, 500x750, r2m.jpg)

I liked the part where we all evolved and advanced as a specie regardless of race and origin.

84330d26 No.3619501

Evolution presumes that some groups advance beyond others, who in turn are marginalized or die out.

Race and origin are the basic points of evolution, without which evolution could not happen.

d40630d9 No.3619515

File: 1625880502875.jpg (720.56 KB, 2032x3528, fbicrimestatistics.jpg)

FBI crime statistics?

Why I have it right here….

980066e2 No.3619516

File: 1625881019662.jpg (283.48 KB, 1024x659, 1237626232.chrisgoodwin_re….jpg)

What annoys me about white people is how whatever big achievement you can think of…

- first person in space
- first person to climb Mt Everest
- first person to reach the south pole
- first person to break the sound barrier
- first person to clone an animal
- etc

…you don't even need to look up who the actual person is, you just know it's gonna be some white dude. If you're a female or POC, if you want heroes like that to look up to you have to start adding details to narrow down the achievement, details like "first woman in space" or "first Black person to climb Mt Everest".

d40630d9 No.3619519

File: 1625882668343.jpg (138.78 KB, 607x1024, 1625874991330.jpg)

1beb5b9b No.3619521

File: 1625883276796.jpg (61.63 KB, 795x595, BRILLIANT_.jpg)

>Every single historic achievement by America was done by a white person and 99% of them by white men which obviously proved there is no bias in opertunity against minorities or women!

a23eace0 No.3619540

Why don't the Naggers and minorities we have spent a Trillion dollars sending to college for decades now and favoring them over whites to do so ever invent anything significant or important?
Maybe they are incapable of doing so.

f9eaccb9 No.3619541

>Why don't the Naggers and minorities we have spent a Trillion dollars sending to college for decades now and favoring them over whites to do so ever invent anything significant or important?
this "sentence" was "written" by a "white" "person"

980066e2 No.3619546

Y'all like to say "I'm not responsible for my ancestor's actions" (in reference to slavery, etc), yet you also try to take credit for the actions of people you may or may not be distantly related to. It's a narcissistic self-view of the type "Shakespeare was great. Shakespeare was white. I'm white. Therefore I'm great."

Stop taking credit for others' achievements. Have YOU ever invented anything significant or important? Because I suspect the number of technological achievements you've been responsible for equals my own.

84330d26 No.3619547

If you're coming from the family line of Shakeaspeare, you're more likely to have similar qualities to Shakespeare.

It's not that you necessarily express those qualities in person, but your genetic code is pre-disposed to producing individuals with higher talents in that regard. The argument about white people being superior to black people is about where the peak of the bell curve is.

84330d26 No.3619548

And, being proud about your race is being proud of the qualities that make your race successful and productive. Both the average individual and the peak achieving individuals are drawn from the same genetic lottery, which has allowed a small minority of people (globally speaking whites are 10-15%) to achieve nearly every social and technological improvement, outpacing even the East Asian races.

In this sense, even retards can take pride in being white, because without a deviation from the mean we wouldn't have all the rest of the highly talented people.

26cce377 No.3619549

File: 1625917171874.jpg (17.5 KB, 400x241, main-qimg-e3a75fc210c089f8….jpg)

> which obviously proved there is no bias in opertunity against minorities or women!

The average IQ of a college student is 113 points, which means only the top 21% of people in total could be considered high achievers. The average college student is not.


The reason why women don't excel in high level education and jobs which require deep technical or theoretical understanding and inventiveness or creative problem solving is because the IQ scores of women vary less than that of men. There are almost no women in the top 21% achievers. The same obviously goes for black people, whose entire population IQ distribution is shifted 15 points down from whites.

26cce377 No.3619550

File: 1625917962230.jpg (213.44 KB, 720x900, main-qimg-035179573dd73b32….jpg)

At 120 IQ points level, there are approximately 1.5 men for every 1 woman, and at 150 IQ points there are 3.7 smart men for every smart woman.

