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File: 1617463607799.jpg (89.88 KB, 738x572, Capture.JPG)

ccd2b332 No.3610578

The most 'popular' president ever elected needs help hiding the disapproval from the public. Youtube censoring the massive amount of dislikes on Biden videos.

34e414b0 No.3610580

If you don't love biden, you're clearly racist white scum, and your opinion should be censored. Hes the great uniter of the parties.

51f3309f No.3610581

File: 1617466776186.jpg (358.87 KB, 2100x2500, EghVZ1gU4AARbgv.jpg)

You got that backward. Biden is one of the most racist, white, scum people in the Democratic party that's why it took running against TRUMP to make him look like the lesser evil. Both parties are built on white supremacy and America is done with them both.

34e414b0 No.3610585

File: 1617470508812.png (502.18 KB, 1000x625, Book_Chute.png)

Can we get a mod to ban this KKK shit waffle, he's clearly a racist murder.

f9f0a364 No.3610589

Define white supremacy, provide examples of policy that explicitly take race in to consideration. The only ones that exist are those against white people.

And again, the people voted for Trump. He won in a landslide, but the oligarchs cheated for Biden, and the justice system literally just looked the other way, refusing to even hear any cases on it.

34e414b0 No.3610591

white people deserve nothing but slavery to repair the damage they did to black people. Don't act like it didn't happen.

You slavery deniers make me sick.

f9f0a364 No.3610592

But 'white' civilizations literally ended slavery. Also, look up who owned the slaves and the slave ships. Spoiler: It was the Jews.

Slavery existed for millennia in Africa. The slaves that were brought to America were sold to them by Africans who captured them during their tribal wars. The Arabs had quite the slave trade going too, and they were much more brutal about it.

Of course, that all ended when white people decided slavery was wrong and went to great expense to snuff it out all around the world, much to the opposition of the Arabs and the African slavers.

Slavery still exists in all the non-white parts of the world today. You know where it doesn't exist? The white parts. So fuckin' read a book or something before you talk to me about slavery and white supremacy, retard.

f9f0a364 No.3610593

Oh, also, when the Americans ended slavery, they bought up some land in Africa and offered all of the free slaves a ride back to Africa where they could live free in their own fertile, newly established country of Liberia. The first thing they did when they got back was start killing eachother and enslaving the local tribes.

So if you ever hear anyone bitch about reparations or systemic racism, let them know they're always welcome back in Liberia.

34e414b0 No.3610595

castration by the holy lord, that is the only fully punishment

f9f0a364 No.3610597

Oh, you got me all worked up lol. I am dumb.

34e414b0 No.3610598

every, person who supported black people being fucked over for black people need to join the the effort to slit them all by the throats, you need to all to die to make my world the best black place to life…

34e414b0 No.3610599

I'll kill your all white fucks if you disagree with me, so trust me alah.

34e414b0 No.3610600

power to allah, power to the people power to you all.

eb33d5bb No.3610607


everybody deserves death or slavery since every last one of us has homicidal or slaving ancestors in their millenias long familly tree.

51f3309f No.3610610

File: 1617488278812.jpg (322.47 KB, 1500x1744, Ex1ULTmWEAAWz7S.jpg)

>The slaves that were brought to America were sold to them by Africans

A) White people hired tribes to go raid other tribes and take them as prisoners. That's not the same thing as it being the custom.

B) If a man offers to sell you an underage girl to fuck and you buy her and fuck her you're still a monster and a pedo. So even if your white-washing of history was true, those white people are still terrible people and you are a terrible person for defending them.

51f3309f No.3610611

File: 1617488585887.png (456.77 KB, 598x601, Found_The_Child_Fucker.png)


Conservatives roleplaying as what they think the democrats are is so sad and pathetic.

Then again, I can see why you think everyone is a child fucking, sociopath.

It's who you keep electing.

f9f0a364 No.3610615

Bitch, they've raided and enslaved eachother since the dawn of time. They still do it today.

Are you trying to say that white people invented slavery? That they are responsible for Africans enslaving eachother?

ccd2b332 No.3610617

File: 1617492013735.jpg (47.33 KB, 960x505, slaverygunpowder.jpg)

34e414b0 No.3610620

those are all just bullshit lies, biden's famiy has never had any lies, and if you fucking NIGER faggots thing you've ever seen anything wrong under biden, you're a Fuckwad influenced by CBN.

34e414b0 No.3610622

File: 1617495130458.jpg (82.48 KB, 800x575, f0ac57ccade27278d9361710c4….jpg)

I've never met a white person who I didn't know was masturbating over black slavery from day 1.

Prove me wrong.

a1d2a502 No.3610623

Hi, 3B


eb33d5bb No.3610625


You can't have it both ways. White people enslaved to repay for the slave trade of their ancestors and blacks africans not being also enslaved because they hunted and sold slaves.

