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Hey kids
Want some freedom of speech?

22bdfe38 No.3599396

File: 1610199138877.png (1.46 MB, 1288x1356, abolish_private_property_s….png)

No way man, that shit is dangerous

5d74b5ad No.3599404

>You'll own nothing and you'll be happy
>If we think that you aren't happy you'll be sent to the GULAG
Oh my fucking god. That is literally definition of communism.

1402ff22 No.3599407

File: 1610206979333.jpg (111.58 KB, 960x854, facepalm.jpg)


>Get app for secure, anonymous messaging

>It immediately asks for identifying information

1cb1952d No.3599408

sshh don't tell them

27b42162 No.3599412


Your gag order has been served to the site Admin.

5d74b5ad No.3599417

Use twitter then. It doesn't want your identifying information does it?

a8b58c6d No.3599421

B-b-but if you use twitter then the libtards win! They'll censor you by not letting you scream slurs at black people and incite violence against random transgender kids! You can't even say the holocaust was a good thing! It's literally 1984!

5d74b5ad No.3599434

You like it when they put their dick in your ass, do you?

56ef36e3 No.3599443


All those outrageous examples, why don't you add "contesting election results" to it ? Deep down you probably realise it's crossing a dangerous line.

Imagine a right-wing Facebook/Twitter in 2016, imagine them censoring people who said Trump was a Russian puppet, and canceling Nancy Pelozy account. Still fine ?

The wheel turns, don't wish too hard for what could end up work against you in the future.

34d08b9a No.3599447

Hell yeah you should be banned for contesting election results. Take that shit to court if you have evidence!

56ef36e3 No.3599449


So you are against free speech?

Now only the wealthy will get to speak (speech that goes against the accepted narative), inside court rooms? The plebs doesn't get to express themselves?

f71035f6 No.3599452

>>3599449 Free speech stops at yelling "fire" in crowded theater. And that's why your idiot leader did and has been doing for his entire term.

Your Maga chuds are truly too stupid to live.

33c72e9b No.3599458

File: 1610228593685.jpg (85.63 KB, 400x265, if-the-rule-you-followed-b….jpg)

You keep spitting out platitudes about "free speech" and getting to "express yourself" while the corporate powers keep cracking down on all of us. Do you think they don't crack down on leftists? Do you think Communists are allowed to say and do whatever we want?

The entire Conservative movement is funded by billionaire oligarchs. All that bullshit about "stopping the steal" was because a mewling rich cunt threw a tantrum over losing a vote, and decided to weaponize his personality cult against the US government.

Why do you keep following all these pointless ideologies? Why do you not put aside stories and narratives and seek a material basis for reality, without all the grandiose ideas about nations and cultures and races and religions and all that other narrativist bullshit.

What the left seeks is to materially maximize good for as many people as possible while destroying hierarchy that exists only for the benefit of that hierarchy. We were never your enemies, and now that we've struck a critical blow against the fascists we need help to finish the job. Fascism is working to regroup even now, and we need it to stay dead so we can take on the fucking liberals who have their boots on our necks. Stand with us against them both or things will never get better for regular people.

56ef36e3 No.3599460


Communists are just another group who will remove free speech once they get into power.
No way will they let fascists speak. You could say it's justified because those guys are dangerous, problem is even now the "fascist" insult is thrown at everybody who's politically to the right compared with Stalin.

33c72e9b No.3599462

Who gives a shit about letting fascist speak? I don't want fascists to speak, they're unhinged lunatics! I don't want Pedophiles to get to spread pro-pedophilia propaganda everywhere, does that make me an enemy of free speech? Wake up, your ideology has blinded you!

1584632b No.3599464

File: 1610229910961.png (645.94 KB, 598x569, Screenshot_2021-01-09 Bria….png)

>problem is even now the "fascist" insult is thrown at everybody who is politically to the right is compared with Stalin.

Yes, because the right keeps MURDERING PEOPLE yet you keep cheering them on.

Your argument is like saying "The people who worked in the bomb factories the Nazis used to blitz England were just good people doing a job."

They weren't. They knew what those bombs were used for. They should have refused that job.