In order to keep arguing that women and minorities don't achieve because they're still being oppressed by society, you would have to argue that intelligence is socially constructed.

df5fb786 No.3619554


Which it is. IQ tests have long been the topic of ire as they are EXTREMELY biased, and not just racially or sexually. The same person can take the test and get wildly different results too, based on the situation and their mood.


df5fb786 No.3619556

There has been considerable work from both hard and social scientists refuting arguments such as Brigham’s and Terman’s that racial differences in IQ scores are influenced by biology.

Critiques of such “hereditarian” hypotheses – arguments that genetics can powerfully explain human character traits and even human social and political problems – cite a lack of evidence and weak statistical analyses. This critique continues today, with many researchers resistant to and alarmed by research that is still being conducted on race and IQ.

But in their darkest moments, IQ tests became a powerful way to exclude and control marginalised communities using empirical and scientific language. Supporters of eugenic ideologies in the 1900s used IQ tests to identify “idiots”, “imbeciles”, and the “feebleminded”. These were people, eugenicists argued, who threatened to dilute the White Anglo-Saxon genetic stock of America.

A plaque in Virginia in memory to Carrie Buck, the first person to be sterilised under eugenics laws in the state. Jukie Bot/flickr.com, CC BY-NC
As a result of such eugenic arguments, many American citizens were later sterilised. In 1927, an infamous ruling by the US Supreme Court legalised forced sterilisation of citizens with developmental disabilities and the “feebleminded,” who were frequently identified by their low IQ scores. The ruling, known as Buck v Bell, resulted in over 65,000 coerced sterilisations of individuals thought to have low IQs. Those in the US who were forcibly sterilised in the aftermath of Buck v Bell were disproportionately poor or of colour.

a23eace0 No.3619559

It's even worse than that for blacks straight out of Africa with no white admixture in them, the average IQ there is about 65 to 70, so knock off another 15 IQ points for those blacks. Which brings up an interesting point. A white person with an IQ of 65 is considered moderately retarded, and is classified as such, yet they do not apply such a designation to blacks that have an IQ that low, why is that?

a23eace0 No.3619563

An IQ test isn't even needed if you have been around blacks very much, one of the first things you notice is that there is something inherently wrong with them, and a huge number of them are feeble-minded. Also, try as the educators might, all the dumbing down of IQ tests and SAT scores so blacks could maybe pass them then, hasn't helped hardly at all.

ddeeb6d9 No.3619583

>>3619563 and yet you white people voted for the likes of Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Talk about utterly retarded.

a23eace0 No.3619591

Why are blacks not considered a different species? No one on Earth would argue that dogs and wolves are the same species, yet they are able to breed and have fertile offspring, so that is not always a deciding factor if something is the same species.
There is a 100,000 year evolutionary gap since blacks and the other races of man went their separate ways. This is far greater than the 60,000 year gap between the other races of man and the Neanderthals, which ARE considered a separate species of human. So why are blacks not considered a separate species? The differences are obvious, not only in appearance but in behavior and intelligence.

77673c5e No.3619592

File: 1625954229789.jpg (3.14 MB, 2508x3541, E515bSxUcAAiiYP.jpg)

>It's not that you necessarily express those qualities in person, but your genetic code is pre-disposed to producing individuals with higher talents in that regard.

Complete myth. It's a roll of the dice every time two people breed. Most brilliant people's parents were either average or low IQ.

Great people achieve greatness by effort, not by genetics. The idea that genetics makes you good is the great white lie that lazy, worthless people tell themselves so they don't feel pressured to put in any actual work on improving themselves.

26cce377 No.3619593

File: 1625958815046.png (13.23 KB, 772x442, 10-Figure1-1.png)

>Which it is. IQ tests have long been the topic of ire as they are EXTREMELY biased

Thing is, if you carefully measure general intelligence (q) and eliminate the types of tests that favor men over women and vice versa, the difference between men and women becomes even more pronounced. It actually corresponds closely to brain volume, which is greater in men.


26cce377 No.3619594

>Complete myth.

No it isn't. IQ is 80% inherited.

There is an effect called "regress to the mean", which means you're more likely to have average intelligence even if you're born of intelligent parents, but you're still disposed to having greater IQ than the rest.

26cce377 No.3619595

>Great people achieve greatness by effort, not by genetics.

