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R.I.P. Yiff.party.


does anyone have a way to contact admin. or to know what's happening with the site…
He haven't responded since October payment and now the site just died…

Other threads about Yiff.party from other boards…

4b060190 No.3594202

Well maybe if the admin wasn't a stupid fucking faggot

7f288b49 No.3594210

Direct links to artwork still work. Maybe it's not dead?

d080f0e0 No.3594230

The owner is Bui. Guy is unironically a friend of a friend. I'll see what I can dig up.

44a1a67c No.3594250

bui is an unironic, autistic spammer

3d8654e6 No.3594251

File: 1605161765804.jpg (31.45 KB, 473x309, camouflage.jpg)

Hopefully Bui is long dead from coronavirus.

73611672 No.3594264

also I can't access the 8kun links can anyone archive it
(I saved the 4chan trash thread lol server says I'm banned for using proxy vpn)

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Yiff.party keeps the money-grabbing asshats in this fandom in check. No real creativity anymore, just YCHs and paywalls. YCHs and paywalls everywhere.

I haven't used it for months, but I hope the site stays up, we need it.

Btw, is the FA onion archive still running?

d080f0e0 No.3594279

File: 1605226582840.jpg (45.52 KB, 500x701, 1453824597019.jpg)

67257747 No.3594281

File: 1605228642195.jpg (104.69 KB, 712x720, asdfasdfasdffox.jpg)

Thank you! I need this.

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f9829a77 No.3594287

File: 1605231922793.jpg (115.61 KB, 529x528, ABF.jpg)

Crazy World of Arthur Brown - Fire

f9829a77 No.3594288

7f288b49 No.3594387

Any updates on this?

b8c6d4e1 No.3594415

File: 1605398376109.png (452.46 KB, 932x1604, 1605392645004.png)



b4aa77e3 No.3594418

well can't fucking download data i want when the site is offline

7f288b49 No.3594468

I don't buy the "it's too hard to pass it off to someone else" bullshit

67257747 No.3594502

File: 1605477457540.jpg (116.55 KB, 848x480, AtG Sign.jpg)

906befa1 No.3594527

File: 1605497730115.png (119.46 KB, 586x273, 918214_e289586c3ec7a63cee1….png)

Yeah, obviously. Nobody expects one man to play cat and mouse with Patreon forever, much less implement needed improvements like Fanbox and SubscribeStar support (which he said he would do). He could immediately invite the kemono.party developers to maintain his shit if he's too lazy/busy and the funding is still there. He could also just dump the source code openly before fucking off. Obviously transferring the terabytes of site data is less viable but not impossible given today's cloud technology for this exact kind of thing. He doesn't even have the decency to keep it up for another month with the warning, running away with the leftover funds.
He's also still a fucking dumbass for catering to simps that caused more trouble than worth in the first place, "we have lots of space", "oh no we're running out of space", from somebody who used to cater exclusively to 8chan. Now we have to witness all of these simps coming out of the woodwork yet again with their metric fucktons of begging. (Yes, I am qualified to say all this because I did contribute paid content to the site.)
Fuck him.

b1858b85 No.3594528

File: 1605498707260.jpg (263.92 KB, 892x1165, 1605496743.jpg)

Yes, we have confirmation…
This letter is to inform that the Patreon Pirate Site better known as "Yiff.Party" has passed away at the last hours (Presumably killed).
It is believed that the perpetrator of this act is nothing more and nothing less than the Administrator of said page, better known as "BUI"
further investigations are being made by the FIA (Furry Investigation Agency)
Information of said such possible suspect will be rewarded…

28fa8693 No.3594690

>>3594527 but not impossible given today's cloud technology

It's actually impossible. Even comcast craps out at 1TB and bills you per GB afterwards…

There is no way to download a cloud

cf93c1a4 No.3594700


he's full of shit and everyone should know he ran off with whatever donations anyone gave him. people have been saying this was going to happen at some point.

bb3d2be1 No.3594711

>He could also just dump the source code openly before fucking off.