You know what the GOP stands for. You should refuse to call yourself a conservative if what they stand for is racism and violence… but you don't.

You don't mind racism and violence. You think the racists kinda have a point. That is why we call you fascists.

2ae7362c No.3599465

File: 1610230460663.jpg (29.42 KB, 767x431, 7F4A1EBE-C816-439A-BAF5-78….JPG)

Yeah, wait until Biden starts bombing brown people, but you were cool with Obama doing it, so I doubt a fragile hypocrite like you, who shifts their morals and ideologies based on what the corporate media pushes will give a rats ass. Want me to prove it?

Ramzan Kadyrov, the Chechnyan leader who literally rounded up gay people and tortured/murdered them in concentration camps. Is still on twitter.

And you have zero problems with that. You will take zero actions to correct that and you will make zero posts on you social media condemning that.

So again, probably something your teachers and parents said, but I'll say again: Why in the fuck should anyone take you seriously?

1584632b No.3599466

File: 1610231161305.png (545.49 KB, 598x512, Screenshot_2021-01-09 phil….png)


None of us were ok with Obama bombing people. We protested it all the time. We created a coalition of Democrats to stand up against the warmongers on both sides.

Your republican allies, however, stood against us because you loved the idea of bombing brown people. You hated everything else Obama did but bombing brown people, you fucking loved that, didn't you?

5d74b5ad No.3599468

File: 1610234117857.jpg (107.18 KB, 651x800, moriheiueshiba1-Sakura-Doj….jpg)

Ok guys let's be civilized. It's not only about Trump it's about a free speech in general. Corps ban hundred of people and keep saying that they are private business.
They ban us now but in time they start to ban lefties as well. They don't give a fuck about ideology at all btw. Also let's not speak about laws your fucking honor coz they have money to change the laws as they please. At least they can sold our data to chinese and no one give a fuck about it.
Let's face it: some rich assholes make a decision for 90'000'000 people. It's not a restaurant or some private land. People created systems to control such actions. They created state and democracy to make such a dessigions but hey some unknown guy says: I'm in change so fuck off. I think it's abuse of power.
And when you try to create a competitor they ban you as well from even more mobile devices. That calls a dictatorship and it's not ok. When they sold our data to china it's ok.
Don't forget that your RED heroes fighted against them lol. Capitalist was your enemy coz they oppressed common people (by law btw) and now you tell us about private businesses? Are you kidding me?
They don't have right to ban people just coz they want to.

d4ab5295 No.3599471

> They should have refused that job.

You do realize that the nazis used slave labor in their weapons factories?

Part of the reason why they lost the war. The workers sabotaged the munitions. Half the V2 rockets didn't work because of the poor workmanship.

56ef36e3 No.3599473


Yes it does make you an enemy of free speech.
I'm against pedophilia, but you have to realize that in the 60's there where public efforts to make it accepted, by prominent public figures, in Europe, Germany, France. It was a valid political position, but was thankfully not accepted. It was speech.

d4ab5295 No.3599476

> I don't want fascists to speak, they're unhinged lunatics!

Being afraid of speech means you are afraid that you have no compelling rational argument against it.

In other words, you are readily admitting that the thing you suppress by restricting speech might not be lunacy after all; that after all is said and all points are considered, rational people might choose to believe the fascists instead of you.

Alternatively, and as leftists typically do, you might assume that the people in general are stupid and not swayed by rational arguments, so the matter of speech is merely about controlling exposure. In doing so, you admit that you simply want the power to suppress all other ideas - exactly as the fascists do. That makes you the unhinged lunatic.

34d08b9a No.3599479

I don't want to live in a world where I have to constantly debate whether rape is moral or not.

Treating fascist bullshit like it's a valid of debate instead of silencing it makes the world an objectively worse place. We shouldn't have to defend it because you don't want to be """censored""" by websites having a TOS.

2082f4ce No.3599483

As I said in the other thread, platforms like twitter were itching for an excuse for more censorship. Trump and his rabid supporters just served these tech giants the prefect excuse on a silver platter. "Look at the consequences of allowing Trump and his supporters a platform. We can't be complicit in these atrocities. We must censor all right-wing conspiracy theories and intolerant language," they will say. But their definition of intolerance will become increasingly broad, and they will end up censoring uncomfortable truths that contradict their worldviews.

