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File: 1613993347718.jpg (53.67 KB, 670x446, 2486696-164367885.jpg)

44119d92 No.3605254

The Italian ambassador to Kinshasa was shot dead on Monday in an attack that targeted a convoy of the World Food Program (WFP) during a visit near Goma in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, a diplomatic source told AFP.

I suggest that all white /lulz/ users repent urgently for the sins of the white race to Wakanda.

1278d1d1 No.3605257

i have no idea where Kinshasa is, but a shot white embassater doesn't sound like white supremacy.

a8f736b3 No.3605261

File: 1613995740377.webm (2.45 MB, 1280x654, Italian ambassador killed….webm)

44119d92 No.3605262

You don't understand. White skin color is offensive to the victims of colonialism so he forced oppressed blacks to kill him to protect themselves from white supremacism.

a8f736b3 No.3605266

File: 1613998291878.jpg (4.08 KB, 299x168, minago.jpg)

a8f736b3 No.3605267

File: 1613998598174.jpg (1.24 MB, 2948x1610, Armored_vehicle_from_the_U….jpg)

Why aren't their cars bullet proof?

a8f736b3 No.3605268

Who's responsible sending him there? What if he knew it was dangerous to go there?

1278d1d1 No.3605270

money is a helluva drug.

7ad472ea No.3605282

He was shot for being a prick

9749b8b1 No.3605283

Italian mob vs nigger gang.

1e7c2987 No.3605284

There are so many issues in this world we could fix if we just put our minds to it. Africa isn't one of them. Lets stop trying.

445b4416 No.3605295

File: 1614025110665.jpg (154.42 KB, 768x1024, 1607881686515.jpg)

1278d1d1 No.3605297

africa is the worlds greatest asset, name one thing of objective cultural valu that didnt come from africa. spoiler, your answer may make you a nazi racist fascist white supremacist

1a4924b1 No.3605306

File: 1614029737096.jpg (35.25 KB, 500x335, 34be9e2565b95d4730cdab493d….jpg)

The reason why Africa is a shithole is low IQ, socialism and having too many kids to educate and feed properly, not colonialism.

They have been left infrastructure that other countries could have killed for and they let it fall apart cause they're too dumb for civilization.

Also it's not my fault that they conquered each other and sold themselves to my ancestors as slaves. What race abolished slavery anyway? Yeah, they're not gonna answer that.

An I'm fucking fed up of people shitting on my race, no matter how they try to excuse that it's about systemic structures of systems and not my DNA, but I know it's about my DNA, but by the time they'd be willing to admit it, we'd be a minority.

More diversity means less white people.

Also it's always the fucking Jews peddling this shit. I don't want to go down that road, but holy crap those people are asking for another ass kicking.

a8f736b3 No.3605445

File: 1614068060781-0.png (9 KB, 400x400, Ychan - ot - stuff from ja….png)

File: 1614068060781-1.png (29.62 KB, 1000x800, Ychan - ot - stuff from ja….png)

File: 1614068060781-2.png (11.22 KB, 800x600, Ychan - ot - stuff from ja….png)

Good for you!

7ad472ea No.3605447

I don't care about africa culture There is some ceramics but that's it. Fucking ceramics. That was their culture now its being a menance to society by living like a plague of visible shit.

1518a2c7 No.3605449

>An I'm fucking fed up of people shitting on my race,

Yeah… I'm get'n there myself.

7ad472ea No.3605451

People shitting over your race, must be the indians.

d80eca70 No.3605455

File: 1614081582351.jpg (42.67 KB, 475x360, somali-child-soldier-somal….jpg)

You know what the problem with Africa is? People who live in two-story apartments overlooking fucking Central Park, drinking smoothies and shitting on Twitter. At their university, which their rich daddy paid for, they meet black students and think the main problem in Africa is white racism.
Morons. I hate them. Let them sell their assets and help fucking Africa.

92c6429b No.3605467


oh no what're you going to do? get real mad and cry a whole fucking lot and post racial slurs on an image board for pig fuckers?

