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It's time to make a choice!

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I have chosen.

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>It's time to make a choice!

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I already did, years ago.
Religion is a full load of total shit.

There is absolutely nothign to it except blind belief in what we are told to believe in, and no evidence whatsoever of any deities or semi-deities.

At times they can make good stories, and maybe a good moral lesson as well.

But morality comes from EMPATHY, no what some bullshit "preacher" tells us what is morality.

Just look at the TV evangelists, like Ken Copeland and Jerry Falwell Jr.

54b8d014 No.3594852

Religion is bullshit and it's believers all deserve to die for being subhuman trash that's holding back the whole of humanity.

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File: 1605898897791-0.png (1.31 MB, 1600x900, 1563996411.darkviolet_spyr….png)

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You eat the ancient Palestinian Jew's flesh and drink his blood.

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I'm not Jewish.

210725a2 No.3594859

Deus Vult infidel.

0e37d033 No.3594861

You're not very intelligent either. Those are all quotes from the christian testament of the bible.

210725a2 No.3594862

He has a point. Many of those Muslim countries are theocracies and have religion and state mixed.

54b8d014 No.3594863

Think of how much better the world could be if you could press a button and instantly kill all the Muslims and Jews in the world.

Christians too.

d1e049d9 No.3594864

File: 1605901395456.jpg (49.07 KB, 850x400, christianquote-it-is-not-p….jpg)


You're not very intelligent either. Christianity is a form of Judaism.

Jesus was a Jew. He went to Temple. He taught the Torah. You literally worship a Jewish Rabbi.

54b8d014 No.3594865

This. There's nothing dumber than a /pol/fag whining about "da joos" while worshipping a Jew on a stick. The crucifix is just a kike kebab

0e37d033 No.3594867

>You literally worship a Jewish Rabbi.
You just can't stop being wrong, can you?

54b8d014 No.3594868

Christfaggotry is just an expansion pack for jewery

d1e049d9 No.3594872

File: 1605907300232.png (48.88 KB, 250x281, 250px-USA_Michigan_locatio….png)


Little Cuck

Jesus was even circumcised according to Jewish tradition. It is even celebrated in Christianity as the 'Feast of Christ'. It is in scripture.

Luke 2:20-22

>You just can't stop being wrong, can you?

You have just denied the Word of God. That is one of the 'Unforgivable Sins' where even salvation cant save you. Enjoy hell Cuck.

btw, Hell is in Michigan - near Detroit obviously.

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23724aaa No.3594894

Tell that to the hundreds of flavors of Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Quasi-Christian followers that were harassed, persecuted, killed, and even attempted genocide against.

Religion doesn't care about morality, answers, or turth. Only control.

210725a2 No.3594903

One thing I have noticed is that Christians seem more forgiving than Atheists. Like if you offends Atheist,they don't forgive easily. While Christians forgive and have more patience.

bd062a12 No.3594905

No, christfags forgive themselves of their own sins. They don't forgive others. They like being a part of a cult that's based on the idea of their god forgiving them for all the bad things they do.

"as long as I accept that jesus died for MY sins I'LL go to heaven and be rewarded. I'M forgiven for MY sins"

d1e049d9 No.3594912

File: 1605924880550.png (862.31 KB, 600x779, furrynorsewolf.png)


Saucy has nothing left. At least he knows where his ass is since everyone hands it to him each day.

This is now a Woden/Norse thread.

210725a2 No.3594914

Post some norse black metal

54b8d014 No.3594921

File: 1605926044388.png (128.73 KB, 500x522, who-is-the-real-master-rac….png)

Northern Europeans were uncultured retards that never created anything and only stole from others. They're just snow niggers.

0e37d033 No.3594923

File: 1605930135439.png (722.93 KB, 2100x1200, Tungsten-Carbide-Powder-1.png)

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File: 1605936623187.png (48.19 KB, 400x546, tumblr_pdw2zdRYET1v3aqz2o1….png)

The point of Christianity as I see it is simple and it's a very good point.

