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File: 1610505884262.png (201.72 KB, 869x735, 79a9770f430882885e491f9dae….png)

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I don't know who know this guy and his artworks. He had a discord server:


a twitter: https://twitter.com/exedasks?lang=cs

and a curiouscat: https://curiouscat.me/exedasks

however, he deleted all of his contents from one moment to the next and then he disappeared.

He had an own character named Pafu. I just would like to ask, somebody does have all of the "Pafu content" (especially the animations)?

I still have the mega link what contains the all of "Pafu art" from his old tumblr: https://mega.nz/file/La4SRKZJ#UZo0OcIh6IOt3ZiBdsLcObAYvkqY2_bC8COHUyws7zU

but unfortunately this is not the all.

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File: 1610505948302.gif (508.64 KB, 600x600, 1f7918355b09ba9ece45b56b3e….gif)

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File: 1610505969707.gif (251.88 KB, 1092x870, 8b8189c229eecf59874a924fe3….gif)

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e7de9b6a No.3599796

If they draw well they already have a clean account somewhere else. Perfectly normal for someone to make a few porn drawings under an anonymous account, and then not do that anymore.

Also what is that, a starfish?

9292b681 No.3599915

Noooo… Nononono! There is not the all Pafu artworks.

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ee55d187 No.3603228

File: 1612689847794.png (163.83 KB, 1092x756, pafuimage01-reconstruction.png)

Here's a gstatic image reconstructed as well as the original and a gif that I had from the old curiouscat

ee55d187 No.3603229

File: 1612689872890.jpeg (5.04 KB, 270x187, images.jpeg)

ee55d187 No.3603230

Check rule 34 for the gif

ee55d187 No.3603231

584e9bfd No.3603432

File: 1612845976003.jpg (48.07 KB, 800x800, p_reconst.jpg)

anyone have these pictures or a whole archive of his curiouscat?
(<< reconstructed drawings from what i remember)

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File: 1612950891119.jpg (14.7 KB, 500x425, 7f3.jpg)

Pafu looks like a slutty relative of Grimace.

385a98a1 No.3603923

File: 1613196246137.png (101.48 KB, 697x529, 1562194951150.png)

Da punci!

b1143d4d No.3603932

File: 1613202571662-0.png (23.29 KB, 334x255, tumblr_inline_pcdn6rgfg71r….png)

File: 1613202571662-1.png (36.41 KB, 409x284, tumblr_inline_pcdnfyJI3K1r….png)

Found them

b1143d4d No.3603933

Hey, I archived the tumblr in 2018 and I totally forgot. Here's the link :)

584e9bfd No.3604045



385a98a1 No.3604059

They have some twitter posts too! Somebody propably does have thos too?

b1143d4d No.3604061

File: 1613296090664-0.png (10.46 KB, 307x62, EJIWLrtW4AIuU7P.png)

File: 1613296090664-1.png (59.85 KB, 1200x601, EJIXX74WkAEsJ6K.png)

File: 1613296090664-2.png (280.35 KB, 900x900, EJIXYhhWoAA6QDU.png)

File: 1613296090664-3.png (318.12 KB, 900x900, EJIXZGgXsAAjKSd.png)

hey I just discovered that I archived one of the juiciest pafu tweets ever (yes I also forgot about this one) here it is!

385a98a1 No.3604120

This is great! But there are some missing posts (when she talking without that "nori cover").

48f15336 No.3604156

File: 1613414119529-0.png (11.29 KB, 302x372, 41874344_p1.png)

File: 1613414119529-1.png (16.85 KB, 411x421, 41874344_p2.png)

File: 1613414119529-2.png (15.94 KB, 333x469, 41874344_p3.png)

File: 1613414119529-3.png (14.89 KB, 240x320, 43110766_p0.png)

File: 1613414119529-4.png (9.82 KB, 240x320, 43110766_p1.png)

The twitter posts are hard af to come by since there's no archive of his page other than that one post I provided. On the flip side, I found an archive someone posted on web archive and I pulled some good photos

48f15336 No.3604158

File: 1613414169028-0.png (29.98 KB, 475x371, 43110766_p2.png)

File: 1613414169028-1.png (16.09 KB, 410x320, 43110766_p3.png)

File: 1613414169028-2.png (23.8 KB, 480x501, 43110766_p4.png)

File: 1613414169028-3.png (25.98 KB, 480x501, 43110766_p5.png)

File: 1613414169028-4.png (123.72 KB, 887x718, 48040329_p1.png)

48f15336 No.3604159

File: 1613414203201-0.png (277.97 KB, 1669x1298, 50227554_p0.png)

File: 1613414203201-1.png (126.59 KB, 869x1110, 50227554_p1.png)

File: 1613414203201-2.png (108.62 KB, 956x1016, 50227554_p2.png)

48f15336 No.3604271

File: 1613470562392-0.png (34.7 KB, 413x313, tumblr_inline_pck7kg65gF1r….png)

File: 1613470562392-1.png (68.47 KB, 642x478, tumblr_inline_pd2wfyWCVT1r….png)

6638165d No.3604678

Pafu punci!

fd00e3b1 No.3604941

Somebody does have his twitter posts?

8d51ba1a No.3605552

"The latest Tweets from exed-asks (@exedasks): "===PSA=== Get up to speed with the story so far by checking out the new exed-asks archive, containing all content from …" Anybody who has this archive, link it, NOW!

584e9bfd No.3605665

e903a372 No.3606881

File: 1614751817607.png (57.15 KB, 800x400, 746cc7da3aabe0fe.png)

So this is the all pafu pussy?

9aa07e64 No.3607945

If there is more… then would be good!

f8b169bf No.3608039

I'm saying he had an archive of his Twitter posts, if anybody could rummage through their collection and see if they can find it, it would surely be of benefit and much appreciated.

65337686 No.3609037

It is bad. :( Because there was some more post on the twitter besides that

bbd53014 No.3611000

Anyway what happened with the artist and he why deleted all of his content? Somebody knows?

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