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I know a tranny who is just a female who tried to turn male.

I would like trump to win just to make them cry.
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File: 1606158322276.jpg (53.71 KB, 688x459, bidenpopularlol_jpg-169803….JPG)

Never forget, this man is more popular than Barack Obama.

In four cities in the US.

57a5d2eb No.3595135

File: 1606161359299.gif (111.33 KB, 260x364, external-content.duckduckg….gif)

Bidens America
>Just pay your fucking taxes and let the professionals handle it.

57a5d2eb No.3595136


>>Adults using and abusing children is OK when it supports something I want

>>Supports trafficking
>>Calls everyone else inhumane for opposing it

d92cddc7 No.3595146


To keep senile Biden from wandering away, there is a new post at the White House, Official Little Girl.

Biden can be a creepy pedo all he wants, now.

304bc2df No.3595148

>Open borders!
>Take the guns!

Biden would never do any of that. He cares too much about his bribes.

73997290 No.3595154

File: 1606170730099.png (256.73 KB, 529x381, 1606159867201.png)

Problem is, Biden has zero control over his "administration". So many wackjob leftist groups glommed onto his campaign that he is forced to do what they say.

Even BLM says they "own" Biden.

727f34da No.3595156

File: 1606171245492.png (61.75 KB, 897x643, Screenshot_2020-11-23 sout….png)


304bc2df No.3595168


You haven't been paying attention to who Biden is putting in his cabinet. He's so far right-wing Regan would tell him to calm the fuck down.

727f34da No.3595171

salty bernout detected

90f79a79 No.3595176

>>3595171 It's called reality. Deal with it, useless shitlib

05a9f0c8 No.3595212

Hi 3B!

29685463 No.3595215

File: 1606193631269.jpg (112.55 KB, 600x600, foxlaugh.jpg)

>3B calling someone a shitlib

What crack have you been smoking?

05a9f0c8 No.3595216

75721129 No.3595220


73997290 No.3595268

File: 1606246684406.jpg (98.12 KB, 925x1280, 566546455532.jpg)

Sorry lefties and An-teef-a (hehe!), looks like you got everything you ever wanted in a president.

Get fucked faggots.

304bc2df No.3595319

File: 1606278608896.png (777.49 KB, 735x619, It's All Over But The Cryi….png)


Still better than Trump and the world agrees. Cities celebrated his defeat and when they certified the results making the election unstealable the stock market shot up to record-shattering highs. Dow Jones Industrial Average passing 30,000 for the first time ever.

Everyone in the world except white nationalist scum is THRILLED that Trump is done.

Here have a song to loop while you drown your sorrows in booze and furiously masturbate into your MAGA hat as your delusions of greatness crumble and you realize you'll always be the trash, pathetic, loser you were raised to be by your shitty, ignorant, racist, parents.


f26679e5 No.3595320

Are you talking about when there were fireworks on Guy Fawks day and retarded journalists wrote a story about how they thought it was for Biden?

It's not white nationalism. There is literally no white nationalist place in the world. It is nationalists who like Trump. So of course the no-state commies and the globalist fucks in charge of all the other first world countries hate him.

90f79a79 No.3595322

>>3595268 Lefties don't support Biden, moronic Trumptard incel.

e97fdb87 No.3595335


304bc2df No.3595407

File: 1606353840984.png (620.21 KB, 1007x671, Michigan_Gov_Kidnapper.png)

>It is nationalists who like Trump.

Sure, not all of Trump supporters are white nationalists but a LOT of them are and they aren't making a secret of it. Yet Trump and his supporters have done nothing to distance themselves from that faction. You embrace white nationalists as brothers. That makes you just as bad as them.

You stand with evil instead of standing against evil. That makes you evil.

f26679e5 No.3595422

>Trump hasn't denounced white nationalism in the last 24 hours. Is this him signaling that he supports white nationalism?

Okay buddy.

Also lol that image. Those guys were hardcore anarchists. They are part of your faction, antifa, you anaracho-communists.

b1a53a19 No.3595446

>Do you think adults are walking 500 miles with their kids for fun? They are doing it because if they don't their kids will die.

The one who are legit fleeing war and chaos do it because their country was bombed into ruins by Obama or his "fredom-fighters-that-turn-into-islamic-terrorists-once-they-are-given-enough-guns".
The others are trash humans who drag along little timmy to enter Europe more easilly, because money is free in Europe.

Don't worry though, they may become legitimate refugees soon, because Biden promises to : "return the US to its more traditional role on the world stage." And we all know it means more wars.

b49f480f No.3595484

File: 1606439463668.png (25.58 KB, 707x424, FBI Says Right-Wing Militi….png)

>Those guys were hardcore anarchists. They are part of your faction, antifa

Try again…


f26679e5 No.3595498

Yeah, you got any actual evidence of that? Show me the alleged "white supremacist" saying something supporting white supremacy.

More importantly, show me their connection to… I don't know even know. Nationalism? Libertarianism? Populism? What are you saying they are?

67e0732a No.3595560

File: 1606531542379.png (485.31 KB, 420x523, No_thanks.png)

>Yeah, you got any actual evidence of that? Show me the alleged "white supremacist" saying something supporting white supremacy.

Google it yourself. The FBI is the one who said it, not me. It's not worth my time to keep spoon-feeding you the truth when you ignore what I post half the time anyway.

You honestly want answers, look for them. I'm not going to waste my time trying to convince trash like you.

Conservatism is a mental illness. Your unwillingness to accept the election results proves you are all detached from reality. It's time people stopped acting like you can be reasoned with.

f26679e5 No.3595573

Every fucking time I look up the crimes of an alleged white supremacist, it's always something retarded like mocking an immigrant for not culturally assimilating, or wanting less immigration. I now disregard all accusations until I'm presented with the evidence directly.

