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There are niggers.

This guy was a nigger, fortunately he died in the car crash he caused.


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Am I doing it right?

7837e41a No.3603371

There are homosexual people, and there are faggots.

1fffa8fc No.3603372

File: 1612790432676.jpg (44.44 KB, 550x309, Couch-truck-550x309.jpg)

Sometimes niggers are white and allowed to get away with shit because their daddies buy their way out of trouble


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File: 1612793280515.jpg (36.07 KB, 612x406, istockphoto-173039061-612x….jpg)

I like it when blacks say it in one word with their huge lips:
"He's just a stupid ass nigga".

a5615d3a No.3603375

People like you are stupid. You think it's about race because that's what the fake news media spoon feeds fools like you. It's not about whites vs blacks. It's about broke ass people and rich ass people. If you got money, you get away with it. But if you broke, you going to jail. Black celebrities get away with shit all the time because they got cash.
Famous Examples: R-Kelly was a RICH BLACK MAN who got away with fucking and pissing on a 15yr old girl on video. Why? Because he was RICH!!

OJ Simpson: got away with murder because "If the glove don't fit, then you must acquit!" And his black ass got away with murder. Why? Because he had MONEY!!!
The rich get away with it, the poor do not. So don't talk shit about white people being the only ones who buy their way out of trouble. Rich blacks do the same thing. But keep on being a useful idiot if that makes you feel better about yourself.

8663f386 No.3603377

Nah. When you get really rich you get into a different system but then you find out that money doesn't give you power because compared to the power of the state you're shit with all your money. Ask Epstein if you don't believe me.

f1cbd5e8 No.3603378

He didn't get away with it they just prolonged his sentencing.

e581d380 No.3603379

I was just pointing out that claiming vehicular homicide to be a racial thing is fucking retarded. It's not like the OP would give a fuck about what he posted if everyone involved was white. I don't give a fuck about race. If

You're forgetting that the state is run by only the worst kinds of greedy corrupt narcissistic assholes. When you've got enough money you can buy all the state power you want. Look at Wall Street.

Epstein got killed because he became too big of a liability to other rich corrupt people.

Who do you think didn't get away with it?

2d905b11 No.3603383

The only one that got away with it was the publicity managers

e581d380 No.3603388

Are you talking about OJ, the affluenza kid, or R Kelly?

Because all three of those got away with it. Just because they got punished for something else later doesn't mean they didn't get away with the initial crime that made people mad about them getting away with it.

44eb40f5 No.3603403

File: 1612812870689.png (262.88 KB, 884x1151, PoorandRich.png)

Epstein WAS in fact getting away with it for decades! Only reason his money did not get him out at the end was that the rich and powerful were not about to let Epstein reveal their dirty little secrets in a public court trial. So they eliminated the threat to make sure he remained silent. What I find funny is that Clinton wrote the law that made it illegal for any American to go to a foreign country to fuck teen girls in other countries (even if it was legal in that country) while he was flying to Lolita Island with Epstein to do the very thing that he made illegal for everyone else. Rules for thee, not for me.

Funny, I don't recall R Kelly or OJ going to prison for what they did.

Remember that the media profits from making it about "black and white" because they are owned by the rich, and they need everyone distracted with their race agenda. And the fools eat it all up!

Hit the nail square on the head.

f1cbd5e8 No.3603414

theres no real proof.

50c4f636 No.3603420

File: 1612837349780.webm (2.69 MB, 640x640, blackculture.webm)

e581d380 No.3603426

Proof of what? Stop being so fucking vague

ae08ef7f No.3603435

It's like a ghetto 9/11. Props to the big dude with the dreds who helped the girl off the road.

50c4f636 No.3603504

File: 1612911250473.webm (2.47 MB, 640x640, negroculturedanceofmypeop….webm)

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File: 1612911871886.png (9.68 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

They're not fighting they are dancing!

b42963f0 No.3603513

File: 1612912465907.webm (2.02 MB, 352x640, negroparenting.webm)

daa8bb93 No.3603514

File: 1612912476813.png (1.52 MB, 1299x790, Screenshot_2021-02-09 Girl….png)

Girl Puts Gorilla Glue In Hair & Gets Rich Off Morons! Tessica Brown GRIFTS Clueless Folks For Cash


b30df383 No.3603517

File: 1612913592974.png (19.39 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Idiocracy is real, ladies and gentlemen! It's a sign she never took chemistry class!

f1cbd5e8 No.3603576

Uh ok just summarize everything that happened regarding the topics of interests here.

Uh..for no reason there is a guy called Epstein. Ok that's believable. So what about it? He is a billionaire and owns an island and has crazy parties. This sounds now like a Great Gatsby situation. He fucks all the girls and lives without consequences. Ok.

There is this person called Hillary. She has an intense hatred for men and wants to basically genocide an entire people under a presidency. She hates Epstein because she probably went to school with him and he called her a cunt. She grows up and eats kids and eventually kills two kids overseas and then makes it illegal to get away with that because clearly she doesn't do that.

Their boyfriends and girlfriends cheat on each other and it causes alot of drama or some shit and they form a suicide pact to get back at their ex's or some shit and it backfires. The end.

f1cbd5e8 No.3603578

Oj stabbed Nicole Simpson because white and blacks weren't mixing and Oj was losing the battle for Best Tasty. Nicole never saw it coming. She was stabbed to death because OJ is clearly superior than Nickle Cadmium, but still didn't get assault and battery because the judge was white. Nicole 1: OJ 0. Except she's dead.

R Kelly steps up to the plate and says PP is the new OJ and the girl just is some sort of woke person who remembers what happens to Nicole.

Affluenza kid crashes a car into somebodies and was given a slap on the wrist because he said he accidentally sneezed while driving. The people should have known better not to walk near homicidal road ragers.

Now there are tons of copycats and its all unrelated. They all voided responsibility to because it was imitation justice via television, they signed waivers saying it was all acting.

bb31c1e8 No.3603580

File: 1612980055844.jpg (144.07 KB, 1072x1600, Ben-Carson.jpg)

Am I the only one who thought OP was Ben Carson when I first saw him? Just me? Okay.

96650288 No.3603599

haven't checked this site for years and first day back i see pro trump shit and more white supremacist racist shit. what a cesspool lulz turned into.

e581d380 No.3603601

How is that any different from anywhere else? Are you nostalgic for Tumblr circa 2015?

