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File: 1616628863204.png (2.22 MB, 1280x999, cum.png)

7fc66402 No.3609456

I didn't see any BDSM threads at all, so here's a bondage thread for that part, at least!

7fc66402 No.3609457

File: 1616628902294.jpg (85.43 KB, 655x1063, suspend.jpg)

7fc66402 No.3609458

File: 1616628926999.jpg (113.28 KB, 456x810, sheepdsm.jpg)

30bd5a18 No.3609460

Sticking your fingers in someone's mouth is stupid. You deserve to get them bitten bloody if you do that.

b1914470 No.3609461

File: 1616632822868-0.jpg (127.54 KB, 800x699, 4eb1c423aa01760ff.jpg)

File: 1616632822868-1.jpg (911.16 KB, 1622x1500, 1411794778455-2.jpg)

File: 1616632822868-2.png (1.75 MB, 2600x2100, 28e2f2abaa1.png)

File: 1616632822868-3.png (272.72 KB, 600x850, 9c108b610.png)

File: 1616632822868-4.jpg (484.21 KB, 1004x660, 132018252.jpg)

Going right in my wallpaper file!!

b1914470 No.3609462

File: 1616632927706-0.jpg (70.98 KB, 800x717, 1173245665.jpg)

File: 1616632927706-1.jpg (251.97 KB, 790x1100, big_p1.jpg)

File: 1616632927706-2.jpg (249.31 KB, 790x1100, big_p2.jpg)

File: 1616632927706-3.jpg (238.85 KB, 1280x1280, 1931cb0.jpg)

File: 1616632927706-4.jpg (127.61 KB, 522x609, 377866.jpg)

b1914470 No.3609463

File: 1616633279440-0.jpg (181.5 KB, 1280x904, 1509693216882.jpg)

File: 1616633279441-1.jpg (454.07 KB, 1100x850, manchas_5_u18chan.jpg)

File: 1616633279441-2.png (2.61 MB, 1414x2000, 1866697_minum_439-reallyno….png)

File: 1616633279441-3.png (595.19 KB, 920x920, 2627924.png)

File: 1616633279441-4.png (1.46 MB, 965x1397, GoodCop_RS_u18chan.png)

b1914470 No.3609464

File: 1616633892332-0.png (912.63 KB, 768x768, 11qwee.png)

File: 1616633892332-1.jpg (308.35 KB, 669x800, 1302892748.jpg)

File: 1616633892332-2.png (1.01 MB, 800x1080, dd6856f2ee82.png)

File: 1616633892332-3.jpg (1.23 MB, 1633x2000, fc27ceac741a.jpg)

File: 1616633892332-4.jpg (604.27 KB, 1096x1370, 1441658.jpg)

b1914470 No.3609465

File: 1616633943181-0.jpg (168.27 KB, 1280x768, 1dc47cc5a14.jpg)

File: 1616633943181-1.jpg (331.79 KB, 1252x800, [Fluffball] Surprise 2.jpg)

File: 1616633943181-2.png (1.49 MB, 1100x1100, 42ab2f50d.png)

File: 1616633943181-3.png (4.2 MB, 4333x2280, 5af34dc6d2.png)

File: 1616633943181-4.jpg (253.83 KB, 1050x838, 59510baf1cee3d940.jpg)

b1914470 No.3609466

File: 1616634242279-0.jpg (785.03 KB, 691x1000, 1536816637391.jpg)

File: 1616634242279-1.jpg (166.21 KB, 500x550, 51c54dd0e8b.jpg)

File: 1616634242279-2.jpg (230.3 KB, 907x1280, 3308e28e008c45.jpg)

File: 1616634242279-3.png (1.19 MB, 1280x1703, 1d843.png)

File: 1616634242279-4.png (555.17 KB, 1098x1180, 69ac836b98b68.png)

b1914470 No.3609469

File: 1616638424785-0.png (230.63 KB, 935x867, m (36).png)

File: 1616638424785-1.png (122.72 KB, 878x548, m (37).png)

File: 1616638424785-2.png (185.28 KB, 827x842, m (38).png)

File: 1616638424785-3.png (154.24 KB, 773x660, m (39).png)

File: 1616638424785-4.png (337.82 KB, 1280x1220, m (40).png)

b1914470 No.3609470

File: 1616638648241-0.png (421.51 KB, 920x595, 3099235.png)

File: 1616638648241-1.png (1.92 MB, 2664x2800, df5b59d2.png)

File: 1616638648241-2.jpg (325.14 KB, 2048x1338, yup32.jpg)

File: 1616638648241-3.jpg (168.35 KB, 850x555, yup33.jpg)

File: 1616638648241-4.png (2.55 MB, 3849x2500, cbd7a69e9.png)

b1914470 No.3609471

File: 1616638755469-0.png (1.74 MB, 2237x3000, 0e97d8be9.png)

