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What are you doing tomorrow to celebrate Juneteenth?
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26cce377 No.3619594

>Complete myth.

No it isn't. IQ is 80% inherited.

There is an effect called "regress to the mean", which means you're more likely to have average intelligence even if you're born of intelligent parents, but you're still disposed to having greater IQ than the rest.

26cce377 No.3619595

>Great people achieve greatness by effort, not by genetics.

>Twin studies of adult individuals have found a heritability of IQ between 57% and 73%[6] with the most recent studies showing heritability for IQ as high as 80%

Great people achieve greatness by effort, but it already assumes you have the potential for greatness. An absolute idiot cannot achieve anything even with great effort, or they would take more than a human lifetime to achieve it.

26cce377 No.3619597

IQ tests are culturally tainted in the sense that they test how well you conform to a western white academic frame of thinking. They do not directly measure intelligence.

However, if you want to have socially progressive and technologically advanced, affluent societies, you want to conform to a western white academic frame of thinking. It's been proven to work pretty well, while the people who score low on the same standard are living in squalor and can barely keep any semblance of social order.

26cce377 No.3619598

And, in a sense, conforming to a frame of thought that favors affluence and social and technological progress IS intelligence.

Why would any smart person want to make a worse world for himself? Plain processing capacity is not intelligence - there are many people who are savant idiots, who can perform incredible feats of the mind, yet cannot tie their own shoelaces. Same thing with IQ.

f71a2f53 No.3619599

> this "sentence" was "written" by a "white" "person"
That post drips with irony, coming as it does from someone who doesn't even know the difference between the words "president" and "precedent."

f9eaccb9 No.3619602

>coming as it does from someone who doesn't even know the difference between the words "president" and "precedent."
I can assure you that I am not donald john trump.
https://archive.is/gFLpa (archive'd because the tweet is still live, but unviewable because lolb&)

just imagine how fucking stupid you'd look if your post were serious

b950a03d No.3619618

File: 1625974940746.jpg (69.21 KB, 1280x720, 6809567955.jpg)



8a885587 No.3619627

File: 1625978219195.png (515.12 KB, 720x720, 1283458806.technicolorpie_….png)

>Most brilliant people's parents were either average or low IQ
IQ in general is a highly inheritable trait. Between 57% and 73%, as far as 80% inheritable (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heritability_of_IQ)

And even if geniuses had usually average parents, for some peoples achieving a mere 100 IQ is almost a genius-like status.

>Great people achieve greatness by effort, not by genetics. The idea that genetics makes you good is the great white lie that lazy, worthless people tell themselves so they don't feel pressured to put in any actual work on improving themselves.

While effort does help maximize one's potential, IQ is nature's hard cap on your ability.

Go and explain to an 80 IQ window licker how to compute the derivative of a composite function or what object oriented programming is.

Even if they could understand it, it would take them so absurdly long to do it, that it's not fun anymore for them, for you, for everybody involved and you might just give them a mop and a bucket and tell them to clean the floor instead. If they can manage that without fucking something up.

77673c5e No.3619629


Don't be so hard on them.

I believe that with effort and education even a conservative can learn to function as a reasonably normal member of society.

8a885587 No.3619630

File: 1625979546559.png (5.51 KB, 226x223, abc.png)

Actually Aydin Paladin dug up a study that said that far left and far right leaning students scored almost as high as each other (I think in grades, not IQ) and both scored more than the centrists, which kinda annoyed the hell out of me.

66dc9a35 No.3619649

It takes intelligence to have opinions beyond "iunno both things I guess?".

However, intelligence does not in itself mean your thinking is rational. Smarter people are simply better at coming up with rationalizations and excuses to the point of confusing themselves to believe that something patently false is true.

d40630d9 No.3619673

File: 1626029950038.jpg (1.06 MB, 1536x2048, negroriseinsatscoreasblack….jpg)

Empirical observation IS evidence.

b2a2692e No.3619693

File: 1626047856798.jpg (22.28 KB, 400x400, 7736794.jpg)

Ohhhh you wacky liberals. Denying the reality of genetics again.
Ohhhh when will they learn?

dcf017a6 No.3619706

So your excuse is it's okay that you're semiliterate because someone you admire is also semiliterate? Pretty weak.

e0299e96 No.3619754

Oh and England lost the European cup because 3 black players who weren't that good but made the team via diversity missed penalty kicks leaving Italy to win. What a great day, diversity loses again!

c22a6e71 No.3627229

File: 1632800720446.jpg (249.35 KB, 1024x1024, stupid niggers.jpg)

>Why don't the Naggers and minorities we have spent a Trillion dollars sending to college for decades now and favoring them over whites to do so ever invent anything significant or important?
Because niggers are stupid.

