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Two Scoops, motherfuckers

Payback is a bitch

9f0bb510 No.3599857

Mmh-peach-mint, Donny's favorite flavor.

9175d6a8 No.3599859

File: 1610575006817.jpeg (41.73 KB, 500x328, 6504DFD9-0E18-4845-8696-2….jpeg)

c5ab5fc8 No.3599860

Aaaaand how exactly will this be payback? He's leaving office in less than a week. The Senate won't have the necessary votes to impeach, I think it requires 2/3 of seated Senators to do that. Sooooooo by the time a vote is actually scheduled in the Senate, Trump will be on his way to Mara Lago and Biden will be asking where's the nearest bathroom at the White House.

1ea58f53 No.3599861

It could strip him of the President's pension and travel reimbursements, and prevent him from running for any Federal office for life. He would be unable to continue running his "campaign" scams.

9175d6a8 No.3599863

McConnell supports removal.

1ea58f53 No.3599864

File: 1610577457764.png (53.96 KB, 897x560, Screenshot_2021-01-13 Hake….png)


e14bcd46 No.3599865

Your not seeing the big 🖼️.
Now that the process has started all pelosi has to do is hold off on submitting the next step till the transition and she controls both parts of congress.

096065b5 No.3599866

This is how frightened they are of him. Seeing as no one has ever put a video of his speech saying to storm the capitol means they have literally nothing.

Like the 25th they keep throwing around. That requires Trump to be unable to say "Hey guys I'm okay" but nope, the millionaire royalty keep pushing it. Why? For show. That's all this is.

Because once Biden gets it, it's his show. The democrats will own the economy and everything else. The LAST thing they want is Trump coming around in a few years and going "See, they're all a bunch of retards".

4ff42d07 No.3599867

It's not a matter of payback. It's a matter of principle. The president betrayed his oath to the Constitution and the American people. He almost killed his own vice president. The House is simply fulfilling their constitutional duty. This is required of them.

1ea58f53 No.3599868

Did you mean to reply to someone else?

e14bcd46 No.3599870

File: 1610581461227.jpg (892.99 KB, 1000x1408, Eq4qH52VkAYr8Fl.jpg)

>Seeing as no one has ever put a video of his speech saying to storm the capital means they have literally nothing.

It's a desperate, pathetic, MAGA talking point that they keep saying "Trump never actually said to storm the capital and beat cops to death with an American flag!"
That's now how incitement works. He doesn't need to say the exact words.
He only needs to say words which the congress agree could infer the meaning of "go do violence" and there is AMPLE evidence of that.

If reality worked by MAGA rules you would hire assassins to kill people with complete impunity by saying, "I want you to ice my wife."
You don't have to say the word murder for it to be a plot to murder.

4ff42d07 No.3599871

It's my understanding that they don't even need impeachment for this. They can just invoke the 14th Amendment.

I doubt she will do that. Why did they move so swiftly if she were planning that? It's really a test of the Senate: will the Republican defend the Constitution or will they side with a traitor? The American people are watching.

e14bcd46 No.3599872

>They can just invoke the 14th Amendment.

Impeachment stops Trump from ever running or holding office again.

This isn't about removing him from being president, this is about shutting him up. The Republicans and the Democrats alike don't want the hassle of dealing with Trump grifting money and inciting riots to make money off the delusion that he can be president in 2024.

Even Mitch McConnel has said he won't let Trump's impeachment come to a vote until after the new congress is seated.

That means he is waiting to make sure Democrats are in charge and MAGA Republicans can't protect Trump.

df519423 No.3599876

Okay…. you're not going to get 67 Senators to vote for impeachment. So he's not going to be convicted. If he's not convicted of incitement to insurrection, the 14th Amendment cannot be invoked as it requires a conviction. This is why civics needs to be mandatory in all schools. So you know what your rights and responsibilities as a citizen are and you know what the powers of the state are.

9d1ca8da No.3599877

I've always really liked the idea of a civics or american government class be required for graduation in high school. Almost no one comes out of high school anymore with more than the minimal ability to function, and knowing that the mitochondria is the power house of the cell.

9d1ca8da No.3599879

File: 1610584306812.png (1.11 MB, 721x900, 9cd58c08ebea24a448e020ef0f….png)

Now that I think of it. I really hope at least one group of prison mates has gotten together to form a prison band called Mitochondria… or maybe the name of a prison rape porno.

5ebb6821 No.3599887

Have fun trying to meme a whole term. Retard

e14bcd46 No.3599896

>you're not going to get 67 Senators to vote for impeachment.

Democrats would need 17 Republican votes. If McConnel orders them to they will throw Trump in the trash. The longer they allow his insanity to fester the worse off they are and they all know it.

c230ebbf No.3599898


You have to get 2/3 majority in the Senate for conviction. That removes him from office. Then a second vote in the Senate can be held whether to bar him from holding office in the future. It only takes a simple majority to bar him from future office.

The 14th Amendment is another path for barring him from future office. It only needs a simple majority in both the House and Senate for approval. 14th Amendment, Section 3:

>No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any state, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any state legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any state, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.

1ea58f53 No.3599900

"The text of Section 3 of the 14th Amendment does not explain how it should be invoked."


096065b5 No.3599905

File: 1610598047910.jpg (52.95 KB, 672x960, 1610575249315.jpg)

My favorite thing about all this is all the leftists that turned into Cold War baby boomers overnight with their speech, even more so than the ACAB - ACAG switcheroo.

Now they're calling for political witch hunts. It all seems like the punchline to a bad political joke.

4a528780 No.3599907

File: 1610599136408.jpg (571.9 KB, 850x1121, a56a17ffc57fee0d6f0c93f0d8….jpg)

I want to rape that lemur.

9d1ca8da No.3599908

File: 1610600245099.jpg (470.95 KB, 900x1200, 0d0aebbdef3e3178576c0db591….jpg)

9d1ca8da No.3599909

File: 1610600375973.jpg (232.43 KB, 1280x905, c948dd29fa70fa1eeb3dd8bff4….jpg)

any one have at least a good prison rape story link?

4a528780 No.3599910

There's the "Donny the Jail Punk" story from I think Answer Me! That I read a while back

9175d6a8 No.3599911

Sounds like you got cucked by the libtards and now you're mad about it.

Cope. :)

9175d6a8 No.3599912

Also top kek that all the PROUD SONS OF THE WEST have gone from "gas the kikes race war now" to "dombald trunb neber sed do viowence uwu, we wud neber do dat" within a single week.

1ea58f53 No.3599914

It's generally poor form to start off your viral image with such a obvious lie.

096065b5 No.3599919

File: 1610607852357.jpg (95.68 KB, 1280x720, deplatforming.jpg)

So you're literally going to say that the Nazis did not ban people who could prove a threat from owning guns?

..by using a Christian college?

1ea58f53 No.3599920

facts don't care about your feelings

dd49e4c1 No.3599921

File: 1610609420278.jpg (295.31 KB, 815x1035, two scoops.jpg)

Shut up and eat yo' Raisin Bran, motha fucka!

1e57f521 No.3599922

> If McConnel orders them to they will throw Trump in the trash

It all depends on their interest. Will they think that throwing Trump under the bus jeopardize they cushy seat in future elections or not.

Either de-Trump-ization efforts succeed in the meantime and it's peachy, or it fails and these people won't get reelected by electors that think they are traitors.

9bf62329 No.3599924

File: 1610614870854.jpg (537.78 KB, 1532x2034, 1603787569333.jpg)

But apparently no legislation to block communist riots…

I am sure the low-information voter will be stunned by the impeachment.

However 2,000 plus counties think differently..

Here is your Ukrainian energy expert.

Your president has the brain of Swiss Cheese and your Vice couldn't survive the primaries…

096065b5 No.3599926

Don't forget the 75 million voters who voted for Trump.

Don't forget that most revolutions have 3-10% of the "rebels" actually doing something.

Don't forget if shit does kick off, the majority of the police will side with their families over DC orders.

Don't forget about the fact that the democrats haven't taken a single gun yet are going hardcore fascist.

Don't forget the average leftist in cities get their food trucked in and can't survive two days without electricity.

Don't forget which side has been planning for this exact scenario for decades, and which side is dancing on puppet strings with Cold War propaganda.

1ea58f53 No.3599927

>Don't forget
75 million people didn't vote for Trump.

096065b5 No.3599931

File: 1610620459278.png (388.3 KB, 498x559, 1610576966260.png)

You're right. According to Silicon Valley Google, the correct number is:


Thank you for pointing out this error.

e14bcd46 No.3599936

File: 1610627579470.png (1.03 MB, 721x900, WHAT_Da_FK.png)


If this image wasn't so heavily censored it would make zero sense. Remove the censorship bars and his penis is weirdly attached to his leg or something.

e14bcd46 No.3599937


Don't forget that we have scientist who can create weapons to wipe out the New-Nazis with stunning efficiency.

Please, form an army.
Make it easy for us to kill you all at once.

1e57f521 No.3599939


Are you saying that the scientists in the military-industrial complex are overwhelmingly democrates?

a27c96e8 No.3599940

fcb485b2 No.3599950

I love these wannabe rebel revolutionary speeches when you'd be pissing your pants and hiding behind your computer posting memes if shit actually went down

1e57f521 No.3599951

> you'd be pissing your pants and hiding behind your computer

Doesn't matter what he/she would do.
It's just pointing at the dangerous situation america is in.

62ddb6ce No.3599952


Someday O'Queef will actually make accurate and truthful videos, and then he'll be assassinated by his groupies for "treason."

dde15f4c No.3599955

It's wild seeing these morons post O'Queef videos over and over again like he doesn't get caught completely fabricating his information every time one of his "stories" come out.

096065b5 No.3599956

File: 1610647349422.jpg (80.31 KB, 932x960, 1610611988995.jpg)

Well that head counsel for PBS caught saying all of America outside of DC is "dumb" and we should put people into concentration camps got fired from PBS.