My bet is the source code includes hardcoded shit to different accounts/services that would reveal his identity and bring down the whole house of cards. The whole system is just as much about how you organize the thing and provide redundancy against authorities and hackers, than how you code it.

efe4970f No.3594714

Who cares? Nothing behind a paywall is worth it anyways considering the vast array of shit available for free.

Just beat off to all the terabytes worth of freely available fursuit. Nothing of value is being lost

7f288b49 No.3596279

I miss yiff.party so bad. There's so much shit I want to see and can't…

56992896 No.3596290

What exactly are you missing out on?

2b80484f No.3596295


missing out on gay niggers from outer space

5ebcb383 No.3596325


Gayniggers from outer space is on Youtube, though.

48c1896a No.3596344

File: 1607267935653.jpg (28.33 KB, 468x358, sorrowful-rarr.JPG)

Found it – It was glorious – I love a happy ending.

df321f14 No.3596373

So ask for a siterip, if it's not a siterip ask for someone's dirty porn folder of it. If it's not the right dirty porn folder of it then I guess go to some other chansite that literally does the same thing yiff.party did. I mean…oh wait that is what they all fucking do.

bc2cc651 No.3596407

The Poz Button's (far right movie review podcast) review of Gayniggers was really funny.


3f0087aa No.3596445

File: 1607399724192.png (2.47 MB, 1760x990, Chillout_in_the_chinese_te….png)

746e6347 No.3598798

File: 1609876850972.png (365.99 KB, 1254x675, letodoesart_Kemono_-_2021-….png)

Wanted to give this a bit of a bump since the site seems to work well now. It was completely broken last time I checked it.

Just one minor bug, it does double uploads in places, as attachment and as post pic, not for everyone, but for this guy it does.

7f288b49 No.3598814

I'm glad there's something going up at least. That's reassuring.

e7d8ce2a No.3598866

File: 1609951864914.gif (2.7 MB, 480x270, tenor.gif)

>>3596407 Far right or funny. Conservative fascists can only be funny in one manner. When they are punched in the face. Utterly hilarious.

a6564489 No.3599547

746e6347 No.3599625

File: 1610378068754.png (191.91 KB, 600x800, 35817252.png)

Both you and Richard Spencer deserve to hang from the same rope, you filthy communist.

Far right means hardcore ancap. Fascists and nazis are fucking left wing. Not as left as outright commies, but they're still left, in terms of state size and the need to meddle in people's private lives in order to sculpt the population into perfect citizens.

Basically, you shits only disagree on the internationalist virtue-signaling vs. nationalist virtue-signaling. And commies are daft enough to want to control property AND people and delusional enough to think they'll reach an anarchistic society without hierarchy or currency through enough Stalinist dictatorship. Nazis and fascists, as stupid as they may be, are still smart enough to realize that they only need to control people and controlling property logically follows as a consequence, thus bringing the state back to a more manageable size and that "true communism" is a pipe dream and will never be reached (without an infinity of resources and technological advancement, this goal gets further and further away as the population increases).

And commies are foaming at the mouth cause they got stuck with the inferior version of the ideology. They even won a world war, but their version is so fundamentally crippled that it faceplanted again and again almost everywhere.

f822c5cd No.3599626

Ancaps are too dumb for politics. You people are even more divorced from reality than the fascists are.

746e6347 No.3599631

File: 1610380871172.png (146.08 KB, 562x504, 4ca.png)

I'm not an ancap, dumbass.

I generally try to balance freedom and safety, but I do prefer small(er) government and less taxes wherever possible.

a4cbd9d7 No.3599635

Ancaps are just another reason for people to exclude others from their idealistic society that is eugenically assigned for them. Everyone you end up viewing is a philosophical opponent because you are defending a concept you don't want bankrupted by others who don't match your preferred race bracket. The demographic you are pushing is therefore inherent to a spectrum of a racism/cultural conflict making it compromised to a stereotypical fake society by degenerate exclusion. You are just scalping yourself and forfeiting occupancy of the basis for society. Ancap is an independent society not reliant on a homestead unlike most others.

a4cbd9d7 No.3599636

Ancap is what happens when China, uses capatilism with communism and knowingly builds on itself reserving the benefit for its central government. They make cardboard cities that fall apart because the workers dont genuinely have to build the things, they scalp their own projects profiting off of it being completed but actually being cardboard.
The money gets sent through a chain of other companies who put in cheap labor and cheap product, and the central government banks on that.