92513e33 No.3627235


I assumed nlggers never finish college cuz they are scared of Masters…


The first black philosopher is the first nlgger you ask!

5c5318f6 No.3627263

File: 1632857978038.webm (2.39 MB, 226x360, negrorollingupawire.webm)

713d7021 No.3627396

File: 1632960618647.jpg (97.04 KB, 757x1024, 1632167023603.jpg)

d4bebe0a No.3627403

Also I dont see no proof these people are following their own rules lol they still have to wear masks causr their overlords claim they do but I don't see no masks in that pic.

55afb3f0 No.3627526

File: 1633050228644.jpg (87.23 KB, 1024x648, negro tranny.jpg)

fd4abb10 No.3627688

File: 1633120974830.jpg (36.4 KB, 620x380, Niggers-Arrested-Bingo-sho….jpg)

No doubt everyone's mask was torn off by the nigger women simply because coons always tend to be violent thugs.

295a4ac2 No.3627738

File: 1633137895911.png (358.48 KB, 594x398, you are welcome for slaver….png)

c0eca52c No.3627764

Then where are they on the floor you fool. I mean come on this whole thing looks staged as hell. If they even wore masks to provide proof even stills would show proof no wearing of masks and none on the floor looks staged.

33579114 No.3628093

c4ed0a17 No.3628108

I got Covid 6 months ago. Rode it out for 5 days without doing anything other than drinking OJ and sleeping. Full recovery with no issues. I now have the real vaccine flowing through my veins. Not that fake crap the demon possessed satan worshipers are pushing. No mask is going to save your sorry äss.

ac905f00 No.3628120

>I now have the real vaccine flowing through my veins.
Pfizer, Moderna, or Dongson&Dongson?

>Not that fake crap the demon possessed satan worshipers are pushing.

I think we're supposed to take the horsepaste/fishtank cleaner pushing to the /pol/ thread.

c0eca52c No.3628123

Ive been saying it for years and will continue saying it till people begin to get jealous of the liquid red gold running through my veins get on my level immunity since birth total god mode at 100% immunity. That's right you can wish covid on me all you want but it aint going to happen and your wish just becomes your karmic grave.

c282816b No.3628124

File: 1633406428477.jpg (189.98 KB, 1600x800, spooktober.jpg)

3272f02d No.3628184

File: 1633457953064.jpg (27.11 KB, 581x141, Capture.JPG)


Anyone wanna play 'Guess Who?'

c4ed0a17 No.3628508

When having any dealings with blacks, always remember:

"Qui cum canibus concumbunt cum pulicibus surgent"

If anyone here is smart enough to translate it accurately.

13ed8479 No.3628514

>cum… cum

I don't think this needs a translation

97033b94 No.3628531

File: 1633645638788.jpg (131.97 KB, 800x765, Kat with fleas.jpg)

35f34d90 No.3628620

File: 1633740109804.jpg (99.62 KB, 608x658, Capture.JPG)

Reminder that blacks are inferior……always.

6b19bce2 No.3628634

File: 1633746220367.jpg (13.38 KB, 256x256, aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cucG9kY2hhc2….jpg)

Don't be rude bro. Blacks are more conservative than most white people. A lot them have solid basis in Christianity and would be livid at the idea of Drag Queens in Preschool.

There isn't anything wrong with having conservative values but Sophistry you just get straight up racist some times and I think you're missing the point of being conservative.

It's not about superior or inferior it's taking responsibility for your own life. It's about respecting other's people's right to choose their own way.

Like not forcing people to be participate in homo weddings & letting people hang what ever flags they want on their property.

A lot of the loudest and most prominent conservative voices are blacks.

So can it with the racism already.

12ce14b4 No.3628657

File: 1633763564315.jpg (54.19 KB, 700x645, funny-christian-memes-297-….jpg)


The right doesn't get claim Christianity.