197384be No.3603603

Artistic license ends when real people get hurt or killed. Artistic license only allows you to pretend in situations where all manner of acts outside of physical bodily harm to a third party that means as long as you sign a waiver that waiver can only legally involve those that have signed and aggreed to have things happen to them as long as it doesnt involve permanent injury etc no matter what you can't sign an agreement to recieve injuries when those acts were never done in public and just released later as entertainment the act of publicly commiting harmful acts in visual proximity to those that havent aggreed to the public display that's also where it gets tricky. But all in all you can legally sign yourself a death warrant and legally be allowed to do it so lomg as the above follows and it was done privately first and is recorded and shared for entertainment purposes after the act.

Still its a fucked up law that pretty much allows criminal activity and acrions.

b42963f0 No.3603611

File: 1612992575056.webm (1.96 MB, 360x640, negroshopping.webm)

2d905b11 No.3603636

I just like the wit's end you have to go through to validate running someone over because of allergies.

7b620819 No.3603640

if someone is selling boiled peanuts, they deserved to be run over, backed up, and ran over again. Especially if they're white. They could kill any number of people, it takes a hero to take one to save the many.

f1cbd5e8 No.3603646

Do you not like peanuts?

0d8df586 No.3603650


Peanuts are okay. Almonds are superior.

b42963f0 No.3603658

File: 1613010795502.jpg (203.12 KB, 750x765, africa.jpg)

197384be No.3603667

Hey if its done in private and you record the consent and signing form made my the initiating party or second party. And release it for entertainment later from the agreed upon contract. There is no devil cause you see the devil is WE!

f1cbd5e8 No.3603702

So not the pea just the nuts.

b42963f0 No.3603779

File: 1613083762970.webm (2.37 MB, 790x720, negroshootsinmcdonalds.webm)

d98d23a7 No.3603798


God, I can't stop watching this video. Niggers killing niggers is the BEST!

b4179413 No.3603819

Not as fun as watching white people kill white people. Can not wait for Trump to start his civil war so we can exterminate you roaches.

b30df383 No.3603821

what state is that in the U.S.? is this Detroit?

9ebabf66 No.3603822

These are the kind of niggers that should be sent to the Middle East where they would get decapitated or burned alive.

265ece38 No.3603823

9c6aa121 No.3603824

4a048bb2 No.3603825


DETROIT (WXYZ) — Detroit police said a possible motive into Sunday night's triple murder at a Coney Island may have involved the shooter's gym shoes. The suspect, 25-year-old Mickey Dane Douglass, an ex-con who is still on parole for robbery, claims someone made a comment about his gym shoes that made him feel threatened.

d98d23a7 No.3603830


Whats funny here, the fucking niggers kill each other without anyone prompting them. Speaking of roaches, notice how the video above of the little nigglets getting a beat down is akin to watching someone trying to stomp on a roach? They want to be 'equals' but that's NEVER going to happen and they themselves keep them being viewed as niggers by every other group. Lets be honest; every other racial group,whites, asians, latinos, native americans…. They all fucking hate blacks and don't want much to do with them. The ones marching along in BLM protests are the fucking idiots isolated from the real world experience of being around these fucking knuckle-dragging tiny brained chimps. And I feel bad for the chimps being comapred to this afterbirth of humanity.

b30df383 No.3603835

Blacks breed more and outnumbered whites. Whites need to breed faster and advance otherwise they will be on the endangered race list. Take care of your white woman or they will drag your white male ass to extraction. White's that are against white abortion is the enemy. Some blacks support the idea. "we fuck more and breed more niggas so we rules da world!" This is terrifying for whites.

b30df383 No.3603836

extraction? I meant extinction! dumb auto correct!

fbac71d8 No.3603845

f1b3feff No.3603850

File: 1613160110020.webm (2.86 MB, 1280x720, negrobabysitter.webm)

2755bf42 No.3603865

Creatures that hurt children need to be culled.

fedd7cc1 No.3603879

What if instead of peanut butter and watermelon it was
oranges and corn chips wait nevermind

7b620819 No.3603880

File: 1613171944831.png (128.88 KB, 500x280, Ill_fuk_ya_bum_m8.png)

Are you >implying that cornchips, peanutbutter and pulpy orange juice are some how beneath you?

135d3253 No.3603908

>peanut butter

Other than George Washington Carver what does PB have to do with niggers?

Did you mean to say fried chicken?

f1b3feff No.3603911

File: 1613181806649.webm (1.84 MB, 640x640, niggerspitsinfoodrestaura….webm)

>George Washington Carver

He did not invent peanut butter - FYI

4b19fb31 No.3603948

File: 1613232493359.jpeg (180.34 KB, 1280x905, 1591438353.tanidareal_bla….jpeg)


I don't think fox coloration variety is a good metaphor for human racial differences. Foxes don't have different cultures, lifestyles, and manners of talking and behaving based on their fur color.

4b8e3c26 No.3603949

shows what you know about fox culture you fucking bigot

01979cd8 No.3603950

File: 1613234065282.png (23.09 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Behold, the nigga nuke…

01979cd8 No.3603951

File: 1613234330910.png (22.92 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Here it cums man!

01979cd8 No.3603952

File: 1613234575999.png (18.89 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Take cover every won! Ahh!

01979cd8 No.3603953

File: 1613234800802.png (16.34 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

We are kangs!

daa8bb93 No.3603954

File: 1613236218478.jpg (172.76 KB, 700x465, image-paradisetowers-5.jpg)

FIRE ESCAPE: Red Kang I-spy says we can't go through usual carrydoor, Blue Kangs out and lurking.
BIN LINER: And the Yellow?
FIRE ESCAPE: No Yellows. All unalive now.
DOCTOR: Excuse me.
DOCTOR: Did you say a whole tribe of Yellow Kangs have been wiped out, I mean, made unalive, just like that? But why? You didn't kill them, did you?
FIRE ESCAPE: To make unalive is not part of the Kang way. No ball games, no fly posts, no wipe-outs.
DOCTOR: Who did it, then? The Caretakers? The Blue Kangs? I mean, who?
FIRE ESCAPE: It takes place.
BIN LINER: Come on. We've been in the open spaces too long. We must go. Ware Blue Kangs. Build high for happiness.
RED KANGS: Build high for happiness.

daa8bb93 No.3603955

TaniDaReal? Was there previously someone trying to be a fake Tani?

