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File: 1610021772977.jpg (644.16 KB, 1200x675, web-black-lives-matter-8-1….jpg)

b44daad2 No.3599050[View All]

Why blacks have a right to burn, loot and murder.
And why Trump supporters don't have a right to protest?
Answer is simple. Because blacks don't harass those guys in space suits. If they do oh god they will become niggers immediately mark my word. Press will be silent. Twitter, Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon and even Visa and Mastercard will ban them and give their data to feds.
Overton window my ass.
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aa68d559 No.3599980

Deal with what, watching reactionaries getting rounded up and sent to federal jail? Okay, sounds great lol.

BTW Baked Alaska is a snitch. They've announced that they aren't charging him with anything even though he's on film fucking around in Pelosi's office, which means he's snitching on everybody to save his own ass.

Good job siding with a bunch of unhinged psychos!

6b2559a1 No.3599982

File: 1610654065579.jpg (79.22 KB, 463x421, Capture.JPG)


The ironic thing is these posters are from upper middle class families…..the spawn of well-off boomers - privileged upbringing. They have NO idea what they are advocating for and would be horrified if they got it.

aa68d559 No.3599983

I live in a one-bedroom apartment and spent an extensive period of my life working retail. I'd do it for the rest of my goddamn life if it meant seeing every fascist stung up by the side of the highway as a warning.

0eb3c38e No.3599985

What a fuckin weasel. You don't give a shit about corporations, you're just seething that they went after you fash cunts. If they were banning communists and pumping out white nationalist propaganda you'd be lifting your ass and spreading your cheeks for Bezos.

All your "muh working class" shit is a virtue signal. All the actual advocacy for the working class (minimum wage increases, consumer advocacy, bank regulations, union protections, etc) comes from the radical left, not you fash LARPers.

All you want is Starbucks But Racist.

9f9fc095 No.3599988

I wouldn't. I'd let them flourish if it meant I didn't have to work retail anymore.

aa68d559 No.3599990

Guess what, you end up in the same shit job for the same shit pay under fascism, except now porn and weed net the death penalty and you have to go to church on Sunday. And if you complain about work too much you end up in a death camp for being "work shy."

2db27faa No.3599992


Actually, that's what happened under communism in the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc. What you called being work shy they called being a social parasite. Oh and you forget that the facists your rail against so vehemently were socialists. The irony of listening to you wanna be socialist cucks makes reading these posts choice.

25c426d9 No.3600002


Stop thinking fascism is Wolfenstein's depiction of nazism. Even in North Korea you don't get killed for owning porn, but for distributing it, and NK is as fascist as you get (and socialist too, what a coincidence!).

Here you are, thinking a right-wing government will strap you to a chair and tape your eyes open to watch pastors giving sermons , you are a nutcase if you do.

0eb3c38e No.3600011

Yeah hey, letting conservatives make decisions turns out to be shit. Imagine that.

9e4e1aa0 No.3600037

File: 1610679040238.png (654.08 KB, 800x405, san-francisco-poop-map.png)


Move to California….then try to move out.

33f1bdc2 No.3600048

Move to the ocean

And stay there

48961ece No.3600065

>letting conservatives make decisions turns out to be shit. Imagine that.

Every progressive turns into a conservative after the revolution, when they refuse to join in on even crazier shit. Revolutions eat their children, and progressives must keep on shifting the goalposts or else they become traitors to their own cause, and therefore, targets to their own terror.


a8f54fcf No.3600069

File: 1610709072408.png (70.4 KB, 500x375, Vampire_Sparkle_Batman.png)

>This is an American, flying an American flag inside the halls of an American administrative building.

This is factually, historically, untrue.
The south left America to form its own nation which then declared war on America and killed Americans in one of the most bloody, protracted conflicts in American history. The Confederacy was its own nation with its own president and constitution. They were not Americans. They were terrorists and their descendants are terrorists today.

