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File: 1617931955125.jpg (48.68 KB, 1000x500, GettyImages-1238772468.jpg)

1724d14b No.3611065

You niddlers get your Fauci ouchies yet?

26ef87ea No.3611072

File: 1617938961652.jpg (148.91 KB, 800x420, Sputnik V.jpg)

Oh heck no! I will only take that fine Russian vaccine.

94242966 No.3611073

File: 1617939498402.jpg (36.2 KB, 640x441, IMG_20201202_230443_707.jpg)


>Russian vaccine

You mean krokodil?

1264fa61 No.3611074

I would be pissed off if they give us a placebo a vaccine that does not work.

Active placebos
The main problem with including something active in the placebo, such as another vaccine, is that it can confuse researchers when they measure side-effects.

We determine whether an active treatment has a particular side-effect, such as redness and swelling at the site where the needle went in, by comparing it with a placebo. In the same way that we conclude that an active treatment works if it is better than a placebo, we conclude that it is harmful if it has more side-effects than the placebo.

What researchers are looking for is a difference. So if the active vaccine causes more numbness at the site of injection than the placebo, you can reliably say that numbness is a side-effect of the active vaccine. But if the placebo is designed to cause the side-effect (like redness and swelling), then the normal way of detecting side-effects doesn’t work. Since the placebo causes the side-effect, we will no longer be able to detect a difference. In other words, the two side-effects, being the same, negate each other.

3ba290e6 No.3611084


Krokodil is good.Fix EVERYTHING !

fd43d2dc No.3611088

yeah. not getting it, I'll get it next year but this one is just too fishy for my taste.

fc8fbe9b No.3611090

File: 1617966035792.png (488.31 KB, 897x857, 1548449826.yuurikin_dasddd….png)

Yeah I'm going to hold off for as long as I can

fd43d2dc No.3611092

I like what you did there.

395b06da No.3611097

File: 1617979781196.png (535.84 KB, 720x693, vaccine.png)

Are you people really ok with mRNA vaccines with no real clinical trial? At best they're testing them out on people directly and at worst it's a scam. That's not even talking about how Bill and Melinda are known for their vaccine 'experiments' to "accidentally" do things like, create a new, more deadly strain of Meningitis.

>Muh Russia

For a site that loves to shit on liberal lefties you sure love parroting liberal talking points. The Sputnik virus is a traditional one, using processed dead viruses to allow the immune system to learn to fight. The creator of it and major political figures all took it. Meanwhile in good ol'd EU and USA, the creators of the vaccines didn't take them because "we're waiting our turn" as if some rich Big Pharma fuck cared about that.

Don't be sheep… but then again maybe we'd be better off with fewer furries like you.

a4234f48 No.3611111

No RNA vaccine for me, I"m not insane. It'll be a old school one or nothing.

395b06da No.3611113

File: 1617997017530.jpeg (189.97 KB, 1252x1252, thumb up trooper.jpeg)

Cheers m8

fd43d2dc No.3611123

My mom got the vaccine yesterday, and she's sick as hell. Vomiting, diarrhea, the works.

Not saying it happens to everyone, but no thank you.

af5af2b1 No.3611143

Which? I've known a few people with the Pfizer and they said it just felt like a mild flu a couple days after each shot.

fd43d2dc No.3611144

what is it with people referring to it as the "phizer" I keep thinking people are popping viagras.

a90a961f No.3611145

File: 1618018202028.jpg (108.03 KB, 503x750, original.jpg)

I got the Pfizer vax at Walgreens on Tuesday. But they fucked up and automatically scheduled the second dose 4 weeks later. I found out afterward that the CDC recommends the doses be spaced 3 weeks apart, so I'll try to reschedule. Also, because fuck waiting. Done enough of that shit already.

I've had no noticeable reaction so far. It didn't even really hurt. My arm was like a little sore for a day but that's it.

Then again, I'm not a vagina.

fd43d2dc No.3611146

Apparently the Biden administration is going to push for restrictions on people who aren't vaccinated, you won't be able to to into any public facilities unless you can show the you're vax'd.

a90a961f No.3611147

There are three brands of Covid 19 vaccines available right now: Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson and Johnson. Moderna and Pfizer require 2 doses spaced 4 and 3 weeks respectively. Johnson and Johnson is a single dose, but it uses live viruses and is less effective.

fd43d2dc No.3611148

that doesnt make any sense a 3 shot application is only effective on children, an adult wouldn't get anything from a booster system.

the fuck are people pumping into their bodies?

fd43d2dc No.3611149

its like the hpv vaccine, it only works on children and youngish teens.

