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0b67899c No.3605329

The way he jumps back when it opens gets me every time.

aa3c039c No.3605360

the worst/funniest part is that this is actually how biden sees minorities.

381a75bf No.3605387

I know lol so good.

He literally is living in the 1970-1990s. He literally supported segregation and keeping blacks out of schools. His own VP even called him out on it.

70a479f8 No.3605397

It's like I told y'all they're power hungry pander ponies. They will say what ever they think people want to hear. Then they get in power do whatever the hell they want. As long as they keep it up they never have to answer for anything they do.

70a479f8 No.3605405

Republicans tend to call it as they see it and people can't stand that. But are really bad at cowering under pressure.

381a75bf No.3605407

>Segregationist is the Democrat president
>Well gosh darn it you republicans!
>Democrat segregationist is president
>Well uhhhh you GOPs…

c23ca299 No.3605408

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I am really thinking of giving up on politics. The weirdness is just so obvious, people get what they fucking deserve.

To that great man, thank you for your sense of humor!

cd05b575 No.3605426

>He literally is living in the 1970-1990s. He literally supported segregation and keeping blacks out of schools.

so do most of you, you should be slobbing his knob

ad6fb743 No.3605434

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541857b5 No.3605540

File: 1614142331247.jpg (17.15 KB, 450x337, patrick5.jpg)

Actually I think you'll find that most people who aren't far left lunatics just want black people to get their shit together and join the rest of us in being civilized humans in the 21st century.

Start building stable families, start focusing on education, start being financially responsible, start focusing on achieving something and most important of all stop seeing themselves as a separate part of society that isn't subject to the same standards, rules and social expectations. That's all they need to be successful, useful and RESPECTED members of our society.

And they don't even need to worry about low IQs. Properly educated low IQ people are perfectly good at being productive within their own capabilities as long as they have a desire to do so. They may not be scientist and lawyer and doctor material, but we still need people who do various forms of manual labor or trades. Some jobs even pay really well, like construction. And aren't gonna be automated any time soon. Selling crack isn't the way to make a living.

Most black people who manage to escape the toxic environment of their own communities (read: grow up in places with few other black people) are perfectly aware of this and can do this just fine. Blacks in other countries where victimology has been less of a thing can do this just fine.

Now stop being a waste of air and put that useless brain of yours to figuring out a practical solution on how to do this in the shitholes that are majority black towns and neighborhoods.

My suggestion is: government inform ation campaigns with a clear "this is what you need to do to improve yourself" message instead of "here's how to get more gibs". Making welfare dependent on going through these education and improvement programs. And mandatory remedial school classes.

cbdd9aec No.3605561


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