To buy into your line of thinking, O'keefe somehow colludes with these people into making themselves look like utter morons. Given he targets leftists, they actually may be stupid enough to do that…

dde15f4c No.3599958

He literally pays actors for his videos, dipshit.

ca52478b No.3599959

>twitter bans rightwingers for posting threats against public figures in the aftermath of a terror attack
>some guy offends james o'queef in one of his lame hidden camera gimmick videos
Actually it's good for him to lose his job

80e70f66 No.3599965

File: 1610649344324.jpg (39.87 KB, 600x322, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

>3B thread

Oh, well….

For the peanut gallery….

''Prosecutor files charges against defendant
''Court throws out charges as failing to pass the "Giggle Test". Defendant never bothers to show up.
''Prosecutor files more charges against defendant
''Court again throws out charges. Defendant never bothers to show up.

In a real courts system, the prosecutor would be disbarred and censured for incompetence. However, the House, being congress, can get away with it.

I guess the country is doing so well, the House has nothing better to do. Bahahahah!

dde15f4c No.3599975

File: 1610653037055.png (439.82 KB, 500x666, two-scoops-one-trump-who-d….png)

e14bcd46 No.3599977


I can't wait to see you flip on your belly like a hooker in a porno and pretend you never supported Trump at all once he's in prison for treason.

1ea58f53 No.3599986

File: 1610655884697.jpg (124.68 KB, 1280x720, demo crates.jpg)

>Are you saying that the scientists in the military-industrial complex are overwhelmingly democrates?
what else would they be?

df519423 No.3599993


Will never happen. Youre gonna need 2/3 of the Senate to convict. I'm sure even your public education level IQ can do the math and realize…. never… gonna.. happen. I used small words so you can understand.

1ea58f53 No.3599995

File: 1610663190602.png (1.32 MB, 897x1054, Screenshot_2021-01-14 Trav….png)

bae2dc72 No.3600004

Ever fantasize about what you would do to Trump voters if you had the power? I certainly do. Let me share my plans with you:

- Voting booths have micro cameras with facial recognition tech so all Trump voters are identified and logged.
- All male Trump voters are rounded up and taken to field hospitals where they are immediately castrated, both testicles and penis removed.
- If their internet history shows any evidence of transphobia, then their penis is surgically inverted and turned into a neovagina. Silicon breasts are implanted too.
- If they have male sons, they will be forced to watch as their male sons are also castrated and have their sex re-assigned.
- If they have a wife or daughters above the age of consent, they will further be forced to watch as they have consensual sex with African American porn actors for a Blacked adult film.
- The castrated Trump voters are given HRT to feminize them and punish their abuse of male privilege.
- Their vocal cords are snipped as punishment for their abuse of free speech.
- 1 week of every month spent as free prostitutes in prisons for horny prisoners to use and abuse.
- 3 weeks of every month, for 16hrs/day they work in Gulag-like conditions doing all the demeaning heavy labor a liberal society needs to function.
- Once every month, on a surprise day, to make them regret their "right to bear arms" gun fanaticism, they will shot with a gun in a spot that will heal over but not cause too much damage. Such as their thigh or foot.

Anyone else want to continue my list with ideas of their own?

352e8917 No.3600007

lol Is this CCoyote from e621? What happened with that? Why did you hide your name on e6?

85a05900 No.3600008

The fact you thought about it this hard, please seek help.

df519423 No.3600009


Angry butt-hurt beta man-bun metrosexual sense tingling. Must suck hating yourself this much.

ca52478b No.3600010

It's a rightwinger

31efb174 No.3600012

File: 1610669263375.gif (461.56 KB, 160x90, permit.gif)

My bad, there was a broken soul preaching russian gulags for 2 years, genuine concern

b1aac93b No.3600014

File: 1610670413244.jpg (160.44 KB, 1255x951, moral_panic.jpg)

I used to think you hated racists and Nazis but now I realize you just love your hate.

I will judge you on your hate and never think anything better of you.

You have convinced me to NEVER be around you and support you or people around you.

74571927 No.3600015

File: 1610671259190.jpeg (340.79 KB, 1785x1264, Eru44uKVgAQ5WIQ.jpeg)


Even I found this horrifying. What the fuck is wrong with you, faggot?

6c58d8c0 No.3600017

9d1ca8da No.3600019

Is it surprising? Only 6 of the rioters registered as republican on voting records.

b1aac93b No.3600021

File: 1610673046402.png (180.04 KB, 567x567, captain-america-red-skull-….png)


The funny part is that the guy thinks after castrating someone the victim wouldn't just snap his neck…

If a mob of twenty people jumped me, nineteen of them would be just fine.

52e3dd2c No.3600022

don't post these because you don't even own them

74571927 No.3600024

File: 1610674145329.jpg (62.27 KB, 1070x540, IMG_20201209_094701_850.jpg)


This is an imageboard. Nobody cares.

e14bcd46 No.3600025

File: 1610674593371.jpg (62.4 KB, 540x960, ErOxV4RVoAE9pfN.jpg)

What's funny about this cartoon is that conservatives really do think reality works this way. They think if they call Antifa evil long enough and proclaim to be the "real Americans" they will somehow stop being Nazis.

Objective reality has no baring in the mind of a conservative. Facts don't exist. They think the only thing that matters is their opinion.

d113ca80 No.3600027

File: 1610674677987.png (103.79 KB, 1599x633, really, nigger.png)

You guys don't remember CCoyote from the e621 censorship thread? Someone else posted this screencap.

6450272d No.3600030

File: 1610675514410.jpg (102.26 KB, 555x718, fence-hopper.jpg)

A coyote who wants to build a wall around his little den, cute

No I completely forgot this person, thank you

80e70f66 No.3600031

File: 1610676611273.jpg (427.94 KB, 729x781, naziderailedsexreassignmen….jpg)

b1aac93b No.3600032

File: 1610676684392.jpg (2.46 MB, 3752x3824, 1598701246389.jpg)

That doesn't sound like a brainwashed mind at all…

Luckily the anti Nazis are just so stable and full of facts.

096065b5 No.3600033

File: 1610677287403.png (222.09 KB, 1006x873, 1610653135616.png)

Wife beaters, felons and child rapists seem to be the norm for the average leftist activist.

Thankfully Kyle did the right thing and go rid of three disgusting white men.

d113ca80 No.3600034

No prob. And as a reminder, the image in question was deleted shortly after that comment was made.

b1aac93b No.3600035

File: 1610677500569.png (208.51 KB, 720x519, 1598697499660.png)

No, two men and a bicep…

a27c96e8 No.3600038

File: 1610682094396.gif (385.13 KB, 500x206, original.gif)

Someone on that site said I cause psychological harm, have to assume they were serious, I never post. It was like bro, I was being artificially nice so the comments stay up, imagine you knew the real me.

I feel sorry for some of these super sheltered kids with low social exposure, no wonder some of them see Nazis everywhere and then behave like Hitler Youth. This road only gets worse. I wouldn't want to be born today so I hope reincarnation isn't real, I can't stop you all jumping off a bridge but I'm keeping this brain as long as I can. Even with poor memory (that wasn't a jab).

096065b5 No.3600039

File: 1610682931105.jpg (122.02 KB, 1125x1269, 1610669726447.jpg)

Meet John Sullivan, a member of Insurgence USA, Antifa/BLM, and a communist agitator with a lengthy criminal record.

Apparently this super genius decided to dress up like a Trump supporter and agitate at the capitol, but OOPS, look like our big brain boy just caught an indictment from the FBI.


Here's his indictment! https://www.justice.gov/opa/page/file/1354781/download

So confirmed, left wing agitators, much like the ones calling for "Nationwide protests" were present at the capitol.

Enjoy Leavenworth John!

1ea58f53 No.3600040



62ddb6ce No.3600041


Figures, the "Post Millennial" is Canadian right-wing trash.


096065b5 No.3600042

File: 1610685968929.jpg (65.63 KB, 961x510, 1610669684536.jpg)

Given this left wing agitator was "leading the charge", it seems like Trump was impeached over a false flag event.

More reports are coming out that poor ol' John is singing like a canary in federal holding.

Oh look! He's colluding with the media too. Boy those uh Trump guys uh yeah.

1ea58f53 No.3600043

how retarded must trump supporters be to follow some skinny black dude in trying to overthrow the government?

oh wait, I've seen your posts

d113ca80 No.3600045

There's a price to pay when you turn your community into a hugbox by censoring reality. That applies to both the right and the left. Like, imagine fleeing to the hugboxes of Newsmax and OAN, because Biden's victory is too triggering, and now you think Fox News is in on the communist conspiracy. This is the situation for too many Trump supporters.

Anyway, to try to get back on topic, the Senate trail won't start until after Biden's inauguration. Moscow Mitch says he isn't sure if he will vote to convict or not, even after Trump threatened his life. What a cuck.

d113ca80 No.3600046


16c4f18e No.3600047

File: 1610687315794.jpeg (247.35 KB, 2048x1215, FA6964CB-3E03-40EC-99A2-6….jpeg)

Funny you losers were totally behind the attack until things got a little too hot for you to handle, and now you need to make shit up about how the left was responsible for what rightwingers were bragging about just last week. :)

1ea58f53 No.3600049

096065b5 No.3600050

db8a97f3 No.3600051

It keeps getting "faker".

"Dozens of people on FBI terrorist watch list came to D.C. the day of Capitol riot"

096065b5 No.3600054

File: 1610694455460.jpg (70.99 KB, 620x340, 1610694145048.jpg)

And yet they didn't do anything about it beforehand. Not until the leftist agitators showed up.

btw this is your president

db8a97f3 No.3600055

the word "agent" appears nowhere in your linked article. the only time Biden is mentioned wrt foreign interference is that Russia is hyping up nonsense about Ukraine. are all trump-humpers as poor readers as you?

db8a97f3 No.3600056

>And yet they didn't do anything about it beforehand.
yeah, why didn't trump's executive branch do anything about it?

b1aac93b No.3600058

File: 1610698572245.png (32.08 KB, 800x834, 1604633369154.png)


What happened when Trump made a call to the Ukraine?

Why do you think they spent 3 years with the Russia hoax?