Know that you're a sinner, be humble enough to accept your faults, do the best you can to be a good person, and work on those faults. Don't do people dirty & know that all your deeds, for better or for worse, for good or for bad are on record.

You might get away with pulling some schenanagins & even if you think know one saw God saw. So go ahead now while your alive and well and make your peace with God so you won't be scrambling to do it your final hours.

Be humble not boastful, be helpful not hurtful. Be kind not cruel. No matter how smart or strong or rich or powerful or sexy or talanted you think you are every good thing that you have could be stripped from you in a moment's notice but God Love is something that no one can take from you.

By no means should the church run our society but when we tofar away from it…well …look around, look at some these hateful comments right here in this thread.

84a868fb No.3594935

File: 1605937381615.png (1.34 MB, 2000x2500, 657572_juicydemonart_laver….png)

>>3594851 The wicked will use any tool at their disposal for their own gain they think will work. Christianity is no exception.

>>3594905 If I was an atheist I wouldn't be up here. We forgive so that we too may be forgiven.

You look down your nose at us because it gives you a false sense of supiority and because it's trendy.

bd062a12 No.3594936

A lack of religion isn't the problem with todays society. All things considered things are better now than 50 or 100 years ago.

The problem is institutions and the sorts of people that run them. Corruption is king, but with religion involved you have blind adherence to a bunch of bullshit seen as a virtue. Leaders and institutions should always be questioned and judged for what they are. Authoritarianism is the worst shit in the world and religions all are built around an unquestionable authority.

bd062a12 No.3594937

And what sect of christfaggotry do you adhere to?

Is it the one where you pay the child rapist in a goofy have a fee to have god forgive your sins?

The only things that should be forgiven are mistakes, not malice or shitty behavior. If you do something shitty you should feel bad and do what you can to fix it and not fuck up again, not ask your imaginary friend to forgive you so you can feel better about. Forgiveness does nothing good except make people feel better about the shitty things they've done.

84a868fb No.3594938

File: 1605940263381.png (203.25 KB, 1000x1263, e99.png)

>lack of religion isn't the problem with todays society.
True, it's lack of discipline, structure and regard for one another as well the rule of Law. It's a lack of humility and self awareness. I could go on. I appreciate Christianity However because it promotes these very virtues.

>All things considered things are better now than 50 or 100 years ago.

So why are we still fighting those battles that have already been fought and won 50 or hundred years ago?

>The problem is institutions and the sorts of people that run them. Corruption is King,

Like under Communism?
>Beut with religion involved you have blind adherence to a bunch of bullshit seen as a virtue.
Also like under Communism?
,>Leaders and institutions should always be questioned and judged for what they are.
Yeah? I'd agree that no system or leader should be above reproach. But neither should we be contrary by default simply for the sake of it.
>Authoritarianism is the worst shit in the world and religions all are built around an unquestionable authority.
No once again you're thinking of communist dictatorship religion s are built because of man's longing for wisdom and to know the divine. Any system ( Very much like the modern liberal agenda) that holds it's self as unquestionable orthodoxy … Yeah. … I'd agree SHOULD be resisted and questioned, but as you have pointed out… We're not living 50 or hundred years ago.

So why act like it?

84a868fb No.3594939

File: 1605940770986.jpeg (8.65 KB, 225x224, images (1).jpeg)

>And what sect of christfaggotry do you adhere to?
The sexy fun kind

a0185432 No.3594942

File: 1605942927925.jpg (240.06 KB, 1280x1041, 2bec8a05011d51a89bf320b766….jpg)


who do I have to worship to be let into dog heaven instead of shitty human heaven?

84a868fb No.3594943

File: 1605942928665.jpg (160.57 KB, 850x1081, sample_1b818d732e41d4f3240….jpg)

>Is it the one where you pay the child rapist in a goofy have a fee to have god forgive your sins?

Not sure what the hell that was even supposed to mean. Are you talking about the one where they cut off the tip of a baby boys dingy??
That's not Christianity. That's Judaism. And your not allowed to question that because that would make you a Nazi or at the very least anti semetic.

