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File: 1617736431353.jpg (77.39 KB, 854x470, Jf.jpg)

f7405e94 No.3610908

It turns out that the officer put his knee not on his neck but on his back. And he died because of a drug overdose not because he was strangled.
The whole fucking time they had a record but you know there's an election and shit so we need Trump to lose so you know lets publish it later.

bfc3c641 No.3610914


The court proceeding are actually being broadcast on air. The Minneapolis Chief of police stated on the stand that it is possible that his knee was on his shoulder blade based on one of the videos.

da408f53 No.3610916

He was held down in a way that was incapacitating him as that is not the proper way to arrest someone. They had him hyperventilating on his sides, that is medically unsound. I don't care though. If you were to ask me if I cared about that the answer would be only as a distraction for how stupid the Presidency was at the time to be allowing constant riots and War Parties to run amock, so this domestic problem is maybe more entertaining than watching Middle Eastern Conflicts take place knowing full well they mock America anyway, if he was Muslim I would still be sympathetic to his cause in a way that at least its not a bunch of blacks selling smack and having to hear about the "drug" problem on the news. Tomato Tomotto.

37621525 No.3610917

File: 1617743729086.jpg (97.88 KB, 768x601, EwltvxaVoAQMIop.jpg)

576e6cb5 No.3610918

File: 1617744134515.png (2.93 MB, 2480x3508, 128d8595c330f6cf9f300c35e4….png)

I really don't care, about the whole thing. I just hope he's found innocent, just to see the fires.

49b98c20 No.3610919

File: 1617744586181.jpg (32.05 KB, 640x490, rarestpepe.jpg)

Floyd's drug dealer refuses to take the stand after promising to "clear Floyd" because according to science, Floyd died of a MASSIVE drug overdose, up to and including, shoving drugs up his ass. Floyd's drug dealer doesn't want a 3rd degree murder charge.

In addition, Floyd even asked to lay down and was going completely out of his gourd. Even the CCTV footage inside the store showing him wigging out.

f7405e94 No.3610920

Liberal media will forget to tell about it for sure like they forgot to tell about Biden's son's laptop.

3d2325f6 No.3610921


It's time to be cleansed by fire.

cee30b9f No.3610927


If you actually took the time to watch every video of the incident that are available to the public, you can clearly see that the only time former officer Derek Chauvin moves his knee from George Floyd's neck, to his shoulder blade is when the paramedics arrived. At that point he was already dead.

576e6cb5 No.3610932

in my day, the Taliban, came similar tactics whered they'd charge the gate with someone so od'd they'd die before they even knew they were dead.

might have not been intentional, but its still the same drugs, and still the end result.

576e6cb5 No.3610933

There is a tactic if he had a bit of high in his dose.

Common middle eastern tactics.

ca100365 No.3610934

File: 1617768844286.jpg (27.09 KB, 314x234, you_got_it.jpg)


its sad to see all the cop ass kissing nonsense you can see in this thread and tons of places

police are trash
people only care when its them or someone they care about getting mistreated by a cop

df892490 No.3610940

BLM - Terrorism, anti-white racism, crime, anarchy

The international terrorist organization Black Lives Matter represents principles that attack all fundamental values on both a worldview and a physical basis that make a person human.

(All this, of course, controlled by the globalist Zionist elite.)

9345abd0 No.3610941

Bitch read the autopsy. There is literally not a shred of evidence that his wind pipe was obstructed, and every bit of evidence that he OD'd hard on fentanyl. If you can say you can't breath, then you can breath.