Its completely useless on adults.

a90a961f No.3611150

File: 1618020140591.jpg (128.94 KB, 1024x768, 1k3MEv_t20_neXK8P-1024x768.jpg)

No one said anything about needing 3 shots. I said there are 3 different types of vaccine. You need at most 2 shots. Here, this explains the different vaccines:


395b06da No.3611158

It has happened to a large portion of people. I've seen it personally.

Good luck with the lawsuit 5 years down the line.
Just an FYI Pfizer has a repeated history of its products having long term aftereffects and getting away with it with clean hands and scandals swept under the rug. Not to mention Bill Gates' Meningitis catastrophe being unknown despite it creating a hyperdeadly strain. But who cares.

It's already in place. Places like State Universities, Musical Conservatoriums etc. are requiring this already in places I've been to.

>The government never lies!
>The same government that did MK ULTRA, Plutonium injections and Tuskegee Syphilis experiments (and countless more population experiments under the guise of medical procedures).
2 shots is the minimum recc and more is suggested. there is absolutely no point to 3 different vaccines if they actually work. FFS at this point if you haven't gotten sick or shown symptoms you won't get sick 90% of the time, because you are likely asymptomatic. Why does this matter? Because a healthy adult immune system has no need for vaccines, it's repressing it fine on its own. We all carry Cold viruses in our bodies, even when we aren't sick. We get sick either due to exposure (such as severe cold) or due to a drop in the immune system, letting the virus reactivate. Even increased stress can worsen the immune system to that point. A vaccine is supposed to provide a dead virus for the immune system to practice on, usually for developing bodies like children. It's not like venom where injecting the antivenom or a counterpoison will halt it.

395b06da No.3611159

They're not thinking critically, they're thinking in vidya terms, "Inject x to remove poisoned status effect. Inject Y to counter biological weapons status effect". They trust the government or rather the idea of "science always being right" implicitly and ignore naysayers, whom the corporations and their stat lackeys slander nonstop to discredit them.

c2b219cb No.3611275

yep. even got paid time off to go get it, which was odd.

thanks for the FUD

>Its completely useless on adults.
you really need to stop giving out "medical" "advice"

395b06da No.3611356

>Same FDA that lied about cigarettes not being healthy. Same FDA belonging to the same government that did population experiments and only declassified them 60 years later.
Yeah fuck off, unless I can go into a lab, and see them do the lab analysis and check the results, I'm not trusting that shit. I have no confidence in the medical assertions of the FDA.

>paid time off to go get it, which was odd.

Really makes you think about how eager they are to get this shit in to your system.

c2b219cb No.3611360

>Same FDA that lied about cigarettes not being healthy.
This statement could be interpreted many ways. Do you have a schizo blogpost explaining it?

>Really makes you think about how eager they are to get this shit in to your system.

I got the paid time off either way. Have fun with that paranoia cutting years off of your miserable life.

395b06da No.3611373

File: 1618182861564-0.jpg (93.9 KB, 1024x614, As intended.jpg)

File: 1618182861564-1.jpg (114.22 KB, 1024x568, just vaccine sideeffects.jpg)

File: 1618182861564-2.png (404.39 KB, 750x487, benefits workie.png)

>This statement could be interpreted many ways. Do you have a schizo blogpost explaining it?
No, it's pretty damn simple; a person, group or institution known for lying repeatedly about supposed medical facts cannot be considered trustworthy for any contemporary issues.
Also FYI, Federal laws protect all vaccine companies from all lawsuits.
Oh and Pfizer has previously made products that caused long-term health problems (sterility, stillbirths, brain-damage to babies etc.) that were swept under the rug.

>fun with that paranoia cutting years off of your miserable life

Paranoia is what kept me alive. have fun with your fucked immune system.
>got the paid time off either way
Given that even maternity leave is unpaid in the USA, the fact that you got paid leave makes it suspect as fuck, but whatever. You can drink liquid nitrogen for 100$ a second for all I care, my only problem is when fuckers try to force me to take untested products.

c2b219cb No.3611374

take your pills

395b06da No.3611378

File: 1618184011514.gif (116.71 KB, 650x673, have some pills.gif)

Not a druggie, so no thanks.

1264fa61 No.3611379

File: 1618184012343.png (30.02 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

1264fa61 No.3611380

File: 1618184437282.png (27.61 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


Welcome to Comfy Federation! XD

8a1d6ba1 No.3611385

File: 1618198901749.jpg (42.66 KB, 526x526, 172647487_1016500120822000….jpg)

b434b228 No.3611404



Anyone refusing to be vaccinated or carrying their ID-DNA-GLOBALPAYPALCODE are terrorist and have been put upon AI controled armed populace-regulation drone. There is no escape - there is no legal objection.

