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File: 1610743670975.jpg (140.21 KB, 625x800, kooks.jpg)

da32cd1c No.3600125

Kooks and vicious assholes.

76287fbb No.3600130

>too many people here are guilty of wrongthink and dissenting opinions that they back up with facts! we need to purge them!

211abd79 No.3600133

>that they back up with facts

oh no! it's retarded

f5275243 No.3600135

Lol have you ever met a sane community activist?
I don't think so coz It works both ways.
Feminazi, SJWs, BLM gangsta niggas, zoomer hipsters, radical muslims, crazy illigals you name it.
Also you tell that shit to guys who want to suck horse dick and wear a fursuit. I hope you understand that.

4e9766ae No.3600165

File: 1610759106321.gif (24.5 KB, 100x100, hypershobon.gif)

This comic means nothing, I could do the same thing with all the crazy left winger types. It's just a way to instantly dismiss people by slapping a label on them. Two can play this game. nothing a commie or SJW ever said was of any value and there's no need to consider any of it. If a commie said it, it's probably false or distorted on some level.

da32cd1c No.3600177

File: 1610761503305.jpg (228.67 KB, 954x985, teryxcamerapose.jpg)


Ever see a speech by an ACTUAL communist?
Not the Soviet or Red Chinese or North Korean fascist pretending to be "communist," I mean a real one.

I watched part of a speech by American communist Angela Davis.
Part of, because she was just plain boring as hell.
Castro was the same way.
Yak yak yak…lather rinse repeat.

She was also a fucking idiot, still is.

I'm a die-hard capitalist, I like making money.

Strict actual socialism and communism always fails. Always.

0fa45148 No.3600178

File: 1610761947129.jpg (158.45 KB, 497x507, 1586941043763.jpg)

>incels can't sex and ugly people don't deserve sex so incels are ugly people
You'd think leftards would be more respectful towards ugly people

b51e6a33 No.3600181

File: 1610762980231.png (12.96 KB, 627x583, ghost.png)

Never sat through an entire speech, sounds boring, but let's just say I have some almost first hand experience with how bad communism is in practice.

I do know most of their arguments and rhetorical tricks and dogwhistles, though. Watched all of Yuri Bezmenov's lectures on the topic.

I'm a practical capitalist. It's the best system we have. I don't mind reasonable limitations on it (ex. against polluting) and taxes for a social safety net (I do draw the line at welfare queens tho). And if a better system ever came along, I technically wouldn't mind, but so far there hasn't and I don't see it happening during my lifetime. Also I love my stuff, my stuff is my stuff, I don't share, anybody who touches my stuff gets to deal with me, end of.

bb0d3ee7 No.3600186

File: 1610764160157.jpg (1.52 MB, 2775x1559, homlessamericans.jpg)

This was my first time seeing this chart, during 2010-2014. I started to give up watching Alex jones show and started to watch Thunderf00t channel about "America is Screwed" and after that Second Thought become political in 2017. Looking back at my younger years I was believe that the United States was the most developed nation in the world with all the stores hoarding all kinds of junkfood and the large numbers of Christian churches. Wow I beginning to feel suspicious of white Americans showing a bit of racism. It's just that they are hiding their true colors. God Bless America? My question was what the fuck is going on in the whole damn country evolving into?

da32cd1c No.3600189


The worst part about all communist countries, is every time, they put forward "da rulz" for everyone, but the only people who "share everything" like communists want, is the peasants.

The big guys at the top get anything and everything they want.
Just look at the average North Korean, they are undersized and starving, a lot.
Kim Jong-Un though is a fat fuck.

bb0d3ee7 No.3600192

File: 1610765864848.jpg (81.1 KB, 826x620, 1455812204044.jpg)

"Kim Jong-Un though is a roast chuck."
I see his own people would make plans to storm into his palace and eat him.

85f1f073 No.3600199

Memeing people with awkward philosophies, pronouncing them as somehow politically orientated. The same triggers used by actual masonic cultists in a weaponized meme. Kooks and vicious people. Just look up bohemian gardens and other masonic cultist shit. That is what is taking place and what the Media is hiding.

da32cd1c No.3600212


Your "Masonic conspiracy" bullshit has nothing to back it up.
You're either a troll or an absolute idiot.

85f1f073 No.3600234

It's true masonic lodges are what are undermining the country, but did you know Joe Biden secretly performs masonic rites and does so with Kamala herself?

f5275243 No.3600247

File: 1610806218434.jpg (369.87 KB, 1024x683, photo_2021-01-16_15-26-39.jpg)

Oh my fucking god masonic lodges in 2021.
This is what they've fallen into.

da32cd1c No.3600252


No, YOU fell for a 3-year old photo pushed by Pizzagate asshole Posbiech (I know I spelled his name wrong,) that turns out to be a big joke.