Everyone has shitty ancestors is what I'm saying.

Now, what are YOU saying beside insults?
Can you articulate an argument for justifying having *only white* people - who never owned slaves - to pay for their ancestors' faults?

d64aab63 No.3610626

Beez Zabinski is a pedophile.

f9f0a364 No.3610627

Not me. My ancestors abolished slavery on a global scale.

9b9ee9db No.3610629


That's a weird way to spell 3B.

4be00c17 No.3610636

File: 1617500944987.jpg (796.81 KB, 1920x1080, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

>white person
>masturbating over black slavery

That is a lot of masterbating in this picture.

7ea0ac38 No.3610639

File: 1617502686267.jpg (47.38 KB, 595x1007, 98748184.jpg)

So one DOJ official comes out with wild claims of orgies, drugs, extortion, Iran hostages and we're to believe it 100%

But when Biden's kid is in league with corrupt Ukrainian businesses and Biden leverages money to get the prosecutor off his son's case, and brags about it on video, we're just supposed to believe that never happened.

Got it.

bfd45298 No.3610655

File: 1617520941057.jpg (108.58 KB, 1000x1000, photo_2020-11-10_18-14-31.jpg)

34e414b0 No.3610656

I had a civil rights or something instructor for a class I had to take in college, she did some weird missionary work in africa to bring them solar panels that powered a water pump, put in a cellphone tower, and get them simple cell phones to improve their lives.

Guess what they did.

Imported guns, and used it to start enslaving EVERYONE to pay for the guns. They apparently had to flee the country.

34e414b0 No.3610657

Oh, and lets not forget that white people were slaves too. A lot of white people payed to come to the country in trade of indentured servitude, right night to the blacks.

Thing is they barely got paid enough to pay off their room and food, and it often stretched into a multi generational thing, since the kids still had to pay for the parent's "loan"

34e414b0 No.3610658

they barely mention that in the history books, but it seemed like a good deal for them at the time. It was die of famine and hunger, or get free food, a place to live, and a job.

Theres even a song about it

A bunch of white people would go work for a company at a compound. They'd get the room, and a company store. They'd work, they'd go to sleep, they'd get paid in company dollars that could only be spent at the company store for upscale prices, and they'd never actually be able to make any real money.

Its basically slavery with a twist.

fce3515b No.3610662

>>she did some weird missionary work in africa to bring them solar panels that powered a water pump, put in a cellphone tower, and get them simple cell phones to improve their lives.

A lot of the time the black tribes in Africa will sell the water pumps and cell phone towers for scrap, and the solar panels to dealers, and end up right back at square one. They will then use the money to buy things like liquor and tobacco, (and yes, they can get it there). Sound familiar?

You can't fix stupid.

bfd45298 No.3610693

File: 1617547272811.jpg (77.52 KB, 720x774, photo_2021-04-03_15-01-53.jpg)

Because people are brainwashed with leftist crap. They go to Africa and there reality straightens them out.
They read their ridiculous dystopias like "The Hunger Games" or "Maze Runner" but they have no idea what a real dystopia is. It's hopelessness. It's a place where all your efforts to make the world a better place make it worse. Welcome to Africa.

ead0f248 No.3610695

File: 1617548757231.png (2 MB, 1809x4531, africaishellonearth.png)

>Welcome to Africa

bfd45298 No.3610696

Black history month lol

eb33d5bb No.3610701


It's not always that bad, sometime they use what's given to them, say tractors, have a good harvest, and when the NGO comes back next year finds the field unplanted.

" We got so much food last year that we don't need to work this year "

965c07cd No.3610781

File: 1617584638890.webm (1.92 MB, 640x348, africawakandasolarenginee….webm)

f9f0a364 No.3610786

Well what did you expect them to do? Those solar farms were stealing all the sun! They're the reason their crops failed! Solar farms will lead to eternal darkness.

bfd45298 No.3610794

File: 1617596820311.png (843.15 KB, 750x722, niga jojo.png)

I'm sure a couple of shots and this herd of monkeys would have scattered.

3e3ff61c No.3610801

I looked up this video. Apparently a lot of false claims have been made about it. Here's what happened:

Where: Not Africa … Maharashtra, India
Why: The workers who helped build this solar farm were stiffed on wages so they protested.

a4a7e503 No.3610831

Are you seriously debating about truth? Here? With racist faggots?

eb33d5bb No.3610832

Making fun of dumb, dishonest people is not racism.

3deb85fc No.3610851

File: 1617639532274.jpg (233.75 KB, 1500x1000, 20171017_hyperloop-AP-1500….jpg)

Making fun of dumb, dishonest people is not racism.
Making fun of smart, dishonest people is not capitalism.

965c07cd No.3610859

File: 1617650546562.jpg (126.52 KB, 1135x756, Capture.JPG)


Keep trying….