Have a nice day. Praise the Space BidenTrump Clone.

be1ace2a No.3611406

bed2daf1 No.3611410

File: 1618256348243.jpg (101.14 KB, 742x960, 27868028_2096973817186664_….jpg)

no, you can get an immunodeficience from a lot of thing, toxin, bacteria, virus or radiation exposure. HIV can cause AIDS, but all aids are not HIV, if anything the Gillain-Barré syndrome is really someone paralyzed, on a wheelchair on oxygen.

Also the rate of death of AstraZeneca here are climbing., several prefectures and regional councils have decided to cancel it and use their veto against the government.

All that just to make a formula that's not similar to Sputnik V, which is safer and don't rely on several adjuvants to be kept stable, toxic, or get too soon in the blood and cause a lot of shit, when it's not the adjuvants that goes in the brain and turn you into a mong. ( no, it's not autism. adjuvants makes you a tard. )


5ed87ccb No.3612965

File: 1619665706357.jpg (2.06 MB, 4032x3024, 20210427_232040.jpg)

Got my second dose yesterday. Woke up today with a very mild headache and felt kinda sluggish the whole day. I ended up taking a nap, and I basically never do that. But I think I'm good now.

My sister told me she experienced something similar when she got the J&J vax. I thought she just felt that way because she's pregnant. But ngl, mild side effects are a thing. Still worth it imo.

My advice: if you get vaccinated, schedule it so the next day is an off day e.g. if you have weekends off, scheduling your vaccination for Friday is a good idea. Or you may have no noticeable reaction at all. I had no reaction to the first dose (Pfizer), but I had heard it was the second dose that caused issues for some people. I'll admit that was the case for me.

Whatever. Now I'm immune to that shit, or I will be in 2 weeks. At least to the most common variant. And I have a hall pass card that says I've been vaccinated (not pic related).

be1ace2a No.3612967

File: 1619667620939.png (25.68 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

I got two on the cheeks :3

4a881745 No.3612981

File: 1619678609904-0.jpeg (26.16 KB, 600x400, img_20210422_wa0029_2.jpeg)

File: 1619678609904-1.jpg (78.59 KB, 1300x975, 14310523-kazakhstan-map-wi….jpg)

Kazakhstan launches QazVac, its own COVID-19 vaccine
"Kazakhstan has joined the select number of countries that have produced and made available their own COVID-19 vaccine, as President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev tweeted on Friday, April 23, that the first batch of QazVac vaccine had been despatched to several regions of the country."


4323859a No.3613136

def8a0aa No.3613469

Bill Gates says no to sharing vaccine formulas with global poor to end pandemic

Bill Gates, one of the world's richest men and most powerful philanthropists, was the target of criticism from social justice campaigners on Sunday after arguing that lifting patent protections on COVID-19 vaccine technology and sharing recipes with the world to foster a massive ramp up in manufacturing and distribution — despite a growing international call to do exactly that — is a bad idea.

Directly asked during an interview with Sky News if he thought it "would be helpful" to have vaccine recipes be shared, Gates quickly answered: "No."


aaa12156 No.3613506

It would be a one-time solution because it's basically throwing the companies under the bus. They spent billions in developing the drug, halted all their other activity to push it out the production lines, and then the government says "you don't own it anymore, sikes! Let some copycat lab in Moldova crank it out for free!".

Next time there won't be a vaccine, because nobody wants to lose all their money over it.

aaa12156 No.3613508

Plus, the quality control would be terrible so there's no guarantees that the copycat vaccines would even work.

aaa12156 No.3613510

And on the third point: if everybody copied the first vaccine that comes out, instead of developing multiple variants on their own, the virus can mutate around the vaccine and it's all pointless.

Again, it's better that everyone who can makes their own, because then they won't all be the same.

af2a1f01 No.3613515

No, they shot down an open vaccine initiative which was a collaborative effort that would get global funding to whoever participates, these pharma companies have few unique capabilities and all the science is available to replicate their processes. Meaning you fork it then actually make a better product with safer disclosed ingredients and go from there, it's not a one-time thing.

84144585 No.3613585

i super fucking doubt they just developed that shit that is like that black guy who declared he was a Schientiste and starting inventing bullshit elements.

aaa12156 No.3613591

>No, they shot down an open vaccine initiative which was a collaborative effort

>lifting patent protections on COVID-19 vaccine technology and sharing recipes with the world

Either you or the article is lying, because these two don't match. Gates is right. Just giving the recipe to some factory in India doesn't mean they'll be able to manufacture it properly or distribute it. Remember some of the vaccines require unbroken cold storage in dry ice and special bottles that don't shed little shards of glass when they're thawed. Having shoddy copycat factories in Asia churn out non-functioning vaccines on the cheap and displacing the real thing off the market does not help the case. It would do more harm than good.

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