Or maybe not. I dunno. The takeaway is that there's nothing protecting your speech on online platforms you don't own. Ultimately, companies are going to do whatever makes them money. If they have to choose between free speech and money, then free speech will have to take a knee.

56ef36e3 No.3599484


Child sex is considered rape precisely because people debated it and concluded that kids can't give consent.

Need I remind you that in medieval times girls where maried as soon as puberty hit? Or in muslim countries.

Why do you think age of consent increased? Magically? Because it was debated.

6e007965 No.3599486

And now everyone who wants to keep kid fucking banned, is a fascist.

Islamist-commu-feminist assclown world.

83b145fa No.3599488

The question is, why are you afraid of a fascist's speech? No one is forcing you to engage with their ideas. Like, just don't listen lol. It's not hard.

Do you think ideology is just like a battering ram, that if a person hears something often enough they'll just adopt it? Are you so weak willed that you believe that of other people?

It doesn't matter how much a fascist speaks his mind if everyone else knows his ideology is retarded, shy why must you control speech?

It's not even just trump supporters. It's anyone who supports democracy and fair elections. Trump could vanish from the face of the earth tomorrow and this shit would only grow because people have seen how fraudulent the election is and the sham of a show trial it has received.

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1bf56441 No.3599499

37879620 No.3599507

File: 1610274032413.jpg (134.09 KB, 1125x930, ErVmW4sXUAAdHK7.jpg)

Coz when BLM or antifa would burn your bar and loot your shop you must know that:
1) peaceful protest
2) insurance
3) police smoke bomb that burned it
4) Trumps fault
5) Your fault for being toxic white oppressor

Nigg… No no no. We don't say that word. Only fascists say that kind of words. Those are bad one.

1bf56441 No.3599508

>Remember when BLM rioter were burning down cities
hard to remember things that didn't happen

d4ab5295 No.3599511

>I don't want to live in a world where I have to constantly debate whether rape is moral or not.

In a world where one idea and one opinion is declared correct and final, it doesn't matter what that idea is, because once adopted it cannot be questioned. You have to pick perfectly for now and all eternity, or you end up doing a greater injustice than the slight inconvenience of having to debate people who disagree with you.

>Treating fascist bullshit like it's a valid of debate instead of silencing it makes the world an objectively worse place.

When the choice of opinion is supported by force and maintained by violence instead of debate, you are practicing the very fascism that you claim to oppose. You might just as well support rape and call it a day - after all, once you have declared that THIS is the correct opinion, anything else is "bullshit" by definition and doesn't deserve the time of day.

1bf56441 No.3599512

>In a world where one idea and one opinion is declared correct and final, it doesn't matter what that idea is, because once adopted it cannot be questioned. You have to pick perfectly for now and all eternity, or you end up doing a greater injustice than the slight inconvenience of having to debate people who disagree with you.

So, you think child pornography should be entirely legal?

d4ab5295 No.3599513

Case example:

>whether rape is moral or not

First define "rape". Is a broken condom rape? Does regret in the morning make a rape? Etc.

Simply declaring that rape is/isn't immoral is already begging the question that you know what you're talking about. Since you have banned the debate over the matter, presumably through the absolute social power you wield, what counts as rape depends simply on your definition of it. You can then choose to define "rape" in a way that lets you condemn or absolve anyone and everyone you want - and nobody is allowed to question your definition.

This is basically the point where communism failed, and why it was possible for Stalin to take over: suppressing debate through a process called "democratic centralism". It says that once you have decided something, everyone must accept it and stop opposing or trying to reverse the decision. If you question the decision or the definition, you are a saboteur and you get a bullet.

d4ab5295 No.3599514

File: 1610279268599.jpg (34.33 KB, 480x360, 20180828085508_1813762159_….jpg)

>So, you think child pornography should be entirely legal?

"Pornography" is a different concept and serves a different purpose than "speech", so this is not a matter of free speech.

Insofar as speech is concerned, pictures of naked children ARE entirely legal.