The "Chinese" Government then outsources its work loads to contractors who do the same thing. And build cardboard cities for other countries. So it doesn't happen to them. They bank on it. Essentially ancap is like selling a knock off of the real thing until its the real thing.

a4cbd9d7 No.3599637

The formula is that you build something that isn't even working and then throw it up as a display model. Then get other people to make the display model that IS WORKING and some how profit off of it. While actually not even having to worry about it because the chain pays back what they make. That is why when you freelance you can just say you are something and not really have a degree for it, then if you succeed or fail at it the insurance companies will pay for it.

746e6347 No.3599640

File: 1610387552256.jpg (142.47 KB, 720x1080, no roads necessary.jpg)

>muh race, muh race, muh race, muh race muh race
What a weird thing to gripe about…

I'm more worried about, you know, the whole privatization of the institutions that have monopoly on dishing out violence - the army and the police, essentially enabling billionaires to become warlords with private armies.

But I guess it only matters to morons like you if it's racist.

a4cbd9d7 No.3599641

it is it turns a race problem because you've seperated yourself from other invested cultures once you decide to be ancap you are an independent of everything. while other systems based on culture and race and their gender base compete with your idea of ancap. So your idea of ancap may be adopted by other people it turns into a racewar.

746e6347 No.3599642

File: 1610389627036.png (421.08 KB, 676x731, 1421224092.twistedbeacon_r….png)

Well any anarchist systems can't really survive as long as there are competing forms anyway, because they'd get conquered ASAP by a more organized outside force (like a state) so this entire discussion is pointless.

>>turns into a racewar

But it's literally a class war.

A rich guy of ANY OTHER RACE can oppress me just as easily with his private security force, you colossal fucking dipshit.

And trust me, I wouldn't be even one fraction of a fraction of a damn less or more frustrated than I already am if a white guy did it to me instead.

a4cbd9d7 No.3599645

yeah but it involves people so class and race are the same if they are based on your own references, then you are just a subject consisting of an identity or profile.
ClassWarefare is right too.

The point is it is made to be adopted by bigger systems it becomes gateway to other large ism's like nationalism or something where they start actual war.
Using the rhetoric they had to build upon in the first place they rebrand themselves. That is why Korea is called a Republic of Korea. I guess.

746e6347 No.3599652

File: 1610393905019.jpg (127.35 KB, 900x660, Brass_Rankin.jpg)

>>so class and race are the same

Any of the thousands of rappers out there have more mansions and Lambos than I could earn if I worked for 10000 years straight, but they're lower class compared to me just cause I'm white?

Are you actually insane or are you just pretending.

a4cbd9d7 No.3599680


Black people have to work hard to be considered above poverty level even if it means being flashy or good at sports, the majority of their publishing or agents are white. So yeah I think its really just a way of keeping whites in power to give blacks power.

746e6347 No.3599682

File: 1610404026677.jpg (38.62 KB, 713x543, dont fuck with the moomins….JPG)

Dude I was born in bumfuck nowhere, you think I had it easy? You think somebody ever gave me shit? I'm still stuck there. I'm gay, no gays around for miles, have to buy the cheapest ass food, my computers are all built from used parts, can't even get money together for a fursuit and going on 33. But cry more about those poor fucking blacks.

>>the majority of their publishing or agents are white

Oh fuck off. You know damn well what ethnicity tends to be in charge of stuff like that. And they will occasionally let it slip that they're not white (usually when accused of being white). Plus those very same people are also the ones who prop up this goddamn leftist trash.

746e6347 No.3599684

File: 1610405357968.jpg (91.84 KB, 640x972, is-it-me-or-is-rap-music-j….jpg)

Wow your tune changed pretty fucking fast when it's a white guy having a rough time.

