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I know a tranny who is just a female who tried to turn male.

I would like trump to win just to make them cry.

727f34da No.3594248

a link for those of you who don't want to give ad money to fascist enablers

>Pennsylvania code…says if a ballot from a deceased individual is counted, it should not invalidate any election.

good job punching your own dick, tucker

f2650e9b No.3594249

I not sure anyone noticed this, but trannies often seem crazy.

Like the trannies i have met always been snappy for no real reason, and i think they think that adding a dick if they are a woman or a vagina to them if they are male will fix their problems.

5bba3b4a No.3594253

I love it when Republicans cry about people who vote then die between the time they mail in the ballot and when the count is.

Do you want to play that game? Think about you fucking retards, your white nationalist party is 98% old, decrepit, racists clinging to life with the power of their hate and greed. Who do you think would lose more votes if you actually spent the billions of dollars to make sure that no one who died in the last few months of the election got counted?

It wouldn't be Biden. Biden would still win but you know who would lose votes? Republican senators and congressmen.

That's what you God damn morons don't get. Biden won by such a huge margin that even if Trump proved his ridiculous conspiracy theories the only people who would lose are REPUBLICANS.

You are blind idiots punching each other in the face just hoping that someone gets a broken nose before the cops drag you all to jail. The people you are trying to hurt aren't even in the fight. They already left. It's done. It's over. You're only hurting yourselves.

5bba3b4a No.3594254

File: 1605177916876-0.jpg (312.7 KB, 828x1557, EmbU9OtVcAEeJhD.jpg)

File: 1605177916876-1.jpg (276.6 KB, 828x1493, EmbU9OxU0AAHeeB.jpg)

Speaking of Republicans turning on each other!

The Proud Boys are in the news again, this time because after Trump lost the election they decided that all you white faggots and minorities they let into the club to try and make it look like they weren't pure white-nationalists bigots are out! You failed to convince others of your kind to vote for Trump so what good are you?

No more milk for you! They are saying it loud and clear, they are white nationalists, they have always been white nationalists, anyone who isn't a straight-white-man is just tool to be used and thrown away when you fail to be useful.

32cd1639 No.3594257

File: 1605199072365.jpg (53.58 KB, 427x960, photo_2020-11-12_08-36-06.jpg)


32cd1639 No.3594258

File: 1605199131348.jpg (133.55 KB, 1080x1080, photo_2020-11-12_08-36-09.jpg)


eb74a8db No.3594259

I spent months on a discord with democrats working out ways to falsify votes, trick voting site workers, stealing mail ballots and filling them out for Biden before sending them in etc. There is nothing you can do about it. This entire post is satire ;)

f2650e9b No.3594260

I think I saw a post on lulz.net someone bragging that they could vote as many times as they wanted and no one could stop them

727f34da No.3594261

Mrs. Clinton and George Soros were in the voting booth doing election fraud and I saw one of the ballots and the ballot looked at me!

b3172d05 No.3594262

I myself personally mailed - never hand-delivered - over 17,000 fraudulent votes for the DemonRat party in Pennsylvania and probably single-handedly swung the election.

73997290 No.3594268

File: 1605220655045.jpg (95.97 KB, 1280x1280, Chiynah.jpg)

Have we talked about the democrats electing a literal retard to office? Like, ChrisChan level?


Isn't this one of those clumps of cells that abortion should weed out? I don't think anyone wants a Downs Syndrome baby, so they sure wouldn't want some malformed autistic person.

I guess whatever reaches the average democrat voter.

f2650e9b No.3594269

Why you so ableist? Mocking asperger's, down syndrome people is offensive.

73997290 No.3594270

File: 1605222772181.jpg (84.75 KB, 828x680, 1605024886568.jpg)

If abortion was freely available when she was being formed, she would have been aborted.

We can't run a successful world unless we let the ability of women to abort cells that aren't perfect.

29685463 No.3594276

Autism doesn't always equal low intelligence, asshole

ddb1648e No.3594278

File: 1605225394307.jpg (25.13 KB, 500x426, Harry_Potter_Goths.jpg)


I bet even half the people who claim they are autistic are not really mentally impaired worthy of the condition, they just have a need to be fucking special.

What good is it to be intelligent, if you are incapable of not looking like a spastic mong?

This the fault of everybody who made it sound like it's fashionable to have a mental illness. Having it shouldn't be a stigma or a reason of shame, but it should be nothing to be proud of either, preferably something one does one's best to hide it, not fucking blast it in the public space with a megaphone "look at me, I'm a mong!", but being proud of being mentally ill should be something socially frowned upon, something one gets shamed for.

Disgraceful conduct.

5bba3b4a No.3594280

>electing a retard…

So he's retarded because he's getting twice as much sex as you?

Wait.. that's not right. 2x0 is still zero. Twice as much as someone who isn't a bigot. He's getting it from both sexes. Way more than you'll ever see.

727f34da No.3594283

I'm beginning to think jimbo o'queefe doesn't know the meaning of "veritas".


5bba3b4a No.3594284

File: 1605230602882.png (300.23 KB, 409x316, ggregh534.png)


The "Whistleblower" got paid over 100 thousand dollars by project veritas backers and SUCKERS in the right wing using a go-fund-me account to keep them legally protected. It's all theater made to keep rich, white, conservative, multi-millionaires happy.

ddb1648e No.3594294

File: 1605235200601.png (652.86 KB, 1260x855, lyingmedia.PNG)


The lamestream media blatantly fucking in your face lied about him taking back his statement, I wouldn't be surprised if they lied about this as well.

Also at the end of the day it doesn't matter who wrote it, he still has to sign off on the affidavit, so he's still legally bound by the truthfulness of what's written there.

Yeah fucking good. He deserves that and a fucking medal on top for serving the country and exposing you shits at the cost of his own job and reputation.

02e57eee No.3594295


That screengrab is from the Project Veritas attempt to "debunk" the actual debunking which was of this greedy little shit's fairy story, that he admitted was created by him and Project Veritas.
At the Project Veritas posting on Youtube I was told O'Keefe was absolutely accurate in his fake videos, I posted an article from "Business Insider" (now THERE'S a liberal publication!) documenting all the fakes O'Keefe and his goons have pulled over the years.
The guy who said to me O'Keefe is "accurate" went dead silent.
NO ONE actually trusts a fucking thing that little punk says, he's been caught too many times making shit up.

eafb9ab8 No.3594298

File: 1605237645335.png (918.04 KB, 921x1250, external-content.duckduckg….png)

f2650e9b No.3594306

f2650e9b No.3594307

703cadd4 No.3594322

I think its fucked up. I think they tried too hard to control the people and what they are supposed to think. I think it will be the least respectable presidency because I THINK the guy they want is just their dream come true puppet who silver spoon feeds on them like a slave. That may or may not be true, his senile behavoir may be exagerrated, his bias may be mostly because of Harris, his younger more ambitious sidekick. Face it, the guy sat behind TWO terms and wants another two. The guy thinks he can dimwit dodge the hype so he can park it while a red blooded american is kicked out of the chair. Fuck him IMO, but that's just IMO.

