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Here's something you may find interesting. This girl interviews Trumpers at the "stop the steal" rally right before the insurrection. She asks them whether they think burning the American flag should be illegal. 70% of Trumpers think burning the American flag should be illegal. Wait a minute, but I thought Trumpers were all for protecting American values like free speech? Oh that's right, you're only pro your speech. How convenient.

I tried to bump the cancel culture thread with this, but I think it's hit the bump limit. So here's a new thread.

cb063df2 No.3603847

File: 1613158774484.png (159.6 KB, 680x564, 1593479266578.png)


wtf does burning a flag have to do with free speech? go be an idiot elsewhere.

e7ff8209 No.3603849

File: 1613160060716.jpg (121.51 KB, 1200x800, free_awoo.jpg)

Free speech is shorthand for all forms of expression, not just speech. Burning a flag is symbolic and conveys meaning. Burning a flag in and of itself does not infringe on the rights of others. Therefore, it should be protected as free expression.

ea73d9f9 No.3603852

File: 1613161327135-0.jpg (26.39 KB, 466x348, 91XV74mmF0L._AC_UX466_.jpg)

File: 1613161327135-1.png (3.53 MB, 2000x2000, Mascot_8f2d3bcf-bdde-408c-….png)

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Burning a US flag? what about pissing, washing, and trimming it into underwear, or sitting on it as a towel?
desecration of a us flag does not physically hurt no one but it would hurt their pride though. The country scientific advancements. You want to burn the flag that's fine but become a politician destroy the country by politicizing education and healthcare should be the greatest threat.

593a231d No.3603854

Thats a controversial issue. Technically any "american flag" underwear, shirts, or things like that round towel, are not technically flags. When it comes to real flags, vets, patriots, and other groups tend to stick pretty hard to proper display, storage, and disposal methods. Personally I internally cringe even when I see someone flying an old tattered flag.

Personally, I think that maliciously burning or defiling the flag should be at worst a slap on the wrist no more than parking in a handicap parking spot when you're not handicapped. With the exception of course for when its an artistic work, which leaves lots open to interpretation.

2ed23888 No.3603857

File: 1613163791886.jpg (482.39 KB, 1256x1075, pbfbear.jpg)

>disposal methods

Something a lot of Americans don't know is that when a flag is retired, it is ceremoniously folded the proper way, and then burned. Obviously, this is different than lighting a flag on fire in the Walmart parking lot.

593a231d No.3603863

pretty much, technically its also supposed to be buried in a barrel or something like that. The local American Legion does a yearly official-like flag disposal day where they go full out.

I don't really care about disposal, I've thrown two out with the garbage without a second thought. I just find the act of maliciously defiling a flag to be something that shouldn't be taken without a second look on American soil.

87ac467b No.3603867

File: 1613165663177.webm (3.3 MB, 720x720, Play_Stupid_Games.webm)

Anti-Masker harasses a woman outside of her apartment building while she is getting out of her car. Wins a prize!

593a231d No.3603868

Isn't he that guy from always sunny in philidephia?

87ac467b No.3603869

>wtf does burning a flag have to do with free speech?

Burning a flag is like a test to see if you have freedom or not. If you go to burn a flag and the government stops you, you live in a totalitarian state. If you go to burn a flag and a bunch of crazy white people try and stop you, you live in the south. Burning a flag has always been a way to get fascists to expose themselves.

87ac467b No.3603871

File: 1613166280271.webm (4.98 MB, 720x720, Tiny_Dick.webm)

No, just a random white-bro-chad. But I can see why you would think that. They all do look alike including the tiny dick you can see getting hard because he's getting to harass a woman. 3 inches at best.

593a231d No.3603874

I'm rocking 9 inches and even I'm afraid of even suggesting to harass a woman. There must be some sort of inverse reality vortex affecting the last 2 decades.

Well thats why I put in artistic license. If you burn a flag to make a non-violent point, it could basically be looked at as art. If you're doing it provocatively and with clear intent on stirring up more illegal activity, or worse terrorism, its an excuse to open an investigation into possible worse things they've been doing, and just using it as a door knocker.

ee9e2857 No.3603876

Does she have 2 phones recording at the same time?

87ac467b No.3603877

File: 1613169764069.png (527.82 KB, 634x332, Old_People_Internet.png)

>Does she have 2 phones recording at the same time?

No, Granny.
I had to cut the original video in half because of the file size restrictions on lulz.
5MB or less.

87ac467b No.3603878

>I just find the act of maliciously defiling a flag to be something that shouldn't be taken without a second look on American soil.

That's because you think the power of the state is more important than the freedom of people who make up the state. You're a fascist.

39efb53a No.3603884

>Burning a flag has always been a way to get fascists to expose themselves.

What if the people are against burning the flag because it offends them?

The fascist is the person who burns the flag because they can, regardless of other people, because they are abusing their power to do so despite the opinions of others. Fascism is literally the power of the strong and the able.