1bf56441 No.3599515

>"Pornography" is a different concept and serves a different purpose than "speech"

incorrect, try again

5d74b5ad No.3599516

>If you question the decision or the definition, you are a saboteur and you get banned.
Lefties are always like this. Who would have thought that commies'd seize USA so easily.

f9984fa6 No.3599517

A simple contradiction is not enough to show where the argument is wrong. You try again.

Pornography is the portrayal of sexual subject matter for the exclusive purpose of sexual arousal. Notice the word "exclusive". It lacks the qualities of speech, which in the context of free speech means political or ideological expressions. Pornography may potentially be used for speech, but it is not speech itself.

In the sense of using pornography for speech, anything may be used for speech, to express ideas. Therefore the argument that any sort of pornography must be free (should not be illegal) because it may be used for speech also means you must allow a fist in the face as "speech". The argument that free speech requires us to accept child pornography is an argument in bad faith.

f9984fa6 No.3599519

Moreover, due to the definition of "pornography", when child sexual imagery ARE used for speech, they stop being pornography in THAT context, which goes back to the point I already made.

1bf56441 No.3599522

I really hope ID:d4ab5295 comes back to explain why child pornography should be legal

56ef36e3 No.3599524


It should be debatable. But those trying to convince the society to legalise it would face a lot of criticism and ridicule!
We are no longer in the 70's where people felt emboldened enough by the sexual revolution to try such a stunt.

5d74b5ad No.3599531

File: 1610289141219.jpg (515.02 KB, 900x2512, EOd-LirUwAAMnt_.jpg)

It reminds Last of us part part 2 discussion.
PlayStation it a twitter. They want you to buy their left agenda and ban everyone who tried to tell what game is actually about.
PC as a platform and Gabe's steam are an opposite. Fat ass motherfucker gives you as much freedom as you can carry. Cheaters? Toxic players? Trolls? Review bombing? You name it. He's ok with it.
"I gave you freedom guys it's up to you now"

Some people just like it when they decide for you what 'sgood and what's not.

ff0c5db9 No.3599533

uhhhhhhhh it requires your phone number
All the smart kids use XMPP with OTR.

d0f49e5d No.3599567

Nah it's too hard.

33c72e9b No.3599585

Telegram is getting flooded with boomer-ass rightwingers now, so look forward to a bunch of idiotic neckless freaks turning into full-on nazis and openly screaming about the great replacement in public.

It's going to cause way more rightwinger terrorism. Unfortunately for the far right they're likely to further alienate the wide majority of the public away from conservatism, which is now inextricably tied to red-faced boomer hogs who are growing older by the day.

It'll be real hard to put a respectable face on the conservative movement when there are white nationalist terror attacks all over the place during the next decade or two.

33c72e9b No.3599586

When the dust settles, assuming some new fascist doesn't rise to power and set off WWIII, the face of conservatism is going to be trash like Hillary Clinton. And they're going to be fighting tooth and nail against a resurgent left fighting for the working class.

Most people won't give a shit about the culture war nonsense because it was all delusional stupidity ginned up by republicans to keep people distracted from class.

83b145fa No.3599591

Only a few city blocks and a police station were burned down, not the whole city, is it?

Ah, I see you're a CNN fact checker, eh?

>Trump says all the most crime ridden cities are Democrat ran, but that's FALSE! It's only 18/20 of them, and 1 is ran by an independent. Checkmate, Republitards!

89a57050 No.3599592

File: 1610354844224.png (84.97 KB, 400x400, 19Ok2eQI_400x400.png)

Remember folks …
Any time you see people protesting something that isn't part the new world communist reset.

You know those people are white supremacists gathering to commit terrorism.

83b145fa No.3599593

Xi is that fascist, and Biden is in his pocket. Trump was and still is your best bet at not turning into a vassal state to China.

89a57050 No.3599594

Is this thing Orwell was Talking about? Double think? A thing happens and we all know it, but you just lie to yourself until you believe it?

No one is saying they took out entire cities, but yeah it was more than "a couple of fires"

5d74b5ad No.3599598

File: 1610358435811.jpg (378.19 KB, 1280x1922, mostly.jpg)

Stupid nigga thinks that only he has a right to burn loot and murder. Also accept money from big corps. You go too far commies. Telegram will be your redpill.