5bba3b4a No.3594324

File: 1605283910412.png (439.09 KB, 598x560, Screenshot_2020-11-13 Dona….png)



Trump is pocketing any donation to his anti-election fraud campaign under 8thousand dollars and using it for paying off his debts.


5bba3b4a No.3594325


Do you have any sources which aren't 100% bullshit? No, that's because the claim is bullshit.

f2650e9b No.3594327

I think foxnews

02e57eee No.3594329


Faux "news" is the supermarket tabloid of TV news.

f2650e9b No.3594330

f2650e9b No.3594332

02e57eee No.3594337


Trumptard after a lobotomy detected.

Faux "news" is for those too stupid to even know that they are being conned.

f2650e9b No.3594339

Trump derangement syndrome

5bba3b4a No.3594340


Even Trump says Fox News is fake news.

2593f8a9 No.3594341


Watching the child in this video reminds me of Trump supporters trying to figure out who won the election. At least the child is smart enough to know to count when asked about numbers.

5bba3b4a No.3594343

>Hopefully this will turn the votes around and trump will win a second time.

Even if he somehow pulled off a miracle and flipped Georgia he still wouldn't win.

5bba3b4a No.3594344

File: 1605309922191-0.png (681.78 KB, 741x417, 11_11_2020.png)

Anyone else notice that Trump has become so depressed with losing he's not even bothering to put on his face-paint or spray paint his hair?

Hope he's on suicide watch.

f2650e9b No.3594345


You never know.

Do you ever watch sports?

I notice sometimes a known team often loses during the first half of the game, but ends up gaining points during the other half of a game.

5bba3b4a No.3594346

Your argument assumes that the game isn't already over.

It's over. It's done. He lost. At this point he's just trying to change the rules of the game that he already lost so that it doesn't count. He's alienating everyone in his life chasing that last drop of fame and power before he becomes another loser in a sea of losers on the right.


727f34da No.3594347

>I notice sometimes a known team often loses during the first half of the game, but ends up gaining points during the other half of a game.
You mean like how Biden "was behind" on election night but won after all of the votes were counted?


b1a53a19 No.3594369


> At this point he's just trying to change the rules of the game that he already lost

Says you. Lawyers and judges will determine if he's trying to change the rules or if the rules where violated during election.

5bba3b4a No.3594372

>Lawyers and judges will determine

Yes, exactly. To continue your sports analogy, the game is over and Trump is still pestering the refs trying to convince them to call penalties on the other team even though everyone has gone home, the stadium is empty and the game has been long called.

b1a53a19 No.3594374


Unlike in sports, destroying the democratic process with rampant cheating has more dire consequences than buying referees to help your team.

You don't want to choose your president? Good. Move to North Korea.

b560c07f No.3594378

File: 1605365396662.jpg (44.67 KB, 850x400, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)


>Biden: Count every vote

>Trump: Counter every legal vote

>Biden: Trump must concede, stop investigating

>Trump: The election must be legitimate

The two positions here could not be more clear and more damning.

c3d1bf43 No.3594379


Changing the rules of the game when they cannot win by their own, old, rules is sort of Americas standard Modus operandi. Nothing new there. They have used this many many times in their foreign Policy.

I will not be surprised to actually seeing Trump turning the tide to his advantage.

754e3d78 No.3594381


We did choose our president.

Now we're choosing to ship YOU to North Korea.

If you'd prefer, we'd like to save the money and just kill you.
You and your kind contribute nothing to society.
Never have.
Aren't now.
Continue not to.
Never will.

Kill yourself.
All of you.

727f34da No.3594382

7456dbd4 No.3594422

File: 1605400203182.jpg (39.06 KB, 720x647, EmzQ3p0XEAIRFjw.jpg)

b560c07f No.3594435

File: 1605404536407.jpg (53.4 KB, 680x596, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)


>>'most secure'

>>journalists use air quotes

727f34da No.3594438

>journalists use quotes when quoting someone

holy shit, you may be the front-runner for the noble prize in journalism

b560c07f No.3594446

File: 1605411196249.jpg (6.74 KB, 199x253, 1605365069822.jpg)


>>quoting someone

And who would that be? Oh, right. The head of Cyber Security. That group deals with FOREIGN threats. What does that fuck all have to do with democrats rigging elections?

Asking for … well, everyone.

Since you post like a nigger, you get a nigger pict.

727f34da No.3594447

2777dae9 No.3594452

>>3594446 "rigging elections"- and your proof of this. you utter dumb fuck? Where is it?

There's a reason Drumpf and his lawyers have had EVERY SINGLE CASE THROWN OUT:


Did you get that, fucktard?

Let me repeat again, since you Trumptards are more retarded than actual retards: ZERO PROOF!

8572cf74 No.3594464

tds still in full effect

eb74a8db No.3594466

Remember when 4 Americans in Uniform died at Banghuzzy and they screamed about it for months and tried to bore Hillary to death?

Trump killed 250 thousand Americans and every single republican thinks he did a good job and defends everything he does, including trying to overturn election results.

eb74a8db No.3594467

>Count every LEGAL vote

Ah, so Democrats magicked up illegal votes in a few states but let republicans take the senate and a number of house seats?

b560c07f No.3594469

File: 1605454903974.jpg (101.76 KB, 660x960, 1605232810912.jpg)


>Kick out observers from counting facilities

>tape up windows when observers try to look in anyway
>refuse to show postmarks on envelopes of mail in ballots.
>Envelopes destroyed.

Planned parenthood poster child detected.

02e57eee No.3594471


Remember when Trump ordered a "raid" in an African village looking for an Al-Qaeda leader, that had prevciously been nixed by Obama?
Yeah, Obama saw there was very little actual confirmed information, and he called off the raid.
Trump ordered the raid anyway, and four US solders were slaughtered.
Nobody in the right-wing, especially the sewage spewers at Faux "news" will even MENTION this, much less condemn it.