Now go tell the same thing to all those blacks who 1.) think the world owes them shit today cause bad stuff happened a long time ago. 2.) think everything bad that happens to them, including the consequences of their own dumb asses being dumb is whitey's fault.

746e6347 No.3599685

File: 1610405474840.jpg (16.04 KB, 1237x193, gfdfdgfsdg.jpg)

in case the comment isn't just temporarily down for editing

a4cbd9d7 No.3599686

I withdrew the comment because its true.

63d9940d No.3599687

File: 1610405982030.jpg (3.42 MB, 3336x3000, racist_wikipedia_kitten.jpg)

What is your favorite animal

746e6347 No.3599688

File: 1610406528394.jpg (31.26 KB, 532x796, 1450513845477 (2).jpg)

I like dogs. Wolves and foxes are okay too.

What do you mean by you withdrew it because it's true? I assume by "it" you mean the comment and by "true" you mean it represents reality accurately.

126fe29e No.3599689


63d9940d No.3599690

File: 1610407188774.jpg (108.99 KB, 962x599, oppressed_cat.jpg)

Where do you want to be?

63d9940d No.3599693

File: 1610409153488.jpg (37.09 KB, 470x545, 25626040-8082073-image-a-8….jpg)

Nevermind. You're cute

746e6347 No.3599696

File: 1610409748212.jpg (26.83 KB, 403x361, 1409067587329.jpg)

The question is not "where".

But "how".

The left isn't even trying as far as class is concerned nowadays. Race, sex, gender, disability, grandmother's shoe size. They'll look at everything before actually looking at social class and having to admit that they are themselves the problem and all of the problem. Almost all the big billionaires who made their fortune off other people's backs are leftists. Like adherence to leftism is some sort of indulgence currency, except to atone for racism not sin. Scratch that, it's definitely the modern version of sin. Wokeism is just the new church. Fucking hate the lot of ye.

63d9940d No.3599699

File: 1610412534695.jpg (268.25 KB, 1200x1600, the_sun_is_shining_its_a_n….jpg)

What happened to occupy wall street, wasn't the owner all up in that (or did he cop to antifa)? I liked
"liberals" more than neocons in the 2000s (literally the last liberal opinion I learned anything from was nobuyuki) but I've never seen people so easily weaponized, using primitive social credit alone. They're obviously pawns for the mafiacracy, but actually post-2016 liberals are part why I realized I have to stop trolling and need a consistent ethical framework in my life. See what happens and how gay everything is?

63d9940d No.3599713

File: 1610457569698.jpg (255.23 KB, 1250x1295, persian-cat-1.jpg)

Why not get a partial, is it really a thing where full suiters treat you second class? I don't go to cons. Maybe you can socjus it. I could use some paws to keep warms.

5ebcb383 No.3599749

File: 1610496126547.jpg (229.45 KB, 1250x825, tortie.jpg)


Full body suits are good at keeping you warm. I am perpetually cold, and I don't even break a sweat being in a fullsuit for hours.

2478c3c7 No.3599774

fullsuiters will get extremely passive aggressive towards you for going to the suit lounge at cons if you're in a partial. They like to make the argument that the suit lounge is for suiters to cool off or whatever.

Personally, I really always thought most suits look retarded. Still if I were to get one it would mainly be so I could anonymously be a goof off, and I really wouldn't want to have to completely change my entire outfit every time I wanted to take the mask off and chill for a bit and likely get DOX'd without the mask.

Moot point. I've been to a few cons and they really aren't my bag. Getting random enthusiastic hugs from fat autistic strangers in costumes at Morphicon was scarring. Then again I was probably a lot more of a target for creepy unwanted physical embrace as an awkward teen fag than I am now as an awkward 30 year old fag.

997cbbf4 No.3599805

File: 1610551160140.jpg (498.86 KB, 1920x1594, albino-burmese-kitten.jpg)

You're still here. Except the dude who leaves everytime I start talking to him. I assumed furry cons are extinct and we were going to start underground sex parties, so partial looks convenient, specially for aging males, and fits my body heat pattern better, wish I had yours. I fixed the mental issues that kept me from giving people hugs but I'm not really welcome at furcons, and I don't know why you'd go there not wasted steam, that never made sense to me, then again maybe that was the problem, but I don't really think so.