1bf56441 No.3599644

5d74b5ad No.3599709

File: 1610443435854.jpg (219.04 KB, 3840x2076, MiserlyGlitteringHamster-p….jpg)

88f3ec92 No.3599722

Remember folks - Polybius is a retarded corn-shucking cracker-ass bitch

a0b5c0ad No.3599732

>>3599598 Whatever you say, tiny dick incel loser.

56ef36e3 No.3599735


"incel loser" is the new Godwin Point ; you know the person lost the debate when they throw that insult.

78d305eb No.3599751

File: 1610496852588.jpg (227.16 KB, 1783x1003, DSC09324.jpg)

you realize that the majority of the french (IPSOS/Lefigaro) when asked are over 65% supporting of the american "domestic terrorists" with only 8% that clearly find it outrageous.
Yellow vests, right AND left wing approves. It's not about defending Trump. It's really a legit movement against the gov.

No matter what we are behind you. We are all on the same boat now. Big gov and censorship.

1bf56441 No.3599752

File: 1610499822616.jpg (44.11 KB, 1280x720, Doubt.jpg)

>the majority of the french support the american "domestic terrorists"

4c06d619 No.3599756

File: 1610502123688.jpg (1.64 MB, 1280x1920, a6ufht3uc8ybxlvswkyv0hfe4.jpg)

Aw well, at least you're thinking about me.♥️

dc3e553c No.3599767

File: 1610509220021.png (85.11 KB, 324x449, delete_me.png)

ded5b959 No.3599771

File: 1610512496963.png (323.97 KB, 905x576, TwitterCrying.png)

I laugh at how totalitarian sensor happy Twitter Twits cry about being censored and that it violates basic human rights, yet they ban anyone who does not follow their left wing political ideology. Typical leftist hypocrisy.

eed291d5 No.3599775

File: 1610520455031.jpeg (113.42 KB, 781x1062, 88F155B1-F90E-4A41-9A67-1….jpeg)

Is it even possible for morons to give up their fucking political religion, long enough to understand that you need common liberty such as free speech?

Yes you morons, let the fascist, racist, Nazi WHATEVER speak so he can have enough rope to hang him self with!

Your moronic witch-hunts are not the answer!

83b145fa No.3599779

You make the mistake of assuming they are censoring speech that is ignorant. The legitimate and well reasoned criticism was always their target. They just picked the easier targets first to make it look somewhat justified.

It only took them a year to go from censoring Alex Jones to the sitting President of the United States.

571bba81 No.3599782

Hey, the Prime Minister of the UK announced that it would only be 2-3 weeks tops before they stop the quarantine a few days ago.

Oh wait sorry, no he said years.

Its alright, all the young folk today are going to really appreciate this lockdown when they're in the nursing homes with weakened immune systems.

eed291d5 No.3599783

File: 1610526670438-0.jpeg (1.93 MB, 4032x3024, C39D2B45-179C-49E7-B75F-2….jpeg)

Good point!
Yeah, they seem to love dem death threats on Twitter while dismantling Paler.

I guess I should have seen this when that punch a Nazi bs was pushed!

Anyways….cute frog time!!🐸

571bba81 No.3599784

File: 1610527603595.jpg (48.87 KB, 620x450, 1023.jpg)

I'm pretty sure that I did call it, on this site, right after the first "punching a nazi is ok" thing happened.

I told you about slippery slopes bro, I warned you bro. Now half of America are "nazis" and "fascists" and thus fair game.

1bf56441 No.3599785

Just we're all clear here: advocating and carrying out the violent overthrow of government isn't covered by any definition of free speech.

571bba81 No.3599786

pretty sure advocating it is technically freedom of speech.

saying "the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. it is it's natural manure." is not illegal to say, and its obviously talking about violently overthrowing governments.

1584632b No.3599787

File: 1610529155329.png (370.1 KB, 669x342, Talk_With_Nazi.png)

Why? Why let someone who is just going to say hurtful, dangerous things speak? Fuck them. They get what they deserve.