1c6fbf91 No.3594472

Is Obama responsible for every American that died of the flu during his time in office?

How is a bunch of fatties and boomers dying from the coof Trump's fault? What would Hillary have done differently?

1c6fbf91 No.3594473

Remember all those innocent children Obama killed with his drone fetish?

Mercenaries getting killed on the job is par for the course

eb74a8db No.3594475

Trump increased drone strikes eightfold and constantly talked about using nukes or intentional targeting of suspected terrorists' families, honeychild.

>Is Obama responsible for every American that died of the flu during his time in office?

Covid is not comparable to a flu, and if you compare the US to other nations that had a similar period of heads-up and ability to react, then whooof.

The US got a worse economic injury and more deaths per capita.

eb74a8db No.3594476

>How is a bunch of fatties and boomers dying from the coof Trump's fault?

Lots of careful and healthy people lost their lives or took horrible hits to their health or economic well-being. And it was the fault of Big Brother and his sect insisting it was all a hoax, or not that bad, or not worth any precautions, lockdowns or stimulus.

Of course, if Big Brother and the sect had said "Let's all hunker down for four weeks and give people and businesses free money", the covid numbers and the economic hurt would have ameliorated, Trump would have been seen as a sensible leader in tough times, he would have obliterated Biden, republicans would have taken the house
and Democrats would be facing 14-16 years in the dark, cold wilderness.

Thanks, white trash.

b1a53a19 No.3594477


How does stopping a country for monthes "ameliorate" the economy?

Covid is bad? Well yes, but probably not as bad as millions more jobless, then homeless and the following lowered access to healthcare. Not counting the suicides from people seeing a life of efforts go to waste in a bankrupty.

1c6fbf91 No.3594478

How many tens of thousands of healthy young people are killed and crippled in automotive collisions every year?

Why aren't you out campaigning for a mandatory 25MPH speed limit to stop the slaughter. People die. Crashing the economy will do nothing to prevent it. How would you have prevented those coof deaths and how would Hillary have done any better? Answer the fucking question

eb74a8db No.3594479

>How does stopping a country for monthes "ameliorate" the economy?

You tried not doing that and it turns out 250k deaths still cause a really bad economic hit. Of course, Biden immediately fixed everything by inspiring Pfizer to create a very promising vaccine candidate. We love our new president don't we folks? All credit will go to Biden.

>Covid is bad? Well yes, but probably not as bad as millions more jobless, then homeless and the following lowered access to healthcare. Not counting the suicides from people seeing a life of efforts go to waste in a bankrupty.

Just give people and establishments free money for lost wages and lost business. Write off most of their student debts. The rich can pay for all of it with money they find in the couch cushions.

>How many tens of thousands of healthy young people are killed and crippled in automotive collisions every year?

Society and people need cars. People don't need to act like everything is normal during a pandemic and the government doesn't need to force people to go to work like everything is hunky-dandy.

>How would you have prevented those coof deaths and how would Hillary have done any better? Answer the fucking question

Hillary would not have been able to do better because the republican senate would have intentionally killed as many jobs and Americans as possible to get her ousted. And the republican voters would give their tacit approval.

727f34da No.3594481

>Is Obama responsible for every American that died of the flu during his time in office?
Let's pretend he was. CDC estimates put that number at around 260k for those eight years. The comparison to ten months of COVID-19 is left as an exercise for the reader.

>How does stopping a country for monthes "ameliorate" the economy?
Four weeks isn't "monthes" [sic], hell it's not even a month this year.

>How many tens of thousands of healthy young people are killed and crippled in automotive collisions every year?
killed and crippled? none
>mandatory 25MPH speed limit
Impaired driving and safety restraint use are bigger contributors to vehicle fatalities than speed.
>how would Hillary have done any better?
I thought AOC was your new target.

b560c07f No.3594484

File: 1605467696331.jpg (64.88 KB, 800x568, 1605138327565.jpg)

Africa needs a good cleaning anyway

7456dbd4 No.3594489

File: 1605469808073.jpg (73.18 KB, 960x806, Em4yCvFW8AAjgNQ.jpg)

130 secret service agents and over a dozen additional white house staff including Trump's chief of staff Mark Meddows have all tested positive for Covid19 and been forced into isolation in just the last week.

10% of the total security forces that protect all elected officials in Washington are in quarantine now because Trump insisted on doing his super-spreader events.

They are going to be so thrilled to drag his ass out kicking and screaming when the time comes.


b1a53a19 No.3594542

>Just give people and establishments free money

There is no free money. It's called debt and sooner or later you have to repay it to… *drumrolls* the filthy rich, the bankers !

So yeah, be a good boy/girl and put your arms forward so that the 1% can shackle you.

eb74a8db No.3594548

In the US everyone is shackled to mortgages, their job's health insurance, their car payments, their cars and roads, their student debts, their landlords and so on. Not to mention that you are basically always surrounded by a bunch of prissy normies and their allergies, their safety rules, their hysterical fear of sex and nudity in media and so on. Not to mention how fucking dangerous the cops and private security firms are. The US feels incredibly stifling in every way.

475977b4 No.3594555

>We can't just give people money to help solve problems.

The top 200 richest people in America have been given a trillion dollars thanks to Trump. If he can print a trillion dollars for his 200 rich friends, we can afford to pay people to stay home and not spread a pandemic.

475977b4 No.3594556

File: 1605536451191.webm (5.29 MB, 640x360, DEAD_PEOPLE_VOTING.webm)


475977b4 No.3594557

File: 1605537958760.webm (3.74 MB, 640x360, Post_Marked_Pen.webm)

Post mark changed to add votes for Biden!!

475977b4 No.3594558

File: 1605538702591.webm (2.01 MB, 640x360, Machines_Flipped_Votes.webm)

Government cyber-security exposes the TRUTH about how the voting machines switched votes from Trump to Biden!!

a2770077 No.3594559

lol trump lost

475977b4 No.3594562

File: 1605545842532.webm (5.01 MB, 640x360, Republicans_Be_Violent.webm)


Trump didn't lose as long as his supporters still have guns!!!

19d1ffb8 No.3594563

Ok CULTIST… Worship your failed Hitler wannabe and DESTROY AMERICA for him you mouth breathing, incel fuck stick. "Duh we have our gunz…." FUCK YOU you weak baby shit cowards

02e57eee No.3594564


That's was Tucker Carlson's Thursday broadcast.
On Friday he backtracked furiously, seeing that the mailman's WIDOW had voted, as Mrs. (whatshisname,) and this is legal.
So Carlson actually half-assed "aplogized."