The whole system is rigged.

db8a97f3 No.3600059

>Russia hoax
like the COVID hoax?

yeah, dereliction of duty is a strong theme in the trump "presidency"

a27c96e8 No.3600060

File: 1610699501918.gif (2 MB, 390x259, fI7GRQN.gif)

I'm not one, but those people aren't keeping my supply of furry porn hostage (christians favorite gay feral furry porn now, bizarroworld). Have a nice life

5de6235c No.3600061

File: 1610700242936.png (23.33 KB, 1292x346, shoveyourheaduparepublican….png)

Uhh about that cartoon…

096065b5 No.3600062

File: 1610702414012.jpg (432.29 KB, 1961x1080, 1610696224007.jpg)

b1aac93b No.3600063


What is your evidence?

b1aac93b No.3600064

File: 1610704915456.png (361.7 KB, 747x620, Bingo.png)


Stupid question….
Democrats don't need evidence.
Democrats don't need to follow laws.
Democrats can ignore evidence.

Democrats can do whatever they want.

e14bcd46 No.3600072

File: 1610710176601.jpg (33.96 KB, 450x390, 6183898c23dedcfdf9857c9fa5….jpg)

He's a right-winger pretending to be progressive. No one on the left wants a totalitarian state. We hate that shit.

It's actually kind of amazing how stupid the right-wing is that they see the left protesting the rich and powerful, protesting cops, demanding more regulation and control over corporations who have too much power, and yet somehow think that the end goal of the left is to create a more powerful totalitarian state. The thing we spend all of our time fighting to destroy.

b1aac93b No.3600074

File: 1610714397116.jpg (154.27 KB, 1140x797, APTOPIX.jpg)


No, what you do is attack random people in the streets.

Right-Wingers are liberal. You are free to fuck yourself in whatever way you choose.

e14bcd46 No.3600075

File: 1610714420788.webm (4.6 MB, 360x360, In_Prison_Now.webm)

>Democrats don't need evidence.

Well, we might have to look harder if you weren't literally making music videos about your treason and posting it on facebook.

Makes it real easy for cops to identify you.

e14bcd46 No.3600076

>No, what you do is attack random people in the streets.
>random people…

Cars are people?

e14bcd46 No.3600077

>You get what you deserve.

Oh, Rittenhouse is going to get what he deserves, one way or another. Make no mistake. We're all out of mercy for you terrorists.

b1aac93b No.3600079

File: 1610717379861.jpg (349.15 KB, 1300x732, 6224000.jpg)

Well I have no doubt you will always remain smug and more smug.

Whether you acknowledge you are terrorists or call someone a Nazi makes no difference to me.

I know when someone is attacking and when someone is defending.

I will always stand on the side of people defending themselves. Politics be damned.

I certainly don't want to be the pawn of elites but Leftists seem to get a thrill from it.

2555a084 No.3600080

File: 1610719281631.jpg (3.92 MB, 3600x2400, china_plenary002.jpg)

>demanding more regulation and control over corporations
>No one on the left wants a totalitarian state
Typical leftwinger. Lets give more power to a state.

Few years later.

We didn't want it but somehow we build another GULAG. How could this happen?

d33e5ab4 No.3600082

The left's base is exploited by the corporate powers the same way they herded the neocon base. You're leading your own sheep to the slaughter. Wake up

1e71878b No.3600096


Who's listening to an uneducated, friendless, skill-less moron who contributes nothing to society and has been unilaterally rejected by his peers, political associations, and even racist leader?

You are alone and not even your former allies want you.



83b5c2e9 No.3600101

well, i'm still looking into the whole jeffrey esptein case, who had clintons painting on his wall, who is tied to clinton, who is tied to democrats, who are tied to the silicon valley and MSM, who are tied to…
well you know, blm riots killing over 30 people.

And yet, trump and his supporters are ebil nutshees.
I sure am glad I'm not american because this shit is bonkers. Also, Jeffrey epstein did not kill himself.
Hey, you guise wanna talk about epstein? Why is noone talking about epstein?

83b5c2e9 No.3600102

add hillary somewhere in there and "buy product x!"with rainbow colours.

8f2d839c No.3600104

>Democrats don't need evidence.
>Trump won because he said he did.

8f2d839c No.3600106


holy shit, you're mega-retarded

e14bcd46 No.3600111

File: 1610733521002.webm (3.93 MB, 320x180, Qshaman_Clips.webm)

Qshaman's lawyer is demanding Trump pardon the people who stormed the capitol building because they were there at his invitation. That's going to go over great at his impeachment.


6cb8b296 No.3600112

File: 1610733557097-0.jpeg (67.42 KB, 983x327, Original.jpeg)

File: 1610733557097-1.jpg (115.48 KB, 960x362, StupidAntifaVersion.jpg)

Then why is there a whole subreddit where offended liberals edit the comics to say the opposite of what they say originally?


Liberals fear Stonetoss, you can't deny it. This is my favorite Stonetoss by the way, and how Liberals changed the text to make it PC. Cringe.

e14bcd46 No.3600113


You really, really, really, need to watch this video.


db8a97f3 No.3600115

if they've incorporated themselves, sure

t. willard romney

1e57f521 No.3600117


Yet, bad idea for Trump to do it. But Biden should totally pardon them, it would put strength behind his "let's heal America" thing.

52e3dd2c No.3600119

Nah Fuck America, America is a GilF for the rest of the planet to stick their dicks in.

1d1d60e3 No.3600122

File: 1610742714915.jpg (145.17 KB, 1078x1080, birb keyboards.jpg)

So he wants to pardon all those Antifa people? Because aren't they the ones who stormed the capitol… um…

2938c78b No.3600123

File: 1610743261913.png (30.43 KB, 700x1162, PBF-Deeply_Held_Beliefs.png)

I just ran into this and I came back here.
Because I looked at it
and immediately thought of

every political thread this place has ever had.

0da7b6b2 No.3600131

File: 1610746678412.jpg (19.75 KB, 400x400, 1516805586181.jpg)

Ok I've watched it. 20 minutes.
I get what he's trying to say but it's kinda unfair to compare big corps and government coz corps can't make laws for EVERYONE. They can't force you to buy their product but government can.
Corps don't have nuclear bomb, army, police and so own. Corps are just big business and nothing more. When they fail they go to the government and take money. Like disney did. They gave them 6 billion dollars btw.
Even all this situation with a twitter. So every platform have banned Trump but it just gives signal to the market. And Telegram took that signal very clearly. Corps can't stop the internet to stop Telegram but government can. Easely.
They just need to push a button and poof no internet. That is a power that government has.

0fba4387 No.3600132

File: 1610746839919.png (376.25 KB, 447x720, 896141__safe_silver spoon_….png)

Wow, I finally discovered something worse than Purple Tinker.

Further teaches me that communists really should not considered being living beings. Hating the communist should be mandatory. It ought to be dehumanized as it wishes, and i'd be glad to meet this being on a dark alley and massacre its face.

096065b5 No.3600148

File: 1610751404852.jpg (19.91 KB, 511x315, john-sullivan-arrested.jpg)

>they aren't the ones who stormed the capitol… um…



9d1ca8da No.3600151

Biden needs to set a precedent. Pardon all the antifa/left protesters, and push for the maximum penalty by law for the Right rioters.

69a5ac35 No.3600155

File: 1610756709822.jpg (97.62 KB, 1400x788, this-is-fine.0.jpg)

- oh look they block Parler yep USA is sure democratic country this year and next 4 years will be fun to watch it all burn

never been more happy to not be American to bad ur shit will have impact on the rest of the world

5de6235c No.3600156

File: 1610757061830.png (16.1 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

1e71878b No.3600157


And yet these fucking retards still can't tell the difference between a private corporation that isn't even specific to America, and the actual US Gov't.
Gonna just keep claiming 'MAH RAGHTS! SINSORESHIP!'

Please hara-kiri.

69a5ac35 No.3600159

oh right cause it was not politically driven motivation and sure big tech have no say in political affairs same with witch hunt for Trump supporters las time i cheek there was no witch hunt for Obama supporters yep yep a true democratic country like i said before :)

299c4f31 No.3600160

File: 1610757802455.png (991.12 KB, 1280x720, [Vivid] Gingitsune - 03 (2….png)

You've got some fucking nerve to complain about trespassing and right wing disorderly conduct, when this was the year of left wing terrorists assassinating people in the streets.

I don't defend what the dude did, it's borderline terroristic almost but it's small potatoes to BLMAntifa legit terrorism of lighting half the country on fire and putting the citizens of entire cities in fear for their lives and livelihoods.

Fucking get a sense of perspective. Don't fucking even dare.

4cd66138 No.3600161

File: 1610757844804.png (269.02 KB, 622x347, michael-reinoehl-1.png)

inb4 "that never happened"

5ebb6821 No.3600162

Why don't you two just get a room lol.

299c4f31 No.3600163

File: 1610758406763.gif (142.91 KB, 246x238, 135045615992 (2).gif)

>>can't tell the difference between a private corporation that isn't even specific to America, and the actual US Gov't
Funny how all ya filthy commies suddenly turn libertarian when the companies censor in your favor.

Fucking delete yourself IRL.

70da9bf9 No.3600164

Fucking hysterical how people say “private companies” when giant corporations get together to shut down their competitors!

Why was it everyone says “Russia Colision” but no one says “China Colision?”

877eafd5 No.3600169

That video is pretty much spot on.

e14bcd46 No.3600170

File: 1610760493756.png (228.61 KB, 598x544, WeAreScrewed - twitter.png)


>corps can't make laws…

No, they just write them then pay legislators to pass them unaltered because deregulation allows that in America.

>Corps don't have nuclear bombs, army, police and so on…

Well, they don't have nukes, that much is true. They do have private armies and police.

See: Blackwater or Pinkertons Inc.

>Even all this situation with a Twitter … banned the president … Corps can't stop telegram but the government can.

You have that backward. The government is forbidden from censoring your freedom of speech but if your local ISP decides Telegram is evil you don't get to see it anymore. There is nothing stopping corporate America from destroying any platform that they want. They just don't because it's bad for business.

