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File: 1615938674481.webm (4.51 MB, 320x180, McConnel_Never_Vote_Repub….webm)

572a4dd7 No.3608812

Mitch McConnel tells you why you should never, ever, vote for a Republican.

572a4dd7 No.3608840

Isn't it funny how all these racist right-wingers yelling nigger-nigger-nigger and saying Biden is the anti-Christ just didn't reply to this thread at all where the GOP Party leader told everyone exactly what Republicans really stand for? Almost as if they want to pretend they aren't the party of elitist, psychopaths who have to rely on racism because their actual policies sound like terrorist threats to most Americans.

88f3534b No.3608844

File: 1615954940948.png (119.98 KB, 399x400, ajuslv2qrcb51 (1).png)

Maybe because there is so much bullshit spewing, projection, as well you people make a shit fuck of liberal bullshit threads that we probably didn't even care to bother.

Besides this is Lulznet, threads don't always move super fast anyways.

572a4dd7 No.3608845

File: 1615955038679.webm (3.88 MB, 320x180, McConnel_threatens_to_acc….webm)

Republicans so mad they are getting called out on how weak and pathetic they are. Poor old Mitch McConnel is threatening to shut down the government and make sure nothing gets done because Democrats are going to take away his filibuster and he knows he can't win an honest election in America.

88f3534b No.3608846

File: 1615955245683.jpg (43.71 KB, 680x673, 1614110658200.jpg)

>>Almost as if they want to pretend they aren't the party of elitist, psychopaths who have to rely on racism because their actual policies sound like terrorist threats to most Americans.


f57f925a No.3608848

File: 1615955426241.png (6.17 MB, 2750x2402, dd266e0011ce08b8e71fb541cb….png)

Mitch the Bitch is a Chinese owned corporatist shill who should be hanged for treason, but he's not wrong in these videos.

You're a mouth breathing retard if you think there aren't anti American traitors in both parties.

ac996cd2 No.3608849

File: 1615955433877.jpg (376.25 KB, 2048x1193, eaafcka2xr531.jpg)

Conservatives and Nationalist what's the difference?

88f3534b No.3608850

Oh yeah no. No argument on that. Mitch is a Bitch. The Republicans problem isn't being "too conservative" it's being cowardly bitches who don't hold Democrats accountable for their bullshit.

572a4dd7 No.3608851

File: 1615955617364.webm (2.95 MB, 320x180, Dont_Touch_His_Stove.webm)

Can you imagine what would happen if you went into work and said, "I'll shut this whole fucking place down if you don't give in to my demands!"

I have never seen a party more dedicated to getting paid for not working than the Republican party. Do you want to talk about socialism? This is socialism. He's getting paid your tax dollars to explain to you why he shouldn't be forced to do his job.

572a4dd7 No.3608852

File: 1615956236783.webm (2.33 MB, 320x180, Why_So_Furious.webm)

So you might be asking yourself, what does Mitch have to gain by blocking everything? Doesn't that make him look like a psychopath who is trying to destroy America to protect the wealthy?

That's who Mitch has always been. You're just seeing him run out of ways to hide it.

572a4dd7 No.3608854

File: 1615956570940.webm (3.1 MB, 320x180, Toothless_Old_Dog.webm)

I gotta ask, I know you guys are all Ra-ra-racism-is-awesome but why are you still in the Republican party?

Why not just start your own white nationalist party? Why tie yourself to this toothless old dog who is driving the GOP into the ground?

572a4dd7 No.3608855

File: 1615956925361.webm (3.29 MB, 320x180, Republicans_Are_Fucking_D….webm)

Seriously, please, start a new Republican party because the moment you do, the left will split from the Democrats and we will both be freed from the shackles of these old, good for nothing, assholes.

3a8f771a No.3608862

The reason 3B persists here is that he creates these off-topic political threads all the time on a furry board and you always respond to them like lemmings instead of just ignoring them and letting them scroll off as they should, and he gloats because you can't resist responding and cutting him down, he's a troll. This one had actually gotten to page 2 before anyone responded.

3a8f771a No.3608863

Of course, it was finally him that replied to it himself because no one else had, and someone took the bait.

572a4dd7 No.3608869

File: 1615992598623.jpg (481.36 KB, 1198x1200, No_Chin_Dickless_Wonder.jpg)

Hey look, it's another conservative proving to the world you're all a bunch of racist, limp-dicked, inbred, cowards.
This one by shooting up several small businesses owned by Asian Americans leaving multiple people dead and many wounded.

Just another day for the Riech-wing!


f57f925a No.3608870

If you're going to attack someone for their ideology, then attack the ideology, retard.

3a8f771a No.3608877


I'll take false flag psyop for $500.

Told ya he was a Democrat.

15 black people shot at a party in Southside ChiCongo last weekend….crickets from MSM

f57f925a No.3608881

Apparently a lot of the "white supremacist mass murderers" are Jews, if you care about identity politics and such.

Also, Jews owned all the slave ships and were major slave owners. Just FYI.