Or do you mean the one where they cut out a baby girls clitoris? That's also not Christianity… That's Islam and your not allowed to question that either… You might get beheaded or at the very least be islamaphobic.

Or do you mean the one where the practioner dunks a child under water for a split second or simply splashes some holy water on the head and says a prayer?

I know you're not taking about Christianity because no pastor or Christian I've ever spoken to "charges" people to baptize them. I've baptized people myself thank you. If someone's Charging for baptism it's either a scam or Damn well better have one hell of a happy ending.

I just gotta say … It's a bit peculiar if your more offended by water and prayer than infant genital mutilation.

How exactly is that forgivable to you? How is that not malicious? How is that "okay"?

90dd7cd2 No.3594948

File: 1605945452067.jpeg (79.5 KB, 578x720, 1_0-YgAVNg65symSpxiTSykQ.jpeg)

bd062a12 No.3594949

Why the fuck are you bringing up communism?

Talking about catholics and their indulgences and institutional protection of kiddy diddlers

4721f41e No.3594953

Did that. And I'm clinging to this promise because I'm a worthless trash that deserves to burn in a lake of fire.

> There's nothing dumber than a /pol/fag whining about "da joos" while worshipping a Jew on a stick.

You're considering "The jews" as one monolithical entity. They are not. Some religious jews are against the creation of the state of Israel for example. They are legit anti-zionists jews.

Christians who don't forgive others disobey Jesus : Mt 6:14
"For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins."

Catholics reinvented their flavor of christianity as needed. Just look at the Popes, there where adulterers among them, guys who paid to access this title for political power, but somehow all they say concerning religion is "infailible", yeah right.
Priests who diddle kids should be expelled from the Church, not protected, it's even in the Bible: 1 Corr 5:11
"But I now have written unto you not to keep company with any man who is called a brother if he is a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner. With such a one you are not even to eat."

Give them to the law enforcements ; but if they later change their way sincerely, forgive them.

Look at christians who only live by the Bible for a better view of what a christian should be.

84a868fb No.3594955

File: 1605982342328.jpg (113.14 KB, 412x580, 718152578.jpg)

Because it's a trash system if pure Authoritarianism. It's a system the left can't seem to get enough of & it is typically a system that rejets Christianity and religion. Under Communism there can be no higher power than the state.

44effc17 No.3594956


>Just look at the Popes, there where adulterers among them, guys who paid to access this title for political power, but somehow all they say concerning religion is "infailible"

Only when they speak *ex cathedra*.

54b8d014 No.3594957

Just because someone isn't religious doesn't mean they're a commie. I'm an antiauthoritarian. Religion and states are both authoritarian scum that should never be given power and both demand power claiming it's for the greater good.

The world would be a far better place without your religious bullshit. You're no different than muslims other than a state keeping your ideology out of the government.

210725a2 No.3594960

Fun fact is that Jesus was actually black or middle eastern and not white like how those Italian artists painted him as. He would have looked more like Osama Bin Laden and less as Those white actors.

84a868fb No.3594965

File: 1605988874138.jpg (51.15 KB, 419x433, chinese-jesus.jpg)

We don't know what Jesus looked like. We only have theories. But yeah due to not knowing people typically portray Jesus as what ever race they're most accustomed to. Of course Italians would portray him as European.

54b8d014 No.3594966

The fictional character of Jesus would have been a middle eastern Jew so there's no way he'd be anything but a sand nigger. Just some dirty Semite stapled to a stick.

84a868fb No.3594967

If you're anti authoritarian you should be for allowing people to believe as they choose. I'm not forcing anyone to be Christian. And no one should be, and no one should be forced to not be Christian either.

54b8d014 No.3594968

I'm not saying you can't believe in your bullshit, I'm just saying that you're a retard, your beliefs are retarded, and that the world would be better off without retards like you.