4b19fb31 No.3603957

It's what happens when you choose your username when you're 14 and have to stick with it because it's what people know you by.

a3f4a72f No.3603960

File: 1613243108447.webm (2.43 MB, 360x240, blackscalltokillwhitesmee….webm)


Love Trumps Hate

01979cd8 No.3604012

File: 1613260201189.png (20.92 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

I'll take 20, depending on your price.

dfd6e5d9 No.3604027

honestly i get why niggers like fried chicken

135d3253 No.3604039

EVERYONE loves fried chicken. Only retarded vegans lie about not loving fried chicken.

01979cd8 No.3604040

File: 1613270195437.png (2.17 MB, 1344x1040, Screenshot-2020-01-09-at-1….png)

Von's chickens is the best!

f9df4332 No.3604043

File: 1613275993572.webm (2.75 MB, 404x720, blackhighschool.webm)


Send your kids to a black high school.

5e3f1bb9 No.3604046

File: 1613279949450-0.jpeg (103.67 KB, 892x496, BlueLivesMatter_right....jpeg)

File: 1613279949450-1.jpg (40.19 KB, 629x364, 1611279913781.jpg)

White supremacist likes to eat pigs, that's why they keep hunting them down.

2d905b11 No.3604049

I would like to also mention I am not that racist.

0d8df586 No.3604052

File: 1613287542213.png (3.28 KB, 322x57, report.png)


0e0235bb No.3604054

There's a lot of things you could criticize the black community for. Liking fried chicken is not one of them. Blacks tend to like fried chicken for the same reason everyone else does. It is crispy and delicious! If you don't like fried chicken that's your prerogative but don't bring race into it. Fried chicken is a southern American classic that is now enjoyed all over the world.
There is nothing wrong with liking fried chicken.

d98d23a7 No.3604077


Don't look now, there's a monkey on your back… Or rather, don't look now, there's a monkey and its black. As I have stated earlier, they are primitive minded, violent, irresponsible sub-humans. They are literally the afterbirth of the human race that if I could show the explorers of the Age of Discovery what these primates were going to do, they'd have set sail with crates of blankets infected with small pox and anthrax as gifts for the beasts they were going to find.

2d905b11 No.3604079

You can't ignore that there are racial differences in people, it is not racist to notice that. Racism has alot to do with the way people treated each other in history and still does now that it has been a major subject in social studies or ethics but the fact is the only people taking those classes for any degree wind up in business or law practices exercising their psychology of it over others.

The fact is racism is a caste system that is cornered by the market as a systemic design for profit, the very idea of culture and having cultural pride is an act of racism, having a month dedicated to your country or your race or creed is also an act of racism awareness. Marketing demographics are completely racist in order to sell an idea that you as a culture should engage in their campaign to take your money. So either you like your "identity" or you aren't obedient to the system.

a10e7d7a No.3604081


Bill Cosby vs Kevin Spacey

f9df4332 No.3604100

File: 1613348281202.webm (1.96 MB, 587x330, negrochicagokilling.webm)

135d3253 No.3604110

>Only two deaths.

Despite being so probe to violence niggers aren't that good at it.

9d1bac55 No.3604112

File: 1613359326628.jpg (69.33 KB, 1280x720, A Pigeon Sat On A Branch R….jpg)


Do you know what needs to be done to Niggers like this? Take them and recreate the giant boiler scene from the "A Pigeon Sat On A Branch Reflecting Existence" film!


cf5863ee No.3604114

f9df4332 No.3604117

File: 1613363240439.webm (1.82 MB, 400x220, africaengineerslawyersdoc….webm)

>>Only two deaths…an empathic race
instead of
>>acting civilized.

Meanwhile in the real Africa instead of the hollywood Africa…..

b4179413 No.3604129

>As I have stated earlier, they are primitive minded, violent, irresponsible sub-humans. They are literally the afterbirth of the human race…

You just described most white people.

5b65c1b7 No.3604134

Then why are they so desperate live around us?

12b670ec No.3604142

If decent hard working black people don't do something about the niggers, they will never be able to build Wakanda.

6f147c37 No.3604143


Oh…..I thought it was a commercial for Boliden boiler works. the more you know…..

a10e7d7a No.3604145

Perhaps because you US fucks stole them from Africa to serve you as slaves? Perhaps they never ever asked for it in the first place? Because you whitey can either work/jump/fuck properly and need stronger/superior beings to do your tasks? Haven't you had your warmongering religion supporting your crusades, perhaps you would have rolled up your sleeves and did it yourself, like the Amish/Mormons, instead to rely on other human being and justifying yourself as them being of a lower rank. How convenient, not much brighter than India's caste system.

d98d23a7 No.3604146


It was most certainly a mistake incorporating the nigger as slave labor. Instead of importing them they should have recognized the long term threat they are and slaughtered them by all means in their possession. The world would be a much better place. There will never EVER be a Wakanda. Because it requires blacks to make it so.

a10e7d7a No.3604148


Considering how whiteys slaughtered other civilizations (asian, african, southern america, indian america, russian, marsian) in the name of whatever, like bringing the one true voice of god or now democracy, it's pretty much useless to pretend they deserved to die to give up their land/labor/gold to you. And you pretend to be the enlightened one?

daa8bb93 No.3604149

The thing is this is black on black violence. Why are brothers killing one another instead of standing together against everyone else who oppresses them?

b4179413 No.3604155

Maybe because the US is the only nation on earth that the US isn't bombing or enslaving economically? Rightwing fanatics have spent 50 years making America the only safe place on earth and now, people seem to come here.

a10e7d7a No.3604161


Should I also remind you white on white violence, based upon politic/religious/whatever reason?

b4179413 No.3604165

>The thing is this is black on black violence…

Should I list the huge number of white nationalist terrorist groups working in America right now?

You crackers are WAY more violent than black people. Violence isn't something you do, it's what you live for. You're a sickness that needs to be purged from America.

c282885e No.3604175

wtf is this nonsense?

7b620819 No.3604176

File: 1613417180991.jpeg (44.36 KB, 573x700, Does_this_make_you_aldent….jpeg)

Very few people live for violence despite their race. I like cooking so here goes

Blacks- boiling pasta with stove turned to max and the lid on. Rapidly over boils, and pours everywhere, making a big but easy to clean mess mess.

Whites- Pressure cooker. Usually chill, violently explodes when set on max heat and ignored, can cause property damage, injury, and/or loss of life. Likes to think themselves as the fanciest, and fastest cookware.