5aec37e6 No.3599809

File: 1610552202913.jpg (91.75 KB, 878x1171, 1608688571.darkorangeretur….jpg)

Speaking of the worthless piece of paper that controls over our lives. Anyone here watched the EndGame Documentary on youtube?

de318469 No.3599848

File: 1610571555331.jpg (46.16 KB, 737x368, Nazi aircraft.jpg)

997cbbf4 No.3599913

File: 1610601813581.png (302.01 KB, 485x446, asdf.png)

You had a point you know. Awhile ago christianity was the bane of my life. 2016 liberals became the new christians and christians became almost half-tolerable since losing their rights of assembly and being targeted by the vaccine agenda. Super-statism and mob rule is the planetary norm. Do you want to go to the moon?

1853908e No.3600764

File: 1611120819197.png (485.68 KB, 1296x864, the_world_is_an_illusion_n….png)

So hey why are you still on this circular loop board btw? I stopped except for the world exploding. Have you tried wiping all your memes? I erased 300gigs of hidden files from since 2007 plus 500gb backup of fa onion, they're in heaven too now.

a4cbd9d7 No.3600783

For me its because I probably just want to kill myself but then I look at this site and I already feel dead inside.

a5b3dfc6 No.3600784

File: 1611136095524.jpg (77.53 KB, 648x829, the_continental.jpg)

Oh I like you!

You are a individual because you are forced to be a individual!

Loneliness sucks and I truly hope you find someone but I am thrilled you are not one of the fucking sheep!

1853908e No.3600799

File: 1611152278144.png (1.02 MB, 1280x960, telepathic_albino_cat_with….png)

Dying is the first step toward rebirth.

(not literally - has it come to where we have to write that - there's enough blood. and wool below the cliff)

a4cbd9d7 No.3600856

Wow I understand that fixes everything thanks for the advice I am going to immerse myself in a demonic chamber of disembodied voices for being so out of touch.

763b3842 No.3600888

File: 1611180764339.jpg (273.89 KB, 900x1200, blackpriviledge.jpg)


Here, its dangerous out there, take this with you.

1853908e No.3600891

File: 1611181791336.png (448.51 KB, 660x672, not_once.png)

You're in one (the joke?). That wasn't a snipe at you, I wish you loving voices. On bad days my health crashed the anxiety rings like a suicide alarm clock, but if I give in the herd wins.

5714a744 No.3601183

File: 1611417092395.png (1.06 MB, 1000x1000, Johan_Ross_Alpha_overview_….png)

>>Awhile ago christianity was the bane of my life. 2016 liberals became the new christians and christians became almost half-tolerable
Yeah. Same here. Almost tolerable…

>>Do you want to go to the moon?

13000ft under the sea floor sounds comfy enough for me to get away from the surface insanity. It's like space, except no low gravity.

5714a744 No.3601184

File: 1611419576507.jpg (359.47 KB, 1600x1200, I_just_dont_know_what_went….jpg)


Well, I may have had plenty of opportunities to get assimilated into the millennial Borg. Could have stayed in the city and become a prancing libtard faggot. But I chose not to.

I was complaining for complaining sake probably, as in, if I wanted someone, it'd be hard to figure something out.

Thankfully, I don't. I kinda hate people. They're usually a nuisance to have around. And I'm too fucking lazy and autistic for a relationship anyway.

Because it's the only place I can vent without fearing the banhammer. The social medias are fucking cancer and really up their own assholes these days.

Yeah I know, my meme collection needs fresh memes. Can't be assed though.

I use bluerays for permanent storage. Hard drives are a piss poor idea for permanent storage, even if you know how to refresh the surface. I dropped a plate from desktop tower height onto an external hard drive recently. Good thing it was just backups cause that's all it took to turn a hard drive with several terabytes of data into a dead-ass paperweight. Or in my case, a tripod weight. Yeah. Also bluerays come with scratch-resistant coating and seem UV resistant too nowadays, which is nice.