The moment allowing you to speak becomes bad for business, you get the fascist boot on your neck just like Trump is getting right now.

It's not the government that is silencing Trump, it's private corporations. When the government has less power, we all suffer. The fucking retards on the right need to realize this.

0da7b6b2 No.3600179

What you need to realise that those corporate guys are bunch of cowards that just want more money and KPIs. All that woke bullshit is just a PR bullshit I hope you understand that.

Actually they don't give a shit about Trump Shramp but they fear that new government and I tell you not about government in general no I mean those dems who can really make trouble for them. They just want to play safe that is why they ban you.

>government is forbidden from censoring your freedom of speech
By who? By themself huh? Government is not a corporation it's a bandit that robes you every day and be sure it will censor you by some patriot act or whatever they call it.

Also I must say you have your point. Corps would build fascism if they'll have enough power. But right now dems have much more power and influence and they build fascism right fucking now.

4cd66138 No.3600180

File: 1610762117157.jpg (6.5 KB, 284x284, 0ad_.jpg)

>>Hating the communist should be mandatory. It ought to be dehumanized as it wishes, and i'd be glad to meet this being on a dark alley and massacre its face.
I hate you, cause you hate zoophiles and are a low level homophobe.

But you're 100% right about the far left.

Also Carlos Maza makes all gays on this planet look bad. I need to go buy more beer to be able to stand his faggot mug for 24 freakin minutes.

e14bcd46 No.3600182

>BLMAntifa legit terrorism of lighting half the country on fire and putting the citizens of entire cities in fear for their lives and livelihoods.

Yeah, none of that is true. You are a paranoid delusional nut-job.

299c4f31 No.3600183

File: 1610763224028.png (271.43 KB, 620x362, michael-reinoehl-2.png)

dde15f4c No.3600184

Rightwingers for like ten years now: We need to Day of the Rope every leftist and skin their children alive. We need to censor them. We need to shut down their ability to speak. It's awesome that Trump is using his power to hurt the left. Fuck yeah tax cuts for billionaires, get fucked commies. Bye bye civil rights, u mad sjws?


e14bcd46 No.3600188

File: 1610764784543.png (1.47 MB, 800x1128, Im_Rich_Im_Rich.png)

>By who? By themself huh?

The government is controlled by the people because those are the rules our society is built on, as defined by the constitution.

Corporations don't care about people. They care about money.
If you don't have money, you are a resource to be consumed.

Remove the government and they will take everything you have then kill you and sell jello made from your bones to wealthy people.
That is the nature of unregulated capitalism.

Without a government stopping it, capitalism will consume everyone and everything until there is no one left to sell to.

5de6235c No.3600190

File: 1610765406650.png (147.14 KB, 368x350, Madame_Gasket.png)

Reminds of of Madame Gasket from Robots.

096065b5 No.3600198

File: 1610767796225.png (648.34 KB, 2000x2590, Er0mfJFW8AALrFH.png)

We got another "hardcore leftist" arrested for plotting violence!


Not only that, but he was foreign trained!

9d1ca8da No.3600202

Really when you think of the science behind it, mob mentality reduces average IQ by 30 points. Why wouldn't a few, oddly alone leftist extremists with histories of mob riot leading just leak in to an already tense situation on on opposing side.

Its also funny that the police AND for the first time, the national guard were called to be on watch for a terrorist attack on the capitol a few hours before the Trump supporters. Unlike local police briefings on "possibly violent protests" generally briefed just to local police.

The thing was kind of rigged, the police AND the eternally bored national guard were told they were dealing with militant terrorists. Instead, they just killed a female mother unarmed air force vet while she was surrounded with her hands up.

Shit is just too fucked for me to believe it at all.

9d1ca8da No.3600203

They're saying things wouldn't have even begun to escalate if it wasn't for the initial execution of the air force vet mom, so you add that on to the fire and… things don't make any more sense, but you do see why some of them are stoic faced in footage, and the ones being let off were all young guys flashing signs, and making fish faces at cameras.

9d1ca8da No.3600204

not to mention the "instigating speech" trump is being impeached for, happened almost 20min before his speech ended. And there was a severe hack from the Ukraine that actually got through a lot of classified info on government employees. No one talks about that.

Theres tons of stuff there to say the whole thing was a weird set up.

db8a97f3 No.3600206

>if it wasn't for the initial execution of the air force vet mom
No such thing occurred.


>i mean the riot happened 20 minutes before his speech.
I mean you're wrong. But continue your fantasy.

9d1ca8da No.3600208

Theres apparently, call it conspiracy for now, but just mentioning it, some corp "Black Rock" that a lot of the presidential cabinet members are employees by, or contractors to.

Probably with some legal stuff thrown in

62ddb6ce No.3600209


ONE radical that BLM wants nothing to do with, in fact centrist and leftist groups can't stand the little asshole, but the right-wing says "Dey wuz all Antifa!"


e14bcd46 No.3600210

Conveniently leaving out the fact that he's a Q-anon fanatic who believes rich people are all pedophiles.

62ddb6ce No.3600211


The fact is, the right-wing is responsible for most of the terrorism in the US, while crying their fake tears and whining about being "persecuted."

e14bcd46 No.3600213

File: 1610772344783.jpg (58.71 KB, 828x502, Keeping_The_Tradition.jpg)

No, he's saying that a few left-wing infiltrators are the real reason the good, pure-hearted, peaceful, white, Trump supporters beat a cop to death, tore down the American flag and replaced it with a Trump flag, and tried to murder congresspeople.

Apparently, these secret leftists have super-mind control powers and can make otherwise innocent, good, people into violent, raving lunatics using the magical influence of their huge cocks.

db8a97f3 No.3600214

yeah, it's a weird argument they make that they were just NPCs under control of antifa

e14bcd46 No.3600215

File: 1610773342331.png (584.01 KB, 598x591, 6u56u56.png)

Remember how the right-wing has been saying, "Democrats are gonna take ur' gunz!!"

Well, it looks like unregulated capitalism is going to take them first.

62ddb6ce No.3600219


If the NRA went completely bankrupt, and closed up their group completely, there are other gun rights groups out there, many that call the NRA a "bunch of sellouts."
One such group is "Gun Owners of America."

b23c623d No.3600221

Anyone think Trump will start a war with Iran right before he leaves office?

e9199090 No.3600223

Pretty sure nobody is really talking to him in the government right now. The country appears to be on auto-pilot until Biden gets in next week.

e14bcd46 No.3600224

I think Trump will try and start a war but no one will let him. He's dumb enough to think that if he goes to war he can stay in office until the war is over.

db8a97f3 No.3600225

He's already tried several times. But like all things trump, it fails.

096065b5 No.3600227

>tried several times
>assassinated a top general Obama failed to get
>Iran shoots down a civilian airliner
>world laughs
>Biden comes in
>Iran starts processing bomb grade nuclear material again
>China orders their puppet to go back to the Iran "deal"
>Iran gets the bomb in 2 years under a Biden administration

db8a97f3 No.3600229

>Iran starts processing bomb grade nuclear material again (under trump)
if only there were some kind of deal that would have prevented this from happening…

1da53640 No.3600231

File: 1610790570575.jpg (113.8 KB, 600x400, detail_e1c82b07059edd76a66….jpg)

You still don't get it.
Every state and I mean it literally every state on this entire planet that increased its power become dictatorship.
And it even doesn't matter leftwing or rightwing. At the end of the day they people just mine coal or uranium ore in prison.

51296735 No.3600236

Trump avoided war twice you fucking idiot!

Why do you think they want a puppet like Biden?

e14bcd46 No.3600240

File: 1610803560255.webm (2.85 MB, 640x360, Right_To_Work.webm)

>Every state … that increased its power became a dictatorship.

If that was true every nation in the world would be a dictatorship. You are living in a paranoid delusion.

0da7b6b2 No.3600245

File: 1610805911674.png (1.08 MB, 768x960, k2zy63rl.png)

Oh yes they were. 100 years ago world were divided by large empires then by crazy dictators. Soviet Union collapsed just 30 years ago.
Capitalism didn't let others to become dictatorships. USA was libertarian state that is why it's not a dictatorship. But that can change very quickly. Few years and you'd see "reeducation camps" for Trump supporters.
The only reason we need the state is to prevent corporations from becoming the state themselves. To not let them build Cyberpunk world.

e14bcd46 No.3600316

File: 1610852850162.png (109.18 KB, 910x539, Waves_of_democracy.png)

>100 years ago world were divided by large empires then by crazy dictators.

100 years ago was 1920… that was the front end of literally the most historic wave of growth of democracies around the world to ever be recorded.

You have even opened a social studies book in school, have you?


e14bcd46 No.3600317

>The only reason we need the state is to prevent corporations from becoming the state themselves.

If you really believed this, you would be fighting on the left. The Republicans and the conservative Democrats are the puppets of corporations and we all know it. You don't care about corporate rule, you just hate niggers and spics. You just want to be racist and you'll support anyone who helps you hurt them no matter how corrupt those politicians are.

f9801b4e No.3600318

File: 1610854781354.jpg (377.86 KB, 550x1280, blm.jpg)

>If you really believed this, you would be fighting on the left

The racist said this unironically. This is a excellent example of cognitive dissonance.

dde15f4c No.3600322

>leftists support corporations
Actually that's you guys, you're just throwing a tantrum that they aren't supporting your anti-democracy bullshit.

208e505e No.3600323

Democracy is inherently conservative and only supports conservatives.

9c01206f No.3600324

File: 1610862036258.jpg (33.92 KB, 640x360, that guy with the cap.jpg)

The state itself is a dictatorship tool of the ruling class. No matter who you vote, you still vote for representative of the ruling class.
Such is bourgeois "democracy".

e14bcd46 No.3600326

File: 1610863362977.webm (6.54 MB, 320x180, Origins_Of_Conservatism.webm)


Democracy is inherently anti-conservative.
Conservatism was founded as a way to protect the ruling elite when the English and French monarchy fell. It has always, always, been the philosophy of the wealthy leeches that suck the blood of the working class, and anyone who supports it is a traitor.

e14bcd46 No.3600328

File: 1610864560815.webm (4.8 MB, 320x180, Origins_Of_Conservatism2.webm)

Conservatism has ALWAYS been about protecting the powerful. It's always been a cult of cucks who yearn to be ruled.

