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There are niggers.

This guy was a nigger, fortunately he died in the car crash he caused.

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8663f386 No.3608321

File: 1615589564751.jpg (145.45 KB, 1000x666, nob.jpg)

>There could be a link
>Decade-long study that has discovered a strong correlation.
No fucking shit. Who said niggers can't into science? There are discoveries to be made. Turns out if you put a dick in a cunt and move it back and forth in nine months a new nigger will come out but not if you put a condom on the dick.
It's a Nobel Prize no less.

9ef4287d No.3608330

Would we speak about the creationist/flatist white trash that stands in US congress yet powers the world?

45fd8c7a No.3608331

File: 1615602861855.webm (2.93 MB, 352x640, negroeatingcowonground.webm)

>only stupid African

Do I need to start pulling out more webms you stupid nigger. 'Cause I will. By the Elder Gods I'll webm you so hard!

a879a6af No.3608333


Oh, no, I'm sure you have a vast collecting of racist propaganda that you cling to trying to validate your pathetic excuse for a life. You don't need to show us. We know who you are.

f7ef5735 No.3608334

>outside on a nice day
>everyone eating together
>no one fighting
>everyone is dressed
I have no problem with this.

2d905b11 No.3608342

This thread says the n-word. I am glad I am not op.

6ff0d8dd No.3608353


8663f386 No.3608363

File: 1615625134302.jpg (62.07 KB, 500x561, 896077a04ac46d0fd1460762a3….jpg)

Of course we can speak about it but the comparison will not go in the direction of the niggers anyway.
World civilization is enriched by different races and people.
Only the niggers never got away from the apes. All a nigger can do is eat fuck and throw shit. The smartest niggers deny their niggerism and become people without the race of gender and other traits.

ac99e7ba No.3608364

File: 1615625597815.png (7.22 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Nigga awk gruh see!

A government that is rule by blacks and only for blacks!
the black house and the Hood REserve!

9ef4287d No.3608372

9de13b16 No.3608425

File: 1615685936157.webm (2.69 MB, 1280x720, africatoolusingorangatanv….webm)


>stupid nigger

This racist lefty said this. Not me. This racist lefty.

9de13b16 No.3608490

File: 1615737516404.webm (2.41 MB, 480x848, negroNYCbrainsasianforbik….webm)

This just in….

Asian getting his skull bashed in for a bike in NYC.

BLM then holds an 'Anti White Nationalist' rally as a result.

8663f386 No.3608492

File: 1615740589313.png (79.86 KB, 1000x1000, who-controls-institutions-….png)

dff055f2 No.3608597

>BLM then holds an 'Anti White Nationalist' rally as a result.

As it should be!

The white supremacy fuels white privilege.
White privilege oppresse the POC.
The oppressed POC, delirious with pain, express his/her feeling through violence.

The POC is the victim, the society made him/her do this. They must fight white supremacy vigorously so that it never happens again.

343754f0 No.3608600

File: 1615800901121.jpeg (94.62 KB, 330x250, N-Head-shrimp.jpeg)

Whites founded the USA, if you don't like it your POC can GTF out. They couldn't have even got here on their own, and it was sure a mistake to bring them.
They have their own mud and disease-ridden continents to go to, vastly larger and with more resources than the USA.
All your POC do here is cause trouble. We SHOULD be like Japan, or China, or Hungary and other countries where they won't even let them in, they know better.
I can always tell when a nasty nigger drives by in their black cars with their blacked out windows, because you can see the sillouette of their ugly nigger head.

7b620819 No.3608612

File: 1615805354406.jpg (387.64 KB, 1332x850, GET_OVER_THAT_WALL.jpg)

we were a melting pot of half-wits, rejects, and religious zelot outliers, POC have every right to be here as anyone else, as along as they follow proper legal proce….

Ok, under biden there is no procedure other than "GET THE FUCK IN HERE"

we might need to kick a few people out, but no need to be so racist about it.

7b620819 No.3608614

ordinary people looking for work, its practically our responsibility as Americans to accept them.

Just not fake refugees, terrorists, arsonists, terrorists, rapists, already deported several times rapists, murderers, the cartel, that one guy (you know).