1bf56441 No.3599788

>pretty sure advocating it is technically freedom of speech.
what's the hep phrase all the kids are on these days? "fuck around find out"?

that is to say, no, it's not technically freedom of speech

1584632b No.3599789

File: 1610529438801.png (5.78 KB, 362x172, Screenshot_2021-01-13 cons….png)

>pretty sure advocating it is technically freedom of speech.

No, planning a crime is not protected by freedom of speech. In fact, it's a crime. It's called conspiracy.

They planned to murder Pence.
They planned to destroy property.
They planned to kidnap Congresspeople.
They planned to hang people.
They planned to steal the ballot boxes.
All of these things are conspiracies to commit crimes.

eed291d5 No.3599790

File: 1610529871979-0.jpeg (2.01 MB, 4032x3024, DAC5D5FC-6425-4FC5-9C72-9….jpeg)

Ok it’s ok to hit those movie Nazis!!
Also it’s ok to kill Stormtroopers and behead Orcs!

But guess what morons this country killed Nazis and also a lot of Communists!

So why not tone the rhetoric down?

Giant bug 🐜 time!!
Fucker was at a gas station, lucky for me the thing was dead!

56ef36e3 No.3599791


Fuck their unrelated neighbors too?

Parler got the axe, and it's not 100% "Kill Pence !!!" posts.

571bba81 No.3599792

advocate; publicly recommend or support.

That does not mean you are planning anything. I can recommend or support the act of going on a cruise vacation. I've never been on a cruise, I'm not planning on going on a cruise, I likely will never go on a cruise, but I sure as hell can recommend going on one and give a thumbs up to someone who buys a ticket.

571bba81 No.3599793

File: 1610532629212.jpg (105.1 KB, 400x345, 19789999.jpg)

>forgotten pic

9da2f724 No.3599800

History and time has shown us more than once; if we are tolerant, to the intolerant, the first to die *are* the tolerant.

9dffa12e No.3599804

File: 1610551056669.png (51.75 KB, 1000x600, capitalism-disease.png)

Why doesn't the comic talk about capitalism the root cause of fascism?

9dffa12e No.3599806

File: 1610551255297-0.gif (65.92 KB, 1000x610, Finance_crisis_or_humanita….gif)

File: 1610551255297-1.jpg (422.07 KB, 1697x1039, EYGH3UaXgAMxGFW.jpg)

File: 1610551255297-2.jpg (153.64 KB, 1200x704, carlos_latuff-brazil3.jpg)

78d305eb No.3599807

it does. and collect them.
telegram collect them less. but still does.

use IRC.

do I need to repeat?

Yellow vest including me were more popular than you think. It's started at the ancap idea 'fuck your tax we want to keep our dosh'
and even the left joins and agree.
Get that in your faggot brain if it fits.

0bb905b3 No.3599814

sounds like something a tiny dicked incel loser would say, you tiny dicked incel loser

dbb9a8cb No.3599824

File: 1610560135608.png (83.19 KB, 500x270, colored-only-sign.png)

Oh yea? Who will decide? Dems?
Those who say nasty things about whites and black supremacy are fine. Those who blackwash white characters are fine.
Those who spend public money to fund black owned businesses are fine.

Those who try to dispute are nazis. Fuck y'all you're nazis and don't have a right to censor other folks.

b59e75fd No.3599851

File: 1610573031242.png (757.13 KB, 1064x850, external-content.duckduckg….png)

1bf56441 No.3599852

>Yellow vest including me were more popular than you think.
Show me this 65% support american domestic terrorism poll.

df828b0e No.3599880

File: 1610584309122.png (70.3 KB, 807x800, 95iubby6.PNG)

But have you ever considered that the hurtful and dangerous things some people say and do are a reaction to hurtful and dangerous things other people have done to them?

You are asking for civil war if you don't fucking tone this shit down, because you can bet your filthy unwashed collectivized commie ass that "the nazis" (read: anyone not far left) will not take any of this lying down.

If the rule of the day is "I'll censor my opponents because I can"
until the shoe is on the other foot. It will be, sooner or later. And the same level of mercy you have given to any your opponents is what you should expect from us. Don't even have the nerve to beg.