File: 1616638755469-1.jpg (135.47 KB, 850x636, ret 55.jpg)

File: 1616638755469-2.jpg (136.86 KB, 850x636, ret 56.jpg)

File: 1616638755469-3.jpg (212.04 KB, 1050x1280, 7d90a677.jpg)

File: 1616638755469-4.jpg (844.81 KB, 1132x1080, 0ffeae6.jpg)

ec450aa9 No.3609486

File: 1616648101648.jpg (104.22 KB, 741x1000, 172a85c3f437601418809ed732….jpg)

0c6b6c23 No.3609491

File: 1616650212123-0.png (1.74 MB, 2174x1639, 5a5a30929e9.png)

File: 1616650212123-1.jpg (187.98 KB, 1280x1110, 146813859479.jpg)

File: 1616650212123-2.jpg (148.64 KB, 850x850, ed56c86fccb.jpg)

File: 1616650212123-3.jpg (104.08 KB, 800x800, 4bef446483.jpg)

File: 1616650212123-4.png (1.67 MB, 1920x1080, 3560aca2b50ab04.png)

0c6b6c23 No.3609499

File: 1616659854657-0.png (3.34 MB, 2024x2500, 1761883_u18chan.png)

File: 1616659854657-1.png (693.67 KB, 1200x778, Apple (2).png)

File: 1616659854657-2.jpg (313.9 KB, 1102x736, 1453064123042-0.jpg)

File: 1616659854657-3.gif (773.7 KB, 511x288, yupper 99.gif)

File: 1616659854657-4.png (942.5 KB, 1280x1196, 113903.png)

0c6b6c23 No.3609501

File: 1616660263754-0.jpg (335.37 KB, 1148x765, eeab84111.jpg)

File: 1616660263754-1.png (3.24 MB, 3415x1525, Oops 4.png)

File: 1616660263754-2.png (1.55 MB, 1280x800, 54300d527ec.png)

File: 1616660263754-3.jpg (620.8 KB, 4000x3457, 795a40979f.jpg)

File: 1616660263754-4.png (1.54 MB, 1597x2943, 2381685.png)

2be09832 No.3609532

File: 1616691284746.jpg (816.27 KB, 1429x1010, 1594238515.kaji_commission….jpg)

2be09832 No.3609534

File: 1616692016338.jpg (110.05 KB, 1280x1088, 1570966348.whistleristler_….jpg)

88e269e3 No.3609677

File: 1616805431414.jpg (345.57 KB, 993x1280, 451f9a86ed25ada33d7ece51a7….jpg)

aa1b6a61 No.3609921

File: 1616927482026.png (897.67 KB, 908x1158, 3d9530f52eeb028fba23befa65….png)

53567c54 No.3610059

File: 1617020494494.jpg (172.92 KB, 998x1066, 1895599_Lichfang_nightdanc….jpg)

295bc51f No.3610432

File: 1617328794806.jpeg (265.45 KB, 1000x1515, bafybeifskubkyau72gcynfth….jpeg)

d2a65919 No.3610561

File: 1617443716382.png (197.04 KB, 1069x1280, f75a9bbbbcb9d95a6798143c4e….png)

c5142cff No.3610870

File: 1617661311003.jpeg (206.43 KB, 620x876, 419419a433363a35feef682d7….jpeg)

345580fa No.3611069

File: 1617935575287.jpg (233.61 KB, 1280x960, bafkreid5y56ohpcymsjmrdcyq….jpg)

12174234 No.3613973

File: 1620458092721.jpg (685.78 KB, 767x1200, 3573583_fluffKevlar_reques….jpg)

069ec950 No.3614640

File: 1621028030575.jpg (1.02 MB, 1753x2480, 2786414_joykill_beartp_rob….jpg)

45737116 No.3615250

File: 1621607961307-0.jpg (67.98 KB, 733x576, wh06raku.jpg)

File: 1621607961307-1.gif (691.86 KB, 500x278, tumblr_nnifebDJQR1s1qahco1….gif)

File: 1621607961307-2.jpg (194.54 KB, 851x1100, sefeiren_zam_ske2as_s.jpg)

File: 1621607961307-3.jpg (236.75 KB, 1600x1066, F_N_018__ZZ_B_08.jpg)

c4046efb No.3615266

File: 1621625297202-0.png (29.71 KB, 1000x2200, 2572304.png)

File: 1621625297202-1.png (29.32 KB, 1000x2200, 2572331.png)

File: 1621625297202-2.png (29.6 KB, 1000x2200, 2572332.png)

53567c54 No.3616620

File: 1623042084991.jpg (37.12 KB, 480x700, siamese_rope.jpg)

d0ac25dd No.3618587

File: 1624938810870.jpg (132.27 KB, 990x765, de6479eef51c593dff3913536c….jpg)

