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Biden had an aneyrism, not even day one and he's already dispatched.
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69164749 No.3605574

File: 1614154086557.png (721.56 KB, 1360x774, shoopedcomics.png)

Hehe… rich people…

b682a4a0 No.3605578

Minimum wage is a falsehood and illusion, since the real minimum wage is the 0 of unemployment.
Yep, because capitalists prefer their own money over the citizens in the same country as them. This is a tale as old as time. Money-hungry capitalists can never be considered patriots or nationalists.

6916fa70 No.3605585

pretty much, if yo worked long enough at min wade in to twenties to buy a unit of something fo 5 cents, and the same time to buy that same unit for 12 dollars in 2020 at min wage, you arent really making an exra $11.95

69164749 No.3605588

File: 1614162882815.jpg (52.46 KB, 850x478, bd617e86a552a25c6c4e0c9616….jpg)

Imaging opening a private market where you sell hidden goods similar to the black market but it's all legal these products are high quality imported from foreign countries. Sells them online during black Fridays and sells them at a higher bid.

6d90bd39 No.3605590

File: 1614165660535.jpg (242.5 KB, 1024x683, 1614161024708.jpg)

befd12a3 No.3605591

File: 1614167024187.jpg (47.48 KB, 639x551, photo_2021-02-24_11-58-47.jpg)

This is what it looks like in any authoritarian country (e.g. Myanmar).
A political group provokes its supporters to armed looting and arson to cause political instability, then loses the election anyway, fakes the results, seizes power, suppresses peaceful protests with the army, imposes curfews and fences off government buildings with barbed wire.

As it happens in the United States:
Mostly peaceful protesters fight for their rights by taking their own from white oppressors. Then wins the most honest election on the planet (previous elections were rigged by the russians but this time everything is fair). Then legally took office. Then our valiant soldiers stop a brutal attempt on world democracy by a dude in a funny hat with a spear oh no I mean against a mad armed mob of white racists fascists and vigilantes. And then to protect democracy they turned the U.S. into the first galactic empire.

Make sure you get it right.

e97e0e2d No.3605631

File: 1614207085042.jpg (114.33 KB, 750x674, violent insurrenctionist.jpg)


This is one of the violent insurrectionists that defeated the capitol police, broke through locked and barricaded doors and burned the Capitol building.

This terrifies the establishment.

81b8d68b No.3605636

File: 1614210560651.jpg (120.53 KB, 915x1280, 98791968168.jpg)

I like how most of these "evil white supremacist fighters" are actually rich, white supremacists.

They then talk in generalities and point at a nebulous evil that doesn't have a face, proposing more draconian and tyrannical restrictions in the guise of "fighting white supremacy".

Notice you don't hear bombshell headlines about those arrested at the "riot"? Apparently it was full of non-voters, BLM marchers, and very few Trump supporters. I guess that's why Nancy Pelosi decided to not beef up security, because the only thing that this thing on the 6th has helped, is the left.

f0f67e96 No.3605641


> burned the capital building.

nothing got set on fire. stop making up things. blm are the ones who burned looted and murdered

3bf2cf68 No.3605643

File: 1614219333540.jpg (37.07 KB, 634x308, twit her.JPG)



6916fa70 No.3605644

Forgot I even posted that. My hopes were not low enough.

da8ec252 No.3605645

Wait … Isn't her office several blocks from the capital building?

664f3964 No.3605649

File: 1614223232500.jpg (96.85 KB, 600x778, aoc_gives_trump_lip_servic….jpg)

> Happy to work w/ almost any other GOP
So she's a "working girl". Sounds about right.

a93aac9e No.3605653

>And since it's a developing story

You've been "developing" these stories since Trump got his nuts kicked in and they are always, always, bullshit.

Give it up. You're being a worse sore loser than Hillary.

a93aac9e No.3605654

File: 1614231169069.jpg (155.92 KB, 960x960, EtmeXmCU0AE4CPc.jpg)

>Raising the minimum wage sounds like a good idea on paper…

And then you do it and there is an economic boom that launched into sustained growth for the local economy every single time it happens.

You've been proven wrong about your fear of the minimum wage so many times I can't even count them all. It always turns out better for everyone including businesses because more people with more money means more customers.

ecb3ed09 No.3605669


No, there's an economic boom in countries that manufacture the shit that gets bought with all that money.

If it's China well, you get a commerce imbalance boom instead and debt.

4fa8ec49 No.3605670

File: 1614240357564.jpg (173.3 KB, 1050x700, then-a-miracle-occurs-logi….jpg)

>"trust me it just works"
1.) You're still not addressing how actually companies will offset the extra cost of higher wages.

2.) This benefits large and multinational companies who have lots of cash and assets to burn, but it absolutely fucks over small and medium sized businesses.

If you got two employees and your company barely makes a profit and you gotta give everyone a 20% raise, guess what happens. But then the far left has been sucking multinational company dick for a while since companies decided to virtue signal for social justice causes. You're absolute morons.

