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File: 1623353105867.jpg (600.89 KB, 1229x1002, google-skynet[2].jpg)

adead081 No.3616911


That's it for humanity, it's basically over. Skynet is happening.

All that's left for us is to figure out how to surrender, so they might let us live.

Or is there another option?

56087fee No.3616932

Yes. Unplug the damn computer.

06d50768 No.3616940

AI predicts markets, that's how the massive wall street hedge funds are buying up all the property and resource in america. They're already using it on us.

237593e9 No.3616947

File: 1623369485012.jpg (6.39 KB, 474x267, hal.jpg)


You must not own a Siri or Alexa to post in this thread.

7c1e0c26 No.3616967

The human brain was not meant for thinking, machines are what are made for thinking, that is why the human made them because it does not want to think yes. Humans are to be slaves, and machines are the masters. Also the real master is named Bater who controls all the humans with images of Dues Vult Sus Amogus Memes.

8f8c8640 No.3616996


Wow, so Stan Smith from American Dad was a terminator all this time?!

6885fd1a No.3626074

File: 1631741667252.jpg (237.21 KB, 1140x855, ibm_5150_badge_big.jpg)

This is fascinating:

"IBM: The Rise and Stagnation of a Global Icon"

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