Meanwhile the Trump legal hacks have withdrawn their whines from court in four states, and the three Trumpbots in Wisconsin have dropped their lawsuit.


Trump still is hollering that "he won!"
"The election was rigged!"

475977b4 No.3594566

You should have watched the video before you typed all that.

727f34da No.3594568


Why? tucker's non-apology wasn't in that webum. Futhermore, tucker prefaced his non-apology with, "A whole bunch of dead people did vote". Expect nothing better from the Right-even-when-we're-wrong Wing party.

73997290 No.3594569

File: 1605556183342.jpg (54.63 KB, 690x850, Biden_Campaign_Director_AR….jpg)

Welp, looks like it's starting.

Joe Biden's campaign director for Texas has been ARRESTED FOR ELECTORAL FRAUD. Probably the tip of the ice berg.

Sorry Bidenistas, your little banana republic election fraud is falling apart faster than a Chinese motorcycle.

475977b4 No.3594572


I want to see Trump's team go to prison for life.

475977b4 No.3594575

File: 1605559207215.png (101.46 KB, 711x654, Screenshot_2020-11-16 who ….png)

According to the National File, two investigators, including a former FBI agent and former police officer, testified under oath that they have Democratic Party internal documentation, as well as video evidence and witnesses, for their investigation into wide spread ballot harvesting.

To quote the investigators, "I am currently involved in an investigation related to a wide-ranging and fraudulent ballot harvesting scheme in Harris County intended to rig the elections in the Houston/Harris County area. This scheme involves voter fraud on a massive scale."

If this is true it could change EVERYTHING it would mean that TRUMP WINS TEXAS!!!

Oh, shit, wait…

727f34da No.3594577

I guess Biden will have to give back all of Texas's electoral votes to trump.

You realize this guy was fired before general election votes were even cast in Texas, right? And the voter fraud they're looking at is for the Democratic Party primaries, for the same thing alleged in 2018. The truly odd thing is this lawsuit (that they lost) was filed back in September with this alleged fraud slapped on the very end as some kind of OOGA BOOGA. It's a fun read, but a 23MB pdf file.

475977b4 No.3594580

>You realize this guy was fired before general election votes were even cast in Texas, right?

Oh, I'm assuming it's all a lie and I hope that when this is exposed as the bullshit it is that the people who had this man arrested for no reason get to spend the rest of their life in prison. False imprisonment is a crime.

a2770077 No.3594583

Link to the article?

475977b4 No.3594585


It's all sad, pathetic bullshit.


But it's fun mocking them for trying to "Take back Texas from the cheating Democrats" when Trump already won it.

Being a Trump supporter must lower your IQ every day.

475977b4 No.3594594

File: 1605575538608.jpg (50.62 KB, 518x540, 124351350_1021420246205401….jpg)


The Georgia recount was done by hand and without the cheating, lying, vote scanners 800 more votes were found for Trump!!! (and 1800 for Biden but who cares about that?)

727f34da No.3594623

727f34da No.3594630

File: 1605597393294.png (937.96 KB, 897x876, Screenshot_2020-11-17 Frid….png)

well, you do get silver for second place

475977b4 No.3594689

File: 1605687706330.webm (4.72 MB, 720x720, socialism.webm)


727f34da No.3594691


26ee11e0 No.3594693


Remember the "Patriots Chant" :

"Say NO to free food!
Say NO to free money!

Its communism, the greatest evil on the planet!"
True patriots STARVE penniless in the streets!
(with an assortment of M16, handguns & shotguns with them in the cardboard box of course)

Start starving, Start being Poor! its the true american way!

f26679e5 No.3594699

The violation of rights comes not from the receiving of free goods, but from the forceful collection of "free" goods for redistribution.

How many times do I need to explain this to you, retard?

0a639940 No.3594701

File: 1605723490126.jpg (960.18 KB, 1150x913, b7f3ad1fd2a14c7b7e39a49d4f….jpg)

How many times does a lie have to be repeated to be correct?

3acfe275 No.3594702

File: 1605724002285.webm (2.93 MB, 608x608, 1605715490190.webm)

you do know the gov shut down the nation and state cuz of covid right. gov shut it down so people can't work that not capitalism

73997290 No.3594703

File: 1605725337552.jpg (110.05 KB, 592x666, 1605723125170.jpg)

Why are democrats acting like Bush era Neocons demanding we keep these Forever Wars going? Can we "citizen arrest" them for war crimes like leftists wanted to do with GW Bush? The silence from leftists about this blatant war mongering is pretty telling to average Biden voter.


f26679e5 No.3594706

How can you say something so stupid? My mind is literally boggled.

91b1f30c No.3594707


Cry more you VILE communist!

No true patriot will accept handouts.

the receiver is just as bad as the stealer!

2a37fe2d No.3594717

File: 1605736123236.jpg (65.91 KB, 467x700, Mcdonalds-Moscow.jpg)


When communism collapsed in the Soviet Union, the people flocked to a capitalist establishment called 'McDonalds' to eat Western food.

f26679e5 No.3594726

Charity and community service is a cornerstone of Christianity and western liberalism.

What's not, is theft, i.e., taking things by force.

If you forcefully collect for charity, it's not charity, you retarded commie.

475977b4 No.3594755

>The lamestream media blatantly fucking in your face lied about him taking back his statement…

No, they didn't, you fucking moron.

He is telling one story to the people giving him money and the opposite story to the law. Who do you think he's being a whore for? It isn't the people who aren't paying him.

475977b4 No.3594757


So you want free stuff as long as it magically appears from nowhere and no one ever has to pay for it? Good luck with your new life as a starving homeless person!

b1a53a19 No.3594761


It is interesting to see how alien the concept of giving is to you that it doesn't even cross your mind.

Charity is giving to those who are in need, and it really exists! It's not something theoretical, like the communist utopia.

475977b4 No.3594765


If someone gives something to a charity they have to pay for it first. Someone has to pay for it.

This DELUSION that charity is not EXACTLY the same thing as just paying taxes and letting professionals handle the task instead of leaving it up to random chance is insane.

Just pay your fucking taxes and let the professionals handle it.

You don't go to a clinic and let random strangers who have no medical training prescribe you medicine. For the same reasons, you should let people who are actually TRAINED and do it as their full-time job make sure that everyone has the food and housing they need to live.