593a231d No.3603885

File: 1613172699033.jpg (21.02 KB, 400x570, a1c30a1824026ed89a9a8d62ff….jpg)

I said second look, not prosecution. I'm for the *respect* of the State, historically, in memory, and as a patriot… not blind loyalty for the State itself. I just believe in respect, burying the past, and just accepting that despite their side, the things that people felt the need to die for need accurate historical representation, and intact monuments. Its aggravating that we're just letting people re-write histories on a whim. Right or Wrong.

I've never been one to stop an idea from spreading. If you're calling a Setanist gay hermit a fascist, with tons of books public libraries wouldn't touch, you're really grasping at straws.

f395d1ae No.3603886

File: 1613172904457.png (50.43 KB, 1000x500, flag-burning-comic.png)

Grasping at straws again I see.

The difference here however is that flag burning while frowned upon… Is still a protected form of free expression and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. While Trump supporters by in large are not happy about it. We're not exactly doing much of anything to prevent it.

Mean while leftist and social media companies are actually doing quite a lot to prevent free expression where ever possible. And all you can say is "Some Trump supporters at a rally think flag burning should be illegal. So much for free speech right?" While you people cry about black mascots, and cheer for the sea
destruction of the constitution ban books, and are notorious for canceling what ever happens to be deemed offensive.

64f2a348 No.3603894

Amusingly, many US flags are made with with flame-resistant materials (for safety). Protestors should get the extra burny ones the make in Iran.

is this dude drunk/high?

>criticizing a government is the same as wanting to kill gay people. i am very intelligent

87ac467b No.3603903

>What if the people are against burning the flag because it offends them?

See this is what I mean, even talking about a flag-burning brings out the fascists.
Flags are not holy or important in any way, they are symbols to signify the ideals of the people. It's the people who are important, not the strip of cloth.

>Fascism is literally the power of the strong and the able.

Fascism is a cult, usually made up of weak and stupid fools in large numbers with only a very few even remotely intelligent people at the top. It relies on symbols and mythology, on calls to make things like they once were, to recreate the world as it once was when things were better.

Flags, uniforms, patriotism being more important than the lives of the people who make up the nation that flag represents is a characteristic of fascism.

Fascism is the story of how white people were once a great race but <enemy of the month> has weakened them and will conquer them unless more power is given to the people at the top of the fascism scheme. It's how conservatism always worked.

87ac467b No.3603905

>>3603903 continued.

Every Republican runs on the idea that they are the conservative, level headed, fiscally responsible, moral person who just this one time needs to throw out the rule book and do something bold because the problems we face are so dire!

And they all do it. Every conservative abandons morality and fiscal responsibility the moment they get into office.

They print money like it's Black-Friday every day and they have unlimited credit cards because they aren't the party of any of those things they claim to be.

They never were. They are the party of power and doing anything it takes to hold on to power.

Look at the GOP today with the Trump trial. They know they can't win re-election without Trump's cult so they are going to exonerate him for trying to literally murder them.

a7f0e50f No.3603906

>Every Republican runs on the idea that they are the conservative
>Every Republican
>Every nigger
>Every beaner
>Every chink

Bigotry on full display. Replace "nigger" with "republican" and you'll know why the left supported slavery, putting "Nips" in concentration camps, denying "niggers" the right to vote, and every other racial and ethnic boogeyman in US history.

87ac467b No.3603909

File: 1613181324162.png (36.58 KB, 728x591, ty5345y54.png)

>is this dude drunk/high?

There is a lot of speculation that he was drunk but we don't know for sure. He has not made any statements about what happened.

Given his public record, he seems to have a pattern of this kind of thing.


87ac467b No.3603910


You do know you're not born a Republican right? And you can stop being one at any time you want.

It's not bigotry to tell you that you're acting like an asshole and that your ideas don't work. It's just something you don't want to hear.

39efb53a No.3603912

>they are symbols to signify the ideals of the people

See this is what I mean. People aren't offended by you burning a flag - they are offended about why you're burning it, by you spitting on their ideals: it's the people who are important, not the strip of cloth.

>Fascism is a cult

No, fascism is literally the idea that might is right. It is the idea that if you can do something, you have the right to do it regardless of the opinions of other people, regardless of whether it's a good idea socially or politically. As long as you're in power, you can do anything, including spitting on other peoples' opinions and ideals by burning their symbols in public as a display of your dominance over them. That is what fascists do - they pull down your statues, they slash your paintings, they label your culture degeneracy, and they burn your flags.

21608bff No.3603914

You, my friend, are describing a Republican Party that is long gone. The idea of smaller government, fiscal conservatism and personal responsibility are an echo of an echo at this point. At some point right-wing media began to collectively shift to demonization of their political opponents as a replacement. The idea that “The America we all know and love is on the brink of destruction” is a more compelling narrative , especially if you can link saving America to defeating your political opponent. This not only plays against the fear of your base, but means you can abandon your morals and principals to achieve your political goals. Rush, Hannity, Carlson, etc. spend an inordinate amount of time defining liberals and telling their audience what they stand for - and it’s always antithetical to what their audience aspires to believe. And, like Snowball from Animal Farm, their enemy is simultaneously on the brink of defeat an also all powerful. I can’t count the times Rush has told his listeners about liberals secret and not-so secret list for absolute power and control, and then 3 minutes later he’s talking about how their terrified or in complete disarray.

d692a476 No.3603921

File: 1613192354829.jpg (182.35 KB, 1272x848, wolf_2400.jpg)

>We're not exactly doing much of anything to prevent it.
"We ought to come up with legislation that if you burn the American flag, you go to jail for one year. One year." -Trump

You would if you could. Maybe not you personally, but the people you support. Can you be intellectually honest enough to admit that much?

