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File: 1610484332819.jpg (205.72 KB, 677x1237, instant karma.jpg)

8643f890 No.3599737

Instant karma. Ugandan (!) ISP (absolutely 100% private) banned twitter.
They whine.

>Access to information and freedom of expression, including the public conversation on Twitter, is never more important than during democratic processes, particularly elections.


05e7b872 No.3599772

File: 1610513651518.jpg (221.32 KB, 900x1259, 9.jpg)

nothing would make me happier than seeing twitter get fucked over and Jack end up penniless after giving trump a platform to destroy america for four fucking years

7317b93c No.3599773

File: 1610514277274.jpeg (260.28 KB, 960x1200, ErZ6FxrUUAIFEUs.jpeg)

bda0f526 No.3599797

Ugandan police would skin you alive if they saw your furry porn collection. These people are not your allies. Twitter is.

48e4b412 No.3599802

File: 1610547309140.png (408.54 KB, 480x477, help.png)

Imagine thinking in binary your whole life

bda0f526 No.3599808

I agree, people who hold right-wing political views are the worst.

30353ebc No.3599810

File: 1610552765668.jpg (45.55 KB, 480x360, fuck_my_autism.jpg)

You kids crack me up

111161f6 No.3599823

File: 1610559421784.png (1.41 MB, 1280x960, 1556252880.rhyu_nights.png)

No. They both want to fuck me in my ass.
However, neither of them are invited.
I just want my freedom of speech back. They destroyed 8chan for "hate speech" and I never forgive it.

bda0f526 No.3599829

They shut down 8chan because one of its users literally killed 51 people.

df138e77 No.3599831

They shut him down because he was on live tv telling them to do it.

1abdcb5e No.3599844

File: 1610571106529.jpg (50.55 KB, 600x413, D2_2sZ0X0AExZ-e.jpg)

> Ugandan police would skin you alive if they saw your furry porn collection.

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