Insects are solid proof that god doesn't exist

571bba81 No.3599882

Thats basically why the media painted the trump "riots" so horribly, and barely mentioned or praised blm/antifa/left "protests." It just took once for a small group of Republicans to get pissed enough to go ape for the liberals to break out all their firehoses on that ember on the mountain tires in a dumpster.

No one comes close to the level of apeshit that happens when you really really piss off white people. Minorities burn police precents and steal starbux atm's, white people invent nukes.

df828b0e No.3599883

File: 1610584903002.png (244.04 KB, 403x500, 200%wink alt.png)

This is why it's a good idea to collect zero credit sample SIMs. Some telephone companies hand them out for free to get you to recharge and use them. Recharges can also be done anonymously if you pay in cash. No name or ID required at any step. Worst they can do is area triangulation based on cell tower signal. But police usually won't come for some no name shitposter (unless you live in the UK).

df828b0e No.3599885

File: 1610586223446.jpg (123.22 KB, 1280x720, guy.jpg)

Definitely a double standard being applied there.

I'd hardly call the Capitol building protest a "riot", because there was absolutely minimal property damage. A few broken windows and some mildly vandalized offices. Mostly just people taking selfies (including selfies with the cops) and basically playing pranks like moving around podiums and attempting prank calls from the offices. They weren't even armed. Too bad that air force veteran lady got killed. Hope the guy who did it gets charged for it, cause he shot an unarmed person flanked by police, she was no threat.

If Antifa entered that building, it would have had all statues smashed up and the offices set on fire. You know it. They know it. Everybody knows it.

I don't think it's just white people, it's anyone who isn't far left who is pissed. It was clearly a stolen election. The Dems don't own minorities. Plenty of Latinos and Native Americans, even more blacks than ever voted Trump only to be cheated out of their vote.

Dunno what Trump will do, though, I think the election was successfully stolen.

The media spin was too good, Trump wants to be liked most of all, but if he insists, I think it'll look bad so he'll probably let it go. I don't care if he's not the president, but Biden or Kamala can't be the president, they are complete frauds and completely corrupt
The Podcast of the Lotus Eaters - Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are Total Frauds

1bf56441 No.3599886

>because there was absolutely minimal property damage
if this were true you would have zero objections for paying for the cleanup and repairs personally

df828b0e No.3599888

File: 1610587194288.jpg (16.92 KB, 610x343, contract.jpg)


I'd go there and help clean up myself (I actually don't support breaking the law, even if it's my side doing it, some were legitimately let in but there was also clearly trespassing and vandalism)

But only if you pay your share for Antifa's property damage. Pay your share of the smashed shops and burned buildings.

I'd probably do with my savings. You'll probably have 1000 lifetimes worth of debt to pay off.

1fa8093f No.3599889

>I'd hardly call the Capitol building protest a "riot"
yes it was a peaceful protest where a police officer accidentally ran into a fire extinguisher multiple times and a military veteran was brutally executed for wanting to be king of the hill on the impromptu playground

1bf56441 No.3599890

>you pay your share for Antifa's property damage
Already have. $0.00 paid in full.

523cff3d No.3599892

File: 1610588900204.jpg (53.21 KB, 483x311, wewillrebuild.jpg)

>Capitol building damages

0c68a6e5 No.3599893

The stupidest thing they've done is call everyone a nazi. How you define a true nazi when everyone are nazi already?
A lot of people'd thing something like: ok they call me a nazi so mb those guys weren't so bad after all. And they will get their "nazis".

571bba81 No.3599895

show us any diploma, fucking drop out

7c7ad533 No.3599897

File: 1610591249711.jpg (15.81 KB, 466x278, 61JrUGQZZlL._AC_SX466_.jpg)

>calling other people uneducated on a board full of furry and zoo porn

dbff237e No.3599916


violent pro-oppression radical doesnt agree with me = terrorist, fascist/stalinist must be removed from this earth
violent pro-oppression radical agrees with me = much needed rebellion, doing what has to be done

1bf56441 No.3599917

but trump supporters aren't radicals, they're mainstream

1bf56441 No.3599918

File: 1610607099088.jpg (305.9 KB, 720x653, 1610600862621[1].jpg)

maga chuds so confus

dbb9a8cb No.3599923

File: 1610614732710.jpg (39.91 KB, 676x176, dc.jpg)

1bf56441 No.3599925

this is some pretty bad cope, fam

43bb68a7 No.3599928

File: 1610619220335.jpg (243.67 KB, 672x880, Major3a.jpg)

Oh wait….
You are anti war?
You got rid of Trump, who avoided war twice, and put a Neo-Con in his place?