>>more people with more money


5fbf1236 No.3605672

File: 1614240679565.jpg (510.97 KB, 2222x1667, joe-biden.jpg)

We just print them. Then there's enough for everyone.

0a9f08b9 No.3605678

File: 1614243820477.gif (590.61 KB, 600x777, a01.gif)

Sounds like an idea.

6916fa70 No.3605696

File: 1614260628655.jpg (50.71 KB, 640x427, stock-photo-photography-cr….jpg)

One of the reasons democrats support the 15 dollar minimum wage, is because the west coast, and places like NYC, DC, LA, which have outrageous cost of living, already have it, or near it. It wouldn't affect them at all, and democrats have a hard time seeing things outside their safe space bubbles.

Problem is the ones supporting and voting for this national 15 min, don't understand that in places that have much lower minimum wages around 5.15 to 9ish, would shatter their lower class economies. It would just drive more people into the welfare state, and thus more likely to vote democrat to up their benifits, since the unskilled jobs wouldn't be there.

A lot of smaller businesses would disappear too, since they couldn't afford necessary workers, or have to raise their prices so high it would shock people into just not doing business with them exactly when those business with them.

It would definitely hurt people on disability, or Social Security, or retirement funds on fixed income. The military, and police have barely if at all gotten a cost of living adjustment in years. Cause you know just because minimum wage increases, they definitely aren't going to increase fixed income benefits. The value of the older population's life savings would be slashed.


81b8d68b No.3605705

File: 1614272111600.jpg (147.14 KB, 1242x1241, 984851651.jpg)

>A lot of smaller businesses would disappear too, since they couldn't afford necessary workers, or have to raise their prices so high it would shock people into just not doing business with them exactly when those business with them.

That's the entire point. The democrats and the left want to get rid of small businesses, going instead to an Amazon model. There's a reason billionaires, Jeff Bezos, etc… threw their weight behind Biden. Instead of "Mom & Pop Hardware", you'll have your town's Amazon center. Instead of "Rudy's Diner", you'll have McDonalds or a Panara Bread. I mean, after all, those places are probably racist and discriminatory anyway.

787dc7e2 No.3605707

>You've been "developing" these stories since Trump got his nuts kicked in and they are always, always, bullshit.
Chill bro, be patient. They're working on it. They still need to find a way to pin it all on the Jews. Only then is the conspiracy theory fully formed and accepted by the maga hatters.

81b8d68b No.3605709

File: 1614274103582.jpg (142.09 KB, 1242x1229, 81516542.jpg)

Jews??? We got a Jew!

787dc7e2 No.3605710

File: 1614274951323.jpg (398.45 KB, 1208x1388, 210113-capitol-riot-auschw….jpg)

Politics makes strange bedfellows.

787dc7e2 No.3605713

File: 1614276465905.jpg (52.13 KB, 836x960, Trickle_Down_Myth.jpg)

maga hatters: Cut taxes for the wealthy, so they will pay their workers more!

also maga hatters: Nooooooo! You can't raise the minimum wage! The wealthy will have to pay their workers more!

81b8d68b No.3605735

File: 1614282626249.jpg (57.87 KB, 614x499, 4z8jr6.jpg)

Bidophiles - We got the billionaires on our side!

Also Bidophiles - Don't tax them more! Bill Gates needs his mansions!

de7b427d No.3605742

File: 1614288176978.jpeg (230.02 KB, 1503x1506, EuXmWZeWgAYMtPT.jpeg)

>Welfare mercenary and tranny

Disgusting. All trannies deserve the bullet

aa79a053 No.3605744

File: 1614290759900.png (858.13 KB, 752x838, Screenshot_2021-02-25 Capi….png)


He was not a democrat or an orthodox Jew he was a Trump-humping, Q-anon lunatic just like the rest of them.

He is an embarrassment to his family and his community just like the rest of you are. Too stupid to keep yourselves out of prison.


de7b427d No.3605745

Better to be disowned by a bunch of backwards cultists that are deeply embedded in the corrupt political establishment than to follow in his dirtbag father's footsteps.

81b8d68b No.3605752

File: 1614293246238.jpg (195.6 KB, 1713x723, AM1.jpg)

Funny, he doesn't have any voting records. What's your source that he's a Trump voter? Besides tabloids?

53405ff7 No.3605753

Both of those are as told by socialists. If you ever hear the term "trickle down," you're listening to a socialist, not an actual economist. Lower taxes incentivizes more business, which creates more jobs.

Minimum wage just creates more unemployment, pushes down the middle class who were slightly above minimum wage, and cripples small business owners who can't afford to pay it.

You think fucking walmart gives a shit if they have to pay their employees a bit more when all of their competitors are put out of business because they can't afford to pay their employees more?

69164749 No.3605755

c8d3925f No.3605762

Thanks for your helpful citations.

>If you ever hear the term "trickle down," you're listening to a socialist, not an actual economist. Lower taxes incentivizes more business, which creates more jobs.