They should all be executed.

a8f54fcf No.3600070

File: 1610709443832.jpg (27.67 KB, 601x508, EnjpvNGVEAEccix.jpg)


Cry more. It makes us all hard.

a8f54fcf No.3600071

File: 1610709736056.png (178.8 KB, 970x287, gij-arentz-ice-lich.png)

>Every progressive turns into a conservative after the revolution…

That's not a progressive thing, that's a generational thing. Look at the GOP today, the young Republicans call the old Republicans traitors and sellouts for not being far-right nut jobs who belive that the world is run by child-murdering satanic pedophiles. Every generation is more extreme than the last. That's just nature.

b44daad2 No.3600073

File: 1610713616999.png (33.61 KB, 941x1024, 941px-Political_chart.svg.png)

Why americans call right wing liberals conservatives.
And socialists/communists liberals.

a8f54fcf No.3600078

File: 1610716479412.webm (3.62 MB, 180x180, Good_Old_Rebel.webm)

Just in case anyone was unclear about the Confederacy being traitors and terrorists, this was a song written by one of the majors of the confederate army that became one of the most popular songs in the south for over 50 years…

8cdea944 No.3600081

File: 1610719925095.png (27.34 KB, 500x500, Ychan - ot - _nu_ - 139520.png)

Patachu post a graph that looks like this I dont remember.

8e32f3b5 No.3600083

I think I remember the graph being, economic, social, and religious.

0e0d5ba5 No.3600085

File: 1610723046842.png (223.94 KB, 673x700, Untitled.png)

Notice how the liberals just had to write the words "the first". Had to draw attention to it didn't they. Sad how they can't report the news with dignity. We all see the biased passive aggressive and insulting tone being implied by those words. Really disrespectful.

61430337 No.3600086

wiki is a mess in way worse ways

f5eaa2fd No.3600087

>reporting facts that hurt my feelings is disrespectful
>a double-impeached traitor deserves your respect
shiggy diggy nope

a8f54fcf No.3600089


I'm curious as to how you think they should have written about the fact he is the first president to ever be impeached twice.

What is the proper way, in your opinion?

25c426d9 No.3600090


This is factually untrue.

The America you talk of that the confederates attacked was no nation at all, actually it was too just a terrorist organisation who left the british kingdom and killed british in one of the most bloody conflits in American history.

0e0d5ba5 No.3600091

Simple. "Donald Trump's is impeached a second time after the House of Representatives charges him with…etc."

The "becomes the first" part is unnecessary sensationalism. Even mentioning it implies that we're awaiting a subsequent president who will also be impeached twice.

It's the difference between saying "I bought an iPhone 12 Pro" and "I became the first person in my family to buy an iPhone 12 Pro."

25c426d9 No.3600092

File: 1610727000464.jpg (100.23 KB, 1024x1024, 1024px-Ingsoc_logo_from_19….jpg)


They probably prefer "doubleplusearlier"

25c426d9 No.3600093


Tell that to the media, a fair number are titling on Trump becoming the first president to be impeached twice. It's a notable fact, it never happened before.

a8f54fcf No.3600094

>The "becomes the first" part is unnecessary sensationalism.

No, that is a historic fact just like Obama was the first African American president.

We don't write, "Obama became president." and leave out the historic first event just because racists like you don't like it. You don't get to dictate history, bitch. You are nothing. You are less than nothing. You are trash, traitorous, scum.

0e0d5ba5 No.3600097

File: 1610728524758.png (72.54 KB, 728x400, Untitled2.png)

>You don't get to dictate history, bitch
Here you go then:

Donald Trump - billionaire, husband to a stunning Slovenian supermodel, father of five beautiful children- became the very first in the whole wide world businessman with no prior political experience to become US president.

And his Wikipedia entry where it mentions the impeachment is even more biased. I've underlined the unnecessary weasel-words.

f5eaa2fd No.3600098

[Citation Needed]

a8f54fcf No.3600099

File: 1610729428191.png (1.03 MB, 721x900, WHAT_Da_FK2.png)

1) Donald Trump is not a billionaire. He's barely a millionaire. He's in debt up to his eyeballs.

2) Contrary to what they tell you on the INCEL discord servers, being married to a woman and creating children is not a historic achievement.

3) He wasn't even the first businessman with no political experience to become president.

Being impeached a 2nd time is a historic achievement.

44c33870 No.3600103

you've never read a book ever, you dumb bitch

65299ec3 No.3600105

lol, im not white.
fuck niggers :) seriously the whole world
hates you and you know it. not trying to
be mean but hey, maybe theres a reason for it?

can you guess my race :3?
george fentanyl fuckface floyd is considered a saint in the minds of idiots and the riots cost more lives. kids were shot and a dude was burned alive, for what? for a junkie? a junkie that had a long criminal record with robberies in it?


