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They've already went after several who were threatening Chuvin jurors, they just found a few more who were vandalizing, threatening, leaving pigs head on door steps, and graffiting "things like "Prison or die" on juror's homes, or ex homes.

Hopefully he'll stay locked up, these people may have gotten in the way of justice, but it still doesn't change the inhibited fact that police killed an innocent law abiding man of color.

These women did more harm than good.
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08c8999c No.3615023

I was actually referring to what state you reside in. Just saying "church" doesn't really narrow it down.

Im just curious since the vaccines are being pretty closely monitored by the government in their distribution, and nothing youve said so far makes any sense.

1c2bca70 No.3615031

Oh, no, sorry, I wasn't replying to your question.

I would rather not say what state I live in but I'm in the U.S.

While they would prefer you have a photo ID all you need to do is prove residence so a phone bill, an electric bill, anything with your name and address on it is fine.

I work with a battered women's shelter and a lot of them have to flee their homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

As shelter workers, we have the power to verify people's SS#, DoB, and last known address with a state database online print out a letter of verification that someone can use to get vaccinated.

Even illegals can get the shot if they have a bill or letter mailed to them showing their name and address in the state. It's really very lax.

The government knows illegals can be super-spreaders too. Just because they are illegal doesn't mean we don't need to vax them for everyone else's safety.

08c8999c No.3615032

well then that is technically a form of ID.

Much less sketchy and suspicious than your earlier elusion.

8587a3ae No.3615035


Here is the actual link to the story, which has the FULL VIDEO:


What is even more sickening to me is, that you will notice down in the comments section there are evil people in this world, like 3B, who are downvoting those who show sadness and concern over the loss of this innocent little boy.

1c2bca70 No.3615036

File: 1621394952606-0.png (704.45 KB, 585x618, Guy_Who_lived_In_The_House.png)

File: 1621394952606-1.png (102.8 KB, 318x717, Guy_In_The_Video.png)

File: 1621394952606-2.png (197.21 KB, 389x439, Stranger_Who_Got_Arrested.png)

So you think it's more likely the guy in the video is the black guy described as "the brother of the boy's guardian’s, older son's friend", who was wearing an ankle monitor, that decided to go kidnap a kid he had never met, stab him to death while wearing a tracking device, than, oh, say for example…. the son of the woman who was taking care of the kids and lived in the same house with them and looks exactly like the person in the video?

1c2bca70 No.3615037

I'm not saying it's impossible but, you know, Occam's razor and all that. At least if it was him it will be easy to prove since he was wearing a tracking device.

1c2bca70 No.3615039

File: 1621396028953.webm (4.46 MB, 608x1080, Arest_them_for_doing_job.webm)

Fun story Republicans are demanding that Arizona election officials be arrested because they refuse to go before the senate and argue about the validity of the "Cyber Ninja's" audit of the votes.

You know, that audit paid for by Trump and his supporters, run through a cyber security firm owned by a Qanon nut, staffed with Trump supporters who happily tell reporters that Trump won and they are going to find a way to prove it just before they walk into the door to work on the totally impartial recount?

Yeah, they want to have people arrested for not taking that recount seriously enough to drive to the capitol and testify before the senate.

1c2bca70 No.3615040

File: 1621396634339.webm (3.21 MB, 304x540, Arest_them_for_doing_job2.webm)


Totally unhinged Trump supporter calling for mob justice. Must be a day that ends in y.

0abe3ec4 No.3615044

File: 1621398329263.jpg (83.19 KB, 900x506, blamewhitesuprem_jpg-19446….JPG)

Hey, they're just taking a cute from BLM and Antifa. Maybe in six months they'll actually start using the same tactics, just with more guns.

The eyes are too far apart in the video footage to be the white guy. Notice the black guy (the murderer), has very widely space eyes, just like the glint in the video footage.

08c8999c No.3615047

everything is fun and games until you need a white friend with a truck.

08c8999c No.3615048

I'd say that you don't have to be white to own a real truck, but seriously, does anyone know a black guy who drives a truck?

0abe3ec4 No.3615057

No, because trucks are for working. Giant SUVs are for carrying a lot of people.

8587a3ae No.3615059




Not dead yet?
What a shame.

5a5b0945 No.3615079

This is what I imagine the average Lulz.net nazi looks and talks like

e02219fb No.3615223


You go first. I´ll tag along later.