9d1b3883 No.3608628

File: 1615815691421.jpg (225.12 KB, 1280x720, [Vivid] Gingitsune - 03.jpg)

I think it would be the most rewarding feeling on earth to turn a bit right, floor the pedal and just keep going. That specimen has earned the right to be a human speedbump.

Also technically you are stopping an attempted murder. Judging by the way the other dude's body went limp there after being hit in the head, any reasonable person would assume this is a life-threatening situation. So you can probably get away with it too as long as you call the cops afterwards.

ac99e7ba No.3608633

File: 1615821188863.png (403.01 KB, 1000x1500, thisdoesnotendwell.png)

well shit!

e5af34a4 No.3608635

File: 1615822926173.jpg (229.39 KB, 500x1150, 130840349297.jpg)

Yeah but they never do that.

They never address that some professions and industries are effectively Jewish clubs, and if you're in, easy ride, if you're not, tough fucking luck goy. I suppose one could maybe convert to Judaism, but most of them are atheists anyway and they'll look at you weird no matter what.

And even when leftists do criticize, it's always only a half-hearted limp-dicked criticism of Israel bombing Palestinian children into bits and pieces… and the person who says it then gets cancelled by more neolibby leftists.

Case in point: that Guardian columnist who did a sarcastic tweet over the tax budget coming with a mandatory quota for spending on Israeli weapons and got yeeted for it.

And speaking of Israel, seriously how fucking hard could a two state solution have been?

ac99e7ba No.3608640

Is Saudi Arabia friends with Israel?
Israel and Saudi Arabia do not have any official diplomatic relations. However, news reports have surfaced indicating extensive behind-the-scenes diplomatic and intelligence cooperation between the countries, in pursuit of mutual goals against regional enemy Iran and recently, Turkey.

e5af34a4 No.3608642

File: 1615824737505.jpg (79.24 KB, 768x576, MP2CJ.jpg)

My personal guess is that money is more important than ethnicity to both Arabs and Jews.

They'll stab each other in the back as soon as it's convenient again.

Seriously, just let the Middle Eastern countries cannibalize each other. There's no need for us to get involved.

But muh oil I guess.

c429a370 No.3608648


Also note how the community jumps to the aid of the victim…

343754f0 No.3608649

>>But muh oil I guess.

The USA was energy-independent again with really low gas prices and not even needing foreign oil until Jan. 20. 2021.

What happened?

9ef4287d No.3608663

If your jealous of Jews, then what about favoring your own kind. Not already a white conservative/supremacist?

Oh, because you believe the USA favors freedom and love over money and power?

Regarding the state of the world, I bet more and more people will fight for less and less resources, so you can forget your 70s mindset at the door.

8663f386 No.3608666

File: 1615832182862.jpg (73.01 KB, 489x487, oyvey.jpg)

9d1b3883 No.3608682

File: 1615834195407.jpg (16.23 KB, 500x328, dogneedle-1.jpg)

Well yeah, I see your point, but if I was on foot I'd hightail it outta there. I'd rather get home with all teeth in my mouth, I can't fight a feral human.


>>then what about favoring your own kind
What good is it if they're already there?

>>because you believe the USA favors freedom and love over money and power?

Branches of the US government and military (+corporate ties) are out of control, but the ideal American citizen is an individualist at heart and that preference is reflected in how laws and daily life work as a hole. So, yes, freedom does matter, more than it matters to most other countries. Is it "more than money and power?" I don't know. I don't think anybody can answer that question.

>>more and more people will fight for less and less resources, so you can forget your 70s mindset at the door

Well, how about stop incentivizing people to breed so much then? We're at sub-replacement birthrate. Time for others to get with the program then.

d4632f38 No.3608700

File: 1615843396409.jpg (75 KB, 550x366, 2496 (2).jpg)

>>This just in….
Asian getting his skull bashed in for a bike in NYC.
BLM then holds an 'Anti White Nationalist' rally as a result.

It's because most blacks think that Asians are some kind of super-evil white people.
Yes, blacks really are that stupid.

cf958a98 No.3608707

ac99e7ba No.3608711

File: 1615846013671.png (10.61 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

that's Nig-uh-awk-racie for ya.

9d1b3883 No.3608712

Dunno what's worse. Being killed by a nigger for 1$ or the fact that no one helped, even after the beating ended.