Hispanics- Dawn dish soap and a carton of craft glitter in a dishwasher. Once it penetrates the borders to do those jobs you didn't want to do manually, you may as well give up. You cannot deport the glitter, you cannot fight the glitter, the glitter just sits there not doing anything, and you must accept the glitter

Asians- Deep fryer. All other races, water. As long as there isn't too much water, its all good. Oils even help enhance most water based things. Don't throw in an ice cube. Fancier and faster than pressure cookers, but everything that comes out will damage your health, especially when related to bird (flu, turkey)

Russians/Slavs- Off-brand raman noodles stolen from a friend, in an old large plastic mug you don't remember where you got from, slow cooking on top of an electric oil heater while the cook gets wasted on bathtub vodka.

96d68e6a No.3604179

>white nationalist terrorist groups

The thing about nationalists is, as long as you're not actively fighting against your own interests as an American citizen, they're on your side.

96d68e6a No.3604180

>You crackers

3B, you ain't black.

7b620819 No.3604186

3B claimed to be in his late 50's when he was an active poster. I figure either he died, started dating, or just finally realized he wasn't getting any troll points from lulz anymore.

3B is gone, hes like a revamp of Murrabbit. He's probably gone on an existential crisis quest.

7b620819 No.3604187

File: 1613420459425.png (258.25 KB, 340x362, Im-so-fucking-old-what-did….png)

Before you relative newfags ask who murrabbit was, he was exactly 3B. Just with better sourcing skills, and ended up getting married to some rich guy. There will be a new 3B, well unless this place crumbles first.

Ancientfag knowledge.

96d68e6a No.3604190

>3B claimed to be in his late 50's when he was an active poster.

Early 40's, and one time he posted pictures of him and his girlfriend, around the time when he was making bad photoshop paintings of Bernie Sanders to boast over his art skills.

>ended up getting married to some rich guy

Different guy.

4ee8f624 No.3604191


Actually, 3b remembered he had a thumbdrive with 360 bitcoins on it he got cheap years ago and is now living the sweet life with hot chicks, fast cars and a big house in the Maldives.

96d68e6a No.3604193

>hes like a revamp of Murrabbit

History of 3B in a nutshell: he appeared first as BBB and immediately got banned for spamming, popped back as 3B and waged a vendetta on the mods, then spent a year or two whining about getting banned, then started posting random news snippets every day because he apparently had no other life. He copied this habit from someone called TriGem, who was also trying to use the board as his personal livejournal, thinking that anybody cared.

At some point he found MLP and started spamming that everywhere, doing a bad copy of the BillyRex thing where he would write as the characters and use them as avatars to troll people, except he would always break out of character to argue over something. Then he diversified his slow spam into religion and gun control issues, racism/anti-racism, and then finally into politics, which he did for about 6-7 years right up till the latest Lulz update which changed the ID system to randomize per thread. Other people started appearing as 3B to make a mockery of him, so he went anonymous.

He's still here though, doing the same thing. You can occasionally pick the old idiosyncrasies and the little habits, and the patterns of argumentation he uses.

5b65c1b7 No.3604207

File: 1613427937610.jpg (421.77 KB, 1590x2048, 19xp-letter2-superJumbo.jpg)

The blacks are immeasurably better off here than in Africa, morally, socially & physically. The painful discipline they are undergoing, is necessary for their instruction as a race, & I hope will prepare & lead them to better things.
- general Lee

0d8df586 No.3604210


>slavery is good, actually


5b65c1b7 No.3604213

I know some you are mad that modern civilization exists and that history happened. What do you think our lives would be like if there were no colonist? If Europeans were like, no no, let's just stay here, living under the tyrannical rule of the crown is perfectly acceptable. We have an entire planet to spread around and expand our civilization… But no let's just shut down any new ideas and stay right where we are.

0d8df586 No.3604214


Nobody said slavery was a requirement for civilization to advance.

f9df4332 No.3604223

File: 1613431746702.png (231.05 KB, 871x567, quoteibnkhaldunblacksareno….png)

>need stronger/superior beings to do your tasks?

So you are saying that nature made blacks as perfect slaves for whites.

I agree with you.

>Nobody said slavery was a requirement for civilization to advance

I am saying it. Name ONE advanced civilization that did not have slavery.

f9df4332 No.3604224

File: 1613431857774.webm (2.88 MB, 320x240, africa.webm)

Latest tourist video from Wakanda….

5b65c1b7 No.3604225

You people act as if hunter gatherer tribes don't fight each other. As it's preferable for civilizations to never advance. As if living in mud huts and teepees is preferable than living in climate controlled houses and apartments.
You people act like trans Atlantic slave trade was just white colonist snatching up peaceful tribesmen out of the clear blue sky.

Historically however that is just not how it happened. Waring tribes sold off their prisoners of war to Europeans colonist and Arab traders.

And unless you just don't like living around black people it's good thing they did. The descendants of those slaves became the blacks we live and work around today.

No one can argue that blacks haven't contributed to the advancement of human civilization. But historically it's mainly been Europeans, Asians, and Middle Eastern people who have made the greatest advancements.

The trans Atlantic slave trade was the what allowed blacks to get out of Africa and become a part of modern world. Yes there are developed parts of Africa, but I doubt the majority of the people on the continent are living in 1st world conditions.

5b65c1b7 No.3604228

That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying History happened. On every continent in every country. Historically…. blacks have blood on their hands, aswell Europeans, aswell Asians and every ethnicity on the planet.

Brutality is not a "black people" thing.
It's not a "white people" thing.

It's a human thing.

d98d23a7 No.3604229


Well this is what you get for being in the wrong nigger club in nigger land. Probably wasn't a member of the prevailing tribe in the area and the other chimps got wind of it. Ahh, well, it made me chuckle. Please post more.

01979cd8 No.3604231

what US state is that? Was this during covid-19?

5ea73301 No.3604233

File: 1613439076592.jpg (211.04 KB, 1300x863, 104902440-street-homeless-….jpg)

This will be north america by 2030. Love is gone.

5ea73301 No.3604235

File: 1613439889284.jpg (206.04 KB, 1300x863, 104902438-street-homeless-….jpg)

The last guy survived by using his friend as a shield.

I wonder sometimes about making friends on the web and what kind of person they'd be in situations like these, I'm sure some of my past friends would have used me as lead fodder. The best is realizing shit maybe I'd do the same? Do you love your friends enough?