08c8999c No.3615232

a few days ago I was 3B. Not even pretending to be him, just randomly 3B.

79d6c3c2 No.3615234

File: 1621593851603-0.webm (2.14 MB, 360x354, 1621043793542.webm)

File: 1621593851603-1.jpg (259.34 KB, 1200x650, Hd.jpg)


Go to Home Depot in your area…

08c8999c No.3615235

sorry not in ohio or west virginia, even in the military where there were tons of really respectable hard working black people that I respect more than most white shits I met, I've only known 1 that actually owned a truck. But I've known 20'ish that bought 30k cars on an A1C budget… then again I also knew a white guy who went out on an airman budget and bought a brand new Challenger, worth enough to buy a house with.

Idk, maybe its just a human condition.

I thought that webm was funny though.

79d6c3c2 No.3615236

File: 1621596460344-0.webm (3.87 MB, 924x520, 1619576816297.webm)

File: 1621596460344-1.jpg (294.47 KB, 1280x736, c35a54bd611df3697eec2585f3….jpg)


That guy is a idiot, everyone knows Democrats don't have to follow rules.

08c8999c No.3615237

ah Little. Such big arms, such a small wallet, and such big greedy eyes.

Ah well, at least he ended up having some kids because of it, my budget weary home buying mind got me locked out of the gene pool.

08c8999c No.3615238

i mean sure, he got divorced and was paying child support last time I saw him, but at least his dick pumped out something of worth that didn't end up in a towel, on the floor, or his foot.

79d6c3c2 No.3615241

File: 1621597518711.webm (3.55 MB, 256x256, 1620828074452.webm)


There is a musical too….

c7c979a4 No.3615257

File: 1621619339977.png (531.69 KB, 1144x613, White_ISIS_.png)


Everyone who isn't a Trump loving, Neo-Nazi is 3B and Antifa in the eyes of the right-wing trolls on this board.

Everything is a conspiracy. Everyone who disagrees with them is just one guy running an elaborate scam to convince them that they are wildly unpopular and hated by America. All the evidence that they are a terrible, shit-stain on humanity doesn't count if it's a conspiracy, right?

22888bd3 No.3615259

File: 1621620205692.png (3.14 MB, 2208x1242, 1615034472730.png)

>Everything is a conspiracy

What is Systemic Racism…..

c7c979a4 No.3615260


Systemic racism is a verifable fact.
People have done studies to prove it. They submitted job applications, loan application, school applications, and so forth with the exact same information on them and the ones that "seemed black" were rejected at a much, much, higher rate.

It's not a conspiracy if you can test it and prove it's true. You can't test and prove that America doesn't hate nazis and racists because it isn't true.

You can test and prove that America does hate them though. It's true in every study every time.

7d252a4a No.3615261

File: 1621621871181.jpeg (22.11 KB, 275x183, A6C69D10-F7AB-4D5F-B038-5….jpeg)

>funny hats

Oh yeah, those weird heterosexuals that want to raise kids to not kill people and not be sexual freaks….

d155dfb4 No.3615265

File: 1621625272047-0.jpg (828.26 KB, 2040x1488, 1620749924591.jpg)

File: 1621625272047-1.jpg (33.05 KB, 644x476, 1620750307738.jpg)


I agree their is systemic racism however I can't stop Black people from voting Democrat.
As long as people elect bad leaders to "save them" from Nazis then you will always have shit covered streets.

22888bd3 No.3615281

File: 1621632117805.jpg (123.54 KB, 888x499, 5ahdbe.jpg)

c7c979a4 No.3615284

File: 1621633799424.jpg (685.29 KB, 1200x1800, 1018316866.jpg)


If you were actually superior you wouldn't need to have a system to support the belief. It would be a well-known fact like the size of most white men's tiny penis.

6478d975 No.3615288

>If you were actually superior you wouldn't need to have a system to support the belief.

What system?

Egalitarianism? Everyone has the same opportunity in terms of law, instead of shit like affirmative action. The system is actually stacked against white people, and yet they keep on succeeding…

c7c979a4 No.3615289


If you really think that's true, there is no hope for you. You're too stupid to help.

6478d975 No.3615290

Show me how it's not true.

c7c979a4 No.3615300

19eb7e34 No.3615301

File: 1621660277450-0.jpg (131.18 KB, 975x930, 1564986151723.jpg)

File: 1621660277450-1.jpg (75.51 KB, 960x505, blackstorture.jpg)

File: 1621660277450-2.png (896.66 KB, 926x657, 1620475010157.png)

File: 1621660277450-3.png (363.2 KB, 750x375, uber eats.png)

File: 1621660277450-4.jpg (30.22 KB, 720x508, 1613757434503.jpg)


Are the capable of taking care of themselves?