0da7b6b2 No.3600334

First. Not all nations are the same. Who gives a shit about Serbia? We're talking about those who had a real power.
Second. Soviet Union was a democracy. Did you know that? There were parliament, deputies, elections. But everytime soviet party had 100% of votes guess why. We're talking about real democraties.
So you probably need to read a proper book not a leftie propoganda.

e14bcd46 No.3600347

>you need to read a proper book, not leftie propaganda.

Wikipedia is left-wing propaganda…?

bf11b9dd No.3600348

File: 1610896992401.jpg (93.95 KB, 552x800, wikipediaisantiwhite.jpg)

>Wikipedia is left-wing propaganda…?

Not just left-wing but racist.

Fish in a barrel…

e14bcd46 No.3600357

File: 1610901499381.png (454.2 KB, 699x782, White_Pride_Murder_Cults.png)


←- Literally you.

52e3dd2c No.3600358

Once again it is a mutiny (of the masonic variety)

0da7b6b2 No.3600360

Cheap move. Compare black pride asian pride and white pride.

e14bcd46 No.3600362

File: 1610905982422.webm (5.77 MB, 640x50, Wake_Up_Now.webm)

>Compare black pride, Asian pride, and White pride.

It wouldn't make a difference. There are no black pride groups hunting down white people and beating them to death. There are no Asian pride groups stabbing people in the subway. There are no Hispanic pride groups storming the capital and chanting to hang the VP.

That's only a white people thing.

0da7b6b2 No.3600364

Yep that sort of a cheap scenario.

- What about BLM and Antifa?
- They didn't do that.
- But they did here is video photo link
- No they didn't do that
- No they did
- No they didn't

e14bcd46 No.3600365

File: 1610907663194.webm (2.23 MB, 640x50, BLM_Are_Not_Terrorists.webm)


The cities you think burned to the ground don't exist. There are no smoking craters, there are no mountains of dead cops, there is no conspiracy. You are delusional.

0da7b6b2 No.3600366

File: 1610908433880.jpg (82.06 KB, 500x538, 1604355857990.jpg)

Just because you say so it doesn't delete all those videos and photos.

You know what? You just need to admit a simple fact. You hate white people and white civilisation. I bet you hate yourself coz you're obviously white as well.

048f3174 No.3600367

Arguing semantics doesnt make you correct. It just makes you stupid and abusive. Truth matters not semantics tryinf to validate your perception on the matter. Just because you see whats been argued as craters and smoking ruins is just weaseling around for validation.

e14bcd46 No.3600369

File: 1610909109632.webm (3.72 MB, 640x50, Anti-American_Republicans.webm)


You think entire cities have burned down because Fox News and OAN have shown you 24-hour loops of the same fire filmed by 30 people at different angles.

It didn't happen. There are no destroyed cities. You are the most active terrorists in America. You are the nightmare the rest of America is having to deal with, not BLM, not Antifa.

0da7b6b2 No.3600370

You forgot to add that those people did not represent peaceful BLMers.

048f3174 No.3600372

Businesses destroyed whole downtowns damaged to point its equivilient to burned down. Stop arguing semantics you abusive weasel! Its not gonna win you arguements with inteligent people just blind you to the facts that really exist within the subtext.

e14bcd46 No.3600374

File: 1610909601336.png (36.11 KB, 1357x366, Screenshot_2021-01-17 Man ….png)


The people who attacked the capitol were not BLM or Antifa, they were Trump supporters who were there because Trump told them to go.

We know this because they are in police custody now and they are telling everyone that they were doing what the president wanted. Qshaman, the crazy guy who beat the cop with a flag, the guy with the confederate flag inside the white house, they are all being quite clear - they think they did nothing wrong and that Trump should pardon them because they were working for him.

e14bcd46 No.3600376

>Businesses destroyed whole downtowns damaged to point its equivalent to burned down.

It didn't happen. YOU ARE DELUSIONAL.

Were there a few places damaged in the riots? Sure but it was a few isolated incidents. The apocalypse you think is going on isn't real. Take your meds.

0da7b6b2 No.3600378

You forgot to add that those people were WHITE Trump supporters. You hate whites so don't forget it please.

e14bcd46 No.3600380

File: 1610911548841.jpg (157.98 KB, 1242x1201, ErZ2eOrWMAYEAje.jpg)


Unlike you, people on the left don't care if someone is white. Whiteness is a cultural identity the right-wing made up.

We don't hate people for being white, we are angry at people because they keep MURDERING.

We judge people on their actions. It's you who are the racists.

0da7b6b2 No.3600381

No no you told that whites can't have their pride.
Blacks can. Asians can. And whites can't.
You said it, not me.

e14bcd46 No.3600384


Honestly, the whole racial pride thing is stupid all around but no one is telling you that you can't be stupid. We are telling you that you can't murder and hurt people.

If that is all whiteness means to you, then why take pride in it?

0da7b6b2 No.3600385

But you just did. You told us that we can't use white pride slogan.

1e57f521 No.3600405


Lifted from Wikipedia:
George Floyd protest, ok, not just Black Lives Maters.

"Property damage
$500 million in Minneapolis–Saint Paul (May 26–-June 6, 2020)[4]
$1–2 billion in insured damages in the United States (May 26–June 8, 2020)[5]"

That's a fucking big fire they photographed under 30 angles. Did they burn Fort Knox or something?

1e57f521 No.3600407


People on the left are the one who insist on reinstating segregation, engaging in discrimination based on race (but races don't exist according to scientists! The left, the science lover except sometimes).

You want black universities, and now Biden is saying that covid relief funds with be targeted at POC.

You fan the flames of racism, in a country that went from lynching blacks to having them in position of power in mere decades, USA was turning colorblind and you can't have that because you *NEED* racism to pretend to defend POC and get their votes.

0da7b6b2 No.3600412

Fucking stupid retards even wanted "colored only" sign back and mark their businesses as a black ones on google maps.
They even say that denying the race is racism now. They say that blacks have different brains than whites. They.. Oh my fucking god.
Brave guys who fought real racism (COONS as they say) must be like: son im disappoint.jpg

7bd0ca29 No.3600417

And don't forget their favorite past time do something and deny it.

7bd0ca29 No.3600418

I am proud to be white not because of the past bit because I believe it doesn't matter who you are just how you are. There's white trash and then there's respectful whites I'm talking the respectful whites. Just like the differences in black vs bigger. I respect all cultures till they disrespect mine

7bd0ca29 No.3600419

>>3600418 * nigger

3e0ec2ad No.3600429

File: 1610937461787.webm (2.74 MB, 360x640, blackculture2.webm)

> I respect all cultures

7bd0ca29 No.3600430

Lol you do know the difference between nigger culture and black culture right?

e14bcd46 No.3600435

File: 1610940352589.jpg (134.35 KB, 1338x703, Lilbit_Racist.jpg)

>But you just did. You told us that we can't use the White Pride slogan.

No, we didn't. I didn't. This is your problem.
You see a big evil boot stepping on your neck where non exists.

I said that TERRORISTS use that slogan to identify each other. Nothing about that says you can't use it. You can use it all day long. Just like you can put on a Nazi uniform and around town till your feet bleed if you want to but people look at you like you're a crazy person because that is what crazy people do.

No one is stopping you. You can be as stupid as you want up to the point that you harm other people. That is when we will stop you.

Will people shun you for acting like a lunatic? ABSOLUTELY!! But again, they are shunning you for your actions not because you are white.

See the difference? You judge people based on race. We judge people based on actions. You're a racist.

52e3dd2c No.3600436

Being confrontational is why I don't go outside to the park, people lie in wait to vent on others physically, its the same at the superficial electoral convention. It's going into the crowd and no one is the ref. You say security will stop some guy from what he is going to do. But it's naturally going to happen, the bigger the crowd the more someone is likely going to butt heads with you. Just for being on their terrain. Those smiling faces and pretty signs will turn feeding frenzy. People are desperate and underneath their welcoming demeanors they are violent psychopaths.

52e3dd2c No.3600437

It's not enough to incorporate yourself, you have to assume their identity and imprint it wherever you go, to be part of the party. You have to experience ego death like an initiation, in front of it all, martyr yourself as christ, that they may even take you in. A real problem when they sense you are not. Simply put, you are indoctrinated under the clutch of their seniority. Allowed only what they want you to have, you experience nothing else unless proven loyal. That is what is happening with it all, real manchurian shit and that is how group systems work to create their posterchild. A product made and consumed voraciuosly like live ammunition. The facts are well guarded and its because any real form of power someone has killed for. By the time you reach that end you will have been driven mad by their hivemind.

e14bcd46 No.3600438

>Being confrontational is why I don't go outside to the park, people lie in wait to vent on others physically…

That's your people. Most people wouldn't even think of attacking someone over politics.

Sane people avoid conflict, they don't look for it. That's why the left says the peaceful protest is the only way.

It's MAGA and white supremacy who are looking to "Own the libs"

52e3dd2c No.3600439

What came before, what comes after. These are not concerns now it would seem.

e14bcd46 No.3600440

>It's not enough to incorporate yourself, you have to assume their identity and imprint it wherever you go, to be part of the party.

Spoken like a true autistic. There is no normal. There are just people and people are all different. Hiding in your bunker won't do anything but put you on a path to suicide.

52e3dd2c No.3600441

I am autistic and that is am more glad to use as an excuse to be even more autistic.
What is yours?

Heh heheh. It will keep me safe from the crazy batshitis going around to stay underground, when the hysteria hits the bullets fly right over.

096065b5 No.3600447

File: 1610950384052.jpg (70.48 KB, 1280x853, Bidens Stormtroopers.jpg)

Remember when these "domestic terrorists" stormed Congress in 2018?




Did Trump beg the National Guard to come out and protect him?