But white people evil.

ff59ee1a No.3608899

>If you're going to attack someone for their ideology, then attack the ideology
pretty sure he did
>racist, limp-dicked, inbred, cowards
that's the conservative platform

572a4dd7 No.3608901

File: 1616025046520.webm (3.21 MB, 320x180, Called_It.webm)


You think my assumption was wrong that he's a limp-dicked, cuck who couldn't get laid so he turned to violence instead? No. I didn't even need to wait 24 hours to be proven correct.

He claims he had to shoot those women because he couldn't stop fantasizing about dominating Asian women and his sex addiction was ruining his life.

Cucks, cowards, and incels.

3a8f771a No.3608902

File: 1616027758049.jpeg (153.42 KB, 640x610, image__4_.jpeg)

(90% of posts in this thread)

Hi 3B, you worthless piece of lying leftist shit.

523eab32 No.3608907

File: 1616031143897.jpg (24.51 KB, 540x534, replypleasewaitforfailure.jpg)



Isnt the standard reply 'semen bath' or something like that?

f483daaf No.3608908

That would imply that you could find enough people to give 3B a semen bath. IMO, 3B is gone. His ego was too big to go this long without using a name to get attention.

He was an overweight single guy in his mid 50's. He might actually be dead.

caeb4807 No.3608910

This is a big empty threat since McCon has been doing this for years except now he's admitting he'll do it instead of negotiating in bad faith.

3f7fa632 No.3608927

Seems like alot of tolerance boils over into…well, I guess I will go shoot up a massage parlor full of hookers today sort of Mentality.

f200c979 No.3608928


When they're alive, they're called prostitutes. When they're dismembered in my trunk, they're called hookers.

5418ce5e No.3608947


One of the places he shot up was an aroma-therapy store. They sold candles.

He wasn't targeting them because they were hookers.

3f7fa632 No.3608986

Implying you need a target to hit people.

83308a54 No.3608993

Maybe one of his temptations was to stuff his butt with candles ?

f57f925a No.3609090

Could you retards just like, not be retards, please?

5418ce5e No.3609100

File: 1616195552665.png (889.02 KB, 720x463, Historic_Republican_Lazine….png)

It looks like the answer is no. Republicans gonna Republican.

Linsey Graham joined Mitch McConnel in his threat to shut down the Senate by having no republicans show up for work again as long as Biden is the president should Biden require them to actually talk to filibuster.

Republicans want to be paid but they don't want to do any of the work to earn it. That is who they are.

f7868fce No.3609101

How's this any different than the tantrums and "I'm not going to do the Trump work" that democrat lawmakers pulled after he was elected?

Oh right, they believe a conspiracy theory that the 2016 election was "stolen" among other long since debunked conspiracy theories that led their mindless supporters to murder and burn for four years.

0263b219 No.3609102

thanks archer

3a8f771a No.3609105

>>When they're dismembered in my trunk, they're called hookers.

No. Then they're called Democrat voters.

ff59ee1a No.3609106

5418ce5e No.3609119

File: 1616210671401.png (439.54 KB, 598x544, Screenshot_2021-03-19 #Mar….png)

What are you talking about? The Democrats passed tons of Trump's laws.

They were called hypocrites by the left the entire time he was in office because Democrats kept passing Trump's bills and fast-tracking his judges.

They are all in the same rich-people club giving themselves raises and tax cuts while doing nothing to help normal people during a pandemic.

5418ce5e No.3609121


99% of voter fraud in America is Republicans and they always get caught because they are too stupid to avoid the detection systems we have in place.

5418ce5e No.3609142

File: 1616261900861.webm (5.11 MB, 640x360, Its_Over.webm)

I love the smell of Republican panic!

097695fa No.3609150

File: 1616273287698.jpg (37.49 KB, 640x640, 1491086057_00002.jpg)

The Capitol shit was nothing compared to what's coming when people feel that the ones governing over them are illegitimate and morally repulsive.

And dipshits like you will be the cause of it.

Yes you, the kind of people who instead of winding down and having some humility now that you've won (illegitimately) instead keep increasing the pressure and just essentially wage an all-out ideological war against your opponents, from a position of power.

5418ce5e No.3609206

File: 1616333165052.png (773.14 KB, 682x515, f43tfg54g34y.png)

>Why won't you leave us alone to plot our terrorist attacks in peace?! Why do you have to be so mean?!

You just answered your own question.

356ef75f No.3609384

File: 1616526983696-0.jpg (112.27 KB, 800x1200, EwbJ1FmW8AAkOkn.jpg)

File: 1616526983696-1.jpg (213.02 KB, 900x1200, EwqA9T1XMAQN3Be.jpg)

File: 1616526983696-2.png (311.36 KB, 2338x1654, Ewt0i7aWYAI1z-P.png)

File: 1616526983696-3.jpg (2.05 MB, 4000x3691, EwssP0oVoAEWFSz.jpg)

Has the Boulder, CO mass shooter been confirmed as a white, male, conservative, in his mid-thirties, yet or do I need to wait a few days more before I start saying I told you this is who they are?

f57f925a No.3609561

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