Are they capable of choosing their leaders?

Can they hold themselves accountable for anything?

523d3b8a No.3615302

File: 1621660339845.png (4.68 MB, 2000x1414, d88ee01de1cce5993a12bbe479….png)

Last I heard, they stopped doing blind hiring because it favoured men, because when hiring two equally qualified people, companies are going to go for the progressive points and hire from the minority. (Women are actually a majority, but nevermind that.) It's systemic oppression until it's whites and men on the bottom, then it's 'justice'.

Social justice is literally just petty revenge against perceived injustices.

White men built civilization. White men ended slavery. White men barely even contributed to slavery. Slavery in the west consisted of blacks enslaving blacks in africa, selling them to jews who ferried them across the Atlantic, and then selling them mostly to other jews in America. And then white people put an end to it at great personal expense. You are fucking welcome, by the way.

19eb7e34 No.3615303

File: 1621660921320.png (857.47 KB, 989x1280, 6536dd69c1aa6e.png)

Well said…"Oh Great Masturbating Red Dragon!"

So what has Biden done for Black people?
I should say the Biden administration because clearly Biddy is 3 eggs short of a dozen.

How about you ask that BLM lady who bought multiple mansions in White-Ville?

c0ff88b1 No.3622308

> Planting a cross in someone's yard is destroying property
Yes, it destroys the cross. The cross that was owned by the KKK members who set it on fire and wanted to destroy their own cross.

Just as putting a pig's head on a sidewalk also destroys property. It destroys the pig, which was someone's property.

Or were you claiming that a burning cross damages a niggers lawn by dropping ashes onto it? In that case, a pigs head also causes damage by leaking fluid and causing a stain on the sidewalk.

41609bd9 No.3622323

You necro'd a thread from 3 months ago just to make an argument that stupid?

How DESPERATE you must be to try and find any reason to cry like a baby.

Have you considered taking a vacation? Now is the perfect time to visit Florida!

1ec260eb No.3622331


Factcheck.com never lied to us.


effaa083 No.3623652

File: 1629700892811.png (1.39 MB, 959x931, only in NYC can you witnes….png)

effaa083 No.3623653

File: 1629701362819.jpg (70.34 KB, 1280x720, vroomvroom.jpg)

The picture needs an animated edit of a car jumping over two fursuiters fucking.

35c63a71 No.3623665


He won silver for bum-jumping.

effaa083 No.3623676

File: 1629728631620.png (1.29 MB, 1278x819, Screenshot 2021-08-23 at 1….png)


That's because Eric Cartman won the Gold for the Homeless Jumping event!


8a7d09c6 No.3623753

File: 1629756946146.jpg (116.03 KB, 1280x720, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

>Slavery in the west consisted of blacks enslaving blacks in africa, selling them to jews who ferried them across the Atlantic, and then selling them mostly to other jews in America

Point of order…..

The vast majority of blacks never went to America…..They ended up in the Spanish colonies of South Amerca and the Carribean. Funny you never hear of BLM in those areas……

8d5bb969 No.3623872

File: 1629851667625.jpg (96.47 KB, 1392x788, article-9274-1.jpg)

They have a new trans Tetris piece. No matter how many times you rotate it, it won't fit in.

effaa083 No.3623874

I'm surprised that no furry game maker has yet made an animal dick shaped Tetris game.

27a00abf No.3635322

File: 1638355343328.jpg (98.77 KB, 669x373, democrat president.jpg)

> You necro'd a thread from 3 months ago just to make an argument that stupid?
Tell us more about your irrational fear of old threads. I enjoy hearing nutjobs like you (and Steam) trying to explain their lunatic phobias.

57b030cf No.3637679

File: 1639450306961.jpg (24.97 KB, 300x300, NIGGER_ARRESTED.jpg)

So these thugs, the ones doing the vandalizing and death threats, did they by any chance happen to be NIGGERS?

9b005aa2 No.3650368

File: 1647076201053.jpg (39.38 KB, 640x360, datsrite.jpg)

Yes, of course they're niggers.

59828c10 No.3650379

Oh wow unattractive black people exist..
What a compelling argument.

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