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File: 1620112288910.png (1.91 MB, 1920x1080, c544fd89-6940-443d-89f9-54….png)

e3085037 No.3613623

pepsi Blue is coming back. At last my one true addiction shall be abated.

3e32f2c2 No.3613631

Soda is trash.

e3085037 No.3613639

Doesn't really matter when you're dealing with nostalgia. Tab is shit, but after I came across a 24 pack while looking for sobe lizard juice, my dad's been sucking them down like the nectar of the gods.

d1a6d681 No.3613641

File: 1620119215959.jpeg (74.41 KB, 474x820, OIP (1).jpeg)

Once in a while you can still find FRESCA, which, like TAB, used to be immensely popular but slowly faded from use. However, it's like once in a while the manufacturer will release a new batch and they appear for a limited time in certain stores. FRESCA had a unique taste, it was a Grapefruit-flavored soda and it's hard to find anything even like that anymore.


7fab87c2 No.3613643

File: 1620120299540.jpg (100.21 KB, 1004x1500, RC Cola.jpg)

RC Cola in the old green glass bottles!

e3085037 No.3613644

Fresca was weirdly refreshing.

e3085037 No.3613645

Nothing says "good ol times" like leaded glass filled with bubbling black fluid.

342f3375 No.3613653

File: 1620128386761.jpg (212.05 KB, 1024x627, 95019.jpg)

342f3375 No.3613654

File: 1620128850404.jpeg (33.17 KB, 500x500, 1 AIqgSswUQD42IVD1xmTO4w.jpeg)

>Nothing says "good ol times" like leaded glass filled with bubbling black fluid.
I see soda companies spend billions on commercial brought fruits.

6979de06 No.3613657

Clean tapwater !!!

Oh….My bad…Forgot you don´t have that in most of USA.

e3085037 No.3613679

File: 1620163009221.jpg (495.31 KB, 1523x3234, 6415216cv11d.jpg)

I'd argue that most of the US has clean water… but I still use one of these. My area has fairly frequent water line breaks, and they only announce the boil advisories over local radio and cable television. Neither of which I've used in years.

I figured a simple failsafe was worth investing into.

01d7fc09 No.3613680

File: 1620164577187.jpg (52.41 KB, 595x540, sanpellegrino-traditional-….jpg)

SanPel grapefruit is the superior product IMO and not nearly as hard to find. Their other fruit flavored sodas are also good. None of them taste like artificially flavored sugar water and food coloring like most people expect of fruit flavored sodas.

e3085037 No.3613682

speaking of nostalgia and news, I miss local news. Real local news. I couldn't care less what actress is getting her 45th abortion in a month, what arab guy blew up something again in sweden, or what Florida Man converted his Trans AM into a hot air baloon and had to get rescued by the national guard before he floated away over international waters so he could legally get into the mile high club with his pet alligator this week.

We had one small newspaper here that would report on things like local eagle scout projects, fund raisers, civic projects, and just general positive things going on in the community. Then they got bought out by the shitty main news paper company, who then immediately shut it down because it was encroaching on their solid market base of 9 elderly people, and an erotic paper mache enthusiast.

e3085037 No.3613683

File: 1620165760919.jpg (230.45 KB, 2500x2500, 000187667.jpg)

Perrier is pretty good, I wouldn't say its the best, but a lot of sparkling flavored waters are starting to get way too sweet. I like mine tasting more like fruit zest than fruit juice. Perrier always just seemed to be lacking something, but I could never put my finger on what it was.

ea03bc1f No.3613690

File: 1620178219287-0.jpg (71.66 KB, 700x700, hint-water-all-flavors.jpg)

File: 1620178219287-1.jpg (57.75 KB, 488x488, GUEST_37f35c6a-ef9e-4ef1-8….jpg)

I recently discovered these hint waters. I've tried the watermelon and cherry ones. They're good. Just water with a little natural fruit flavoring added. Not carbonated. I don't like the carbonation tbh. I drink it room temp.

Lime Perriers are pretty good too. I'll shake the carbonation out of them though.

I mostly drink plain water and sometimes herbal tea. I made some ginger tea earlier today. Anyway, if you make as much tea as I do, you start to notice which tea bags float and which sink. Second pic related sinks like it's supposed to. The entire tea making process should be pleasant. The bags that get air trapped inside and float are so annoying. None of this is an issue with those metal tea infuser balls, which I also use.

14a759f2 No.3613691

> they only announce the boil advisories over local radio and cable television.
Any competent water agency should have a text service one could subscribe to. That way, urgent advisories would be sent to cellular telephones.

63df6973 No.3613693

File: 1620179036490.gif (2.91 MB, 540x308, p56vnuo.gif)

2a6f9b6a No.3613697


Hint is good. I'm sure people who drink 70g/bottle of sugar on the regular will disagree.

e3085037 No.3613702

ruralish west virginia, our water purification facility hasn't been updated much since the 60's. Its all just cable and radio, I even checked the website to see if there was an option to sign up for text notifications just now. Nope.

e3085037 No.3613703

From the boil advisory FAQ
How will I be notified?

Current boil advisories will be posted in the announcement section of our web page. In some cases, our staff members go door-to-door with boil advisory notices to inform each customer that their residence is under a boil advisory. This notice will tell you the approximate date and time that the advisory will be lifted. Please call, ###-###-#### any time to receive the latest information and to verify when a boil advisory cancellation has been issued for your area.

If the affected area is too large to notify with door to door notices, a series of press releases are immediately prepared and faxed to local newspapers, radio stations, television stations, cable networks, and City offices. All schools within the affected area are also notified by telephone. Additionally, phone calls are made to all customers in the area who have been designated "critical water users." Personal telephone notification includes nursing homes and customers with identified health problems.

Yep, no kids or contact with any school, no land line phone (they will not call cell phones), no newspaper, don't listen to the radio, don't have television, and I don't feel like calling city hall every time I want to fill up a glass of water. So awesome water purifier.

06d5c977 No.3613705

Well that just sucks. Maybe you could influence them to improve their notification procedures. Tell them about services they could use, such as

If they ignore you, you could always run for public office, or threaten to. :)

Water resources board member, county supervisor or whoever oversees the water department.

abf1d617 No.3613718

When I first tried RC Cola as a kid, the first thing I said was "RC Cola? More like Really Crappy Cola."

I'm not sure whether I'd still think it sucks.

94c3cf48 No.3613735

The information is available online.


You can access the EPA database directly through their API, so you could write yourself a little python script that searches for boil water notices in your area.


Presumably the guy is online because he's writing here, so he has the means to get the announcements, which means this is just Steam again boo-hooing about his made up difficulties.

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