Remember when this domestic terrorist planted a bomb in Congress? You should, she's on the corporate board of Black Lives Matter.


0da7b6b2 No.3600459

File: 1610956945720.jpg (85.43 KB, 1280x754, photo_2021-01-18_09-25-17.jpg)

You know what's funny? When you call a guy with a slogan a terrorist (while he's obviously not a terrorist) you just take away the meaning of the word.
Lefties have blurred the language.
Words like terrorism, rape, nazi, holocaust, racism, sexism means nothing because of you.
This plays into our right-wing hands because you and your corrupted press are no longer taken seriously by the public.
Multiracial whiteness lol. Another leftist invention.
So please go on. Insult white people. Call us names. Demonstrably prevent whites from showing identity while encouraging identity in other races. And soon you will see blacks join our ranks.

e14bcd46 No.3600463

File: 1610975778649.jpg (109.25 KB, 489x345, oh-my-god-its-so-juicy.jpg)


Thread on Twitter posting the endless stream of MAGA terrorists getting arrested across America. Some caught trying to flee the country to escape justice.

e14bcd46 No.3600464

>Lefties have blurred the language…

No, we are being very specific.

If you are a Trump supporter you are a Nazi sympathizer. You are in the same party as Nazis. You voted with them. You marched with them. You see nothing alarming with the fact that the majority of LITERAL NAZIS are on team Trump.

If you are a Trump supporter, you're a racist, sub-human, piece of shit until the day you renounce Trump and everything he stands for.

Clear enough for you?

1e57f521 No.3600465


Pretty clear.

Now explain what you will do with the millions of nazi currently living in the USA.

That ought to be a very serious problem, don't you think? USA sounds fucked, what's your plan now?

1e71878b No.3600467


There's not even a hundred thousand. Nice try you fucking moron.


Give it up. Nazis are both too stupid and too delusional to function in ANY known society.

Just sit back and wait. As they proved Jan 6th, they are physically and mentally incapable of not completely fucking up everything they do.
So wait for them to fuck up, chuck 'em in the scumhive, and never look back.

e14bcd46 No.3600469


Can you imagine how disappointed the QAnon people must be? They really did think they were going to storm the capitol and hang the satanic pedophiles to purge the government but all they accomplished was getting themselves arrested.

1e57f521 No.3600470

0da7b6b2 No.3600471

Ahaha. Nice and clear.
You just called 74 million people racists. When you say such things I don't even need to explain to others who are real nazi here.
To be honest though I'm a little worried about you guys. Biden doesn't need you anymore so soon he'll throw you overboard.

08d5668a No.3600473

File: 1610987218651.jpg (102.32 KB, 1537x1494, dfs9ySP.jpg)

3e0ec2ad No.3600484

File: 1610998570805.jpg (20.56 KB, 193x236, Capture.JPG)

a8d0298a No.3600487

Wasn't that pic proven to be photo shoped?

e14bcd46 No.3600488


Only about 3% of those Trump supporters will ever do anything violent.

In fact, there is a MAGA militia called the 3% based on that fact.

e14bcd46 No.3600490

If it said "Make America Great Again." would it really be any different?

096065b5 No.3600492

File: 1611000762445.jpg (42.51 KB, 500x500, 4u3qmd_jpg-1785286.JPG)

Sure. Trump got more minority votes than any GOP candidate in sixty years.

Biden, praises Klansmen, doesn't want his kids going to schools in "racial jungles" and opposed busing that would have helped Kamala Harris.

Remember: Trump's racist in the wild fantasies of leftists, where he lives rent free.

9d1ca8da No.3600493

you're being too easy on him, his opinions alone will set back racial tensions by years, at least Trump supported legal minorities.

a8d0298a No.3600494

Yeah it definitely would. And I'm certian it did before the image was shopped. Just like how Trump won the election before the Democrats cheated and subverted democracy.

The only way they can win is through lying, cheating, and bullying into compliance.

9d1ca8da No.3600497

funny thing is, even polling democrats, almost no one even went out to vote for Biden. While the Right overwhelmingly voted for Trump. Especially almost all the elderly voted for him.

Its really hard to find someone who voted for the "president" Biden for some reason, its almost like all those ballots were illegitimate.

9d1ca8da No.3600498

look at it this way, a record number of minority voters went for trump, a record number of elderly voters went for trump, a record number of white voters went for trump.

Like, one really loud youtuber went for Biden, and he somehow won. explain that.

7bd0ca29 No.3600499

I bet you they were. Ans to top it off only those trying to put him in. His whole crew committed the fraud not him personally he just sat in his basement and let his people ruin his chances. He is not even P-elect by law so watch they got him surrounded watch what happens when someones caged in to commit a crime of treason by illegal declaration of state position this is why its dragging out they need him to declare himself a criminal and to do that they need him to go live and claim he's president by election which is false and therefore puts him in a position of committing the treason himself otherwise he wont be jailed and will have gotten away with it. Kinda like your friend killing or beating someone up on ypur behalf if you didnt send them then you didnt conspire nor commit a crime. Third party though will take all the fall.

8c068467 No.3600501

File: 1611004802573.jpg (28.55 KB, 638x289, Capture.JPG)

1d1d60e3 No.3600502

I totally read this as "NPR/Marxist Poll" …

0da7b6b2 No.3600505

Question that defies you.
Who is worse: Trump or Bernie.

de6960cf No.3600510

File: 1611010438189.jpg (56.99 KB, 613x949, applejack.jpg)


The non fascist, non Nazis have seized power!


You see the rebel flag might just become multi-cultural!

9d1ca8da No.3600517

Trump didn't commit treason, or whatever. If Trump even stepped out of line for a second the Dem's would have impeached him on the spot. Show me some footage of him saying anything impeachable.

1e71878b No.3600519


He's been impeached twice you fucking eggplant wizard.

9d1ca8da No.3600523

and not once actually found guilty of anything, you fucking eggplant wizard.

Lets play by your rules, you're a pedophile. end game end story.

1e71878b No.3600527


Nah, let's keep playing by your rules.
We're about to ship your ass to North Korea, where your political views fit.

096065b5 No.3600528

File: 1611015079024.jpg (102.98 KB, 656x960, 1611006766787.jpg)

False. Impeachment needs a senate conviction, which he hasn't got. "Blumpf's a peach!" is just a birdwhistle for leftist extremists.

Just ask your ally, Richard Spencer.

a7d80305 No.3600529

There was only one trial, and it was a sham where the republicans denied witness testimony. Moscow Mitch won't allow the second trial until after Trump leaves office.

a7d80305 No.3600531

Wrong. It still counts as impeachment even if he is not convicted.

9d1ca8da No.3600532

can we all agree that by his own rules that asshat is a pedophile?

9d1ca8da No.3600533

well until trump *actually* is justifiably impeached.

de6960cf No.3600534

File: 1611016435228.jpg (351.77 KB, 950x750, NazisEverywhere.jpg)

Richard Spencer NOW IS YOUR BUDDY!!

Nazis agree with you!!
This is just so much FUN watching Leftists wiggle and squirm for their ego, while putting in power corporate overlords!

We will hold to our Liberals and Conservatives and you will have your Nazis and Communist corporations…

52e3dd2c No.3600536

They are scared of each other and in fighting is all they can do.

a7d80305 No.3600537

I mean, being called a pedophile on the internet isn't really the same thing as being impeached.

Look, Trump lost the election. He knew he lost the election. He knowingly lied to the American people by saying the election was fraudulent and that he actually won. For months. What happened at the Capitol was the culmination and inevitable result of Trump's gaslighting and instigation. The Democrats warned you he would pull more bullshit like this when he was impeached the first time, but you wouldn't listen. Five Americans are dead because of Trump, and you still refuse to listen to reason. You still refuse accountability. Goddamn.

e14bcd46 No.3600538

File: 1611019428394.png (485.51 KB, 854x464, t43tg234tg277.png)

>Sure. Trump got more minority votes than any GOP candidate in sixty years.

That's like saying someone is the prettiest girl in the leper colony. Hardly anything to brag about.

e14bcd46 No.3600539

File: 1611020181240.png (515.38 KB, 598x543, Super_Helpful.png)


The guy in your video asks, "If Biden is so popular why does he need the military to protect him?" as if it's the job of normal people to protect the president from terrorists.

Republicans have gone so far off the deep end they think murdering other Americans should be how people solve every problem.

9d1ca8da No.3600540

the funny thing in my girl / boyfriend is trans and even she voted for trump.

9d1ca8da No.3600541

weirdly enough record number of trans people actually voted for him

9d1ca8da No.3600542

the only one who didn't vote are the female, trans, minority, white, black, hispanic, gay, voters, go figure its an uproar after Biden won, when no one voted for him

9d1ca8da No.3600543

he lost all around the clock

e14bcd46 No.3600544

File: 1611021764119.jpg (48.31 KB, 599x616, EsAMwY1XEAEBxa7.jpg)


Biden won by as much as Trump won over Hillary and for the same reason. Biden is the lesser evil. He's still shit, but he's less shit than Trump and his band of racists, terrorists.

db8a97f3 No.3600546

>"you are all npcs"
>posts low intelligence image made by someone else

reality has a well-documented liberal bias


>>3600407 >>3600412
I know this is English, but what the fuck is wrong with you? Why are you slapping together all manner of random phrases? Were you born after the year 2000?

>Remember when these "domestic terrorists" stormed Congress in 2018?
Perhaps you can point out the timestamp in those videos where those protestors broke down doors and windows to a closed building, bypassed metal detectors/security screening, wielded weapons, and killed a police officer.
>corporate board of Black Lives Matter
Which state(s) is "Black Lives Matter" incorporated in?

>You just called 74 million people racists.
Some, I assume, are good people. But for them trump's blatant racism was not a disqualifying feature.

Fake news Snopes debunked it. So that means it's real.


>almost no one even went out to vote for Biden
That's weird. I keep reading that over 81 million people did.

a8d0298a No.3600547

What the fuck bro! Are you seriously comparing non whites to lepers? Don't fuck'n do that. Not to get all Social Justice on you but that shit ain't cool.

a8d0298a No.3600550

You have yet to provide us with a clear definition of "Nazi".