5aec37e6 No.3601185

File: 1611420515222-0.jpg (102.3 KB, 1024x725, unnamed.jpg)

File: 1611420515222-1.jpg (325.56 KB, 2382x1787, Super_Talent_2.5in_SATA_SS….jpg)

Do you use solid state drives as a backup?

5aec37e6 No.3601186

File: 1611420666046.jpg (55.32 KB, 590x863, solid-state-drive-vs-hard-….jpg)

yeah, HDD are dead weight they do have their pros and cons.

5aec37e6 No.3601187

File: 1611421042450-0.png (91.46 KB, 320x240, F5SDKHNG69MVMJ4.png)

File: 1611421042450-1.png (78.67 KB, 320x267, FY8EJUXG69MVMJ3.png)


5714a744 No.3601190

File: 1611422372371.png (1020.43 KB, 853x1273, Griff-HGST_Hitachi_Microdr….png)

SSDs still have price vs capacity ratios that are not to my liking. Maybe in 5 years.

But I am considering a small cheap boot SSD.

I know SSDs are superior in every way, I just don't want to pay for it. I may as well lose all data on it due to a purely logical partition error, not just mechanical failure. Wouldn't be the first time that happened either.

34627c9d No.3601194


I bet you still use a vcr

0cc69d3f No.3601195

If you stopped being a contrarian for a second, you would understand what I'm saying.

HDDs are (for the time being) cheaper per gigabyte than SSDs. Fact. You're not going to find a 4TB SSD for under 100$ today, that ain't happening. Maybe in 5 years we'll be having a different conversation, but not today.

And hard drives, SSDs, memory sticks, MicroSD cards whatever are still not permanent storage. One bent pin, one file system write error and your data can get mangled, a chip can get fried through no fault of your own and that's it.

There's no reason to not use blueray, unless you want to be a fucking smartass about optical media not being "in" because people are too shit for brains nowadays to wait 20 mins until their disc finishes burning (just fucking watch youtube while it does its thing geez).

A drive is about 50$ used or new, depending on deal. And you have from 25GB* (actual capacity 23.3GB) up to 100GB* (multi-layer) per disc. A spindle of 10 cheap normal ass discs is about 230GB worth of storage and costs nothing and if you lose or break one, the entire archive isn't destroyed. Plus they're scratch-resistant, UV-resistant, and most important of all, PERMANENT. You have to physically do something to it to destroy it. And even then, it may be partially readable. Panasonic claimed their discs have a lifespan of up to 50 years https://panasonic.net/cns/blu-ray_disc/advantage.html But even half that is good enough.

5714a744 No.3601196

Oh, and your precious flash memory would have shat itself long before that, because of one insertion or removal too many.

34627c9d No.3601197


I'm just a random dude that stopped by and left a comment, I dont care and your mother sucks eggs.

8212ebf5 No.3601199

File: 1611435301658.png (323.75 KB, 1080x940, 93b5846e4cab7fc81537cd2d79….png)

How much porn are you backing up?

5714a744 No.3601200

yeah sure pretend you don't care after you were proven wrong thoroughly

5714a744 No.3601202

File: 1611436591339.jpg (673.94 KB, 927x1151, 1440710490.hax_thatsmydog_….jpg)

Hmmm, hard to tell. Hundreds of gigabytes maybe. Human porn though is virtually non-existent in my backups.
So it's just furry stuff *coughwithsomebestialitysprinkledinbetween*.

An annoyingly big part of my backup seems to be youtube videos though. I'd guess >66%. Proved useful in the end though. Half of youtube got nuked or is about to be nuked due to various -isms, bullshit political scaremongering and moral panics in the last few years. They don't even pretend like the terms of service and three strike system matter anymore. And we all know who is to blame.

2478c3c7 No.3601208

oh, they still abide by the three strike rule. They just wont tell you until you have three strikes, and then wont tell you what the strikes were.