But yeah, the cops who are currently propping up the illegitimate Biden regime, or who violate the constitution by enforcing gun control? Fuck them. Hang them all.

ad4aa14d No.3610942

File: 1617772144334.jpg (386.99 KB, 1080x1076, LOL.jpg)

> We've been lied to
Yes, that's what niggers do. Always, that's what they do. Niggers and their libtard controllers.

f7405e94 No.3610947

File: 1617775737902.png (493.4 KB, 739x375, image-26-1.png)

576e6cb5 No.3610950

File: 1617776875503.png (149.87 KB, 1000x537, image-asset.png)

Remember when that white BLM animal rights activist accidentally set that pet store on fire in Berkley.


f7405e94 No.3610951

Wut? No.

ca100365 No.3610966

File: 1617800050030.jpg (200.24 KB, 843x474, realnazis.jpg)

cringe post
lemme guess drumpf was really doing something for you right?
i hope a cop beats on you or someone you care about it d be deserved tbqhwy

b461a362 No.3610968

Well, what do you know!
3B under a new name!
The hate always shines through.
Hey 3B how's come you don't post as the "Nigger" anymore?
Oh, you were outed.

e135e47f No.3610971

File: 1617812017250.jpg (106.06 KB, 680x965, whiteispurity.jpg)

Ive posted the autopsy before, but here it is…



Also, an unrelated image so autistic shitlords can use it to try to deflect the thread.

49b98c20 No.3610972

>At that point he was already dead.
According to the autopsy, you know, science, Floyd died in the ambulance. Not to mention no marks or injuries to Floyd's neck, and lethal amounts of drugs in his system.

I'm going to go with science on this one. It's cool if you want to deny that.

ca100365 No.3610974

shut up son im not your boogeyman
not everyone on the internet is a /pol/ meme spouting
cop ass kissing cuck

f7405e94 No.3610979

File: 1617821434417.jpeg (19.06 KB, 560x315, image-asset.jpeg)

I wonder what Martin Luther King would say about that? His descendants made the drug addicted thug and counterfeiter their icon. Holly shit.

0cddd7d5 No.3610984


Hi, 3B


How's the hate hangin'?

e4d5f580 No.3610985

File: 1617826308626.bmp (2.67 MB, 864x1080, Drown in semen3B.bmp)

9345abd0 No.3610995

Nigger, I don't care what you think. Provide an argument or fuck off.

ca100365 No.3611003

File: 1617850589448.jpg (26.58 KB, 390x285, this is what winning looks….jpg)

i did bitch
now go cry in the corner while me and your mom make love champ
le everyone is 3B who disagrees with me
hows my dick taste slut?

9345abd0 No.3611005

You know, I actually believe you are retarded enough to believe that personal opinion and ad hominem are legit arguments.

You're still retarded, though.

ca100365 No.3611006

File: 1617851564200.jpg (167.98 KB, 900x675, ziggy woodbear got that ch….jpg)

you know, your mother and me talked about getting you aborted but I tried to explain to her that getting a grown man aborted is actually murder

she still keeps saying it needs to happen tho…

49b98c20 No.3611007

You know, I was going to be your daddy, but a monkey beat me up the stairs.

9345abd0 No.3611008

Have you not finished grade school yet?

2f10aff6 No.3611013


Are you 10? Go back to your pokemon and let adults debate.

576e6cb5 No.3611021

and like that, the entire thread has been derailed thanks to some old jewish guy not liking where the debate was going.

3f897fc4 No.3611029

>believe that personal opinion and ad hominem are legit arguments

fucking really? that's all you shitheaps do. lies, 4chan memes and name calling presented as fact.

a82b1f16 No.3611030

File: 1617907563100.gif (2 MB, 360x264, xxx3.gif)


>the entire thread has been derailed

Leftists do this as a standard tactic. When they have no argument, call names. When that doesnt work, be loud and interrupt. Attack and smear… Attack and smear….never defend. Ben Shapiro talks about this at length in a video. I can find it if you are interested. If not, have a monkey instead.

ca100365 No.3611035

File: 1617916666722.jpg (58.22 KB, 640x500, shadow hates white people.jpg)

you couldnt be my dad cause im too busy raping you cause you're a slut
im a grown man i aint doing no happy gilmore shit i had enough learnings
yeah dude 4chan reposts are totally a debate
lets talk about what /pol/ said recently
thanks for not drinking the koolaid so many people around this place do.
just keep saying leftistst are bad enough times and it might come true bro. this nonsense authrotarian cop ass kissing nonsense is the biggest load of bull. its all okay if the cops did something bad cause hey it dosen't affect me right?