62ddb6ce No.3600577

File: 1611029019040.jpg (65.02 KB, 599x544, secretantifa.jpg)

The secret is out!

a8d0298a No.3600579

So what "conservative" actually said that though? What person or people you consider right wing said anything of the sort ? What, some uppity anons on /pol/ ?

Some randos Twitter you in an argument with?

096065b5 No.3600581

File: 1611029818303.jpg (86.66 KB, 1080x1075, ModernFurries.jpg)

Leftists generally, on a whole, very shitty people. Look at the 3 "activists" Kyle shot in Kenosha: A child rapist, a wife beater, and a felon. These are the average leftists.

Garbage people need to justify their natural hatred and dickheadedness, so they'll grasp onto anything they can to justify it for their jerk off power victim fantasies. Suddenly "Nazis everywhere!" turns into "See, I'm justified for being a fucking violent asshole because I'm just "fighting Nazis"". So if you actually listen to their agitprop, they're just repeating birdwhistles over and over again as some sort of projection that will make themselves feel better about being complete failures in life, contributing nothing to society, and generally being the exact thing they are "resisting".

52e3dd2c No.3600582

you are shit for some reason. less shit than trump but still shit

e14bcd46 No.3600583


Being better than Trump is a bar so low that most 3 year-olds could crawl over it.

e14bcd46 No.3600584

>Leftists are the real aggressors…

Sorry, who's side was it that was trying to murder the vice president? Who's side is it that are threatening to bomb state-houses, court houses, and city halls across America if Biden is sworn in? Oh, yeah, that's you not us.

096065b5 No.3600585

File: 1611030296271.jpg (364.86 KB, 1600x1118, Heinrich-Himmler-assembly-….jpg)

Uh huh. Suuuure.

I know, I know fellow Nazi, we NEED to have tens of thousands of soldiers marching to protect whoever Biden is.

I know I know fellow Nazi, we NEED a Gestapo and secret police organization to weed out these people claiming they're fighting for America.

You would make an excellent Nazi.

a8d0298a No.3600588

File: 1611032201126.jpg (1.37 MB, 3600x2400, aptopix_minneapolis_police….jpg)

Oh but this was fine.

db8a97f3 No.3600589

File: 1611032664814.jpg (76.02 KB, 1124x596, 1609985174451.jpg)

>>…Day of the Rope…
>So what "conservative" actually said that though?

a8d0298a No.3600591

File: 1611034336212.jpg (66.21 KB, 1068x712, GettyImages-1052718014-106….jpg)

I didn't say that literally no one at all on the right said any thing even remotely similar.

But what I am saying is by in large it's not something I hear legit right wing public figures saying.

096065b5 No.3600592

File: 1611036285549.jpg (52.89 KB, 595x500, BLMqueers.jpg)

Would you look at that. Black Bloc uniformed leftist extremists hiding in bushes and changing into "Trump supporter" costumes on 1/6 at the capitol.


"It's just an idea guys, totally!"

db8a97f3 No.3600594

>And now we’re out here fighting.
>you have to get your people to fight
>They’re out there fighting the House. Guys are fighting, but it’s incredible.
>you’ll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength, and you have to be strong
>And we fight. We fight like Hell and if you don’t fight like Hell, you’re not going to have a country any more.
t. your dear leader

>january 6 at the capitol
>green leaves on trees
lmao, RU srs?

a8d0298a No.3600597

> R U srs?
I am.
He's not wrong though. I know he what he said. And he was right to say it.

db8a97f3 No.3600598

>> R U srs?
>I am.
you realize that reply wasn't directed at you, right?

a8d0298a No.3600602

I do. Changes nothing.

0da7b6b2 No.3600604

File: 1611051385410.jpg (126.26 KB, 1024x766, 1024px-US_Flag_Backlit.jpg)


>>You just called 74 million people racists.

>Some, I assume, are good people. But for them trump's blatant racism was not a disqualifying feature.

It seems you still don't get it. Democracy works only when everyone agree that everyone has equal rights.
It's like a God in religion. It only exists when it is believed in. In politics this is called legitimacy. Ok?
When CNN or the NYT or people like you do gaslighting for four years and then claim the election was fair, those 74 million people no longer believe it.
And believe me, if half the country doesn't believe in elections, the legitimacy of such a president will only be held by those 25,000 soldiers. Ring any bells? Does this remind you of anything? Do I need to tell you what happens next in such cases? .

1d1d60e3 No.3600606

File: 1611053058194.jpg (128.53 KB, 2000x1334, please piss on me flag_190….jpg)

>>3600604 Democracy works only when everyone agree that everyone has equal rights.

What ever happened to 'We're not a democracy, we're a republic'?

Also what happened to 'you lost get over it'?

a8d0298a No.3600607

I'm not sure if you knew this but everyone of the cases of election thrown out of court were thrown out on procedural grounds.

Not for lack of evidence.

6e4b7a3f No.3600613

I"m not sure if you knew this but you are a delusional psychopathic idiot that deserves all their misfortune in life and everybody you interact with wishes you weren't part of their lives.

Literally the fucking problem with the world.

e14bcd46 No.3600614

File: 1611058883577.gif (108.59 KB, 321x321, Tick_Tock.gif)

>claiming they're fighting for America.

When you say, "fighting for America" what America are you talking about?

America voted and they elected Biden.
America thinks your right-wing lunatics are terrorists.
When you say you are fighting for America, who are you talking about because most Americans don't count you among us.

You're extremist, crazy people who attacked the American capital and murder Americans frequently because of your insane conspiracy theories.

You are a danger to yourself and others.
If you cared about America, you would have checked yourself into a psychiatric ward so they can help you unravel the ball of nonsense in your head. That's what makes America a safer place.

0da7b6b2 No.3600615

File: 1611059100469.jpg (96 KB, 1200x630, charges062420.jpg)

e14bcd46 No.3600616

File: 1611059440277.jpg (18.97 KB, 485x255, C5iPYPoWQAUGsFA.jpg)


This was America.
This was people of all races, colors, creeds, and professions coming together to rebel against an oppressive system that exploits and murders the citizenry.

You keep claiming you are libertarians and you want to see people standing up for freedom but when you see people actually doing it you whine like little bitches.

You don't love America, you don't love freedom, you love PRIVILEGE.

You think your privilege is being taken away and that is why you are angry.

You seem to be under the impression that you can have your freedom only if other people are oppressed but the opposite is true. As long as the government and corporations are free to subjugate one of us, they are free to subjugate all of us.

e14bcd46 No.3600617

>scary black people!

We know, we know, black people standing up for themselves is scary to white people.

Drink some warm milk and cry yourself to sleep. You'll get used to it.

0da7b6b2 No.3600621

File: 1611061122950.jpg (177.94 KB, 774x435, 1240233_1_Us_Congress_big.jpg)

This was America.
This was people of all races, colors, creeds, and professions coming together to rebel against an oppressive system that exploits and murders the citizenry.

You keep claiming you are democrats and you want to see people standing up for freedom but when you see people actually doing it you whine like little bitches.

You don't love America, you don't love freedom, you love PRIVILEGE.

You think your privilege is being taken away and that is why you are angry.

You seem to be under the impression that you can have your freedom only if other people are oppressed but the opposite is true. As long as the government and corporations are free to subjugate one of us, they are free to subjugate

0da7b6b2 No.3600624

File: 1611061600882.jpg (548.86 KB, 1280x1922, mostly.jpg)

You need to tell that to your "elected president" lol. He has more forces in Washington dc than in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

a8d0298a No.3600628

So … You're not disputing that the cases were thrown out on procedural grounds and not for lack of evidence then?

d0b6491b No.3600631

>doing it

No one is doing it. One side is controlled opposition by billionaires lobbing bricks at small businesses and crushing the only part of the population with power against the oligarchy, the other side is the ghost of Andrew Jackson living in the past. You are all controlled.

e14bcd46 No.3600632

File: 1611063518606.jpg (130.29 KB, 1200x1200, Best_Halloween_Costumes_20….jpg)


The problem with your argument is that those people were not there protesting injustice. They were not there protesting murder or rape or the separation of children from their families at the border, they were there protesting a completely made-up conspiracy theory that the election was rigged.

They were not protesting injustice.
They were protesting justice.

They were not protesting things that are Anti-American.
They were protesting American democracy.

They were not protesting things that even exist in the real world.
They were there in protest of delusional claims of satanic cults and Venezuela rigging the voting machines.

Our side: Seeking justice.
Your side: Seeking vengeance.

See the difference?

e14bcd46 No.3600634

>You're not disputing that the cases were thrown out on procedural grounds and not for lack of evidence then?

Not having evidence to present was the procedural grounds the cases were thrown out. You have to have evidence to go to court. You have to have something, a BARE MINIMUM of evidence for the court to hear your case but Trump's people couldn't even hurtle over that low bar because they know all their "evidence" is made up and if you lie to a judge you can lose your license to practice law forever.

a8d0298a No.3600635

Ya know Biden admitted on live to T.V that the election was a fraud.

4e777577 No.3600636


You know, when we didn't hear from you in a while, we all just assumed your granny tranny girlfriend murdered you in a horse-piss induced rage, and no-one gave a shit.

Now that you're back, we're wishing they did.

74571927 No.3600637

File: 1611064521854.jpeg (23.11 KB, 490x262, EsDJEgPXAAMcdFx.jpeg)


>horse piss induced rage

Alright, who keeps feeding the horses crystal meth?

e09266de No.3600640

File: 1611065128909.jpeg (246.11 KB, 1280x854, DSC_0091.jpeg)

If you believe that you *must* be white, gringo.

Imagine believing that neoliberals aren't an injustice by virtue of their mere existence, *IMAGINE*

a8d0298a No.3600642

Were not "dating" and she's not my "girlfriend" she lost her partner and she needs some emotional and financial support. Were not physically intimate.

Apparently keeping a job, paying rent, and being semi helpful around the house is something that my generation has serious issues with.