4721f41e No.3594969


Sure, let's erase christianity:

- No ban of sacrifices to Gods.
- No ban of roman gladiator fight and slaughter of criminals against wild beasts.
- No ban of child abandon, left to die if they looked unhealthy, or just weren't wanted. Christian would adopt them, literally picking them up from the trash pile.

Without christianity, the world would have continued being a much more violent place, maybe even to this day if no "human rights" movement happenned (and that is not guaranteed to have happened, just look at China for an example).

210725a2 No.3594970

Yeah. I saw something on tv that said Jesus didn't look like how we think he did.

210725a2 No.3594971

I heard Islam is worst. There are passages in the Kiran saying that women are the property of men and that unbelievers are to be killed.

210725a2 No.3594972

Kiran. Fucking auto correct

210725a2 No.3594973


54b8d014 No.3594974

Without religion there would be no sacrifices to gods

Gladiatorial combat should be allowed if it's consenting adults

Execution of criminals is valid, why not make the method entertaining? Watching child molesters get mailed and eaten alive on pay-per-view with the profits going to their victims would be great.

Infanticide (such as abortion, which is irrefutably infanticide) sucks and it would be great if there was a way to make sure that every child could be given a loving and supportive home, but religion isn't a necessity for love compassion

84a868fb No.3594977

>>3594968 oh yeah accountability being decent to people, charity, believing in something higher than your self … So retarded. The world would be so much better off if we were all just as selfish and hateful as you.

84a868fb No.3594978

File: 1605994897410.jpg (60.56 KB, 201x320, 6368307.jpg)

No I don't think pedophiles should be tortured to death or mauled, we just need to keep them the hell away from our kids, instead of letting them read them stories, dress them in drag, sit on their laps, go to unsupervised topless pool parties, parade them around in pagents for them and put them in smut films on Netflix and act like it's okay.

54b8d014 No.3594980

You can have all that good shit without the religion. If you need a bunch of lies to tell you to do that under threat of eternal torture then you aren't really a good person.

People who hurt children have forfeited their humanity. Warehousing them in prisons is an unnecessary burden. They need to be put down like the diseased animals they are. Doing so in a way that helps their victims is the best option.

How is saying they'll be tortured for eternity in hell by your diety any less sadistic?

d594be20 No.3594985

>believing in something higher than your self … So retarded.

There's a better version. Buddhism believes yourself to be the highest thing, only, thinking yourself as an individual misses the point and reduces you to be something less.

d594be20 No.3594987

>You can have all that good shit without the religion

Every system of thought reduces to a religion. The only difference is in how much you assume.

cad9d016 No.3594992


The fact you think people need to be afraid of a scary sky-god for them to be decent people just goes to show how much of an asshole you are. You assume everyone is like you, rotten and broken, sour and disgusting deep down to your core so the only way anyone could do good is if some outside force made them do it.

cad9d016 No.3594994

File: 1606005822802.png (189.23 KB, 640x592, Free_Will_Argument.png)

>Every system of thought reduces to a religion.

Every system reduces to a belief. Not a religion. Religion is a belief that is held without or sometimes in opposition to factual evidence.

People believe in gravity because there is evidence of gravity. People have religion about a zombie-jew flying into the sky and sitting on the throne of heaven because they are in a cult.

There is a difference.

473df9ff No.3594996

File: 1606013642258.webm (1.1 MB, 426x236, Jesus was a mushroom.webm)

Watch this video about Jesus.

210725a2 No.3595001


Well there are mean assholes, like people who have been assholes to me because i don't know social skills. I have had people avoid me and tell me to fuck off because of my social skills. I think if they had a fear of god, they wouldn't do that. Like they would fear god would strike them down.

0e37d033 No.3595002

If you run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. If you run into assholes all day, you're the asshole.

cad9d016 No.3595020

File: 1606037440664.png (45.79 KB, 396x462, Stop_Being_An_Asshole.png)

>I have had people avoid me and tell me to fuck off because of my social skills.

That's like saying, "I keep ignoring the rules of chess every time I play and for some reason, these assholes don't want to play with me! Why won't people just let me do whatever I want and kiss my ass anyway?"