this left right split even is stupid. everyone should be burning down police stations. hypothetically in minecraft

576e6cb5 No.3611095

File: 1617975513877.jpg (166.12 KB, 1429x1627, dcb2296c8feb7013033d688986….jpg)

you couldnt be my dad cause im too busy raping you cause you're a slut

why not both?

f7405e94 No.3611096

>Ben Shapiro talks about this at length in a video
Give it to me please.

0ba6bd4f No.3611098

Liberals are centrists LARPing as leftists and dickriding idpol
>Ben Shapiro
Bad example, the man is a hypocrite and a retard… also an Israel nationalist.

0ba6bd4f No.3611099

File: 1617980534992.jpg (367.42 KB, 1500x1326, zabivaka face wall.jpg)

Will your dumb liberal shut the fuck up?

39c02534 No.3611105

File: 1617986495220.gif (477.21 KB, 220x284, tenor.gif)

>im a grown man i aint doing no happy gilmore shit i had enough learnings
Imposter! It was Billy Madison in which Adam Sandler goes back to complete grade school. A real Jew would know this.

5010f862 No.3611116


Racist gonna racist. Anyone who defends that cop should be thrown out of America.

f6923511 No.3611126

File: 1618004963833.gif (1.15 MB, 418x360, biden.gif)

f7405e94 No.3611130

Thank you.
Fuck you.

ca100365 No.3611131

File: 1618007921642.jpg (62.95 KB, 500x422, an army of adorablenes i m….jpg)

hot post
i like the idea of this
how about no?
can you stop bootlicking for a sec?
not to kink shame more like your ideas are bad and you should feel bad.
I like adam sandler for being one of our chosen people. But I have to be honest, I can't actually sit through his films. Goyim seem to like them though.
Your on the internet and people want authoritarian bullshit cause its a trend and a bad meme. But if they actually got affected by it? Lol theyd be the first ones to complain.

You're absolutely correct though.
Absolutely terrible posts. Maybe you can just post some more 4chan stuff. I'm sure we're only an infographic away from finally bowing down to all might /pol/ shit.

016e2744 No.3611133

Nice video. But I must say one of his rules is really weak. About robbing rich people.
No one I mean literally no one likes these greedy corporate moneybags and even if you have a conviction 100 this can't be persuaded.
Everybody knows that they evade taxes that they pay themselves bonuses of $200 million for nothing that they get golden parachutes,that there's no use suing them that they make their employees piss into bottles while mr. Bezos rests on his private island that they can fuck up Boeing corrupt government inspecting agencies and the FBI will pretend it's all right.
In short, when the rich get robbed, everyone is happy and that's a fact.

07669a3b No.3611154

File: 1618022116955.jpg (70.46 KB, 673x324, aquote.JPG)

You are focusing on the wrong thing. The rich are doing what they are supposed to. Corporations are doing what they are supposed to. They follow the rules.

Who makes the rules? That would be congress. Congress is the problem because they make rules favorable to the rich and corporations and are rewarded with 'campaign contributions' and 'honorariums'. Now who puts congress in the capitol?

That would be voters. That is the root of the problem are ignorant, stupid voters. We have a corrupt government because we have corrupt voters.

0ba6bd4f No.3611155

File: 1618022908829.jpg (70.04 KB, 935x613, zd2 sides 1 coin.jpg)

How about yes you utter retard. You're on an obscure as fuck basket weaving forum trying to virtue signal about some fucker who died from drugs but because of ignorance people think the police choked him to death. Even if they knew exactly why he was dying (pre-fatality delirious panic caused by Phetnyl sending the hart into overdrive) they still couldn't have done shit and he could have hurt someone else as well. Cop brutality exists. Cops as a a class exist to uphold the upper class rule. BUT your retarded ideas are basically "Anarchy LOL" and "muh idpol solidarity"…. just fuck off with this liberal shit, you are exactly the same kind of sociopaths as the people supporting nazis, 2 sides of the same faggot coin; hypocritical, violent arseholes with no sense of self-reflection and no space for self-criticism. Your ideas are shit and you should seek therapy… as should everyone else in the thread for that matter.