Fucking morons!
Boring fucking morons too…

9e262b58 No.3599929

File: 1610619634592.webm (7.83 MB, 480x848, how_MAGA_thinks.webm)

43bb68a7 No.3599930

File: 1610619981280.jpeg (96.83 KB, 1221x754, Bitch Thor.jpeg)

Did he even think of paying MarK Dice a fee?

BTW could your side stop fucking up…
Star Wars?
comic books?
Star TRek?
Dr Who?

2ae7362c No.3599932

I thought dictators can't be censored, but do the censoring themselves.

Please explain this glitch.

1bf56441 No.3599933

File: 1610621036728.png (243.29 KB, 587x647, 1610620714486[1].png)


is this what happens when you punch nazis? some real ouroboros shit here

c878b0d0 No.3599961

No. We'll "fuck up" what we damn well please. Stop being a neckbeard who cries about girls in your capeshit or fuck off.

523cff3d No.3599964

File: 1610648794601.png (145.3 KB, 220x326, xxxx.png)

>Trash Thor
You will notice that the new Wonder Woman was not played by a tranny. Not very progressive, is it?

c878b0d0 No.3599969

We should make Batman a Nigerian Transman specifically to ruin it for you. :)

1584632b No.3599976

File: 1610653258762.jpg (310.48 KB, 1242x1920, Stupid_Sexy_Batman.jpg)

>We should make Batman a Nigerian Transman specifically to ruin it for you.

In the next movie the guy who played the sparkly vampire lead in Twilight is going to be Batman… so…

c878b0d0 No.3599979

It's a solid choice, but I'm thinking someone extra black with a really heavy accent. I'm hoping to get a bunch of reactionaries to commit suicide over their retarded capeshit.

We can get him to play a nonbinary version of The Joker. They can have a twenty minute long monologue about the dangers of White Privilege. Just make it as cringe as possible, really cause maximum psychic damage. The moral of the film can be a pro-vasectomy message.

As part of the marketing blitz Youtube can ban The Quartering.

1584632b No.3599981

File: 1610653996579.png (289.4 KB, 1280x720, Succubus_Prologue.png)


If you want to see shit that is going to make Christian psychos flip their shit when it comes out:


c878b0d0 No.3599984

5f96d1d0 No.3600006

File: 1610666319956.png (62.97 KB, 1000x500, washington-dc-capitol-trum….png)

Do you seriously think anyone, other than the communists, care about video games?

d5a584c8 No.3600020

File: 1610672558811.jpeg (108.24 KB, 1024x681, ErpNh5PXAAI7j7z.jpeg)


Nobody tell them that data isn't stored in the monitor…

1584632b No.3600028


Do an experiment. Post the video on one of your right-wing boards of scum and share the link for us to laugh at.

5f96d1d0 No.3600036

File: 1610678430648.jpg (76.28 KB, 661x458, pink kkk.jpg)

I'm sorry but I only hang with liberals…

Free speech and all that.

5d74b5ad No.3600233

Hahaha. Zuckerberg unbaned Trump and delayed his whatsapp bullshit.

5d74b5ad No.3600237

File: 1610797801358.jpg (201.36 KB, 1080x638, photo_2021-01-16_14-25-42.jpg)

1584632b No.3600238

File: 1610803009053.png (46.82 KB, 826x657, AOC_Omar_Twitter_sued_88mi….png)

Just when you thought Trump's supporters couldn't get any more pathetic…


(Note: This is the same guy who sued twitch previously for masturbation related injuries.)

1584632b No.3600239


You do realize that unbanning Trump is like giving him a rope to hang himself with… right?

5d74b5ad No.3600241

File: 1610803952740.png (50.11 KB, 640x399, doom screen06.png)

Dunno. It's (was) a free country after all.
I just love to see how mr. invisible hand saved our freedom again.

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