Guys, move to the countryside. Cities are hellholes.

c429a370 No.3608734

File: 1615859174593.jpg (89.9 KB, 1200x771, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)


I dont believe thats the correct news story. I think this is it.


a879a6af No.3608739

File: 1615860817483.png (208.26 KB, 680x379, Bitch_Are_You_Fucking_Reta….png)

They probably had the rally planned before the attack. The guy getting beaten just happened in the same city. Lots of bad things happen to people in the same city as other events. It's not a conspiracy.

The attacker wasn't a white-nationalist and the victim wasn't a white-nationalist so what makes you think the rally has anything to do with the attack? It's because you're a loon.

c429a370 No.3608825

File: 1615946856236.jpg (16.13 KB, 480x360, blackmanbeatswhitewoman.jpg)


Even the lefty admits that the only thing anyone can expect from non-whites is violence.

Even the lefty admits that the non-white has no control over their actions or emotions.

We are done here.

eb4f27b8 No.3608835

File: 1615952459876.png (230.46 KB, 501x597, 1614148872384.png)

c429a370 No.3608981

File: 1616094080220.jpg (126.09 KB, 939x867, 1608685083190.jpg)

If you are white, it doesnt matter how many 'woke points' you have. You are targeted along with the rest of us. They do not believe in 'white allies'. Thats just a meme.


08ed1fea No.3609010


Imagine being so dumb you think that the majority of BLM isn't white people who are just fed up with conservatism in America and have decided to kick your terrorist asses once and for all. Imagine being that stupid and you will understand what it's like to be Sophistry.

c429a370 No.3609016

File: 1616120048666.png (299.42 KB, 590x519, 1616107882027.png)



They better not show up in based Oklahoma anymore.

d4632f38 No.3609073

File: 1616170361873.jpg (1.02 MB, 1200x1493, 3A59054B00000578-3932876-i….jpg)

Biden’s crew. Can’t you just feel the love, tolerance and diversity?

Even Portland is getting fed up with it now.

08ed1fea No.3609080

File: 1616176901046.png (431.48 KB, 467x722, Just_Making_It_Easier_For_….png)


Them: "We have to stop these people from protesting us murder black people! I know let's kill them with our cars when they protest on bridges and roads!"

Us: Well, looks like we can't form human barricades on roads anymore. Oh well, guess we'll just have to set bridges and highways on fire then watch what happens on TV from the comfort of our homes.

820d0daf No.3609093

File: 1616187233960.jpg (149.64 KB, 1207x864, 1615689723930.jpg)

>Yeah we're gonna get even and set concrete bridges and pavement roads on fire! Come on comrades! Science prevails!

db562d88 No.3609094

File: 1616190158841.jpg (43.81 KB, 761x252, repost.JPG)

>we'll just have to set bridges and highways on fire

It only took six posts to get to this point again.

08ed1fea No.3609099

File: 1616194963191.png (824.92 KB, 769x487, History_Bitch_Learn_It.png)

db562d88 No.3609116

File: 1616207661370.png (592.79 KB, 769x487, 16161949631911.png)


>Stolen election

62a38df1 No.3609127

How about you just stop blocking the roads, nigger. You don't have the right to halt the movement of citizens minding their own business.

This law doesn't go far enough. Anyone blocking a public road for any non-emergency circumstance without government approval should be fair game, be they an immediate threat or not.

08ed1fea No.3609135

File: 1616248248251.jpg (317.1 KB, 1119x1530, Bonus304.jpg)

>You don't have the right to halt the movement of citizens minding their own business.

Actually, we do. There is no government regulation to protect the convince of white people. You think there is protection because you feel like you should have a law protecting your feelings but you don't. That's just your white imagined privilege showing.

62a38df1 No.3609144

Cool, let me just park my car in front of your drive way. That's totally legal, right?

dff055f2 No.3609162

>protecting your feelings

There is government regulation against chasing people's car, pulling them out and lynching them. Which is exactly what happened during those road protests.

It's not about protecting your feelings, it's about protecting your life from a crazed mob.

f9df4332 No.3609169



aba1822d No.3609391

File: 1616534495988.jpg (130.32 KB, 1024x1024, 1616533251383.jpg)

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