That's not a them problem, that's a you problem.

4721f41e No.3595022

>How is saying they'll be tortured for eternity in hell by your diety any less sadistic?

I believe people are destroyed in the lake of fire, and "hell with demons torturing you" before judgement is dubious to me.
Oh but it's a "fire that never is quenched" ! Well, just like several fires mentionned in the Bible, that burned cities left and right. Those cities burned to the ground, and the fire is not still raging on nowadays.

>The fact you think people need to be afraid of a scary sky-god for them to be decent people just goes to show how much of an asshole you are.

I can't speak about the other anon. But we are all assholes. Some much less than others, granted.
When you accept God, his Spirit is supposed to works you ; the fear of punishment can be a useful motivator at first I suppose, but you're supposed to become a better person who wouldn't engage in bad behaviors in the first place.

cad9d016 No.3595023

File: 1606047569117.jpg (69.33 KB, 667x858, Holy_Face_Palm.jpg)

>I believe people are destroyed in the lake of fire…

See, that's a nice excuse that Christians like to use to cover for the sadistic cruelty of their "God" but it's contradicted by the texts of the bible.

Read the story of Lazarus. Luke 16:14-31 where they compare the eternal suffering of a rich, greedy man vs the salvation of a poor man showed God's mercy.

If you believe the bible is true, then you must also believe that God makes people suffer for all time to soothe his own ego.

To be a Christian is to worship a sadistic, mass-murdering, child-raping, monster.

cad9d016 No.3595024

File: 1606048088675.png (64.39 KB, 300x221, Traditional_Marriage.png)

>When you accept God, his Spirit is supposed to work you…

The evidence, over all of recorded time, shows that isn't what happens.

Churches are known for racism, slaving, bigotry, child molestation, and hate.

There is no more destructive organization in all of history than the Christian church.

You literally have committed genocide. The Catholics backed Hitler.
You did crusades.
You slaughtered entire nations of people in the name of expanding God's influence.

There has been no single greater source of evil perpetrated through-out history than the pursuit of the "love" of God.

Your "Holy Spirit" is doing a shit job.

ea58974c No.3595026

File: 1606050598229.png (193.25 KB, 1000x1000, 00_the_best_one_yet.png)

Christians are wannabe-Jews.

>"two wrongs make a who cares"
You're not wrong about religion being only there to control people (at least nowadays, when we don't need the fairy tales as an explanation as to how we got here), but he's not wrong either. The Five Books of Moses (Torah) are the beginning of both the Jewish Bible and the Christian Old Testament. That's not an accident. Somebody didn't just mix up some scrolls while making the final draft of the Christian Bible.

>>/pol/fag whining about "da joos" while worshipping a Jew on a stick. The crucifix is just a kike kebab
I know right. I love to wind up NatSocs with this shit.

At least some of them have enough brains to be some into some kind of völkish neopagan let's-pretend-we're-religious-again kinda shit. I can respect that half-assed larping more than I can respect someone worshiping dead Jew.

6a4a61a0 No.3595027

File: 1606052396986.jpg (1.39 MB, 2400x1942, 952b7ed9dc3d9c021c1e014b32….jpg)

>>The Catholics backed Hitler
It's… not that simple.

Germany was majority Evangelic (2/3).
But Hitler was a Catholic. He tried to unify all Germans under one Nazi-approved version of the German Evangelic Church. And the Catholic church ended up opposing Hitler (gee, wonder why). And the Evangelic Church itself split off in two, some churches not wanting state meddling, others liking the state backing.
TL;DR it was a total clusterfuck.

84a868fb No.3595028

Oh yeah Christians are all assholes rotten to the core disgusting and broken horrible and retarded for believing in an invisible sky daddy…
Until your Job becomes considered " non essential" your hours are cut or your laid off entirely, unemployment is backed up, so you're not getting a government check,
you have no money and have to wait in line at a food pantry so you'll have something to eat.