The only difference between charity and paying taxes is you get to stroke your ego and pretend you are being heroic but you're actually being a selfish prick.

When you refuse to support programs that are mandatory rich people don't give so the programs don't have enough money and people die in the cold.

You assume everyone is like you, but they aren't. Lots of people are monsters who you have to beat over the head with the law to get them to behave like decent human beings.

Do you think the proud boys are giving to food banks? Do you think the Nazis are giving money to help the homeless? Do you think Nancy Pelosi gives to anyone but her own charity so she can get a double tax-write off? The Clintons? Mitch McConnel? Do you think Obama drives his ass down to the store and picks up canned food for the local shelter every month?

If you want people to survive, make it mandatory, and pay your fucking taxes.

c0132b6f No.3594774

>Just pay your fucking taxes and let the professionals handle it.

Charity is choosing who/where your money is spent. This is one form of democracy and exercise of the political power that belongs to the people.

Paying taxes to the state is giving up your control and political power to the representatives, who in turn hand it down to the non-elected bureaucrats who cannot be denied the tax revenue, like you can choose a different charity, if they make bad decisions and waste your money. Your political power is twice-diluted and ultimately made moot by handing the money to "professionals" who have no accountability over it.

Tell me again why paying taxes is a good idea?

f26679e5 No.3594775

Could you stop RPing as the stupidest man alive, please. I don't know if you're trying to make a point or what, but it's just annoying.

c0132b6f No.3594776

> RPing as the stupidest man alive
It's 3B. He literally cannot stop.

475977b4 No.3594792

File: 1605814261400.png (164.3 KB, 450x384, new_checks_death_certifica….png)

>Charity is choosing who/where your money is spent.

And that's the reason conservatives cling to it so strongly. The government helps every American but racist republicans don't want to help every American. They are anti-American.

Conservatives would rather see some kinds of American starving. They would rather specific kinds of Americans homeless.

Conservatism is a cult for traitors and unpatriotic bigots.

727f34da No.3594795

>republicans don't want to help every American
That's a lie. They very much want to help 'Americans'.


475977b4 No.3594809

File: 1605833407129.jpg (53.56 KB, 567x425, EnKMjDzUUAE_G34.jpg)


If you think only white people are Americans, you're probably the same kind of person who wishes the south would rise again. You remember, that terrorist state that attacked America? That's who conservatives are and that's what we should treat them as. WhiteISIS.

eb703ac2 No.3594825

File: 1605844364697.jpg (605.46 KB, 2169x2285, xxx5.jpg)


The 13th amendment was a huge mistake.

078fad77 No.3594826

This entire board would improve drastically if we just banned politics. Could you retards please at least keep it contained to one fucking thread instead of shitting out a dozen any time a politician does anything?

fe49ea37 No.3594827

This is impossible now because every furry argument involves politics

fe49ea37 No.3594828

i do agree that a basic "no stormfags" rule would help a lot

05a9f0c8 No.3594839


Ok zoomer.

727f34da No.3594840

threeb is a worthless gen-xer, also has no sense of sarcasm

77589256 No.3594856

>i do agree that a basic "no commies" rule would help a lot

727f34da No.3594860

Imagine bumping a shitthread to basically say I'm a nazi.

304bc2df No.3594869

File: 1605906044589.png (1.06 MB, 1341x825, n4y6jh4jh4h.png)

What do you know, I guess socialism does lead to violence if you give it to racists?


62017194 No.3594870

File: 1605906774109.png (536.73 KB, 4000x4000, 1605819819885.png)

anyt party, even if a thousand fraudulent ballots were spotted here in France during an election, the whole thing would be cancelled,
there it's counting in the range of millions. for like 5 times the population. What can you even do, you vote by mail, on machines, and no ID always required.

At this point I don't give a fuck who wins, Trump did his time, but it's not a reason to skip democracy in the sake of "but Trump is dangerous" as some implied.
They even brag about it.

304bc2df No.3594874

File: 1605909045936.webm (3.5 MB, 640x360, Wooopsie_No_Michigan_for_….webm)


If a thousand fraudulent votes were discovered I'm sure the state would have to do the election again but so far the only people caught doing voter fraud have been a handful of moron Republicans who tried to vote twice for Trump.

Trump has lost every case, every recount, ever thing. His lawyers aren't even trying. He's a joke and they are just taking his money.

727f34da No.3594878

>I'm sure the state would have to do the election again
Problem is that there is no mechanism for a "do over" of a presidential election.

54a8d001 No.3594887

>republicans don't want to help every American.

Of course not. Why would you want to help indiscriminately? That's just stupid - people will abuse it.

Furthermore, why would you want tax dollars from Seattle to to some dude in Florida? That makes no sense - just because you can lump people under the label "American" doesn't excuse you taking from one guy and giving to another without regarding whether this guy has anything to do with that guy, or whether he even wants to help.

Your "helping" is just helping yourself to other peoples' money under the excuse of giving some of it to undeserving randos.

54a8d001 No.3594888

>Conservatism is a cult for traitors and unpatriotic bigots.

Patriotism is upholding the values and founding principles of the society, not breaking them at every turn in order to grab some tax money.

77589256 No.3594890

File: 1605913932619.jpg (30.48 KB, 446x350, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)


…or power.

There are literally people who make their living race-baiting or being racist.

f26679e5 No.3594891

You don't have a do-over when someone is caught cheating. You disqualify the cheater, and in this case, hang those traitors who defiled the electoral process, that which our entire civilization is based around.

304bc2df No.3594896

Sure there is! It's called a run-off election. We have them all the time for lower offices. We could easily do one for a single state.

304bc2df No.3594898

File: 1605918732333.jpg (50.4 KB, 907x454, Racists_Hiding_Behind_Flag….jpg)

> just because you can lump people under the label "American" doesn't excuse you taking money from one guy and giving it to another…

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present, "Conservative patriotism"

304bc2df No.3594899

>You don't have a do-over when someone is caught cheating. You disqualify the cheater…

So we should disqualify Trunp? His are the only voters that are cheating. a few have even been arrested for it.

b1a53a19 No.3594900

>Just pay your fucking taxes and let the professionals handle it.

You're very funny.
"We'll let the government take care of it, they'll be efficient" is a joke in any country.

Bureaucracy is the longest path between two points that nearly touch each others.

304bc2df No.3594908

File: 1605923453960.jpg (28.17 KB, 460x276, 8777acd353c69b81306436f5f6….jpg)

Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin shot up by another white, male, mass-shooter.
7 adults, 1 teen injured. None dead.