0ba6bd4f No.3611157

File: 1618023886530-0.png (443.39 KB, 808x447, adam Smith was anti-capita….png)

File: 1618023886530-1.png (395.58 KB, 800x533, 10 companies own everythin….png)

File: 1618023886530-2.png (231.08 KB, 1210x460, trickle down econ.png)

>Who makes the rules? That would be congres
Don't be fucking disingenuous. Who makes the rules? The corporations and rich, who lobby and pay off senators, presidents and anyone else to vote for THEIR interests, NOT the interests of the people they supposedly represent.

>the root of the problem are ignorant, stupid voters

If voting every actually did anything of significant value that couldn't be manipulated anyway, it would be banned. Voting is fucking useless as shit, and never does shit.

We have a corrupt government because corruption is legal - it's called lobbying and lying between your teeth. Obama had a platform of pulling out from Afghanistan, the people were for it so the powers that be granted him the official votes. Then he proceeded to do nothing substantial for 8 years, because the heroin from opium poppies was a prized asset for big corporations as was the military conflict for the military industrial complex. That is the inevitability of the free-market - it can never be free because there will always be a select few who have the capital and money to buy out everything else outside of cottage industries and dominate the market. Nestle can afford boycotts and official fines because their corruption brings them an income far higher than any taxes and fees. Their domination of the market means that no boycott will work because they are for a majority an exclusive source of available products, anything else is either too expensive for the budgets of the poor or not available.

The News, the food, the water companies, the healthcare middlemen, EVERYTHING in the West and Third World is owned by Corporations who use everything from force (hired mercenaries, the CIA etc.) to indirect pressure (with-holding pay, forcing excessive work hours at risk of firing, lobbying pro-corporate politicians etc.) to make sure that personal choices are limited to what name is on the cereal you buy. Same garbage products but they're different colors and made by a different shell company!!!

Corporations are shit and anyone who defends them and the rich is a bootlicking class-cuck or a pearl-clutching richfuck themselves.

Adam Smith warned about this but no-one actually reads his works apparently.

f7405e94 No.3611177

File: 1618036571744-0.jpg (297.9 KB, 1074x910, blm.jpg)

File: 1618036571744-1.png (208.01 KB, 1000x1000, who-controls-institutions-….png)

The funny thing is how cheap the leftists actually are. One black picture with white letters on Twitter was enough for them to take a stand against those who are the only opponents of corporations. Middle class white people.

fb844e82 No.3611197


You know what a corporation is? A legal entity defined by the State.

It all goes around a full circle. The political system is ultimately responsible for creating the entities which you're blaming for abusing the political system. It is in fact one and the same thing - the state and the corporations.

07669a3b No.3611203

File: 1618065280221.jpg (865.63 KB, 3264x2448, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

>Voting is fucking useless as shit, and never does shit

Someone missed 2016-2020.

9345abd0 No.3611218

They did in 2016, that was maybe the only time they ever did. Now the elections are fortified against voting.

Before 2016, the primaries were fortified, but Trump somehow slipped through and they didn't have time to fortify the general election.

0829f949 No.3611220

Agreed. It's all authoritarianism. The corporations are authoritarian. The rich are authoritarian. The clergy are authoritarian. The state is authoritarian.
And even truly democratic states (if any exist) are authoritarian.
Some people simplify this by saying the state is a corporation, and that it's just like any other, other than for it has the legal power to kill people. (for it makes the laws)
>Someone missed 2016-2020.
What happened then, in those years? I didn't notice anything unusual in Florida or the US, at least.