>Twin studies of adult individuals have found a heritability of IQ between 57% and 73%[6] with the most recent studies showing heritability for IQ as high as 80%

Great people achieve greatness by effort, but it already assumes you have the potential for greatness. An absolute idiot cannot achieve anything even with great effort, or they would take more than a human lifetime to achieve it.

26cce377 No.3619597

IQ tests are culturally tainted in the sense that they test how well you conform to a western white academic frame of thinking. They do not directly measure intelligence.

However, if you want to have socially progressive and technologically advanced, affluent societies, you want to conform to a western white academic frame of thinking. It's been proven to work pretty well, while the people who score low on the same standard are living in squalor and can barely keep any semblance of social order.

26cce377 No.3619598

And, in a sense, conforming to a frame of thought that favors affluence and social and technological progress IS intelligence.

Why would any smart person want to make a worse world for himself? Plain processing capacity is not intelligence - there are many people who are savant idiots, who can perform incredible feats of the mind, yet cannot tie their own shoelaces. Same thing with IQ.

f71a2f53 No.3619599

> this "sentence" was "written" by a "white" "person"
That post drips with irony, coming as it does from someone who doesn't even know the difference between the words "president" and "precedent."

f9eaccb9 No.3619602

>coming as it does from someone who doesn't even know the difference between the words "president" and "precedent."
I can assure you that I am not donald john trump.
https://archive.is/gFLpa (archive'd because the tweet is still live, but unviewable because lolb&)

just imagine how fucking stupid you'd look if your post were serious

b950a03d No.3619618

File: 1625974940746.jpg (69.21 KB, 1280x720, 6809567955.jpg)



8a885587 No.3619627

File: 1625978219195.png (515.12 KB, 720x720, 1283458806.technicolorpie_….png)

>Most brilliant people's parents were either average or low IQ
IQ in general is a highly inheritable trait. Between 57% and 73%, as far as 80% inheritable (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heritability_of_IQ)

And even if geniuses had usually average parents, for some peoples achieving a mere 100 IQ is almost a genius-like status.

>Great people achieve greatness by effort, not by genetics. The idea that genetics makes you good is the great white lie that lazy, worthless people tell themselves so they don't feel pressured to put in any actual work on improving themselves.

While effort does help maximize one's potential, IQ is nature's hard cap on your ability.

Go and explain to an 80 IQ window licker how to compute the derivative of a composite function or what object oriented programming is.

Even if they could understand it, it would take them so absurdly long to do it, that it's not fun anymore for them, for you, for everybody involved and you might just give them a mop and a bucket and tell them to clean the floor instead. If they can manage that without fucking something up.

77673c5e No.3619629


Don't be so hard on them.

I believe that with effort and education even a conservative can learn to function as a reasonably normal member of society.

8a885587 No.3619630

File: 1625979546559.png (5.51 KB, 226x223, abc.png)

Actually Aydin Paladin dug up a study that said that far left and far right leaning students scored almost as high as each other (I think in grades, not IQ) and both scored more than the centrists, which kinda annoyed the hell out of me.

66dc9a35 No.3619649

It takes intelligence to have opinions beyond "iunno both things I guess?".

However, intelligence does not in itself mean your thinking is rational. Smarter people are simply better at coming up with rationalizations and excuses to the point of confusing themselves to believe that something patently false is true.

d40630d9 No.3619673

File: 1626029950038.jpg (1.06 MB, 1536x2048, negroriseinsatscoreasblack….jpg)

Empirical observation IS evidence.

b2a2692e No.3619693

File: 1626047856798.jpg (22.28 KB, 400x400, 7736794.jpg)

Ohhhh you wacky liberals. Denying the reality of genetics again.
Ohhhh when will they learn?

dcf017a6 No.3619706

So your excuse is it's okay that you're semiliterate because someone you admire is also semiliterate? Pretty weak.

e0299e96 No.3619754

Oh and England lost the European cup because 3 black players who weren't that good but made the team via diversity missed penalty kicks leaving Italy to win. What a great day, diversity loses again!

c22a6e71 No.3627229

File: 1632800720446.jpg (249.35 KB, 1024x1024, stupid niggers.jpg)

>Why don't the Naggers and minorities we have spent a Trillion dollars sending to college for decades now and favoring them over whites to do so ever invent anything significant or important?
Because niggers are stupid.