1518a2c7 No.3605477

I actually try not use racial slurs. But it's pretty annoying that once a leftist calls you a racist nothing you can say or do will change their minds. Got black friends? Doesn't matter. Actually black but said something disagreeable to a leftist, something positive about the nuclear family or police presence? Doesn't matter.

Black people killing Asians? Some this is because of white nationalism. Sad and mourning the death of a black friend who was killed in a gang shoot out? Whelp may as well be burning crosses and joined the klan.

tried to protect your family owned businesses in a race riot provoked by BLM agitation? Guess your a white supremacists Nazi may as well have joined Thunder front storm weekly. It's ridiculous

1518a2c7 No.3605479

File: 1614103003232.png (348.99 KB, 850x400, 1614058480807.png)

d62b22a4 No.3605480

Everyone who lives in or around NYC is a parasitic tapeworm up society's ass. The world would be a far better place if everyone in New York, the San Francisco Bay area, and Washington DC were to drop dead.

Prove me wrong.

352fe07f No.3605481

well, that is where trump is from

2f7049f9 No.3605482

>The world would be a far better place if everyone in New York, the San Francisco Bay area, and Washington DC were to drop dead
>San Francisco Bay area
Say goodbye to computers, then.

fe69430a No.3605485


"If you don't vote for me, you aren't black" - Joe Biden

Liberals just love using projection

44119d92 No.3605488

File: 1614109407704.jpg (28.03 KB, 512x317, china1.jpg)

>Say goodbye to computers, then.

c8d555d8 No.3605489

Nigga don't you know what the silicon prairie is? Where the fuck do you think Texas Instruments is from?

How about MIT?

The bay area is a literal shit hole populated by on the worst people on earth.

2f7049f9 No.3605491

Without BSD Unix having come from the University of California, Berkeley, we might have ended up in an awful universe where OSI is used rather than TCP/IP.

44119d92 No.3605493

File: 1614111975679.jpg (87.48 KB, 1102x895, photo_2021-02-23_17-08-09.jpg)

Can we still remember what it was like in the Stone Age? Those people were long ago canceled for being racist sexist and supporting toxic meritocracy.
Now there's only woke LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP+ gu.. emm hum.. individuals who think quantum superiority has inescapable racist overtones.

c8d555d8 No.3605494

The relationship between the internet infrastructure and silicon valley is the same as a the relationship between a pig and a tapeworm.

Nothing good can be attributed to the grifters in the bay area. They live off the hard work of others like the fucking parasites they are. Nothing good has ever come out of the bay area.

2f7049f9 No.3605495

>Nothing good has ever come out of the bay area
Confirmed for not knowing tech or tech history. I'm not even talking about the bay today. In the late 70s, 80s, and early 90s, BSD Unix was made, and if you don't think that affects you, you know nothing of internet infrastructure.

8646f5b5 No.3605502

That shit would have been developed independent of the retardation endemic to the Bay area. Stop attributing good shit to a region which has produced nothing but terrible shit. The good shit came into existence in spite of the cavalcade of horrible that the bay area is responsible for. If it didn't happen there (due to the concentration of tech parents) it would have happened in another tech hub. It's not like the people who are responsible for the good shit were born in the bay area, never moved at any time in their life, and only created the good shit BECAUSE they were born and lived exclusively in the bay area.

With over 99% of the shit coming out of the bay area being detrimental to humanity you can't claim that the bay area is good for people, especially when the few good things coming from the bay area are made by people who aren't from the bay area and only went there for financial reasons.

f8a506d2 No.3605520

File: 1614130676531.jpg (27.01 KB, 634x226, Capture.JPG)

7ad472ea No.3605532

Yes unfortunately I tolerate alot of cali shit so I can theoretically get better prices on ebay.

1a4924b1 No.3605544

File: 1614143700095.jpg (115.18 KB, 600x430, smellydumbcommiescum.jpg)

Leftists hate the word supremacy not because of racist overtones, but because their ideology is all about lowering everything to the lowest common denominator, because they are weak.

Physically weak.

Mentally weak.

And they know they are weak.

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