630b5b21 No.3619422

File: 1625779506448.jpg (187.72 KB, 567x850, Maid Marian Bondage No Sha….jpg)

a87be26f No.3619424

File: 1625780737791.jpg (168.68 KB, 1280x897, 1625334699.yantaro4ka_палк….jpg)

2003da31 No.3622513

File: 1628733490380.jpg (78.73 KB, 995x563, Tied.jpg)

a781fef4 No.3622866

File: 1629022959022.jpg (894.39 KB, 1920x1200, Ychan - f - sexy felines -….jpg)

yob yob

a781fef4 No.3622868

File: 1629028161455.jpg (327.18 KB, 1280x983, mia_rori_color_u18chan.jpg)

d1f25b21 No.3623148

File: 1629248975957.jpeg (215.32 KB, 1280x1280, bafkreignxzns4kvg5cpiv6th….jpeg)

7d8940f8 No.3625164

File: 1630891182016.jpg (297.32 KB, 1262x1276, CBT for FlyingFox -- by Sk….jpg)

33910306 No.3626137

File: 1631812170609.jpg (831.78 KB, 3000x2500, 6iqqgrnnmicymun2e6oxa75apw….jpg)

3b468588 No.3626161

File: 1631824522247-0.jpeg (288.2 KB, 1850x2600, ETrLcBtXQAMV_iX.jpeg)

File: 1631824522247-1.jpeg (679.14 KB, 2996x4096, EznDiPQXsAgSjkg.jpeg)

the human titties kinda ruin it, but I'd do her anyway

375f5a43 No.3626172

File: 1631829241029.png (112.03 KB, 668x703, complaining about tits on ….png)

At least she is a mammal, unlike many of the things people put tits on.

3b468588 No.3626177

File: 1631831881877.png (3.32 MB, 3000x2500, valentienes_day.png)

Also god DAMN look at that perfect butt

3b468588 No.3626180

File: 1631832268934.jpg (170.32 KB, 1280x1097, somebody will get upset ab….jpg)

Dragons are to my knowledge a misunderstanding of large lizards, especially doing the forked tongue thing (and since artists just copy one another without having seen the animal back in the day it eventually became fire-breathing).

You just can't put tits on that.

No dino tits. No bird tits. No lizard tits.

Also isn't that Doktor Savage?

53567c54 No.3626273

> Also isn't that Doktor Savage?
Sure is.

f3d136f4 No.3626890

File: 1632515830303.png (748.45 KB, 905x1131, bafybeifhqur7xxsfq5onabqoo….png)

909a9aac No.3627408

File: 1632968232787.jpg (201.63 KB, 917x1297, kpwem334zlzme7mxc7be2djsa.jpg)

2d4e7802 No.3629337

File: 1634187758732.jpg (485.28 KB, 1984x2797, bafybeianrh2c7w2zg2dg7z74v….jpg)

77791ee2 No.3629839

File: 1634531887959.jpg (101.35 KB, 960x959, 45357.jpg)

d3ef03f2 No.3630272

File: 1634884834524.jpg (609.27 KB, 1280x720, 1616052496.sentharn_savann….jpg)

23b95837 No.3631678

File: 1635996697446.jpg (210.81 KB, 640x480, OhNoNotThere.jpg)

143c9880 No.3637837

File: 1639568816863.jpg (154.77 KB, 630x1280, 1617734326.jasmera_jasmera.jpg)

4c701bcf No.3647653

File: 1645245504539.jpg (198.86 KB, 1280x1260, bafkreicbzmqlfr7ozah3eszit….jpg)

3fc9e48e No.3649336

File: 1646178537676.jpg (151.61 KB, 920x1114, 3888302_TravisCoon_2997301….jpg)

6227b75b No.3651237

File: 1647742735925.jpg (19.25 KB, 329x439, 1499941290864.jpg)

269e606d No.3651240

File: 1647747258665-0.png (613.9 KB, 768x688, kitty_kitty_bang_bang_by_s….png)

File: 1647747258665-1.jpg (4.17 MB, 2480x3744, adventures_of_sussy_shelti….jpg)

File: 1647747258665-2.jpg (323.43 KB, 1280x1788, alicia_pris_commission_2_b….jpg)

Where's the peril?

95cad867 No.3652298

File: 1648572299205.jpeg (160.93 KB, 2084x1436, bafkreidnbfllfidptq3ykgdp….jpeg)

14ad3e37 No.3654116

File: 1650144163661.jpeg (294.64 KB, 1141x1280, bafybeieyxnsx3qf77mtj2bwu….jpeg)

ec4e621b No.3661491

File: 1657054687515.png (567.88 KB, 1424x1222, bafybeicnayii32jm64pti2pxm….png)

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