Shooter identity is unknown. Still at large.

Place your bets if on if you think he is part of a right-wing militia!

727f34da No.3594913

I WARNED YOU BRO >>3594850

do not trust the leaf

02e57eee No.3594916


And the suspect is WHITE.

280712b8 No.3594917

File: 1605925781483.jpg (209.85 KB, 1280x720, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)



Quite possible, and also potentially a terrorist.

The Mayfair Mall was the site of a February shooting in which a city police officer, Joseph Mensah, shot and killed Alvin Cole, a Black 17-year-old. Police said Cole was fleeing from police; Mensah, who is also Black, said he shot Cole because Cole pointed a gun at him. The mall was the target of sporadic protests over several months in the wake of the shooting.

e8826414 No.3594951

Wasn't there a recent do-over in North Carolina when you had people for one candidate going around saying, 'let me collect and fill out that absentee ballot for you'. – If they didn't there certainly was talk about doing that.

33d61d9a No.3594959

Honestly, this farce should stop right now. Biden won fair and square and there's nothing Trump can do about it.

304bc2df No.3594964

File: 1605988690348.jpg (33.25 KB, 480x270, EnQr0EuUcAM50zn.jpg)

>nothing Trump can do about it…

That's not true. He's inviting Republicans to the white house to convince them to send faithless electors to the Electoral College who will say he won their state even though he lost the count, the recount, and all the court cases.

He can just tell them to steal it and it will go to the supreme court who will side with Trump because Republicans have the majority.

We'll have civil war 2.0 just like the conservatives always wanted.

e8826414 No.3594975

Well.. that didn't work very well in Michigan. They basically told Trump they'll be following the law.

Also.. there's no guarantee that the Supreme Court will rule in Trump's favor. They've already ruled against him in some cases.

The thing about lifetime appointments … once you get one you don't owe nobody nothing.

f774d30e No.3594988

>We'll have civil war 2.0 just like the conservatives always wanted.

You mean the liberals? The progressives have been compromising the constitution and the rule of law in the knowledge that the opposition does not want to escalate the situation to actual violence that would hurt everybody.

But everything has a limit. Of course you will say that the Republicans started the war - because you left them no other option.

727f34da No.3594990

File: 1606000804680.gif (307.73 KB, 267x200, giphy.gif)

>Tucker Carlson Dared Question a Trump Lawyer. The Backlash Was Quick.
>The president’s allies quickly closed ranks behind Sidney Powell and her pro-Trump conspiracy theory, accusing the Fox host of betrayal.


The ouroboros is reaching a singularity.

304bc2df No.3594991

File: 1606001668701.png (452.06 KB, 640x619, tj4jnj6 u 4.png)

>It's liberals who want war!

Says the guys who drive around in armed caravans and organize border patrols to shoot at children trying to find refuge in America. Fuck you, you're a party of psychopaths and you always have been.

Please, we want you to form your own state and leave America. DO IT!!!

727f34da No.3594995

lmao, this shit is wild


wingnuts are insinuating that tucker is a pedo

02e57eee No.3595004


Rick Wiles is a complete asshole.
He's one of those "endtimes" preachers, and blames anyone he can think up, when things go wrong.

When his anti-Semitism got him kicked off Youtube, he blamed "Da Joooz!"

Of course, like all TV preachers and preachers on the Internet, he just GOTS to have more money.

b3172d05 No.3595021

I'll bet you call it "The War Of Northern Aggression." You guys never, ever change.

73997290 No.3595046

File: 1606063848782.jpg (8.3 KB, 109x150, 1605752598351.jpg)

>Of course, like all TV preachers and preachers on the Internet, he just GOTS to have more money.

So like every black baptist preacher?


280712b8 No.3595049

File: 1606067900124.webm (720.75 KB, 480x480, immigrantsusingchildrengr….webm)

>children trying to find refuge in America

NOBODY is owed refuge in America.

Adults USING children to get into America NEED to be shot immediately.

e8826414 No.3595076

what the fuck are these people doing?

e8826414 No.3595077

15 year old kid.

News says it was an 'altercation' between two groups but doesn't go as far as calling them gangs. They're probably gangbangers because most of them don't know shit about aim.

304bc2df No.3595089

File: 1606104434233.webm (4.08 MB, 320x180, Death_To_tyrants.webm)

How many Republican senators do you think the MAGA cult will murder when Trump is dragged out of the White House kicking and screaming? I'm betting at least 5.

304bc2df No.3595090

File: 1606104942279.png (253.65 KB, 352x430, Coldplay.png)

>NOBODY is owed refuge in America.

Decent people don't give refuge to children because they are owed it. Decent people give refuge to children because it's the human thing to do, but you're not humans, are you?

You're animals and we will put you down like animals the MOMENT you give us an excuse. Just like we put you down every time before this one.

b1a53a19 No.3595106

The *humane* thing to do.

Because promoting dangerous travel accross countries with young children in tow is humane *rolls eyes*.
That little boy "Aylan" who was found drowned on a beach, he'd be alive now if his parents didn't try crossing the mediteranean sea on an undersized boat.

"He was fleeing war". No, he was a refugee in Turkey, far away from combats. It's the case of most of those people, the ones in the video pinching babies so they cry for a good photo. You'll find all kind of nationalities, Morocan, Algerian, Tunisian, etc. maybe 10% are actually from countries where a war is happening.

Plenty die in the sea with children and wife because nobody in Europe want to look *not humane*, while the actual humane thing would be to reject them systematicaly like Australia. Sparring everyone years of drowned people.

In the case of Europe the survivors find out that it's not El-Dorado, tons of them are left literally rotting on the pavement, living in tents because being *humane* doesn't extend to actually giving the money to shelter them. Lucky ones will get exploited by locals and work as Uber eats delivery, with the native lending his ID papers when needed in exchange for a percentage of the earnings. Modern days slaves.

But people are just happy with saying "well, we are good, we let immigrant in", that's just a cheap feel-good thing, if they really cared no migrant would be living in the street.

304bc2df No.3595119


No, I meant what I said. Conservatives are sub-human.

>Because promoting dangerous travel across countries with young children in tow is humane…

Do you think adults are walking 500 miles with their kids for fun? They are doing it because if they don't their kids will die.

That's the problem with conservatives, you think these people are just coming here to "mooch" off us because you have no fucking clue what is happening outside of America.

2496001b No.3595120

I really hope Biden does an executive order to have open boarders and immigration… and tear down that stupid wall.