As for burning rainbow flags, it should be protected as free expression too. But not if it's someone else's property.
>Some Trump supporters at a rally think
77% of Republicans think burning the American flag should be illegal according to,


What I found surprising is 35% of Democrats agree. So about half of all US adults believe burning their country's flag should be illegal. That's not good. It points to a failure of our education system - civics and critical thinking.

All cards on the table, Trump's position is the same as Biden's old position.

>Under Biden’s legislation, anyone who mutilated, defaced, burned or trampled upon a U.S. flag would be fined as much as $1,000 or sent to prison for up to a year — or both.

Biden hasn't held this position since the Supreme Court ruled that burning the US flag is free speech.

595f37eb No.3603925

File: 1613196747637.jpg (12.21 KB, 218x231, aliensnevervisit.jpg)

And as gargantuan alien civilizations gazed upon the Earth, they pondered why it was that in the face of grave existential risk from climate change, in the face of great poverty, starvation and oppression, in the face of an entire unknown universe to explore, humankind was somehow all obsessed with the size of their ears. “We must leave them to rot”, roared the voices of remote alien dynasties..“Humans are obtuse creatures, wasting all their earth minutes, creating wars where there are none, over the size and colour of their anatomies.”

10c9522b No.3603931

File: 1613200485525.jpg (52.34 KB, 630x450, 3df89d54d405c610787df45987….jpg)

Burning a fag flag is not even remotely simila to killing gay people or threatening them with death. If the American flag is up for the fire pit it means all flags are up for the fire pit.

And yeah I'm pretty sure burning a fag flag can is actually illegal.
Saying you'd like to do a thing is not the same as doing it. No such legislation has been passed.

Mean while across the board leftist are halting free speech where ever possible and you people are over here crying that a lot of people really don't like flag burning.

87ac467b No.3603937

File: 1613206667078.png (485.33 KB, 1280x720, Fascism - YouTube.png)

>No, fascism is literally the idea that might is right.

That being a totalitarian not a fascist.

Fascism and totalitarianism often overlap but they are not the same thing.

Look at Joe Biden, he clearly wants to be a totalitarian ruler. If he had half a brain in his head he would use Trump's insurrection to make that happen but he's not quite into full-blown fascism yet.

Fascism requires much the same qualities as religion. Absolute obedience to the will of the leader. The emotional belief that the leader being in power is ordained and destined to happen and a belief that unless the leader stays in power forever the people in the cult are doomed to destruction.

There are several good videos on the subject but my favorite is: https://youtu.be/5Luu1Beb8ng

87ac467b No.3603938

File: 1613206940947.jpg (63.93 KB, 680x510, EtlnFGlVEAAPZRM.jpg)

>they are offended about why you're burning the flag, by you spitting on their ideals…

Yeah, but people have the right to tell you that your ideas are bad.

Conservative ideas are bad.
Conservative ideas are destructive.
Conservative ideas are proven to not work.
Conservative ideas are Anti-American.

593a231d No.3603939

if you want to experience government funded full blown radical fascism on american soil, be a conservative republican and walk into any university's liberal arts wing with an opinion.

64f2a348 No.3603940

File: 1613212462513.jpg (249.13 KB, 1080x1422, 4724fb704eeb8488488e074eff….jpg)

>Burning a fag flag is not even remotely simila to killing gay people or threatening them with death.
Since you're this board's resident moron, what message does your kind think the burning of a rainbow flag sends? And to be thorough, same question of the American flag.

>be a conservative republican and walk into any university's liberal arts wing with an opinion.
pic related

cc68aef7 No.3603943


> pic related

How about being removed from a publishing company because you own a parler account?

Having an account on Parler is painting the target, is it "asking for it" ?
How is that any different than shaming women who gets raped because "she asked for it dressing like that" ?

Jews were forced to wear yellow stars because of their ethinity.
Now we moved into wearing yellow stars because of oppinion, but it's AOK, "Ahah, let's get rid of these conservative, deplatform the fuckers, cancel them ; *everything bad in america is their fault*" same fascist shit, different century, different target.

a702ff13 No.3603947


Or all type II civilizations are scavengers , they just wait to pick up the leftovers.

74cd78ea No.3603959


Im giving you props for that picture. Will remake it any time a negro complains about having a target on their back.


64f2a348 No.3603964

>How about being removed from a publishing company because you own a parler account?
I hope you're not referring to hawley, because you'd look pretty retarded if you think he was dropped for having an account on some app and not for giving terrorist fist bumps.

e7ff8209 No.3603972

File: 1613246576948.png (2.21 MB, 2200x1258, harrylime-danny-tracy-note….png)

>No such legislation has been passed.
That's because what Trump proposed is unconstitutional. He certainly tested the durability of our institutions…

The difference between those tech giants and the government is that you are completely at the tech giant's mercy when you sign up and agree to their terms of service. There is no social contract that protects your speech like there is with the government. I think this is a problem too.

