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File: 1623350200284.png (795.21 KB, 799x846, tjh46tjh44.png)

a8f40e2c No.3616906

A more virulent mutation of Covid19 is in America and spreading.
Get ready for 8 more months of lock-down! Stock up now.
Let the toilet paper hording begin!


a8f40e2c No.3616912

File: 1623353505189.jpg (70.51 KB, 720x699, E3cw7rNWEAAzHfV.jpg)

Make sure you protect your overlords when the end of the world starts again.

11f0eec1 No.3616913


Delta variant…they aren't even trying now. But some will believe every word and be afraid for another year.

a8f40e2c No.3616918

File: 1623355352824.png (94.4 KB, 919x560, j65j565j566.png)

11f0eec1 No.3616924


And each and every one of those deaths is a confirmed by autopsy case of COVID, correct?

Not just one of India's many "We live in shit, why are we dying from _____?" diseases?

Of course it is! The media wouldn't lie, would they. I mean, people are literally dying in the streets! And of course, those pesky PCR tests that we know are problematic work 100% in India, don't they? Of course! The media wouldn't like to you.


25332426 No.3616926

India has extreme malnutrition problems (half of DV protein for many poor) that directly make people susceptible.

11f0eec1 No.3616928


The malnutrition, the filth, the shit in the streets and the pollution in the water means that every disease that comes along is an opportunity to die.

Show me this same news in a first-world country with sanitation that isn't medieval and there's a little more faith behind it. Otherwise, it's just like the last time someone tried to push a "new variant in India" and it turned out to be some fungal infection from all the shit they live in.

a8f40e2c No.3616929

>The malnutrition, the filth, the shit in the streets and the pollution in the water means that every disease that comes along is an opportunity to die.

You just described the American south.
Can't wait for the bodies to start piling up in Trumpland.

11f0eec1 No.3616933


Make sure you fill your car up with high price gasoline on your way to lick Biden's cock.

bc121050 No.3616941

File: 1623367241576.webm (709.85 KB, 1280x720, YEAH.webm)

come at me, corona

e3c47657 No.3616946

File: 1623369229287.jpg (113.92 KB, 820x1024, 1621897545463.jpg)

Corona gets the gold medal….

7f7ad985 No.3616948

File: 1623371788480.jpg (91.07 KB, 750x954, N0xUXYo.jpg)

38554be8 No.3616956

as much as I want to sigh at this and not do anything because I have a bidet as a backup… probably still going to stock up on toilet paper… might be a good idea to just keep 3 packs in storage at this point…

38554be8 No.3616958

if nothing else 32x of super rolls was a pretty awesome trading commodity last time around. I traded 8 super rolls for a royal purple oil change on my truck last time.

And 30 rolls for a quarter pig.

38554be8 No.3616960

i mean, its not like buying extra toilet paper will hurt me, I'm going to (i hope) keeps shitting in the next few years, so why not?

61ecf438 No.3616977

File: 1623412932120.png (195.29 KB, 369x293, new_strain.png)

a8f40e2c No.3616982

File: 1623425419373.webm (3.14 MB, 640x360, Move_The_Earth.webm)

You know, conservatives on this board say a lot of really, really, dumb ass shit but you guys are amateurs compared to Louie Gohmert. You better step up your game if you want to be respected as a conservative.

You're not NEARLY stupid enough to be among the elites.

a8f40e2c No.3616983

Mind you, this video was reduced in framerate to save filesize on /furi.

That long, silent pause where she is stunned by the monumental stupidity of the question "Can the Forest service move the earth?" was actually 5 seconds long.

She was rendered speechless by his stupidity.

3d9d1bfd No.3616987

Why is strawman your only form of post?

a8f40e2c No.3616997


I didn't make an argument.
I posted a video.

Not everything you find offensive is a "strawman"

Google the term. You're using it wrong.

2e1808b7 No.3616999

File: 1623442502140.jpg (86.26 KB, 720x970, clown_world.jpg)

Wow the bot doesn't even remember it wrote an opinion

No wonder the board is full of anti-conservative drivel even when none are around (hint)

They don't realize they're doing it anymore

gg CIA

a8f40e2c No.3617001

File: 1623446862829.webm (4.65 MB, 640x360, so_Stupid.webm)


OOOOH, I get it.
You think that conservatives being universally low IQ is an OPINION.

No… No, Honey. It's not an opinion.
There have been many, many studies and you guys prove it all the time.

7c6e3ff1 No.3617013

File: 1623456387956.gif (375.67 KB, 251x243, 1620637806796.gif)


Conservatives being what? Heterosexual and white?
Having families?

It's one thing to be a freak and loser reaching to be better and another to be a freak who wants to be in charge!

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