And take away the fucking guns. Knowing that my neighbors might have assult rifles or people are walking around outside with hidden guns gives me a constant panic attack. I have to use a lot of medical marijana just to treat the PTSD I get from even being around a conservative nazi.

2496001b No.3595122

The only difference between a terrorist and a conservative is that at least the terrorists do what they do for religious freedom and because they are oppressed.

Conservatives all just have fucking murder fetishes. They get off knowing that they can just kill anyone they want, and ive met a lot outside the city that openly and casually admit that they like watching you tube videos of imigrant kids being abused and locked in cages.

754e3d78 No.3595123

File: 1606151375891.jpg (23.23 KB, 500x589, photo_2020-11-22_11-26-16.jpg)

73997290 No.3595133

File: 1606158322276.jpg (53.71 KB, 688x459, bidenpopularlol_jpg-169803….JPG)

Never forget, this man is more popular than Barack Obama.

In four cities in the US.

57a5d2eb No.3595135

File: 1606161359299.gif (111.33 KB, 260x364, external-content.duckduckg….gif)

Bidens America
>Just pay your fucking taxes and let the professionals handle it.

57a5d2eb No.3595136


>>Adults using and abusing children is OK when it supports something I want

>>Supports trafficking
>>Calls everyone else inhumane for opposing it

d92cddc7 No.3595146


To keep senile Biden from wandering away, there is a new post at the White House, Official Little Girl.

Biden can be a creepy pedo all he wants, now.

304bc2df No.3595148

>Open borders!
>Take the guns!

Biden would never do any of that. He cares too much about his bribes.

73997290 No.3595154

File: 1606170730099.png (256.73 KB, 529x381, 1606159867201.png)

Problem is, Biden has zero control over his "administration". So many wackjob leftist groups glommed onto his campaign that he is forced to do what they say.

Even BLM says they "own" Biden.

727f34da No.3595156

File: 1606171245492.png (61.75 KB, 897x643, Screenshot_2020-11-23 sout….png)


304bc2df No.3595168


You haven't been paying attention to who Biden is putting in his cabinet. He's so far right-wing Regan would tell him to calm the fuck down.

727f34da No.3595171

salty bernout detected

90f79a79 No.3595176

>>3595171 It's called reality. Deal with it, useless shitlib

05a9f0c8 No.3595212

Hi 3B!

29685463 No.3595215

File: 1606193631269.jpg (112.55 KB, 600x600, foxlaugh.jpg)

>3B calling someone a shitlib

What crack have you been smoking?

05a9f0c8 No.3595216

75721129 No.3595220


73997290 No.3595268

File: 1606246684406.jpg (98.12 KB, 925x1280, 566546455532.jpg)

Sorry lefties and An-teef-a (hehe!), looks like you got everything you ever wanted in a president.

Get fucked faggots.

304bc2df No.3595319

File: 1606278608896.png (777.49 KB, 735x619, It's All Over But The Cryi….png)


Still better than Trump and the world agrees. Cities celebrated his defeat and when they certified the results making the election unstealable the stock market shot up to record-shattering highs. Dow Jones Industrial Average passing 30,000 for the first time ever.

Everyone in the world except white nationalist scum is THRILLED that Trump is done.

Here have a song to loop while you drown your sorrows in booze and furiously masturbate into your MAGA hat as your delusions of greatness crumble and you realize you'll always be the trash, pathetic, loser you were raised to be by your shitty, ignorant, racist, parents.


f26679e5 No.3595320

Are you talking about when there were fireworks on Guy Fawks day and retarded journalists wrote a story about how they thought it was for Biden?

It's not white nationalism. There is literally no white nationalist place in the world. It is nationalists who like Trump. So of course the no-state commies and the globalist fucks in charge of all the other first world countries hate him.

90f79a79 No.3595322

>>3595268 Lefties don't support Biden, moronic Trumptard incel.

e97fdb87 No.3595335


304bc2df No.3595407

File: 1606353840984.png (620.21 KB, 1007x671, Michigan_Gov_Kidnapper.png)

>It is nationalists who like Trump.

Sure, not all of Trump supporters are white nationalists but a LOT of them are and they aren't making a secret of it. Yet Trump and his supporters have done nothing to distance themselves from that faction. You embrace white nationalists as brothers. That makes you just as bad as them.

You stand with evil instead of standing against evil. That makes you evil.

f26679e5 No.3595422

>Trump hasn't denounced white nationalism in the last 24 hours. Is this him signaling that he supports white nationalism?

Okay buddy.

Also lol that image. Those guys were hardcore anarchists. They are part of your faction, antifa, you anaracho-communists.

b1a53a19 No.3595446

>Do you think adults are walking 500 miles with their kids for fun? They are doing it because if they don't their kids will die.

The one who are legit fleeing war and chaos do it because their country was bombed into ruins by Obama or his "fredom-fighters-that-turn-into-islamic-terrorists-once-they-are-given-enough-guns".
The others are trash humans who drag along little timmy to enter Europe more easilly, because money is free in Europe.

Don't worry though, they may become legitimate refugees soon, because Biden promises to : "return the US to its more traditional role on the world stage." And we all know it means more wars.

b49f480f No.3595484

File: 1606439463668.png (25.58 KB, 707x424, FBI Says Right-Wing Militi….png)

>Those guys were hardcore anarchists. They are part of your faction, antifa

Try again…


f26679e5 No.3595498

Yeah, you got any actual evidence of that? Show me the alleged "white supremacist" saying something supporting white supremacy.

More importantly, show me their connection to… I don't know even know. Nationalism? Libertarianism? Populism? What are you saying they are?

67e0732a No.3595560

File: 1606531542379.png (485.31 KB, 420x523, No_thanks.png)

>Yeah, you got any actual evidence of that? Show me the alleged "white supremacist" saying something supporting white supremacy.

Google it yourself. The FBI is the one who said it, not me. It's not worth my time to keep spoon-feeding you the truth when you ignore what I post half the time anyway.

You honestly want answers, look for them. I'm not going to waste my time trying to convince trash like you.

Conservatism is a mental illness. Your unwillingness to accept the election results proves you are all detached from reality. It's time people stopped acting like you can be reasoned with.

f26679e5 No.3595573

Every fucking time I look up the crimes of an alleged white supremacist, it's always something retarded like mocking an immigrant for not culturally assimilating, or wanting less immigration. I now disregard all accusations until I'm presented with the evidence directly.