Where I disagree with you is the idea that it's somehow the government's job to step in and tell these private enterprises what they can and can't publish. Just as it's wrong for the government to step in and tell a bakery what kind of cakes to bake. This is known as "seizing the means of production and the press" and is a commie move. You should be against this.

cc68aef7 No.3603973


Nope, I'm refering about a random Jane fired for having a Parler account:


Fired because "Parler and Gab are platform to spread hate". In the mind of the progressives, it's the only thing that's discussed on these platforms.
The next capitol attack, or the next black lynching, your weekly KKK meeting's schedules, etc.

When you want to kill your dog, say it's got the rabbies.

64f2a348 No.3603975

File: 1613248958088.png (37.69 KB, 897x425, Screenshot_2021-02-13 Coll….png)

>fired for having a Parler account
The fired person seems to disagree with that assessment.

44774082 No.3604019

>Parler and Gab are platform to spread hate

no lies detected

>In the mind of the progressives, it's the only thing that's discussed on these platforms.

there's also many intense, heated discussion s about how badly you want to be a human toilet for donald

29275269 No.3604022

File: 1613262862017.gif (92.1 KB, 300x200, la noir doubt.gif)

> fired because I'm a Christian and a conservative

I've heard this one too many times – when most people say they were just being an innocent little puppy dog when they got fired they either got fired for being a massive douche-lord or for being an incompetent ass.

d3f795c3 No.3604056

If conservative ideas are so bad… How come the most progressive cities are also the biggest shit holes?

d3f795c3 No.3604057

Yeah you become a target when you question the mainstream narrative. Mob rule is best rule? Is that what you're saying? Because it sounds like that's what you're saying.

If you don't want to be a target, just don't have an opinion that differs from what you're told to think
Got it.

d3f795c3 No.3604058

Don't fucking tell me what opinions I should or shouldn't have. These tech companies have a monopoly on what were allowed to see, hear and say. Same thing with television.

Government intervention to bust up monopolies allows small business to grow and provides a stronger market place.

I'm not saying the government should intervene on every little thing but sometimes… Yeah we need it.
There would be no minimum wage, no workers compensation, no health department… Cooperations could do whatever they want to whom ever they want, just like how big tech is now.

Don't fucking tell me what I should be for or against.

87ac467b No.3604062

File: 1613300488107.png (97.08 KB, 407x273, Facts_Dont_Care_ABout_Your….png)

>if you want to experience government-funded full-blown radical fascism on American soil, be a conservative republican and walk into any university's liberal arts wing with an opinion.

Again, telling you that your ideas are bad and that you are a bad person is not fascism. It's just something you don't want to hear.

If you walk into anywhere and act like an asshole, we're going to let you know you're an asshole. If you don't like it, stop being an asshole.

87ac467b No.3604063

File: 1613301288956.png (375.89 KB, 640x480, You_Fucking_Moron.png)

>Having an account on Parler is painting the target, is it asking for it?

>How is that any different than shaming women who is raped because she asked for it by dressing like that?

Because the rape was something horrifying that happens to her.

Your Paralor account is something horrifying you choose to do to other people.

She's the victim.
You are the perpetrator.

She had no choice.
You have a choice
You choose to be an asshole.

See the difference?

87ac467b No.3604064

File: 1613301772287.jpg (147.71 KB, 930x1200, EhYFzKdWkAAoinF.jpg)

>Don't fucking tell me what opinions I should or shouldn't have.

You can believe the most insane shit in the world and no cares because you're nothing and no one.


People hate conservatives for the same reason they hate religious people who won't shut up about Jesus.


d3f795c3 No.3604068

File: 1613304222141.jpg (84.52 KB, 700x696, 551493_b.jpg)

See the thing is guys like Ben Shapiro are exactly the kind of people who they don't want on liberal fascist campuses BECAUSE they're work IS fact based.

These people do not operate on facts they operate on rhetoric and feelings. And will use all manner of manipulation into forcing people into accepting their terrible ideas. When these terrible ideas are questioned or called out, they just drown out the truth with chanting and threats of violence.

It's not that Ben Shapiros ideas are bad, it is that these people on these liberal campuses have become so indoctrinated they have a 6th since for the truth and where ever they since it's presence they know they must go and stomp it out. If they since anyone speaking truth they must do everything in their power to silence them.

d3f795c3 No.3604070

There's nothing horrifyic about having a parlor account. While shaming some one for being raped may not have been the best anology. No one should be fired for having a parlor account.

d3f795c3 No.3604072

File: 1613306026179.png (392.64 KB, 580x350, stunningandbravedeplorable….png)

Not sure what that pic was about.
I've never argued against face masks.