135d3253 No.3604237

>Having friends

No need to brag about it.

c166e0b5 No.3604243

And before you go slavery is wrong or bad. Dont forget that its still beneficial to have a workforce in any time or age and that workforce is always slave force even if you sign a contract or are coerced into it the results are the same! There no inherent wrongness or rightness in slavery itself, the negativity and positivity sides of the equation come from the acquistion and treatment of those who are involved and the stigmas surrounding it. For a person to properly utilize slave use it would be considered a contract just like today's system of employment. But we should prolly make a new thread for this kind of discussion.

c166e0b5 No.3604245

I would beg to differ on that. Its not exclusive for a culture to have slavery at its roots but any modern socity it is. Though it depends on the time of development of that society and culture. Early on slavery is a definitive necessity for progression.

Heres a little bit of logic
Without war theres no peace cause peace is an invention that comes after conflict. Just like for slaves the definition will begin to evolve and modernize but never go away into the form of contracts Agreed upon terms to which things get done or nothing progresses. So yes its inherently exclusive for a culture or society to survive and thrive properly.

c429a370 No.3604332


64ec3aeb No.3604337

File: 1613528466648.webm (1.68 MB, 264x480, africaroadkill.webm)

72dc6411 No.3604360

File: 1613547456439.jpg (182.34 KB, 900x900, Make_Racists_Afraid_Again.jpg)


You keep posting these movies as if it's going to convince people that all black people are somehow the monsters you claim them to be but the only thing you are actually proving is that you're a psychopath who keeps a collection of videos about human suffering that you've collected over decades because of your rabid dedication to being a hateful, bigoted, prick.

I could spend hours of my time every day on the internet and searching for videos of white people around the globe doing horrible shit and spamming the board with them to prove just how brutal white people are but I don't believe all white people are the same because I'm not a racist. When you do this, when you obsess over finding every evil thing a black person anywhere in the world does, it only exposes you as the one with the mental issues.

72dc6411 No.3604362

>He's still here though, doing the same thing. You can occasionally pick the old idiosyncrasies and the little habits, and the patterns of argumentation he uses.

Elvis is still alive! I seen him in the shopping mall!!

da5531ff No.3604365

>I don't believe all white people are the same because I'm not a racist.

Well that's a step in the right direction.

cf958a98 No.3604375

Only a loser would call themself "Murrabbit".

5ea73301 No.3604377

File: 1613567993193.jpg (105.3 KB, 768x480, khazaria1-768x480.jpg)

The best part of being alone is getting robbed

The best part of apathy is getting to kill kids and rape their mothers

What a beautiful world

72dc6411 No.3604383


Yes, not all white people are racist. Most of them aren't conservatives.

Most of them are normal, happy, people, not beta-male cucks who never met a boot they didn't want to lick like the average Republican voter.

62a38df1 No.3604395

Find me a single video of something half as horrific as this happening in public with bystanders just standing around doing nothing.

cf958a98 No.3604398

The videos show that these people in parts of Africa are just a bunch of Savages.

64ec3aeb No.3604417

File: 1613599211619.webm (2.86 MB, 1280x720, blackdoctorengineerlawyer.webm)

Can you tell which one is the doctor, the engineer and the lawyer?

7c83be5f No.3604420

>This shocking crime was ignored by the media
>Cincinnati.com news logo

racists really are the most retarded people out there

5ea73301 No.3604422

Get the fuck out of our neighborhood, business

Is this afghanistan?

cf958a98 No.3604423

I can tell which are the three savages. Niggers like these need to be handed over to the KKK for a good cross burning or hanging!

01979cd8 No.3604429

File: 1613602217442.jpg (198.03 KB, 2000x1333, _methode_times_prod_web_bi….jpg)

White man was a loner easy picking.
If you have a group of allies doesn't matter if your black or white. If these 3 were to mess with the drug cartel's turf they would have been eliminated. Moral to the story have a drug cartel gang as your protection they will keep you safe from these thugs.

f906cec4 No.3604431

Lefty Lenny over there has a point. All you're proving by posting these is you have gore fetish. I'm not sure where you'd find them but I'm sure there is plenty of footage of white people doing horrible things to each other as well.
I've said this before I'll say it again. Brutality isn't a "black people" thing, it's not a "white people" thing. It's a human thing.

I don't know why brown people tend to live in third world countries or why predominantly black neighborhoods tend have a higher rate of violent crimes but no … No one's hanging anyone.

cf958a98 No.3604434

Would I have said hang three whiteys if they beat up an innocent black dude in the same way? The answer would be yes!

f906cec4 No.3604447

Well good. That's very good.

64ec3aeb No.3604465

File: 1613626364940.jpg (87.55 KB, 499x465, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

>Lefty Lenny over there has a point

You have been gone a while. We had to endure dozens of lefty posts about how 'blacks are being targeted by police' when they commit crimes. How the 'right are murdering innocent antifa protesters' when they assault people. How George Floyd was 'executed by a cop' and all sorts of other lunatic threads. So now, I want to shove all of this reality in their faces that blacks are violent, savage and antisocial and there is no priviledge, no systemic racism, no anything involved in why they behave this way except genetics. Notice how the domestic variety is indistinguishable from the imported type.

72dc6411 No.3604472

File: 1613628841069-0.png (693.95 KB, 706x397, Pittsburgh synagogue shoot….png)

File: 1613628841069-1.jpg (110.33 KB, 1024x683, Las_Vegas_Concert_Shooting.jpg)

File: 1613628841069-2.png (696.22 KB, 640x409, church_shooting.png)

File: 1613628841069-3.jpg (78 KB, 580x387, Nashville-Bombing.jpg)

File: 1613628841069-4.jpg (423.72 KB, 1032x1500, Oklahoma_City.jpg)

How about that video of Trump supporters trying to beat a cop to death with the American flag while the rest of the white people cheered?

Oh, and let's not forget that 99% of terrorist attacks in U.S. History are all white, right-wing, men.

72dc6411 No.3604473

File: 1613629108735-0.jpg (61.63 KB, 795x595, BRILLIANT_.jpg)

>I'm going to prove there is no such thing as racism by hunting down every bad thing black people have ever done on video and claim everyone who is black acts exactly like the worst people ever recorded because all black people are the same.