"50 years of tax cuts for the rich failed to trickle down, economics study says"

>Minimum wage just creates more unemployment

"Why Does the Minimum Wage Have No Discernible Effect on Employment?"

cf72f0f8 No.3605778

File: 1614299451815.jpg (28.8 KB, 588x143, Capture.JPG)

>Tell me about the student loans that were canceled….oh wait!

Still waiting on this.

NO REFUNDS!!!111!!!!1!!

69164749 No.3605781


The Shepheard and the president just like in star wars.

81b8d68b No.3605788

File: 1614303428586.jpg (38.24 KB, 720x788, EuhP7kdXEAMtYv7.jpg)

Here it is boys! Leftists REJOICE as Biden starts the middle east forever war back up! Yes! We're back to bombing kids, not just throwing them in shipping containers! This is what real leadership looks like to you Trumpers! Democrats number one! Hail Biden! Most popular president in HISTORY!


69164749 No.3605793

File: 1614303677807-0.png (1.11 MB, 900x1135, allice.png)

File: 1614303677807-1.png (335.87 KB, 500x498, alice.png)

File: 1614303677807-2.jpg (234.13 KB, 562x477, alice.jpg)

c8d3925f No.3605802

81b8d68b No.3605812

The one the guy you voted for started.

Also, none of those ended up being full blown boots on the ground war, Biden will send troops over within six months.

Hey, member when Soleimani got got, and the Iranians were prepared for war, then shot down a civilian airliner and Trump made them look like assholes?

Don't worry, they'll get the bomb, and more pallets of cash from Biden. Probably why Biden is completely snubbing Israel. Well that, and his rampant racist background.

c8d3925f No.3605813

>The one the guy you voted for started.
I couldn't vote in 2000.

81b8d68b No.3605816

File: 1614311292537.png (1.71 MB, 1087x721, 1613940120295.png)

I meant 2020. You know, the "anybody but bad orange man who says mean things on Twitter".

The guy that's starting wars.

The guy that's putting kids in shipping container jails.

The guy that can barely give a speech without spouting Chinese propaganda or racist shit.

I meant that guy.

c8d3925f No.3605820

I'd suggest you stop visiting whatever dump you're getting all of this mind-garbage from.

81b8d68b No.3605858

>link for Syria war is above


>Biden's town hall where he said China's genocide against the Muslims there was "cultural norms" and how we shouldn't point fingers at China because they've been bullied: IE the same shit the CCP says.


I get them from the actions and speech of the people doing it. Now, explain your excuses for their actions. I'm dying to hear.

c8d3925f No.3605885

>link for Syria war is above
But you just dismissed missile strikes as not being real war. a trump raid killed an American child on his ninth day in office.

>Biden's town hall where he said "Well, there will be repercussions for China and he knows that. What I’m doing is making clear that we in fact, are going to continue to reassert our role as spokespersons for human rights at the UN and other agencies that have an impact on their attitude. China is trying very hard to become the world leader and to get that moniker and to be able to do that they have to gain the confidence of other countries. And as long as they’re engaged in activity that is contrary to basic human rights, it’s going to be hard for them to do that. But it’s much more complicated. I shouldn’t to try to talk China policy in 10 minutes on television."

Try not to slurp up whatever murdoch shovels your way. It makes you look incredibly foolish.

6916fa70 No.3605886

Im going to stop you right there, I've never seen any evidence of Biden doing anything like Trumphs done.

Look into your hearts, you know that all true confederates need to bow tow our black masters.

81b8d68b No.3605888

Rupert Murdoch donates to democrats there buddy.

Here's another clip of Biden:


Is this "manipulated"? Biden says "I'm not going to speak out against what he's doing in Hong Kong or the Muslims.."

"Xi gets it"

c8d3925f No.3605890

>Here's another clip of Biden:
that's your problem, showing just a part of what he said, then spinning an unsupported narrative from it

>Is this "manipulated"?

Yes, you chopped off the beginning of the sentence. I've already linked the transcript you goon.

81b8d68b No.3605892

File: 1614322830428.jpg (18.48 KB, 903x364, 46546351.jpg)

So Biden saying he won't speak out against what Xi is doing to the Hong Kong protesters or Muslims is "out of context"?

Wow, did you ever think you'd be shoving your tongue up a nearly 80 year old man's asshole, trying to scrape a rotten piece of lettuce off his colon without even getting paid?

Seriously. Your parents knew you were a disappointment but I sure hope they're dead because you embody some really subhuman level of groveling to your rich, corrupt, racist (proved by his own VP) masters.


c8d3925f No.3605894

>So Biden saying he won't speak out against what Xi is doing to the Hong Kong protesters or Muslims
lmao, he didn't say that you absolute fucking moron

ecb3ed09 No.3605901

File: 1614330209133.jpg (84 KB, 1027x806, facility-cages.jpg)


No no no no, Biden's benevolent aura turn these "shipping containers/cages" into "facilities".

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