But yeah of course you don't want to hear it. It's the truth. And nothing pisses of communist shit bags quite like it.
That's why they'll use all manner of sneaky dirty shit baggery to subvert it.
Little brown shirt over there has his panties so much in a bunch they're already starting to use the caps lock.
Your cities are shit. Communism & socialism and "democratic'" socialism is shit. Because these ideas are built entirely off resentment of the reality that some people have more than others so let's rebuild a new society based off our lies that sound great at rallies but fail every time we put them into practice… But maybe this time it'll work.

Also Scandinavian are not socialist.

d3f795c3 No.3604073

I'm not condoning burning either. Just pointing out they're both forms of free expression. Either neither should be prohibited or they both should be prohibited.

What if we all stopped being assholes to each other and no one burned anyone's flag? Why don't we just stop being so fucking hateful to each other?

I'm not sure how ''hey maybe we should just live and let live." constitutes as dangerous right wing extremism, but apparently that's where we're at.

d3f795c3 No.3604074

That's a question you people have never been able to answer… If your ideas are so great…. Why are the most "progressive" cities such shit? Why are so many people moving from these cities to red states like Texas?

Of course you don't want to hear it.
Because you don't have an answer for it.
Because you know your ideas are terrible.
You people can't debate people like Ben Shapiro or Steven Crowder so ya know… Ya just figure you scream loud enough and neat your chest enough you won't have to deal with reality or the people who try to explain it.

cc68aef7 No.3604082


You assume she was engaging in hate speech there. But you have to provide proof for that kind of accusations.

Conservative senators had their blog there, I assume nothing illegal was published there, so the narative that Parler = 100% hate speech is invalid.

Provide proofs she was calling for "gasing all the kikes" or pretending that "blacks have no souls and should be shot" and I'll admit the publishing company had reasonable reasons to distance itself from her.

02166703 No.3604083

Now do you understand the principle?
"I doubt it"

d38b4dd1 No.3604087

>>3604074 Texas won't be red anymore idiot.

Also the top broke as fuck cities and states are red.

Rightwingers like you are never correct about anything. What retards you lot are.


Oh and just because a city has democratic leaders doesn't make them progressive, you utter moron. Dems are right leaning for the most part. Go learn some facts, you useless dim bulb.

d38b4dd1 No.3604089

>You people can't debate people like Ben Shapiro or Steven Crowder

LOL! What fucking world are you living in, idiot? It ain't reality.




And look Shapeeno who can't arouse his wife chickened out of a debate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86nREjcXoso

Crowder vs Kyle Kulinski- Crowder bombs big time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUnTJiHMTEE and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXVL4N6PzsA, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8GbkarbUss

The only beings who watch Shapeeno and Croder are idiotic loser incels. Prove me wrong, incel.

d3f795c3 No.3604093

So the guy who Ben flipped his shit…. Was … Conservative? So he looses a debate… To a conservative and this is some how a wins points for the left?


87ac467b No.3604095

File: 1613343966878.jpg (140.69 KB, 960x960, EuKE8dHXYAQyVsw.jpg)

>no one allowed to burn anyone's flag.

Because that's what you want to happen. You want there to be a law against burning flags so that when we do it we will be punished and when you do it your white-privilege will let you escape all consequences.

We are expected to follow the rules and you are expected to break them because you're insane lunatics and everyone expects you to do insane lunatic shit. Look at Trump. He literally paid 3.5 Million dollars to bus in supporters to Washington directly from his campaign funds then incited those people to murder Congress if they didn't overthrow democracy, and when the crowd went to hang his own Vice President he did nothing about it.

When Republicans called him from inside a room with his supporters trying to break in and MURDER HIS OWN PARTY he refused to call them off. He said those supporters clearly cared more about election fraud than those Republican Congressmen did and he left them to die.

Consequences for starting an insurrection and trying to murder Congres: Zero.

We are sick and tired of conservatives getting away with things we would be put away for life over. We aren't letting you pass any more laws that won't be enforced equally.
You can fuck right the hell off.

87ac467b No.3604096

>Ben Shapiro … work IS fact-based.

Only if you are a fucking retard who has never read a real history book and has no idea how the real world works.

d3f795c3 No.3604097

Yeah Texas won't stay red… Because they shitted up California with their dumbass policies until it became unlivable and now they're on their way shit up Texas. After that they'll just keep moving until the whole country is just shity and slummy San Fransisco. And soon there will be nowhere left to go.

And some how this will be blamed on conservatives.

d3f795c3 No.3604101

File: 1613348778676.jpg (23.44 KB, 450x300, 7a6.jpg)

As far as Ann, Ben and Crowder all mysteriously dropping out of politicon 2018… Well that's very disappointing. Not sure what happened there. But hey… We know communist aren't above intimidation & coercion.

We've only heard form one side on this and it seems a little… I dunno peculiar that all three of them would just duck out at the last minute for no reason at all.

d3f795c3 No.3604104

File: 1613350171755.jpg (126.33 KB, 1920x1280, comedian-jp-sears.jpg)

>Because that's what you want to happen.
No what I'd like to happen is people stop being dicks to each other. Making a display of burning a flag is a dick move. Rather it's a fag flag, or an American flag or a French flag or whatever.

Free expression is free expression, and this is America and we have a right to be dicks. Just because I don't like a thing doesn't mean I think it should be banned. I'm not a lefty communist or pearl clutching Christian conservative soccer mom… So yeah,no… The we don't secure liberty by taking it from others.