01979cd8 No.3604489

only in Detroit woman throws bottles at counter cachier!

dff055f2 No.3604497

File: 1613638310122.jpeg (88.47 KB, 800x797, EuccKJ_UUAM7e4N.jpeg)

I have bad news. Mineapolis is turning the black killing machine back on :(

The racist virus probly activated in the brains of city council members.

a2f5bf86 No.3604498

Racism is healthy and good

52bebc0c No.3604525

And where did lulz import you from again? Again, last thing from a leftist, but I noticed here numerous sometimes this stance is not even coming from U.S. citizens, always someone there to sell your enemies ammo.

132e5ca3 No.3604526

Just tell the minority to be the cop if they want to stop racism. If they keep giving excuses, then just rub it on their faces on how they got no balls to be a cop because too afraid of being shunned by their own ethnic community. C-:<

52bebc0c No.3604562

Make the whole police force black. If anyone rigs recruitment then call them racist.

Of course never happen since the media isn't there to solve problems

52bebc0c No.3604583

When you just don't give a fuck anymore

Good woman, kids like antifa give her a bad name

64ec3aeb No.3604602

File: 1613680552216.webm (2.37 MB, 352x640, mathemetician.webm)


>She going' to jail this time

>this time

Her reputation preceded her :D

And now for something completely different….

01979cd8 No.3604603

File: 1613680811393.png (9.04 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Is this in Europe too? wow he went ooga balooga on the conductor!

7b620819 No.3604653

File: 1613693620362.png (6.06 MB, 2559x1440, lucariofinal1440p_u18chan.png)


7b620819 No.3604655

File: 1613693791665.jpg (2.83 MB, 3291x3083, 1587774664.its-holt_lycanr….jpg)


f554ff69 No.3604751

File: 1613765945664.jpg (124.14 KB, 500x369, 2559399694_1328000c3d_z.jpg)

>these videos showing blacks being violent psychopaths only make you a violent psychopath

Facts really frighten you that much?

7e5cd577 No.3604754

>lulz dot net

HAHAHAHA yeah okay

1978e861 No.3604756

Of course these videos are of white straight men, but processed through deepfakes to make them look black.

01979cd8 No.3604757

File: 1613769150222.png (10.58 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Do blacks have more bad dreams than whites because of bad parents? Bad dreams link to bad parents. Does bad dreams make you more violent? Why do blacks have more PTSD than whites? When it comes to poverty it makes things worse. It's complicated. If our technology advances we will be able to connect neurons from their memories that are link to them.

156a1e70 No.3604772

File: 1613776101873.webm (2.6 MB, 1280x720, ourneighbors.webm)

62a38df1 No.3604783

Yeah, lets see that video, please. First it was a flag, then it was a fire extinguisher, and to my knowledge no such video exists. What happened at the capitol building was not the act of "white" people, it was the act of patriots upset that their election was stolen, and they'd have been justified in hanging every single motherfucker in that building who was complicit with the steal. It is the duty of every American black or white, Democrat or Republican to do so.

Also, to get 99% if you have to twist the definitions of terrorism and white, while looking the other way when black people burn down cities for political reasons.

156a1e70 No.3604810

File: 1613792399662.jpg (56.41 KB, 1045x304, Capture.JPG)


BLM/Antifa had infiltrated the protests anyway. They started the violence.

2d905b11 No.3604819

fucking kindegarten tactics

156a1e70 No.3604939

File: 1613855595356.webm (987.95 KB, 320x240, pubictransit.webm)

cf958a98 No.3604943

They're nothing but a bunch of cowards in the video!

cf958a98 No.3604945


That very afternoon, I happened to be in a cab driven by a black man from Senegal. I told him about Leon’s dilemma, and this cabbie went off on his own racist rant about the difference between American blacks and those from other countries. He claimed he could tell from half a block away whether someone was an American black or not, and he said he made it a point to try never to pick up American blacks.

“But why not?” I asked. “You’re black as well.”

“Me and other drivers talk, and we all have the same experience,” he said.

He told me of a specific example where he picked up an American black man in Manhattan and took him up to Jerome Avenue in the Bronx. “He ran away without paying, and what am I supposed to do? I can’t chase him,” he said.

82c72ff8 No.3605153

File: 1613922896081.webm (2.65 MB, 480x270, enriched.webm)

Enrichment process

1. Approach someone
2. Offer hand of friendship
3. Wait for back to be turned
4. Beat them
5. Rob them
6. Cry systemic racism
7. Tear on cheek
8. Repeat as needed

cf958a98 No.3605155

File: 1613923339388.png (1.13 MB, 940x745, Nigga got beat up by a old….png)

95c90078 No.3605172

820d0daf No.3605173

Almost no race on earth can stand black people. This is a known, scientific fact.

It's sort of like how Jews always claim that people "just hate them" and be completely innocent.

>Yes, little Shlomo was kicked out of 109 schools, but it wasn't his fault, they just hated him

>Yes, I was kicked out of 109 strip clubs, but it wasn't my fault, they just didn't like me

90cc6ad2 No.3605174

>>3605173 Yes, every girl (guy) I've ever asked has turned me down, but it wasn't my fault, they just don't like me. But I'll show them when I mow them down with my gun— Every rightwing incel who posts on imageboards.

f554ff69 No.3605177

File: 1613939571752-0.webm (2.82 MB, 1280x720, casual store robbery.webm)

File: 1613939571752-1.jpg (54.42 KB, 832x720, Robert Thompson.jpg)



cf958a98 No.3605185

820d0daf No.3605191

Maybe Joe Biden will give you a discount on your dilation supplies. I know you transexuals constantly need your life subsided so you can focus on your genital obsession.

74b54602 No.3605208

>>Yes, little Shlomo was kicked out of 109 schools, but it wasn't his fault, they just hated him

You would think that after, perhaps 3 or 4 times, they would learn not to let them in at all. But no, 109 times. Its like they don't learn and keep repeating THE EXACT SAME MISTAKE over and over.

62a38df1 No.3605226

I don't see bystanders doing nothing or a cultural acceptance of the atrocities being committed, nigger. I see one or two lone freaks acting on their own.

95c90078 No.3605234

I don't give a shit about your specifications. White niggers killing white people, ain't that enough to fit the bill?

62a38df1 No.3605236

No, because we're talking about cultural and social acceptance and accountability for one's crimes. Not statistically irrelevant outliers.

72dc6411 No.3605279

File: 1614005559731.jpg (76.29 KB, 999x999, r697593_999x999_1-1.jpg)


How sad and pathetic your life must be that you spend all day looking up videos of black people doing crimes just to try and justify your bigotry to people who don't give a wet shit what you think. It makes me feel so much better about my life knowing that people like you are out there.