92513e33 No.3627235


I assumed nlggers never finish college cuz they are scared of Masters…


The first black philosopher is the first nlgger you ask!

5c5318f6 No.3627263

File: 1632857978038.webm (2.39 MB, 226x360, negrorollingupawire.webm)

713d7021 No.3627396

File: 1632960618647.jpg (97.04 KB, 757x1024, 1632167023603.jpg)

d4bebe0a No.3627403

Also I dont see no proof these people are following their own rules lol they still have to wear masks causr their overlords claim they do but I don't see no masks in that pic.

55afb3f0 No.3627526

File: 1633050228644.jpg (87.23 KB, 1024x648, negro tranny.jpg)

fd4abb10 No.3627688

File: 1633120974830.jpg (36.4 KB, 620x380, Niggers-Arrested-Bingo-sho….jpg)

No doubt everyone's mask was torn off by the nigger women simply because coons always tend to be violent thugs.

295a4ac2 No.3627738

File: 1633137895911.png (358.48 KB, 594x398, you are welcome for slaver….png)

c0eca52c No.3627764

Then where are they on the floor you fool. I mean come on this whole thing looks staged as hell. If they even wore masks to provide proof even stills would show proof no wearing of masks and none on the floor looks staged.

33579114 No.3628093

c4ed0a17 No.3628108

I got Covid 6 months ago. Rode it out for 5 days without doing anything other than drinking OJ and sleeping. Full recovery with no issues. I now have the real vaccine flowing through my veins. Not that fake crap the demon possessed satan worshipers are pushing. No mask is going to save your sorry äss.

ac905f00 No.3628120

>I now have the real vaccine flowing through my veins.
Pfizer, Moderna, or Dongson&Dongson?

>Not that fake crap the demon possessed satan worshipers are pushing.

I think we're supposed to take the horsepaste/fishtank cleaner pushing to the /pol/ thread.

c0eca52c No.3628123

Ive been saying it for years and will continue saying it till people begin to get jealous of the liquid red gold running through my veins get on my level immunity since birth total god mode at 100% immunity. That's right you can wish covid on me all you want but it aint going to happen and your wish just becomes your karmic grave.

c282816b No.3628124

File: 1633406428477.jpg (189.98 KB, 1600x800, spooktober.jpg)

3272f02d No.3628184

File: 1633457953064.jpg (27.11 KB, 581x141, Capture.JPG)


Anyone wanna play 'Guess Who?'

c4ed0a17 No.3628508

When having any dealings with blacks, always remember:

"Qui cum canibus concumbunt cum pulicibus surgent"

If anyone here is smart enough to translate it accurately.

13ed8479 No.3628514

>cum… cum

I don't think this needs a translation

97033b94 No.3628531

File: 1633645638788.jpg (131.97 KB, 800x765, Kat with fleas.jpg)

35f34d90 No.3628620

File: 1633740109804.jpg (99.62 KB, 608x658, Capture.JPG)

Reminder that blacks are inferior……always.

6b19bce2 No.3628634

File: 1633746220367.jpg (13.38 KB, 256x256, aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cucG9kY2hhc2….jpg)

Don't be rude bro. Blacks are more conservative than most white people. A lot them have solid basis in Christianity and would be livid at the idea of Drag Queens in Preschool.

There isn't anything wrong with having conservative values but Sophistry you just get straight up racist some times and I think you're missing the point of being conservative.

It's not about superior or inferior it's taking responsibility for your own life. It's about respecting other's people's right to choose their own way.

Like not forcing people to be participate in homo weddings & letting people hang what ever flags they want on their property.

A lot of the loudest and most prominent conservative voices are blacks.

So can it with the racism already.

12ce14b4 No.3628657

File: 1633763564315.jpg (54.19 KB, 700x645, funny-christian-memes-297-….jpg)


The right doesn't get claim Christianity.