40883dea No.3595597

>I now disregard all accusations…

So nothing has changed at all?
You always ignore the evidence.

f26679e5 No.3595621

What evidence? Show me what they did. I'm not trusting anyone's interpretation of what "racism" is, because you retards have cried wolf far too often.

40883dea No.3595655


Maybe you should watch news other than Fox News.


40883dea No.3595656

File: 1606618660755.png (328.1 KB, 598x531, Zero_Of_Thirty_Nine_Cases.png)

In other news: PA courts tossed out another of Trump's lawsuits to invalidate ballots which prompted state Republicans to declare that they were just going to break the rules and send their own slate of electors to the electoral college even though Biden won the state, won every court case, the actual electors have already been chosen and they have no legal right to change them.

Having failed in every possible way, now they are just going to pretend that they won and hope the electoral college plays along.

40883dea No.3595657

File: 1606619525788.png (48.92 KB, 598x467, Sen_Doug_Mastriano_Lets_st….png)

This is the Republican trying to organize the team of fake electors to send to vote for Trump.

He thinks that the state senate has the power to choose electors but it doesn't. The state senate has the power to choose how electors are chosen. They could have passed a resolution in 2018 to give themselves the power to appoint the electors but they didn't.

It's the Governor's job to choose the electors and he did. They appointed them as soon as the results were certified, weeks ago.

There is zero legal standing for this loon to send people to try to muscle their way in past security to place fake votes for Trump.

f26679e5 No.3595667

Okay and what's the timestamp where they mentioned the racist things these people said. I skimmed over most of it because holy fuck they talk about nothing for forever. They said the lie again about Trump not denouncing white supremacy. I don't know why I keep giving you chances.

40883dea No.3595668

>Where is the proof that the self-proclaimed white nationalist group is racist…??

You do know what white nationalism is… right?

40883dea No.3595669

What evidence, if not their own self-identifying, the evidence being used by the FBI and the fact they got arrested on their way to try to kidnap the governor, is not enough, would you accept?

What specifically do you think is acceptable proof that White Nationalists are racist?

02e57eee No.3595671


White Nationalists are simply LOSERS.
They think they can set up a "white homeland" with no Jews, no blacks, no Hispanics, no Asians and no Middle Easterners.

In reality a country like that would dissolve into a civil war in a couple months at most.

727f34da No.3595672

>They said the lie again about Trump not denouncing white supremacy
Is that the one where he said that you could stand arm-in-arm with neo-nazis and be "very fine people"?

f26679e5 No.3595675

I want at least one quote where they say something white supremacist.

Yes, that's the lie. And it's not even just out of context at this point. You're making shit up too.

727f34da No.3595676

That's quite literally what he said and in the context he said it.

f26679e5 No.3595693

Post the full quote then.

40883dea No.3595716

>I want one quote where they say something white supremacists…

Ok, let's narrow it down, to be clear, who is the "They" in your statement.

40883dea No.3595718

>Post the full quote then…


Sure, here is the interview where he defends the people who are "Fine people" with the Nazis who were only there to protect the statue of Robert E. Lee. You know, the traitor who lead an army of terrorists that murdered hundreds of thousands of Americans.

There were not good people on both sides. There were racists on one side and Americans on there other who wanted to take down a statue dedicated to a terrorist nation that attacked America. Those are the facts.

bc025f0e No.3595734

File: 1606669383551.jpg (35.82 KB, 590x161, Capture.JPG)

>>White Nationalists are simply LOSERS.
>>They think they can set up a "white homeland" with no Jews, no blacks, no Hispanics, no Asians and no Middle Easterners.

>>In reality a country like that would dissolve into a civil war in a couple months at most.

Thats good <snicker> to know. Who would be <chuckle> DUMB enough to set up an ethno-state anywhere in the US.

bc025f0e No.3595735

>Robert E. Lee.
>the traitor

When its a batshit crazy post, you know its 3B. Read a book nigger.

e8826414 No.3595741

Trump and a lot of his government supporters know better than to say the white supremacist stuff out loud. – It's all done with trigger words and coded phrases and liberal use of vague terms like 'us' and 'they' where you get to fill them in with your own prejudices.

Even the terms "freedom", "liberty" and "free speech" are all dogwhistles for American white supremacy now.

40883dea No.3595747


The south created its own nation with its own president, its own constitution, and turned in papers of secession. They left America and became a terrorist state attacking us at our border.

They were traitors and anyone who flies the flag of the south is likewise unamerican human garbage celebrating terrorism.

40883dea No.3595748

File: 1606691146951.png (239.21 KB, 1021x426, Owned_By_Covid19.png)

Republicans, not wanting to lose their 40th case in court, decided to invite Trump to a fake "Hearing" held by a Republican policy sub-comity in Pennsylvania at a Wyndham Hotel.

They were literally going to put on a show of presenting fake evidence to a fake panel of judges while the president watched to keep the man-child happy however the president had to cancel his play-date. Why? The people putting on the show for him tested positive for Covid19.

40883dea No.3595755

File: 1606693182851.jpg (82.95 KB, 960x679, En_1xK9XcAMxnHu.jpg)


You don't need to prove Republicans are white supremacists. They prove it to us every year.

012fb35f No.3595756

White supremacy is not a conservative value. Educate yourself: https://conservapedia.com/White_supremacy

40883dea No.3595757


Try Loser.com instead.

f26679e5 No.3595762

File: 1606694961631.png (724.77 KB, 1065x917, a6f9b8b108fff309d002915428….png)

“I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists, because they should be condemned totally – but you had many people in that group other than neo-Nazis and white nationalists, okay?”

He EXPLICITLY excluded the neo-Nazis from the "fine people" statement, you idiot.

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