Thanks for the laugh! Keep up the good work. The world needs more clowns like you.

74b54602 No.3605299

File: 1614026196359.png (180.12 KB, 499x497, Untitled.png)


>Too many redpills - better just punt

Blacks are always comedy gold.

It makes me feel so much better about my life knowing that people like you will never be white

820d0daf No.3605388

File: 1614048055379.jpg (43.89 KB, 452x800, 8945618.jpg)


820d0daf No.3605389

File: 1614048073127.jpg (47.2 KB, 451x800, 981654.jpg)


dff055f2 No.3605439


I've seen it explained in the past. All those black on black crimes, or generaly poc on poc crimes are done by people with a white mind, they think like whites, it's what makes them so violent.

I wish I were trolling.

8663f386 No.3605441

They live in a white society so it's white society's fault.
I'm not kidding. I read dems' proposal to abolish misdemeanors for blacks because it's white society's fault that they committed crimes. Like stealing a TV from a store or setting a car on fire. Obvious white supremacist fault.

01979cd8 No.3605443

File: 1614067800028.png (21.83 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

We nuke Detroit, Dawg!

820d0daf No.3605459

Isn't that like Bart Simpson justifying stealing a video game because "It's the store's fault for making you want it so much"?

90cc6ad2 No.3605476

>>3605299 Newsflash, moron- nothing is lower than you, a pathetic loser incel with a tiny dick who will die unloved and untouched. But keep posting away your impotent rage, manchild. Every time you post you're just confirming how useless you are and that the world will be better if you just drank a gallon of drano.

5feaa4ef No.3605497

you argue like a woman

b9d4df4c No.3605498


Learn the difference between an argument and a statement, dumbfuck

01979cd8 No.3605499

File: 1614116288370.jpg (402.65 KB, 2667x2000, IncomeStatementFinalJPEG-5….jpg)

5596c117 No.3605512

File: 1614128425968.png (1.92 MB, 1656x1718, dea170f78b987188c9ade46167….png)

5596c117 No.3605513

File: 1614128879059.png (1.38 MB, 1090x1578, 032a3d62e3014cfec7f0cfbe61….png)

cba51c4e No.3605519

File: 1614130332703.png (421.92 KB, 1024x768, 1612898914891.png)


Yeah….its just me.

a292be5e No.3605531

File: 1614136576278.jpg (7.91 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

>>3605476 You are so naive.
Of course not all black people are the same. Some of them, quite a significant portion Of them actually are the wisest most incredible people.

But obviously you didn't grow up in the hood. Of course there are many blacks who have overcome, liberal shit baggery, thug culture adiversity and genetic disposition.

But when you grow up around it and see it every day for most of your life you learn that people have good reasons to be on guard around blacks. Especially black people who will tell you this themselves.

You don't have to be an asshole, you don't have to not be friendly or not keep black friends, but letting your guard down around yhem is just naive.

62a38df1 No.3605533

Understand that you are spouting nonsensical opinions and the weight your opinion carries is proportional to the respect you have from us, which is zero, so say something rational or fuck off.

f1cbd5e8 No.3605535

nah black people aren't chinese. immigration is for people who don't identify racially. chinese are from china and china is chinese not black.

a292be5e No.3605541

File: 1614142812464.jpg (30.31 KB, 456x258, Malcolm-X-White-Liberals.jpg)

This what the essence if what liberals and leftists fail to realize about blacks. They're humans and they capable of greater things and most importantly they're not your fucking pets.

You're pandering and babying them and acting like this thug life bullshit and crime culture is acceptable, turning a blind eye and pretending like these issues aren't even real is doing more harm to black communities than the klan ever did. (not the Klan is acceptable either it's not) The affirmative action the double standards, the utter failure to address the real issues facing black communities is what is keeping them down.

Destruction of the nuclear family, black on black crime, fatherless ness in the home, and insentivising it no less, promoting a perputual victim mentality, undermining of Christian values in the black community…. This is hurting the black community.
It's fucking poison. L
Bigotry of low expectations is a real thing.
I'm not bringing this up as some abstract racist talking point. I bring it up because I've seen it, I've lived aroud it. I work with these people, I care about these people they're my friends and co workers.

I respect these people as people… Not pets.

95c90078 No.3605545

File: 1614143742117.jpg (12.65 KB, 182x268, MV5BMzg2Mzg4YmUtNDdkNy00NW….jpg)

a292be5e No.3605547

File: 1614144392466-0.jpeg (11.73 KB, 327x154, images (14).jpeg)

You fucking leftist scum bags. You don't give a damn about black or actual racism. Y'all just cry racism constantly because you're projecting. You're just as racist as anyone else, but your insecure and sneaky little bastards how have to put other people down to feel better about yourselves. Shitting on other people and lording over others, telling them how they should think and live their lives is the only way you justify your existence.

Get the out of our faces cock smoker. All you're doing is making people more divided, undermining liberty and driving people into the arms of the opposition.

I used to be a liberal myself. So were a lot of the people on this board and all over the world. You keep playing the same shit card s eventually people get wise to it.

a292be5e No.3605548

File: 1614144622251.jpg (104.71 KB, 400x400, W84iOrig-OfficerTatum.jpg)

a292be5e No.3605549

File: 1614145745415.jpg (745.13 KB, 2343x2343, Toobin-ClarenceThomasDecis….jpg)

Yeah…. Imagine if those women didn't push their intellect. Imagine if they said fuck whitey gubment betta pay me! Why should we run numbers for these crackers?

But no… they didn't buy into your liberal hogwash. They didn't settle for government handouts. They understand they were part of a civilization and did there damnedest to be contributing members & help advance humans to stars.

a292be5e No.3605555

File: 1614148394838.jpg (83.5 KB, 633x850, EcM6UjcUEAEbRPk.jpg)

Racial slurs? You fucking hypocrites.
What about house N word?
What about coon?
What about uncle tom?
What about Oreo?

If the left care so much about racism and protecting black interests they sure show seem to pitch a fucking fit worse than the biggest racist on this board when they start thinking for them selves, when they start rejecting the perputual victim mentality.

Ya know this isn't considered hate speech on Twitter. Black lives matter? I guess until they don't want to be your fucking pets anymore.

Typically when people on this board use the N word… It's not about being racist it's about triggering leftist tools and exposing y'all for the hateful authoritarian bastards you are.