40883dea No.3595597

>I now disregard all accusations…

So nothing has changed at all?
You always ignore the evidence.

f26679e5 No.3595621

What evidence? Show me what they did. I'm not trusting anyone's interpretation of what "racism" is, because you retards have cried wolf far too often.

40883dea No.3595655


Maybe you should watch news other than Fox News.


40883dea No.3595656

File: 1606618660755.png (328.1 KB, 598x531, Zero_Of_Thirty_Nine_Cases.png)

In other news: PA courts tossed out another of Trump's lawsuits to invalidate ballots which prompted state Republicans to declare that they were just going to break the rules and send their own slate of electors to the electoral college even though Biden won the state, won every court case, the actual electors have already been chosen and they have no legal right to change them.

Having failed in every possible way, now they are just going to pretend that they won and hope the electoral college plays along.

40883dea No.3595657

File: 1606619525788.png (48.92 KB, 598x467, Sen_Doug_Mastriano_Lets_st….png)

This is the Republican trying to organize the team of fake electors to send to vote for Trump.

He thinks that the state senate has the power to choose electors but it doesn't. The state senate has the power to choose how electors are chosen. They could have passed a resolution in 2018 to give themselves the power to appoint the electors but they didn't.

It's the Governor's job to choose the electors and he did. They appointed them as soon as the results were certified, weeks ago.

There is zero legal standing for this loon to send people to try to muscle their way in past security to place fake votes for Trump.

f26679e5 No.3595667

Okay and what's the timestamp where they mentioned the racist things these people said. I skimmed over most of it because holy fuck they talk about nothing for forever. They said the lie again about Trump not denouncing white supremacy. I don't know why I keep giving you chances.

40883dea No.3595668

>Where is the proof that the self-proclaimed white nationalist group is racist…??

You do know what white nationalism is… right?

40883dea No.3595669

What evidence, if not their own self-identifying, the evidence being used by the FBI and the fact they got arrested on their way to try to kidnap the governor, is not enough, would you accept?

What specifically do you think is acceptable proof that White Nationalists are racist?

02e57eee No.3595671


White Nationalists are simply LOSERS.
They think they can set up a "white homeland" with no Jews, no blacks, no Hispanics, no Asians and no Middle Easterners.

In reality a country like that would dissolve into a civil war in a couple months at most.

727f34da No.3595672

>They said the lie again about Trump not denouncing white supremacy
Is that the one where he said that you could stand arm-in-arm with neo-nazis and be "very fine people"?

f26679e5 No.3595675

I want at least one quote where they say something white supremacist.

Yes, that's the lie. And it's not even just out of context at this point. You're making shit up too.

727f34da No.3595676

That's quite literally what he said and in the context he said it.

f26679e5 No.3595693

Post the full quote then.

40883dea No.3595716

>I want one quote where they say something white supremacists…

Ok, let's narrow it down, to be clear, who is the "They" in your statement.

40883dea No.3595718

>Post the full quote then…


Sure, here is the interview where he defends the people who are "Fine people" with the Nazis who were only there to protect the statue of Robert E. Lee. You know, the traitor who lead an army of terrorists that murdered hundreds of thousands of Americans.

There were not good people on both sides. There were racists on one side and Americans on there other who wanted to take down a statue dedicated to a terrorist nation that attacked America. Those are the facts.

bc025f0e No.3595734

File: 1606669383551.jpg (35.82 KB, 590x161, Capture.JPG)

>>White Nationalists are simply LOSERS.
>>They think they can set up a "white homeland" with no Jews, no blacks, no Hispanics, no Asians and no Middle Easterners.

>>In reality a country like that would dissolve into a civil war in a couple months at most.

Thats good <snicker> to know. Who would be <chuckle> DUMB enough to set up an ethno-state anywhere in the US.

bc025f0e No.3595735

>Robert E. Lee.
>the traitor

When its a batshit crazy post, you know its 3B. Read a book nigger.

e8826414 No.3595741

Trump and a lot of his government supporters know better than to say the white supremacist stuff out loud. – It's all done with trigger words and coded phrases and liberal use of vague terms like 'us' and 'they' where you get to fill them in with your own prejudices.

Even the terms "freedom", "liberty" and "free speech" are all dogwhistles for American white supremacy now.

40883dea No.3595747


The south created its own nation with its own president, its own constitution, and turned in papers of secession. They left America and became a terrorist state attacking us at our border.

They were traitors and anyone who flies the flag of the south is likewise unamerican human garbage celebrating terrorism.

40883dea No.3595748

File: 1606691146951.png (239.21 KB, 1021x426, Owned_By_Covid19.png)

Republicans, not wanting to lose their 40th case in court, decided to invite Trump to a fake "Hearing" held by a Republican policy sub-comity in Pennsylvania at a Wyndham Hotel.

They were literally going to put on a show of presenting fake evidence to a fake panel of judges while the president watched to keep the man-child happy however the president had to cancel his play-date. Why? The people putting on the show for him tested positive for Covid19.

40883dea No.3595755

File: 1606693182851.jpg (82.95 KB, 960x679, En_1xK9XcAMxnHu.jpg)


You don't need to prove Republicans are white supremacists. They prove it to us every year.

012fb35f No.3595756

White supremacy is not a conservative value. Educate yourself: https://conservapedia.com/White_supremacy

40883dea No.3595757


Try Loser.com instead.

f26679e5 No.3595762

File: 1606694961631.png (724.77 KB, 1065x917, a6f9b8b108fff309d002915428….png)

“I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists, because they should be condemned totally – but you had many people in that group other than neo-Nazis and white nationalists, okay?”

He EXPLICITLY excluded the neo-Nazis from the "fine people" statement, you idiot.

40883dea No.3595777

>He EXPLICITLY excluded the neo-Nazis from the "fine people" statement…

See, this is the mental gymnastics that conservatives use to try and legitimize their twisted, sick, world view.

Hey, numbnuts, if those people were willing to march alongside Nazis chanting "The Jews will not replace us." it doesn't matter if they are officially part of the club or not, they are still racist, human, trash, who should be expunged from the human gene pool.




f26679e5 No.3595780

So if you believe it's wrong to tear down historical monuments and denounce historical figures because they didn't abide by current day moral standards, but there's a Nazi who also wants to not tear down that statue, then you should just pack up your shit, go home, and let the monument get torn down.

By that logic, since Richard Spencer supported Joe Biden, none of you should have supported him either. You're standing alongside a Nazi man. Why do you love Nazis so much?

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