Black Christianity is very different from white Christianity. Black people actually teach mercy, kindness, generosity, and forgiveness.

Conservative cults teach dominance, prejudice, greed, and bigotry.
They are not even close to what Jesus actually preached.
If Jesus came back today they would call him a terrorist and try to deport him.

4780ca0b No.3628659

File: 1633763930973.jpg (24.15 KB, 508x592, 011.jpg)

You have clearly never attended a black church service in you're entire life.

0be406a1 No.3628681

File: 1633774210965.jpg (37.79 KB, 400x225, tn_BLUES_BROTHERS-10.jpg)

He probably saw the one on Blues Brothers where Jake and Elwood see the light and everyone starts flying around and thinks that's what all black churches are like.

4b539c71 No.3628684


Or, yanno, he might actually leave his home instead of thinking everyone's knowledge comes exclusively from movies like themselves.

If you ever actually met anyone, you might not be so fast to judge.

35f34d90 No.3628760

File: 1633821677564.jpg (77.57 KB, 640x828, 1631492969815.jpg)


Great! Start protesting against the college in support of the professor.

Until then, until the sense of entitlement is terminated, until they stop acting like children, until they stop with the racism, until then fuck off.

Stop telling me my grass is too long at my house when your house is on fire.

4780ca0b No.3628764

I'm just say'n that a lot of the conservative values I hold come from black people, by actually listening to what they had to say rather than acting like some liberal BLM white savior.

152766d5 No.3628767

Can we have a serious discussion about how openly homophobic the African American Community is? No white person has ever called me faggot in person, and I've been open about it in some very conservative areas. I used to frequent activist circles, and once there was talk of some "intersectional" organizing with a Black Organization. I asked if they were doing anything about homophobia in their community, and I could not believe the death glares I was getting from my fellow (all white) activists. It was as if I had jumped up and shouted "HEIL HITLER GAS THE KIKES" in the middle of a civil luncheon. I didn't press the issue, but now I wish that I had. I feel like some of the more koolaid drinking types have constructed this stereotype in their head of 20th century deep south gay bashing and refuse to acknowledge contemporary issues.

82b8b730 No.3628770

You should have started blasting Gangsta Fag on a 90s boombox https://youtu.be/GZF1F3gq0jU

>activist circles

Those kinds of people are insufferable. How many screeching trannies were involved? Should have also mentioned that the majority of the "epidemic" of violence against trannies was almost all black dudes vs black tranny hookers.

35f34d90 No.3629011

File: 1633972285511.jpg (101.98 KB, 1200x675, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

>actually listening to what they had to say

No - you should watch what they do instead. Deeds, not words, define intent.

Matthew 7:16

You will recognize them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?

e729ad81 No.3629049


I've seen extreme homophobia from white people, too. And hispanics.
I think this is a hate-problem that isn't actually ethno-centric, but rather a classism and social ostracism issue.

Just because something's stupid and pointless to hate over doesn't mean people won't.

If humans are good at anything, it's hating anything different from themselves under the belief only conformity can somehow result in a better life, when it is in fact that heirarchized structure that causes the misery in the first place.

After all, corporations can't convince you to buy guns and tanks to mow down those dangerous minorities who DARE to ask for equality, unless they also perpetuate the poverty and class struggle they're protesting in the first place!

134f0f88 No.3631974

File: 1636332156356.jpg (26.79 KB, 384x217, angry-judge-384x217.jpg)

5d8b511f No.3637832

File: 1639550972449.jpg (63.64 KB, 500x541, typical Jew opinion.jpg)

And that is typical nigger thinking right there. Spades think it's normal to commit crime. The nigger thinks everyone commits crimes but there is some conspiracy to only prosecute spades. That is because nigger culture IS criminal culture.

The truth is coons are disproportionately imprisoned because they commit more crime.

e36d12c0 No.3638202

File: 1639849146452.jpg (236.08 KB, 1000x1000, niggerfatigue.jpg)

5aab316d No.3651008

File: 1647567184142.jpg (34.07 KB, 539x559, niggerism.jpg)

915ec7bf No.3651140

File: 1647649798951.webm (1.01 MB, 320x568, negro picnic.webm)

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