965c07cd No.3610860


I cant find a source for your claim. I am interested in knowing for sure - I want my facts to be correct.

faf963ec No.3610861


lol literally frying your chicken in used motor oil
no wonder they're all brain damaged

3deb85fc No.3610862

File: 1617655317928.png (534.08 KB, 785x762, kenya has oil.png)

3deb85fc No.3610863

File: 1617655494640.png (92.77 KB, 852x825, evenmoresick.png)

That is sick, even scarier!

3deb85fc No.3610864

File: 1617655758785.png (32.97 KB, 300x228, thumb_shhhнa-eereeeee-uitt….png)

965c07cd No.3610865

File: 1617657821008.webm (8 MB, 202x360, blackoilingfishtomakedinn….webm)

>frying your chicken in used motor oil

It is impossible to make this stuff up….

bfd45298 No.3610866

File: 1617658824751.jpg (34.24 KB, 900x518, samuel-jackson-hateful-eig….jpg)

Oh. My. Fucking. God.
It's like something out of a Tarantino movie. Too bad they don't call each other dumb niggers that would be authentic.

3db5a6db No.3610869


the oldschool "good" type of transformer oil is more or less pure dioxin and very toxic, so hi there colon cancer!

61bf878c No.3610872

File: 1617662921888.png (1.01 MB, 1242x791, More_Coke_For_Me.png)

Post as much racist fake news as you want, the black people you imagine will never be as stupid and narcissistic as the real Donald Trump or as perverse as the real GOP congress.

46c39118 No.3610890


The video is obviously fake you dumbfucks.

452a4569 No.3610891

Can't let go,
Can you, 3B.


452a4569 No.3610892

I know a lot of black people.
I'm…… not so sure.

bfd45298 No.3610893

You clearly underestimate the stupidity of niggers

faf963ec No.3610894

maybe synthetic engine oil is the real good stuff, healthy as shit and we've been lied to all our lives by big auto

33ade161 No.3610988

File: 1617827097639.jpg (44.73 KB, 725x264, youtube dislikes.JPG)

7ea0ac38 No.3610993

When did Trump say to boycott Coke? I don't remember this. Is this more alternative-facts from the left?
It's amazing the fact that Biden can't even get the number of viewers to watch him that Trump could get. Not even a fraction. "Most popular president in history!"
I mean, Joe Biden trying to read a scripted speech is hilarious. Old fart can't even keep his place or read the right answers he's supposed to say.

d546e258 No.3610996


Ingesting motor oil isn't as toxic as most people would assume at first blush. You'll shit yourself something wicked if you have a significant amount but it's not going melt your organs or anything.

Vehicle techs on base used to make some vile concoction with random bottles of hard liquor and some motor oil and nobody dropped dead.

d546e258 No.3610997


Coke was going at Georgia for daring to have election laws.

34e414b0 No.3610998

This just in, Democrats are boycotting Tyson and going vegan.

34e414b0 No.3610999

basic homec in schools thats what we need I didn't even have that and thought it was was a government thing

Until the virus when they banned us all from working, so you know the democrats aren't going to support home education.

7ea0ac38 No.3611002

Recently? You know Trump's not in office anymore, right? So I don't understand why you're saying he ordered his people not to drink Coke. Please post an example of him saying this.

fa8ffd74 No.3611100

File: 1617980805179.jpg (124.47 KB, 1200x434, Biden.jpg)

>B-but my democracy
Face it, you're picking between 2 parties that are the exact same shit with minor PR differences.

fa8ffd74 No.3611101

To be fair, Canola oil is also glorified Airplane oil lubricant from WW2

fa8ffd74 No.3611103

File: 1617981683662.jpg (65.88 KB, 1280x720, african 'aid'.jpg)

Interesting post. I think this is only for certain areas. I know for a fact that Cameroon and Burkina Faso are very well off, and have strict laws and are obsessed with education and discipline. Whenever someone from there comes to the USA and meets African-Americans, they're so confused about how the fuck they can behave like they do. Seriously I remember one dude (who'd immigrated over to attend college), telling me that it was fun to be rowdy, but the kind of behavior the local people were engaging in would have gotten them a literal whipping for it in Cameroon. After Ghadaffi got offed by Hillary and her goons, the rise of Al Qaueda and slave-runners has made it worse in those areas.

Also it doesn't help that all the "aid" to Africa is like trying to cauterize an aortal wound with a wood burning tool. It's not a solution to the problems and is offst by massive loss of resources and braindrain of educated personnel.

bfd45298 No.3611106

File: 1617987050780.jpg (25.78 KB, 382x563, johns236.jpg)

>but the kind of behavior the local people were engaging in would have gotten them a literal whipping for it in Cameroon
Hmmm. So they were right after all? The only language niggers understand is this.

5f223a66 No.3611127

File: 1618005133403.jpg (19.6 KB, 513x287, glass.jpg)

5f97b65d No.3611278


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