Since I've been up here I don't see what's so difficult about it. She's a friend, and she needed help.

"Granny Tranny"? Bro that is a seriously bigoted intolerant thing to say. What the hell!
I Haven't been posting because my computer is down and tiny keyboard on these smart phones is a pain in the ass to use.

10ca8e96 No.3600646

File: 1611066867907.jpg (43.31 KB, 828x315, fileName1574873019.jpg)

Lack of evidence was not why the cases were thrown out.
Chris Chappelle covered it in on America uncovered.
I have get ready for work so don't have time to locate the exact videos atm. But it's pretty clear that there was some serious shenanigans on the part of the Democrats during this election.

602708cf No.3600657

National security means if its suspicious investigate it. Failure to do so affects national security and therefore requires no proof to launch an investigation. Also lack of evidence due to refusal is also evidence in itself not the opposite. It doesnt matter who you are if it involves national security breaches. Plus he admitted on tv that he frauded it. Denial is a powerful thing till its shattered. Notice how they got him caged in at inauguration (Legally which requres a human presence not a hologram) and in that cage a bunch of armed response now if thats any indication that they are catching him in the act declaring himself as illegitimate pres they have enough to take him down for good and everyone around him too for insurecction and incitement of civil unrest. That's the firing aquad in a public square bout as bad as it gets and Biden gets a front row seat to his own demise.

0da7b6b2 No.3600664

File: 1611071608103.jpg (48.29 KB, 778x539, photo_2021-01-19_15-58-33 ….jpg)

I see that you like BLM protest and don't like capitol protest. We can argue all we want but. But you see the problem is that in the eyes of the law, they must be the same.
The law is the same for all. And you know how it calls when it isn't? PRIVILEGE.

Have you ever heard of Benito
Mussolini? "To my friends, anything; to my enemies, the law". Yea?

It is not for nothing that virtually every leftist regime has turned into a dictatorship. And it began with the phrase:
They were not protesting injustice.
They were protesting justice.

Because everyone has its own.
To me when some drunk slut has been fucked by some drunk punk it's just a sex. I bet it's brutal rape to you.
Separation of children? Yea? Get the fuck out of my country so no one will separate you. I think that's fair. You don't. That is why I'm right.
But in the end of the day your protester didn't go to jail but mine did. That's what I call injustice.
I must admit you lefites earn that privilege. You have taken over almost all the media, you have intimidated all business, you have brainwashed teachers and students, you have deceived and exploited minorities because the proletariat has run out. Actually you did a great job.
But as it turns out, there are still half the country of American patriots and polls show that we have a fun four years ahead of us. Fasten your seat belts.

62ddb6ce No.3600669


Yet another conspiracy theorist who has ZERO evidence but lots and lots of accusations.

Are you right-wingers really that stupid?

db8a97f3 No.3600681

>Democracy works only when everyone agree that everyone has equal rights.
Yes, and republicans have been working overtime to ensure that isn't the case.
>Do I need to tell you what happens next in such cases?
we shoot the traitors?

>were thrown out on procedural grounds
Yeah, things like not having evidence, not actually alleging fraud, naming unrelated people as defendants, asking for injunctions after something has already occurred, and generally not understanding law.

trumper set that fire


You realize that the GOP is full of neoliberals, right?

8fd4ff30 No.3600683

>an edited clip stated the election was a fraud and I believe it because I'm a retarded hillbilly who bottoms for actual hogs

096065b5 No.3600684

>If Trump had said that I would have burned the White House down
>oh lol that's just kooky old senile Joe Biden, you know, he always says silly things like that lol stupid right wingers, he's just a demented old fool

dc725a61 No.3600687

I mean, lets be honest, Biden doesn't have the mental capacity to rig anything. He's an empty vessel through which China can further control the US. He's not running anything and there's no reason for the people pulling the strings to inform him of anything.

For Christ's sake, he doesn't even know where he is half the time.

e14bcd46 No.3600688

>Imagine believing that neoliberals aren't an injustice by virtue of their mere existence…

I'm right there with ya, son.
Eat the rich! Spread the wealth!
Neoliberals are a step down from idiot Nazi sympathizers, but not a very big step.

e14bcd46 No.3600689

File: 1611086790636.png (46.22 KB, 300x218, Level_of_stupid.png)

You forgot the one case where Gulliani was so sure he totally had proof because more people voted for Joe Biden than lived in the city but he was looking at the voting records for a city in Michigan but the population numbers for a city in Minnesota with the same name.

dc725a61 No.3600690

Except you didn't have Nazi sympathizers, you had liberty minded America firsters who were slandered by the neoliberal corporatists you now cheer for, idiot.

fa2346ec No.3600691

File: 1611087560740.png (293.88 KB, 640x320, potus.png)

We're way past of the point of voting for candidates who can actually read.

e14bcd46 No.3600694

File: 1611091881069.jpg (351.83 KB, 772x793, jh890h890yh819.jpg)

>Except you didn't have Nazi sympathizers

Don't you ever get tired of being proven a fool?

602708cf No.3600697

You do realize he's done no matter what argument you go with he commited fraud oh but hes got mental health issues well one could argue that it takes mental health issues to commit fraud or that they are still capable of hiring others to do it for rhem. Remember this is their game lie and act as if it didnt happen when it did is on a whole other level of the Mandela effect with dunning kreuger syndrome. Like come on peoppenstop being retarded your life and rights end when you argue about legitimacy but deny facts.

dc725a61 No.3600722

Obviously we're looking at the group as a whole, not the microscopic fringe of it, retard. Don't forget, Biden's got Richard Spencer.

dc725a61 No.3600730

Oh, I'm not saying those responsible shouldn't be held accountable and strung up for treason, just that Biden is not the one in control. If anything, he's the victim of elder abuse and deserves to be put in a crummy old folks home. The ones backing him are the true culprits.

e14bcd46 No.3601217

>The Democrats know one racist which is the same as having your party made up almost entirely of racists.

No, fuck you. You and your entire party are cancer and should be treated in the same way.

dc725a61 No.3601222

Uh huh, the "All white people are inherently racist" party is going to lecture others on racism. Alrighty.

9d1ca8da No.3601228

Problem is that its impossible for a white person to prove them wrong. Any argument a white person can make to prove they're not racist, is inherently racist, since you have to specify why you don't hate another race. You could use the same argument on any race, but thats not PC.

Its why the justice system tends to want to have the prosecuter provide evidence of guilt, and not make the defendant provide evidence of innocence.

dc725a61 No.3601229

Thankfully in a free country it's innocent until proven guilty, and we don't have to do the impossible by proving a negative. Instead it is you who has to point to a racist belief I hold to call me a racist, and good fucking luck with that, because I don't hold different standards for different races.

ccc8b1a6 No.3601232

If you're white, you inherit the guilt of slavery.

This is Biden's America!

4158210e No.3601251

File: 1611468794829.png (17.44 KB, 607x286, Untitled.png)



52afe67e No.3601252

Hell yeah, fuck conservatives

50051d16 No.3601255

File: 1611471479850.jpg (150.6 KB, 1200x800, 1230220167.0.jpg)

New executive order: Sophistry must house illegal immigrants in his house to atone for his racism.

This is Biden's America!

9d1ca8da No.3601256

File: 1611471995274.png (641.34 KB, 340x756, EmperorsWisdom.png)

What is it with that "halo" thing democrats do? For being as pissed at having Trump compared to warhammer's "Emperor" he never did that.

50051d16 No.3601257

File: 1611472363313.jpg (998.15 KB, 1080x1350, de8gsif-3f760b18-d0f7-4d17….jpg)

Biden is the true God Emperor.

This is Biden's America!

9d1ca8da No.3601258

It just doesn't work.

Biden was a stand in so they could twist rules and get Omala extra years in office when he dies, or is impeached.

9d1ca8da No.3601259

File: 1611474314248.jpg (57.11 KB, 480x360, a2cb8c0dd481ed906e67f40429….jpg)

its not like they didn't try it before with Clinton's vice president. Super cerial, its not even the first run of the film.

c1edee6a No.3601260

Damn, sure sounds like a bunch of pointless emotional sputtering from baby-bitch fascists with no arguments. Cry your little bitch tears. You lost, and everyone like you is going to get hunted down and purged. Die weeping.

9d1ca8da No.3601264

kill everyone, fire in the streets, burning in the homes

I want to hear the little children of Republifags burn crying

1e57f521 No.3601271


How would you kill anyone in the street when dady Biden orders you to stay home because of big bad coronavirus ?

e14bcd46 No.3601274

>Problem is that its impossible for a white person to prove them wrong.

It's not impossible it's super-easy. Just live your life and don't treat non-whites like they are inherently criminal or inferior.

It's impossible for conservatives to prove they are not racist because their party is built on a foundation of racism.

You can't be a republican and not be a racist.

4158210e No.3601276

File: 1611504670096.jpg (69.52 KB, 400x300, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

>Sophistry must house illegal immigrants in his house

You mean more?

Thats my dog Aristotle.

296aa9fa No.3601280

Five illegal immigrants jumping on Sophistry's bed. One fell off and bumped his head. So the government who saw everything made Sophistry drive him to the hospital and pay the medical expenses.

This is Biden's America!

fd783dc9 No.3601288

File: 1611514330449.gif (707.62 KB, 408x303, animalcatitisallsotiresome….gif)

db8a97f3 No.3601289

it was said on the interwebs it is therefore scientifically proved

I just got my appointment for my biden mandated sex change

9d1ca8da No.3601290

File: 1611516226878.jpg (65.88 KB, 1440x550, runiho-1440x550.jpg)

Jokes on you, I got my appointment for a double sex change, and a free maid outfit.

db8a97f3 No.3601291

>double sex change

9d1ca8da No.3601294

File: 1611519214345.jpg (19.96 KB, 640x355, 411693ef968f9d35de6ba82cdc….jpg)

because I'm legally insane.

5de6235c No.3601296

File: 1611520077354-0.png (117.04 KB, 981x490, left and right mugs.png)

File: 1611520077354-1.png (81.8 KB, 700x700, mugmeme.png)

the irony!

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