But this leftist meme? This is some seriously racist fucking bullshit. And it's considered perfectly acceptable on the left.

So don't you Fucking preach to me fatty.

5db343da No.3605562


a292be5e No.3605567

File: 1614149324055.jpg (22.17 KB, 442x320, ec079e569ef2cf5f7e377eef6d….jpg)

How about instead of being a leftist or a liberal crying racist all the time try being a rational respectful human being.

Here… Have a Rebel flag and a middle finger to cry about since ya like crying so much.

I've said all got to say. Hit the road Yankee doodle.

cba51c4e No.3605605

File: 1614176601561.jpg (42.47 KB, 852x1021, wehrmachtww1.jpg)

>immigration is for people who don't identify racially.

This is it!

It all makes sense now.

This is the validation for racism.

Racism is for protecting your culture and people.

Anti-racists are anti-culture and anti-nation.


Thanks nigger anon.

769d4072 No.3605607

6562e8fb No.3605609

This thread is so low energy. Also, fuck Malcolm X.

8663f386 No.3605611

Is there a black dude on youtube who is kind of like nigga but hate left-wingers and their hypocritical attempts to protect his "rights". Really want to listen such dude.

a0987bf9 No.3605616

Can you explain why you dislike Malcolm X? What I've read from him on Wikiquote is mostly good. Not perfect, but far better than retards like MLK, for example.

9d27959e No.3605619

Malcolm X was a dipshit who just made the black community more angry without actually improving anything. MLK was responsible for much of the civil rights progress. MLK taught peaceful, nonviolent resistance to unjust institutions. All Malcolm X accomplished was cementing the angry black person stereotype and pushing Islam on blacks.

7b620819 No.3605620

51ed4036 No.3605624

8da8424b No.3605634

31dfbf1d No.3605638

File: 1614210837123.jpg (31.46 KB, 644x316, Capture.JPG)

94d57637 No.3605640


3596e940 No.3605651


Peaceful protest does nothing unless the alternative to giving peaceful protesters what they want is violent protestors killing your cracker ass. That's the way it's always been. The rich give up no power for free. Not ever.

3596e940 No.3605652

>instead of being a leftist or a liberal crying racist all the time try being a rational respectful human being.

Have you tried not being a racist? Generally, not being one does tend to reduce the number of people calling you a racist.

a8c70f64 No.3605657

File: 1614231694957.jpg (442.68 KB, 1200x1824, Fuck_BLM_Niggers_Are_Racis….jpg)

Niggers are the most racist ethnic group in the US and they have been the most racist for decades now. Racism among whites was minimal and only in fringe groups until the nigger race riots of 2020.

Congratulations BLM, those niggers have reawakened racism among whites that will last a generation or more.

820d0daf No.3605659

>"Everything you hate about America is because of black people"

683290b4 No.3605661

File: 1614232681229.jpg (136.88 KB, 600x600, Detroit 2016.jpg)

You are correct.

51ed4036 No.3605663

File: 1614234784824.jpg (134.37 KB, 800x800, 1614231169069_800.jpg)

Hiroshima : nuked by USA, reconstructed by Japan
Detroit : constructed by GM, left rotten by USA

Where is the USA to sustain the people? Oh, yeah, USA is not a socialist country… Remember subprime crisis? Who's nuking who? Because the crisis was not contained within USA borders, so where are the walls?

dff055f2 No.3605667


Mission accomplished. Without racism professional victims can't thrive, and if it means throwing your fellow black under the bus it's a small price to pay.

5596c117 No.3605673

File: 1614241820108.png (24.01 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Hehe, way ahead of ya!
HasanAbi reacts to Why American History Whitewashes Radical Figures [Mukbang]

e5af34a4 No.3605675

File: 1614242270558.png (248.46 KB, 603x401, 2c1e1f7d728f612341c4d15f00….png)

Please tell me he did it for a joke.

8da8424b No.3605715

File: 1614277749217.gif (509.98 KB, 250x250, giphy (2).gif)

Are there black patriot youtubers? Well of course there are friend of course there are. Why so many infact it really deserves it's own thread.

8da8424b No.3605741

The point I've been trying to make is it's not that these areas are shitty because there populated by blacks it's because they're run by Democrats and liberals who don't actually give a damn about blacks. You don't insensitive crime, you don't insensitive fatherlessness if you're trying to help make a community stronger. That kind of thing is poison to every community bit touches.

bbfb5dd5 No.3605777


>shitty because there populated by blacks

Explain Africa then….

5596c117 No.3605779

Depends on which province, some are under by China's influence and build up.

bbfb5dd5 No.3605785

File: 1614302987459.webm (2.86 MB, 224x400, negrosusingladdertogetshi….webm)


>Please tell me he did it for a joke.

You tell me….

5596c117 No.3605790

File: 1614303438978.png (224.28 KB, 1056x810, lazypeoplearms.png)

who needs ladders when you have longer arms to reach!

5596c117 No.3605792

File: 1614303493320.jpg (38.69 KB, 600x735, 4704be3a085d049ac42c3c697a….jpg)

maybe ask this guy to reach it!

20f70138 No.3605795

File: 1614306797692.png (229.83 KB, 680x450, dd0.png)

Huh… Well … I'd really rather not.

bbfb5dd5 No.3605804

File: 1614309670808.webm (2.47 MB, 460x574, negrointelligencetest.webm)

5596c117 No.3605806

File: 1614309817506-0.jpg (81.22 KB, 600x509, china-assistance-to-africa.jpg)

File: 1614309817506-1.jpg (129.89 KB, 700x511, rebel-game-intro-mobile.jpg)

Africa has many diverse religions and factions it is a mess with hidden cannibalistic cross dressing warlords blood diamonds and gold mining. while China is monitoring the population's opinions focusing basics needs, security and education. on major cities there are some military buildup to protect these vital chokepoints for trade. As long is the United States is not aware of it.

5596c117 No.3605808

Is this for real, or they just acting on screen for tic tok?

82b7e888 No.3605825

File: 1614312885549.jpg (27.02 KB, 521x220, CeINSHkXIAAM8uj.jpg)

62a38df1 No.3605895

It's not fair to just say "The US government." Hold your elected officials accountable when they hand out free money to billionaires and when they shut down your place of employment, putting you out on the street, and who sent your money overseas.

Remember the names of the assholes who voted in favour of those things.

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