64f2a348 No.3604154

>they have a 6th since
6th what, since when?

f5538ba5 No.3604479

File: 1613630980869.jpg (228.22 KB, 1080x1194, EuY5XwBXYAMGqR6.jpg)

Mayor of Colorado City, Texas is forced to resign after posting this Facebook post and is somehow surprised.

His wife also was fired from her job because she jumped in on his Facebook and told all the poor people to suck it up and find their own solutions because rich people owe them nothing and they won't pay for the green new deal.

f050f0fd No.3604519

File: 1613650150731.png (460.96 KB, 1118x932, 1942fe1713c501c4e84e8803c2….png)

The NEW republican party…

8dc8a634 No.3607979

File: 1615307644092.jpg (215.37 KB, 750x597, 4f6c813a69bedd0c1f00002c.jpg)

Apparently Dr. Suess got cancelled. Except it was just six of his books that his foundation decided to stop publishing. No books have been banned. This is somehow Biden's fault according to the maga hatters. Clearly not the decision of an independent organization exercising their right to do as they please with their intellectual property. Is it a silly decision? Yes. Is it a symptom of a deeper problem? Yes. Is it going to effect who I vote for? No.

6b0c3b48 No.3607985


One, the publishing company are not the owners of Dr. Seuss' work, they're the caretakers on behalf of his heirs and estate.

Two, for decades these works were read by everyone and it wasn't until the fake-woke cancel culture arrived that it was a problem.

Three, they're doing this because in addition to the Dr. Seuss titles, they publish other properties and are fearful the fake-woke culture will try to cancel their other products and thus impact their bottom line.

This isn't about exercising their property rights for which they have none, this is about the risk management department advising against continued publication for fear of a boycot. These guys are caretakers of Geisel's work because his wife is too old to do it on her own. She is the person he willed his work to. When she passes on, unless she wills it to another heir, it will then be bought by a corporate publisher and you will see all manner of perversions of his work on TV and movies.

30a31169 No.3607986

File: 1615314116707.png (323.33 KB, 975x406, Reality_Check.png)

2ed23888 No.3607987

Yeah okay, gut = weak? He's clearly still ripped as hell.

f9157423 No.3607990


Thank you for proving that conservatives are delusional. That was classic. Could not have asked for a better example.

f5b6f18f No.3607991

I like how he was also made harrier, like that's a bad thing. Fuckin' soys, man.

2ed23888 No.3607997

I'm not a conservative, numbnuts. I just call bullshit when I see it.

Dude's probably some 18 year old twink.

e7ff8209 No.3608096

File: 1615394523866.jpg (180.54 KB, 608x768, dr_seuss_was_anti_fascist.jpg)

Pretty sure Dr. Seuss Enterprises holds the copyright. His family seems to be on board with the decision. Who the hell knows what Dr. Seuss would have wanted? He lived in a different time. I think because of that, the books should be preserved and passed on. If you think seeing a dated stereotype is going to turn your kid into a racist, then don't buy those particular books.

This decision cheapens his legacy. Dr. Seuss the imperfect human is replaced with Dr. Seuss the brand. But these books belong to the people. Piracy and bootlegging are a thing, and they can't unsell all those books they sold.

Who knows, maybe Enterprises will print critical editions explaining why racism is super-duper bad in the margins. That seems to be the German's approach to dealing with "problematic" books. As obnoxious as that would be, still better than not printing the books at all I suppose.

>you will see all manner of perversions of his work on TV and movies

Have you not seen all those shitty live action Dr. Seuss movies?

e7ff8209 No.3609011

File: 1616115368571.jpg (47.08 KB, 700x350, 2b758b386d7edbf12245b54361….jpg)

Conversations they don't want you to hear.


Featuring two "victims" of cancel culture. One is a clinical psychologist, the other an evolutionary biologist. Enjoy.

a0fc2e48 No.3609012

File: 1616117168405.jpg (30.96 KB, 480x395, DoeD5JtVsAA7Xdo.jpg)

>This decision cheapens [Dr. Deuss'] legacy.

By removing racist imagery? You think his family wants racism as his legacy? No, they are embarrassed by these books.

They are embarrassed that racists like you are pointing out how racists their ancestor was.

You are embarrassing them. You are an embarrassment to yourself and everyone around you. Just do the world a favor and stop. Stop being a Hillary.

Just go away.

We don't want you here anymore. You are not welcome in America. Shut up or get out.

a0fc2e48 No.3609013

Ironic that conservatives are so obsessed over cancel-culture in social media and book stores but don't seem to give a shit that the GOP is canceling their ability to vote in elections.


a7f0e50f No.3609014

Leftists little melted down and demanded a toy maker change a toy because they didn't like the gender of a plastic potato.

e7ff8209 No.3609015

File: 1616119411881.jpg (161.61 KB, 1200x801, -ac099d259610c80b.jpg)

They cancelled Dr. Seuss' first goddamn book because pic related. You say this is racist. How? He's wearing Chinese clothes and eating with Chinese utensils. Yeah, maybe that clothing style is dated, but so what? He fits right in with the rest of the crowd. He even has the exact same posture of the magician in front of him. Not racist.