44c33870 No.3600107

>lol, im not white.

lol, yes you are

8cdea944 No.3600108

File: 1610731634512.jpg (218.27 KB, 1200x1200, EBUMuU1X4AEDcje.jpg)

Pranking white people that you're white in black disguise.
Pranking black people that you're black in white disguise.
Hypocrisy never changes but it hides behind smoke and mirrors.

0e0d5ba5 No.3600110

Wrong. I read and did a book report on Nineteen Eighty-Four in 10th grade. Notice how I even know that the book's title is spelled out and not just the number. I also did book reports on A Clockwork Orange and Brave New World in 11th and 12th grade. So I consider myself pretty well-read on the topic of politics. Can you say the same?

c1a4f054 No.3600116

>unnecessary sensationalism
You're trying to make it seem like impeachment is trivial, as though it happens all the time. There have only been 4 Presidential impeachments. Half of them belong to trump.

>It's the difference between saying "I bought an iPhone 12 Pro" and "I became the first person in my family to buy an iPhone 12 Pro."

How many families have 45 people and how many have bought 2 iPhone 12 Pros?

6b2559a1 No.3600118

File: 1610738126519.png (16.79 KB, 860x536, Untitled.png)

Reminder that in previous threads, the commies were screaming about the federal police during the BLM insurgency - now cry tears for them today after the capitol sit-in when antifa provocateurs started incidents.

Remember, these commies are lonely and unloved. Many such cases. Sad.

0e0d5ba5 No.3600126

File: 1610743860144.png (57.9 KB, 616x306, Untitled3.png)

>You're trying to make it seem like impeachment is trivial
Isn't it though? Impeached, but here's the important part: not convicted. And during his lame duck period no less. It's hardly even newsworthy compared to >>3600085 the other news articles surrounding it about 9000 babies dying in Ireland and people dying in earthquakes.

The brown underlines are yet more sensationalism. Dramatic use of "only" and repeating the "twice" thing when it was already mentioned by listing both 2019 and 2021 as impeachment years.

c1a4f054 No.3600127

>after the capitol sit-in when antifa provocateurs started incidents

I'm truly sorry that you have such difficulty assigning the significance to events.

6bd3e32c No.3600128

File: 1610745556270.png (1.15 MB, 1000x666, 1610737911171.png)

OOPS, looks like there weren't any "kill assassination teams" at the capitol protest


But I'm sure there was in the minds of deranged leftists.

c1a4f054 No.3600134

just further proof that antifa did this


c1a4f054 No.3600142

a8f54fcf No.3600220

File: 1610775389843.webm (1.24 MB, 640x360, Hang_Mike_Pence.webm)

>the Trump supporters weren't there to be violent…

f7ff278b No.3600222

You're not allowed to post any of the hundreds of hpurs of video footage that Trump supporters took themselves where they clearly discuss murdering people, and you're not allowed to post any of the high-res videos of rightwingers brutally beating people. That's cheating!

If you don't think it was totally peaceful and respectful you're a commie and commies are bad because they think rightwingers are violent lunatics for some reason.

6bd3e32c No.3600226

File: 1610778844208.jpg (139.33 KB, 828x1792, 1610669593749.jpg)

You sure that isn't lefty John Sullivan inciting them? You know, the founder of the seditious group Insurgence USA?

You suuuure?

c1a4f054 No.3600230

>are you sure it isn't some black guy inciting all of those white supremacists?

like how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop, the world may never know

48303838 No.3600250


hn Sullivan is a reject from any and all centrist and leftist groups out there, he's a con man and grifter.
The fact you brought him up shows just how stupid you are, right-wing demagogues and their sites like Gateway Pundit and Fox "news" count on suckers like you.
In a previous thread I posted about Sullivan, he's a big mouth with no real support other than his grifter brother.

48408f9a No.3600251


"Trump supporters would never commit sedition, except we should and it would be totally legitimate if we did…"

"The Holocaust never happened, but it should have…"

8e32f3b5 No.3600265

File: 1610815397479.jpg (4.6 MB, 6000x3368, building-aisle-library-pub….jpg)

>book report
You sweet summer child.

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