84a868fb No.3595029

>>3595024 Biased selective reasoning much?

84a868fb No.3595030

The crusades were a response to the forceful spread of Islam.

54b8d014 No.3595031

Stop equating a lack of religion with authoritarian politics. For fucks sake people can be good to each other without religion
Why didn't they just be good Christians and turn the other cheek?

You were just talking about the Christian virtue of forgiveness. Why not forgive the Muslims for their trespasses against them?

84a868fb No.3595034

File: 1606057317930.jpg (32.41 KB, 672x800, b3beae43f34f5fbfbc45effb36….jpg)

Oh boy here we go agian with the "HuH Well ya know the Bible says (insert questionable Bible quote) so yeah ya know if you're a Christian you must Believe (insert questionable belief here)Check mate Christfag!"

Bro you don't know what we believe, you're incapable of having a legit discussion on that because it's easier for you to make broad sweeping generalizations, pat yourself on the back to feel supior
It's easier to be a hateful prick that to be open minded about different beliefs. Different people believe different things, even among Christians. Yeah there's a lot of things in there that may seem contradictory, things that if you have a grain of common sense should know not to be taken literally or at face value. Sometimes in the Bible, yeah… God's kind of a dick.
No one here is disputing that. (At least I hope not)

I'd say living strictly according to scripture is entirely dependent on which verses you prioritize. So different people are going to do it differently. I might say treating the Bible as if it is Literally your God, is unquestionable…. well I can't recommend that. It's kinda limiting yourself spiritually and intellectually in your relationship with God or Whatever you call the spirit force. But it's ours! It's our book, it's important to us.

So you can fuck right off.

84a868fb No.3595036

I wasn't. The point is most of these food pantries people are turning to during this pandemic are typically Christian organizations. I was saying that it's all well and good for you talk shit about us and look down your nose at us, but who's going to be there for you and your family in your time of need? Satan? Atheistic intellectuals? The local synogue? Your local mosque? Yeah good luck with that.

84a868fb No.3595037

File: 1606059095329.jpg (113.67 KB, 850x867, sample_47b0db2542b22da3569….jpg)

>Why didn't they just be good Christians and turn the other cheek?

Oh boy here we once again with the "I absolutely hate you and despise your beliefs even though I just make up what I think you believe based cartoonish stereotypes, but OH YEAH let me see if I can use your own scripture against you."

Turn the other cheek? How about speak softly but carry a big stick. Forgiveness and patience has it's limits ya know. So are you honestly suggesting we would all have been better off of the crusades didn't happen and Christians allowed Militant Islam to spread throughout the western world?

Because that's what would have happened. Turn the cheek? How about you turn the other cheek and stop being hateful prick bigot?

0f5a5c0e No.3595038


"Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick" is from Theodore Roosevelt, not the Bible. Have you even read the bible? Lol!

84a868fb No.3595039

Yeah we all know you can be decent person without being a Christian. No fuck'n shit. Literally no one here is disputing that

But did YOU know that like wise Authoritarianism can exist without it being religious? Because it can, it has, and still does in some places to this very day. Are you really going to try to dispute that? Because it seems like trying to.

f45f05b4 No.3595040

File: 1606060265911.gif (450.4 KB, 1200x1000, tumblr_nq2hl9tmtg1uyvbolo1….gif)

Aufy's actually right here. Crusades were actually actually justified, gotta say.

Muslims impeded on the religious freedoms of both Christians and Jews in the occupied territories by demanding a religious tax, banning bell ringing and observing specific traditions and holidays. The crusades were merely a reconquering of conquered territory. As simple as that.

Religion is doo-doo, Aufy. You know it's made up, I know you wanna believe, but let's drop the bullshit.

f45f05b4 No.3595041

File: 1606060695808.png (216.08 KB, 396x495, 8ef.png)

>religious people itt

84a868fb No.3595042

File: 1606060744429.jpg (33.15 KB, 620x413, Machiavelli-3-79fe9f6.jpg)

>>3595038 Yeah, I know. No fuck'n shit. We learned that in third grade history. I didn't say it was a Bible quote. The point I was making was Forgiveness and kindness and "Turning the other cheek" has to have it's limits.