13278b7b No.3609017

File: 1616120556402.jpg (34.12 KB, 664x257, indoctrination.JPG)

Speedbump on the road of indoctrination

e7ff8209 No.3609018

Actually, isn't that traditional Japanese footwear - geta? Hmm… Maybe he did confuse his East Asian nationalities.

5dc16e3a No.3609033

why are conservatives so anti-free speech?

e694f5f7 No.3609050

File: 1616146797015.jpg (40.61 KB, 1280x720, Laughing.jpg)

Oh, wait, you get to cancel us, but somehow we don't get to cancel you? We are magically prevented somehow from doing so? Sorry cupcake, it doesn't work that way.

So you don't like it when we do a little bit to you of what you've been doing to us all along? Tough, you own it.

a0fc2e48 No.3609052

File: 1616149934408.png (127.1 KB, 547x383, Yall_be_Dumb.png)

>Leftists little melted down and demanded a toymaker change a toy because they didn't like the gender of a plastic potato.

>They canceled Dr. Seuss' first goddamn book…

You keep blaming "The left" and "Cancel Culture" but both of these things were done by the corporations because they realize it makes them more money to appeal to more than white-racists.

This isn't woke-culture, this is capitalism.
Dolla-dolla-bills, ya'll! White people ain't enough.

They want every dollar from every kind of minority and they are all throwing the white supremacist under the bus.

Those corporations know you are a tiny, tiny, broke ass, poor as shit, worthless, dickless bunch of cucks who aren't going to be giving your kid's toys or reading to your kids.

You ain't gonna have kids, no one will fuck you, and half of you dumb-ass mother fuckers can't read.

a0fc2e48 No.3609053


The only people canceling those books or Potatoe head were private corporations trying to make more money.

Desantis works for the government, that is the difference.

The government isn't allowed to cancel free speech unless it is a direct threat to life. Teaching kids that white people aren't perfect isn't a direct threat to life. It's only a direct threat to you snowflake's fragile egos.

a7f0e50f No.3609060

File: 1616156878650.jpg (63.55 KB, 510x680, 1615327833568.jpg)

>You keep blaming "The left" and "Cancel Culture" but both of these things were done by the corporations because they realize it makes them more money to appeal to more than white-racists.
>The only people canceling those books or Potatoe head were private corporations trying to make more money.

No, these corporations were beset upon by the left woke culture. You can cruise any troon group, or LGBT group online and find the creatures there talking about these things. "Wouldn't it be cool if Barbie was trans? Why doesn't the company make a trans Barbie? They're bigots that's why, here's the contact information for _______, let get them non binary gender kins!"
Mr Potato Head being a man, and having a wife? What? No LGBT option? Yes, this is the sort of thing these cultists actively cruise for.
No, CEO Piggy sitting in his corner office, didn't come up with the idea that "Hey, know what will make us millions? Changing the gender on the talking potato doll! Yep! That's the ticket! The cash will pour in if we mess with the gender of this toy!"

a0fc2e48 No.3609063

File: 1616163649872.jpeg (89.76 KB, 600x621, j1jJPOC.jpeg)

>No, these corporations were beset upon by the left woke culture.

No, they weren't. The odd person has complained about those Dr. Suess books off and on for DECADES and they ignored it.

The corporation made the calculation that selling the books with racist content was more profitable than not selling them because white people were an overwhelming majority of their customer base but times have changed.

White people have lost their exclusive control over economic and political power. These corporations see the writing on the wall and they took these actions to get ahead of the wave of progress.

White people are going to be a minority. Businesses can't prosper by serving them exclusively. It's just a fact. It's happening everywhere. It's biology. There is no stopping it.

Whiteness was always just a crazy cult belief that can't be maintained. It's doomed to failure just like everything else conservatives embrace.

a0fc2e48 No.3609064


Let me ask conservatives:

What do you think whiteness is?
How do you define it?
Stop and think about it.
What is your definition of whiteness?

4e44a804 No.3609067

>This isn't woke-culture, this is capitalism.

Technically, it's crony capitalism.

Under crony capitalism, the corporations partner with the state to hurt their competition with regulations, and help themselves with subsidies and cheap loans etc.

Even though the corporations practically own the state, they have to pretend that the state is for the people, so they have to go along with whatever social movement you have going on at the moment. If it's gay rights, all the corporations put up rainbow flags to say "we're on the right side of things, we're your buddies.", and in fact they benefit from raising public ire against companies who don't. After all, if some private small business refuses to bake a gay wedding cake, or makes a toy doll that isn't gender neutral, the corporations can point a finger at them and tell the public: "Look, they're being bigoted, not us. Cancel them! Buy from us!".

That's right: the woke culture is corporations.

4e44a804 No.3609068

>What do you think whiteness is?

You should know, since you keep trying to cancel white people.

a7f0e50f No.3609071

File: 1616170228667.jpg (59.84 KB, 1000x500, malarkey.jpg)

7c6b01a6 No.3609074

>throwing the white supremacist under the bus
But Dr. Seuss wasn't a white supremacist; he was a liberal.