Black Christianity is very different from white Christianity. Black people actually teach mercy, kindness, generosity, and forgiveness.

Conservative cults teach dominance, prejudice, greed, and bigotry.
They are not even close to what Jesus actually preached.
If Jesus came back today they would call him a terrorist and try to deport him.

4780ca0b No.3628659

File: 1633763930973.jpg (24.15 KB, 508x592, 011.jpg)

You have clearly never attended a black church service in you're entire life.

0be406a1 No.3628681

File: 1633774210965.jpg (37.79 KB, 400x225, tn_BLUES_BROTHERS-10.jpg)

He probably saw the one on Blues Brothers where Jake and Elwood see the light and everyone starts flying around and thinks that's what all black churches are like.

4b539c71 No.3628684


Or, yanno, he might actually leave his home instead of thinking everyone's knowledge comes exclusively from movies like themselves.

If you ever actually met anyone, you might not be so fast to judge.

35f34d90 No.3628760

File: 1633821677564.jpg (77.57 KB, 640x828, 1631492969815.jpg)


Great! Start protesting against the college in support of the professor.

Until then, until the sense of entitlement is terminated, until they stop acting like children, until they stop with the racism, until then fuck off.

Stop telling me my grass is too long at my house when your house is on fire.

4780ca0b No.3628764

I'm just say'n that a lot of the conservative values I hold come from black people, by actually listening to what they had to say rather than acting like some liberal BLM white savior.

152766d5 No.3628767

Can we have a serious discussion about how openly homophobic the African American Community is? No white person has ever called me faggot in person, and I've been open about it in some very conservative areas. I used to frequent activist circles, and once there was talk of some "intersectional" organizing with a Black Organization. I asked if they were doing anything about homophobia in their community, and I could not believe the death glares I was getting from my fellow (all white) activists. It was as if I had jumped up and shouted "HEIL HITLER GAS THE KIKES" in the middle of a civil luncheon. I didn't press the issue, but now I wish that I had. I feel like some of the more koolaid drinking types have constructed this stereotype in their head of 20th century deep south gay bashing and refuse to acknowledge contemporary issues.

82b8b730 No.3628770

You should have started blasting Gangsta Fag on a 90s boombox https://youtu.be/GZF1F3gq0jU

>activist circles

Those kinds of people are insufferable. How many screeching trannies were involved? Should have also mentioned that the majority of the "epidemic" of violence against trannies was almost all black dudes vs black tranny hookers.

35f34d90 No.3629011

File: 1633972285511.jpg (101.98 KB, 1200x675, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

>actually listening to what they had to say

No - you should watch what they do instead. Deeds, not words, define intent.

Matthew 7:16

You will recognize them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?

e729ad81 No.3629049


I've seen extreme homophobia from white people, too. And hispanics.
I think this is a hate-problem that isn't actually ethno-centric, but rather a classism and social ostracism issue.

Just because something's stupid and pointless to hate over doesn't mean people won't.

If humans are good at anything, it's hating anything different from themselves under the belief only conformity can somehow result in a better life, when it is in fact that heirarchized structure that causes the misery in the first place.

After all, corporations can't convince you to buy guns and tanks to mow down those dangerous minorities who DARE to ask for equality, unless they also perpetuate the poverty and class struggle they're protesting in the first place!

134f0f88 No.3631974

File: 1636332156356.jpg (26.79 KB, 384x217, angry-judge-384x217.jpg)

5d8b511f No.3637832

File: 1639550972449.jpg (63.64 KB, 500x541, typical Jew opinion.jpg)

And that is typical nigger thinking right there. Spades think it's normal to commit crime. The nigger thinks everyone commits crimes but there is some conspiracy to only prosecute spades. That is because nigger culture IS criminal culture.

The truth is coons are disproportionately imprisoned because they commit more crime.

e36d12c0 No.3638202

File: 1639849146452.jpg (236.08 KB, 1000x1000, niggerfatigue.jpg)

5aab316d No.3651008

File: 1647567184142.jpg (34.07 KB, 539x559, niggerism.jpg)

915ec7bf No.3651140

File: 1647649798951.webm (1.01 MB, 320x568, negro picnic.webm)

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