In short, the Lenin statue was never meant as a celebration of the Bolshevik revolution. Rather, it was found in a junk yard in Slovakia after the fall of communism and purchased by an Issaquah man named Lewis Carpenter, who was friends with the sculptor and thought the hunk of bronze could work as a piece of art.

He then transported it over to the United States, where it found its way to Fremont and has, among other things, been consistently vandalized, dressed up in a tutu, and festooned with a tinfoil hat from a nearby burrito joint. It’s also for sale, for $250,000, meaning “tearing it down” is as simple as writing a check.


da32cd1c No.3600253


Yeah right. Sure.
And then Elvis lands in a rocket ship, heals a couple lepers, and disappears.

722f0994 No.3600254


Screw the lepers! He should write some more hits instead!

da32cd1c No.3600264


Like "Walk the Dinsaur?"

85f1f073 No.3600270

The lodges I am referring to are not for the general public, keeping 'serious' lodges and the 'public service' lodges seperate. At this point however it's no real secret, they live and operate based on their numbers, the more strict and invested they are in those numbers denotes the intent to circulate their narrative. High numbers like 351 for instance, but rest assured everyone of them follow every footstep of theirs to a counted measure. They are all under a veiled counsul. Biden's insisted he be involved with subgroups of people including the KKK, his wearing of a red robe, this is all too obvious he has used cult backing.

da32cd1c No.3600280


If you actually believe this drivel, you're even more stupid than I thought.

85f1f073 No.3600281

Uh huh just look at his cabinet picks and the collection of masonic backers on his team. It fits the criteria. That's enough to raise attention to the advent of a masonic overthrow. It's just how things work with them.

576acf2f No.3600282

File: 1610827750076.jpg (315.39 KB, 2048x1408, 1581995191504-0.jpg)


Luckily people on the Left are completely stable….

ec2cbfe2 No.3600290

File: 1610834499684.jpeg (342.09 KB, 677x677, 6F2BBAEC-F663-4717-B4C6-D….jpeg)

Why would it be drivel?
Was Epstein drivel?
Haven’t you figured out that there are people constantly grasping for more and more power?

Think about it…

You want power and you get invited to some special group! Then you hear all about power plays and criminal activity that never gets even investigated!

There is a monstrously HUGE media machine that pumps out complete bullshit! Left or Right they actually control both!

We are talking about people who will burn entire countries!

Why wouldn’t you join that?

Because you believe in a flag?
Because you have ethics?
Because you believe in the constitution?
Because you believe in God?

Fuck all that!

We play the biggest game of Monopoly ever!

We cling to boundaries these people don’t give a fuck about!

Just keep clinging to your silly little beliefs!
Keep telling yourself you are on the right side of history!

We are the sheep!

c141fdc4 No.3600295


Take your meds.

6d7eb12a No.3600300


unfortunately : in your rant there is a grain of truth.

Media machine has been bought by large wealthy people a loong time ago.

Everyone has heard about Asange.

But how about Steven Donziger ?

And the same judge threw Hammond under the bus. But nobody connects the dots

ec2cbfe2 No.3600304

I will look that up later!
Feel free to talk about him.
It’s hysterical how people listen to Tucker or Lemon head but nether of these assholes are investigators.

85f1f073 No.3600306

Have fun getting shilled by political threads.

667a5abe No.3600312


Remember, kids. If YOU are a narcissistic, power-hungry asshole, EVERYONE is!

That makes everything a-ok!

Don't like someone? That's fine! Accuse them of being power-hungry while you plow through basic human rights with exterminatus decrees!
Noone will accuse you of genocide, ever!
It's what America would want!

441aa569 No.3609048

File: 1616144963053.jpg (84.63 KB, 600x571, Libtard Conspiracy Nuts.jpg)

Libtards obsessed with QAnon are ignoring a burgeoning conspiratorial movement among themselves.

7b723b06 No.3609108

Over there is a perfect example of a Libtard Conspiracy Kook:

d334a02e No.3609109

>Libtards obsessed with QAnon are ignoring a burgeoning conspiratorial movement among themselves.
>–Mike Rothschild

0733623d No.3609128

>–Mike Rothschild
For once in your life you are correct, SAUCY!NUGGS/fbI.

"Mike Rothschild is a writer who specializes in researching and debunking conspiracy theories and fringe beliefs. He also writes about politics, history, and breaking news."

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