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59a236ea No.3612763

Can anyone explain what's happening in North Ireland? From what i can tell, it seems to be two sides of nationalist religious fanatics fighting over something, putting the rest of the population at risk for the sake of their own selfish ends.

24c974b0 No.3612772

No Ireland!

Only 'Murrica.

654ad622 No.3612778

File: 1619556344373.gif (919.03 KB, 580x326, DifficultLikableBlesbok-ma….gif)

Ireland is not a real country. Look it down.

59a236ea No.3616908

Is it still going on or have they stopped fighting for now?

934de6cc No.3616934

ireland does not exist and so do sweden.

Proof me wrong.

3a8c387f No.3617065


I always wondered if there were actual IRA members indoctrinating lulz, but so many groups have incentive to polarize places like this.

a5173077 No.3623986


Been to Sweden so yes it does.
Also a shitload of non-integrated immigrants on the street and their famous , horrible , meatballs

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