Not a conservative, but I've never heard them use the term "whiteness". I only hear terminology like that and "white fragility" coming from the far left, because they have a sick compulsion to play the identity politics game. It's a stupid game.

7c6b01a6 No.3609075

File: 1616171914947.jpg (170.6 KB, 1819x981, HIW-fw-email3.jpg)

Oh, and "internalized whiteness". What the everloving fuck is "internalized whiteness"? Oppression olympics is reaching new heights of absurdity.

e694f5f7 No.3609076

File: 1616174525194.jpeg (7.09 KB, 315x160, weasel_zippers.jpeg)



Scouring the bowels of the Internet!

f5b6f18f No.3609077

English protestant ethic/culture, and I strongly dispute that it is inherent or exclusive to white people.

When SJWs say whiteness, they don't mean the race, they mean the culture. Ascribing culture to race is incredibly racist, ironically.

a0fc2e48 No.3609078


These are all what you think other people think, whiteness is. The question is, what do you think it is?

How do you define whiteness as a conservative? Do you even know?

a0fc2e48 No.3609079


At 78 years old. I'm surprised he doesn't need a walker much less can climb stairs.

Can't wait till Kamala replaces him then we can make fun of her instead. Picking on Biden feels like kicking a kid in a wheel-chair.

4e44a804 No.3609082

>But Dr. Seuss wasn't a white supremacist; he was a liberal.

Revolution is eating its children. Film at 11.

4e44a804 No.3609083

>The question is, what do you think it is?

That's irrelevant.

What I think of this or that has no bearing on social matters. What WE think of things is what defines our mutual relationship to them - that is called a social construct. Our mutual agreement defines what is mutually real to us, and this in turn defines how we all will interact.

In other words, what I think is "white" has no meaning as an answer to your question, because the meaning of the answer depends on what you want to read into it.

a910be44 No.3609084

File: 1616178626997.jpg (211.99 KB, 1200x900, popcorn-chopsticks-e153020….jpg)

I'll tell you exactly what whiteness means as soon as you explain how Dr. Seuss' books are racist. How is showing a Chinese man eating with sticks in any way detrimental? I eat with sticks sometimes. Sometimes chopsticks are the right tool for the job. But it used to be a curiosity to western audiences. It's honestly refreshing to see how something as mundane as eating with chopsticks can be viewed with curiosity.

4e44a804 No.3609085

>At 78 years old. I'm surprised he doesn't need a walker much less can climb stairs.

Nah, that's for the poor folks who got worn out by work and easily treated diseases. If you've never done an honest day's work in your life, you don't have the sort of worn ligaments and arthritis that makes you bend over.

374add0d No.3609089


f9b6f80b No.3609095

File: 1616190467099.jpg (20.26 KB, 675x380, thewokingdead.jpg)

>White people have lost their exclusive control over economic and political power

Ahhh…so there is no systemic racism.

We are done here.

4e44a804 No.3609096

You forget: the enemies of fascists are "strongweak".

>“By a continuous shifting of rhetorical focus, the enemies are at the same time too strong and too weak.”

-Umberto Eco on fascism

Systemic racism by powerful whites exists simultaneously with the idea that whites have lost control. They're losing, and their loss is justified by the reason that they're winning.

a7f0e50f No.3609097

File: 1616191820762.jpg (112.72 KB, 905x1280, 546587981321.jpg)

Naa, Biden's been a racist asshole his entire life. The only good Bidens seem to be the ones that died, his first wife, his good kid, the rest are all jackasses that deserve scorn.

5dc16e3a No.3609103

this image is funny because it's trump that is actually deathly afraid of staris


0dc3ef21 No.3609104


Run and tell all of the angels
This could take all night
Think I need a devil to help me get things right
Hook me up a new revolution
'Cause this one is a lie
We sat around laughing and watched the last one die

Now I'm looking to the sky to save me
Looking for a sign of life
Looking for something to help me burn out bright
I'm looking for a complication
Looking cause I'm tired of lying
Make my way back home when I learn to fly high

I think I'm done nursing the patients
It can wait one night
I'd give it all away if you give me one last try
We'll live happily ever trapped if you just save my life
Run and tell the angels that everything's alright

a7f0e50f No.3609112

File: 1616205362094.jpg (29.18 KB, 597x499, 52elql-1872182.jpg)

>Current president nearly tumbles down stairs after falling three times
>Many questions about his physical health

f9b6f80b No.3609117

File: 1616207800242.webm (1.87 MB, 460x460, bidenshot.webm)


Biden memes!


2640eaf7 No.3609126

File: 1616221818643.jpg (61.88 KB, 672x641, Ee9C8QpXsAEsL88.jpg)

They could roll biden on stage in pike's chair and he would still be the better president


8aabab66 No.3609140


6 months. Then he will resign.

Harris will be the First Female Black President NOONE ever voted for.

Thats PROGRESS , some might say.

aba2b37a No.3609141


6 months. Then he will resign.

Harris will be the First Female Black President NOONE ever voted for.

Thats PROGRESS , some might say.

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