5aec37e6 No.3601209

>Panasonic claimed their discs have a lifespan of up to 50 years https://panasonic.net/cns/blu-ray_disc/advantage.html But even half that is good enough.

could it withstand solar flares?
How The Earth Got Its Magnetic Field (And Why It Might Not Protect Us Much Longer)

22:08 fry the electronics beyond repair and
22:11 bring global communications
22:13 to its knees intense magnetic pulses
22:17 could wipe clean digital records
22:19 destroying our history
22:21 as well as our present this time
22:24 it actually could be the end of days

the fear of witnessing the earth's magnetic field shrink destroying data hard drives is untested.

5aec37e6 No.3601210


Potentially, but not before destroying or overloading more vital elements of electrical grid infrastructure.

The theoretical EMP or solar flare (more accurately, the resulting geomagnetic storm following a coronal mass ejection) that wipes out “all hard drives” would severely damage transmission lines of electrical grids long before disrupting spinning or solid-state storage media.

First, by disrupting or overloading the flow of electricity across transmission lines, any device would be rendered inoperable or without wired power. We saw this occur in the 1989 Hydro-Quebec blackout. The Canadian Shield is a massive, old stone formation that allows for little topsoil. When a highly-energetic geomagnetic storm rolled across eastern Canada in 1989, the current had nowhere to ground out and kept moving, blowing transmission breakers and overloading transmission lines along the way.

This event cost Canadian and global markets several billion dollars.

Second, if a prolonged period of geomagnetic storming occurred, some non-grounded devices might pick up enough current from a geomagnetic storm to overload (we saw this during the Carrington Event of 1859, during which telegraph operators reported their signaling devices failing, conducting current, injuring operators, and starting fires w/ telegraph paper, etc).

All that being said, any device not connected to power for an extended period of time will eventually self-discharge rendering it’s storage medium useless.

Humanity is increasingly dependent on a constant, uninterrupted flow of electricity. Building new, and/or retrofitting our existing, electrical infrastructure is becoming a mandate from US government regulators working with public and private utilities.

Bottom line:

A severe enough geomagnetic storm will damage transmission lines long before it damages storage media.
An “EMP,” which theoretically would originate from a high-yield nuclear device, is not the biggest issue in this hypothetical scenario. The biggest issue is the detonation of a high-yield nuclear device, which the world has yet to see occur, as an act of hostility. May that day never come.

2478c3c7 No.3601211

another reason the military is essential. They have gear specifically hardened against that, and in absolute worst case scenario they have ultra low frequency communications that communicate by literally vibrating the earth.

5aec37e6 No.3601212

Do you mean this?
ADATA HD710M Military-Spec USB 3.0 External Hard Drive(AHD710M-2TU3-CCF)
Military-grad shock proofing matched by woodland camo design
Waterproof (IPX8 standard: Submerged to 2 meters for 120 minutes)
Dustproof (IP6X standard: Totally protected against dust)
Military-grade Shockproof (1.8m drop test than the standard of MIL-STD-810G 516.6)
High-end silicone case with carbon fiber-like pattern
Cool combination of tough looks and ruggedness for active users
Cable management and bright LED indicator
256-bit AES encryption

2478c3c7 No.3601214

I never got trained in hardening, so I don't recognize those models. Probably.

The extent of my knowledge is limited, I'll admit. I did at least have to sit through a few hours of briefing on it a few times, since I was a satcom/radio guy (now known as RF Transmissions), and I don't recognize anything mentioned from your list.

2478c3c7 No.3601216

The only reason I even know about those ULF stations, is I was part of a squadron that always ran "secret" bases within other bases, just because they were really inconvenient places to attack. Deserts of some classification usually, and we supposedly were there to provide sat/radio communications if there was a catastrophic attack. We practiced a lot on what are less actual communication satellites, and more big geocentric mirrors that bounce back sat signals.

You can fry a few circuits with a emp/solar flare, but you can't just zap a mirror and expect it to stop working like a mirror.

They called us the secret squirrels on the host base, and called ours the hard rock.

2478c3c7 No.3601221

File: 1611450756168.png (117.49 KB, 316x355, asdfagae.png)

I'll grant you this power, but you only get to see big ass middle aged man titties being massaged in shame, without anyone knowing.

You have no control over when it happens.

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