Yeah we can be kind and forgiving but if ya push to far, you're gonna have bad time. Did I not just get through ranting about how I cannot recommend using the Bible as your only sourc of wisdom? If I was quoting the Bible I would have sourced it to an the particular verse. Literally anyone online can do that now, we have the internet.

0f5a5c0e No.3595043


>Religious freedoms

What in the heck are you talking about? At the time the crusades occurred there was no such thing as religious freedom. If you lived in a country, empire, or kingdom, you followed the religious norms of that area without question.

This is true whether you lived in the middle east, or europe, or china, or any other area.

So if christians and jews were living in muslim occupied areas and the muslims told them they had to follow muslim law, that's no different than if muslims were living in europe and had to follow european catholic laws. There's no imbalance in that.

84a868fb No.3595044

File: 1606061149490.jpg (25.7 KB, 600x450, 33107_WEbxNuhs.jpg)

>>3595040 You don't even know what I believe.

4721f41e No.3595048

> there was no such thing as religious freedom.

You literally don't know what you are talking about.

Jerusalem belonged to a muslim ruler before the crusades, but he allowed jews and christians to live, even allowed pilgrims to visit.

The very crusade we're talking about in this thread where triggered because a turkish ruler took Jerusalem and refused pilgrimages to it, as well as being a dick with jews and christians.

Jews and Christians lived in muslim owned countries for centuries. They payed a special tax, but then so did muslims. Wikipedia excerpt:

zakat - one of the five pillars of Islam. Only imposed on Muslims, it is generally described as a 2.5% tax on savings to be donated to the Muslim poor and needy.

jizya - a per capita yearly tax historically levied by Islamic states on certain non-Muslim subjects—dhimmis—permanently residing in Muslim lands under Islamic law, the tax excluded the poor, women, children and the elderly.

And obviously you could be jew in medieval europe too. Everyone hated you of course, and sometime pogrommed you, but they survived.

0f5a5c0e No.3595051


And what part of this equates to religious freedom? If anything you're just expounding on my point that all of this oppression was normal for the time.

54b8d014 No.3595052

How is theocratic Muslims making christfags pay taxes any different from church tithing?

4721f41e No.3595054


If jews and christians followed muslim laws, they'd become muslims. They'd have them recite "There is only one God Allah and Mohammed is his messenger" and it would have been over. Only muslim, no jews, no christians.

Since there where jews and christians in muslim countries, logic dictate that they didn't follow muslim laws.

If you're talking about civil laws, it's another story. Certainly they'd have have their hand cut off if found stealing, just like muslims.

210725a2 No.3595056

But I never did anything to make some people be assholes to me. What did I ever do to them to make them hate me?

210725a2 No.3595058

As if Atheistism is any better. Stalin was a atheist,as was Mao,As was ho chi minh. in the USSR, religion was outlawed

48b52422 No.3595061


They may have been atheist, (although Stalin asked for God's help when he was threatened by Hitler, but Stalin and Mao demanded worship of THEMSELVES.

Mao is still worshipped in Red China, and the Kim family is still worshipped in North Korea.

I'm reminded of a banner being towed by one of Ming's ships, in the movie "Flash Gordon."
"All will make merry, under pain of death."

35e412b9 No.3595064

File: 1606075948278.jpg (64.36 KB, 566x361, Capture.JPG)



Atheism was the States position, but it was never practiced as policy. It is easy to see churches of all kinds all over the Soviet Union all during its time. Islam and Eastern Orthodox Christianity did just fine. Some cults were extinguished however, but no one cares about heretics.

f341e510 No.3595072

File: 1606086601429.png (419.01 KB, 719x475, 1362828377505.png)

It's not that easy.

First of all, communist atheism is fake. It doesn't come from a sincere desire to root out misinformation but from a practical desire to control better. The state gathers more power by the government becoming a church-like entity and the supreme leader becoming a god-like figure. If religion had been a better way to do it, they'd have probably started a religion.

