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>Parler, which disclosed it has over 12 million users, sued Amazon last Monday after the ecommerce giant and cloud services provider cut off service, citing poor moderation of calls to violence.

Yeah good luck with that. Its not like Amazon has the top lawyers in the country. That, and the lawsuit is basically a temper tantrum wet fart waaahing about a private company choosing to not do business with them.


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People parrot "private company do what it want" like it's the 1950s, meanwhile stakeholder capitalism builds behemoth public-private partnerships while no one bats an eye.

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The judge will say wether it's a temper tantrum or not, not you.
Amazon might have broken contract, you know, the thing that leaves their client 30 days to pack up and move away.

Let's imagine how happy you'd be if your landlord barged in at 7pm with thugs to make you leave.

- Hey, you leave now, prompto. Go go go.
- WTF, there's a 30 day notice!
- No there isn't, LOL. Bye bye fucker.

That'd end in court of course, and that wouldn't be a temper tantrum on your part.

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The internet is not a public utility. If you run a website, you can do whatever as long as you follow the terms of service of the hosting company. Is there a clause for premature severance of a contract upon TOS violation? Maybe. Like you said, I'm not the judge. Time will tell.

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Top lawyers means fuckall in the day and age of illegal money exchanges. These so called top lawyers live under an illusion not a basis of being skillful at the job. Maybe you should go look up how the mafias got out of jail easily up to a point. Were in a mafia run world dont pretend to be oblivious cause ignorance is not the same as innocence.

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Did someone auto-sage this thread?

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Well truth hurts and because of that they claim that they have to control their posters is nothing short of censorship during an election which in the us is held as traitorous. Censorship is trchnically a violation of human rights the righr to be heard. They breached the responsibility of listening and took action to hinder communications between the opposition which is what they are being sued for. If you cant use the courts only recourse left is to start taking matters into own hands that is just Common sense and true freedom.

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Yep, this thread is no longer bumping. Fuck you.

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>Censorship is trchnically a violation of human rights the righr to be heard

Typical persecution complexes everywhere. You aren't being "silenced". Parler will be back thanks to your new Russian buddies. Did you read the OP article? You should.

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File: 1611074582881.jpg (162.19 KB, 1280x960, 854_img2082.jpg)

Right-wingers: Government regulation is tyranny! Companies should be allowed to do whatever they want! Freedom! Don't tread on my bread!
>Trump gets banned from all social media
Right-wingers: First Amendment! Why isn't the government forcing Twitter to publish Trump's tweets!?! That's Communism!

See, the time to advocate to free speech was when Trump was in power and before the insurrection. That's when there was a chance to actually do something about it. No one will listen to you now. Your grievance, our grievance, was made illegitimate by Trump. Now free speech is a partisan issue. Now you right-wing conspiracy nuts have to outsource your speech to Russia. Because that's totally the future the founding fathers envisioned for us: outsourcing our freedoms to foreign nations.

ab106596 No.3600674

File: 1611075496338.jpg (87.3 KB, 720x797, 201_jpg-1785314.JPG)

>Leftwingers: Censorship is bad! Trump's a dictator! He's going to censor and lock up dissident opinions!
>Also leftwingers: We censored Trump and these "cultists" (A Chinese CCP term for dissidents), our military penis show of force and arresting people is good! We need secret internal police!

fb988c2c No.3600675


OK Satan.

57ac99b2 No.3600676

I don't remember anyone saying Trump would crack down on censorship. I think you just made that up. Trump did however say he would lock up his political opponent. Of course, that was just another failed campaign promise. Arresting those psychos who stormed the Capitol is a good thing. Funny how you're all for law and order until it's your side chimping out. Then we have to just let 'em all go because [404 reason not found]. Those people are fucked by the way; Trump won't pardon them.

832d5680 No.3600678

seems I should just auto [-] every post by "FattestFaggot"

4a934836 No.3600679

Biden will not accomplish anything and his deeds will be undone as much as he attempts to overhaul the world for himself then so to it the same unto his campaign, men make conquest yet pale in comparison to the world premise, he is just a child with a toy his classmates will strip of him.

efaeca39 No.3600682

shut the fuck up, you giant baby

79117c20 No.3600685

>Government regulation is tyranny! Companies should be allowed to do whatever they want!

PSA: Did you know that a corporation is a creation of the state?

Anything that a corporation is or does is defined and limited by law. Otherwise a corporation would not exist because nobody would recognize its special rights. Limited liability, corporate personhood, etc. doesn't exist without the state saying that it exists, so state regulation over corporations is just the state giving special privileges to some groups of people while taking them away from others, allowing a certain level of abuse to justify its own use of power over the society. The state creates its own enemies.

When you are railing against "capitalism" and "the right", and pointing fingers at people, three of those fingers are pointing back at you.

9a9404d2 No.3600686

>three of those fingers are pointing back at you

lmao, we're back in gradeschool

99b11d70 No.3600704

Well for the sake of semantic b.s. lol when you give a thumbs up you are saying I selfishly approve cause ultimately 4 of those fingers point back at yourself.

e1b9ee2f No.3600707

Biden announced that on week one, he will crack down on "Right hate opinions" and "win the war on the NRA", the "reducation of rural Americans" and opening the borders fun times

0832d83d No.3600719

That man can't win a war with his teleprompter

79e3c5bd No.3609107

And there's your textbook Libtard Conspiracy Kook. Not only did FattestFaggot fall for the discredited conspiracy theory that Russia stole the 2016 election away from Hillary The liar, but now he has somehow incorporated a social media platform into the imaginary theft.

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