38ef16dd No.3611222


Voting gives Corporate-America the appearance of being a legitimate nation but at the risk of turning out presidents like Trump.

ca100365 No.3611224

File: 1618082339975.gif (906.68 KB, 500x375, youropnionisnoted.gif)

see thats where your wrong im ot even a liberal i just want to see things burn and dislike /pol/ worship.
everyone should do their part and burn down a police station.

not caring about police brutality cause dudes black? now thats just racism and cop worship
>you should seek therapy… as should everyone else in the thread for that matter.
i mean i do go to therapy so im making progress.
I just really enjoy my ultra obscure basket weaving sites

0ba6bd4f No.3611234

File: 1618088248769-0.jpg (159.69 KB, 900x691, right left capitalism.jpg)

File: 1618088248769-1.jpg (1.12 MB, 4936x2068, Tankies vs Libleft.jpg)

Someone missed Trump doing nothing new. Trump-Biden is the same shit as Reagan-Clinton. Their PR was slightly different and they appealed to a different 'side' but it's the same fucking shit. Biden is no different to Trump, but because he's a Dem, the liberals celebrate. Trump didn't win in 2020 because he wasn't their favored puppet anymore. Simple as that.

The state does as corporations tell it to. Example; United Fruit Co using the CIA to overthrow Guatemala because they nationalized unused land that was going to waste because "muh private property". Corporations control the state Remove the state and instead it'll be the 1890s when instead the Pinkertons and other strike-breaking Mercs enforced their policies instead.

I'd say liberals rather than leftists. The only reason liberals are called leftist is because the USA's Overton Window is skewed to the right. Seriously, Russian Socialists and US Conservatives agree on so many points its actually hilarious that you guys are still antagonistic towards one another.

0ba6bd4f No.3611237

> i just want to see things burn
And this is why you aren't leftist and are just as bad as /pol/ you seem to dislike. Read Castro before spouting this anarchist bullshit.

>not caring about police brutality cause dudes black?

Not everyone hear said that. It is a fact that Police Brutality exists. It is also a fact that this is not a random occurrence and is a social contagion as a result of other social contagions, such as Ghetto Thug Culture, which celebrates criminal behavior, violence and hatred. Pointing this out is not Racism. The Black Panthers weren't attacking random white people for no reason or to rob them. They weren't screaming "kill crackers" or that white people aren't human. They certainly weren't propagating race theory of any kind.
>making progress
not enough if you think random violence and crime is justified. I'm not talking about people who rob a store cause they're starving, I'm talking about MoFos who think jumping a random dude and robbing them is "fun".
>really enjoy my ultra obscure basket weaving sites
Good luck

4c563d2d No.3611239

>The state does as corporations tell it to.

You mean, corporations created by one state go to another country, cry to mommy to remove the state of the other country and install a corporate banana republic instead.

Corporations are an extension of the state. It's backwards to look at them "controlling" the state that created them, because their entire point is to do the things that fall outside of the direct powers of the political elite. Seeing that members of the political elite are sitting both in the boards of corporations AND in the government, the two are simply the same thing. Corporations = state, state = corporations.

2f62e803 No.3611245

This thread proves that the world would be a better place if every Trump voter was arrested for Treason and executed. You are truly trash.

ca100365 No.3611252

This guy gets it.

3b33ed08 No.3611255

Well, what do you know, two worthless garbage posts one above the other.
Neither one of you "get it"

ca100365 No.3611256

File: 1618096407288.jpg (193.14 KB, 850x1063, use the next one.jpg)

There is nothing to get nancy.

3b33ed08 No.3611288

This is a right-wing furry board, so go back to your shithole city and burn down something because you didn't get your way, cupcake, we think it's hilarious.

7dcf0795 No.3611289

This isn't a "right wing" board. The only thing "right wing" is all the right wing posters. Did you know the owner of the board is a far left activist?

3b33ed08 No.3611290

While America fixates on everyone's sex lives … these people are stealing real power. It is dumb. America is a sexually repressed society that acts out all the time. No other nation in the world is like here.