Secondly, many communist countries were in practice also religious. For the majority of the time during the communist regime, both in the Soviet Union and in the Eastern Bloc religion was only outlawed for the party members (officially, unofficially priests would do religious weddings at midnight as long as you grease the wheels with some cash or foreign luxury goods), the proles had all the church they wanted. But priests would be listened to by assigned informants of the secret police force. As long as you didn't talk against communism or the party or the leader you should be fine tho. And in school they taught atheism in the form of "religion is just man made stories" (I hate commies but go and prove them wrong on this one, I'm waiting).

The Eastern Orthodox church is particularly obnoxious, since it managed to get state backing somehow and crushed under its boot other denominations like Greek-Catholics using political prisons as an "incentive" to force-convert priests. The average man never had any say in it anyway.

So, it's complicated. Americans think in such simplistic black and white terms. It was never simple or clear, in some places communism was just some kind of parasite that latched onto the existing structure, in other places it completely turned everything upside down and built a new society. Anyway, fuck commies.

f341e510 No.3595073

uh, meant to link to >>3595058

f341e510 No.3595074

File: 1606087052232.gif (85.48 KB, 256x230, 522e22c17c274.gif)

I was a bit loose there with that 'Religious freedoms' phrasing.

But my main point was the Muslims completely provoked Christianity into attacking, oppressing its believers and tearing chunks out of Europe. Some parts of Europe were under the boot of the Muslims for centuries, but fortunately at the time they were happy with taking just our money (and kids, see Janissary army, probably why Turkey half looks like someone swapped all the sandniggers in Arabia with white people)

Remember, (and I _really_ hate having to defend them) Christianity was filtered through Greek culture, which was really politically advanced for its time, so if you're wondering why Christianity as a whole is so Democracy-compatible. Of course, minus the parts of the history where Christianity decided it was going to take over the world and tear to shreds and burn everything in its path. there you go.

1ad207e1 No.3595143

>It doesn't come from a sincere desire to root out misinformation

That's atheism by virtue. Atheism does not reject religion as it's simply inverting it. In effect, it is the religion (and the moral implications that arise) of preaching that God doesn't exist. Atheism starts from the axiom that God is not true and spirituality is nonsense in any sense, which is not seeking any truth but simply asserting it.

The only people who are actually being intellectually honest in this respect are the ignostic, who claim to be too stupid to even know what God means so they cannot believe or not believe in it. They are at least open to the question. Their trouble is that they either don't care about the truth and refuse to seek it, or are secretly atheists who are playing dumb to avoid the argument.

1ad207e1 No.3595145

Another way to look at it, because atheism is not starting from a neutral point of view, but from a negation of religion, it is a political system by nature. It is established and maintained not as an intellectual or scientific pursuit, but as a movement to oppose whatever the established social order is.

Because of this, atheism never exists outside of the context of its parent religion. It is established to justify reversal of social power by defining the previous order heretical by the ultimate means: it's not that you believe in the wrong god, but that you believe in a god at all that makes you unfit to rule. Never mind what crazy stuff the atheist believes in, because he defines himself as being rational by default BECAUSE he opposes faith and spirituality. This is the purpose of atheism, and why the communists employed it.

1ad207e1 No.3595147

And let's not forget:


>The first step is to measure whatever can be easily measured. This is OK as far as it goes. The second step is to disregard that which can't be easily measured or to give it an arbitrary quantitative value. This is artificial and misleading. The third step is to presume that what can't be measured easily really isn't important. This is blindness. The fourth step is to say that what can't be easily measured really doesn't exist. This is suicide.

Science isn't really atheistic. It's just disregarding everything that cannot be put into numbers and equations because it has no tools to deal with it. This is why philosophy is a thing and science is just a subset of rational thought, even though the hard-line physicists like to claim that philosophy is dead. Anyone who does that as a matter of principle is not being entirely rational.

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