And all the important stuff — we ignore until it is too late. Remember the 18 sex abuse accusers with Trump? All have disappeared. While people jerked-off about all that-bulshit — they put in place every means to steal an election on a national basis.

0c591f77 No.3611293

>Remember the 18 sex abuse accusers with Trump?
>All have disappeared.
They haven't. It's just that republicans no longer care about republicans committing sex crimes. It's called the Hastert Rule.

5ed0dd09 No.3611303

File: 1618122806783.jpeg (64.28 KB, 527x743, AB9C9107-FE10-4C3B-B425-4….jpeg)

Please Republicans walk on thin ice while Democrats fuck Chinese whores and snort cocaine..

0c591f77 No.3611304

>Democrats fuck Chinese whores and snort cocaine..

you've really made me question my vote for…hunter biden

61511cd8 No.3611305

i'd vote for that guy, he seems cool as hell

1d3a6a48 No.3611306

File: 1618125163248.jpeg (226.49 KB, 1332x753, you.jpeg)

>consensual sex between two adults
>sexual assault of women and children

f7405e94 No.3611317

File: 1618133711680.jpg (77.21 KB, 634x422, 41571980-9456145-image-a-7….jpg)

Bhahaha… I mean meow.

BLM founder is branded a 'FRAUD' after buying a $1.4 million home in an upscale mostly white enclave in LA

0c591f77 No.3611322

>Headline: BLM founder is branded a 'FRAUD'
>Story: Twitter user called Cullors a 'fraud' an [sic] said her brand of 'Marxism' apparently included buying a $1.4 million house.
Reality: right-wing nobody hates black woman.

figures the daily fail can't hire competent editors though

cd8e5940 No.3611323

>>It's just that republicans no longer care about republicans committing sex crimes.

So you mean they have turned into DEMOCRATS.

4c563d2d No.3611326

> It's called the Hastert Rule.
>The Hastert Rule, also known as the "majority of the majority" rule

I don't see what that has to do with anything:

> if 200 Democrats are the minority and 235 Republicans are the majority, the Hastert Rule would not allow 200 Democrats and 100 Republicans together to pass a bill, because 100 Republican votes is short of a majority of the majority

What it means, any bill that passes to vote must have at least 318 supporters (73.1%) if it's supported by democrats, but only 218 (50.1%) if it's supported by republicans, or vice versa if the ruling party is swapped around and they decide to use the same rule. It's an informal rule that is applied at the discretion of the Speaker.

cb3863d5 No.3611327

File: 1618146625850.jpg (34.38 KB, 331x499, 51qrFbbFoPL._SX329_BO1,204….jpg)


The right-wing is always looking for a conspiracy to cry about but there is no conspiracy. She worked her whole adult life at something which she made herself famous for then she wrote a book about it and made a shit ton of money.

Her book was in the top 20 global sales in 2018. Even Oprah pimped it out on her top 10 book list.

It's not a conspiracy, people just enjoy making racists cry.

f7405e94 No.3611328

File: 1618148995639.jpg (91.61 KB, 500x750, 21a0927cf1c9c8a193f8b987d3….jpg)

Ahaha yeah yeah sure thing.
>The district in which the BLM founder will now live is 88% white and 1.8% black
You know there was a great episode of Black Mirror called Fifteen Million Merits.
It's about one day being offered to sell your soul to someone you've been fighting all along. After that you'll even be allowed to continue your struggle but in the comfort of your own new house and brand-new Tesla. With a nice bank account. With good health insurance benefits. They'll even make your book a bestseller. But on one condition. Never forget who's holding the leash.

9a7bd0d3 No.3611329

File: 1618150251199.png (351.61 KB, 715x385, paypalme.png)


>That book

Literally this pict….

8ac32cd9 No.3611333

Even niggers hate other niggers.

cd8e5940 No.3611334

File: 1618153253256.jpg (51.81 KB, 1280x720, BLACKS_ARE_THE_WORST_RACIS….jpg)

>>It's not a conspiracy, people just enjoy making racists cry.


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